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PLC infection With Stuxnet

Desert Shores CA

February 15, 2011

Expert Comments on BBC on Cyber warfare

Siemens S7 -300

Siemens Simatic S7-300 PLC CPU with three I/O modules attached

A study of the spread of Stuxnet by Symantec showed that the main affected countries as of August 6, 2010 were:


Infected Computers







United States




United Kingdom









5 (September)

The entirety of the Stuxnet code has not yet been understood, but it's payload targets only those SCADA configurations that meet criteria that it is programmed to identify. Stuxnet requires specific slave variable frequency drives (frequency converter drives) to be attached to the targeted Siemens S7-300 system and its associated modules. It only attacks those PLC systems with variable frequency drives from two specific vendors: Vacon based in Finland and Fararo Paya based in Iran. Furthermore, it monitors the frequency of the attached motors, and only attacks systems that spin between 807 Hz and 1210 Hz. The industrial applications of motors with these parameters are diverse, and may include pumps or centrifuges.

Stuxnet installs malware into memory block DB890 of the PLC that monitors the Profibus messaging bus of the system. When certain criteria are met, it periodically modifies the frequency to 1410 Hz and then to 2 Hz and then to 1064 Hz, and thus affects the operation of the connected motors by changing their rotational speed. It also installs a rootkit the first such documented case on this platform that hides the malware on the system and masks the changes in rotational speed from monitoring systems.

Stuxnet Virus Targets and Spread Revealed

Jonathan Fildes

Technology Reporter BBC News

A powerful internet worm repeatedly targeted five industrial facilities in Iran over 10 months, ongoing analysis by security researchers shows.

Stuxnet, which came to light in 2010, was the first known virus specifically designed to target real world infrastructure, such as power stations.

Security firm Symantec has now revealed how waves of new variants were launched at Iranian industrial facilities.

Some versions struck their targets within 12 hours of being written.

"We are trying to do some epidemiology," Orla Cox of Symantec told BBC News. "We are trying to understand how and why it spread."

Repeated attacks

The worm first grabbed headlines late last year after initial analysis showed that the sophisticated piece of malware had likely been written by a nationstate to target Iran's nuclear programme, including the uranium enrichment centrifuges at the Natanz facility.

Russia's NATO ambassador recently said the virus "could lead to a new Chernobyl," referring to the 1986 nuclear accident.

Although speculation surrounds which countries may have been involved in it's creation, the origins of the worm still remain a mystery.

"One organization was attacked three times, another was targeted twice."

Orla Cox Symantec

Iranian officials have admitted that the worm infected staff computers. However, they have repeatedly denied that the virus caused any major delays to it's nuclear power programme, although it's uranium enrichment programme is known to have suffered setbacks.

The new research, which analyzed 12,000 infections collected by various antivirus firms, shows that the worm targeted five industrial processing organizations in Iran.

"These were the seeds of all other infections," said Ms Cox.

The firm was able to identify the targets because Stuxnet collected information about each computer it infected, including it's name, location and a time stamp of when it was compromised.

This allowed the researchers to track the spread of the virus.

Symantec declined to name the five organizations and would not confirm whether they had links to the country's nuclear programme.

However, Ms Cox, said that previous research confirmed that the worm could disrupt the centrifuges used to enrich uranium.

The five organizations were targeted repeatedly between June, 2009 and April, 2010, she said.

"One organization was attacked three times, another was targeted twice," she said. These waves of attacks used at least three different variants of the worm. "We believe there was also a fourth one but we haven't seen it yet," she said.

The worm seeks out specific industrial hardware once inside an organization.

Analysis of the different strains and the time it took between the code being written and it making it's first infection suggested that the virus writers had "infiltrated" targeted organizations, she said.

The researchers drew this conclusion because Stuxnet targeted industrial systems not usually connected to the internet for security reasons.

Instead, it infects Windows machines via USB keys commonly used to move files around and usually plugged into a computer manually.

The virus therefore had to be seeded on to the organization's internal networks by someone, either deliberately or accidentally.

The virus could have been spread between the organizations by contractors that worked for more than one of them, she said.

"We see threads to contractors used by these companies," she said. "We can see links between them."

Big picture

Once on a corporate network, the worm is designed to seek out a specific configuration of industrial control software made by Siemens.

The code can then reprogram so called PLC (programmable logic control) software to give attached industrial machinery new instructions.

Previous analysis suggests that it targeted PLCs operating at frequencies between 807 and 1210Hz, a range that includes those used to control uranium enrichment centrifuges.

Subverting PLCs requires detailed knowledge and, although security researchers had raised concerns about exploits in the past, had not been seen before Stuxnet.

Ms Cox said the firm's analysis revealed incomplete code in Stuxnet that looked like it was intended to target another type of PLC.

"The fact that it is incomplete could tell us that [the virus writers] were successful in what they had done," she said.

The novelty of the virus, combined with attack mechanisms that targeted several previously unknown and unpatched vulnerabilities in Windows, have led many to describe Stuxnet as "one of the most sophisticated pieces of malware ever."

However, research by Tom Parker from security firm Securicon says that elements of it were "not that advanced at all". "I've compared this less advanced code to other malware and it does not score very highly," he said last year.

Ms Cox agrees that elements of the code and some of the techniques it uses are relatively simple. But, she says, that misses the bigger picture. "If you look at the sum of it's parts, then it is certainly very sophisticated," she said.

Watson Defeats Humans On Jeopardy!

Desert Shores CA

February 17, 2011

IBM Supercomputer Watson trounces humans on game show Jeopardy!. View the final round here:

The impact of Watson, the IBM computing system that competed against the two greatest Jeopardy! champions of all time, will be felt far beyond the game show. This technology could have significant effect on business, government and society.

Join host Stephen Baker, author of Man v. Machine, as he discusses Watson's performance on Jeopardy! and the possible real world applications of this technology with the following panelists: IBM Watson Principal Investigator Dr. David Ferrucci, IBM Fellow and CTO of IBM's SOA Center for Excellence Kerrie Holley and Columbia University Professor of Clinical Medicine Dr. Herbert Chase.

Technological Singularity: Fruit of a Poison Tree

Desert Shores CA

March 1, 2011

Below is a working rough draft of an abstract/paper on the Singularity Hypothesis. There are many arguments for suboptimal equilibriums. The gentle abstraction is a correct template for constructing Singularity as a discipline area. As in economics caterus parebus is more attuned to modelling than an imperfect world of experience.

What happens when machines become more intelligent than humans? One view is that this event will be followed by an explosion to ever greater levels of intelligence, as each generation of machines creates more intelligent machines in turn. This intelligence explosion is now often known as the Singularity.

David Chalmers

The Singularity Hypothesis is an emergent conjecture that is still an open texture towards the futurestate. It is being postulated on assumptions that have a fortiori strength but the Singularity Hypothesis is not grounded on objective laws or principles. Technological Singularity in this instance is an approach in formation of a working model or paradigm. Systems Theory which Technological Singularity must be embedded within to be scientific is truly a Systems Approach. Here Kuhn Popper methodologies would easily qualify the Singularity Hypothesis as an emergent interdisciplinary trajectory that is in a birth giving stage as a pre paradigm (Hutcheon 1995).

In Chalmers' perspective supra, Singularity is described as an intelligence explosion and to ever greater levels of intelligence is conclusionary; petitio principie(Chalmers 2010).

Here these propositions are being formed in a abstracted framework that is most favorable for modelling as in the pure perfect market used in developing monopolistic competition Suranovic (2007). The law of diminishing marginal returns dictates that a suboptimal Nash Equilibrium is more likely than 100 percent optimization. Hence after repeated efforts to improve one's position all players agree to accept a less than 100% output (Microeconomics 2008).

Qualification is needed. Ray Kurzweil is quite expert at presenting historical and hardware graphics postulating exponential machine powers. This axiological support for human intelligence, the stated mission goal of Technological Singularity is rational. If 2050 is postulated, only machine speeds and component fidelity appear achievable. An explosion in computer performance and applied technologies will likely occur. How localized or universal is intelligence (Jkiggens 2009)?

Biological man has not changed dramatically in the last 20,000 years as homo sapiens. Since tool making is an extension of the human body and such begins our development of culture transforming ideas and energy from within our body into artifacts into our social and cultural environments; it is not greatly supported that a world of some 9 billion plus persons in 2050 will have technological access to be transformed by The Singularity (Singularity Institute 2011) (U.S. Census 2011):

U.S. 310,888,276

World 6,902,231,506

20:08 UTC (EST+5) Feb 25, 2011

Currently intelligence is taught in psychology as linear intelligence and crystal intelligence. The first is quantified reasoning as mathematics and objective. Crystal intelligence is the empirical experience gained over time. This currently peaks at age 50.

The interfacing of humans with Applied Intelligence or Artificial Intelligence systems or individual machines does not readily support a transformation of information in intelligence in humans. There is a consideration of S curve limitations in exponential growth. Thinking in a linear manner again does not coincide with the law of diminishing marginal returns and the availability of technology to support and sustain an explosion of universal intelligence (Andrus 2007).

This is refereed to as the Digital Divide. The Global Digital Divide reveals the fallacy of over simplification in the Singularity Hypothesis. Is it possible for levelling to occur? Here what again is the intelligence explosion referring to?

The G8 countries (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the UK and the US) are home to almost 50% of the world's total Internet users with 15% of the world's population. The Asia Pacific region has the most pronounced digital divide. Internet penetration ranges from below 1% in Bangladesh, to 65% in Australia and Republic of Korea. The Republic of Korea, Hong Kong (China) and Netherlands in 2004 were the three top countries in terms of broadband penetration (Global Digital Divide 2011).

The final position to note is that Singularity is being developed under censorship and sanitization. There is a manifest function of Chemical Assault Scorched Earth in continuo since June 17, 1987 in the United States. Hence the culture creates the conditions of it's own elimination. Watson, the IBM's supercomputer has recently defeated two humans on the game show Jeopardy!.

The Salton Sea in California as of this writing is a Scorched Earth circa late February, 2011.

There is open experimentation on humans as myself in support of Singularity. Here the allegation is that the authorship is Cambridge Law School attempting to social engineer through developing scientific determinism. Their Strategic Goal was Gay or Same Sex Marriage. The alienation of my legal rights in the United States or under the Convention Against Torture, CAT of the United Nations is quite compelling. I am using the estimate that there are 600,000 HIV AIDS positive persons living in the United States. It has also been predicted that I would be a same sex male. I have been opposite sex for all of 49.5 years of life (Nollmeyer 2011).

Individual, social, and technological theories of determinism are prima facie not empirically supportable as Marxist Leninism has proven although it's world view has spread exponentially. The United States, United Nations, AMA, APA, ASA, or ABA have not recognized this systematic human rights violation which is clearly a fitness test to develop Technological Singularity. For the Singularity Hypothesis to create any intelligence that is non localized outside of experts it will emerge as a Fruit of a Poison Tree (Social Determinism 2010).

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MOEC As A Singularity

Desert Shores CA

March 16, 2011

The nature of design is equally as complex as that of technology. Archer wrote that:

Design is that area of human experience, skill and knowledge which is concerned with man's ability to mould his environment to suit his material and spiritual needs.

Design is essentially a rational, logical, sequential process intended to solve problems or, as Jones put it: "initiate change in manmade things."

Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or simply MOEC has not only emerged as a Singularity, it develops from a defection model designed in an Organic Cell which is a virus that mimics and develops a cultural syndrome that will make Technological Singularity suboptimal.

One of the strongest perspectives of MOEC is that it is a non linear attack against the human race using Cambridge Law School, United Kingdom, United States, California, Los Angeles Police Department, and LGBTi persons as a catalyst to attack the human race.

A deeper magnification reveals that LGBTi planners of Cambridge Law School (most likely male bisexuals), have usurped the state planning of the United Kingdom and run such as a Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organization. This is a negative manifest function and latent function for the groups supra. It appears that the LGBTi identity is the strongest position this group of individuals would defend.

To date MOEC from it's manifest attack on June 17, 1987 in Dover, Delaware through mutual aid violations with the Delaware State Police have successfully blackmailed and extorted five United States Presidents. This scripted attack has affixed the name Irrationalist Presidents to the group:

Ronald Reagan

George HW Bush

William Clinton

George W Bush

Barack Obama

This has resulted in a Perfect Dictatorship or a tyranny where the people freely elect a tyrant who actually wins the popular vote.

The world's largest censorship and sanitization has occurred unabated. I believe that my system and the gang stalking world support group are the only known individuals to acknowledge targeted chemical assaults TCA and the gang stalking.

Strategic warfare consists of warfare in these three non conventional formats:




Here in the manifest function non military grade chemical assault is being carried out through the police, now legally described as homeland security officers in the United States. At this time the Salton Sea, California has been a Scorched Earth for the second time since October 2010. The first occasion would of have been two years past or October 2008.

Technological Singularity is the hypothetical future date 2045 when machines will equal humans in intelligence. Afterwards systems and computers will have super intelligence and teach such to humans. Superintelligence and the law of acceleration are two concepts driving the Singularity movement. Futurist Ray Kurzweil is a leader in predicting Singularity from using empirical graphs providing an exponential explosion in technological hardware used to make computing machines.

MOEC is live experimentation testing fitness using an epistemological attack. I have no rights because I have been a lifelong heterosexual opposite sex identity, zero same sex partners or events.

I am also trained as a social scientist. There is no empirical documentation to back that the human culture will be able to support super intelligence even if these machines and systems are created. I will base this on Universal Crime Reporting and Center for Disease Control documentation. I will use UNESCO documentation for international proof.

I have 149.5 transferable credits with senior standing and a 3.18 GPA and a 3.30+ GPA transferable to the University of California. I am working on an Asus 1000he netbook 2GB Ram 160 drive, XP and Ubuntu 10.4 dual boot, Motorola Droid phone PFD modem, Top Solar 30 watt solar panels, and a 12 volt 7 amp battery.

I will attempt to learn HTML CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and Python to prepare myself for Singularity. I also have Microsoft Math installed. I usually use FrontPage 2003 which is a WYSIWYG editor.

My HTML CSS experiments are being hacked beyond belief.

In the zeitgeist Japan was hit by an 8.9 earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011. At least one nuclear power plant is under a partial meltdown. International standards rate this a level 6. Chernobyl was a 7, the highest alert and Three Mile Island was a 5.


1. Archer, B (1973). The Need for Design Education. Royal College of Art

2. Jones, J.C. (1970). Design Methods and Technology: Seeds of Human Futures

I am now positing that MOEC is an exponential not linear historical event. DWN October 11, 2016.

Cultural Singularity Versus Technological Singularity

Desert Shores CA

April 10, 2011

Below is the rough draft of a the preface of a new book or paper. Hence we are looking at about 65 to 100 pages by years end. The Technological Singularity group are being isolated as polarization of the empirical history diverges with the abstraction of the Singularity Hypothesis.

MOEC As A Singularity:

Cultural Singularity Versus Technological Singularity


Gaura Purnam or the Appearance Day of Lord of Caitanya occurred this year on March 19, 2011. This is calculated by sidereal astronomy. It was also a perigee moon or Super Moon. This is the nearest full moon that occurs only about every twenty years. It was also on this date that I realized that MOEC was designed as a Cultural Singularity. I am stating such in the neutral sense. In the concrete it is negative. It was in part designed to be an antagonistic movement to Technological Singularity.

To date no author of Technological Singularity or any other thinker has recognized the abuse of a the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program that has been imposed over my natural person. The negative externality is that it does indeed attack the physical environment and all the life that lives upon such.

The correct methodology is to discuss both Cultural Singularity and Technological Singularity. A Cultural Singularity has occurred. It is empirical and not a future hypothetical date. It's manifest aperture was June 17, 1987 in Dover, Delaware.

A perspective of this attack is based on the positive rights of the Social Contract Theory. The artificial person is important in legal incorporations and as well as collective psychology that will effect robot making in Technological Singularity.

Chronologically history will be able to retrace the errors being built into the Colleges of Math and Science and Arts and Letters. The censorship and sanitization furthers this orchestrated decadence. Technological Singularity envisions a renaissance of computing machines and the teaching of Superintelligence.

I am publicly making the challenge and statement that condensing the failed goals of the 20th Century Machine Age and reinventing this projection as Technological Singularity will not result in Superintelligence outside of machines unless an accurate treatment of historical human rights abuse is inclusive of Artificial Intelligence AI or any applied intelligence system.

The culture creates the conditions of it's own elimination.


Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores California

March 22, 2011

Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or simply MOEC has emerged as a Singularity, it develops from a defection model designed in an Organic Cell which is a virus that mimics and develops a cultural syndrome that will make Technological Singularity suboptimal. It is predicated on prisoner's dilemma of which MOEC will reduce to (Nollmeyer 2011).

Hence MOEC is a parallel structure to the emergent interdisciplinary study of Technological Singularity.

One of the strongest perspectives of MOEC is that it is a linear attack against the human race using Cambridge Law School, United Kingdom, United States, California, Los Angeles Police Department, and LGBTi persons as a catalyst to attack the human civilization.

A deeper magnification reveals that planners of Cambridge Law School (most likely male bisexuals), have usurped the state planning of the United Kingdom and developed such as a Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organization. This is a negative manifest function and latent function for the groups supra. It appears that the LGBTi identity is the strongest position this group of individuals would defend.

To date MOEC from it's manifest attack on June 17, 1987 in Dover, Delaware through mutual aid violations with the Delaware State Police have successfully blackmailed and extorted five United States Presidents. This scripted attack has affixed the name Irrationalist Presidents to this group to date:

Ronald Reagan

George HW Bush

William Clinton

George W Bush

Barack Obama

This has resulted in a Perfect Dictatorship or a system where the people freely elect a tyrant who actually wins the popular vote.

The world's largest censorship and sanitization has occurred unabated. I believe that my system and the gang stalking world support group are the only known individuals to acknowledge targeted chemical assaults TCA and gang stalking.

Terrorism and non conventional warfare may develop in these three strategic formats:




Here in the manifest function non military grade chemical assault is being carried out through the police, now legally described as homeland security officers in the United States. At this time the Salton Sea, California has been a Scorched Earth for the second time since October 2010. The first occasion would of have been two years past or October 2008#. The area of Earp, California and Parker, Arizona were the first areas to be hit with contamination of surface water. This was on the Colorado River north of Blythe, California and runs south into Mexico.

Technological Singularity is the hypothetical future date, 2045 when machines will equal humans in intelligence. Afterwards systems and computers will have superintelligence and teach such to humans. Superintelligence and the law of acceleration are two concepts driving the Singularity movement. Futurist Ray Kurzweil is a leader in predicting Singularity from using empirical graphs providing an exponential explosion in technological hardware used to make computing machines (Kurzweil 2001).

MOEC is live experimentation testing fitness using an epistemological attack. I have no rights because I have been a lifelong heterosexual opposite sex identity zero same sex partners or events.

I am also trained as a social scientist. There is no empirical documentation available that provides evidence that the human culture will be able to support superintelligence even if these machines and systems are created. I will base this on Universal Crime Reporting and Center for Disease Control documentation. I will use UNESCO documentation for international proof.

In support of this, I have 149.5 transferable credits with senior standing and a 3.18 GPA and a 3.30+ GPA transferable to the University of California. I am working on an Asus 1000he netbook 2GB Ram 160 GB drive, Microsoft Home XP and Ubuntu 10.4 dual boot operating systems, Motorola Droid phone PDA modem, Top Solar 30 watt solar panels, and a 12 volt 7 amp battery.

I will attempt to learn HTML CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and Python to prepare myself for Singularity. I also have Microsoft Math installed. I usually use FrontPage 2003 which is a WYSIWYG editor for web pages. I use Notepad ++ and Composer to learn HTML and CSS.

My HTML CSS experiments are being hacked beyond belief.

One unique perspective is to view the defection model from within the University System. Two prominent colleges within this structure are the College of Math and Sciences and College of Arts and Letters. It is alleged that the authorship are lead by Cambridge lawyers who organize the entrapment with the aid either knowingly or tacitly of Cambridge and Oxford Universities in the main. Other schools and prominent thinkers also are considered and entrapped. The Encylcopaedia Britannica reflects the type of data base this authorship has available for use in it’s state planning.

Overall since the authorship are lawyers, thinking as a barrister is a very strong perspective. An interdisciplinary approach with two other fields is quite strong. Hence theology with a math or science would yield good results. Abnormal psychology is also powerful and salient. There are over 250 majors in a university with about 125 taught in a cycle. All of these discipline areas are entrapped to defect towards the lawyer authorship.

There is a strong indication of individualism and narcissism evident within the Origin. A Freudian to Neo Freudian orientation towards cognitive behaviorism yields the strongest result in personality analysis.

Cultural Singularity versus Technological Singularity

Information Technology has driven economics with many innovations. The view of proponents of Singularity, especially Kurzweil, argue exponential growth within technology. This has been presented as the Law of Accelerating Change. Hence many components of production have empirical delivery schedules of doubling periods of two years or less. This is Moore's Law.

Conversely, since I have been alienated from my legal United States Constitutional and International Rights, a censorship and sanitization of 6.9 billion persons has ensued. The outer boundary would be Control of the defection model and or the informants in the code enforcement and population.

The analogy of a composite function f ∘ g (x) means f (g(x) ), can be used to model the case if:

f = culture

g = technology

Hence if culture exists first and then creates technology and then if technology (machines) become superior and then transform humans (culture) the members of g would then operate on the set of f (Social Determinism 2010).

This is a very simple argument but the Singularity Hypothesis must follow something quite similar to be true.

What is occurring is that modelling by those scientists and thinkers of the Singularity movement have not recognized the culture from which Technology and Singularity are emerging from. In the natural sciences the abstract of a species contains a profile of that species and the environment of which it is capable of surviving in. The Technological Singularity Movement has yet to recognize the Cultural Singularity which is occurring. The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth of which MOEC exists as a watershed event in human history.

The fallacy of separation is evident in their work and becomes more polarized daily.

It appears prima facie that Cambridge Law School is using defection to isolate myself against technically superior individuals to gauge what type of response if any I will make.

I have already made at least 26 United States Federal Lawsuits and as states have my own domain where I am posting journals on a regular basis.

There is no response from any known world class authority. They are a static role in an open texture towards the future. This is the theory of extinction. Much work being churned out is entropic. The culture of Singularity is against slowing down production. It is accepted that being obsolete is a facet of the dialectical movement towards Singularity.

The unity of culture and technology is desired for homeostasis or equilibrium. Hence the machinery of the state can not turn into the machinery of torture. Unequal measures for equal persons is also not a stable system of associative or distributive justice.

The creation of a Joe Virus or cell(s) of policeman are being paired against the President of the United States and myself develops social and legal instability. Intermediate persons as per se Ray Kurzweil, priests, gurus, LGBTi leader et al. are becoming more exposed to the censorship and sanitization of atomization. Hence the cell(s) of militants can only approach a limit of pure invertebration at best. This is a basis for the Irrationalist and Know Nothing posture that has been constructed and asocialized through the culture.

It is this Irrationalism which is antagonistic to superintelligence.

The basis for deterministic or socialized criminality is a focus. How are AI systems or AI machines going to be created with superintelligence and counter these persons?




The entrapment of MOEC is still dynamic but it's main drivers as persons and myself are much older. I will be 50 this year August 3, 1961.

One to One Correspondence

As seen there is nothing close to a parity in the set f culture with set g technology. Technology has delivered positive quantum innovations since 1900. Einstein has proven his theory of relativity E=mc2. Man has went physically to the Moon and to Mars. I have already described my computer set up. Two World Wars have been fought. The United States has been attacked in an unrecognized Chemical Assault Scorched Earth program. Here the best perspective is to call this by it's name, MOEC or Mobilization of Empire and Civilization. It is credible and reasonable to consider that this operation expresses the collapse of the British Empire into a neo colonial nationstate. From what I gather University of Cambridge will have a vested interest in my interpretation of what is occurring vis a vis with the allegation that their school s the Origin and their professors are the authors.

In a systems format areas any space that is a location or non place as history and pedagogy are territorialities. Currently the United Kingdom and the United States are fatalistic and the world is dependent regarding MOEC and my persecution. The United Kingdom, United States and world are physical locations where I am a member. I have a historical and legal presence in both sets.

f = World

g = United Kingdom United States

Here Cambridge has made set g a catalyst in attacking set f. This is the use of non military grade chemical weapons. There is also the aperture of censorship, sanitization and the alienation of positive rights as citizenship before one's government.

If we observe casually, I am stating that the physical environment will terminate life and it's repertoire of behaviors. The axiom Culture will create the conditions of it's own elimination; appears to operate outside the physical environment but can be adjusted when one realizes the rational basis for the desertification of earth. Here science enters the equation as technology. Hence the expansion from a mechanistic standpoint is scientific determinism (reduction to physics and math), cultural determinism, and then technological determinism. Culture can be seen to create technology. When machines become more a less and thing in themselves being able to create and transform culture and possible physical space then superintelligence through Singularity will be established. (Cultural determinism does not include the physical environment. This is a folly. I move between the desert where the temperature will reach 126 F in the summer. I am currently summering in the High Sierras where it can snow all 12 months per year. The last snow in 2010 was on May 22.)

Rule of Law

Within the Cultural Singularity, the blackmail and extortion of the American President is an object of considerable prominence as is the disintegration of the United States Constitution. Liberty is what one has in the state of nature, and freedom is what one exchanges it for as rights to live in civil society. The Gay Militia is operating under defection in a Fruit of the Poison Tree fallacy where they believe they can entrap, divide persons and groups under prisoner's dilemma, and then hand the case off to other agencies or have confrontations settled in tumults on the streets.

It is under this alienation that this undertaking of presenting a groundwork for identifying the principals and co principals under the United States Constitution and International Law under the United Nations if this applicable is being developed.

HIV AIDS Positive

The HIV AIDS population are the next largest group of victims that are vulnerable to Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. The LGBTi platform has a considerable stake regarding their legal credibility due to their de facto and ommissive behaviors regarding the concrete history of MOEC's emergence.

The Center for Disease Control CDC estimates that more than one million people are living with HIV in the United States as of July 2010. One in five (21%) of those people living with HIV is unaware of their status. Infections number over 1.1 million persons through 2007.

Despite increases in the total number of people living with HIV in the US. The annual number of new HIV infections has remained relatively stable. An estimated 56,300 Americans are tested positive for HIV each year. Over 18,000 people with AIDS die each year in the United States. Gay, bisexual men who have sex with men (MSM) are strongly affected and represent the majority of deaths. By the end of 2007, more than 576,000 people with AIDS in the United States have died (CDC 2010).

• MSM are more than half (53%) of new HIV infections in the US each year, they are half (48%) of people living with HIV. They are 4% 12.4 million of 310 million persons .

• MSM is the only risk group in which new HIV infections are increasing since the 1990s.

• Heterosexual contact accounts for 31% of annual new HIV infections and 28% of people living with HIV.

• Women account for 27% of annual new HIV infections and 25% of those living with HIV.

• IDU injection drug users represent 12% of annual new HIV infections.

• One in 16 black men will be diagnosed with HIV, as will one in 30 black women.

• Hispanics Latinos represent 15% of the population but account for an estimated 17% of new infections and 17% of people living with HIV.

The Technological Singularity movement proclaims that nano technology will drive Singularity. Hence new pharmaceuticals and possibly new organs will be available for those that live to see it's fruits. They however do not seem to be able to perceive the concrete word at all. Here the culture of HIV AIDS positive persons is a formidable challenge that needs immediate attention and due deliberation. Instead of action forethought that have become pawns and parity postures in the theory of games.

The 8th Amendment states that there should be no cruel and unusual treatment. The 4th Amendment provides that one may remain secure in their person and possessions. The LGBTi lawyers have turned a blind eye to my citizenship and alienation. As a result the constituency which permits them to have tax exempt status and build their curricula vitae is abused by proxy.

If official recognition occurs the claims by this constituency alone will bankrupt many counties and states. The insurer of last resort is the United States government. There is no doubt that the work of many in the sciences will have their reputations damaged due to condoning this abuse. Hence sworn competent officials are static in an open texture. The 14th Amendment guarantees Due Process. What is there to speak of the Hippocratic Oath of the medical profession to do no harm? The hypocrisy and concrete reality of the exposure of the individual to one's physical and cultural environment are compelling, urgent, and unrecognized.

Perspectives And Transformations

Cambridge Law School lawyers are argued to be the highest hierarchy controlling lower subsystems and components. They have authored the Cultural Singularity known as MOEC. They have created several structural levels of cognition to shelter themselves as informants and scapegoats if need be. Hence Scotland Yard is argued as a subsystem. Next will be LAPD. The Delaware State Police and Baltimore Police Department MD are lower components. Afterwards the Baltimore Studio who are allegedly a for profit private jingle studio exists to manipulate evidence through sampling technology.

I am the victim whose natural person and legal citizenship has been subjected to cruel and unusual treatment due to a sexual identity and behavior qualification. The defection model secures same sex LGBTi persons over opposite sex heterosexuals.

The Master Passion of Plato is an archetype and template. The object is to create an informant under and informant.

It appears a fortiori that the individual(s) professor that ordered a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth may have acted due to determinism. As a psychopath his genetics would be argued to be the antecedent condition for his mass criminality. This person then in acts of conditioning and Chemical Assault wished to attack the genetics of his adversaries and the human race.

It is apparent that this person was Male Same Sex Male or MSM.

As seen to date totalitarianism attempts to isolate the individual from the collective. There is ared herring strawman version of my life being formed by LAPD and the Gay Militia and the accurate authorized position of which you are reading now.

I have been 100 percent opposite sex and heterosexual my whole life.

As a member of the Hare Krishna Movement, I am an independent ritvik, there is also a very compelling statement unfolding on cult creation from the state side.

This crime is then directed towards the president, vice president, homeland security secretary, attorney general, cabinet, and the judiciary and legislative branches. It is also replicated at the state level.

I am also refuting the American Bar Association, State Bars, American Medical Association, American Psychology Association, American Sociology Association. I have also informally challenged the University of California and Cambridge University.

In continuation, Non Governmental Groups as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and LGBTi Approach groups as Courage Campaign are also being challenged legally and historically.

I have just become aware of Singularity in the formal sense about February, 2011. The Singularity Movement is also being entrapped and will be confronted. This is a very fluid situation and it's membership will change rapidly. Here a private public environment exists as those who are entering for commercial, professional, or governmental reasons become part of Singularity.

Eventually there is no doubt that billions of individuals will be interacting with accelerating technology.

There is an epistemological attack on my being:

Mind: The mind is a sixth sense in the Vedas whose system of scriptures I practice. The Bhagavad Gita is the Bible

Sight: Eyes

Hearing: Ears

Olfaction: Nose

Taste: Tongue

Tactile: Nerves that are response to touch, hardness

As I attempt to move or free myself the Chemical Assault escalates into a Scorched Earth.

I am the most STALKED person in human history from my viewpoint as one individual who is confronting his state, here the United States. President Barack Obama is guilty as are his four predecessors.

President Barack Obama has done a disservice to the human race and the United States. His winning of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize was incredibly stunning as an example of defection, censorship, and sanitization. The Technological Singularity movement has very strong ties to defense contracting. This is especially true of TED University headed by Ray Kurzweil. NASA is part of this training and education program.

The culture of impunity is quite thorough. Soon there will be integration of Singularity in all major areas. One of the main concerns that threaten Singularity and civilization is criminality and abnormal behavior. The antagonistic trajectory of a preemptive Cultural Singularity versus Technological Singularity appears to based on what is known as Pole Singularity. A basic Pole Singularity is expressed as f(z) (1/zn) (Rowland 2011).

Duplicity lacks the respect of persons. Currently for Fall of 2011 a student at California State College must pay $10,500 plus for one year's tuition at the undergraduate level At 130 credits to graduate this student will need to take 31.25 credits per year to graduate in four years. Technological Singularity will innovate and create new opportunities. It will also displace workers from sectors and individual businesses that are static. AOL and Barnes Noble are good examples. Dial up modems at 56 kbs are barely functional. The use of Kindles and tablets as ebook readers has damaged the survival of the physical bookstore.

The contrast of Consequentialism where the sacrifice of one to save the many versus a Deontology where all humans have the same loci standing is focused. Over all I support the Deontological perspective where my due process rights should of been upheld. This was alienated along sexual identity and behavior. The result is there are ten persons and nine chairs.

I do not consider the history that is being taught anywhere worldwide to be valid. The technological training in the sciences and math is not a substitute. The thinkers and writers of any discipline area and sworn officials should deliberate their decisions and actions.

I will present my observations and conclusions which will be Vedic and Social Science based and conformed to positive law in the main. This will be an axiological support for criminal and civil prosecution of the principles, accomplices, and accessories after the fact.

History is the last court. I have a huge interest in defending my faith, my relationship to the human race, family, friends, and person from this and continued attacks.

I have to stand forward as the particularity of a crime demands that I name my attackers. I can not speak in abstracts and hypothetical future conclusionary statements. Examples as I am against torture., technology will train humans in 2045., and God has raised the government for a purpose., such statements are useless and permit criminals to flourish.


Kurzweil R. (2001). Law of Accelerating Returns. Retrieved from the World Wide Web March 15, 2011 from:

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Rowland, Todd and Weisstein, Eric W. Pole. From MathWorld A Wolfram Web Resource. Retrieved March 25, 2011 from:

Cultural Singularity Versus Technological Singularity

Big Pine CA

May 23, 2011

Technology has taken a huge place in the international spotlight with the killing of Osama bin Laden on May 1, 2011 by Navy Seal Team Six. Advanced helicopters were likely used as well as other specialized equipment. In Libya there is a civil war against Gadhaffi with NATO supplying air cover for rebels.

Consequently today I have submitted my application to return to college. I hope to take Criminal Law and International Business. I have just listened to Ray Kurzweil speak on YouTube. I will likely include biology at a future time if I can continue.

I am under considerable pressure. I have installed Ubuntu 10.04 because on a dual boot with 30 GB drive out of 160 GB on my Asus 1000he I can use my Droid as modem. LAPD has hacked my drag and drop enabling so I have no right click menu on XP Home.

It is clear that 32 byte CPUs will be not supported soon. I am invited to Music Beta by Google, a cloud based music store and player. It works quite well but I can not use the downloader to upload my files.

The paradigm shift to Cloud Computing, Solid State Drives, 64 byte CPU, wireless and inductive charging, 3D video, 4G wireless, and 3.0 USB and Thunderbolt file transfers is slowly occurring. ARM technology is challenging Intel on mobile with 35 watts and less devices.

The Trajectory Increases

McCloud CA

July 20, 2011

As odd as it may appear I have just finished an online Cross Cultural Management course. I will finish a similar course on Criminal Law by Saturday. I am also considering to install a Seagate hybrid 7200 rpm 320 GB drive for this Asus 1000he. Apple has released Lion OS today.

Overall I believe that I having a small effect is shaping Singularity. This goes without stating that my performance and fitness for survival will severely have an impact when this case is recognized.

Planned obsolescence is part of the industrial era, Technology is clearly post industrial. I am using Windows 7 Professional. It works fine but is heavy on a netbook. I will state that a netbook at 36 watts is the best choice. Ubuntu 10.04 and up is clearly faster and this is using the desktop edition.

California has passed laws to enable the teaching of LGBTi history this will be part of the lessons of the future.

Modelling Singularity and Apperception

McCloud CA

August 11, 2011

Theory is Good But It Does Not Prevent Things From Happening

Sigmund Freud

The emergence of modeling various systems to implement Technological Singularity in itself is unique phenomena. It can be seen entirely as mechanism of statecraft. Prima facie groups as TED University are working with NASA. My position is that Cambridge University has by defection co opted significant academic and research capabilities.

How is a software programmer or dev going to explain the open human experimentation that has occurred and is still being imposed over my natural person and citizenship?

Developing a fast machine is one issue and teaching leadership and decision making is another.

Currently President Barack Obama exists in a very serious historical and legal bubble that will burst. This will take down a great deal of the History of Singularity. This folly exists because it too is in the same bubble or a subsystem of that bubble. The morally sound position is to argue my rights and the collective rights of the citizens of the world as strongly as possible.

I, as Obama have both surpassed our 50th Birthdays. I am become more aware of mortality and in consequence how corrupt he and his last five predecessors were.

I travel in a very narrow range of legal jurisdictions in California:

Big Pine, Bishop, Inyo County

Westwood, Lassen County

McCloud, Siskiyou County

Desert Shores, Imperial County

Blythe, Riverside County

These five areas and those jurisdictions that connect these locations will over the next five years to the end of the decade shape the history of the United States and the presidency in a manner never seen.

Westwood and McCloud are separated by about 100 miles. I alternate between these two small communities every other year.

The legal elements of Hate Crime focus on two components 1. Quid pro Quos 2. Hostile Environment. The local persons and tourists do not fathom that this Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is a storyboarded entrapment. They are being tested for fitness.

An informant personality predominates universally. As seen in a world of 7 billion persons and perhaps 200 nationstates, no one has stood forward.

The local mythologies of the West and High Sierras are ruined in this iconoclastic based crushing of identity.

Consider that a 75 year old grandfather who is dying has a 50 year old son; he has a 25 year old son, he has a one year old son.

This event has run unopposed since June 17, 1987. This grandfather has lost his health and property. His reputation for standing up and leading his family and community are gone.

The son is the exact age as Barack Obama and myself. He too is continuing a history of failure. His son may have never even lived in the real United States. His one year old son is continuing the continuity of inferiority.

Any concept of American Exceptionalism should recognize the summation of damage that has occurred to the human race and the United States.

The thinkers and theorists of Singularity need to raise the level of the performance.

The Death of Steve Jobs

Blythe CA Ehrenberg CA

October 17, 2011

Steve Jobs 2010

Steve Jobs

The death of Steve Jobs on October 6, 2011 brings into focus the defects of culture versus machine. Jobs died of pancreatic cancer. He could have benefited from the superintelligence that many claim lies on the horizon.

Jobs should have confronted the circumstance of Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. Apple has capitalization to perhaps $340 billion dollars. If the real conditions of his existence are taken into consideration this may be quite less. Hence the CEO is being held hostage and the legal trust endowed to protect the firms assets may questioned over environmental concerns that were not addressed.

This is a very serious issue that will most likely wipe out trillions of dollars of book money. No investors appear to be willing to place their cash into an era of deceit.

Technologically Apple place is history is assured. There are many exponential issues as rights, the rule of law that small mobile devices will not be able to solve.

Returning to MOEC Studies

Blythe CA Ehrenberg CA

December 20, 2011

Today I am beginning to configure my Toshiba Satellite C655D. It is a dual core 1.3GHZ Processor with 3 GB ram and 500 GB drive. The Asus has been hit.

Interestingly enough the Iranians can jam a USA drone and take control of such. The Iranians now have a drone to counter the Stuxnet attack of last year.

The Singularity is not near as censorship and sanitization are creating Irrationalism and know nothingness. I have finished school probably for the duration of the manifest attack of MOEC. The Colorado River is still a mess. Barack Obama plans to take his family on a vacation to Hawaii.

Herein proves his lack of conscience as to what is right or wrong. Republican front runners Gingrich and Romney have stated various positions. Gingrich is attacking activists judges while Romney laments the welfare state and the lack of meritocracy.

There is no volition in the herd culture. Programmers concerned with Singularity have to examine themselves as to their ethics. Apperception and lack of volition will create an inferior machine.

IBM Watson would not win a debated over reality only what the government wishes to be placed on it's drives.

I wish to elaborate more on the lack of culture to support Singularity. Projecting all on to machines will create some powerful machines but will the humans follow?

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Open Letter To The Technological Singularity Movement

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

March 8, 2012

The Technological Singularity Movement has emerged during an open Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program being operated out of Los Angeles Police Department. The strategic mission is Gay Marriage. The agency which is under Homeland Security is headed by Janet Napolitano contains cells of Gay Militia members which are mostly MSM or men who have sex with men.

Gang Stalking which is a form of police community stalking is embedded within this Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.


This would confirm that this Gay Militia is the Ku Klux Klan of the LGBTi Movement and is designed to degrade such under censorship and sanitization.

This event is a Cultural Singularity with a near total censorship of 7 billion persons. It is live human experimentation and is an antagonistic movement movement to Technological Singularity.

Since this attack on the human race is centered over my natural person I find it adequate to respond to the claim of Machine Superintelligence. If computational machines achieve parity with humans and then overtake such it is both rational and logical for the programming in these machines to recognize the attack on my natural person and citizenship under the United States. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights would also recognize my standing although the United States has not ratified the document.

Hence all technology is being patented under a political regime. The intelligence and consciousness of human actors to make timely decisions and orders to protect citizens and natural persons is at question.

My allegation is that the Singularity Movement is condoning this pre genocidal activity. Persons are clearly being isolated by the gender identity and sexual preferences.

Barack Obama's childhood nanny, Evie (Turdi), was a biological male who lived as female when she cared for the Obama household in Indonesia. Turdi is therefore a member of the transgendered persons under the LGBTi or Lesbian, Gay Bisexual, Transgendered, intersex movement. She is now openly living as a male abandoning her female clothing.

Evie (Turdi) found a transgendered friend murdered in Indonesia face down in a contaminated sewage canal two decades ago.

This morning on the way to buy what food I can eat I had to wash my hands in a chemically contaminated irrigation canal.

The Colorado River AZ CA and Salton Sea, CA have been chemically contaminated. I have been told that up to one third of the United States may have products contaminated from factory. Such products are sent near me in stores. The cotton fields and wheat fields are ruined. It would burn your hand to touch a bale of wheat or cotton. There are sheep grazing in a wheat field just west of where I am writing and they too are contaminated.

In short Singularity University and TedTalks, two of the more premier organizations in the Singularity Movement are SANITIZING AND CENSORING HISTORY.

The question of Junk Science and expertise emerge. United States Courts require admission of expert testimony and evidence through in limine motions under either Frye or Daubert Standards.

A corpus delicti hearing can be called to find if the elements of a crime have been made to file charges or seat a trial.

If any real parts per billion tests were made here in Blythe, CA on the Colorado River, fields or stores, Barack Obama would be impeached and face criminal charges. Under a reasonable man based on the average person test, if any witnesses from homeless persons upward testify in support of these allegations Obama would be convicted.

The Gay Militia has used red herring strawman tactics continually as gay baiting.

One of their last tactics is to accuse one of being transgendered. Being accused of being transgendered has baffled me for the last several times it has occurred.

I am one day older than Obama who was born on August 4, 1961.

It is rational to argue that he will live to 2040 or four years before 2045 the date of Technological Singularity.

I do not have legal standing to represent you, your family, children, or assets in court.

Hence a very probable tactic is to swear all persons in a date near 2040 who have survived. The chemicals used in this attack are easily traced to their manufactures now under current and evolving forensic science standards.

If a person lies under oath she may be convicted of treason, obstructing justice, or making false and misleading statements.


I will continue to push the boundary regarding ethnology (study of the survival of species) and expose charlatanism.

I am seeking criminal charges, torts, then civil orders and judgments against all liable actors.

Secondarily I am providing intent of making statements of relevant facts in and attempt to systematize the body and process and structure. This has been aimed primarily at the University of California who has sat by and down nothing. It's students at Davis have had tear gas sprayed in their eyes in a very scripted theatrical farce.

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.

Power Reality.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Blythe CA

March 8, 2012

Works Cited

Associated Press. Obama's transgender ex nanny is an outcast. Retrieved March 8, 2012:

History of Singularity

Blythe CA Ehrenberg CA

April 1 to 20, 2012

This entry is now Myth of the Contemporary Man PT. III Chapter 2.

History of Singularity

Artificial Intelligence as Moral Agent

All phenomena that exists within a manifold must have a history. This is true regardless if there is a sensate or inorganic observer as a computer program. The Singularity Movement, both Technological and Cultural have emerged with a planned Chemical Assault Scorched Earth program designed as an antagonistic movement to Undermine Technological Singularity. Technological Singularity is that future date when thinking machines equal then surpass humans in ability. This date has been deduced as 2046 due to exponential specializations as nano technologies (Singularity Institute).A major component of Singularity is the creation of Superintelligence. This is Artificial Intelligence, or AI systems that equal or surpass the skill of humans.

It appears that in the domain of hard sciences as engineering, architecture, pharmacology, math, building software and computer systems, Superintelligence has a very strong probability of occurring In the liberal arts where moral discernment and action as a moral agent is required whether Superintelligence is attainable by 2046 is quite problematic and questionable (Anissimov 2003).

Proposition: Superintelligence cannot be achieved unless a computer program or system defines the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth, identifies all criminal actors, aids in the prosecution and transparent documentation of all criminal actors. It must also develop a rational and transparent pedagogical method of instruction and critique concerning the rights and duties of all sworn and non sworn parties that were responsible to terminate the processes and structures of this attack and remedy these deficiencies to the Proximate Cause sine qua non.

This preemptive attack on human civilization and life itself is alleged to be the authorship of Cambridge Law School (Nollmeyer 2007a). Here it is argued that if Cambridge is running the defection model and such are not identified and their proxies prosecuted then they will be able to develop technological supercomputers as instruments of war as a baseline while still providing some socioeconomic cultural benefit as a behavioristic reinforcer. They will have the capability of using supercomputers to sanitize espionage and other crimes against humanity.

Currently IBM's Watson has not recognized MOEC. It ironically is studying cancer at a leading institution on the United States east coast as of this writing in Spring of 2012 (IBMWatson 2012).This authorship and Proximate Cause is operating a Prisoner's Dilemma defection model which is de facto or illegal. Hence actors which defect to this mover are accomplices. As seen the attack wished to implicate then President Reagan and expose this system. It appears the strongest members of this group were Men Same Sex Males or MSM.

The strategic mission is Gay Marriage and vindication of the LGBTi Movement. A moral agent must act against an immoral agent or it ceases to be a moral agent. In this regards it becomes dependent and under the color of morality or law. This attack became totally cognizant to then President Ronald Reagan on June 17, 1987. This Gay Militia which is alleged to be operating out of Los Angeles Police Department, California (LAPD) damaged the President, themselves, LAPD, State of California (Governor Deukmejian), the federal government and the State of Delaware (Governor Carper). This also preempted LGBTi History. There are many other examples of collateral damage and latent dysfunction that have occurred as the environment (Nollmeyer 2007a).

The system is being operated by MSM persons. The continuum appears to wish to escalate the illegal activity implicating both sworn and moral agents. As seen President Barack Obama would be 80 years old in 2041, 4 years before 2045 or Technological Singularity. President Barack Obama is the target of Technological Singularity.

In the instance of computing and Artificial Intelligence or AI it is clear also that denying the empirical History of the United States and all of it's relevant subspecies seriously damages the competency of a supercomputer to develop Superintelligence and act as moral agent for the positive transformation of the human species to a higher level of consciousness. Since the moral agent is part of the study of moral philosophy it would be irrational for this AI program to deny what has occurred and the damage to human life, life writ large and the environment of the earth in which we live. It has clearly narrowed the most likely success for Machine Superintelligence to the engineering and hard sciences not the liberal arts or social science.

The lack of volition in Technological Singularity movement as moral agents, and performance of sworn officials themselves have legally implicated Obama and actors born 1955 and later as targets for future prosecution. There is a strong likelihood of victims stepping forward. This in the main appears to be HIV AIDS positive and Hepatitis C positive persons. Nationstates, corporations, groups, or persons acting as fiduciary for various concerns are likely to act before 2046. If any group proclaims Singularity without Official Recognition of this Chemical Assault Scorched Earth it is a fraud on it's face.

I am writing from Blythe CA Ehrenberg CA as March 25 to April 8, 2012. The Colorado River is contaminated and if you touched the wheat growing in a field here it would burn your hand.In degree history is the last court. The software developers to date March to April 2012 have made no effort to recognize a crime that is legally punishable in the United States and internationally by the United Nations. IBM's Watson, a supercomputer who some have posited as having a narrow AI is reflective of the problematic facing Singularity thinkers (Muehlhauser & Salamon 2012). There is pandemic corruption in both the United States and the Universal System of the United Nations. As I am the natural person whose citizenship has been alienated (Bill of Rights), I view any academic sanitization or journalistic censorship as an environmental threat, hence those uncontrollable forces outside my person that I have no power to act over (Management Study Guide 2012). As seen I have already filed over twenty six federal civil suits that were designed to be read as criminal (Nollmeyer 2007). I have attempted to engage most competent sworn federal officials where I have resided over two months since June 1987.

Personally this will focus mainly on California, Arizona, Delaware, New Mexico, and Nevada as I am trapped mainly in the deserts and the mountains. This activity develops as Targeted Chemical Assaults TCA and escalates into the full blown manifest Chemical Assault Scorched Earth that has and is in the cognition of the Irrationalist United States Presidents Reagan Obama of whom Barack Obama is now seeking his second term in 2012.

The legal dynamics of sworn competent officials refusing to perform their legal duties to protect life, limb, and property develop an emergent scenario resembling a Nuremberg Trial under United States Federal Law. Here if the United States Attorney General is duty bound to prosecute all crimes in this nationstate a truly autonomous moral agent must be opposed to activity in which I would state all 313 million persons have a claim against LAPD, State of California, United States, and the United Kingdom.

The latter concerns the allegation that the Proximate Cause or authorship is Cambridge Law School. The Alan Turing Centennial is June 23, 2012. There is an allegation that his persecution as a Gay male is attributable to this mechanism. It appears that Mr. Turing was steered skill sets and projects that helped develop his career. I am not clear about how issues other than his Gay orientation ran him afoul in the United Kingdom. His cracking of the Enigma Code alone gives a reasonable foundation that he was exposed to United Kingdom intelligence during WWII at very sensitive level (Hodges, A. 2012).

I am an undergraduate student in Social Sciences and pre law. I have a GPA of 3.27 with 161 credits and a University of California transferable GPA of 3.42 151 credits. I need six classes to graduate with a BA. I will probably opt to retake three more courses to bring the 3.27 up closer to 3.50. After taking 9 courses both GPAs should be near 3.50 and by merit have my standing in consideration for at least a half to full scholarship at law or other graduate programs.The stalking and defamation of my person is unprecedented in the United States and the world.In an ethnographic sense, my ability to survive and mount a credible legal challenge to LAPD and President Obama et al. is considerable. This is in prejudice to the Gay Militia and their accomplices regardless of sexual orientation and preferences.

The history, epistemology, and methodology of Singularity is suspect without by acknowledging that a Cultural Singularity has occurred as worldwide as a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program named MOEC. The resulting censorship and sanitization under a controller that is blackmailing and intimidating actors to promote it's interest through Technological Singularity or a suboptimal Nash Equilibrium (Nash Equilibrium) of Technological Singularity is a powerful statement of fact against the selective attention of scientists and academics that are currently marginalizing the movement. The ommissive conduct by Technological Singularity thinkers of this era sets the stage for future moral agents to correct their errors and suboptimal performance.

If the legal system operated properly, this Chemical Assault Scorched Earth would of have been reduced to only Targeted Chemical Assaults TCAs. I state this because these events are not weaponized military operations but bathtub clandestine events that any person acting with defection from the police could carry out with common items. It appears that controlled substances as hydrochloric acid and other cleaning agents are being easily purchased through LAPD and used to attack my person through mutual aid violations with other police agencies.

Crimes against humanity, treason, obstruction of justice, intimidation of a witness, and racketeering form basic parameters of legal claims. Hence the ethics and legal basis for a moral agent to proffer a transparent explanation become constrained under blackmail and intimidation. My immediate recommendation is that all Singularity Groups form a Law Section.Under the Paradigm of Laws: 1. Eternal Law 2. Natural Law 3. Positive Law, how would a faith, philosophy and nationstate deal with Technological Singularity? How will a nationstate or legal supranational regime as the United Nations, Organization of American States or Arab League reconcile an attack by a Gay Militia within the Anglo American structure which has emerged as NATO?

Rationality is already being considered by many Singularity concerns. This could easily be reconciled under Natural Law or reason. An actor who is under defection to the Origin or Proximate Cause ceases to be a moral agent, hence contributing to the co opting faith based systems, philosophy and academic departments, think tanks, and sworn public officials increases a marginal degradation of the structural state and those natural persons and their occupations within such.The entangling of Homeland Security or the police escalates the attack. Here the antagonistic movement of the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth against engineering achievements as cloud computing, solid state drives, 4G mobile broadband, the lowering of costs of solar panels to $4 per watt, better lithium ion batteries, better pharmaceuticals, better protocols for the detection of diseases is neutralized.

The Social Contract Theory is the accepted model for a Constitution. The rule of law guarantees freedom for the individual for their spiritual, moral, social, and economic life. Volition to uphold primary rights by sworn secondary law officers would protect the social and natural environment to develop the human race under a system of laws. If those capacitated to act as moral agents due not do such but endeavor under the color of moral right and law than they are illicit and criminal themselves.

It is folly to work under blackmail and intimidation. This attacks the Constitution and the positive rights the contract provides for. Hence the result is the construction of Totalitarianism and a Police State. The Classic Argument of the State versus the Individual is embedded within the emergence of Technological and Social Singularity. If Cambridge Law School is the authorship then professors who develop these de facto crimes and teach in the open will cease to occur. If LAPD is the Proximate Cause in the United States operating the attack then regular rank and file officers also will no longer be safe on basic duty.

LAPD should be quarantined and all communications emanating and exiting their headquarters should be monitored, especially mutual aid. In abstraction a very large police agency that can make contacts with other departments through mutual aid is the only logical actor due to the limitations to the amount of work one person can perform. LAPD has about 8000 officers.

As time passes the miscalculation of events creates a multiplier fallacy which implicates more individuals and groups. Hence the original target of Ronald Reagan has shifted from conservatives to liberals who support Gay Marriage and are highly instrumental in fighting openly for such as California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom and Attorney General Kamala Harris.

Cambridge as Proximate Cause

If Cambridge Law School is the Proximate Cause, Authorship, and Origin then it is not a moral agent. The criminal knows his own crime. Two simultaneous eternities cannot exist. An eternal association such as the United States Constitution is a perpetual act designed to incorporate moral agents to carry out it's laws, rules, and directives to protect the citizenship of the members of this commonwealth. A conspiracy driven by defection is an attack on it's sovereignty. A legal constitution can only be changed by itself. The designing of a conspiracy itself is an attack on Positive Law.

It would be impossible for a system of crime to be created and implemented with the goal of attacking the human race with a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth through the United Kingdom and the United States as described previously and simultaneously maintain the mythologies of sworn legal officials in either nationstate. It is clear that the authorship has obstructed justice at a very high degree implicating five presidencies Reagan Obama. This activity would have needed many years of planning and the recruitment of thousands of persons. The criminalization of the population through quid pro quos is a defense mechanism of MOEC. Hence those persons especially sworn officers of the state whose careers have emerged through defection are least likely to step forward as moral agents. By arranging for proxies to attack and recruit more informants the system has morphogenetic expansion. As seen any enemies of the Anglo American Paradigm and LGBTi Movement are strengthened. What is dangerous is that this mechanism is designed at the present to focus on marginalization tactics which would permit the Chemical Assault to continue with a complement of repertoire that is inclusive of crime, disease, and economics that is currently explained as not having a state directed authorship. One should peruse FBI Universal Crime Statistics and CDC Surveillance reports.

As stated the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth would have a debilitating effect on the 700,000 known HIV AIDS positive persons. There are 3 million Hepatitis B or C persons that are infected. This is 3.7 million persons out of 313 million persons in the United States. The notion of AI emerging with Superintelligence is a red herring or distraction from conditions of reality. Currently IBM's Watson is studying cancer at a leading institution in the United States. This population is also under attack.

By using defection Cambridge is able to recruit informants to sanitize it's criminal actions.In the theater of History it has scripted a moral decadence with no leader capacitated to restore a renaissance. Technological Singularity is being promoted as an iconoclastic future event that will sweep away all human levels of performance. What MOEC has done in the concrete is damage the United States, it's Constitution, President and sworn competent officials under an unprecedented Cultural Singularity with a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

The invertebration of the Paradigm of Laws has also negated any moral agent from acting in the concrete to restore the Constitutional life. Is the Singularity Movement a cover for New Fascism? In theory every weapon that is developed will be used. Technological Singularity is being nearly preached as panacea for many of humanities problems. The Joe Virus or cell of LAPD officers driving this event are Gay Irrationalist Gay Know Nothing. This label is the creation of MOEC thinkers. I am being harassed daily by rambling homosexual polymorphous perversity speech.

As a heterosexual male I do not need to promote coitus, oral sex, and the masturbation of females. The Joe Virus is a bottom ten percent contagion aimed at the upper ten percent. Differential Association is a social based theory stating that crime is transferred through language or speech. TedTalks a Singularity based discussion group which regularly promotes speeches and videos appears prima facie as a target for the Gay Militia.I am a competent social scientist. TedTalks will be approached on this issue.

The History of Singularity and of moral agents is developed in the concrete. In basic abstract methodologies one attempts to research to find laws or principles that are antecedent to consequent acts to develop the systematization of that discipline. In the administration of justice a code officer must respond to a hot crime scene that is in continuo. The crime must be brought under control by due process and equal protection so that the victim, criminal, third parties all have their rights maintained. Empirical evidence is gathered and this Statement of Facts must presented with Points of Law to sustain a complaint and successful prosecution.

As seen the moral, ethical, and legal agent all have their distinct boundaries but are extremely similar. In theory acts are mala in se or evil in themselves or mala prohibita or those acts criminalized by statute. The corpus delecti of a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth or a body of crime has been operating in continuo since June 17, 1987 in a manifest fashion contrary to the the leadership of the President of the United States.

The discussion of a moral agent is not authentic or congruent to those that proffer such high standards while the mass of persons are being alienated, debilitated, and marginalized here in the United States.

Open Letter to

Edited April 2012

Is Singularity Sanitization for New Fascism?

As seen the concrete history of Singularity and the MOEC are convergent and simultaneous. The line of thinking that I am taking is that University of Cambridge was aware of machine computational power at an early time. Much of this data most likely reflects the security interests of the United Kingdom. With this under consideration this mechanism would seek to defect computer development to it's interest.

The strategic issue of Gay Marriage has always been paired with a marginal chemical assault or Targeted Chemical Assaults.

The exponential theory proposed in Moore's Law and by Kurzweil is coming to an end as semiconductors have developed to one phosphorous atom. Sub-atomic computing is the next paradigm.Regardless of the speed and size of CPUs, the traditional 250 disciplinary areas of the University System still have to be programmed onto software that at least compliments what is delivered by humans. Here there is still no Official Recognition of the in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth by any nationstate or prominent Singularity thinker or organization.

It is TOTALLY EVIDENT that there is significant damage to sworn officials to uphold human rights. There is tremendous damage to all persons claiming to have moral agency in not confronting the United States President on openly allowing it's citizens to be attacked by a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

The branding of Singularity as a for profit also limits it's chances for achieving it's goals of iconoclastic transformation of human consciousness and behavior sweeping past totally human systems. There is a planned decadence ongoing in the trajectory of history being led by the Gay Militia in LAPD. If a moral agent does not oppose such it will clearly lose legitimacy. As MOEC escalates it's activities towards and past the 2012 Presidential Elections more persons will become sworn officials who take office to protect life, limb, and property not box in a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth over the human race. The LGBTi movement and female populations emerging through the professions have also seen their trajectories and natural persons damaged by misogyny by this Gay Militia.

Using IBM's Watson as a baseline, when is a computational machine going to be able to expound on the factual history of the United States from June 17, 1987?

On a personal level I will openly use negation on an actor be it a single natural person, group, nationstate, or supranational regime that I believe is a credible threat to my life and History. University of Cambridge has just recently announced the termination of the hard copy of it's Encyclopedia Britannica. If one were to peruse my www.powereality.origin.htm; one can see my miniature encyclopedia which I wrote by hand. I was requested to do this. The authorship knew that there was a Radhanatha event or a planned escalation of the Scorched Earth. Almost 100 percent of written texts in my vicinity are contaminated. What is unique in Origin is my reduction of the Outline of Psychoanalysis by Sigmund Freud is missing. The section on Informal Fallacies is missing. This reflects Logic by Copi. The construction of the Eros is major template in entrapment conditioning in the Storyboard Scripting of persons lives. The use of a tension release model should replace any consideration of hydraulic model of the psyche. The pathological lying and deception of the Gay Militia will state that I am using the hydraulic model which argues that criminals increase repression then break suddenly rather than a gradual increase of tension and releasing.

Hence criminals repress and victims deny. The Singularity Movement is dependent on the fatalistic failure of the Proximate Cause Cambridge through LAPD and it's accomplices. Herein also these actors may be repressive as they are the criminals victimizing other persons. The University of California, Ivy League and upper echelon schools as MIT are all suspect as they condone the attack on my person and the human race.

The blatant selling off of rights for economic prosperity and sex is a cornerstone of an antisocial, sociopathic, and psychopathic culture that has resulted in a purge. This would create a new class order or a more accurately a refinement of the previous order.

If academics and intellectuals become apologists for this crime against humanity, New Fascism has emerged. It is also a cornerstone for developing computer and AI systems to attack the human race.

The Original Manuscript was hacked. The letter was written as a need to create a record as ommissive behavior of the Singularity Movement, TedTalks, and academia is an Existential Threat.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

October 3, 2015

The damage to LGBTi law enforcement is catastrophic and will be discussed in a chapter dealing with Gay Irrationalism. This will develop the use of the Chemical Assault and it's distribution over society writ large. The recruitment of natural persons into law enforcement positions in LAPD to form a Gay Militia in itself is a negation to a concept of moral agency.

The teaching of LGBTi History which is now mandated in California is a fraud. The trajectory of MOEC as a defection model has clear boundaries that are still morphogenetic and expanding. Sworn officials as President Obama, Mary Bono Mack R 45 CA, Gavin Newsom Lt. Governor CA, and Kamala Harris Attorney General CA, are clear targets for criminal prosecution. Obama is the oldest individual being born on August 4, 1961.

University of Cambridge appears to have been instrumental in developing computational machines. I am proposing that Singularity and or it's concept were developed as an Artificial Archetype in which to develop a culture of defection to computers and AI topologies. Verner Vinge is credited with the first use of the term Singularity.

To elaborate the power of nuclear bombs was manifest to the world after August 1945. It was clear that the proliferation of nuclear technology could disrupt the equilibrium of world power and international security. This is evident as Iran, the United States and Israel are in a state of brinkmanship over Iran's development of nuclear technology. Hence if a nationstate or alignment could develop a supercomputer or AI topology this too could shift the balance of power. There is already discussion that it may be possible to penetrate Iran's computer networks and shut these systems down. Here one has a computer system versus computer system confrontation.

It is my position that Cambridge is leading the Singularity Movement by defection. I will link the Alan Turning Centennial to this claim.

MOEC is reverse engineering to Technological Singularity. A Social or Cultural Singularity has been achieved. I am working on budget level equipment that is quite proficient for word processing and web surfing for pdf file research that I prefer. I also have to continually re edit these papers as LAPD will hack them. This alone gives insight to how hacking is a job occupation that is state sponsored and not moral, ethical, or legal.

The fact that there is no official recognition to my persecution is a WATERSHED EVENT in human history demonstrates the collusion of so called moral authority. In Florida as I write Trayvor Martin has been killed by a man named Zimmerman who was a neighborhood watch person who was legally armed. Martin is African American and Zimmerman is of Latino extraction. Obama, Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have immediately responded to this event although it is only a fraction of the size. I approve of the tactics that the Martin family has used to publicize the confrontation which reflects selfdefense, Castle Doctrine, and Stand Your Grand concepts of affirmative defenses and the duty to retreat.

At this point the publicity has brought the FBI into the investigation but the event is turning into a circus or kangaroo court which will constrain me from adding direct comment.Here too, we see that advocating of my civil rights is not in the interest of the past civil rights leadership. Sharpton and Jackson have strong ties to President Bill Clinton and Barack Obama both who I will staunchly argue are guilty of Crimes Against Humanity.

When will the officers in LAPD BE NAMED? When will CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY AND OXFORD members be named? I am not a public person. I do not act for a profit or publicity to further any other for profit enterprise. I continually make public records which do not support any private economic motive.The area of the Colorado River Valley and Salton Sea appears to be a very strong target of Gay Irrational Gay Know Nothing. If the electronic surveillance of LAPD is collected and examined one will document the use of ad hominem and contrarian homosexuality. The latter is a stereotype stating that same sex persons especially males are acting the opposite of reason and rationality as a form of harassment.

If I debate Dodo the day shift leader and the single person of who it is claimed could STOP THE CHEMICAL ASSAULT, he will deliberate state the opposite of what I state. I have a real GPA of 3.27 and a UC GPA of 3.42 and have no trouble keeping him under 50 percent accuracy. If we argue ten points on any subject as selfdefense, the Vedas, or Singularity he will most likely lose all ten points. This is easily achieved by only stating provable empirical facts.

If I state that Zimmerman must mount a legal affirmative defense under the State of Florida this is true. If Dodo does not even know what an affirmative defense is, then this more ludicrous. In a justification defense one does not deny that the act has occurred. In this case Zimmerman does not deny shooting Martin. He is stating that under Florida law he has an affirmative selfdefense under the rules regarding Castle Doctrine and Hold Your Ground models.

If I state facts Dodo will claim that I am harassing him and he is defending some other third party. This is absurd on it's face because he is Stalking me with a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth and using a front of homosexuality LGBTi to recruit persons under treason, obstruction of justice, and mutilating evidence. This is a RICO structure.


An interesting component that also negates moral agency and the color of right is that my grandfather is placed into a false set with the previous leader The Fly. So in equivocation The Fly will mean either a criminal policeman who initiated the Chemical Assault or my grandfather. I am still intellectually adept to argue that none of this activity stems from a legal law, rule, or case. Therefore there is no legal basis for LAPD to continue the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth and their Gay Militia as a Gay Revolution.

Under jus belle or legal warfare uniformed security forces as the military and police do not attack civilians or non military installations or property. The stalkers they recruit are common criminals at best and are liable to be prosecuted for Part I and Part II crimes that they commit for quid pro quos.

University of Cambridge is creating a Yellow Brick Road for Obama to attempt to live out his life without being criminally exposed and put on trial. This is also true for the Gay Militia. The moral and legal agency for my natural person is to put up the strongest legal resistance and publish legal records as to the nature of the system none as MOEC. This alone would negate the History of the Irrational Presidents. I cannot even open the site: any longer.

The attack is driven by MSM males who will attempt to Gay Bait persons who confront them. This alone is a devastating defeat for the integrity of same sex LGBTi persons. I have been exclusively heterosexual all my life. Mary Bono Mack's R 45 CA district contains one of the most prominent LGBTi communities in the world. The Coachella Valley is host to the White Party and The Dinah (Female Golf Tournament). Both of these events cater to 15,000 persons each per year. The former is for gay males and the latter is for lesbians.

I am in Desert Shores on the Salton Sea every other year. There is no way the worldwide LGBTi community cannot say they unaware of MOEC.


The a priori allegation that Cambridge Law School is the Proximate Cause sine qua non of MOEC, Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing, and Singularity is substantive. The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth imposed over the natural person and United States Citizenship of my person, David Nollmeyer is prima facie.

President Barack Obama to date with a projected lifespan of 80 years, is the Technological Singularity Target. Bhakta David Nollmeyer is the Singularity Experiment. The scientific accuracy of Obama's history functions as a test for Superintelligence. The lack of such will also develop sanitization and hypocrisy for the Anglo American LGBTi Movement. This latter issue is quite important. Why I am I, a Japanese American born ritvik Hare Krishna continually being used to front the LGBTi Movement? There are notable Right to Marry groups that are quite competent and whose membership are Out. They are not acting irrationally with violence to promote Same Sex Equality, however they have not recognized the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. The confrontation in Africa over LGBTi issues is quite current and also involves fundamental Islam. If attacking individuals in Africa is wrong why is this event not officially recognized?The lack of Official Recognition of the Totality of Circumstances further strains the ability for Singularity thinkers to develop a Moral Agency within Artificial Intelligence AI systems.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

April 20, 2012

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Artificial Intelligence As A Device To Sanitize Crimes Against Humanity

McCloud CA

May 26, 2012

The Singularity appears to be a staging for Convergent Totalitarianism. The trajectory of criminality from the popular literary genre as A Clockwork Orange, Brave New World, and 1984 reflects the chaotic equilibrium acceleration of technology has in the hands of an irrationalist zeitgeist with very little conscience or will power. Resources are being used to develop a Totalitarian Social Welfare State. The only private concerns that will survive are those that are defected to the de facto interests of state planners.

Artificial Intelligence or AI and or the software and firmware that will run computational machines is being developed with and ends to sanitizing Crimes Against Humanity. I am proposing that the United Kingdom, i.e. Cambridge Law School has designed a group of academics whom call themselves MOEC or Mobilization of Empire and Civilization. These actors are responsible for the expansion and contraction of the British Empire. These activities cover events which are illegal. If all nationstates are capable of developing Superintelligence then these super computers will be able to detect and discern these activities. This would expose clandestine espionage of all nationstates and actors. This assumption has lead to the creation of the Singularity Movement as seen now.

The culture is being groomed to expect a high quality of material benefits, longer life expectancy, better drugs, electronics, cleaner and cheaper fuel, and better methodologies to learn. As seen all these tools could be applied to criminal acts on the downside.

There is a possibility that other actors will gain Superintelligence capabilities and expose the United Kingdom. Here MOEC then designed the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program that was aimed at President Ronald Reagan. This has continued through Barack Obama. Mitt Romney is the presumed Republican candidate in the 2012 Presidential Elections. In continuation this activity has created a gambit where homosexuality is pitted in a contest against heterosexuality. The classical political science problem of the State versus the Individual is recreated in a format modelled on the Greek Marathon.

MOEC and a cell of Gay Militia of LAPD represent the homosexual or LGBTi platform while I represent the heterosexual platform. The alienation of my Bill of Right protections is predicated on a sexual qualification. Since I have been heterosexual all my life, my rights were alienated in a symbiotic pairing with the Gay Marriage Movement. I support opposite sex marriage.

This is a very serious act of Torture. The United Kingdom and the United States are guilty of crimes against humanity.

Obama is the Singularity Target

Obama Birth Certificate David Nollmeyer Birth Certificate

Barack Obama

David Nollmeyer

Obama Had Ordered Stuxnet

McCloud CA

May 26, 2012

RICHARD LARDNER The Associated Press

WASHINGTON The Obama administration is warning American businesses about an unusually potent computer virus that infected Iran's oil industry even as suspicions persist that the United States is responsible for secretly creating and unleashing cyberweapons against foreign countries. The government's dual roles of alerting U.S. companies about these threats and producing powerful software weapons and eavesdropping tools underscore the risks of an unintended, online boomerang.

Unlike a bullet or missile fired at an enemy, a cyberweapon that spreads across the Internet may circle back accidentally to infect computers it was never supposed to target. It's one of the unusual challenges facing the programmers who build such weapons, and presidents who must decide when to launch them.

The Homeland Security Department's warning about the new virus, known as Flame, assured U.S. companies that no infections had been discovered so far inside the U.S. It described Flame as an espionage tool that was sophisticated in design, using encryption and other techniques to help break into computers and move through corporate or private networks. The virus can eavesdrop on data traffic, take screenshots and record audio and keystrokes. The department said the origin is a mystery.

The White House has declined to discuss the virus.


But suspicions about the U.S. government's role in the use of cyberweapons were heightened by a report in Friday's New York Times. Based on anonymous sources, it said President Barack Obama secretly had ordered the use of another sophisticated cyberweapon, known as Stuxnet, to attack the computer systems that run Iran's main nuclear enrichment facilities. The order was an extension of a sabotage program that the Times said began during the Bush administration.

Private security researchers long have suspected that the U.S. and Israeli governments were responsible for Stuxnet. But the newspaper's detailed description of conversations in the Oval Office among Obama, the vice president and the CIA director about the U.S. government's responsibility for Stuxnet is the most direct evidence of this to date. U.S. officials rarely discuss the use of cyberweapons outside of classified settings.

Stuxnet is believed to have been released as early as 2009. It was discovered in June 2010 by a Belarusian antivirus researcher analyzing a customer's infected computer in Iran. It targeted electronic program controllers built by Siemens AG of Germany that were installed in Iran. The U.S. government also circulated warnings to American businesses about Stuxnet after it was detected.

The White House said Friday it would not discuss whether the U.S. was responsible for the Stuxnet attacks on Iran.

"I'm not able to comment on any of the specifics or details," White House spokesman Josh Earnest said. "That information is classified for a reason, and it is kept secret. It is intended not to be publicized because publicizing it would pose a threat to our national security."

Cyberweapons are uncharted territory because the U.S. laws are ambiguous about their use, and questions about their effectiveness and reliability are mostly unresolved. Attackers online can disguise their origins or even impersonate an innocent bystander organization, making it difficult to identify actual targets when responding to attacks.

Viruses and malicious software, known as malware, rely on vulnerabilities in commercial software and hardware products. But it is hard to design a single payload that always will succeed because the target may have fixed a software vulnerability or placed computers behind a firewall.

On the Internet, where being connected is a virtue, an attack intended for one target can spread unexpectedly. Whether a cyberweapon can boomerang depends on it's state of the art, according to computer security experts. On that point, there are deep divisions over Flame.

Russian digital security provider Kaspersky Lab, which first identified the virus, said Flame's complexity and functionality "exceed those of all other cybermenaces known to date." There is no doubt, the company said, that a government sponsored the research that developed it. Yet Flame's author remains unknown because there is no information in the code of the virus that would link it to a particular country.

Other experts said it wasn't as fearsome.

Much of the code used to build the virus is old and available on the Internet, said Becky Bace, chief strategist at the Center for Forensics, Information Technology and Security at the University of South Alabama. Flame could have been developed by a small team of smart people who are motivated and have financial backing, she said, making it just as likely a criminal enterprise or a group working as surrogates could have been responsible.

"Here's the wakeup call as far as cyber is concerned: You don't have to be a nationstate to have what it would take to put together a threat of this particular level of sophistication," said Bace, who spent 12 years at the National Security Agency working on intrusion detection and network security. "There's no secret sauce here."

Stuxnet was far more complex.

Still, Stuxnet could not have worked without detailed intelligence about Iran's nuclear program that was obtained through conventional spycraft, said Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer at F Secure, a digital security company in Helsinki, Finland. The countries with the motivation and the means to gather that data are the United States and Israel, he said.

"This is at the level of complexity that very few organizations in the world would even attempt," said Hypponen, who has studied Stuxnet and Flame. "Basically you have to have moles. Most of what they needed to pull this off was most likely collected with what we would characterize as traditional intelligence work."

The more intricately designed a cyberweapon is, the less likely it will boomerang. Stuxnet spread well beyond the Iranian computer networks it was intended to hit. But the collateral damage was minimal because the virus was developed to go after very specific targets.

"When some of these super sophisticated things spread, it's bad but it may not have the same impact because the virus itself is so complex," said Jacob Olcott, a senior cybersecurity expert at Good Harbor Consulting. "It's designed to only have it's impact when it finds certain conditions."

Israel is a world leader in cybertechnology and senior Israeli officials did little to deflect suspicion about that country's involvement in cyberweapons. "Whoever sees the Iranian threat as a significant threat is likely to take various steps, including these, to hobble it," said Vice Premier Moshe Yaalon, a former military chief and minister of strategic affairs.

A senior defense official involved in Israel's cyberwarfare program said Friday that, "Israel is investing heavily in units that deal with cyberwarfare both for defense and offense." He would not elaborate. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he is not allowed to speak with the media.

Isaac Ben Israel, an adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on cybersecurity issues, declined Friday to say whether Israel was involved with Stuxnet.

It could take years to know who is responsible, which is what is so unsettling about attacks in cyberspace. "We are very good as an industry at figuring out what a piece of malware does," said Dave Marcus, director of advanced research and threat intelligence at digital security giant McAfee. "But we are less accurate when it comes to saying what group is responsible for it, or it came from this country or that organization."

Associated Press writers Anne Gearan in Washington and Ian Deitch in Jerusalem contributed to this report.

U.S. government warning:

Turing and Suicide

McCloud CA

June 24, 2012

Roland Pease

Alan Turing, the British mathematical genius and codebreaker born 100 years ago on June 23, may not have committed suicide, as is widely believed.

At a conference in Oxford on Saturday, Turing expert Prof Jack Copeland will question the evidence that was presented at the 1954 inquest.

He believes the evidence would not today be accepted as sufficient to establish a suicide verdict.

Indeed, he argues, Turing's death may equally probably have been an accident.

What is well known and accepted is that Alan Turing died of cyanide poisoning.

His housekeeper famously found the 41 year old mathematician dead in his bed, with a half eaten apple on his bedside table.

It is widely said that Turing had been haunted by the story of the poisoned apple in the fairy tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and had resorted to the same desperate measure to end the persecution he was suffering as a result of his homosexuality.

But according to Prof Copeland, it was Turing's habit to take an apple at bedtime, and that it was quite usual for him not to finish it; the half eaten remains found near his body cannot be seen as an indication of a deliberate act.

Indeed, the police never tested the apple for the presence of cyanide.

Moreover, Prof Copeland emphasizes, a coroner these days would demand evidence of pre meditation before announcing a verdict of suicide, yet nothing in the accounts of Turing's last days suggest he was in anything but a cheerful mood.

He had left a note on his office desk, as was his practice, the previous Friday to remind himself of the tasks to be done on his return after the Bank Holiday weekend.

Nevertheless, at the inquest, the coroner, Mr JAK Ferns declared: "In a man of his type, one never knows what his mental processes are going to do next." What he meant by "of his type" is unclear.

The motive for suicide is easy to imagine. In 1952, after he had reported a petty burglary, Turing found himself being investigated for acts of gross indecency after he revealed he had had a male lover in his house.

Faced with the prospect of imprisonment, and perhaps with it the loss of the mathematics post he held at Manchester University, which gave him access to one of the world's only computers, Turing accepted the alternative of chemical castration hormone treatment that was supposed to suppress his sexual urges.

It is often repeated that the chemicals caused him to grow breasts, though Turing is only known to have mentioned this once.

The authorities' continuing interest in Turing became apparent in 1953 when a gay Norwegian acquaintance, Kjell, announced by postcard his intention to visit him at his Wilmslow home, but mysteriously never arrived.

With six decades of hindsight, these oppressive attentions, the nation's failure to appreciate his wartime contributions, his apparent sidelining at the Manchester computer department, have led to a tragic picture of Turing being hounded during his last years, and suicide being a natural outcome.

But Prof Copeland argues that on the contrary, Turing's career was at an intellectual high, and that he had borne his treatment with good humour.

Of the Kjell affair, Turing had written that "for sheer incident, it rivaled the Arnold [gross indecency] story"; and immediately after his conviction had told a friend: "The day of the trial was by no means disagreeable.

"Whilst in custody with the other criminals, I had a very agreeable sense of irresponsibility, rather like being back at school."

On the face of it, these are not the expressions of someone ground down by adversity.

On another occasion, an experiment had resulted in severe electric shocks.

And he was known for tasting chemicals to identify them.

Perhaps he had accidentally put his apple into a puddle of cyanide.

Or perhaps, more likely, he had accidentally inhaled cyanide vapors from the bubbling liquid.

Prof Copeland notes that the nightmare room had a "strong smell" of cyanide after Turing's death; that inhalation leads to a slower death than ingestion; and that the distribution of the poison in Turing's organs was more consistent with inhalation than with ingestion.

The Sanitization of History

McCloud CA

June 24, 2012

June 2012 setup mobile wifi

June Setup

45 Watts of Solar Panels Toshiba C655D Verizon MIFI

The evidence and concrete history of the United States is overwhelmingly supports the allegation that Technological Singularity is a covert operation to sanitize History. As seen no Singularity group has mentioned MOEC as the manifest Chemical Assault Scorched Earth in continuo. Since the Turing Centennial yesterday thinkers are disputing his suicide allegedly by arsenic poisoning.

Since I am the target in the Singularity Experiment, I have a great amount of interdisciplinary Social Science material which is being systematized under Kuhn Popper Methodology and Daubert and Frye Standards.

Barack Obama is the Singularity Target due to his projected lifespan. He will be 79 in 2040. Hopefully he will be legally prosecuted.

This event is paired with Gay Marriage. The issue may be settled in the United States on June 23, 2013 the end of the next Supreme Supreme Court term.

Open Letter Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies

McCloud CA

August 19, 2012

Dear Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies,

I have recently become aware of your institute through Stanford's Youtube channel. Of particular interest was the recent seminar concerning history and memory. This issue is of a national security interest of Israel concerning the teaching of the Holocaust.

I am the natural person of whose United States citizenship has had a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth program imposed over. This has been allegedly designed by Cambridge Law School in the form of a storyboard entrapment. It is essentially a homosexual blackmail and extortion ring with the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth imposed over such.

In degree this specifies a same sex qualification for Bill of Rights or humans rights protection as in the Convention Against Torture CAT (1984).

The strategic mission of this attack is Gay Marriage. Since you are based in California you are likely aware that Proposition 8 is awaiting writ of certiorari in the Supreme Court. As seen I have been a heterosexual male my entire life. I am also a ritvik Hare Krishna which also escalates the degree of hatred used in the attack.

In the political zeitgeist Barack Obama is running for reelection in 2012. He has permitted the entire Salton Sea and Colorado River to be Chemically Assaulted two times each. Since this Scorched Earth tactic was employed by George W. Bush there have 55,000 drug cartel murders in Mexico. The New River is the most polluted river in North America and runs into the Salton Sea. The Colorado River flows into Mexico and the Salton Sea.

As seen Geir Lundestad of the Norwegian Nobel Prize is the symbol of academic corruption having claimed to research Obama before awarding the Nobel Prize in October 2009. I was in Big Pine, California and the Owens Canal was contaminated which like the Colorado River provides drinking water for Los Angeles.

This attack is being operated by a Gay Militia in LAPD.

Currently Assange has been granted asylum by Ecuador. He is being prevented from leaving Great Britain. My material which is developed as MOEC Studies is superior to Wikileaks.

MOEC is an acronym developed by planners of the British Empire. It stands for Mobilization of Empire and Civilization. There is credible evidence to argue that the UK is behind Senedero Luminoso and or the Tupac Amaru which are essentially the same group of rebels in Peru.

As seen Netanyahu of Israel and Achminejead of Iran are engaged in brinkmanship. Iran has much to fear as there are very few sources of water in Iran. The contamination of surface water in California is quite severe and one of a kind in history. There is almost 100 percent censorship of this attack worldwide with a population.

I am in McCloud, California. Historically this town may be condemned it will reveal the scope of treason prevalent in the United States and specifically California.

I would rather fight this Crime Against Humanity and bring Barack Obama and any other surviving presidents, governors, attorney generals, and homeland security officials to justice.

The development of Technological Singularity and Artificial Intelligence are no more than an instrument of historical sanitization.

The attack is a live human experiment.

If the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies and Stanford are legitimate why have they not exposed this mythology and fraud?

Stanford and the University of California campuses themselves also are running the risk of being condemned for chemical contamination.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

McCloud CA

August 19, 2012

Open Letter Ana Salamon: Center for Applied Rationality

McCloud CA

September 4, 2012

Ana Salamon 2012

Ana Salamon

Dear Anna Salamon,

My name is David Nollmeyer. I am the experimental subject whom has had the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth attack imposed over my natural person and American Citizenship. I am in McCloud, California and this is a serious problem. There are major wildfires burning, and the fires are being fought with contaminated water. There are incident bases here and the streams are wrecked.

In degree a citizen is entitled to the Totality of Circumstances Test when confronting one's government. As seen this attack is a homosexual blackmail and extortion ring with a chemical assault attached to such. This creates a double crime.

Hence if rights are absolute, in which the United States they are not, in the UN they are but there are ways to get around such, hence by imposing the RICO structure over one person you will be able to attack the United States and proceed to other nationstates with impunity.

What has been created is a Cultural Singularity. There is a near total censorship and sanitization worldwide based on the alienation of my positive legal rights. I am a heterosexual male and the LAPD has attacked me through a Gay Militia. They at first targeted Ronald Reagan, but as seen I am not giving up the fight. Interestingly enough Hare Krishna. My faith based principles are more conservative then the liberal hedonistic calculus that such was modelled on and has no attacked through what is known as Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. Hence in a contest between homosexual and heterosexual professors the losing side are blackmailed and extorted in miscalculation, escalation, failure to discipline members of one's corps, and failure to implement systematic remedies to the problem (Morgenthau Pathology).

As seen the gambit lead to the attack on Reagan and Obama. Hence they form the Irrationalist Presidents. (Freedom to Marry has just emailed that the Democrats now support Marriage Equality.) It is clearly seen here that this attack against my rights undermines everyone's rights.

To return Technological Singularity is embedded in technological determinism. Such is embedded in cultural determinism. This attack has not been recognized by those scientists attempting to develop Artificial Intelligence as a Moral Agent.

In short an intervention is needed. The Eighth Amendment states "there shall be no cruel or unusual treatment". The Fourteenth Amendment guarantees equal protection and due process.

Hence the tension to discover the universal laws and epistemology of thought and morality are contrasted with a brutal Crime Against Humanity. This would lead to treason against the United States.

I am the only openly published opposition known worldwide. Under the Cambridge Test, my work can be read as criminal and will convict Cambridge Law School as the proximate cause or authorship.

A Chemical Assault Scorched Earth program is mens rea, Evil within itself.

Mala en se or Evil within itself is Latin. Mens rea is intent. I am pointing out the nexus between the two. DWN October 14, 2016.

Technological Singularity will not occur without official recognition of this attack. Superintelligence will not occur because simple persons as myself who are working on budget computers, solar panels, and mobile wifi hotspots on the edge of internet coverage can still beat the top academics.

Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC, will lead to MOEC Studies which is now the emergent study of the Collapse of the United Kingdom. This lead to the targeting of the United States. Technological Singularity is a sanitization program to cover historical human rights abuses by the United Kingdom.

If AI becomes just a fraction of powerful as Kurzweil & Co. state such can be, these supercomputers as moral agents should have no trouble solving and convicting some of the worst abuses in the history of the world.

I am a simple person. I am acting as the Simon Wisenthal of the attack of MOEC.

It will be impossible to teach the History of Technological singularity without addressing the Totality of Circumstances of it's authorship.

I am championing deontology in my work. This does not exclude consequentialism as times they overlap.

What is needed is LEGAL INTERVENTION.

Myth of the Contemporary Man PT. III has a working rough draft. It was written live under severe stalking. Here I have to literally defend my thesis.

In contrast to Nietzsche, "There is no God to save you, But man has a will… And it is a Will to Power," I fight as a devotee of Radha Krishna. If you are not aware Krishna is apuryesa or overhuman. He is the Saktiman or controller of the saktis (creative power). Radharini is his Hadlini sakti which is the chief sakti pleasure principle. This also explains why there is diversity of form and emotion. (This is personalism not oneness) All our emotions descend from her. Her emotions are Maha Bhava or Great Love.)

If you were a cultural anthropologist or linguist this would be an archetype and explain some of the morphology of language.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

McCloud CA

September 4, 2012

Undermining the Singularity Movement

Big Pine CA

October 6, 2012

It is clear that the human leaders of the Singularity Movement do not have the will to expose the corruption that is attacking their credibility but that of Singularity as an instrument of sanitization.

Concrete history proves that MOEC is homosexual blackmail and extortion ring that is paired with Same Sex Marriage. It also contains a virulent component that is a Divorce or Marriage Breaking Program based on MSM misogyny.

Not only is the capability of AI and software to develop moral agency in question, the lack of this skill to teach history, law, and the social sciences is also an area of deep concern.

The empirical locations as well as the main actors who are the drivers of history must be accurately quantified as to their merits and demerits.

The question of positive law, legal rights and duties are problematic in that the AI in question will have to conform to the sovereignty and jurisdiction in which it acts. This is clearly diverse. On the strategic question of Gay Marriage is this a federal or state right? There are four state referendums on the ballot next November.

This duplicity and tension between to different hierarchies will be a problem. A strict logical adherence is technically needed but is this moral?

As seen the teaching of Rationality as presented by Singularity figures exists in a bubble.

I was in Desert Shores near the Salton Sea in California on Election Day 2012 when Barack Obama defeated John McCain for the presidency. The Salton Sea was deliberated contaminated by MOEC.

At this point in time if I discuss any female contact especially from Facebook or my past in Delaware, LAPD attempts to interpolate a bogus figure of a male homosexual for a natural female. This depersonalization is misogynist, a hate crime tactic. This damages MSM males and as well as the area where stalkers are recruited under mutual aid violations.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has a new autobiography, Total Recall and an institute at Price in USC for bipartisan politics, USC Schwarzenegger Institute for State and Global Policy:

As a son of a former Nazi officer Schwarzenegger is on thin ice. As a human I will lead an effort to strip him of his United States citizenship. My domain is the leading site concerning exposing MOEC. Schwarzenegger has not only damaged more lives and tangible wealth in California since the origin in this country is LAPD he is also libel for national and international abuse from LAPD.

Many of the Singularity Movements are based in California. This is fraud. Are they waiting for the software to do what they will not? Under subpoena how would they perform regarding a Crime Against Humanity?

Singularity as the Trojan Horse

Desert Shores CA

November 18, 2012

Below Futurist Ray Kurzweil lists some of his predictions leading up to the Singularity.

My position is that the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program known as MOEC or Mobilization and Empire and Civilization has created Singularity as a Trojan Horse. Hence Beware of Strangers BearingGifts. Barack Obama has won reelection. This is the second time he was the presidency while the Salton Sea was chemically despoiled. Israel is on the verge of invading the Gaza Strip in an attack on Hamas as I write.

Hence Obama has placed the future of many persons in jeopardy while there is a manifest Chemical Assault underway in the United States.

If Superintelligence in machines is to occur it must expose the Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Obama. Rationality Training is become an emergent industry but as I and Kurzweil have stated volition and perception not apperception are needed to develop leadership in Artificial Intelligence.

I am the target of the Singularity Experiment, Barack Obama then becomes the target of Singularity.(DWN October 14, 2016.0

Currently collective memory is very important to Israel and the Jewish community. As I see this no Singularity thinker has recognized the human rights abuse committed against myself and the human race.I am stating here in brief that the Salton Sea was deliberately created within the Storyboard to facilitate this attack.

The Singularity will ascertain this position.

David Nollmeyer

With companies like Google creating self driving cars and augmented reality glasses, futurist Ray Kurzweil's predictions are starting to sound much more realistic.

Kurzweil, cofounder of Singularity University, became famous for creating the first text to speech software. Forbes called him "the ultimate thinking machine."

With technology advancing at increasingly rapid rate, and researchers making serious headway into discovering the mysteries of the brain, it seems as if we'll all be reconstituted as a computer someday.

Here's a summary of what our future will be like, Kurzweil said in a speech at the Demo conference in Silicon Valley this past week:

Our brains will extend to the cloud, which will allow us to learn new things at any age.

We will be able to selectively erase pieces of our memory.

We'll be in augmented reality at all times.

By 2029, machines will be able to match the intelligence of humans, and they'll be able to make us laugh and cry.

Around the 2030s, tiny nanobots able to repair and preserve our organs will keep us healthier and smarter.

3D printing will be even more common than it is today, with public 3D printing stations for people to print out clothes, toys, and anything else.

Within 25 years, computers will be the size of a blood cell and we'll be able to connect it to the brain without the need for surgery.

Society will reach a state of technological singularity in 2045 where technology enables superhuman machine intelligences to emerge and people and machines become deeply integrated.

Read more:

Website Update

Desert Shores CA

December 4, 2012

Herein I am asserting the public presentation of Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC as the suprasystem of the prisoner's dilemma defection model that ha entrapped the United States in a homosexual blackmail and extortion ring. As seen Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical tags are paired with both constitutional and unconstitutional constructs to develop the manifest conspiracy. Gay Marriage is on the weekly conference at the Supreme Court December 7, 2012.

In the past week numerous events of poor quality have also been paired to this lightening rod of World History. Such a tactic is known by the informal fallacy Poison in the Well.

A cohort rivalry format has caused a few main targets in MOEC's nodes to stumble badly especially on Facebook. One actor has stated that he is a Singularity advocate but his offerings are so vulgar he is catastrophically damaged.

Most of the morality being proffered by Singularity thinkers is humanistic but this will change and different truth systems will have their own platform of machines.


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Undermining Accelerating Intelligence

Desert Shores CA

December 15, 2012

Today a clearer organization of MOEC Studies has emerged. Hence MOEC: Undermining Superintelligence and AI is now the subtitle and theme of this website. A major perspective will be the Ivory Tower Professor or Researcher who throws in or sabotages one's own lifework to remain free for the corrupt influences of a Know Nothing attack against him. Herein there is an in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth with a massive homosexual blackmail and extortion ring that has created the Irrationalist Presidents Regan Obama.

Hence the use of the worst police officers as adversaries to undermine the creation of an Artificial Mind based on Artificial Intelligence or Accelerating intelligence is sharpened.

Ray Kurzweil has announced that he has been hired by Google as a Chief Engineer.

In counterpoint I have been revealed MOEC or Mobilization of Empire and Civilization. This is a leak from the proximate cause Cambridge Law School and at this time is vastly superior at this time to any other information.

As the Singularity Experiment I am working in the field near the Salton Sea on 55 watts of solar power and Toshiba C655D which only has 1.33GHZ processor although 3 gb RAM AND 500 hard drive. is the largest failure in social networking so far. However it is in it's infancy and the content is more dynamic than Technological Singularity. MOEC is a Cultural Singularity. The event horizon is growing with a near total censorship of 7 billion persons.

Cultural Singularity versus Technological Singularity

If the axiom the culture creates the conditions of it's own elimination are true, that an optimal Singularity with Superintelligence that is positive appears unlikely.

Obama is the Singularity Target. This is non refutable. The actors that have blackmailed the Irrationalist Presidents are the greatest existential threat to Singularity. It must be totally clear that I am heterosexual. Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is the content of that existential threat. So far Cognitive Science is the domain that Rationality theorists are operating from to develop Superintelligence.

Volition and apperception are undermining their work. Equal Protection and Due Process to remain free from Cruel and Unusual treatment from arbitrary actions by any party with an emphasis on the state the main obstacle confronting this problematic emergent study.

A simple formulistic application of formal logic and abnormal psychology will in the abstract strongly deal with these parties under standing positive law at the national and international level.

In short a Gay Militia has blackmailed and intimidated Obama. This is huge impediment for academics and researchers because their lives and work are threatened by a Gay Militia.

In brief this sharpened perspective will be developed throughout all new work.

The MOEC genie is out of the bottle. There is over 25 years of manifest Crimes Against Humanity for the world to hide.

Those Singularity academics and workers who were born after 1955 should be extremely careful of their relationship in prisoner's dilemma to LAPD.

Accelerating Intelligence Versus Accelerating Irrationality

Desert Shores CA

December 29, 2012 to January 2, 2013

Big Pine CA 2012

Big Pine California

Ray Kurzweil, now chief engineer at Google uses Accelerating Intelligence or AI to describe Artificial Intelligence. Hence Accelerating Irrationality iAI is it's diametrical opposition. Notice the use of the i or imaginary number sign in the front placement. This is a very serious issue. Machine speeds and components are not going to create a mind or Superintelligence by themselves. Computers need software. It is clear that the Singularity is clearly entrapped by Irrationality.

Can those parties who claim to be working on rationality and ethics with computer programming meet the challenge of correct decision making?

The abuse here at the Salton Sea and MOEC writ large are a boundary.

Here the concept of a negative Cultural Singularity defeating Technological Singularity right out the barn has credence. Hence Pan plays Syrinx on his newly invented panpipe and the muses sing of the doom of the world at creation. This is taken from Plato's Timaeus.

Notice that Lycurgus is the non nuclear subsystem of MOEC and Syrinx is the nuclear subsystem.

I will be more assertive as 2013 progresses. There is a steady convergence within MOEC Studies within an interdisciplinary format that is taking professional shape. I am referring to the fact if that if one seriously undertake it's study there is logical internal coherence across empirical history and the domains of study within the University system and esoteric knowledge.