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Happy New Years!!!

Desert Shores CA

January 6, 2011

The 112th Congress has now been inaugurated with House Speaker John Boehner replacing Nancy Pelosi and now is third in succession to the presidency. A focal point that will emerge here is the role of the Delaware State Police and the Attorney General in not exposing the RICO model of MOEC and the Targeted Chemical Assaults that are now a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. There are over 4000 HIV AIDS cases in Delaware. There are perhaps 1.3 million cases within nearly 310 million persons nationwide.

This event is being lead by same sex or gay males while HIV AIDS cases of gay males infect 40% of the total. This censorship and isolation attempts to sanitize this facet of perpetration and victimization. The quid pro quos are also LGBTi based. This remuneration returns to be a target of the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

Since LGBTi persons will be openly serving in the military shortly it is with irony that our domestic Homeland Security forces are comprising our nation's posterity.

Since LAPD is attempting to embed themselves and frame me as a LGBTi person, I will continue an upper boundary closing of the texture against all sworn officials and LGBTi leadership.

Historically the State of Delaware will complement the function I believe the HIV Positive population will play in determining both criminal and civil liability for the damage incurred at the present.

Negating Historical Trends By the Attacking of America

Desert Shores CA

January 14, 2011

The in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth against civilization and radiating out of Los Angeles Police Department through the United States has revealed interesting perspectives into the philosophy of the authorship.

The linear or objective function is the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth and is targeted against the human race and culture. It is paired by a subjective red herring or distraction that is based on romance as a parameter. This is based on same sex (homosexual) practices and lifestyles. It is communication derived and is polymorphous perversity which is the use of sexual language to attack one.

It will demonstrate a storyboarded defection model of state creation and destruction. Hence a system of informants in nodes radiating in nodes is developed from the Origin and established again radiating from LAPD under a Gay Militia.

The attack is developed through class stratification, determinism, and theories of criminalization.

Two systems are evident that are components in the superstructure that Mobilization of Empire and Civilization MOEC is. The Platonic religion and Marxist Leninist Communism are evident as boundaries of perspectivism. Hence from Plato to Marx. (There is a major anthology of political philosophy of the same name which should be consulted.)

The Origin is composed of Same Sex Males. The propagation of a LGBTi platform is at the core of all actions regardless of ideology, faith, or nationstate. The use of systematic human rights abuse is developed from the tyranny of classical Greek City States. This is the work of Trinity School. The studies of philosophy and theology are taught as a major in western academics. This is directly related to formal and informal fallacies of logic.

There is a notable alter ego construction of a Joe Virus, taking a large group of inferior quality persons and dragging down an exceptional individual and a government of the proletariat which is the correct model for Socialism and Communism. This is facilitated by the recruiting and establishing of a Gay Militia in Los Angeles Police Department. Here even those these persons are same sex they will fail in areas of rational decision making and management which has been at core of political economy or capitalism since the late 1700s.

A major trait is the use of a completion between the hedonistic calculus of John Stuart Mill and the philosophy of Dialectical Materialism as delineated by Marxist Leninism. The text On Freedom and Liberty is the an attempted liberal refutation of the conservative Communist Manifesto of Marx. Here a very prominent Joe Virus is constructed within the polymorphous perversity based red herring and is pitted against the government of the proletariat. Individualism and relative morality are matched against the absolute morality of universal socialism and scientific worker rule. This is deliberately inculcated in a continuum of Male Same Sex Males from Cambridge Law School to LAPD. Hence an antagonistic movement of a Gay Militia in law enforcement or homeland security officers is scripted into a historical defeat of the emergent LGBTi rights movement to a form of socialist workers who are lesser evils in the future.

As the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth expands the operation unfolds to blackmail and intimidate the American President.

The antagonism against the United States appears to have been rooted in state planners in England who had some degree of culpability in the War of 1812 which England lost. Near the Victorian Age around 1860 or slightly later the Third Reich in Germany began to be developed under the Bismarck. The allegation is that chemical weapons and experimentation leading up to mustard gas began near this era. It appears that English planners were aware of German military superiority and MOEC is a reactionary response to the Third Reich. In spite of American and Canadian intervention which no doubt saved Britain, clandestine Targeted Chemical Assaults in England and elsewhere ensued with a trajectory towards the United States. This would benefit LGBTi and socialist interests after the attack was exposed as an externality.

Point of Departure

The Social Contract Theory of John Locke and Jean Jacques Rousseau is the correct form of modern government. Hence positive rights, duties, and punishment are written out in a compact or constitution with the citizens of which the government is duty bound to protect.

The Gay Militia will not address legal rights of the United States at the federal or state level. They are preoccupied with stating participation in same sex activity or marrying someone who is. This will result in either same sex of bisexual open marriage.

This Chemical Assault Scorched Earth along with the Gay Militia is historically and negatively paired with the so called legitimate LGBTi Advocacy groups. At this time January 2011, there are an estimated 600,000 living HIV AIDS individuals out of an estimated caseload of 1.3 million persons in the United States. These persons of which 40 percent are estimated to be same sex males, 240,000 living and 520,000 of the total clearly damage the credibility of the current emergence of the LGBTi paradigm and it's leadership.

Three main groups will be the focus:

LAMBDA: Kevin Cathcart

Freedom to Marry: Evan Wolfson

Courage Campaign: Rick Jacobs

I am focusing on LAMBDA since they are primarily are sworn lawyers dealing with legal issues as well as HIV AIDS advocacy. I am the main victim but I will advocate HIV/AIDS patients as they are the next largest observable group with criminal and civil claims. I also present my person as the most stalked person in world history. The entire Salton Sea adjacent to me (1-14-2010) is a Scorched Earth.

This activity also alienates me from my Right to Marry. So within these parameters I am presenting the Gay Militia of LAPD as having blackmailed and intimidated five presidents:

Ronald Reagan

George HW Bush

William Clinton

George W Bush

Barack Obama

If I am not free within the Bill of Rights the HIV AIDS population and the 310 million persons in the United States are also a negative externality, a historical, and legal liability for LAPD and other sworn officials.

Barack Obama Two Years After

Desert Shores CA

January 22, 2011

Obama 2011

Barack Obama

Salton Sea 2011

Salton Sea

Two years of the Barack Obama era have transpired. The circle is coming full as persons my age and even younger fill positions of high sovereign duty as Obama has. Kamala Harris, California Attorney General and Gavin Newsom the new Lt. Governor represent a newer generation. However these actors follow the same scripted defection model of the informant.

Barack Obama and his intellectualizations and oration skills are not tangible results with the high unemployment nationwide at 9.5% and 12.5% here. There were over 1 million foreclosures last year.

The population is marginalized with very little heroic tenor. The informants die hard. The largest strike against the Cosa Nostra has with over 125 arrests and this is symbolic of how the plundering of the United States is unfolding.

Several years ago I watched a video of a field surgeon in Iran operate on a young Iranian girl who had been shot and the bullet travelled completely through her skull. The young surgeon had done everything in his ability to save this girl’s life. He explained that he was going to bandage her up and she would be on her own. He knew that her young mother, in her thirties and sister about 13 were in the other room.

The mother could spend the last hours of her daughter’s life together. The sister was 13 so she knew what is going on.

I feel like both the surgeon and patient in one. The culture has no conscience of what is right or wrong. When people study this event they should see this video and what is occurring to me here as the Salton Sea is completely despoiled.

Obama is preparing his State of the Union speech for Tuesday. Michelle Obama has a birthday Monday.

Young persons are going to have to question critically who they are and who their ancestors were. This is a purge of informants. Whatever you will receive as an inheritance in health and tangible wealth is being targeted by the Gay Militia and Irrationalism through mutual aid violations with subsequent homeland security agencies as the Delaware State Police in this instance.

No one has done anything.

Emergence of Perspective: Singularity

Desert Shores CA

February 9, 2011

It is now observable by third parties that a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is a linear event. This is a crime against civilization. It attacks the natural species homo sapiens or the the human race. Such also must exist within an environment. Here we also can discern that nodes of targets have been constructed who have fractals of the attack imposed over them for certain durations of time. The entire attack is imposed over my natural person and citizenship.

I am alienated due to being an opposite sex (heterosexual) having never engaged in same sex. My identity is not same sex either. The linear function is paired with an informal fallacy of romance which is a red herring (distraction). This is also polymorphous perversity. Here the opportunity arises to discuss Technological Singularity.

Technological Singularity is the hypothetical event where Artificial Intelligence or Applied Intelligence surpasses the ability of humans to keep pace. At this point machines will guide the future decision making of mankind.

Singularity needs both software and hardware to occur. I have basic computer literacy. If I begin a basic conversation into computer scripts, html, JavaScript, PHP, and python, I will surpass the knowledge base of LAPD they will begin to attack and refute by discussing sexual activity of beautiful college age females or homosexuality. This type of ad hominem mechanism is called polymorphous perversity.

Herein it is my argument that this attack on my self is live experimentation in the support of wrecking or contaminating the development of Technological Singularity. I will continue my approach by presenting in part a social science interface to Technological Singularity that is a systems approach that is non technical but complements those whose main study area is technology.


Singularity As A Parity

Desert Shores CA

March 6, 2011

One of the concepts of Singularity is Superintelligence. What this is proposing is that in 2045 computers will be more intelligent than humans. After this point machines will start to teach and transform humans through Superintelligence. My position is that they will create better machines and specialist. This will be a marginal benefit at first than increasing to a law of diminishing returns at the human level. Machines may still be on an accelerating schedule. Here we have failure in the Delaware State Police and the population. This will not likely improve by 2050. Delaware may be an extremely tough but economically prosperous urban state.

I will refocus my work with an emphasis on Singularity. Nano technology will drive innovation.

I have much to gain even at the marginal level.

MOEC As A Singularity

Desert Shores CA

April 10, 2011

This is preliminary rough draft and stand alone paper of a new small book of about 100 pages maximum that I am writing and should finish this summer. All my work is open source and free for academic and non commercial use.

David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores CA

Desert Shores California

MOEC As A Singularity:

Cultural Singularity Versus Technological Singularity


Gaura Purnam or the Appearance Day of Lord of Caitanya occurred this year on March 19, 2011. This is calculated by sidereal astronomy. It was also a perigee moon or Super Moon. This is the nearest full moon that occurs only about every twenty years. It was also on this date that I realized that MOEC was designed as a Cultural Singularity. I am stating such in the neutral sense. In the concrete it is negative. It was in part designed to be an antagonistic movement to Technological Singularity.

To date no author of Technological Singularity or any other thinker has recognized the abuse of a the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program that has been imposed over my natural person. The negative externality is that it does indeed attack the physical environment and all the life that lives upon such.

The correct methodology is to discuss both Cultural Singularity and Technological Singularity. A Cultural Singularity has occurred. It is empirical and not a future hypothetical date. It’s manifest aperture was June 17, 1987 in Dover, Delaware.

A perspective of this attack is based on the positive rights of the Social Contract Theory. The artificial person is important in legal incorporations and as well as collective psychology that will effect robot making in Technological Singularity.

Chronologically history will be able to retrace the errors being built into the Colleges of Math and Science and Arts and Letters. The censorship and sanitization furthers this orchestrated decadence. Technological Singularity envisions a renaissance of computing machines and the teaching of Superintelligence.

I am publicly making the challenge and statement that condensing the failed goals of the 20th Century Machine age and reinventing this projection as Technological Singularity will not result in Superintelligence outside of machines unless an accurate treatment of historical human rights abuse is inclusive of Artificial Intelligence AI or any applied intelligence system.

The culture creates the conditions of it's own elimination.


Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores California

March 22, 2011

Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or simply MOEC has emerged as a Singularity, it develops from a defection model designed in an Organic Cell which is a virus that mimics and develops a cultural syndrome that will make Technological Singularity suboptimal. It is predicated on Prisoner's Dilemma of which MOEC will reduce to (Nollmeyer 2011).

Hence MOEC is a parallel structure to the emergent interdisciplinary study of Technological Singularity.

One of the strongest perspectives of MOEC is that it is a linear attack against the human race using Cambridge Law School, United Kingdom, United States, California, Los Angeles Police Department, and LGBTi persons as a catalyst to attack the human civilization.

A deeper magnification reveals that planners of Cambridge Law School (most likely male bisexuals), have usurped the state planning of the United Kingdom and developed such as a Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organization. This is a negative manifest function and latent function for the groups supra. It appears that the LGBTi identity is the strongest position this group of individuals would defend.

To date MOEC from it’s manifest attack on June 17, 1987 in Dover, Delaware through mutual aid violations with the Delaware State Police have successfully blackmailed and extorted five United States Presidents. This scripted attack has affixed the name Irrationalist Presidents to this group to date:

Ronald Reagan

George HW Bush

William Clinton

George W Bush

Barack Obama

This has resulted in a Perfect Dictatorship or a system where the people freely elect a tyrant who actually wins the popular vote.

The world’s largest censorship and sanitization has occurred unabated. I believe that my system www.powereality.netand the gang stalking world support group are the only known individuals to acknowledge targeted chemical assaults TCAs and gang stalking.

Terrorism and non conventional warfare may develop in these three strategic formats:




Here in the manifest function non military grade chemical assault is being carried out through the police, now legally described as homeland security officers in the United States. At this time the Salton Sea, California has been a Scorched Earth for the second time since October 2010. The first occasion would of have been two years past or October 2008. The area of Earp, California and Parker, Arizona were the first areas to be hit with contamination of surface water. This was on the Colorado River north of Blythe, California and runs south into Mexico.

Technological Singularity is the hypothetical future date, 2045 when machines will equal humans in intelligence. Afterwards systems and computers will have super intelligence and teach such to humans. Superintelligence and the law of acceleration are two concepts driving the Singularity movement. Futurist Ray Kurzweil is a leader in predicting Singularity from using empirical graphs providing an exponential explosion in technological hardware used to make computing machines (Kurzweil 2001).

MOEC is live experimentation testing fitness using an epistemological attack. I have no rights because I have been a lifelong heterosexual, opposite sex identity, and zero same sex partners or events.

I am also trained as a social scientist. There is no empirical documentation available that provides evidence that the human culture will be able to support super intelligence even if these machines and systems are created. I will base this on Universal Crime Reporting and Center for Disease Control documentation. I will use UNESCO documentation for international proof.

In support of this, I have 149.5 transferable credits with senior standing and a 3.18 GPA and a 3.30+ GPA transferable to the University of California. I am working on an Asus 1000he netbook 2GB Ram 160 GB drive, Microsoft Home XP and Ubuntu 10.4 dual boot operating systems, Motorola Droid phone, PDA modem, Top Solar 30 watt solar panels, and a 12 volt 7 amp battery.

I will attempt to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and Python to prepare myself for Singularity. I also have Microsoft Math installed. I usually use FrontPage 2003 which is a WYSIWYG editor for web pages. I use Notepad ++ and Composer to learn HTML and CSS.

My HTML CSS experiments are being hacked beyond belief.

One unique perspective is to view the defection model from within the University System. Two prominent colleges within this structure are the College of Math and Sciences and College of Arts and Letters. It is alleged that the authorship are lead by Cambridge lawyers who organize the entrapment with the aid either knowingly or tacitly of Cambridge and Oxford Universities in the main. Other schools and prominent thinkers also are considered and entrapped. The Encylcopaedia Britannica reflects the type of data base this authorship has available for use in it's state planning.

Overall since these authorship are lawyers, thinking as a barrister is a very strong perspective. An interdisciplinary approach with two other fields is quite strong. Hence theology with a math or science would yield good results. Abnormal psychology is also powerful and salient. There are over 250 majors in a university with about 125 taught in a cycle. All of these discipline areas are entrapped to defect towards the lawyer authorship.

There is a strong indication of individualism and narcissism evident within the Origin. A Freudian to Neo Freudian orientation towards cognitive behaviorism yields the strongest result in personality analysis.

Cultural Singularity versus Technological Singularity

Information Technology has driven economics with many innovations. The view of proponents of Singularity, especially Kurzweil, argue exponential growth within technology. This has been presented as the Law of Accelerating Change. Hence many components of production have empirical delivery schedules of doubling periods of two years or less. This is Moore’s Law.

Conversely, since I have been alienated from my legal United States Constitutional and International Rights, a censorship and sanitization of 6.9 billion persons has ensued. The outer boundary would be Control of the defection model and/or the informants in the code enforcement and population.

The analogy of a composite function f o g (x) means f (g(x)), can be used to model the case if:

f = culture

g = technology

Hence if culture exists first and then creates technology and then if technology (machines) become superior and then transform humans (culture) the members of g would then operate on the set of f (Social Determinism 2010).

This is a very simple argument but the Singularity Hypothesis must follow something quite similar to be true.

What is occurring is that modelling by those scientists and thinkers of the Singularity Movement have not recognized the culture from which Technology and Singularity are emerging from. In the natural sciences the abstract of a species contains a profile of that species and the environment of which it is capable of surviving in. The Technological Singularity Movement has yet to recognize the Cultural Singularity which is occurring. The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth of which MOEC exists as a watershed event in human history.

The fallacy of separation is evident in their work and becomes more polarized daily.

It appears prima facie that Cambridge Law School is using defection to isolate myself against technically superior individuals to gauge what type of response if any I will make.

I have already made at least 26 United States Federal Lawsuits and as states have my own domain where I am posting journals on a regular basis.

There is no response from any known world class authority. They are a static role in an open texture towards the future. This is the theory of extinction. Much work being churned out is entropic. The culture of Singularity is against slowing down production. It is accepted that being obsolete is a facet of the dialectical movement towards Singularity.

The unity of culture and technology is desired for homeostasis or equilibrium. Hence the machinery of the state can not turn into the machinery of torture. Unequal measures for equal persons is also not a stable system of associative or distributive justice.

The creation of a Joe Virus or cell(s) of policeman are being paired against the President of the United States and myself develops social and legal instability. Intermediate persons as per se Ray Kurzweil, priests, gurus, LGBTi leaders et al. are becoming more exposed to the censorship and sanitization of atomization. Hence the cell(s) of militants can only approach a limit of pure invertebration at best. This is a basis for the Irrationalist and Know Nothing posture that has been constructed and asocialized through the culture.

It is this Irrationalism which is antagonistic to Superintelligence.

The basis for deterministic or socialized criminality is a focus. How are AI systems or AI machines going to be created with Superintelligence and counter these persons?




The entrapment of MOEC is still dynamic but it's main drivers as persons and myself are much older. I will be 50 this year August 3, 1961.

One to One Correspondence

As seen there is nothing close to a parity in the set f culture with set g technology. Technology has delivered positive quantum innovations since 1900. Einstein has proven his theory of relativity E=mc2. Man has went physically to the Moon and to Mars. I have already described my computer set up. Two World Wars have been fought. The United States has been attacked in an unrecognized Chemical Assault Scorched Earth program. Here the best perspective is to call this by it's name, MOEC or Mobilization of Empire and Civilization. It is credible and reasonable to consider that this operation expresses the collapse of the British Empire into a neo colonial nationstate. From what I gather University of Cambridge will have a vested interest in my interpretation of what is occurring vis a vis with the allegation that their school s the Origin and their professors are the authors.

In a systems format areas any space that is a location or non place as history and pedagogy are territorialities. Currently the United Kingdom and the United States are fatalistic and the world is dependent regarding MOEC and my persecution. The United Kingdom, United States and world are physical locations where I am a member. I have a historical and legal presence in both sets.

f = World

g = United Kingdom - United States

Here Cambridge has made set g a catalyst in attacking set f. This is the use of non military grade chemical weapons. There is also the aperture of censorship, sanitization and the alienation of positive rights as citizenship before one’s government.

If we observe casually, I am stating that the physical environment will terminate life and it's repertoire of behaviors. The axiom Culture will create the conditions of it's own elimination; appears to operate outside the physical environment but can be adjusted when one realizes the rational basis for the desertification of earth. Here science enters the equation as technology. Hence the expansion from a mechanistic standpoint is scientific determinism (reduction to physics and math), cultural determinism, and then technological determinism. Culture can be seen to create technology. When machines become more a less and thing in themselves being able to create and transform culture and possible physical space then Superintelligence through Singularity will be established. (Cultural determinism does not include the physical environment. This is a folly. I move between the desert where the temperature will reach 126 F in the summer. I am currently summering in the High Sierras where it can snow all 12 months per year. The last snow in 2010 was on May 22.)

Rule of Law

Within the Cultural Singularity, the blackmail and extortion of the American President is an object of considerable prominence as is the disintegration of the United States Constitution. iberty is what one has in the state of nature, and freedom is what one exchanges it for as rights to live in civil society. The Gay Militia is operating under defection in a Fruit of the Poison Tree fallacy where they believe they can entrap, divide persons and groups under prisoner's dilemma, and then hand the case off to other agencies or have confrontations settled in tumults on the streets.

It is under this alienation that this undertaking of presenting a groundwork for identifying the principals and co principals under the United States Constitution and International Law under the United Nations if this applicable is being developed.

HIV AIDS Positive

The HIV AIDS population are the next largest group of victims that are vulnerable to Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. The LGBTi platform has a considerable stake regarding their legal credibility due to their de facto and ommissive behaviors regarding the concrete history of MOEC's emergence.

The Center for Disease Control CDC estimates that more than one million people are living with HIV in the United States as of July 2010. One in five (21%) of those people living with HIV is unaware of their status. Infections number over 1.1 million persons through 2007.

Despite increases in the total number of people living with HIV in the US. The annual number of new HIV infections has remained relatively stable. An estimated 56,300 Americans are tested positive for HIV each year. Over 18,000 people with AIDS die each year in the United States. Gay, bisexual men who have sex with men (MSM) are strongly affected and represent the majority of deaths. By the end of 2007, more than 576,000 people with AIDS in the United States have died (CDC 2010).

• MSM are more than half (53%) of new HIV infections in the US each year, they are half (48%) of people living with HIV. They are 4% 12.4 million of 310 million persons.

• MSM is the only risk group in which new HIV infections are increasing since the 1990s.

• Heterosexual contact accounts for 31% of annual new HIV infections and 28% of people living with HIV.

• Women account for 27% of annual new HIV infections and 25% of those living with HIV.

• IDU injection drug users represent 12% of annual new HIV infections.

• One in 16 black men will be diagnosed with HIV, as will one in 30 black women.

• Hispanics Latinos represent 15% of the population but account for an estimated 17% of new infections and 17% of people living with HIV.

The Technological Singularity movement proclaims that nano technology will drive Singularity. Hence new pharmaceuticals and possibly new organs will be available for those that live to see it's fruits. They however do not seem to be able to perceive the concrete word at all. Here the culture of HIV AIDS positive persons is a formidable challenge that needs immediate attention and due deliberation. Instead of action forethought that have become pawns and parity postures in the theory of games.

The 8th Amendment states that there should be no cruel and unusual treatment. The 4th Amendment provides that one may remain secure in their person and possessions. The LGBTi lawyers have turned a blind eye to my citizenship and alienation. As a result the constituency which permits them to have tax exempt status and build their curricula vitae is abused by proxy.

If official recognition occurs the claims by this constituency alone will bankrupt many counties and states. The insurer of last resort is the United States government. There is no doubt that the work of many in the sciences will have their reputations damaged due to condoning this abuse. Hence sworn competent officials are static in an open texture. The 14th Amendment guarantees Due Process. What is there to speak of the Hippocratic Oath of the medical profession to do no harm? The hypocrisy and concrete reality of the exposure of the individual to one’s physical and cultural environment are compelling, urgent, and unrecognized.

Perspectives And Transformations

Cambridge Law School lawyers are argued to be the highest hierarchy controlling lower subsystems and components. They have authored the Cultural Singularity known as MOEC. They have created several structural levels of cognition to shelter themselves as informants and scapegoats if need be. Scotland Yard is argued as a subsystem. Next will be LAPD. The Delaware State Police and Baltimore Police Department MD are lower components.

Afterwards the Baltimore Studio (LAPD) who are allegedly a for profit private jingle studio exists to manipulate evidence through sampling technology.

I am the victim whose natural person and legal citizenship has been subjected to cruel and unusual treatment due to a sexual identity and behavior qualification. The defection model secures same sex LGBTi persons over opposite sex heterosexuals.

The Master Passion of Plato is an archetype and template. The object is to create an informant under and informant.

It appears a fortiori that the individual(s) professor that ordered a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth may have acted due to determinism. As a psychopath his genetics would be argued to be the antecedent condition for his mass criminality. This person then in acts of conditioning and Chemical Assault wished to attack the genetics of his adversaries and the human race.

It is apparent that this person was Male Same Sex Male or MSM.

As seen to date totalitarianism attempts to isolate the individual from the collective. There is red herring strawman version of my life being formed by LAPD and the Gay Militia and the accurate authorized position of which you are reading now.

I have been 100 percent opposite sex and heterosexual my whole life.

As a member of the Hare Krishna Movement, I am an independent ritvik, there is also a very compelling statement unfolding on cult creation from the state side.

This crime is then directed towards the president, vice president, homeland security secretary, attorney general, cabinet, and the judiciary and legislative branches. It is also replicated at the state level.

I am also refuting the American Bar Association, State Bars, American Medical Association, American Psychology Association, American Sociology Association. I have also informally challenged the University of California and University of Cambridge.

In continuation, Non Governmental Groups as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and LGBTi Approach groups as Courage Campaign are also being challenged legally and historically.

I have just become aware of Singularity in the formal sense about February, 2011. The Singularity Movement is also being entrapped and will be confronted. This is a very fluid situation and it's membership will change rapidly. Here a private public environment exists as those who are entering for commercial, professional, or governmental reasons become part of Singularity.

Eventually there is no doubt that billions of individuals will be interacting with accelerating technology.

There is an epistemological attack on my being:

Mind: The mind is a sixth sense in the Vedas whose system of scriptures I practice. The Bhagavad Gita is the Bible.

Sight: Eyes

Hearing: Ears

Olfaction: Nose

Taste: Tongue

Tactile: Nerves that are response to touch hardness

As I attempt to move or free myself the Chemical Assault escalates into a Scorched Earth.

I am the most STALKED person in human history from my viewpoint as one individual who is confronting his state, here the United States. President Barack Obama is guilty as are his four predecessors.

President Barack Obama has done a disservice to the human race and the United States. His winning of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize was incredibly stunning as an example of defection, censorship, and sanitization. The Technological Singularity movement has very strong ties to defense contracting. This is especially true of TED University headed by Ray Kurzweil. NASA is part of this training and education program.

The culture of impunity is quite thorough. Soon there will be integration of Singularity in all major areas. One of the main concerns that threaten Singularity and civilization is criminality and abnormal behavior. The antagonistic trajectory of a preemptive Cultural Singularity versus Technological Singularity appears to based on what is known as Pole Singularity. A basic Pole Singularity is expressed as f(z) (1/zn) (Rowland 2011).

Duplicity lacks the respect of persons. Currently for Fall of 2011 a student at California State College must pay $10,500 plus for one year’s tuition at the undergraduate level At 130 credits to graduate this student will need to take 31.25 credits per year to graduate in four years. Technological Singularity will innovate and create new opportunities. It will also displace workers from sectors and individual businesses that are static. AOL and Barnes Noble are good examples. Dial up modems at 56 kbs are barely functional. The use of Kindles and tablets as ebook readers has damaged the survival of the physical bookstore.

The contrast of Consequentialism where the sacrifice of one to save the many versus a Deontology where all humans have the same loci standing is focused. Over all I support the Deontological perspective where my due process rights should of been upheld. This was alienated along sexual identity and behavior. The result is there are ten persons and nine chairs.

I do not consider the history that is being taught anywhere worldwide to be valid. The technological training in the sciences and math is not a substitute. The thinkers and writers of any discipline area and sworn officials should deliberate their decisions and actions.

I will present my observations and conclusions which will be Vedic and Social Science based and conformed to positive law in the main. This will be an axiological support for criminal and civil prosecution of the principles, accomplices, and accessories after the fact.

History is the last court. I have a huge interest in defending my faith, my relationship to the human race, family, friends, and person from this and continued attacks.

I have to stand forward as the particularity of a crime demands that I name my attackers. I can not speak in abstracts and hypothetical future conclusionary statements. Examples as I am against torture., technology will train humans in 2045., and God has raised the government for a purpose., such statements are useless and permit criminals to flourish.


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Reflecting Towards the Future...

Big Pine CA

May 12, 2011

Big Pine CA

Big Pine California

The current killing of Osama bin Laden reflects the current zeitgeist. Obama has argued that he is fulfilling his homeland security obligations. I support the Seal Strike. However the hypocrisy of having an in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is becoming a normative part of the social breakdown.

Technological Singularity was very apparent in the high technology this elite unit had available.

Soon their innovations become the standard for other military systems worldwide.

The creation of an informant culture propels the use of California and the United States as catalyst to attack the human race. This is becoming A VERY SALIENT PROCESS AND STRUCTURE. The Delaware State Police are a scapegoat in this trajectory. It is most likely impossible for this to occur.

If one wishes to assert one's family or person, criminal, civil, and possibly professing a sustainable claim may be prudent.

As I approach 50 in August, I am more concerned with maintaining my health. Being a vegetarian and drug free has helped enormously. I also use my Vedic faith to sustain myself.

I have returned to Inyo County which has a very considerable place in history. I will vigorously pursue issues here as it is GROUND ZERO type of locality in this event.

Returning to McCloud and Columbia College

McCloud CA

June 6, 2011

I have returned to Columbia College. I am taking CJAD Criminal Law and MGMT Cross Cultural Management. This really under normal circumstances would solidify my potential in the marketplace. Being able to structurally analyze more of the theory of law is indispensable to this study. I will be taking CJAD Procedures of Criminal Investigation and MGMT International Business starting August 8.

My position is that there is a transition regarding the so-called socioeconomic standing in parallel to this purge. Barack Obama is the focal target and I believe that he and his cohort principals have a very good chance of being prosecuted.

I am working 10 hours a day on the clock without much time to write.

Convergence of Territorialities

McCloud CA

August 1, 2011

Mt. Shasta

Mt. Shasta

I have earned two A grades. One each in Criminal Law and Cross Cultural Management.

The recruiting of informants to support this attack affects both the town and country. Hence the rural High Sierras are being heavily challenged by this event and drug production. The difference between the town and country regarding defection is levelling.

A generation is coming to pass and another is asserting itself. I have begun to regain my academic prowess. I am surprisingly fit for my age. All of these fact could change instantly.

The Red Herring Strawman has taken hold here in McCloud. I will assert my position here regarding heterosexuality. California will teach LGBTi History. This is fine here. The problem is the sanitization is ongoing with their membership as the proximate cause or Origin.

A criminal and their accomplices can not argue self defense. The Stalking is catastrophic and antisocial.

The final cards are being played for many persons and families.

I have posted two new sites:

Crystal Intelligence and the Arc of Lifespan

McCloud CA

August 12, 2011

I have crossed the line past my 50th year. I feel much more assertive. I have weathered the storm but still there is a great deal of events to pass. The situation here in the High Sierras is one of sanitization and impunity. This region does not realize that they will have a decisive place in prosecuting Barack Obama and George W Bush et al. if these actors can survive.

Plumas, Lassen, and Siskiyou County are small. They have 35,000 plus persons each. These counties supported Proposition 8 by about 60% to 40%. Since Gay Marriage is legal in New York State. The Gay Militia of LAPD is appearing more irrational. The teaching of LGBTi History is now legal in California further escalating the poor leadership and decision making.

Here in McCloud I am clearly writing very strongly. No one in Delaware or California has taken the initiative to oppose the impunity and corruption.

Once blackmail and intimidation rings start the violence will follow as the defectors are constantly exposed by the ringleaders who over time also fall.

This is the disaster that poor presidents and congress have lead this country into.

This is live human experimentation for fitness. I weighed in at 148lbs and about 5'10' on my 50th Birthday.

I have started Procedures of Criminal Law and International Business at Columbia College today.

There is a very strong probability that Barack Obama could face legal prosecution. His legacy is a strawman to begin with. All bubbles eventually burst and he and Joe Biden will face.


McCloud CA

September 9, 2011

Most persons that I have known from Delaware are now passing their 50th Birthdays. This is setting up disengagement for their parents if they are still living and perhaps themselves. It has been estimated that there are over 3 million persons alive with Hepatitis C. This is quite shocking. Many do not know they are infected.

Unless the principles become infected or have some other disability I do not expect the status quo to change.

Returning to college has aided my self confidence and I will probably go within 1 course of graduation under these conditions.

Now that Rick Perry is the GOP front runner it is clear that are officials all lack a conscience. This is inclusive of the Bidens of whom Beau Biden has a very real chance of being prosecuted.

I am witnessing again as my cohorts a turn of the generation.

I will be more assertive it will manifest when the time constraints of college are less.

Crossectional and Longitudinal Lifespan Comparison

Blythe CA

October 12, 2011

I have returned to the Colorado River Valley and true to form it is hot 100 degrees and the River is despoiled. In further consideration I am working through Columbia College. If this attack stops look to see me go to a B law school. I am in classes with sworn officers and executives. I believe the students fall be once they know me.

This is the era and culture of the Informant. Textbook are $200 each and classes are hitting close to $1000 for most undergraduate students.

Barack Obama has emerged into a psychopath. He has no conscience or concern over who gets hurt or loses their posterity as long he and his interests survive. This is true to the Republicans, most recently George W Bush.

As I study I will fall behind on posting.

I would be very concerned economically. The Colorado River Valley has about a 25% unemployment rate. The entire desert region has very high bankruptcy rates in tandem.

The LGBTi platform has their A team in place here as AG Kamala Harris and Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom. I am older than both and they will be legally and historically implicated for this atrocity.

Here are some of my papers:

Circular Arguments and Historical Folly

Blythe CA

November 12, 2011

As the year comes to end most of the persons that were in the Class of 1979 will be 50 years of age or greater. The conditions here in California and Arizona are worse. This is prejudicial to Barack Obama and Mary Bono Mack also members of this class.

The Gay Militia is constantly using circular arguments and redundancy. This points to antisocial personality or worse. Persons with no conscience have no value system of what is right or wrong. The ongoing Chemical Assault Scorched is based with the LGBTi or Same Sex or Gay community. LGBTi History is to be legally taught in California. The tragedy is it will be a fraud as the concepts of Gay Irrationalism and Gay Know Nothing are not be refuted by LAPD members or the informant stalkers.

This concept was designed by professors. This term is not of my creation. This element is developing within a historical bubble. Witness the Republican presidential candidates they as Obama are all frauds and breaking the law.

Here the longitudinal aspect is prominent. I have been opposite sex or heterosexual my entire life. There is a blackmail and extortion ring that drives this event through Prisoner's Dilemma. So if persons from the Class of 1979 have been LGBTi or experimented in this continuum fine.

I have not. I am making very serious claims against corruption of sworn officials. Barack Obama and definitely Mary Bono-Mack have at least experimented in same sex activity.

Here my work is opposite sex. I am a member of the Hare Krishna Movement and the so called leaders are falling into homosexual and heterosexual scandals on a regular basis. The Penn State Scandal involving Jerry Sandusky portrays him as a homosexual pedophile, hence a predator. He is claimed to have 15 victims.

One should be prepared for the red herring strawman that are emerging from LGBTi law enforcement.

The Midas Touch

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

December 27, 2011

Happy Holidays! To continue, the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is a defection based extortion and blackmail ring. The Delaware State Police should have intervened no later than the Captain Marvel era at Troop 3 in the 1980s. Marvel has travelled the country as a foil for this event and knows a tremendous amount of data over how this system works.

I am going to do site maintenance for the next few months. Attacks on my work are on the upraise. I am using a budget Toshiba Satellite C6655D laptop which is a 64 bit AMD machine. If I am going to state anything the time is now. I have taken 6 upper division courses at Columbia College this year earning a straight 4.00 GPA. I have 3.90 in 11 courses there.

I am back in the major leagues at UC grading with a 3.42 GPA. I need 6 courses to graduate.

I could easily be accepted in graduate school. The gentle abstraction needs a lawful linkage to reality. Barack Obama vacations in Hawaii while I am being stalked near a poisoned Colorado River. How are his Ivy League cohorts going to sustain his mythology and the other Irrationalist Presidents at $40,000 per year for college?

2012 Archive

2012 Presidential Campaign

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

January 18, 2012

The 2012 Presidential Campaign is a showcase for fraud. America and the world have chosen to reject democracy by sustaining this attack. Stating openly that this is treason and and stalking has marginally slowed some of the illicit activity down. However the events that are occurring are debilitating to Barack Obama as they were to the previous presidents. the role that the Delaware State Police have played in staging MOEC and sustaining it will be a focus of legal and historical study and prosecution.

I have clearly maintained the strongest overt manifest presence in the court, with federal and state officials, and on internet.

Persons born in 1955 or later have the greatest chance of prosecution. Rick Perry has dropped out of the Republican primary and endorsed Newt Gingrich.

Murder rates in Central America are higher than in Mexico where nearly 50,000 persons have been murdered. The proliferation of home invasions in Delaware is also symptomatic of an informant state.

Myth of the Contemporary Man

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

February 15, 2011

The Original Archive contained a working draft of MOCM PT. III. Due to limitations. I am presenting an excerpt from the more finished piece on the website (DWN 10-13-2015):

Myth of the Contemporary Man

Part III

Bhakta David Nollmeyer


Currently I am moving out of the early winter of 2012. I have miraculously finished 6 courses at Columbia College online from May 30, 2011 to December 17, 2011. This activity has restored my UC GPA to 3.42 and my regular GPA to 3.27. This in consideration of theories of general equilibrium posits I have not accepted the status quo imposed over me and have chosen to enter an upward trajectory displacing persons until I am satisfied.

In the Totality of Circumstances (Stevens 2003), which is the correct legal test when the individual confronts one's government, the origin or Proximate Cause must be considered and their mens rea (criminal intent) and actus rea (criminal act) (Mens rea). Locally there is no doubt that my legal person as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights has been usurped by a test experiment between homosexuality (LGBTi lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and intersex) versus heterosexuality (opposite sex). Since I have been a lifelong heterosexual I have no rights when in confrontation with members of a Gay Militia from Los Angeles Police Department LAPD.

Since February 12, 2007 the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth has escalated to despoil all surface water, all running tap water, and even contaminate food in cans processed in factories and have such shipped into my vicinity. At this threshold what is called operation Radhanatha began in Earp CA Parker AZ (Nollmeyer 2007).

Since that time I have learned that this is a diametrical attack on Technological Singularity (Singularity Institute) or that date when computational machines equal and then overtake humans in ability. This will result in Machine Superintelligence or machines that are superior to humans. Transhumanism or those persons whose bodies are a combination of biological and artificial parts will be normative. Vice President Dick Cheney must choose between his heart, a transplant, or an artificial heart by July 1, 2012. I am a good candidate to rebuild by chelation, aryurvedic therapy or as well as by other possible transhuman experiments.

MOEC is a Cultural Singularity. Hence there is a Singularity and it is not technological. The censorship of 7 billion persons worldwide is a Singularity. The post modern world is being modelled on networking versus an industrial model. Here the dependency of the Technological Singularity community by the Proximate Cause Cambridge Law School is apparent. I am operating that this allegation is a fact.

Mitt Romney has won the Nevada Primary and is the Republican front runner to meet Barack Obama in November for the 2012 Presidential Election. This sanitization is a form of Irrationalism or Pre Fascism (Fotopoulos, T. 1998). This emergent Neo Fascism or New Fascism as I am calling such is Anglo American geographically and radiates outward from University of Cambridge now through Scotland Yard and Los Angeles Police Department by mutual aid violations.

This trajectory predisposes treason, blackmail, and extortion. This has led to severe Gang Stalking of which I am the principal target. Exposing this activity has had a deterrent effect. Hence all criminal actors should demonstrate renunciation of the conspiracy (Renunciation - Conspiracy) and some intent to better or restore the constitutional equilibrium.

The United States Presidents have demonstrated they can be blackmailed and that they are blatant consequentialists looking the other way and condoning a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth on the citizens and state that have legally sworn to protect. The study of psychopathy as antisocial, sociopath, and psychopath are integral to comprehending the killing off of conscience to recruit, sustain, and sanitize an activity of this scope, a Supercrime.

Middle Age Paradigm Shift

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

February 3, 2012

I am 50.5 years of age today. I would like to write 120 pages to double in quality the presentation made on The staging of MOEC has a strong antecedent in history through the Delaware State Police. Currently I believe that those person born in 1955 or after face the greatest chance of real prosecution. At this time Attorney General Biden would fit this profile.

The conditions of a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth are quite severe. I should live to 2036 at least. I would like to have everything I could state completed by 2017.

This attack is LGBTi biased and I am heterosexual. This states that there is sexual qualification for rights. Since I am straight I have no rights.

LAPD has run this operation through mutual aid violations. The DSP has not defended this state.

All the presidents from Reagan to Obama are also corrupt. I am living and working to see these actors face both criminal and civil charges if such are living.

Myth of the Contemporary PT. III Chapter 1

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

March 7, 2012

Chapter 1

Origin and Proximate Cause

Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC is a complex system. It has an Origin or Proximate Cause that is alleged to be a clique of University of Cambridge Law School Lawyers from the United Kingdom, UK (Proximate Cause 2012). Here this structure is stated to derive from the medieval beginnings of the school itself. MOEC is the suprasystem and organizes all the lower subsystems and components. Herein a nested ecology is used across several jurisdictions that are both international and domestic to create complex jurisdictional defects.

MOEC is an attack on the human race and civilization through the United Kingdom, United States, California, and Los Angeles Police Department. This embedded ecology exploits the Sovereign Citizen Relationship in the Social Contract Theory by attacking the Bill of Rights in the United States Constitution. This is facilitated by alienating a citizen under the protection of the President.

This is the alleged hierarchy of the Origin or Proximate Cause (Nollmeyer 2012a):

Cambridge Law School UK: principal

Scotland Yard UK: accomplice

Los Angeles Police Department USA: accomplice

Baltimore Police Department USA: accomplice

Delaware State Police USA: accomplice

The Baltimore Studio USA (Unnamed jingle studio: Actually LAPD Officers): accomplice

Hence, sine qua non no other consequent criminal acts could occur without this antecedent structure developing processes towards victims (Sine Qua Non 2012).

Prisoner's Dilemma and mutual aid violations create a system of nodes that radiate from Cambridge Law School outward across the world resembling a spider plant.

The format is based on sexual orientation and behaviors. The bias is homosexuality: Lesbian Gay Transgender intersex versus heterosexuality or opposite sex. The Strategic Mission is the issue of Same Sex Marriage. Alienation of the citizen from one's positive rights in a jurisdiction is focalized. In this consideration one must be a LGBTi individual to have full legal person before the court. A heterosexual would be a second class person. Rights have been attacked based on a libertarian preference. This would be to attack drug dealing, gambling, and prostitution by marginalizing one's resources both within the formal criminal justice system and informally on the streets.

In overview, MOEC is a Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organization and is also a Perpetual Conspiratol Act. The construction of the processes and structures of MOEC reflect law in various formats. Hence the emergent equilibrium of the Totalitarian Police State is TPS and it's morphogenetic processes are Totalitarian Police System or TPSYS (Nollmeyer 2007a).

MOEC is eugenic social engineering. It's design concerns the development of universals and particulars to ordinate the individual and collective in the state. However in the concrete MOEC appears to be a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program at the present (1987 2012) with no indication of a return to the rule of law.

This activity supports the allegation that this mechanism is the process that developed the British Empire which is in decline and is focusing on being an intelligence hegemon rather than annexing territory of other nation states.

MOEC will invert the Paradigm of Laws (Nollmeyer 2007a):

Eternal Law

Natural Law

Positive Law

Here MOEC is relative morality and consequentialism versus absolute morality and deontology (Isaacs 2001). Phenomenology is also advocated. This also will develop Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. It's construction will receive it's own chapter.

There is both abstract theoretical and concrete functions that support the manifest Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. The summon bonnum of a system or that exemplar person is inverted under the color of the law that governs that system. This concept reflects downward in ordinating consequent lower levels of organization. Hence as a person becomes more implicated, blackmailed, and intimidated, this person ceases to do the legal and prescribed duties of one's occupation. One then recruits, entangles, and entraps others into the conspiracy to avoid being scapegoated by either formal or informal punishment.

As seen there is structure that reflects the Master Passion or Classical Tyrant of Plato (Plato 360 BCE):


Secret Police – Bodyguard


The Aftermath of 50

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

March 7, 2012

Most of the cohorts in Delaware are tweeners born about 1960 to 1963. Many are a few years older born about 1957 or so. Regardless we are not young and best physical years are well behind. I am seeing persons as grandparents. Many are divorced and remarried. I am struggling quite hard here along the Colorado River.

David Nollmeyer Leap Year 2012

David Nollmeyer Leap Year 2012

I just went in for a blood panel this morning. I should be ok. I am 5 ft. 10.5 and weigh 153 lbs. This is the same as it has been for a few years. I can still wear a 30 30 pair of Wrangler jeans same as high school.

In this consideration light is best for a marathon styled encounter.

I am emerging as a historical figure. I will take a very strong legal stance against President Barack Obama. Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden and Delaware State Police Superintendent Robert Coupe.

The Implications of the Reagan Obama Failure

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

March 3, 2012

When this event became manifest on June 17, 1987 with then President Ronald Reagan in cognition, within days I knew he was going to be historically damaged. As seen he did not do anything in public to terminate what is now a full blown Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. This has damaged Governor (Senator) Carper. This was accomplished by MSM or gay males from LAPD. The recruitment to stalk in Delaware was severe and this state is heavily damaged environmentally and by legal reputation. Then Senator Biden is now Vice President Biden who continues to obstruct justice with President Obama.

I have always been heterosexual and have mounted a very credible refutation to this event. The LGBTi Movement has yet to produce any credible effort to remedy legal deficiencies. The designed label Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is well earned.

The Colorado River here is despoiled the conversations here appear as grade school levels with antisocial behaviors.

This region will be a focal for treason and crimes against humanity.

It is clear one can not be an accomplice to a criminal actor.

If and when persons become subpoenaed to testify the cognitive and moral defect of the Gay Militia will be manifest.

Racism is manifest. This area has one of the lowest education levels in the country and unemployment is over 20% the crime is not bad except for this. One of 36 Latinos alive today will die of AIDS. One out of 102 females and one out 52 Latinos overall will perish to this disease.

This is highly incompetent when considering the totality of circumstances.

If Obama is the strongest target for real criminal prosecution by 2040 when he will be 79 years of age all similar persons should be vigilant to their legal and historical person.

The Staging of the Chemical Assault

McCloud CA

May 7, 2012

The staging of the in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth will involve the Delaware State Police and mutual aid violations. This will involve my life in Delaware from the 1960s and especially when I was enrolled in the Caesar Rodney School District. There is a very advanced system of quid pro quos that equate to RICO violations that have supported the Chemical Assault. The result is a pairing with the Chemicals in what amounts to a blackmail and intimidation ring.

Marriage breaking is performed in the guise of marriage making. Since the 1980s divorce rates have approached 50 percent.

This system is biased towards LGBTi persons and designed by Gay or MSM males. Hence FSF females are a front for an inferiority complex that drives the stalking and other antisocial psychopathic behavior.

Barack Obama is guilty of Crimes Against Humanity and treason against the United States. This is true for his predecessors and will be true if Mitt Romney is victorious in November.

It is clear that there is massive corruption in economics which supports the use of Scorched Earth.

HIV AIDS, Hepatitis C, and MDR disease will affect but not end the attack.

If the Supreme Court approves Same Sex Marriage than this may end the Chemical Assault. Tomorrow in North Carolina it appears that Same Sex Marriage will be defeated in a referendum.

MOCM PT III Chapter 4: Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing

McCloud CA

June 7, 2012

Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing

Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is an academically designed ideological platform that is alleged to have been authored by Cambridge University. Prima facie there is an in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth program ongoing in the United States since June 17, 1987. This reaction formation is constructed to systematically invert the Paradigm of Laws (Nollmeyer, D. 2007a):

I. The Eternal Law

II. The Natural Law

III. The Positive Law

As seen the Irrationalist Ideological continuum has produced these movements historically:

Nazi – Neo Nazi


Major Movements

Italian Fascism

Japanese Fascism

Spanish Fascism

Minor Movements

Black Nationalism

Gay Fascism

The Irrationalist Schools of Thought in the 1900s have been ideologically opposed by what are the Conservative and Liberal movements in the west. The former has been based in tradition, small government, and individualism and the latter has been more modern, uses the state to effect change. Liberalism has used collective and group perspectives to pursue pluralism.

The intent is to create a philosophical position that is as universal as possible to ordinate all three platforms of law under defection to the direction of Cambridge Law School. At the same instance this is also designed to negate a summon bonnum of that particular system. Here it is clear that this activity is not stated in the positive. As a negation it also is a gradual marginalization of systems towards defection under Prisoner's Dilemma.

One has to be aware that Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is a counterculture. This is in direct opposition to all philosophies with a basis in equality and due process. This component then creates a taxonomic grouping with the Italian Fascists and the American Ku Klux Klan. Homosexuality or the LGBTi orientation is a sociological subculture. So is drug use. A subculture essentially participates in most of the normative values and behaviors of a society. Here Irrationalist ideologies as Nazism and Fascism run counter to a sane culture (Nollmeyer, D. 2012c).

In this degree the survival of the authorship appears more important than any other claim to promoting a better civilization for LGBTi persons. In implementing the paradigm, provocateurs are used who are near around the 50 percentile in aptitude and value. If the provocateurs become exposed or fail they become scapegoats. It is the agent provocateurs who recruit informants with disinformation inverting the Paradigm of Laws with the intent of creating a class of persons that are in the bottom ten percentile. Here the Proximate Cause will have a pool of scapegoats to blame and purge creating a new class order.

A brief overview of some of the structures and processes that develop the complexity of an emergent system will demonstrate the morphogenetic construction as the defection model penetrates and inverts other systems. These features help form it's adaptation to Positive Law models in place as governments. These processes and structures may be seen as facilitating other Neo Irrationalist or Fascist models by using subjective content. Here the LGBTi orientation is the focal system driving this emergent ideology. As stated the platform is Prisoners Dilemma and defection based. This is mainly espionage and it’s homeostasis is a RICO construction with extensive blackmail and intimidation.

Gay Irrationalism (I will use this term and Know Nothing for brevity when needed) is designed to marginally alienate an individual or group either covertly or overtly while bearing the color of law from their full participation in society. In this context it is a gradual or convergent totalitarianism in process.

If the intellectual community becomes apologetic to Gay Irrationalism such will develop into Gay Fascism.

The Fourth of July

McCloud CA

July 3, 2012

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July. As seen the facade being supported by America and the world has weakened the human race and this nation. Treason against the United States and Crimes Against Humanity are the concrete reality against whatever statement Barack Obama will make.

The issue of marriage and more specifically marriage breaking is a subject of escalating interest especially with Gay Marriage being the Strategic Mission of MOEC.

The individuals especially bisexual females that have followed the quid pro quos or Yellow Break Road have a very high divorce as stated, perhaps near 60 percent against a norm of 45 percent.

The defection model scripts marriage, children, jobs, and divorce. I find it alarming that the LAPD can predict marriages, the names of children, how much one will weigh and their divorce. The fact that many person who take deals also simultaneously get extorted into obesity. The average female in Kent County is 39 years old and weighs 179 lbs.

As universal health care is a tax it surely going to result in costs that will cull the least sustainable individuals.

Many persons in Delaware are not familiar with the High Sierras or the South Eastern Deserts of California.

Some integration of facts will be convergent on all the sites.

Stalking and treason are pandemic throughout this country. One can easily discern the tactics used to degrade and empire. It is the use of INFORMANTS.

The Delaware State Police are managing a very highly escalated home invasion culture. Sexually Transmitted Disease has always been problematic for the state. These marginalization factors will increasingly impact the bottom 10 percent of the population nationwide. The rural areas where I live will shrink as costs rise and persons move towards the cities.

I would increasingly be cautious if I was born after 1955. I do not believe that Barack Obama will escape prosecution in his lifetime.

Obama: Fourth of July

McCloud CA

July 4, 2012

Obama Fourth of July, 2012

Obama and Napolitano July 4, 2012

Dear President Obama,

Today you celebrated the Fourth of July by presiding at a naturalization ceremony for active military personnel. I am totally in agreement with you on this issue.

I also affirm your following statements:

With this ceremony today and ceremonies like it across our country -- we affirm another truth: Our American journey, our success, would simply not be possible without the generations of immigrants who have come to our shores from every corner of the globe. We say it so often, we sometimes forget what it means -- we are a nation of immigrants. Unless you are one of the first Americans, a Native American, we are all descended from folks who came from someplace else -- whether they arrived on the Mayflower or on a slave ship, whether they came through Ellis Island or crossed the Rio Grande.

Immigrants signed their names to our Declaration and helped win our independence. Immigrants helped lay the railroads and build our cities, calloused hand by calloused hand. Immigrants took up arms to preserve our union, to defeat fascism, and to win a Cold War. Immigrants and their descendants helped pioneer new industries and fuel our Information Age, from Google to the iPhone. So the story of immigrants in America isn’t a story of "them," it’s a story of "us." It’s who we are. And now, all of you get to write the next chapter.

However legal and political problems are best dealt with in the concrete.

Fact: My citizenship and natural person has been alienated by a de facto Gay Militia operating out of LAPD. This has resulted in a string of corrupt and incompetent officials in a historical trajectoryof Irrationalist Presidents from Ronald Reagan to yourself. The issue at hand is that I am being HOSTAGED DUE TO THE GAY MARRIAGE ISSUE.

Since I am heterosexual I have had all of my Bill of Rights alienated and sold off. There is a sexual qualification for quid pro quos and to have legal standing before the court. The intensity of this attack has been manifest since June 17, 1987, another historic date in America.

When the civil contract between the sovereign and citizen deteriorates the setting returns to the State of Nature as seen currently in the conflict in Syria as persons rise up against the rule of Assad.

As seen both DOMA and Proposition 8 are potential Supreme Court cases. A spillover of this issue is that I am the most STALKED person in United States history and probably world history since the quantum of force used against is being supported by the United States federal government.

I will also state that the Matthew Shepard (Matthew was a gay male murdered in Wyoming and Hate Prevention laws are presented in his honor) murder was ordered by the same actors that have blackmailed and extorted you and Homeland Secretary Napolitano.

As a young man Vice President Biden and I lived in the same housing development, Rodney Village in Delaware. I believe in history tapes will reveal the neighbor children and myself playing in his backyard and showing folkstyle wrestling moves to one another. This will be a result of mutual aid violations from LAPD and the Delaware State Police. This is the mechanism that is alleged in the Shepard murder. I eventually met Biden's first wife Neila and daughter Naomi at a envelop stuffing for his successful 1972 Senate Campaign. I do not remember meeting Beau, now Delaware Attorney General. I do however remember Hunter who was told at times to walk on his tippy toes by LAPD through the neighborhood during these mutual aid violations.

On December 18, 1972, a few weeks after the election, Biden's wife and one year old daughter were killed in an automobile accident while Christmas shopping in Hockessin, Delaware. Neilia Biden's station wagon was hit by a tractor-trailer as she pulled out from an intersection; the truck driver was cleared of any wrongdoing.[3 Biden's two sons, Beau and Hunter, were critically injured in the accident, but both eventually made full recoveries. Biden considered resigning to care for them; he was persuaded not to by Senate Majority Leader Mike Mansfield and others and was sworn into office from one of their bedsides. The accident left Biden filled with both anger and religious doubt: "I liked to [walk around seedy neighborhoods] at night when I thought there was a better chance of finding a fight... I had not known I was capable of such rage... I felt God had played a horrible trick on me.

These mutual aid violations should be taken seriously. The Gambino Family had opened a King of Pizza restaurant in the Rodney Village shopping center. I met Emmanuel Gambino and his daughter at their at their home in Mayfair Apartments and drank a Tuborg beer. This would not be odd for any of the kids as they were the local pizza parlor. For Biden and son Beau this could be an issue as the Gambino made a racket of burning done their pizza restaurants as they did with this here.

It is clear that no one is at the helm as you take your family on summer vacations.I am in McCloud California and have to wash my clothes and person in mountain streams that are totally poisoned. The air and food here all also ruined.

If Napolitano, Holder, and Biden did their job, then the violence would stop and the issue would be presented to the court. The allegation that Cambridge Law School authored these acts could also be laid to rest.

In close it is being surmised that CERN has discovered a Boson particle, a quantum particle that gives mass to phenomena. I mention this as you have stated that technology is important.

You are the Singularity Target. It appears that the current censorship and sanitization that you are willingly condoning is part of a program to write Artificial Intelligence software to sanitize history. As you approach your 80th birthday in 2041 the Singularity has been predicted to begin. It has to include recognition of what has happened in United States History as stated supra or Superintelligence is a fraud.

I hope you reconsider you inaction as you are also leaving a very poor legacy for your family to bear.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

McCloud CA

July 4, 2012

Works Cited

Obama, B. (2012). Remarks by the President at Naturalization Ceremony. The White House. Retrieved July 4, 2012:

July 4, 2012 Naturalization

Joe Biden. (2012, June 24). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 21:14, July 4, 2012, from: Joe Biden

Marriage Breaking

McCloud CA

August 11, 2012

It is very clear now that Marriage Breaking has been instrumental in the support of MOEC. I believe divorce rates of those persons born and raised in Delaware in Kent County to be near the 45% level. The target is those top ten percent bisexual females in high school. They are approached by MSM officers of LAPD through the Delaware State Police. The same activity is current here in California and the same groupings are suffering high divorce rates.

All this activity is related to the national Gay Marriage debate.

I have been off line recently. However I believe that my work is improving. Researching the websites on the homepage is advisable. I believe that the data here is superior to any available worldwide at this time.

Complaint to the Convention Against Torture CAT

McCloud CA

September 1, 2012

This complaint is Chapter 6 of MOCM PT. III: which has a readable rough draft online. This clearly provides a legal complaint against Barack Obama. It clearly identifies the United Kingdom.

In re: Nollmeyer


1. David Nollmeyer brings a complaint against the United Kingdom in nexus with an in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth in the United States. Principal to this attack is the despoliation of surface water as the Colorado River along the Arizona - California border and the Salton Sea in California. In continuation, intense stalking through electronic surveillance is observable. The use of instructing stalkers over radio stations to targets is similar to what occurred in Rwanda is also manifest.

2. Articles 4, 5, and 6 of the Convention Against Torture form the basis for the action.

3. The issue involves the alleged authorship and proximate cause of actors in the United Kingdom specifically Cambridge Law School.

4. These activities are manifest in the United States by Los Angeles Police Department whom contain a Gay Militia. These actors are abusing mutual aid violations with other states to facilitate the coordination of attacks on targets.

5. This attack is code named Operation Radhanatha in a poison in the well fallacy format. Radhanatha swami is a natural person who is an ISKCON diksa guru whom many believe is involved in a murder of Sulochana in 1986 in Los Angeles.

6. The allegation is that Cambridge Law School is tacitly and overtly guiding the rise and fall of the British Empire. In doing so these actors have systematically authored Crimes Against Humanity which in time many persons wished to expose. This intent lead to a confrontation between homosexual and heterosexual members which alienated my human rights under the ICCPR and the CAT. To facilitate this action an attack against the United States and then President Ronald Reagan began on June 17, 1987.

7. Operation Radhanatha contaminated the Colorado River from Earp CA - Parker AZ through Blythe, California towards Mexico on February 12, 2007. This would implicate then President George W. Bush. This has occurred two more times in this location. The dates are approximately from October 2009 - May 2010 and October 2011 - May 2012.

8. Under these conditions all surface water is despoiled.

9. The other major event is the contamination of the Salton Sea. This occurred first in October 2008 just prior to the first election of President Barack Obama. This event persisted until I left the area around May 2009. The Salton Sea was then also contaminated from October 2009 to about May 2010.

10. The Salton Sea is an inland lake which must evaporate and does not empty into any ocean. The entire area above is amongst the hottest - temperatures easily reach 115 degrees. It is also the poorest in the United States with unemployment between 20 to 25 percent.

11. I have been under 24 hour electronic surveillance. I am easily the most stalked person in the History of the United States, and am enduring a systematic attack that is open live human experimentation based on the epistemology of knowledge and the processing and ordering of sense datum by the mind.

12. A unique facet of this hate crime is that the perpetrators appear to be homosexual males who wish to gay bait victims as Male Same Sex Males - MSM. I have been heterosexual my whole life.

Statement of Facts

1. The in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth that is imposed over my natural person is a hate crime based on a homosexual or same sex qualification. I am a lifelong heterosexual male.

2. The foundational theory is Social Engineering or more properly Social Wrecking. The pairing of a crime against a constitutional right undermines the standing positive law. Since the United States has ratified the CAT as well as the United Kingdom the resultant complex jurisdictional problems should have a remedy.

3. The strategic mission of the attack is Gay Marriage. Currently Proposition 8 is awaiting writ of certiorari in the United States Supreme Court. I am a ritvik Hare Krishna and Same Sex Marriage violates both my Vedic and personal beliefs.

4. It is clear that this attack is based on my lifelong heterosexuality and Japanese American ancestry. THE ATTACK WOULD NOT HAVE OCCURRED AS A FULL BLOWN CHEMICAL ASSAULT SCORCHED EARTH IF I WAS ENGAGED IN SAME SEX ACTIVITIES.

5. The allegation is that the same sex qualification for legal rights is three anal sex intercourses. I am not sure what the exact time frame or frequency is. However one same sex behavior every six months would qualify one as LGBTi regardless of identity.

6. In this nexus this activity is a Homosexual Blackmail and Extortion Ring. Any type of criminal or illicit activity that is recorded electronically may result in blackmail - the revealing of private history and extortion and the performance or non-performance of activities.

7. The latter is the source of extremely depraved stalking that is guided over the radio, television, and internet similar to genocides in Africa.

8. The Convention Against Torture also appears to be a direct target of what is MOEC - Mobilization of Empire and Civilization. The acronym is derived from the Book of MOED and the fact that Cambridge and Oxford are involved in the expansion of the United Kingdom.

9. As per the Colorado River, since February 12, 2007 over 55,000 persons have been killed in drug cartel warfare. This is an example of the pairing of one event to another.

10. Hence the Chemical Assault is less for LGBTi persons and a fractal of what is imposed over my natural person.

11. The strategy is to create a Crime Against Humanity originating in the United Kingdom by Cambridge Law School, through Scotland Yard, Los Angeles Police Department, the United States, California, Los Angeles and the LGBTi Movement. This would also result in treason in the United Kingdom and the United States for any culpable citizens.

12. Hence all sworn officials that are duty bound and legally required are targeted.

13. The attack works corruption of blood and is genealogically based.

14. Stalking is facilitated by creating a hierarchy of officials and law officers that hand off or entrap crime through mutual aid violations.

15. There is a continual pattern of what has emerged as Gang Stalking where impunity is created through the blackmail and extortion ring where stalkers are recruited to harass persons and hear their quid pro quos or deals. This structure reflects that these informants are working to promote their livelihoods outside of legal norms, attacking the rule of law. Two simultaneous eternities cannot exist. The social contract between the head of state and his citizens is broken.

16. If this activity is authored in the United Kingdom and handed off through Scotland Yard to Los Angeles Police Department; it is espionage and treason.

17. The main stalking behavior is lying in wait in a car at a public place as a gas station, post office or store. Hence when the target passes by the stalkers emerge and slam their car doors at the person. This is at least false imprisonment.

18. The main structure here reflects a polarity switch reflecting dehumanization. The Gay Militia and it's recruits are the main drivers. Hence the current mythology being spread through LGBTi History and Studies claim that LGBTi persons are victims. At June 17, 1987 this polarity would have completely have been reversed with the manifest attack on Ronald Reagan. This was done on pirated public radio and television and I was stalked very seriously in Dover, Delaware at this time. I continue to write under duress here in McCloud, California. (There are major wildfires burning within 50 miles of here. There is a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth and very high smoke. Many of these fires may be attacked with contaminated water).

19. Along the Colorado River at the Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ Interstate 10 crossing there is a Flying J Truck Stop. This is a location of some of the most severe Gang Stalking and intimidation. Operation Radhanatha contaminated the Colorado River from Earp CA Parker AZ through Blythe, California towards Mexico on February 12, 2007. This would implicate then President George W. Bush. This has occurred two more times in this location. The dates are approximately from October 2009 - May 2010 and October 2011 - May 2012.

20. The dirt road that runs south adjacent to the Flying J at tines is sprayed with water to keep the dust levels low. This water at times has been contaminated so that you are chemically attacked while walking on the road.

21. Here the Stalkers would harass my person in the lot knowing that there was a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

22. There is a cotton field just south of the truck stop. The field is totally despoiled from contaminated water. The bales of cotton would burn you hand to the touch. This field is being constructed as physical evidence and the workers as witnesses.

23. The same issue is true of plastic containers as oil jugs and bottles. Items that have been sitting in the desert are still contaminated after 5 plus years. This is an area that receives 115 degree heat regularly.

24. The cotton and vegetable fields in Blythe and Ehrenberg are contaminated.

25. Many houses draw water from the Colorado River.

26. The food in all the fast food restaurants in Blythe and the truckstop are contaminated if I am in proximity. This would include McDonalds, Del Taco, and Jack in the Box.

27. The United States Post Office in Blythe is among one of the worst locations for stalking. Persons continually lay in wait to harass persons as they receive their mail.

28. In regards to the Salton Sea, both Barack Obama and Senator McCain were totally cognizant of the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth and continued to campaign in 2008 while this atrocity was evident. Then President George W. Bush made no effort to remedy the disaster and financial disaster ensued due to the movement of counter-cyclical interest rates and lending of mortgages to unqualified borrowers.

29. This action has caused a multiplier which has the EU in recession. Such actions reflect the undermining of the lowest 40 percent of the United States or those earning $20,000 per anum or less.

30. The area in Desert Shores where I winter is more open spatially. The stalking and lying in wait to harass persons is pandemic. It is a signature event in LGBTi History.

31. The Palm Springs - Coachella Valley is home to a very prominent LGBTi community. This leverages the actions of the Gay Militia.

32. Of interest is that when the Bird Flu moved from Mexico into California and the United States. This area was one of the first to be infected. I was told at the grocery store with my grocer in Desert Shores that we were infected. This was by electronic surveillance. When I left I remained in Inyo County because I had the flu. This flu is very mild compared to the spring flu that can attack the area.

33. Without making a conclusionary statement, I intend to move to Desert Shores along the Salton Sea by October 15, 2012. There are several large lakes in Mammoth County as well as the Owens Canal in Inyo County that will be despoiled.

Statement of Progress and Intent

1. This entire event demonstrates corruption and collusion at the highest level of the NATO alignment. It appears that de facto elements within the collapse of the British Empire have created a homosexual blackmail and extortion ring. There is a pairing of this Chemical Assault Scorched Earth with Gay Marriage in the United States.

2. Perry v. Brown or Proposition 8 is awaiting writ of certiorari in the Supreme Court. A resolution of this case may affect the outcome. What is of great concern is prosecution of guilty actors and reparations to victims. A type of Marshall Plan has been discussed. This would indebt the United Kingdom and the United States a to a considerable amount.

3. Consider recent statements by President Barack Obama concerning Syrian chemical weapons: "We cannot have a situation in which chemical or biological weapons are falling into the hands of the wrong people," Mr. Obama said in response to questions at an impromptu news conference at the White House. "We have been very clear to the Assad regime but also to other players on the ground that a red line for us is, we start seeing a whole bunch of weapons moving around or being utilized." "That would change my calculus," he added.

4. Since potable surface water is very scarce in the Middle East, Obama's statements borderline psychopathy. There are ongoing wildfires here throughout the Lassen, Siskiyou, Tehama, and Humboldt County areas that would be directly attacked by contaminate air, water, and products in stores.

5. When I walk into a building the police have to be ahead of me to contaminate the water in taps. The air in ventilation is also contaminated.

6. This is unprecedented in the history of the world.

7. Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Vice President Biden are leading fictitious, de facto and ommissive lives as sworn competent officials.

8. I am similar to Simon Wisenthal and will work to the end of my life to see that Barack Obama and any other officials are held accountable for these War Crimes.

9. This is a live experiment on human regarding Technological Singularity. I am the leading opposition figure against MOEC with a boundary being 1 out 7 billion. I have maintained the strongest World Wide Web presentation of any supranational regime, nationstate, institution, or individual. The Gay Militia in LAPD who took the gambit to attack the United States, the Constitution, Ronald Reagan and myself have degraded.

10. These actors are severely implicated in a homosexual blackmail ring which is driving the RICO styled criminal enterprise.

11. Please refer this complaint to any Rapporteur, OAS (concerning Mexico) or other protocol that may have a strong jurisdictional interest in this case.

David Nollmeyer

McCloud CA

August 30, 2012

Merit Based Recognition Versus Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing

Bishop CA

October 3, 2012

Under a meritocracy persons should advance themselves based on education and experience. The United States has been scripted for failure. This can be seen at every level organization. If one had by law make an evaluation based on education and experience someone with a BA, MA, PhD is academically more sound. Under the present defection model marriage breaking has been profuse in Delaware and the United States.

Under a Freudian view of cohort and sibling rivals, the Gay Militia is attempting to promote persons who are simply Gay LGBTi and who have only attended high school, have been divorced and have gained excessive weight because they have followed a Yellow Brick Road quid pro quo system.

The United States has been under a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program since 1987.

Currently those born after 1960 are just breaking past 50 years of age.

The bogus attempt to create a society of attractive and intelligent LGBTi persons is a farce.

The correct choice of promotion should be made on the totality of circumstances under equal protection and due process.

Currently using a person who has only a high school education, has divorced as a result of MOEC, and has a BMI of over 30 which is obese would be easy to defeat.

Recently I met for a second occasion an African marathon runner who is training with Olympic athletes in Mammoth. I weigh less than 155. My BMi is under 25 or normal. I have started jogging about 35 miles a week. At 51 I am a decent example of what do in spite of circumstances. I have a UC GPA of 3.42 and a 3.27 at University of Delaware. This person can run 26 miles in 2 hours and 10 minutes.

I should be filling out a graduate school application now instead of writing this journal.

There are persons half my age with MA degrees and in PhD programs.


The is the strongest public refutation of this horrific hate crime worldwide. It number 1 out of 7 billion.

To my knowledge no one from Delaware especially VP Joe Biden has done anything to stop this attack.

The United Kingdom is likely to be held liable for criminal and civil damages.

There is class warfare ongoing. Who is suffering the most from MOEC? Mitt Romney has $250 million and Obama has most likely $10 million.

Automation is the preference for business over hiring a workforce of stalkers. Who deserves to be sent to prison?

The Yellow Brick Road is Trojan Horse attack on the human race and the United States. Objectively Paul Ryan is clearly in jeopardy now.

For those in Delaware that were born after 1955 and were living and attending Caesar Rodney or Dover High Schools, one should consider the future possibility of being subpoenaed to testify.

If one was a member of the Delaware State Police during this time period, if this event breaks open, this would be an overwhelming reality for those who were aware of mutual aid with LAPD.

Boycott the 2012 Presidential Election

Salton City CA

November 1, 2012

I am endorsing a Boycott of the 2012 Presidential Election. The American Presidency since Ronald Reagan on June 17, 1987 has been aware of a Manifest Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program.

Barack Obama has run for the presidency twice with the Salton Sea Chemically Attacked. The first time being in 2008. Mitt Romney, Paul Ran, and Joe Biden are no strangers to incompetence and corruption. The Republicans and Democrats are collusive in what appears to be a universal attack on the human race itself.

It appears that professors from Cambridge Law School many years past designed the defection model and have implemented such from Scotland Yard and Los Angeles Police Department. The attack is focused on Gay Marriage and LGBTi issues. A central component of this structure and process is Marriage Breaking. This is disguised as Marriage Making but in particular the females that following the dating that is arranged through the police suffer a very high divorce rate.

If I reflect over my high school years the divorce rate in certain circles is near 60 percent. Some cliques of friends are 100 percent. What is unique is that I lived in the same working class neighborhood as Joe Biden when he first ran for the Senate in 1972. He has probably shook has with every person that I knew from this era that has divorced.

Equally confusing now is whether LGBTi persons have a right to marry under the Equal Protection and Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment.

As far as Obama is concerning the United States is on the verge of war with Iran over nuclear development. Syria, it's ally has been accused of using Chemical Weapons. At least 25 persons have been killed by Hurricane Sandy on the east coast. There are over 350 case of fungal meningitis with about 25 deaths and increasing.

In a manifest attack, there are over 1.2 million HIV AIDS cases with perhaps 300,000 infected without realizing such. 3 million persons are infected with Hepatitis C.

Obama and Romney are clearly obstacles in creating a just society.

The Wrong Side of History

In conclusion, with the Salton Sea Chemically Despoiled for the second presidential election and Hurricane Sandy having devastated the East Coast, the Gay Militia has once again increased their call for stalkers at the intersection of Highway 86 and the entrance to Salton City. This would include the ARCO truck stop, Dollar General Store. Market Post office and a Charter School across the street. I am not afraid of these Cowards. The are being invoked to the LGBTi side.

A positive defense and justification are needed these actors are accomplices to a Hate Crime.

The attack on the Salton Sea is unprecedented in World History.

The Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Obama are on the Wrong Side of History. This has deep implications for sworn officials, theologians, academics, and artists. The concrete damage to life, limb, and property is great. The future recognition and exposure of principals, accomplices, and accessories will occur.

This will definitely effect the economic and class structure of the United States and the United Kingdom.

Nathan McQueen is New Superintendent

Desert Shores CA

November 29, 2012

Peter McArthur

wdel 1150 Am

Nathan McQueen DSP

Nathan McQueen

There is a new Superintendent of the Delaware State Police.

46 year old Major Nathaniel McQueen assumes the top post. He is a 24 year veteran and has most recently served as Major of Operations for all New Castle County troops. He is the first black trooper to be named state police superintendent.

McQueen says the success of any police force depends on cooperation with other departments and the community at large.

"I think as police in general continue to be involved, it's certainly important that we continue to share intelligence not only with law enforcement, but with the public, and the thing that makes any agency successful in a community partnership," says McQueen.

Happy Holidays! Website Update(October 13, 2015)

Desert Shores CA

December 5, 2012

Happy Holidays! The cohort rivalry continues unabated with the selection of Nathan McQueen to run the State Police. This week has seen significant activity with the Supreme Court scheduled to conference on Gay Marriage on December 7, 2012. This is important as this could effect the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

There are many persons who are recruited to social networking sites as Facebook to operate as logic bombs going off by literally trashing down their friends. By and large these were LGBTi persons and their polar opposites.

Many employers research one's web activity these days. In the Singularity the informant will lose one's job to automation. hence he or she will be reduced towards working as as an informant trading criminal skills for survival.


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