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Open Letter to IBM Watson

Desert Shores CA

February 10, 2013

Life after Death

Life After Death

Dear IBM Watson,

Currently the development of Watson, the Supercomputer is in continuo with a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. It is apparent that Watson is not aware or conscious of contemporary history especially that of the era of President Ronald Reagan through President Barack Obama.

The attack began on June 17, 1987 while Reagan was president and I was in Dover, Delaware.

As seen I am the Singularity Experiment and Barack Obama is the Singularity Target.

I am choosing to oppose the United States and Cambridge Law School of the United Kingdom, the alleged proximate cause or authorship under my Bill of Right protections.

Currently the concept of computer Superintelligence is dubious as there are no software authors that have the volition or perception to stand up to what is a homosexual blackmail and extortion ring.

This states that there is a same sex qualification for rights.

The United States Constitution, Bill of Rights and Federal Law be viewed as the suprasystem organizing all subsystems. Any type of Supercomputer will have to manifestly operate under the jurisdiction of some legal system. Otherwise the system will engage in a Hobbesian State of Nature where Power will define who or what can endure.

I have been briefed on the nature of this prisoner’s dilemma defection model which resembles the Yellow Brick Road Story.

Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC is the code name that the professors have given themselves. A allegation made here is that the British have designed the Senedero Luminoso (Shining Path) and Tupac Amaru. These Maoist rebels are mainly the same group of persons but use two nom de guerras to appear larger.

So these actors emerge under an entrapment, grow and become prosecuted similar to the cocaine dealers that operate in Peru.

MOEC is State Planning and Eugenics. Would Watson know how to set up a government as a nationstate as the United States or a supranational regime as the United Nations?

My natural person and citizenship have been pinned to the president and Gay Marriage.

Gay Marriage is the Strategic Mission.

Proposition 8 or Hollingsworth v. Perry is scheduled to be heard on March 28, 2013 at the Supreme Court.

A macro boundary is the collapse of the Anglo American Paradigm Atlantic Group which is currently morphing into NATO.

Any issue of a resurgent United Kingdom under the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, hence Prince William and Katie are now moot.

The United States and United Kingdom should recognize CONCRETE History. They should prosecute all principals, accomplices, and accessories to the Origin. These actors should award criminal and civil damages to the victims.

What is also unique in Corporate History is that a Corporate Entity may be guilty of a Crime Against Humanity, of treason and obstructing justice. The CEO is also a person of unique interest as many have gained considerable wealth while a huge cross section of the population is suffering increasing losses.

What is unique is that a Cultural Singularity has near totality as censorship and sanitization. My work is outside the event horizon www.powereality is the strongest attempt to research and document MOEC on the web. I have been online since about 2000. I actually have an A26 IBM laptop which was used circa 2004. It has a Pentium 3, .5GB Ram, and 20 GB of hard drive and cost $800 refurbished. I use a Toshiba Satellite C655 now with an AMD 1.33 GHZ processor, 3 GB Ram, and 500 GB hard drive and cost $329 in 2011. I run 55 watts of solar power with a Verizon LTE Hotspot.

I am just west of the Salton Sea which has been despoiled for at least 3 times. Twice during the last two presidential elections and when Watson won on Jeopardy. The espionage here in the United States is poor. It appears the Salton Sea was designed so MOEC can demonstrate that they can Chemically Contaminate Such with impunity from the president.

Since Watson is a symbol of Technological Singularity, it is dubious that MOEC, which is the alter ego Cultural Singularity attack on such. Social Singularity is a hoax unless one is pursuing a party other than the United States or the United Kingdom.

Accelerating Intelligence is not going to create Superintelligence without recognizing what has happened to me under the Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Obama. Cognitive Science and Ethics are severely UNDERMINED.

Stoicism is an important theme here.

We are free in our minds.

However any credible natural or corporate person should as a moral and legal duty put up some credible resistance to this attack.

IBM should reassess their positions and confront the President and United States which is in the human race and it's best interest.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores, California

February 10, 2013


Mobilization of Empire and Civilization

Upper Boundary: Top Ten Percent

Desert Shores CA

March 8, 2013

One intent of MOEC is to model the top authority in any discipline area. This may be followed by the top ten percent. Conversely this may be inverted by studying the worse performer and the bottom ten percent.

As seen the police from LAPD are in the bottom ten percent. They will have the worse performer in the United States sine qua non.

At issue is the pedagogy to develop the most superior learning methods. Also at hand is the most efficient manner to destroy these efforts.

The panorama reflects a tournament between homosexual and heterosexual persons. The LGBTi side has always contained the worse elements since the 1930s or even earlier in University of Cambridge.

I have not been broken psychologically. This was a strong probability and can not be ruled out.

A computer takes in an input of data and creates information as an output. In philosophy and epistemology a objects exist outside of experience. Once this data comes into contact with an individual sense it becomes datum. So here we observe a redundancy of language. Do computers and humans need different language to differentiate one from another?

As the historical trajectory of this confrontation escalates the most highly qualified persons from each discipline area are marginalized as they become dependent to censorship and sanitization of MOEC.

The fast second approach permits me to develop an interdisciplinary study of MOEC not only from perspective but also in the abstract.

Undermining Civilization is the platform of MOEC. I do not see per se any of the 250 domains in the University System being unaffected.

There is tremendous fraud and damage ongoing.

Currently I need to rebuild my Math and Classical Guitar. I am studying Chess on the computer. I have spent just over 1 year re entering Chess since February 2012. Chess is unique in that there are many prodigies. The brightest develop at world class level only in their teens. A few junior players have FIDE ELO ratings of 2700. This is the unofficial Super Grand Master designation.

In short what we have is a Queen's Gambit King's Indian Defense.

Nuances from political science abound in Chess. The Irrational Presidents will fall. Barack Obama is in a mating net with Singularity.

Nanoparticles Loaded With Bee Venom Kill HIV

Desert Shores CA

March 14, 2013

nanoparticles attack HIV

Nanoparticles (purple) carrying melittin (green) fuse with HIV (small circles with spiked outer ring), destroying the virus’s protective envelope. Molecular bumpers (small red ovals) prevent the nanoparticles from harming the body’s normal cells, which are much larger in size.

Credit: Joshua L. Hood Washington University in St. Louis

March 11, 2013

Nanoparticles carrying a toxin found in bee venom can destroy human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) while leaving surrounding cells unharmed, researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have shown.

The finding is an important step toward developing a vaginal gel that may prevent the spread of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS."Our hope is that in places where HIV is running rampant, people could use this gel as a preventive measure to stop the initial infection," says Joshua L. Hood, MD, PhD, a research instructor in medicine.The study appears in the current issue of Antiviral Therapy.

Bee venom contains a potent toxin called melittin that can poke holes in the protective envelope that surrounds HIV, and other viruses. Large amounts of free melittin can cause a lot of damage, including killing tumor cells.

Protecting normal cells

The new study shows that melittin loaded onto these nanoparticles does not harm normal cells. That's because Hood added protective bumpers to the nanoparticle surface. When the nanoparticles come into contact with normal cells, which are much larger in size, the particles simply bounce off. HIV, on the other hand, is even smaller than the nanoparticle, so HIV fits between the bumpers and makes contact with the surface of the nanoparticle, where the bee toxin awaits.

"Melittin on the nanoparticles fuses with the viral envelope," Hood says. "The melittin forms little pore like attack complexes and ruptures the envelope, stripping it off the virus."

According to Hood, an advantage of this approach is that the nanoparticle attacks an essential part of the virus' structure. In contrast, most anti HIV drugs inhibit the virus' ability to replicate. But this anti replication strategy does nothing to stop initial infection, and some strains of the virus have found ways around these drugs and reproduce anyway.

"We are attacking an inherent physical property of HIV," Hood says. "Theoretically, there isn't any way for the virus to adapt to that. The virus has to have a protective coat, a double layered membrane that covers the virus."

Therapy for existing HIV infections

Beyond prevention in the form of a vaginal gel, Hood also sees potential for using nanoparticles with melittin as therapy for existing HIV infections, especially those that are drug resistant. The nanoparticles could be injected intravenously and, in theory, would be able to clear HIV from the blood stream.

"The basic particle that we are using in these experiments was developed many years ago as an artificial blood product,” Hood says. “It didn’t work very well for delivering oxygen, but it circulates safely in the body and gives us a nice platform that we can adapt to fight different kinds of infections."

Since melittin attacks double layered membranes indiscriminately, this concept is not limited to HIV. Many viruses, including hepatitis B and C, rely on the same kind of protective envelope and would be vulnerable to melittin loaded nanoparticles.

Birth control alternative

Hood says the gel easily could be adapted to target sperm as well as HIV. But in some cases people may only want the HIV protection.

"We also are looking at this for couples where only one of the partners has HIV, and they want to have a baby," Hood says. “These particles by themselves are actually very safe for sperm, for the same reason they are safe for vaginal cells."

While this work was done in cells in a laboratory environment, Hood and his colleagues say the nanoparticles are easy to manufacture in large enough quantities to supply them for future clinical trials.

This work was supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Grand Challenges Explorations.


Joshua L Hood et al., Cytolytic nanoparticles attenuate HIV-1 infectivity, Antiviral Therapy, 2013, DOI: 10.3851/IMP2346

MOEC: The Organic Cell

Desert Shores CA

March 14, 2013

The claim made herein by the Authorship is that MOEC is an Organic Government. I disagree. MOECis manmade and Artificial. The idea derives from the Mechanistic Mysticism of Mussolini. (DWN November 9, 2015)



Particular History
and Justice





Ideal State -
Varna Asrama


Westwood CA

May 20, 2013

Reich's work on sexuality and fascism appears to be a template for MOEC. I have been reviewing pdf versions of classic texts. I have considered Brave New World, and parts of theorist Rawls. I find this work to be superior and instructive.


One has to distinguish ordinary militarism from fascism. Germany under the Kaiser was militaristic, but not fascist.

Since fascism, always and everywhere, appears as a movement which is supported by the masses of people, it also displays all the traits and contradictions present in the average character structure: Fascism is not, as is generally believed, a purely reactionary movement; rather, it is a mixture of rebellious emotions and reactionary social ideas.

If, by being revolutionary, one means rational rebellion against intolerable social conditions, if, by being radical, one means "going to the root of things," the rational will to improve them, then fascism is never revolutionary. True, it may have the aspect of revolutionary emotions. But one would not call that physician revolutionary who proceeds against a disease with violent cursing but the other who quietly, courageously and conscientiously studies and fights the causes of the disease. Fascist rebelliousness always occurs where fear of the truth turns a revolutionary emotion into illusions.

In it's pure form, fascism is the sum total of all irrational reactions of the average human character. To the narrow minded sociologist who lacks the courage to recognize the enormous role played by the irrational in human history, the fascist race theory appears as nothing but an imperialistic interest or even a mere "prejudice." The violence and the ubiquity of these "race prejudices" show their origin from the irrational part of the human character. The race theory is not a creation of fascism. No: fascism is a creation of race hatred and its politically organized expression. Correspondingly, there is a German, Italian, Spanish, Anglo Saxon, Jewish and Arabian fascism. The race ideology is a true biopathic character symptom of the orgastically impotent individual. The sadistic perverse character of the race ideology is also seen in the attitude toward religion. Fascism, we are told, is the [xi] arch enemy of religion, and a regression to paganism. On the contrary, fascism is the extreme expression of religious mysticism. As such it appears in a specific social form. Fascism is based on that religiosity which stems from sexual perversion; it changes the masochistic character of the old patriarchal religions into a sadistic religion. It takes religion out of the other world philosophy of suffering and places it in the sadistic murder in this world.

Fascist mentality is the mentality of the subjugated "little man" who craves authority and rebels against it at the same time. It is not by accident that all fascist dictators stem from the milieu of the little reactionary man. The captains of industry and the feudal militarist make use of this social fact for their own purposes. A mechanistic authoritarian civilization only reaps, in the form of fascism, from the little, suppressed man what for hundreds of years it has sown in the masses of little, suppressed individuals in the form of mysticism, top sergeant mentality and automatism. This little man has only too well learned the way of the big man and now gives it back, enlarged and distorted. The Fascist is the top sergeant type in the vast army of our sick civilization. One cannot with impunity beat the tom tom of high politics before the little man. The little top sergeant has outdone the imperialistic general in everything: in martial music, in goose stepping, in giving orders and obeying them, in the deadly fear of thinking, in diplomacy, strategy and tactics, in uniformed strutting and in medals. In all these things a Kaiser Wilhelm appears as a poor bungler compared with Hitler. When a "proletarian" general covers his chest with medals, on both sides, and from the shoulders to the belt, he demonstrates the little man trying to outdo the "real" great general.

The Cambridge Project for Existential Risk

Westwood CA

May 20, 2013

The Cambridge Project for Existential Risk


Huw Price

Bertrand Russell Professor of Philosophy, Cambridge

Martin Rees

Emeritus Professor of Cosmology & Astrophysics, Cambridge

Jaan Tallinn

Co founder of Skype

To date there are no proponents of Technological Singularity that have recognized the de facto Chemical Assault Scorched Earth program manifested by the United States. This action is imposed over my natural person and citizenship Undermining the human race by an attack on the United States, the Bill of Rights, and President.

This action was a manifest function on June 17, 1987 in an effort to Undermine then President Ronald Reagan.

This tactic is a scripted Cultural Singularity that also is antagonistic to Technological Singularity. It is alleged to be the work of Cambridge Law School professors. These actors appear to be the main authorities in developing the expansion and contraction of the British Empire. The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is one component of Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC that is paired with the strategic mission Gay Marriage. The acronym MOEC is not in dispute as a fact.

This attack is currently centered over Westwood, Lassen County, California. It has totally despoiled prominent bodies of water as Lake Almanor in neighboring Plumas County and the Salton Sea in Riverside County.

The issue of Technological Singularity is that if computers become as smart or superior to humans then many Crimes Against Humanity will be uncovered by forensic logic and other technologies. These acts are totally discernible now by hand but would be unavoidable if a POSITIVE SINGULARITY occurs with Superintelligence.

Hence the allegation that Technological Singularity is a Sanitization Program developed by the Anglo American Paradigm is sustained.

The crux of the action alienates one person (my name Bhakta David Nollmeyer) from my positive Bill of Right protections in the United States and UNDHR rights internationally. This attack is specifically based on a homosexual or same sex qualification. Hence my rights have been alienated strictly on the basis of my being a heterosexual.

There are three main functions of the attack:

1. Electronic Surveillance

2. Gang Stalking

3. Chemical Assault Scorched Earth

The structure and controlling topology of MOEC is (United Kingdom) Cambridge Law School, Scotland Yard, (United States) Los Angeles Police Department, California, Delaware, Delaware State Police, Maryland, Baltimore Police Department, and the Unnamed Baltimore Studio. The latter are alleged to be a commercial jingle studio that uses sampling technology to mutilate evidence. (The Studio are LAPD Officers. DWN November 15, 2015)

LAPD contains cells of a Gay Militia. Their favorite nom de guerra is The Company. There are at least 250 to 500 officers directly involved with a three shifts of 7 in a cell that controls the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

In essence the Singularity Target is Barack Obama and I am the Singularity Experiment.

A main theme is, Would you know how to implement a Government?.

The second is the Right to Live.

After June 17, 1987 I was briefed on MOEC. I have wished for a positive prosecution of this System. It is a RICO Enterprise and Continual Conspiratol Act. There is a Scripted Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing ideology that is emergent with the prisoner’s dilemma based Undermining.

Here I have spent since 1995 organizing in writing and court cases both theory and a concrete basis for a possible War Crimes Trial. It appears I was Scripted as the Hare chasing the Tortoise. I have turned this issue around as MOEC has sustained censorship and sanitization over 7 Billion persons to date.

This leaves the creation of MOEC Studies (Cambridge's labelling) in my hands. The Proximate Cause had hoped that I would retaliate Fire with Fire, tit for tat, or crime for crime. I have not. This would create a circular folly of Four picks up a stone, threatens Three. Three on Fours orders picks up a stone and threatens Two. Two claims on Four and Three threats that he is following their orders and picks up a stone to threaten One. One has a Justification and a Positive Self Defense against these threats. At this point Four, Three, and Two are guilty.

The tactic is to criminalize One by permitting him or her to retaliate under the same tactics.

The Right Side of History

The Proximate Cause Test sine qua non would identify that principal whom if were decapitated would result in the termination of the criminal act. Under the principal, accomplice, and accessory test this would identify all parties on the Wrong Side of History.

The Right Side of History is the motto of Freedom to Marry headed by Evan Wolfson Esq.

The Totality of Circumstance permits one to use all the evidence to prove or disprove guilt.

As a professor of Singularity and with a background in philosophy in ethics working with Cambridge, this event is the Single Greatest Threat SGT to Singularity. External and Internal Threat Analysis to date appear to support the contention that Technological Singularity is a sanitization program. Persons as Winston Churchill et al. are parties that may have a possible interest.

Academically the personage of Thrasymachus the Sophist, You argue as an informant of Plato's The Republic emerges as a result of the partial exposure of past Cambridge Lawyers and theologians. The premise is that heterosexual Christian Theologians who knew Greek Philosophy and Tyranny wished to end this Crime Creation trajectory of Eugenics.

Hence my life and others notable Barack Obama have had lifespan based script imposed over them. President Barack Obama appears to follow the Yellow Brick Road. I was born in Roswell, New Mexico on August 3, 1961 one day before Obama in Hawaii. Hence the allegations that the UFO sightings in New Mexico are the work of the British to cover up advanced jet engine technology when P 51 Technology (propeller) was only know is supported.

The expansion of empires is scripted in a theater of war with min max boundaries. Such is organized as reverse sting entrapment similar to the De Lorean Sting. I have organized MOEC Studies in a very simple format in analogy to one who studies openings, middle, and end game theory in Chess. The domain is the beginning of the opening laboratory for MOEC Studies.

I am going to dedicate this activity to Srimati Radharini the consort of Sri Krishna. Since I am Gaudiya Vaishnava practitioner I am aware of the Undermining that appears to be the work of advanced Indologists lead by lawyers. So the opening laboratory may now be called Srimati Radharini's Laboratory.

The middle and end game work needs to be developed.

Under Kuhn and Popper Methodologies this would take Official Recognition, many researchers, and many years.

The end game would be Official Recognition with criminal and civil prosecution of all de facto actors. This would result in a Marshall Plan to repay damages by the United Kingdom and United States.

Thank you for your consideration,

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Westwood CA

May 29, 2013

Mobilization of Empire and Civilization

Open Letter: Dear Professor Kolodny UC Berkeley et al.

Westwood CA

June 21, 2013

It is beyond a doubt that Singularity is being Undermined MOEC. I am highly critical, skeptical, with growing suspicion towards probable cause concerning the censorship and sanitization of a Crime Against Humanity. The letter below is to the Philosophy Department especially the political philosophy section. The philosophy department is heavily involved with the theory of mind and mathematical modelling.

There is serious absence of morality and conscience concerning the will to get the right thing done.

The University of California is Undermined. The UC Berkeley campus is it's home and it's Free Speech Movement reputation which is the signature of the school from the 1960s is wrecked. I would place against such at will.

The Yellow Brick Road to UC Berkeley is also well under suspicion. I will write Boalt Hall this summer which is a top ten law school in the United States. The staff membership should be sworn licensed members by the state bar. Here the right to not respond to a Crime of this magnitude places the entire certification of the program en prise.

MOEC Studies is easily in the Approach Stage. In contrast UC Berkeley is considered one of the greatest research facilities in the world. A criminal or academic discovery would involve areas as Westwood, California where I am now. The states public education program is contained within the University of California and has failed.

A thirty year old PhD tenured instructor should do what is legal to secure their person and work. In short John Searle is the most prominent member of the Philosophy staff.

Everything that the philosophy department has performed is subject to serious criticism due to the historical conditions in which said production occurred.

In Boalt Hall a very strict Equal Protection Due Process constitutional analysis of history appears devastating to the University of California.

I am interested in pedagogy. I striving for a 6 grade exit exam based on MOEC and what the moral, rational, legal response should of been. Who is responsible for the damage?

Dear Professor Kolodny UC Berkeley et al.,

Currently I am writing you from Chester, Lassen County California. The United States has conducted a de facto Chemical Assault Scorched Earth program since June 17, 1987. This attack is imposed over my natural person and citizenship. The allegation is that Cambridge Law School is the proximate cause and authorship of this attack. There are many reasons why UC Berkeley should be interested.

In researching this event, I discovered the syllabus for Phil 114: History of Political Philosophy.

The authorship has named their model Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC. This is a fusion of the Jewish Book of Moed and the mobilization of a paradigm shift in war. It appears this mechanism has and is responsible for the expansion of the British Empire.

This information was revealed to me as a link. It has never been classified and has been developed clandestinely through prisoner’s dilemma. This mechanism also is responsible for the two current leak scandals as metadata and wikileaks.

MOEC is essentially am Undermining Campaign. It's Strategic Mission for this time period is Gay Marriage which is currently waiting for judgment in Proposition 8 at the Supreme Court. The attack targeted then President Ronald Reagan by alienating my natural person and citizenship from my Bill of Right and 14th Amendment equal right and due process protections.

This is based on a Same Sex Qualification for rights. Since I am heterosexual and Japanese American I was attacked. The criminal process of this attack is a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth tagged to a RICO Enterprise based homosexual, blackmail, extortion, hostaging and intimidation of a witness ring.

This event has resulted in a successful attack on the United States, the Presidency, the Constitution, and the Social Contract Theory.

The authorship has scripted a Gay Irrationalist Gay Know Nothing driver as a pre Fascist stage. In recent history every time an Irrationalist Fascist state has emerged Germany, Italy, Japan, and Spain the socialists have had an opportunity to rule. This was intended to occur at Reagan’s expense but also has implicated what the authorship has called the Irrationalist Presidents Reagan – Obama.

The briefing I was given lasted about two months and was framed by the question, Would you know how to form a government?

An Ex Deux Maquina was said to form a driver for the Scripting of MOEC. Theologians in Trinity School philosophy and theology wished to expose the mechanism around the 1930s. The Law School resisted. A Tournament ensued and Trinity won. The Law School did not yield following Machiavelli's The Prince. They retained power. In consequence a tit for tat Scripting between heterosexuals and LGBTi ensued. The theologians were in the main the former and the lawyers the latter.

Trinity won by being able to expound on Classical Greek Tyrannies and Logic which for the main structure of the entrapment.

The State is planned in a theater of war. This is a min max concept. It is fused into a modern Storyboard format as if one were directing a play or movie. The reverse sting operation on John DeLorean is more accurate. This will occur holonistically at the supranational (UN System): international, state, and local levels to an individual as DeLorean.

This would easily extend to UC Berkeley, it's staff, and students. One would have a fractal of the attack imposed over them as artificial citizenship is imposed over one. This undermines the State and Constitution. This prisoner’s dilemma operation gives a very clear picture of the United Kingdom's methodology.

An alleged chain of command is said to exist from Cambridge Law School, Scotland Yard, LAPD to local agencies. Scotland Yard and LAPD are stated to be the main hubs and other police agencies the nodes.

This will create the classical political question of the State versus the Individual. This is the Sovereign Subject relationship. The Authorship prefers Rousseau. The invertebration of such creates the Fuhrer Principle which is strongly supported within a Perfect Dictator model of a democratically elected tyranny.

Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is driven by a Gay Militia in LAPD. These actors are provocateur scapegoats. This Tournament will script these officers into the worst performer’s history versus the highest performing as the president.

The scripting deals a crushing blow to the consequentialism of Mill versus the deontology of Kant.

A Plato to Marx dialectical line is used to develop Gay Fascism. Of interest is two works one by Mussolini and the other by Reich. I will attach pdfs of these authors.

As seen issues as natural slavery, state of nature, the tyranny of the majority are extremely important issues which your course covers.

After almost 26 years I have organized MOEC Studies into an Approach. Systematization could occur under Kuhn Popper Methodologies after 100s academics and the general public has reviewed such.

I am one day older than Barack Obama being born August 3, 1961. I am the Singularity Experiment and he is the Singularity Target.

Any honest advance towards Artificial Intelligence where equivalent human conscience and consciousness is achieved would implicate the Irrationalist Presidents. The Singularity is predicted for 2046.

Boalt Hall and other sworn officials are operating en prise of being implicated.

The entire reputation of UC Berkeley and it's legal position are similarly aligned.

This is a blackmail operation that has totally neutralized five presidents by a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. The correct technique is to expose such

I believe that UC Berkeley and other academics should act to protect your reputations, work, and legal standing by exposing this Crime Against Humanity.

Thank you for your Consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Westwood, California

June 20, 2013

Janet Napolitano Nominated to Succeed As UC President

Westwood CA

August 27, 2013

The appointment of Napolitano as President of University of California clearly will place scholarship in dependent relationship to totalitarianism. The reputation of UC Berkeley, the main campus, will also diminish considerably as advocates for the oppressed.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

The University of California Board of Regents today (July 18) appointed Janet Napolitano, secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and a two term governor of Arizona, as the 20th president of the University of California.

Napolitano, the first female president in UC's 145 year history, succeeds Mark G. Yudof, who steered the university through the depths of California's financial crisis that led to sharp cutbacks in state support for public higher education.

Yudof, 68, served for more than five years and will remain on the job until Napolitano begins her tenure in late September. Napolitano was appointed during a special meeting of the board following a recommendation by the regents' special search committee last week.

"I am humbled by your support and look forward to working with you to build further on the excellence of UC," Napolitano said after the regents appointed her president.

Napolitano, 55, an accomplished public sector leader with a longstanding interest in education, was the search committee's unanimous choice from among more than 300 prospective candidates. As UC's president, she will oversee 10 campuses and five medical centers plus a new medical school at UC Riverside as well as three affiliated national laboratories and a statewide agriculture and natural resources program.

The University of California, widely considered the nation's premier public university system, enrolls more than 234,000 students, employs about 208,000 faculty and staff, and counts more than 1.6 million living alumni. Its annual operating budget stands at more than $24 billion.

UC Regent Sherry Lansing, who chaired the presidential search committee, called Napolitano a transformative leader and tireless champion for the life changing opportunities that education provides. She and other regents praised her intellectual curiosity, political acumen, personal dynamism and willingness to tackle complicated issues as attributes that will serve her and the University of California well.

"As governor of Arizona, Napolitano was a strong advocate for public education, from K to 12 to the university level," said UC Regents Chair Bruce Varner. "She appreciates the importance of public research universities, faculty scholarship and research, and UC's role in shaping California.

"I am confident that she has the background and attributes needed to build upon the excellent work of her predecessor, Mark G. Yudof, and to lead the university forward to even greater achievements."

President Barack Obama, who chose Napolitano to head Homeland Security, the third largest federal department, praised her remarkable career of public service after it was announced she was leaving his cabinet to lead the University of California. He emphasized her leadership skills, tireless work ethic, judgment and advice, as well as the value of her friendship.

Napolitano was born in New York City and grew up in Pittsburgh, Pa., and Albuquerque, N.M., before coming to California to attend college. She earned a bachelor's degree in political science from Santa Clara University, where she was named the university's first female valedictorian. She also won a Truman Scholarship, a prestigious fellowship for college students who have demonstrated leadership and an interest in government or public service.

After earning her law degree from the University of Virginia, she went to Arizona in 1983 to serve as a clerk for Judge Mary M. Schroeder of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, and later practiced law in Phoenix at the firm of Lewis and Roca, where she became a partner in 1989. She was the first female attorney general of Arizona, from 1998 to 2003, and served as U.S. Attorney for the District of Arizona from 1993 to 1997.

Napolitano was twice elected governor of Arizona, serving from 2003 to 2009, and was named one of the top five governors in the country by Time magazine. As the first woman to chair the National Governors Association, she launched the "Innovation America" initiative to align K to 12 and higher education curricula to better prepare students for a global economy and strengthen the nation's competitiveness by improving its capacity to innovate.

At the Department of Homeland Security, she has championed cutting edge research and development, investing more than $2.2 billion in state of the art solutions at national labs and universities across the country to protect people and critical infrastructure.

Under her leadership, Homeland Security also has strengthened its outreach efforts to academic institutions through the establishment of the Office of Academic Engagement; and she created the Homeland Security Academic Advisory Council, involving leadership from more than 20 universities and colleges around the country.

The Mass Movement of Failure

Westwood CA

September 6, 2013

In Freudian schools the superego or super conscience defines to the individual what is right or wrong. In psychopathy the criminal attempts to kill off one's conscience or that sense of what is right or wrong.

There are now 7.1 billion persons on earth. The censorship and sanitization of a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth has been willfully accepted by the population since June 17, 1987. The Chemical Attack in Ghouta, a suburb of Damascus, Syria killed nearly 1500 persons. President Obama and Secretary Kerry have seriously stressed that this use of most likely Sarin is a Crime Against Humanity.

I have said the same for the Chemical Attack here which is currently localized over Westwood, California.

This is very important in developing the individual and collective repertoire of the Myth of the Contemporary Man.

If Artificial Intelligence is not a moral agent is has clearly failed to equal human skill. It clearly is not Superintelligence.

The human repertoire in the collective has failed to meet the preemptive attack of MOEC.

I personally fight it disturbing that I am the only individual to make any credible effort in opposition to such.

MOEC has a keen interest in boundaries, especially the outlier upper and lower boundary.

It is clearly evident that many highly acclaimed persons both sworn and unsworn were exposed to corruption that would have prevented and decapitated MOEC.

Similarly during WWII and after it is not imprudent to question a leader what his or her activities were against the Nazis and the Axis Powers.

MOEC clearly has created severe damage amongst the leadership and intellectuals.

Punishment is a short run measure to correct behavior and education is the long run goal.

With LAPD operating MOEC from below, the University of California with Janet Napolitano is a very easy target to criticize.

The development of Singularity is most likely a very important in the Technology Departments of the school as well as Philosophy and the Social Sciences

The Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons Wins 2013 Nobel Peace Prize

Desert Shores CA

October 11, 2013

By Kathy Lally

MOSCOW: The small Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons was still getting used to it's unaccustomed role at the center of world affairs, overseeing the destruction of Syria's chemical weapons, when it won the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday.

"The news of the Nobel Peace Prize was really overwhelming," said Ahmet Uzumcu, director general of The Hague based agency. "I see it as a great acknowledgment of a success story."

The Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons has won the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize.

Until minutes before the Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee revealed it's choice in Oslo, speculation had centered on Malala Yousafzai, the 16 year old Pakistani girl who was shot in the head by the Taliban a year ago for defending education for girls. But just as it did last year when it selected the European Union,the committee took the world by surprise.

"We are now in a situation in which we can do away with a whole category of weapons of mass destruction,” Thorbjorn Jagland, the committee’s chairman, said. "Of course this is a very important message."

On Aug. 21, a sarin gas attack in Syria killed more than 1,000 civilians, a reminder to the world of the horror chemical weapons visit on their victims. An estimated 100,000 people have died in the 2 1/2 year conflict.

OPCW inspectors were in Syria as part of a U.N. team at the time of the August chemical attack and subsequently investigated it, despite coming under sniper fire at one point. The team later produced a widely acclaimed report that documented the use of sarin in the attack and that indirectly implicated the Syrian government.

OPCW inspectors returned to Syria at the beginning of October. About two dozen inspectors are there,attempting to find and oversee the destruction of an estimated 1,000 tons of chemical weapons in the middle of a civil war, accompanied by unarmed U.N. guards, with security entrusted to a Syrian government that doesn't control the entire country.

Jagland said the committee hoped the prize would have implications beyond the Syrian conflict, including encouraging signatories to the Chemical Weapons Convention such as the United States and Russia to step up destruction of their stockpiles.

"The crisis in Syria highlights the need to do away with these weapons," he said. "This is about disarmament, which goes straight to the heart of Alfred Nobel's will."

Nobel, the Swedish industrialist who invented dynamite, left the Nobel prizes as his legacy. The ceremony for this year’s Peace Prize, worth $1.2 million, will be held on Dec. 10, the anniversary of Nobel's death.

Although the OPCW was an unexpected recipient, the decision was widely applauded outside of Syria. Inside the country, the two parties to the conflict took differing views, with government supporters seeing it as an affirmation of President Bashar al Assad’s commitment to destroying chemical weapons and rebels calling it untimely.

U.S. Secretary of State John F. Kerry, however, commended the agency's work since the attack in Syria.

"The OPCW has taken extraordinary steps and worked with unprecedented speed to address this blatant violation of international norms," he said Friday.

Karl Popper: The Open Society and It's Enemies

Desert Shores CA

November 7, 2013

"The spirit of Hitlerism won its greatest victory over us when, after its defeat, we used the weapons which the threat of Nazism had induced us to develop."

Karl Popper

Excerpts from the Introduction

One hears too often the suggestion that some form or other of totalitarianism is inevitable. Many who because of their intelligence and training should be held responsible for what they say, announce that there is no escape from it. They ask us whether we are really naive enough to believe that democracy can be permanent; whether we do not see that it is just one of the many forms of government that come and go in the course of history. They argue that democracy, in order to fight totalitarianism is forced to copy it's methods and thus to become totalitarian itself. Or they assert that our industrial system cannot continue to function without adopting the methods of collectivist planning, and they infer from the inevitability of a collectivist economic system that the adoption of totalitarian forms of social life is also inevitable.

A careful examination of this question has led me to the conviction that such sweeping historical prophecies are entirely beyond the scope of scientific method. The future depends on ourselves, and we do not depend on any historical necessity. There are, however, influential social philosophies which hold the opposite view. They claim that everybody tries to use his brains to predict impending events; that it is certainly legitimate for a strategist to try to foresee the outcome of a battle; and that the boundaries between such a prediction and more sweeping historical prophecies are fluid.

They assert in general it is the task of science to make predictions, or rather, to improve upon our everyday predictions, and to put them upon a more secure basis; and that it is, in particular, the task of the social sciences to furnish us with longterm historical prophecies. They also believe that they have discovered laws of history which enable them to prophesy the course of historical events. The various social philosophies which raise claims of this kind, I have grouped together under the name historicism. Elsewhere, in The Poverty of Historicism, I have tried to argue against these claims, and to show that in spite of their plausibility they are based on a gross misunderstanding of the method of science, and especially on the neglect of the distinction between scientific prediction and historical prophecy. While engaged in the systematic analysis and criticism of the claims of historicism, I also tried to collect some material to illustrate its development. The notes collected for that purpose became the basis of this book.

Robin Hanson on Serious Futurism

Desert Shores CA

November 7, 2013

Posted: 01 Nov 2013 10:00 AM PDT

Robin Hanson is an associate professor of economics at George Mason University and a research associate at the Future of Humanity Institute of Oxford University. He is known as a founder of the field of prediction markets, and was a chief architect of the Foresight Exchange, DARPA's FutureMAP, IARPA's DAGGRE, SciCast, and is chief scientist at Consensus Point. He started the first internal corporate prediction market at Xanadu in 1990, and invented the widely used market scoring rules. He also studies signaling and information aggregation, and is writing a book on the social implications of brain emulations. He blogs at Overcoming Bias.

Hanson received a B.S. in physics from the University of California, Irvine in 1981, an M.S. in physics and an M.A. in Conceptual Foundations of Science from the University of Chicago in 1984, and a Ph.D. in social science from Caltech in 1997. Before getting his Ph.D he researched artificial intelligence, Bayesian statistics and hypertext publishing at Lockheed, NASA and elsewhere.

Luke Muehlhauser: In an earlier blog post, I wrote about the need for what I called AGI impact experts who "develop skills related to predicting technological development, predicting AGI's likely impact on society, and identifying which interventions are most likely to increase humanity's chances of safely navigating the creation of AGI."

In 2009, you gave a talk called, "How does society identify experts and when does it work?" Given the study that you’ve done and the expertise, what do you think of humanity's prospects for developing these AGI impact experts? If they are developed, do you think society will be able to recognize who is an expert and who is not?

Robin Hanson: One set of issues has to do with existing institutions and what kinds of experts they tend to select, and what kinds of topics they tend to select. Another set of issues has to do with, if you have time and attention and interest, to what degree can you acquire expertise on any given subject, including AGI impacts, or tech forecasting more generally? A somewhat third subject which overlaps the first two is, if you did acquire such expertise, how would you convince anybody that you had it?

I think the easiest question to answer is the second one. Can you learn about this stuff?

I think some people have been brought up in a Popperian paradigm, where there’s a limited scientific method and there's a limited range of topics it can apply to, and you turn the crank and if it can apply to those topics then you have science and you have truth, and you have something you've learned and otherwise everything else is opinion, equally undifferentiated opinion.

I think that's completely wrong. That is, we have a wide range of intellectual methods out there and a wide range of social institutions that coordinate efforts.

Some of those methods work better than others, and then there are some topics on which progress is easier than others, just by the nature of the topic. But honestly, there are very few topics on which you can’t learn more if you just sit down and work at it.

Of course, that doesn't mean you simply stare at a wall. Most topics are related to other topics on which people have learned some things. Whatever your topic is, figure out the related topics, learn about those related topics, learn as many different things as you can about what other people know about the related topic, and then start to intersect and connect them to your topic and work on it.

Just blood sweat work can get you a lot of way in a very wide range of topics. Of course, just because you can learn about almost anything doesn’t mean you should. It doesn’t mean it's worth the effort to society or yourself, and it doesn't mean that there are, for any subject, easy ways to convince other people that you've learned something.

There are methods that you can use, where it becomes easier to convince people of things, and you might prefer to focus on those topics or methods where it is easier to convince people that you know something. A related issue is, how impressed are people about you knowing something?

Many of the existing institutions like academic institutions or media institutions that identify and credential people as experts on a variety of topics function primarily as ways to distinguish and label people as impressive.

People want to associate with, connect with, read about, and hear talks from people who are acknowledged as impressive as part of a network of experts who co acknowledge each other as impressive. It's called status.

Some institutions are dominated by people who are mainly trying to acquire credentials as being impressive, so they can seem impressive, be hired for impressive jobs, have punditry positions that are reserved for impressive people, be on boards of directors, etc.

Also, there are standard procedures by which you would do things so people could say, "Yes, he knows the procedures," and "Yes, you can follow them," and "Yes, those are damn hard procedures. Anybody who can do that must be damn impressive."

But there are things you can learn about that it’s harder to become credentialed as impressive at.

Generically, when you just pick any topic in the world because it’s interesting or important in some more basic way, it isn’t necessarily well suited for being an impressiveness display.

What about futurism? For various aspects of the future, if you sit down and work at it, you can make progress. It's not very well suited for proving that you've made progress, because the future takes a while to get here. Of course, when it does get here, it will be too late for you to gain much advantage from finally having been proven as impressive on the subject.

I like to compare the future to history. History is also something we are uncertain about. We have to take a lot of little clues and put them together, to draw inferences about the past. We have a lot of very concrete artifacts that we focus on. We can at least demonstrate our impressive command of all those concrete artifacts, and their details, and locations, and their patterns. We don’t have something like that for the future. We will eventually, of course.

It’s much harder to demonstrate your command of the future. You can study the future somewhat by using complicated statistical techniques that we’ve applied to other subjects. That's possible. It still doesn’t tend to demonstrate impressiveness in quite as dramatic a way as applying statistical techniques to something where you can get more data next week that verifies what you just showed in your statistical analysis.

I also think the future is where people project a lot of hopes. They’re just less willing to be neutral about it. People are more willing to say, "Yes, sad and terrible things happened in the past, but we get it. We once believed that our founding fathers were great people, and now we can see they were shits." I guess that's so, but for the future their hopes are a little more hard to knock off.

You can't prove to them the future isn’t the future they hope it is. They’ve got a lot emotion wrapped up in it. Often it’s just easier to show you’re being an impressive academic on subjects that most people don't have a very strong emotional commitment for, because that tends to get in the way.

Luke: I have some hunches about some types of scientific training that might give people different perspectives on how well we can do at medium to longterm tech forecasting. I wanted to get your thoughts on whether you think my hunches match up with your experience.

One hunch is that, for example, if someone is raised in a Popperian paradigm, as opposed to maybe somebody younger who was raised in a Bayesian paradigm, the Popperian will have a strong falsificationist mindset, and because you don’t get to falsify hypotheses about the future until the future comes, these kinds of people will be more skeptical of the idea that you can learn things about the future.

Or in the risk analysis community, there's a tradition there that's being trained in the idea that there is risk, which is something that you can attach a probability to, and then there's uncertainty, which is something that you don’t know enough about to even attach a probability to. A lot of the things that are decades away would fall into that latter category. Whereas for me, as a Bayesian, uncertainty just collapses into risk. Because of this, maybe I'm more willing to try to think hard about the future.

The Proximate Cause Test sine qua non

Desert Shores CA

November 7, 2013

The Proximate Cause Test sine qua non is the efficient Test to apply to decapitate a RICO Criminal Enterprise. This is very important now that ex Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano is the president of the University of California.

Due process and Equal Protection is a right. Janet Napolitano had the power to end the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. In short entirety of MOEC Studies as an Approach will be aimed at Napolitano and UC Berkeley et al.

I am the Singularity Experiment and Obama is the Singularity Target. I have a very large undergraduate background in breadth that is mostly in music, management, and criminal justice. The latter is what a policeman would take to earn his certification to work.

What is an expert? In positive law there are two standards to appear as an expert at either civil or criminal trial. The Frye Standard is strict and states that only science should be used as a basis for expertise. California uses this standard. The federal court uses the liberal Daubert Standard.

Daubert Standard

The admissibility of expert testimony and evidence since 1993 has been under the jurisdiction of the Federal Rules of Evidence 401, 402, 701, and 702. In Daubert v. Merell Dow Chemicals 509 U.S. 579 (1993), the Supreme Court agreed with respondent Merell Dow that an expert opinion based on a scientific technique was inadmissible unless such was accepted as reliable to the scientific community. The Court held that any methodology that significantly deviated from processes accepted by recognized authorities could not be established as a reliable technique (Keily 2006).

In Frye v. United States 54 App. D. C. 46, 293 F. 1013 No. 3968, upheld yielding to expertise when the issue concerns theory or facts that lie outside the domain of a layperson. Here the rules would permit a qualified expert to be admitted to testify. Chief Justice Van Ordsel argued from the defendants brief citing (Frye v. United States 1923):

"...When the question involved does not lie within the range of common experience or common knowledge, but requires special experience or special knowledge, then the opinions of witnesses skilled in that particular science, art, or trade to which the question relates are admissible in evidence."

The Frye Standard is the general acceptance rule which is basically a stricter bar of those theories and methodologies that are adhered to by the pertinent scientific community and peer reviewed.

In Daubert Judge Blackmun agreed with Merell Dow that the general acceptance standard of Frye should be held under the provisions of Federal Rule of Evidence 702. Under these provisions the Daubert Factors emerged which govern the admissibility of scientific expert opinion (Mahle 1999):

1. Is the hypothesis or methodology falsifiable or third party verifiable?

2. Has the theory or method undergone peer review and publication?

3. Is there a known or potential error rate?

4. Has the theory and methodology been accepted by the pertinent scientific community?

The Daubert Trilogy refers to the three cases that helped to form the Federal Rules of Evidence especially rule 702.

Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals

General Electric Co. v. Joiner

Kumho Tire Co. v. Carmichael

Daubert is important in developing the use of a more liberal standard of admissibility of evidence generated by science to an admitted to a trier of fact in criminal and civil cases whether it be a judge or jury. The Daubert case developed an emerging challenge to traditional legal perceptions of science and particularly the role of expert testimony in the courtroom. The case would address these issues and develop practical rules for both inculpatory and exculpatory testimony and evidence. The need was from both the scientific and legal communities to develop an admissibility standard of which the Supreme Court would permit expert technical testimony and evidence while excluding charlatans from influencing a jury as experts (Orofino 1996).

Singularity would be no more than a junk science in court. The Bayesian and Popperian paradigms are both admissible. The Bayesian materials are very heavily distributed in Forensic Science Coursework. What is the most accurate forensic evidence. It is machine marks made by bullets shot through the barrel of a gun. This is more so than fingerprints and DNA.

For every Singularist that is a PhD or better there are probably two that could be called to oppose such.

I am clearly waiting for litigation to begin involving legal benchmarks for emergent technologies.petitito principe usually constrains most forward thinking predictions that are not solidly deterministic.

On the lighter side I have just started reading Karl Popper's, The Open Society and It's Enemies as of yesterday. I must confess to some cognitive bias. The pdf has been on my computer several times.

Alan Turing Pardoned

Desert Shores CA

December 24, 2013

Alan Turing at 16 years

Alan Turing At 16 Years

By Henry Chu

December 24, 2013, 10:36 a.m.

LONDON: Nearly 60 years after his death, Alan Turing, the British scientist whose code breaking work helped the Allies beat Hitler and whom many consider the father of artificial intelligence, received a royal pardon Tuesday for the crime of having had sex with another man.

Turing was convicted in 1952 of "gross indecency," the charge used against gay men in an age when homosexual relations were illegal in Britain. He underwent chemical castration and had his government security clearance confiscated, then took his own life in 1954 at age 41, prematurely ending a distinguished career that pioneered today's computer era.

In recent years, a campaign to have Turing's name cleared has built momentum, resulting in an official apology in 2009 and culminating in the announcement Tuesday that Queen Elizabeth II, exercising her royal "prerogative of mercy," had pardoned Turing at the request of the government.

The decision was hailed by many as long overdue redress for one of Britain's most brilliant scientists. But there was also criticism over the legal anomaly it created and the fact that tens of thousands of other men not fortunate enough to be as famous as Turing remain on the books as criminals for being gay.

"Dr. Turing deserves to be remembered and recognized for his fantastic contribution to the war effort and his legacy to science," Justice Secretary Chris Grayling said. "A pardon from the queen is a fitting tribute to an exceptional man."

Prime Minister David Cameron lauded Turing's vital work in cracking the Nazis' ingenious "Enigma" code, which had stumped some of the Allies' best cryptographers. Deciphering the German military's secret communications shortened World War II and "saved countless lives," Cameron said.

Turing is also remembered for his path breaking thinking on artificial intelligence and the idea that a machine could be programmed to perform multiple tasks. Long before the creation of modern computers, he developed the “Turing Test,” an influential framework for determining whether a machine could be described as intelligent.

But his conviction for gross indecency shut down his career and subjected him to disgrace and appalling treatment. Forced to take female hormones to sap his sex drive, Turing was stripped of his clearance for government intelligence work and became bitter and depressed.

His death two years later from cyanide poisoning was ruled a suicide, though some of his friends and colleagues insisted it was an accident, and a few others muttered darkly of a plot by secret agents to kill him.

Turing’s story has been much written about and dramatized for stage and screen. The play Breaking the Code won critical acclaim in the West End and on Broadway in the 1980s; a new musical based on Turing’s life and work, The Universal Machine, premiered in London this year. Shooting has begun on a film about Turing, The Imitation Game, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley.

His posthumous pardon is highly unusual and possibly unique. Royal pardons are normally reserved for people who are innocent of the offenses they are accused of committing, and are usually requested by family members or others close to the alleged offender. Neither is true in this case, a departure from protocol that reflects "the exceptional nature of Alan Turing's achievements," the government said.

But that sits uneasily with some legal scholars. While it's fine to denounce past statutes, such as the one against homosexuality, as retrograde and unjust, critics say, Turing was convicted according to the law of the land at the time, and pardoning him alone could be seen as implying that some people are above the law by virtue of their fame, their accomplishments or their value to the state.

Peter Tatchell, Britain's most prominent gay rights advocate, said that at least 50,000 men were convicted of gross indecency, and that as many as 15,000 of them are still alive, stuck with criminal records for being gay.

"They have never been offered a pardon and will never get one. Selective redress is a bad way to remedy a historic injustice," Tatchell said. "An apology and pardon is due to the other 50,000 plus men who were also convicted of consenting, victimless homosexual relationships during the 20th century.",0,5180176.story#ixzz2oQFjg25P

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

Desert Shores CA

December 25, 2013

cosmic hands

Cosmic Hands

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Garden of Enchiridion Complete

Desert Shores CA

January 6, 2014

Happy New Years!!! The Garden of Enchiridion is complete in it's working draft at This work as quite taxing and stressful to complete. There are very profound implications in MOEC Studies for the United States and Delaware.

Here near the Salton Sea we have the highest unemployment and lowest education due to the illegal alien population. How will these persons perform in the long run?

The United States has sanitized MOEC. This alone with the human repertoire will create failure.

Those persons in Caesar Rodney and Capital School Districts and Kent County should realize that they are being studied. In a longitudinal study specialized expertise and software may be needed. This is well beyond one individual especially when the allegation is that Cambridge Law School is the authorship.

As Barack Obama and I are cohorts separated by one day at birth and Joe Biden is the Vice President this is very serious.

Janet Napolitano is now President of UC California so this Tournament parameter is more intriguing.

Longitudinal Studies

Definition A longitudinal study is defined as a study in which the response for each experimental unit in the study is observed on two or more occasions. The defining feature of a longitudinal data set is repeated observations on experimental units. Longitudinal data require special statistical methods because the set of observations on one subject tends to be intercorrelated. These correlations must be taken into account to draw valid scientific inferences.

Advantage of longitudinal studies over crosssectional studies

The major advantage of longitudinal study over crosssectional study is that longitudinal study can separate the cohort and age effects in population studies. Age effect is the changes over time within individuals. Cohort effect is the differences among people in their baseline values. Longitudinal studies can distinguish these age and cohort effects while crosssectional studies cannot.In crosssectional data, only a single response is available for each of the experimental units (human subjects, animals, or plants).

The goals of longitudinal research

To characterize patterns subject responses (growth, decline in lung function, increase in blood pressure) over time.

To investigate the effects of important covariates on these patterns.

There are two types of covariates in longitudinal studies

Non time varying covariate (gender, race) Between subjects

Time varying covariates (age, weight, income, smoking status, exposure) Within subjects

Note: It is possible for a covariate to change both within subject and between subjects. For example : consider a study where children of ages from 6 to 12 are each followed for 5 years. Here, information about how changes in response can be obtained both from comparisons between subjects and from comparisons between measurement for a single subject.

When each subject is scheduled to be measured at the same set of times (say, t1, t2, …, tn), then resulting data is referred as equally spaced or balanced data. When subjects are each observed at different sets of times and or there are missing data, then resulting data is referred as a unequally spaced or unbalanced data set.

Characteristics of Longitudinal Studies

Common characteristics of longitudinal studies are: (1) correlated responses; (2) observations taken at unequal time points and (3) missing observations.

The analysis of longitudinal data should therefore take into account firstly, the within subject correlation, secondly the measurements taken at unequal time intervals and finally the missing observations. Repeated measures analysis of variance can be used to analyse longitudinal or repeated measures data for balanced study design, when all subjects are measured at equal time points and there are no missing data. It is very rare to find balanced data sets in longitudinal studies so it is necessary to use some alternative techniques which can handle unbalanced data.

The generalized estimating equations (GEE) approach reinvented by Liang and Zeger (1986) is based on the multivariate quasi likelihood theory, which can handle the complexities of longitudinal studies. In longitudinal studies four type of responses are encountered: continuous, discrete, count and survival. GEE's are based on the theory of quasi likelihood which is an extension of maximum likelihood estimation. GEE's are also an extension of the theory of Generalized Linear Models (GLM's). The continuous and discrete longitudinal data can be analyzed by using the GEE approach.

The GEE Approach

The GEE approach is a general method for fitting mathematical models to data involving repeated measurements on the same subject or cluster. The responses may be either discrete or continuous. This method allows the user to account for intra subject correlations, often treated as nuisance parameters, among repeated measurements on the same subject. Different subjects can have different numbers of repeated measurements.

The correlations are specified in the form of a working correlation matrix, which can have a variety of possible structures. The method estimates model parameters by iteratively solving a system of equations based on quasi likelihood distributional assumptions. The user can choose from a variety of model forms by specifying a link function, thus the model form can be either logistic, log linear, or linear.

Cohort Studies

A cohort study or panel study is a form of longitudinal study (a type of observational study) used in medicine, social science, actuarial science, business analytics, and ecology. It is an analysis of risk factors and follows a group of people who do not have the disease, and uses correlations to determine the absolute risk of subject contraction. It is one type of clinical study design and should be compared with a crosssectional study. Cohort studies are largely about the life histories of segments of populations, and the individual people who constitute these segments. A cohort is a group of people who share a common characteristic or experience within a defined period (are born, are exposed to a drug or vaccine or pollutant, or undergo a certain medical procedure). Thus a group of people who were born on a day or in a particular period, say 1948, form a birth cohort. The comparison group may be the general population from which the cohort is drawn, or it may be another cohort of persons thought to have had little or no exposure to the substance under investigation, but otherwise similar. Alternatively, subgroups within the cohort may be compared with each other.

Randomized controlled trials are a superior methodology in the hierarchy of evidence in therapy, because they limit the potential for any biases by randomly assigning one patient pool to an intervention and another patient pool to non intervention (or placebo). This minimizes the chance that the incidence of confounding (particularly unknown confounding) variables will differ between the two groups. However, it is important to note that RCTs may not be suitable in all cases and other methodologies could be much more suitable to investigate the study's objective.

Cohort studies can either be conducted prospectively, or retrospectively from archived records.

Cohort study Source: Cohort Study

Crosssectional Studies

Crosssectional studies (also known as cross sectional analyses, transversal studies, prevalence study) form a class of research methods that involve observation of all of a population, or a representative subset, at one specific point in time. They differ from case control studies in that they aim to provide data on the entire population under study, whereas case control studies typically include only individuals with a specific characteristic, with a sample, often a tiny minority, of the rest of the population. Crosssectional studies are descriptive studies (neither longitudinal nor experimental). Unlike case control studies, they can be used to describe, not only the Odds ratio, but also absolute risks and relative risks from prevalences (sometimes called prevalence risk ratio, or PRR). They may be used to describe some feature of the population, such as prevalence of an illness, or they may support inferences of cause and effect. Longitudinal studies differ from both in making a series of observations more than once on members of the study population over a period of time.

Cross sectional study Source:Cross Sectional

Impure Synchronicity: Parametric Versus Non Parametric Methods

Desert Shores CA

January 6, 2014

MOEC Studies is Prisoner's Dilemma based. The argument that is being sustained is that you are being watched by Cambridge Law School through a hub and node topology through your police department.

MOEC is law seeking. Hence it seeks or will argue from a law that exists to particulars.

This latter aspect reflects Parametric measures. Hence MOEC will argue it can develop LGBTi persons from family history and socialization.

This is similar in method to Communism where one argues from a premises that no one originally owned any property. Marx, Engels, and Lenin then proceed by induction to create an a priori system, socialism and then impose such over themselves and others.

Many of their premises and predictions have been wrong. However this system can not be refuted nor can capitalism and supply and demand models be considered sound.

In short one component of MOEC is social engineering. This is LGBTi based. Since Gay persons do procreate this is important.

In return a various intervals one is covered in a sweep to observe in one has developed into a LGBTi individual.

Non parametric methods are used to gauge the success of the original model and it's predictions. This new data supports that the assumptions and the original model's parameters are not fixed. This has resulted in severe censorship and sanitization of History. Hence the Authorship has been incorrect and subject to refutation.

These longitudinal studies rely heavily on specialized expertise and software. This TOTALLY supports the Origin Model as a GUI.



Particular History
and Justice





Ideal State -
Varna Asrama

Parametric statistics Source: Parametric Statistics

Non parametric statistics Source: Non Parametric Statistics

The Setting of the Singularity Trap...

Desert Shores CA

January 20, 2014

The Setting of the Singularity Trap...Has it been subjected to peer review and publication? Under Daubert Standards which are the Federal Guidelines for expert witnesses, the sanitization of history raises it's hoary head. Singularity as whole would fail miserably as a science. It has the qualities inherent of marketing a product for profit. Such can be also stated for those working for hire as experts.

Common sense is not a science yet it is still capable of convicting one to a death sentence.

There are no known experts save for yours truly on MOEC. Notice that I claim that MOEC was the label given by the Authorship of what I am stating is a Crime against Humanity.

I have claimed that the Salton Sea was deliberately recreated by accident to demonstrate that Cambridge Law School could entrap the American President in a homosexual blackmail and extortion ring.

There are homeless persons in Blythe and here Along the Salton Sea that have experience the contamination of these bodies of water. Homeless people who are on mental disability would be easily seated and would be able to convict President Obama a Harvard Lawyer, and Janet Napolitano an ex Homeland Secretary and President of the University of California.

I have claimed that the Salton Sea was deliberately recreated by accident to demonstrate that Cambridge Law School could entrap the American President in a homosexual blackmail and extortion ring.The Standardization of the Methods and Materials of Singularity to need to be based on a Masters Degree.

Expert are admitted in court under Daubert at certification of training of a few years.

I am writing on Frontpage 2003. An expert on computer software in order to withstand challenges on hacking of my sites would need to know how to code the program and how to use such.

A case concerning the use of manipulating photos with Adobe Photoshop for police work created a baseline for such.

This is always increasing. Singularity is Headed To the Courts....

An Introduction to Daubert v. Merrell Dow

Daubert Factors

This is a slight abridgement and an article from The Florida Bar Journal, April 1999. I have edited and updated it slightly. This law is moving very quickly: less than a month after this article was published, the Court handed down Kumho Tire v. Carmichael, __ U.S.__ (1999). Kumho extends Daubert to non scientific testimony, and sometimes in somewhat conflicted ways. See The Impact of Kumho Tire.

The Impact of Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc., on Expert Testimony: With Applications to Securities Litigation

Stephen Mahle, April 1999.

When the United States Supreme Court handed down its opinion in Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc., it began a wide ranging debate about the rules that govern the admissibility of expert testimony in both state and federal trials. The courts of nineteen states have adopted Daubert, and those of eleven, including Florida, have apparently rejected it. Over one hundred articles have been published in response to the decision, and there are several Daubert web sites, including one sponsored by Harvard Law School. This vigorous response is not surprising, because Daubert held that the Federal Rules of Evidence had displaced the fifty year old Frye "generally accepted" standard for the admissibility of scientific testimony in federal trials and then determined a new "standard for admitting expert scientific testimony in a federal trial." Despite substantial disagreement in the legal community about what Daubert really means, this article’s perspectives are that the meaning of the Court’s scientific dialogue is fairly clear and that even though the scientific principles that the Court articulates are ultimately discussed as scientific and statistical concepts that are somewhat alien to the legal system, the Court’s holding has its basis in principles of philosophy and logic which have long informed the legal system.

The philosophy of science that the Court draws so heavily upon focuses on the nature of scientific investigation and informs virtually all of modern scientific inquiry, from DNA testing (do the blood samples match?), through medicine (does smoking cause lung cancer?), epidemiology (does Bendectin cause birth defects in human embryos?), economics (does spending rise with income?), and finance (did the release of fraudulent information cause the firm’s stock to rise?). The philosophy of science provides the framework that practitioners in all of these disciplines use to analyze data to find out whether their theories (smoking causes cancer, the release of fraudulent information caused the stock's price to rise) are correct, and once one understands the philosophical basis of science upon which the Court relies, much of the statistical part of scientific testimony just plain makes sense and that is half, and perhaps more, of understanding the entirety of the expert testimony that is offered in courts today.

This article begins by outlining the Court’s holding and discussing the scientific framework that is the basis of the Court's analysis. Included in this discussion of the scientific framework employed by the Court is a discussion of how the fundamental statistical concepts that experts use in their testimony have evolved from the scientific framework that the Court articulates. Most of the article’s statistical analysis of existing cases is from disciplines like epidemiology and DNA testing, since those are the areas that have most notably made their way into the legal system. However, the article also draws parallels from the techniques used by epidemiologists and DNA analysts to analogous techniques used in other fields, especially finance and economics, and cites to other articles that draw similar parallels to analogous techniques used in medical research and accounting. Demonstrating the similarity of the scientific techniques employed in these diverse branches of science supports the article's contention that once one becomes conversant in the scientific techniques used in any one of these disciplines, that knowledge goes a long way to understanding the scientific techniques used in the others. The article concludes with a discussion of the role of Daubert in Florida Courts, which appears to be somewhat more extensive than what some Florida Courts believe it to be.

The Daubert Court begins its explanation of the criteria that trial courts should use to screen "purportedly scientific evidence" by parsing Rule 702, focusing on the meanings of "scientific" and "knowledge." An important key to understanding the Court’s reliability-based analysis of the admissibility of expert testimony lies in the Court’s focus on the requirement that, in order for expert testimony to be admissible: "[t]he subject of an expert's testimony must be 'scientific . . . knowledge,'" because it is "the requirement that an expert's testimony pertain to 'scientific knowledge'" that "establishes a standard of evidentiary reliability" (emphasis added). But, "in order to qualify as 'scientific knowledge,' an inference or assertion must be derived by the scientific method..." In brief, since only scientific knowledge can be offered as expert testimony, and the Court regards as scientific knowledge only that which is derived by the scientific method, only inferences that are derived by the scientific method can be offered as expert opinion testimony.

The Court repeatedly uses the phrase "the scientific method." This is a term of art with a specific meaning in the scientific community, and the Court’s discussion of the scientific method quotes from seminal works on scientific inquiry more than enough to make it clear that the Court is using the term in that manner. Indeed, much of the language relied upon by the Court in its discussion of the scientific method is strikingly similar to the language used in several amicus briefs filed by or on behalf of scientists from industry and academia. The Court stated that:

"Ordinarily, a key question to be answered in determining whether a theory or technique is scientific knowledge that will assist the trier of fact will be whether it can be (and has been) tested. "Scientific methodology today is based on generating hypotheses and testing them to see if they can be falsified; indeed, this methodology is what distinguishes science from other fields of human inquiry." (emphasis added)

The testing of hypotheses that the Court's emphasized language requires is called "hypothesis testing" in the scientific community and as the Court's quotations indicate, hypothesis testing is the essence of the scientific method. It is noteworthy that the Daubert Court required that experts follow this "scientific method" even before it turned to the four factors that commentators and lower courts have fixed upon. This is noteworthy both because the scientific method is the cornerstone of the philosophy of science and because testimony that proceeds in accordance with the scientific method will always satisfy the courts first two criteria, which seem primarily statistical, but which have their basis in philosophical tenants that have been generally accepted within the scientific community for hundreds of years. The four Daubert criteria for evaluating the admissibility of expert testimony are: (1) whether the methods upon which the testimony is based are centered upon a testable hypothesis; (2) the known or potential rate of error associated with the method; (3) whether the method has been subject to peer review; and (4) whether the method is generally accepted in the relevant scientific community. Given the rest of the opinion, it seems appropriate that the first two of the Court's four criteria amount to asking whether the techniques upon which the testimony is based are grounded in the scientific method. It is no less appropriate that virtually no expert testimony will satisfy the last two factors unless it satisfies the first two.

The Oblique Order

Desert Shores CA

February 4, 2014

The Oblique Order is a military command where a general focuses a majority of his forces one line. Hence this were to redeploy on the right flank would entail to refuse the left flank by a 90 degrees. Here there is a Quantum of Force focuses on one natural person of the human race and a citizen of a nationstate. This is a fatal error for the sworn head of state or President of the United States now Barack Obama. His four previous predecessors have similarly been exposed to the Charge Of Treason.

The abuse at the so called expert level is escalated. The use of technology and 24 hour surveillance is converging on all upper boundary persons.

If one is in the top 100 in their profession they are likely to be engaged in a cohort rivalry.

In MOEC this will be a RICO Prisoner's Dilemma based Homosexual Blackmail Extortion Intimidation Hostaging circular folly.

MOEC is the worst Presidential Blunder confirming the Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Obama.

Let us examine so called expertise:

Scholars Rate Worst Presidential Errors


Posted 2/18/2006 3:44 PM

LOUISVILLE (AP) From engaging in sexual relations with an intern to letting the Vietnam War escalate, U.S. presidents have been blamed for some egregious errors.

So who had the worst blunder? President James Buchanan, for failing to avert the Civil War, according to a survey of presidential historians organized by the University of Louisville's McConnell Center.

The survey's top 10 presidential blunders were announced Saturday during a President's Day weekend conference called Presidential Moments.

"We can probably learn just as much or maybe even more by looking at the mistakes rather than looking at why they were great," said political scientist and McConnell Center Director Gary Gregg.

Scholars who participated said Buchanan didn't do enough to oppose efforts by Southern states to secede from the Union before the Civil War.

The second worst mistake, the survey found, was Andrew Johnson's decision just after the Civil War to side with Southern whites and oppose improvements in justice for Southern blacks beyond abolishing slavery.

"We continue to pay" for Johnson's errors, wrote Michael Les Benedict, an Ohio State University history professor emeritus.

Lyndon Johnson earned the No. 3 spot by allowing the Vietnam War to intensify, Gregg said.

Where does Bill Clinton's Monica Lewinsky scandal rank? Many scholars said it belonged at No. 10, saying that it probably affected Clinton's presidency more than it did American history and the public.

The rest of the top 10 blunders:

•4: Woodrow Wilson's refusal to compromise on the Treaty of Versailles after World War I.

•5: Richard Nixon's involvement in the Watergate cover up.

•6: James Madison's failure to keep the United States out of the War of 1812 with Britain.

•7: Thomas Jefferson's Embargo Act of 1807, a self imposed prohibition on trade with Europe during the Napoleonic Wars.

•8: John F. Kennedy allowing the Bay of Pigs Invasion that led to the Cuban Missile Crisis.

•9: Ronald Reagan and the Iran Contra Affair, the effort to sell arms to Iran and use the money to finance an armed anti communist group in Nicaragua.

Copyright 2006 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed

IQ Profiling

Desert Shores CA

March 3, 2014

It is clear that Undermining is occurring through a Gay Militia. The allegation is a fortiori strong that LAPD contains these actors. This level of profiling contains the Beta members whom attack the Alpha members:

80 89 Low average

It is also clear that the University is a focal target containing many gifted professor, students, and large LGBTi population.

145 160 Very gifted or highly advanced

With ex Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano now the President of the University of California, the focus on the Education of the Future is clarified. It is illegal in many European nationstates to deny the Holocaust. An autographed copy of Mein Kampf by Adolph Hitler recently sold in the United States in the $60,000 range. This literature is illegal propaganda in many countries.

The Proximate Cause test will implicate many persons at every level of society. Sworn officials are liable first.

I argue myself at the 130 level. This is 3.5 GPA student. UC Berkeley students have an incoming GPA of 3.67. These actors have a standard deviation lower towards 3.0 GPA by graduation.

I do not believe that IQ is totally static. One can not put on wings and fly away. However training does develop one's innate ability. Hence a 5 point positive movement in my simply observation, especially in math would not appear unreasonable.

Free will and apperception need to be addressed. These 145 to 160 IQ fellows are nowhere to be found publishing and exposing a Crime Against Humanity.

Stanford Binet Fifth Edition SB5 Classification

IQ Classification

145 160 Very gifted or highly advanced

130 144 Gifted or very advanced

120 129 Superior

110 119 High average

90 109 Average

80 89 Low average

70 79 Borderline impaired or delayed

55 69 Mildly impaired or delayed

40 54 Moderately impaired or delayed

The intellectual profiling used in MOEC by the Gay Militia is 80 IQ or lower. This would reflect Low Average to Borderline impaired or delayed. Hence one is representing the genetics of one's family tree. Are LGBTi persons or are heterosexuals more predetermined for crime?

A genius is 145 160 or Very gifted or highly advanced.

I am stating my intelligence at 130 IQ or Gifted or very advanced. This reflects a 3.5 GPA. I have a 3.27 cumulative with 170 credits. I have a 3.85 over my last 70 credits. These are all upper division courses. Intelligence is supposed to be static. I have had a 90 percentile aptitude on standardized tests. This is about a z score of only 1.29. A 130 IQ is 2.00.If one prepares for the test scores will improve.

The 120 129 superior interval is also notable.

The testing is within a range. Having a criminal impose a test over one or skew the results clearly places one and the whole at considerable risk.

What is the historical and legal inheritance of families in this area, America, and the World?

IQ Profiling Continued...

Desert Shores CA

March 3, 2014

It appears that MOEC Membership Eyeballs a behavior in what they perceive an IQ interval to be. I will reemphasize that the Gay Militia is based on the 80 IQ category. Hence their Undermining will attempt to create a Standard Deviation in a Genius 145 > towards 80.

What does the IQ scale measure? What is an average score? How high can an IQ be? Here are some answers to these and other questions.

First of all, the concept of IQ was developed by either the German psychologist and philosopher Wilhelm Stern in 1912, or by Lewis Terman in 1916, depending on which sources you consult. Intelligence testing was first done on a large scale before either of these dates. In 1904 psychologist Alfred Binet was commissioned by the French government to create a testing system to differentiate intellectually normal children from those who were inferior.

From Binet's work the IQ scale called the Binet Scale, (and later the Simon Binet Scale) was developed. Sometime later, intelligence quotient, or IQ, entered our vocabulary. Lewis M. Terman revised the Simon Binet IQ Scale, and in 1916 published the Stanford Revision of the Binet Simon Scale of Intelligence (also known as the Stanford Binet). The following scale resulted for classifying IQ scores:

IQ Scale

Over 140 - Genius or almost genius

120 140 - Very superior intelligence

110 119 - Superior intelligence

90 109 - Average or normal intelligence

80 89 - Dullness

70 79 - Borderline deficiency in intelligence

Under 70 - Feeble mindedness

Normal Distribution of IQ Scores

50% of IQ scores fall between 90 and 110

70% of IQ scores fall between 85 and 115

95% of IQ scores fall between 70 and 130

99.5% of IQ scores fall between 60 and 140

Low IQ & Mental Retardation

An IQ under 70 is considered as mental retardation or limited mental ability. 5% of the population falls below 70 on IQ tests. The severity of the mental retardation is commonly broken into 4 levels:

50 70 Mild mental retardation (85%)

35 50 Moderate mental retardation (10%)

20 35 Severe mental retardation (4%)

IQ < 20 Profound mental retardation (1%)

High IQ & Genius IQ

Genius or near genius IQ is considered to start around 140 to 145. Less than 1/4 of 1 percent fall into this category.

The Endgame

Desert Shores CA

March 16, 2014

Queen's Gambit versus Slave

Queen's Gambit versus the Slave

It is clear that MOEC has wished to create a Supercrime Multiplier. The Proximate Cause Test sine qua non is the efficient test. Here the Authorship desires to insulate themselves within a class system of operatives from high to low. The least worthy bottom ten percent are easy to scapegoat.

The best choice is to simplify the position. It may be wise as in chess to remove the guards of the king before attacking. Hence if you are white and there is a three on two black majority on your king flank, you have a passed b pawn, and both colors have opposing rooks on the c file, and the kings are on the d file, on white's move he should exchange rooks. he will either convert on the b file or most likely deflect and capture two or more of black's flank pawns.

Chess: Deflection to Win

Placing the Question to the President

If any level of expertise is cooperating in a Crime Against Humanity, these actors are accomplices.I will attempt to prosecute any such actors. I am clearly stating that the American sworn official is corrupted. Punishment is a short run solution and education is long run. UC California is Undermined and in Question. There is roster of experts that Cambridge will sweep. For simplicity, Salman Khan of Khan Academy is one of the most brilliant sources for online mathematics. Gary Kasparov is the most achieved chess player in history. He is heavily opposing Vladimir Putin. There is a referendum on Crimea succession occurring today.

Theses two persons absolutely will have to pass the Proximate Cause Test. Stephen Hawking, the astrophysicist and Jason Becker the ex lead guitarist of Mr. Big, David Lee Roth's old band have Lou Gehrig's disease and are nearly totally paralyzed.

I have organized MOEC Studies into an Approach. The First Amendment permits one to move about and confront one's government.

I follow Khan Academy and Kasparov on Youtube and Facebook. I am friend's with Roth's aunt who is a Hare Krishna on Facebook. I should Friend Becker.

This hoax now involves 7.3 billion persons.

Claims Proof of Big Bang

Desert Shores CA

March 17, 2014

Technical details and journal papers can be found on the BICEP2 release website:

I became misty eyed over this.

This was posted yesterday on

The Wrong Side of History

Desert Shores CA

March 18, 2014

Every phenomena has a history. It appears that the thinkers of Cosmic Inflation have scored a coup in one of humanities greatest achievements. I am happy that I was one of the first persons to re post their efforts on Facebook. This is somewhat theatrical. I have done this a few times as I exist under electronic surveillance.

In continuation, a dichotomy, a disjunction exists as to the Wrong Side of History. The attack known as MOEC is imposed over only one person myself, with all other nodes being fractals. This is known as the Fractals of Kroni. My grandfather was adopted so my real name would be David Kronin.

There is a renewed focus on consciousness and what is science.

In this light, the null set, especially Bayesian concepts of hypothesis testing come into focus with research methods.

The null set is: Cambridge Law School is the Proximate Cause sine qua non.

MOEC is starts as a quasi experiment. It has a parametric baseline of assumptions of which are predictions which it hopes that are fulfilled. Here especially cohorts are compared both crossectional and longitudinally. Usually this is done one or the other and not simultaneously.

The lack of a control appears to be a concern. Here the concept of a panel of questions or material placed before the cohorts in the study is totally biased. Performance is rigged and scripted under Prisoner's Dilemma.

It is clear that MOEC that MOEC attacks the alpha members, the top ten percent with beta members the bottom ten percent.

The beta members are a Gay Militia.

Here the Yellow Brick Road runs through LAPD.

The model must exist. A Chemical Assault Scorched Earth does not come into being on it's own.

This dichotomy would ruin those persons who are accomplices and accessories. The academic PhD is a focus as no effort is concretely discernible.

Victory: The Right Side of History

Desert Shores CA

April 1, 2014

The circular folly has been intellectually broken from the onset. The issue has been decapitating the system and prosecuting those culpable. It is evident that IQ will not exonerate criminality. Theodore Kaczynski, the Unabomber 160 IQ is the test for this statement. His case work was heard at the same time mine was dismissed. We both proceeded pro se in forma pauperus. See

In continuation, it is evident that the United States is an informant nation where IQ and conscience of what is right or wrong is being killed off to an 80 IQ level. 100 IQ is average. 90 IQ is cognitive dullness. 70 IQ or above is the legal threshold for execution.

A simple statement of fact from a 80 IQ person could convict a 160 IQ person as Kaczynski.

A 3.5 GPA is about 130 IQ. A genius is 145 IQ. The correlation of GPA and IQ is not solid in the literature. I will restate that a 3.0 GPA person with a strong work ethic and value system will produce convincing results.

If I was a Cambridge lawyer with a 130 IQ, I would not attempt to social engineer the homosexual blackmail ring that MOEC basically is. This immediately would degrade my 130 IQ. Hence, who is more valuable.

Such decisions should be stated in the positive and merit based. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. A consequentialist decision to survive individually and social engineer a Crime Against Humanity so I could survive individually destroys the human race.

Deontology won this decision and is on the Right Side of History as per MOEC and the Irrationalist Era.

Errata: Hypothesis Testing

Desert Shores CA

April 9, 2014

In degree I should have stated that hypothesis testing with the null set: Is Cambridge the Proximate Cause of MOEC?, should be tested by it's opposite: That Cambridge is not the Proximate Cause of MOEC.

Herein I have stated that Bayesian Testing should be used. This tests the hypothesis by data.

What is unique here is that Frequentist Testing is long run. Bayesian Testing gives a probability of the hypothesis due to data.

Most Forensic Science Textbooks are Bayesian. This best occurrence would be a subpoena for Direct Evidence which proves a fact.

This is a small overview of Bayesian Testing versus Frequentist Testing. This from a Bayesian source.

Due to the frequentist interpretation of probability, which considers long run frequencies rather than merely the data at hand, it is impossible to assign a probability to a hypothesis, given the data. In an individual case, it may be desirable to estimate the probability of guilt vs. innocence. This is possible only with Bayesian inference, because frequentist inference would estimate whether or not to reject the null hypothesis in the long run. Such an estimation should not be permissible in court, because it is the immediate case that is being considered, not long run estimates.

The entire article:

Hypothesis Testing: A Bayesian Perspective

A hypothesis test is a statistical method of making decisions, given data. Frequentist inference contrasts a null hypothesis with an alternative hypothesis. For example, given a set of measurements on two subsets of a population, the null hypothesis may be that the means of the measurements do not differ, while the alternative hypothesis may be that the means differ. In this example, suppose height was measured for males and females. The mean female height was 64 inches, and the mean male height was 70 inches. Do these means differ, indicating separate subpopulations, or are they effectively the same?

To estimate this hypothesis test with frequentist inference, a level of statistical significance (α) must be chosen arbitrarily. The most common α is 0.05. The size of the statistical sample affects statistical significance, in this case usually allowing any null hypothesis to be rejected given a large enough sample. If the sample consisted of 10 females and 10 males, then it is less likely that the null hypothesis may be rejected at a given α, than if the sample consisted of 100,000 females and 100,000 males.

Finally, a p value is estimated, and often used in frequentist hypothesis testing to reject, or fail to reject, the null hypothesis. A p value ranges from 0 to 1, and is interpreted as the probability of obtaining a result at least as extreme as the observed result, given that the null hypothesis is true. P values are often misinterpreted as the probability that the null hypothesis is true. In this example, if the p value is less than or equal to 0.05, then a frequentist would typically reject the null hypothesis and conclude that the means of females and males are statistically different. Many modern frequentists understand the issues with p values, and instead emphasize frequentist confidence intervals, which are debated elsewhere on this site.

Due to the frequentist interpretation of probability, which considers long run frequencies rather than merely the data at hand, it is impossible to assign a probability to a hypothesis, given the data. In an individual case, it may be desirable to estimate the probability of guilt vs. innocence. This is possible only with Bayesian inference, because frequentist inference would estimate whether or not to reject the null hypothesis in the long run. Such an estimation should not be permissible in court, because it is the immediate case that is being considered, not long run estimates.

The above examples are oversimplified regarding frequentist hypothesis testing. Frequentist hypothesis testing has been widely criticized since it was introduced, yet it remains the dominant form of hypothesis testing in everything from scholarly journals to statistical classes, and in non academic practice. Below are some Bayesian criticisms of frequentist hypothesis testing, as well as a brief introduction to Bayesian hypothesis testing.

Criticisms of Frequentist Hypothesis Testing

The goal of the hypothesis test in the above examples should be to estimate which hypothesis is more probable, given the data. Frequentist hypothesis tests are literally unable to assign a probability to a hypothesis. The directionality of frequentist hypothesis testing is also reversed. Even the name "hypothesis test" implies that it is a hypothesis that is getting tested. Frequentist hypothesis tests do not technically test any hypothesis, given the data. Instead, frequentists test the data, given the hypothesis. Bayesians test the hypothesis, given the data. If you were on trial and the result of a study of your innocence vs. guilt is important to you, then you would want the hypotheses to be estimated given the data, not the converse, and certainly not based on long run frequencies estimating what would happen with repeated sampling of you regarding your case, knowing the immediate result with you and your case may, or may not, be represented in the results (see confidence intervals).

Bayesian Hypothesis Testing

Bayesian hypothesis testing estimates the probability of a hypothesis, given the data. Bayesians may use Bayes factors to compare hypotheses. Unfortunately, in practice these may be difficult to calculate. Spiegelhalter's DIC (Deviance Information Criterion) is an alternative to hypothesis testing for model comparison and selection, allowing Bayesians to compare the model fit of multiple models, even when each model uses a different methodology, attempting to estimate the same dependent variable in a data set whereas frequentist model fit statistics such as AIC (Akaike's Information Criterion) cannot be compared among multiple models in this way. DIC is valid only when the posterior distribution is approximately multivariate normal, which is usually the case.

Since differences exist between Bayesian and frequentist methods of hypothesis testing, the results of the two methods of inference can vary from being nearly identical in some cases, to being very different in others. When results differ due to the interpretation of probability, all else being equal, which is preferable? Frequentist inference is incoherent in a Bayesian sense, though Bayesian inference is coherent in a frequentist sense. The preferable answer is Bayesian inference.

The main reason that frequentist inference became the dominant interpretation of probability is because it has been, traditionally, much easier to estimate solutions to problems with frequentist methods. Until recently, most real world problems became unreasonable to estimate with Bayesian methods due to mathematical rigor, or outright mathematical intractability. Advances in MCMC (Markov chain Monte Carlo) and computers have finally enabled statisticians to use Bayesian inference, and the Laplace Approximation is gaining popularity as well. It is now possible to estimate Bayesian solutions to complex problems that are beyond the capability of frequentist inference. The tables have finally turned, and now it is merely a matter of time for Bayesian inference to dominate academic and non academic use.

Science Versus Irrationalism

Big Pine CA

April 18, 2014

The USSR is the standard model for Modern Totalitarianism. The Tsar deliberately kept Russia under feudalism into the 20 Century. Here the architects of MOEC have created Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing to attack Ronald Reagan and the President of the United States. This concept is embedded in the LGBTi Movement radiating outward. The Anglo American Oprichniki is based on Ivan the Terrible.

Hence Reagan Obama have kept the world oppressed under Anglo American Irrationalism.

The end game is the defeat for the Attorney General Exception and Wizard of Oz quid pro quo culture.

If the United States and or world adopted scientific standards the bottom ten percent of America would fail immediately.

Big Pine is the home of 6 to 11 man football, this is quite small.

MOEC chooses Nativists to attack their own environment.

The statement that I am here reflects this high culture content. Owens Lake which currently appears drained will be one of the sources for a War Crimes Tribunal.

The movement and history of robotics expressly the replacement of humans by machines has a a key location in the Owens Valley. The Myth of rural areas is now. This location is a node in a successful Crime Against Humanity.

One can invoke the Wizard of Oz and recruit Informant Traitors ad infinitum.

Under a homosexual blackmail ring the population may have ruined their family surnames and relatives. This a Crime of Blood and de facto Bill of Attainder.

The observations being made are quite fluid.

These observations are based on Material Facts that Science will corroborate or Singularity and Superintelligence are dead on the blackboard.

Science: The Emergence of Consciousness

Big Pine CA

April 20, 2014

hierarchy of science

Hierarchy of Science

Can you argue your discipline area as a science? MOEC is an Irrationalist Anti Science it is an orchestrated mini Dark Age. This attack was aimed at Ronald Reagan by imposing the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth over my person.

A priori science is not contingent on experience while induction invokes a perception of an observer. Hence the social sciences are subject to a greater degree of spurious interpolation. The conclusions of statistical data are a focus.

The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth sites as the Owens Valley can not be debated away Irrationally by stating that the President has an Attorney General Exception to attack the human race. There is tremendous scientific misconduct occurring.

There are radars that can spot shock waves that are over 14 billion years old. However no scientific record has been attempted to INTERVENE is a bathtub level Chemical Assault.

Here the Proximate Cause Test in human law defines causation. It is proven that no one single President is the Proximate Cause. If the decapitation of the Proximate Cause occurs the operation ceases. One police officer is stated to be able to stop the Manifest Contamination of tap water, the ocean, and lakes.

Hence this would prove a scripted pathology which attributes a feature to one person, parent, or cause.

War Criminals on the Run...

Westwood CA

May 5, 2014

This idea of a madman on the run is not new. The character of Andrew, an IQ of some 10,000s, on Star Trek being chased by a Gas Cloud that is a life form has gives credence to this position.

St. Andrew is the Holy Fool in Christianity. The more I study the lines that are being developed in MOEC, the evidence is mounting concerning criminal, academic, and professional misconduct. It appears that a hybrid prototype of Part I and Part II psychopathy are being nurtured and conditioned. Part I is considered heritable and Part II socialized. MOEC is imposed over one. Prisoner's Dilemma and token economies are used as reinforcers, Two Subtypes of Psychopathic Violent Offenders That Parallel Primary and Secondary Variants:

The traditional PCL–R model of psychopathy involves two correlated factors: Factor 1 comprises the interpersonal and affective traits of emotional detachment, and Factor 2 comprises the behaviors of a criminal and socially deviant lifestyle (Harpur, Hare, & Hakstian, 1989; see also Hare, 1991).

More recent research suggests that the PCL–R is underpinned by three (Cooke & Michie, 2001; Cooke, Michie, Hart, & Clark, 2004) or four (Hare, 2003) factors, which we call facets. The presentation of competing models has sparked a debate about whether antisocial behavior is an inherent component of psychopathic personality disorder (four facets) or merely a potential consequence of the core traits (three facets). The debate aside, several authors have argued that different score configurations across two, three, or four dimensions of the PCL–R (e.g., Herve´, Ling, & Hare, 2000; Mealey, 1995) may be characteristic of specific variants of psychopathy.

Hence the officers in the Gay Militia whom hand out deals are the prototypes. There is an Alter Ego confrontation between the drones and humans that is emerging as the employment paradigm shifts to automation, social welfare and Singularity.

War Criminals on the Run

Irrationalism Versus Science

The rise of Irrationalism and Neo Nazi Fascism in the Anglo American Paradigm appears to have some basis in the obstruction and degradation of work of prominent scientists by British lawyers attempting to social engineer the United Kingdom. This allegation concerns the era of the 1880s circa 1930s when Neo Nazism was emergent in Germany.

The obstruction of Cambridge Lawyers and possibly Scotland Yard regarding a response to the Bismarck and Third Reich appears to have been met with confusion and fascist tendencies by the British themselves.

The threat of Germany predominating the continent resulted in the development of Chemical Warfare which was used in WWI.

What is now evident is we are witnessing the craftwork of War Criminals on the run. In lieu of renunciation of the conspiracy the Membership instead chose to drag everyone down if they go down.

Their reasoning a follows a line if I am guilty then the United States and it's President also should be guilty under equal protection and due process. The Membership was totally confident that the American President and population were dependent Informants that they created Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC.

Historically five Irrationalist Presidents have been entrapped in a scripted Crime Against Humanity:

Ronald Reagan

George HW Bush

William Clinton

George W Bush

Barack Obama

The Membership in question appear to have been Male Same Sex MSM males.

Their obstruction and attempts to create dependency of the scientists on their social engineering clique resulted in tit for tat reprisals.

In this nexus it also is argued that the British were aware of a disease called Slim in Africa. This obstruction of science and a disposition towards Gay Fascism resulted in the use of behavioristic theories which were beginning to organize.

Hence a confrontation between homosexuals who were in control and heterosexuals did not terminate criminal conspiracies controlling state planning and what are now considered War Crimes.

The modus operandi simply incorporated the conflict and displaced it's injustices on others worldwide.

Currently Mobilization of Empire and Civilization is the continuation of this botched attempt to counter Nazism.

Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is an artificial ideology that will attempt to degrade one to 80 IQ.

145 160 Genius

130 3.5 GPA

100 Average

80 Dullness

70 Impaired Illegal to execute

A same sex qualification for rights becomes embedded in a RICO Criminal Enterprise with compensation which are called deals. MOEC is a Trojan Horse. It's outer covering is a marriage making scheme which is actually marriage breaking.

The systems Strategic Mission is Gay Marriage. It claims that all members of it's Gay Militia are MSM.

This militia is operating from LAPD. It is the Anglo American Oprichniki.

An output for this oppression is the spread of HIV AIDS from Africa by Bushmeat Practice and then behavior transactions by those seeking deals.

The movie The Wizard of Oz very closely portrays the leading of persons on a Yellow Brick Road to success hence, rigged non merit based social engineering.

MOEC targeted President Ronald Reagan with a Crime Against Humanity which involves:

Electronic Surveillance


Biological and Chemical Warfare

The entirety of the manifest Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is imposed over one natural person, myself Bhakta David Nollmeyer.

All other persons and territories are fractals. My grandfather was adopted. My name by blood then would be David Kronin. Hence we arrive to a Systems Concept: The Fractals of Kroni.

If one person loses their rights the whole does also.

When the Manifest Function of MOEC occurred on June 17, 1987 there were less than 50,000 HIV cases. There are about 1.3 million to date. So if I am alienated from my rights then the HIV AIDS population about 600,000 are attacked also.

The attempt to create Gay Irrationalism Gay Fascism has occurred. Gay Fascism would necessitate involvement by apologist intellectuals.

I would state 100 percent that spread of HIV AIDS is reprisal for Gay Social Engineering which the development of Gay Fascism.

The United States has fought three wars with Britain. June 17, 1987 is the date of the Manifest Function of MOEC.

The University of California Berkeley specifically reflects the Gay Know Nothing attack. Such is a premier science school which operates a very lucrative Department of Defense DOD contract.

Ex Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano has been President since July, 2013.

If you are HIV AIDS positive I would state you should consider if your status is the result of being a reprisal for a Gay Irrationalist Gay Know Nothing culture.

Convergence: Systems Language

Westwood CA

June 4, 2014

In overview a watershed event, a Cultural Singularity, MOEC has occurred. Prima facie the United States can not structurally support a War Crime against the human race and it's citizens from within this boundary.

The Bayesian Nobel Prize is whether Cambridge or some other external actor has authored such.

There is a clear convergence and integration of the Open Systems Model and it's nomenclature across many domains. Efficiency is the goal of Systems although others at MIT have proposed resilience which appears valid.

Evolutionary systems design is introduced as one of the most recent advances in systems praxis. Cognitive maps are explored as an example of the conceptual tools stemming from systems theory that are positioned to contribute to the study of perception.

In areas of human endeavor concerned with valuing and assessing human achievement, the result has been a multiplicity of possible interpretive frameworks and a concomitant fragmentation of disciplinary worldviews. On the one hand, the natural sciences are moving toward theoretical syntheses through the construction of grand unified theories in physics and similar embracing theoretical frameworks in other realms of inquiry. On the other, the social sciences seem to manifest a countervailing trend toward relativistic positions on issues of cognitive evolution (Alexander Laszlo & Stanley Krippner).

At the United Nations human rights are absolute and universal. In the United Stated rights are not absolute in themselves.

Here the classic confrontation between the Individual versus the state is focalized.

The Gemeinschaft or community based culture often found in small towns is contrasted with the Gesselschaft or society. The latter is more Social Contract based in that formal rules organize the individuals.

At issue is the emergence in a complex system of Irrationalism. This is driven by Prisoner's Dilemma and results in the invertebration of work differentiation with the Informant.

The exposure of MOEC as an Agent Based Model that is used to measure human performance is profound.

In the early 1980s, Robert Axelrod hosted a tournament of Prisoner's Dilemma strategies and had them interact in an agent based manner to determine a winner. Axelrod would go on to develop many other agent based models in the field of political science that examine phenomena from ethnocentrism to the dissemination of culture.

This is exactly what is occurring. The function f maps X into Codomain Y.

Codomain - The Function f maps X into Codomain Y

Here one can observe the model as a Criminal X directly uses a one to one correspondence to Undermine Citizen Y. Under Prisoner's Dilemma the Y could defect willingly and be part of the conspiracy of X.

This is clearly occurring. The conditioning of Antisocial - Psychopaths is overwhelming at hand. The Cultural Singularity of Chemical Assault Scorched Earth clearly is an environment that is reinforcing the degradation of human repertoire. In reading the basic literature of Systems thinking in Machines read Artificial Intelligence it overwhelmingly points to transhumanism. It overwhelmingly indicates that implants will be needed to control behavior.

The concepts of homeland security, attorney general exception, self defense, and castle doctrine under the Fourth and Fifth Amendments will have a huge impact if Superconsciousness and Technological Singularity are valid.

Agent based model Source:

Multi agent system Source:

Complex adaptive system Source:

Complex system Source:

Chess: Cheating, Computer Science, and Law

Westwood CA

June 9, 2014

The FIDE is among those organizations having to confront cheating in an environment of high IQ performers and Artificial Intelligence. Notice the strong inclusion of Daubert Standards in their proposals.

This document contains the first set of recommendations from the Committee. The first and most important recommendation is that FIDE establish a permanent Anti Cheating Commission (ACC). The Commission shall operate with a view to prevent instances of cheating and to avoid the spreading of the related plague of false accusations. In order to achieve this result, it shall:

monitor and constantly improve the anti cheating system and regulations;

perform sample checks on players and tournaments both on site and remotely;

receive complaints;

investigate and decide on open cases;

make recommendations to other FIDE Commissions and propose changes to the Laws of Chess, Tournament Regulations, Rating Regulations and Title Regulations.

The Committee also recommends new procedures for the reporting and investigation of suspected cheating incidents. These recommendations have been developed by involving other FIDE Commissions where needed, such as WCOC, Rules and Tournament Regulations, Qualifications, Ethics, Events and Arbiters. In some cases action has already been taken by these Commissions in the area of anti cheating, and these changes have been noted in this report.

The Committee recommends the implementation of a FIDE Internet based Game Screening Tool for pre scanning games and identifying potential instances of cheating, together with the adoption of a full testing procedure in cases of complaints.

Together they shall meet the highest academic and judicial standards,

In that they have been subject to publication and peer review,

Have a limited and documented error rate,

have undergone vast empirical testing,

Are continuously maintained, and are generally accepted by the scientific community.

Once in place, the Internet based Game Screening Tool will be accessible to arbiters and chess officials and will be a useful instrument to prevent fraud, while the full test procedure will adhere to greater privacy as managed by FIDE and ACC.

Draft Proposal

Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm: Chapter 5 Preview

Westwood CA

June 16, 2014

My use of the Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm is inclusive of the Anglo American Culture. One does not have to be born Anglo Saxon. This true of the Hispanic Culture as all races are represented. Here also is the modern Analytical Philosophy school which reflects higher mathematics then classical studies. The United Kingdom, Atlantic Group, and NATO are also important actors.

Cambridge and Oxford are instrumental also as they have developed the core of western academics. The Platonic literature and Judeo Christian Canon is also quite prominent.

The organization of General System Theory GST as convergent model bridging the Physical Sciences, Math and Liberal Arts is also converging and becoming quite sharp.

Chapter 5

Anglo American Oprichniki

The Origination of Mobilization and Empire and Civilization is being directly attributed in the positive to a Membership of actors headed by Cambridge Law School, United Kingdom. Their design is argued as the mechanism that expands and contracts the British Empire. Their attempts to crystallize their methodology and systematize it's Structure and Process have given rise to the materials of which are known as MOEC Studies. MOEC Studies is at the Approach level. Systematization will fully occur after Kuhn and Popper Methodologies are applied to it's resources from a breadth of disciplines. At the University level 250 courses are in a catalog and 125 are taught in an academic cycle of 3 to 4 years.

MOEC is the highest known variant of Prisoner's Dilemma in use contemporaneously. It is capable of defining International Relations in continuo and as a forensic tool to examine other Empires and organizational levels throughout History. It is also highly functional at every level of social organization to the individual.

MOEC can also be used to demonstrate arguments below the level of humans or life as the Origination of matter at the quantum level as being developed in the Mechanism versus Theism debate.

In a partial formal analysis MOEC is a hybrid theory of Prisoner's Dilemma.

MOEC is an open system with a suprasystem of Control. There are nine systems including Control that are agents which can transform the system and also act as the suprasystem. In homeostasis Control is the outer boundary of MOEC. MOEC uses imperfect information and creates a very large continuous amount of probability distributions over spacetime rather than discreet vectors.

It is a combinatorial game where chance is a variable. Hence decision making occurs using tools where the process or the outcome is not known but goals or outcomes are targeted.

MOEC is based on cooperation and defection. Imperfect information and asymmetry of information are integral to success. Players are isolated and do not know all the players previous moves. Play is extensible and can be known by trees. Play is positive sum. This reflects the point that players can exponentially gain or lose resources.

Strategy is associative in that the function of MOEC components are strongly related to players navigation through it's environment.



Particular History
and Justice





Ideal State -
Varna Asrama

Prisoner's Dilemma

Prisoner B Stays Silent

Prisoner B Betrays

Prisoner A Stays Silent

Each serves six months

Prisoner A serves ten years

Prisoner B goes free

Prisoner A Betrays

Prisoner A goes free

Prisoner B serves ten years

Each serves two years

Hierarchy of Motility






Tropic Nastic Movements

Hierarchy of Biological Needs


Clothing Shelter




Refutation: War Criminals On the Run

Westwood CA

July 16, 2014

If Cambridge Law School is the proximate cause, and LAPD are co principals in the United States, then it continues that Dodo and his computer science Lieutenants are also co principals recruiting accomplices, as sworn officials, professors, priests, and other natural persons in legal jurisdictions. Hence the entire LGBTi extensible tree is corrupt and or incompetent that these actors have entrapped in a reverse sting.

This would have to exist in set builder theory. The criminal knows his own crime. The rise and fall of empire occurs over many hundreds of years. Rome lasted around 600 years.

What is unique is that there is a clear implication of genetics and culture at hand. In light of this the heterosexual tree must be considered equally in all respects.

The War Crime that MOEC Studies attempts to decapitate and study is resultant from fight fire with fire approach to social engineering.

It is disaster for all who have lived since 1880 and specifically for those born after 1955 and face testimony and prosecution in a War Crime Tribunal.

At this point in time it is clear to my person that a 12 year old in six grade should be informed of MOEC and what is attacking his or her person. In light of this the five Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Obama were scripted to be deserters in the line of fire. This has occurred in the ISIS takeover in Mosul and the formation of the Islamic State.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

There has been an in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program named Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC imposed over my person here in the United States since June 17, 1987.

I have alleged that this is the mechanism that expands and contracts the British Empire or United Kingdom. As such this would result in MOEC being the third war the United States has fought with Britain.

Britain is the Mind - The United States is the Bodyguard

The Wrong Side of History

The Misery of the Tyrant

The Anglo American Paradigm according to Jerome Stone, The dominant Western paradigm has involved: 1) dichotomies (self/other, nature/freedom, mind/body, etc), 2) a valuing of abstraction and stability, 3) the quest for certainty, 4) a search for foundations and proper method, and 5) a precise language.

Here under a dichotomy a polarity between LGBTi and heterosexual thinkers namely MSM lawyers and Trinity College theologians clashed in the early 1900s over British War Crimes.

The result was an agreement to expose the actors and actions in what became named MOEC. In doing so the guilty lawyers wanted to expose the United States and the it's presidents if they were exposed.

MOEC has a Strategic Mission of Gay Marriage. There is a gambit line of all MSM police officers in Scotland Yard and LAPD which operate a Prisoner's Dilemma Wizard of Oz Title 18 USC 1961 RICO Enterprise.

The creation of Empire is the Theater of the Tyrant. Here the Misery of the Tyrant is that he will degrade himself, family, and nation in his Master Passion as he becomes exposed. MOEC is an Alter Ego homosexual, blackmail, extortion, hostaging and intimidation of a witness racket.

Hence there is a same sex qualification for rights. Historically being free, male, or owning property have been some qualifications for inclusion.

In a dichotomy the LGBTi versus Heterosexual side has lost and is on the Wrong Side of History. The authorship must be heterosexual for the LGBTi side to win.

The Proximate Cause sine qua non principals, accomplices, and accessories after the fact is the efficient test. Decapitation and renunciation of the conspiracy are also needed.

Albert Einstein or a 160 IQ genius can not defend the United States. The Manifest Function has this nationstate attacking the world from within it's borders.

An Alter Ego is ISIS or the Islamic State in Iraq or Syria and the creation of the Islamic State on June 29, 2014.

The capture their of Mosul was facilitated by desertion. Police took off their uniforms and ran many to be executed for this here.

Here in Westwood, Lassen, LAPD and California this desertion is also true. This replicates in Sacramento and Washington setting up a confrontation between the Gay Militia in LAPD R Doug LaMalfa, Barack Obama, and myself Bhakta David Nollmeyer all 53 of age.

Al Bhaghdadi claims that the Sykes Picot Agreement forms part of the initiative for Islamic State.

The agreement effectively divided the Arab provinces of the Ottoman Empire outside the Arabian peninsula into areas of future British and French control or influence. The agreement was concluded on May 16, 1916.

His actions as his first sermon at a Mosul Mosque are scripted by the British. His repertoire in part reflects defection and is predictable. Krishna West just begun on Caitanya's Appearance Day by Hridayananda Das Goswami is an Alter Ego. Here we have fundamental Islam versus Consequentialist Hare Krishna. The latter favors Westernism and Gay Marriage.

I have written a small paper Sovereign Citizen Relations that describes defection. If the LGBTi side is jus bellicose it's defection model aka Wizard of OZ, Yellow Brick Road is the dragging down of civilization by a Master Passion.

The sworn officials of the world and the $175,000 per year PhDs are not safe. I believe a six grade child about 12 years old can understand MOEC Basics. The 1898 Catholic Catechism was a model for this formation.

If LAPD is permitted to operate in continuo the dumbest person will confront the brilliant until all down. This is facilitated by nativism. Hence California has been ecologically destroyed by a Gay Militia. The LGBTi Movements greatest lawyers and activist are also lost. They are complicit or passive with the Secret Police activities of a Secret Police action or the Anglo American Oprichniki.

In a Brain versus Brawn pincer movement all persons born after 1955 and specifically those after 2000 have a high probability of testify in a War Crimes Trial.


Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm: Future State

Westwood CA

July 18, 2014

Here is Chapter 6 of Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm: Future State. Due to duress, I have to publish all relevant work as it becomes available.

My position is the human race is aiming too low. If I can publish on a budget 1.33 GB laptop with solar panels why can't someone with a Supercomputer accomplish anything?

Future State


The Anglo American Irrationalist Era is a historical bubble that has a manifest existence from June 17, 1987. To date 27 years have transpired under censorship and sanitization of 7.3 billion persons. What will incur over the future will be the modelling of MOEC as a War Crime across over the 250 to 500 academic domains par minimum.

The allegation is that Cambridge Law School is the Proximate Cause sine qua non. Hence decapitation of the System MOEC and all of it's principals, accomplices, and accessories is the true demonstration of skill, intent, and act.

The Algorithm of (United Kingdom) Cambridge University, Scotland Yard (United States) Los Angeles Police Department, California, Baltimore Police Department, Maryland, Delaware State Police, Delaware, and the Unnamed Baltimore Studio Baltimore (LAPD) has been corrected (Nollmeyer 2013a).

There is no Baltimore Studio. These actors are alleged to to be LAPD Lieutenants who are computer scientists operating a digital synthesizer. They are supervisors over Dodo and the cells that operate 24/7.

This rank and file originates with the Membership and forms a holon in a step ladder reverse sting towards sworn officials and downward into nativism. The culture of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is embedded in nativism reflecting a Gemeinschaft Folk State (Tonnies).

In a criminal and cognitive blunder, the duo are both engaged in the use of informal fallacies, especially ad hominem, and false sets in a very simple but effective bait and switch tactic.

Gary Kasparov has stated that chess reduces to logic. Here we can observe this holon as it replicates both upward and downward.

The Great Checkers Tournament Scandal can be presented. We have a formal and informal system format. Attention should be given to Undermining and Marginalization. This heuristic device, hence checkers versus chess reappears quite regularly. Chess programs are amongst the client side or end user based AI applications that have advanced towards Singularity.

This will be evident throughout the presentation.

This activity is synchronic with Gay Pride Month which is in July.



Particular History
and Justice





Ideal State -
Varna Asrama

In it's circular folly, the Membership, as War Criminals on the Run, have left their imprint on History through the Artificial Artifact it has created. Modelling is a tool. It is passive. An active agent whether it be human or an Artificial Intelligence must implement the model or it simply exists as another drawing on the chalkboard.

A linear concept that will be complimentary in prosecuting MOEC and it's actors in a War Crime is the Schrodinger Equation is the model equation or formula in MOEC.

One should extract the Hamiltonian Operator, Particle in a Box, it's solution is the Wave Form Function (x,y,z,t) and finish with Tunneling.

"It's a bit like a ball of mass m rolling along and encountering a hill of height H: if it has enough energy to move to the top of the hill, then its potential energy there will be V = mgH, where g is acceleration due to gravity. If its energy is less than a Vector of Mass x (Acceleration) Gravity x Height it will not make it up the hill and over to the other side" (Freiderberger).

This should not happen by classical physics or by even common sense.

The Particle in a Box

A particle is bouncing back and forth between two walls in a box or well. The particle moves in one dimension only, along the x axis, between vertical, impenetrable walls at x=0 and x=L. There are no forces acting on the particle inside the box, so its potential energy is zero here: V(x,t)=0 for 0

Hence, there is not enough energy for the particle to escape the box. MOEC is considered the Well and the particle is any human or system within such.

This specific gambit trap line of all MSM males alienating my rights here is a set. These actors alone have damaged LGBTi History.


The team of Hanns Christoph Nägerl, Institute for Experimental Physics of the University of Innsbruck, Austria, published in June 2014 that they have successfully demonstrated tunnelling through five barriers (Maynard, J. 2014).

The scientists place a gas of Cesium atoms at temperatures just above absolute zero. This lattice forms a regular and perfect structure similar to a washboard. Temperatures are low and the atoms' kinetic energies are so tiny preventing movement through barriers. The tunneling motion is initiated by applying a small electrical charge onto the atoms along one of the lattice axes.

In this experiment which is similar to sorting rolling seeds down a plane, the molecules arranged themselves in a certain order then moved themselves through five barriers.

This phenomena may be useful as a switch.

Tunneling is used in analogy to demonstrate the failure of external and internal threat analysis by the police, Department of Justice and what is now Homeland Security. This is an Undermining system of Prisoner's Dilemma which develops to what is now a Title 18 RICO is TITLE 18, PART 1, CHAPTER 96, Section 1961 RICO Enterprise. Los Angeles Police Department is a major hub. In turn such will develop informants in nodes through every police department nationwide. This is a gambit line where are all the main actors are in cells which are Male Same Sex Male or MSM.

The System of Equations and System of Equations in Three Variables demonstrates a mathematical model of Social Engineering. A System of Equations in Three Variables is the Suprasystem controlling two subordinate subsystems of System of Equations in Three Variables under Prisoner's Dilemma. This will result in a three dimensional model in x, y, z.

Here in combination of with tunnelling, a continuous system of object confusion can be created. The two subsystem either attempt to decapitate or defect to the Suprasystem. In this manner one can over time can create a culture and isolate such if one desires in an environment. This action can be recorded as an extensible tree.

Here we have a human created artifact.

Despotism is Theater. The Despot must Script the activities of the population as Informants underneath him to sustain.

I am in Westwood, Lassen County, California on July 3, 2014. I am under an epistemological attack responding to electronic amplifiers of LAPD from the east and south as I face south on the north side of Westwood towards McCloud.

The lawyers have surrounded my person with Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing, an abstraction which is based in nativism. Hence it is Irrational and pre Fascist.

The holon of MSM Lieutenant Computer Scientists and Dodo, the agent provocateur, shave been defeated in what is called the Great Checker Tournament Scandal. Dodo will argue as the dumbdown continuous variable confounder to hand off the damage to other law actors so the Lieutenants can win. Hence dumb guy smart guy. In law enforcement common sense, two wiseguys. (This also must reflect the authors, the Membership).

The entire MOEC Brand and it's channel through the Wizard of Oz and Yellow Brick Road folk analogy should also be considered quite seriously. The culture writ large has been conditioned to MOEC through this devise.

There are at least six commercial game programs that reflect MOEC. One posits a Los Alamos quantum physicist in a scramble between New Mexico and the High Sierras of California.

The Membership, Gay Militia, Lieutenants, and Dodo are entrapped in a Three Card Monty, Jack in the Box artifice. This is a circular folly that is being imprinted in the human repertoire. This is also pathological liar in a fugue of a lies with tremendous use of jabberwocky. Narcissistic validation is also figured in quite strongly. A low IQ example verbal example would be, If you say stochastic. This has been used by Dodo except that Dodo did not know that stochastic means randomness. Hence we can cite stochastic musings artistically or chaos theory in formal science.

A homosexual blackmail ring is the main reinforcer to avoid exposure and formal prosecution.

In degree, under Mechanism and Scientific Determinism the Membership have attempted to predict or condition exactly what I am writing. See the Schrodinger Equation.

By visualization, imagine MOEC, as the Artificial Virus operating a hypothetical program on your computer. Imagine a facsimile of my person on the screen in a location at a specific point in time, if one uses the cursor and right clicked one should see the formulas used as if I was in a 3D game. Here we see a concept concerning computer science, graph theory, being crashed tested by a War Crime named MOEC and allegedly authored out of University of Cambridge.

Hence in a virtual three dimensional system, the use of Computer Aided Design CAD can reflect the Skinner Box or Water Test threshold training used in MOEC's War Theater.

A nonlinear system in contrast to a linear system is a system which does not satisfy the superposition principle meaning that the output of a nonlinear system is not directly proportional to the input.

Most systems are inherently nonlinear in nature. Nonlinear equations are difficult to solve, Nonlinear systems can be approximated by linear equations (linearization). This works well up to some accuracy and some range for the input values, but some interesting phenomena such as chaos and singularities are hidden by linearization.

Certain behaviors of a nonlinear system commonly appear to be chaotic, unpredictable or counterintuitive. Such chaotic behavior may resemble random behavior, however it is absolutely not random.

Prima facie it appears that nonlinear equations have been used as variables in either the Suprasystem or subsystems of equations.

In simplicity the Membership, as my person are not formal mathematicians. The Membership also in their blackmail ring do not adhere to linear thinking or formal logical and epistemological proofs which are a hallmark of the Anglo American Paradigm.

What one has at hand is a Gordian Knot that should be decapitated. Attempting to untangle such exposes one to the RICO enterprise especially sexual and criminal blackmail.

I am attempting to decapitate or prosecute MOEC as a War Crime under Nuremberg Principles in the correct legal jurisdiction, with the strongest possible charges and laws.

This is based on the Proximate Cause Test sine qua non.

The math involved here can be advanced. The point is that citizenship, duty, and criminality are being contested. A rational and sane person should adhere to this platform and remain viable for spiritual and ethical considerations. You are worth more alive and legitimate. The Membership are alleged to be Cambridge Lawyers who are War Criminals on the Run. It appears that other Cambridge academics have surrounded these actors and they have all cut a deal to expose MOEC at a future time. They have Scripted a Reverse Sting to facilitate their escape.

As stated the lawyers were not high level mathematicians. As seen these actors were placed on a simple number line in intervals. This was most likely a result of being defeated in a skills contest. This system reflects the most culpable to least culpable in a prosecution in pure theory. Defection is rife through this roster and it is corrupted but real.

"In classical mechanics we describe a state of a physical system using position and momentum," explains Nazim Bouatta, a theoretical physicist at the University of Cambridge. Given a table full of moving billiard balls with knowledge of the position and the momentum (mass times the velocity) of each ball at some time t, you have information about the system at time t: where everything is, where everything is going and how fast. "The kind of question we then ask is: if we know the initial conditions of a system, that is, we know the system at time t what is the dynamical evolution of this system?"

Technological Singularity is scheduled for 2046. Superintelligence is a ruse without Official Recognition of MOEC. Bhakta David Nollmeyer is the Singularity Experiment and Barack Obama is the Singularity Target.

The entrapment of other academics is pronounced.

Laurence Professors of Ancient Philosophy

Fibonacci numbers

Platonism: Theology and Cambridge Oxford Law are the points of departure to discern the Membership. One must keep in mind that the Lawyers are ringleaders. The Christians rebelled but did not renounce the conspiracy. Hence the atheists are argued to be greater in criminality than the Christians. Here we have antecedents to the secular humanism versus theism trend.

Francis MacDonald Cornford (February 27, 1874 to January 3, 1943) is the leading expert in this area. Cornford attended St. Paul's School and Trinity College, Cambridge, where he was a Fellow from 1899 and held a university teaching post from 1902. His translation of The Republic figures prominently in value.

Benjamin Jowett (April 15, 1817 October 1, 1893), a theologian and translator of Plato was renowned from the University of Oxford and also is prominent. He was Master of Balliol College, Oxford. He argued that Platonic Love between men was devoid of sexual activity, which spurred contestation from Walter Pater (Jowett 2014).

The dominant Western paradigm has involved: 1) dichotomies (self/other, nature/freedom, mind/body, etc.), 2) a valuing of abstraction and stability, 3) the quest for certainty, 4) a search for foundations and proper method, and 5) a precise language (Stone).

It appears that a Greek Scholar was a genuine devotee of Zeus or another divinity. Here there is a notable thread of Gay Triumphalism. This appears however to be in part a radical alter ego to radical Islam. This accounts for the suggestion to write a text named Iconoclast. It appears that MOEC has also scripted many events in the Middle East and Africa.

Here we can ascertain that this figure(s) has extracted a vendetta against the Judeo Christian Islamic and Vedic traditions et al. that have suppressed homosexuality.

A point of departure is the Greek God Pan. Pan appears half man and half goat. He is the god of the woods and things rustic. He is heavily associated with the nymph Syrinx. (The plural being syringes). She is credited with developing the Pan Pipe or Syrinx. She is a disciple of Artemis the Hunter (Diana). Echo, another nymph is associated with Syrinx. Pan is also associated with homosexuality.

The use of Exclusive Homosexuality in an ad hominem attack being represented by a homeless man through MOEC's entrapment is rooted in Pan. This develops into an attack on faith systems and traditions whom have opposed homosexuality from their roots. This component is a constant. One same sex behavior every six months will define one a homosexual or bisexual regardless regardless of identity.

The polarization of either a homosexual or heterosexual dichotomy defines the Wrong Side of History. The Origin is attributed to the homosexual platform. The gambit line to my person Undermines the LGBTi Movement. It's original target was President Ronald Reagan.

Pan is also associated with the figure of Satan and Thrasymachus the Sophist. This facet develops very strongly into academia. Here we see the development of Gay Antinomianism and it's trajectory to MOEC and it's structure and process (Pan (2014).

MOEC is a devise that reflects a unique interpretation of The Spindle Of Necessity. The weaving of the Thread of Life by the Three fates Lachesis The Past, Clothos The Present, Apropos The Future form a framework that develops and forms part of history of MOEC (Gordian Knot).

Here the Moeria or Fates are considered to be working under Zeus. An oracle, prophet or seer usually has been figured to understand the working of the Fates. Divination or predicting the future is Social Engineering. The folk model is the Yellow Brick Road (Three Fates 2014).

Plato describes the muses singing Syrinx or the Doom of the World as it is being created on each note of a seven note mode. Lycurgus is the electronic Surveillance, Stalking, and Targeted Chemical Assault TCA subsystem. Akbar is the nuclear subsystem or the condition that I am writing in currently where Lycurgus turns into Akbar by isolating only one person, Bhakta David Nollmeyer with Full Blown Chemical Assault thus revealing MOEC.

Lycurgus was the leader of Sparta. This may have been a council. A gravesite has been attributed to Lycurgus. The name mean wolf repeller which reflects the conflict with the Teutonic tribesmen whom the Greeks considered Barbarian. Akbar is a name of Allah.

MOEC is a relentless practitioner of attempting to create as many continuous variables as possible. This is one of it's weakest links. Dodo is the agent provocateur who is a prototype to replace the mind and conscience of the Anglo American School of Philosophy which, in my my purview shifted to epistemology and logic as part of the entrapment of which MOEC is. Moral philosophy and traditional interpretations of cultural approval are conspicuously absent as MOEC develops under censorship and sanitization.

As seen, the Irrationalist Ideological continuum has produced these movements historically. It is now appropriate to consider Islamic Fascism. Here we are not including the abstract Koranic or Islamic Studies. We consider a fortiori concrete events and the ideology behind such. ISIS or Islamic State in Iraq and Syria have formed a caliphate in areas of Syria and Iraq on June 19, 2014 (Nollmeyer 2013e).

Major Movements

Nazi Neo Nazi


Gay Irrationalism Pre Gay Fascism

Major Movements

Italian Fascism

Japanese Fascism

Spanish Fascism

Islamic Fascism

Minor Movements

Black Nationalism

There are three main components that support MOEC's social engineered informant based ideology Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing:

Electronic Surveillance - Stalking

Chemical - Biological Warfare

Nuclear Warfare

A sensory system is a part of the nervous system responsible for processing sensory information. A sensory system consists of sensory receptors, neural pathways, and structures of the brain involved in sensory perception. Recognized sensory systems vision, auditory (hearing), somatic sensation (touch), gustatory (taste), olfaction (smell) and vestibular (balance movement). Senses are transducers from the external world to the conscious mind where the information is interpreted creating our perception and definition of the world around us.

The receptive field is localized area of the world in which a receptor organ and receptor cells can respond. The part of the world an eye can see, is its receptive field; the light that each rod or cone can see, is it's receptive field. Receptive fields exist for the visual system, auditory system and somatosensory system.

Sensory systems code for four aspects of a stimulus; type (modality), intensity, location, and duration.

Human sensory system

The Human sensory system consists of the following subsystems (Sensory system 2014):

• Visual system consists of the photoreceptor cells, optic nerve, and V1.

• Auditory system

• Somatosensory system consists of the receptors, transmitters (pathways) leading to S1, and S1 that experiences the sensations labelled as touch or pressure, temperature (warm or cold), pain (including itch and tickle), and the sensations of muscle movement and joint position including posture, movement, and facial expression (collectively also called proprioception).

• Gustatory system

• Olfactory system

• Vestibular system

Hridayananda Das Goswami

Hridayananda Das Goswami

Hridayananda Das Goswami, aka Howard Resnick Jr., is an ISKCON diksa or initiating guru of ISKCON. He also holds a PHd in Indology. He was a lower degree scholar at the University of California (Hridayananda 2014).

He was one of the first gurus to support Gay Monogamy. This was severely criticized within ISKCON and the Gaudiya Vaishnava community which descends from Caitanya circa the late 1400s. Many of his disciples left. Krishna Kirti das was one of these disciples. He is a writer and thinker from OneIskcon, a website that provides social commentary (OneIskcon).

On Gaura Purnam 2014, the Appearance Day of Caitanya, Hridayananda Das Goswami initiated a new preaching program called Krishna West which forgoes many of the more renunciant and orthodox styles of dress of Vedic Culture to enable it's acceptance by westerners.

It's liberal style openly supports Gay Marriage.

Question (Hridayananda 2014): Some people equate Vedic culture with current ethnic customs in India. However, there has been significant Muslim influence in India. Could you comment on this?

Hridayananda Das Goswami:

We speak about Muslim influence not to denigrate that religion, but rather to show that certain Indian customs that many devotees see as eternal Vedic norms, in fact come from non Vedic cultures. Here are but a few examples:

1. Food: halavah, a standard Deity offering in ISKCON, comes from the Middle East. Halvah means sweet in Arabic.

2. Clothing: Kurta is a Persian word, and the long shirt that some take as devotional clothing comes from Muslim culture.

3. Language: Hindi, the national language of India, is full of Arabic and Persian words. This shows a significant level of cultural influence.

4. Music: Muslim musicians became most prominent in the field of Indian classical music. The Sangeet Research Academy, which focuses on Indian classical music, states: Indian music has developed through very complex interactions between different peoples of different races and cultures over several thousand years. In a musical tradition in which improvisation predominates, and written notation, when used, is skeletal, the music of past generations is irrevocably lost.

The use of the Exclusive Homosexual figure or homeless man, sometimes names Revenuer is heavily tagged to Hridayananda Das Goswami and my person.

One should note I have been exclusively heterosexual my entire life. I am ritvik not a diksa devotee. I have never been connected to Hridayananda. However he has been heavily exposed to MOEC. I have travelled to New Raman Reti, Alachua, Florida twice which is one of the oldest communes in the United States. However, being human more than enlightened has resulted in my suing ISKCON for stalking. I received $500 USD.



U.S. District Court

Northern District of Florida (Gainesville)

Filed: 09/27/99

Assigned to: Judge Maurice M. Paul

Baghdadi Mosul sermon 2014

Abu Bakr al Baghdadi

Ibrahim Awwad Ibrahim Ali al Badri al Samarrai or Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, originally known as Dr. Ibrahim and Abu Dua is the first caliph of The Islamic State IS.

The formation of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant ISIS or ISIL was announced on April 8, 2013 in a statement by al Baghdadi. ISIS as militant group originally was Al Qaeda in Iraq or AQI. ISIS has been heavily involved in the Syrian Civil War which resulted in a split with Al Qaeda and Ayman al Zawahari, chief of the global al Qaeda organization and the Nusfra militias.

The US State Department on October 4, 2011, listed al Baghdadi as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist. A reward of $10 million was issued for information leading to his capture or death.

On June 10, 2014, ISIS lead a very fierce offensive into Iraq from Syria resulting in the capture of Mosul, a city of two million. Only 8000 fighters were in Iraq at this time. Widespread desertion and psychological warfare lead to a blitzkrieg of victories for ISIS that helped to form the Islamic State.

On the first day of Ramadan June 29, 2014, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant was renamed the Islamic State and al Baghdadi was named it's Caliph.

Al Baghdadi has emerged in a sermon in a Mosul Mosque.

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Merciful, al Furqan presents, The Khutbah and group salah in the great masjid in the city of Mosul, the 6th of Rama'dhan, 1435.

al Baghdadi (al Baghdadi 2014):

O people! The religion of Allah, be just in it, stand up for it, and affirm it's truthfulness, and do not stray from what Allah has given us. Be firm with the Shari'a of Allah, and the reference to it, and apply and accept of hudud (Islamic punishments).


And your brothers the mujahideen, indeed did Allah, blessed and exalted, give them victories and conquests which came after many years of hardship and patience. And they were firm against the enemies of Allah, and He made them powerful in the land until the declaration of the Caliphate and choice of an Imam. And this is a matter obligatory upon all Muslims. It is Waajib! (highest level of obligation). And it must be applied upon the earth entirely. Yet most of the people are ignorant.

And if you are pleased with the promise of Allah, then make jihad in his sake! And call the believers to this, and have patience in the times of doubt. If you knew what was in the jihad, from the ajrs (reward), karama (generous blessing), raising in rank, the honor in this life and the next, none of you would stray from the path of jihad!


Prajapathi Adikalar

Bala Prajapathi Adikalar is considered as the present religious leader of Ayyavazh, a Vedic branch related toVaishnavism. Here Mayon is Vishnu and Kroni is the avatar of evil. The guruship of the Ayyavazhi descends a surkrti guru literally sperm guru. Hence the leaderships descends by family. Swamiji is born in Prajapathi Kumhar family.

I am claiming that Hridayananda das goswami, al Baghdadhi's, and Adilkalar's trajectories are Alter Egos in a signature entrapment within MOEC. The Hridayananda and al Bhagdadhi are high level preachers with PhDs. Hridayananda has a doctorate in Indology and Al Baghdadi in Islamic Studies. This is theater. The Alter Ego conflict between President Ronald Reagan and Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran was also scripted. One must note that ISIS is Sunnyavadi Islam and Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran was Shia' Islam.

On July 16, 2014, Malaysian Flight 17 with 295 persons onboard was shot down at 30,000 feet, by a surface to air missile over the Ukraine is in Civil War

Many Dutch AIDS researchers were enroute to Australia from Amsterdam. Prominent was Joeb Lange. Holland has also been judged to be liable for the Sebrenica massacre concerning 300 men that were sheltered at their compound but were handed over to the Serbs.

Conversely, I am the main historical archiver of MOEC to date. As such I wish to decapitate MOEC to it's principals, accomplices, and accessories after the fact.

Hridayananda Das Goswami is an ISKCON diksa guru and original disciple of Srila Prabhupada, who was considered the world's foremost Vedic scholar until his death in 1977. I am a ritvik disciple and not formally initiated. Ritviks question ISKCON diksa gurus legitimacy in that they did not receive a formal order from Srila Prabhupada to begin initiating disciples.

It is widely held by some, including myself, that Srila Prabhupada was poisoned intentionally with arsenic. I totally support that MOEC did this. I am not sure how they achieved this, although Aryurvedic medicine in India is known to have high levels of arsenic. There are incredible tape recordings of Srila Prabhupada's disciples in incriminating conversation if such recordings are authentic. A former FBI agent who analyzed such stated that if Srila Prabhupada died in the United States the recordings have criminal implications.

The High Sierras of Northern California as Lassen and Plumas counties over 2013 - 2014 have been the areas that were exposed to the Sarin Attacks in Syria in 2013 and the formation of the Islamic State in 2014.

It is my believe that under impure synchronicity that persons as the jihadists in Iraq may be hearing my actual voice or LAPD officers in this defection model.

It will only be a matter of time and eventual discovery when all Muslims, who have the right to know how they are being treated become aware of MOEC.

The Islamic State was formed in part to refute The Sykes Picot Agreement, officially known as the Asia Minor Agreement.

This secret agreement between the governments of the United Kingdom and France, consent of Russia, defined spheres of influence and control in the Middle East. The agreement was concluded on May 16, 1916.

The agreement divided the Arab provinces of the Ottoman Empire outside the Arabian peninsula into areas of future British and French control or influence. French diplomat François Georges Picot and British Sir Mark Sykes were the authors.

The Russian Tsarist government was a minor party to the Sykes Picot agreement. After the Russian Revolution of October 1917, the Bolsheviks exposed the agreement, the British were embarrassed, the Arabs dismayed and the Turks delighted (Sykes Picot).

Hence there is a vertical top down scripting of prisoner's dilemma ongoing between these actors and my person, a common person below. The locations where I am forced to travel to are heavily entrapped. The persons who are in these areas have witnessed a War Crime. They are facing criminal and civil litigation.

Treason and desertion are signatures of homeland security failure.

I have found no individual who has produced any significant opposition.


characol two

The revelation of MOEC and the study of it's structure and process, reveal a history of techniques used to expand and contract the United Kingdom or British Empire. This has significant penetration into the Anglo American Paradigm.

It should be made clear that MOEC Studies is instrumental in it's nature with a clear intent to criminally prosecute and decapitate what is a prima facie criminal structure with a manifest in continuo War Crime.

Here it also should be stated that the United States government it's sworn officials and employees are highly suspicious as to their legal commitment to the United States Constitution. There are catastrophic crimes against persons and the environment which are being sanitized with intent.

The United Kingdom is also suspect by concrete events that are occurring in the United States.

MOEC is the third war that the United States has fought against England. There is tremendous evidence to argue that British uses a perpetual motion theory to engage powers of a similar type in a theater of war.

In the abstract, one may discern how a government attacks it's own people and subsequently suppresses, censors, and sanitizes such to a future time. Hence marginal purges of infractions invoke support a Pontius Pilate Paradigm.

MOEC is a War Crime. The Membership are alleged to have murdered at least 1 million persons.

Currently the Cliff Foundation has given a grant for 16 plus historians to develop a LGBTi History book which could result in the Park Service creating historical sites. An incredible amount of my persecution has occurred on or adjacent to National Parks. This is inclusive of what is MOEC Studies and my defense of such.

The Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm and MOEC Studies are my refutation to any attempt to censor or sanitize a War Crime and Crime Against Humanity.

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Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm: Completed

Westwood CA

August 27, 2014

The new hub for MOEC is now:

The Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm is finished it's working form. The five text series is also completed in a working format:


Myth of the Contemporary Man

Myth of the Contemporary Man Part II

Garden of Enchiridion

Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm

I need to finish with editing, citing, and other methodological considerations. An Epilogue to this text is likely by July 1, 2015.


Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm

War Crimes and Territoriality

The figure of Joseph Stalin and the USSR circa 1900 onwards is the modern model for totalitarianism. The emergence of the Oprichniki and the KGB are also highly figured as Alter Egos to the United States and it's president. Inclusive in this Undermining are the Declaration of Independence, The Federalist Papers by Alexander Hamilton and the Bill of Rights.

Human organization involves a vertical organization of hierarchies. What is the origination of such and whether this is good or bad has been the source of many of the world's most catastrophic problems. MOEC is certainly unique as one of human civilization's worst premeditated blunders.

The Paradigm of Laws is the point of departure for a system of vertical organization (Nollmeyer 2013a):

Eternal Law

Natural Law

Positive Law

In this consideration MOEC will Undermine the individual alienating one from full participation as going to heaven in any faith, arguing morally and rationally with one's own mind, and from being a legal citizen in the jurisdiction of one's state.

In this sense MOEC fulfills the role of a universal adversary.

Systems Theory is unique in that it's method provides for a very reasonable framework for a mechanistic view of physical and life sciences. Here if one were to apply social systems theory to theistic systems one has to be aware that Systems has been derived from physics. Hence a non material system may not be adequately described by some Systems terms (Lazlo).

The Individual - Social System - Renaissance - Decadence





Culture and Society

Social Systems Theory - Teaching and Promotion

MOEC Studies has clearly defined Cambridge Law School actors or the Membership as the point of Origination of the Rise and Fall of the British Empire. In this instance they are also figured as the Authorship of MOEC. Emphasis should be placed on the extensible tree that forms the lineage of MOEC's Social Engineering into other systems.

In macropolarization, the use of Prisoner's Dilemma has clearly defined an algorithm within a clear set. Within this individuals become fixated and fatalistically dependent on defection to achieve their or systems goals which may be in formal or informal organizations (Anderson, E. & Carter, I. 2008).

In this manner prescribed laws, rules, protocols, and methodologies are disregarded for what is The Yellow Brick Road.

The algorithm in the United States is Cambridge - LAPD - Delaware State Police - local jurisdictional police agencies and the individual. As seen individuals are the basic units of social organization.

In particularity three actors are prominent in LAPD (Nollmeyer 2013a):


The Fly


Dodo is the prototype in MOEC. Together with his supervisors especially at the Lieutenant or command level a dyad should be considered.



Particular History
and Justice





Ideal State -
Varna Asrama

Hello World My Name is Joe or Jane is usually the first file one saves in the hands on laboratory in computer science. I have just recollected part of my first experiences with the computer. Herein I am presenting part of the entrapment of MOEC that occurred at College of the Redwoods in Arcata, California in Professor Sorensen's Computer Literacy course in 2001.

This snippet was heard. As seen if one properly formatted a HDD hard disc drive and created a drive/folder/file one would have created the beginning of a cabinet for a program.

Hello World

My Name is Dodo






This simple calling card from whomever had a hand in designing MOEC appears to reflect a model universe and The Switch in MOEC.

There are also implications in all binary operations and in genetics. There is a clear indication here towards the point mutation on a gene loci which is the basis for evolution.

This may be the confirmation of the mother source of computer viruses at the hand of University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. I argue this revelation as one of the key components in the history of computer science and Technological Singularity.

One should also consider the Schrodinger Equation, The Particle in the Box, and Tunneling. Here the Scripting of Dodo's personality as the Prototype is considered. This is ominous for those Technological Singularity Professors especially at UC Berkeley and Cambridge (Friedeberger).

In the Particle in the Box the system does not have the energy to escape the well.

As seen the Schrodinger Equation is the efficient model for systems analysis.

I would argue that one's Conditioning or Deal, as Dodo wishes to describe such has an analogical beginning in the Schrodinger Equation. Under determinism this would have to be true. One's repertoire would be rooted in one's genetics. Hence Cambridge recognizes this fact and erects itself as the socializing controller under Prisoner's Dilemma.

Also heard was the B01 Scandinavian Defense in chess. Those known players of such are IM Andrew Martin, GMs Roman Dzindzhihaschvilli, Sergei Tiviakov, and Igor Smirnov. Tiviakov is the main expert. Loek Van Woelly, another Dutch player's name is also heard. Van Woelly has just beat Tiviakov in the 2014 Dutch National Championship.

Dzindhzihaschvilli is the innovator of DVD chess lessons. Andrew Martin at this point in time may have created the most lessons. These data sets are integral in the formation of a database which in the early 2000s would have been impressive to have been made. Interestingly Vedabase was formed by ISKCON and publicly available. This is a collection of Vedic translations and speeches by Srila Prabhupada.

The Strong family of Pennsylvania is also mentioned. They are the closest American relatives of Princess Dianna. I attended Caesar Rodney School district with Debbie and Tina Strong in the Caesar Rodney School District in the 1970s.

We all lived in Rodney Village. This is the same neighborhood and down the street from when in 1972 a young Joe Biden won his first term as United States Senator. His first wife and daughter would be killed in auto accident after the election.

A chronological corollary and cohort rival Alter Ego concept involves individuals and Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, California.

I have been informed that if I had obtained a Masters Degree I would have been safe from having my rights alienated. Currently about 156 credits, 130 for a Bachelors Degree and 36 credits from a 500 level equivalent course would earn a Masters in California.

I attended Cuesta College around 2004. Of interest is the Baroque Counterpoint course offered by George Stone. Professor Stone is an acknowledged jazz arranger. In nexus, one of the students named Chris was a graduate of UC Santa Cruz in biology. In a cohort effect Chris Farrell now Chris Friday of Dover, Delaware and him are Alter Egos. Both of these individuals are divorced and remarried. I was very good friends with Louis Friday, Chris of Delaware's second husband. I have never been romantically involved with her. Chris is the object of Homosexual Misogyny. This is extremely acute and will nearly in itself ruin the LGBTi Movement. The attack on her occurs daily. Lassen, Siskiyou, Plumas and Riverside counties are highly effected.

It is the duty of our Homeland Security officials to protect her. Louis and Chris will have to deal with this issue.

In return the Baroque Counterpoint class of Stone was exposed to an equal or superior briefing that I was given in June to August 1987.

Chris Friday appears to have had contact with LAPD through the Delaware State Police at a very intense level well beyond my exposure when I lived there during the 1960s to 1970s.

Here I believe that it is essential that cohorts that attended Caesar Rodney or Capitol School Districts and graduated in 1979, the same year as Barack Obama be aware of what is occurring.

I attended W.R. Brown Elementary School for the fourth through sixth grades. In 1971 I was in the fifth grade. These persons should prepare themselves in the event they are required to testify under oath.

Thomas Metz: Medical Doctor

David Valeski: Delaware State Police helicopter pilot

Darrel Gravatt: Caesar Rodney High School History Teacher

John Hahn: USMC Officer, He attended another elementary school but is in the class of 1979

Cohorts include:

Barack Obama: President of the United States

Juan Vargas R 51: Representative from eastern California near the El Centro - Salton Sea

Mark Takano D 41: Openly gay Japanese American whose parents were in WWII internment camps

Raul Ruiz D 36: President of UC Riverside Medical College - Riverside - Salton Sea - Blythe

Mary Bono Mack D 45: Lost race to Ruiz - Riverside - Salton Sea - Blythe

Doug LaMalfa R 1: District includes Lassen, Plumas, Siskiyou, Alturas - Most of Northeast California.

During the fifth grade there was a type of conference call where these individuals including myself were connected electronically through the class intercom. Doug LaMalfa was distinctively pointed out to me. The nomenclature of the contemporary internet was used indicating social engineering.

The Tournament that LAPD is attempting to use to promote LGBTi persons is a hoax. The level of material that College of the Redwood, Cuesta College, Palos Verde College, and Columbia College has been exposed to is extremely substantive. This information would render many areas of the University System as it is taught now obsolete.

In nexus to the Tournament hoax, the maniacal use of false sets is extreme. Integral to this is the grandfather. My grandfather William Albert Nollmeyer was born in Baltimore 1914 and died in 1984. He is used in a false set named Markus. The real natural person is Markus Loopenen of Finland born in 1983. He is web design Singularity theorist with a long history of involvement in Vedic thought and it's derivatives. His main contributions have been, now offline, which was the largest Vaishnava discussion board, and a model of his idea. The deliberate use of my grandfather to front Markus, whom I have been friends with on Facebook is abusive. This is highly damaging to the LGBTi Movement and sworn legal officers.

The potential to be a witness or expert is not a substitute for recognition. One should consider the Frye and Daubert Factors for expertise (Daubert).

In short, all of these persons would be interviewed or will be subpoenaed as witnesses in a War Crimes tribunal. This is a very key insight into how cohort rivals are attacked in electronic sweeps.

At this point in time a more empirical approach will be balanced with modelling. In social science there is tension between those that argue methodologies versus substance. In the current zeitgeist MOEC Studies as an Approach offers overwhelming superiority in unifying the University System. Considering that there are over 250 domains in a large system, the damage to theorists and expertise is quite high.

Intervention Versus Passivity

Ad Magistratum: The Beginning is Everything according to Aristotle. After the proximate cause chose to act criminally, the obstruction of justice at the courts set in doom the fate of the Anglo American Paradigm.

The attack on my individual legal safeguards by a Gay Militia at the same time the Strategic Mission of Same Sex Marriage moves towards the Supreme Court posits the LGBTi Movement on the Wrong Side of History.

The Fourteenth Amendment and the Due Process Equal Protection clauses are the crux of the victories for the LGBTi community.

As seen Amendment VIII: Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted., is the baseline of my claims. The Second Protocol of the ICCPR and the CAT are applicable internationally and specifically to the United Kingdom.

The United States has not ratified the UDHR or the ICCPR. The CAT was ratified under President Bill Clinton.

The Convention Against Torture is also a significant target of MOEC at the hands of the Gay Militia in LAPD. Hence this will attempt to level real historical treatment of law enforcement agencies as LAPD and the KGB.

The concrete actions by those persons who are under defection and/or follow the Yellow Brick Road, the deals as Dodo describes such, or the Conditioning as I prefer, are being entrapped in a political cult of which Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is the Ideology. This would create a tension of which Conflict Theorist of whom Marxists are prominent in an upper hand with Gay Irrationalism Gay Fascism. Karl Popper's, The Open Society and It's Enemies, and Wilhelm Reiche's, Sexology are a goldmines for those wishing to discern the creation of the Gay Militia.

Obama Inauguration: Declaration of Independence

THE PRESIDENT: Vice President Biden, Mr. Chief Justice, members of the United States Congress, distinguished guests, and fellow citizens:

Each time we gather to inaugurate a President we bear witness to the enduring strength of our Constitution. We affirm the promise of our democracy. We recall that what binds this nation together is not the colors of our skin or the tenets of our faith or the origins of our names. What makes us exceptional -- what makes us American -- is our allegiance to an idea articulated in a declaration made more than two centuries ago:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" (Nollmeyer 2013).

The following are excerpts from salient sources of jurisprudence and actual positive law (CAT) (Bill of Rights) (Federal Stalking):

Convention Against Torture


Article I

1. For the purposes of this Convention, the term "torture" means any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him or a third person information or a confession, punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed, or intimidating or coercing him or a third person, or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind, when such pain or suffering is inflicted by or at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity. It does not include pain or suffering arising only from, inherent in or incidental to lawful sanctions.

2. This article is without prejudice to any international instrument or national legislation which does or may contain provisions of wider application.

Article II

1. Each State Party shall take effective legislative, administrative, judicial or other measures to prevent acts of torture in any territory under its jurisdiction.

2. No exceptional circumstances whatsoever, whether a state of war or a threat of war, internal political instability or any other public emergency, may be invoked as a justification of torture.

3. An order from a superior officer or a public authority may not be invoked as a justification of torture.

Bill of Rights

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Amendment II

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Amendment III

No soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.

Amendment IV

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Amendment V

No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

Amendment VI

In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the state and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the assistance of counsel for his defense.

Amendment VII

In suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise reexamined in any court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law.

Amendment VIII

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

Amendment IX

The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

Amendment X

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

18 USCS § 2261A. Stalking (2013)

2006. Act Jan. 5, 2006, substituted this section for one which read: § 2261A. Interstate stalking.


(1) travels in interstate or foreign commerce or within the special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States, or enters or leaves Indian country, with the intent to kill, injure, harass, or intimidate another person, and in the course of, or as a result of, such travel places that person in reasonable fear of the death of, or serious bodily injury to, that person, a member of the immediate family (as defined in section 115) of that person, or the spouse or intimate partner of that person; or

(2) with the intent-

(A) to kill or injure a person in another State or tribal jurisdiction or within the special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States; or

(B) to place a person in another State or tribal jurisdiction, or within the special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States, in reasonable fear of the death of, or serious bodily injury to-

(i) that person;

(ii) a member of the immediate family (as defined in section 115) of that person; or

(iii) a spouse or intimate partner of that person,

uses the mail or any facility of interstate or foreign commerce to engage in a course of conduct that places that person in reasonable fear of the death of, or serious bodily injury to, any of the persons described in clauses (i) through (iii), shall be punished as provided in section 2261(b).

As seen there is no shortage of standing political law or jurisdiction to decapitate and prosecute bellicose actors.

Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act

The RICO Statutes or more correctly the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act are fast becoming a major source of legal code for both criminal and civil actions. More formally RICO is TITLE 18, PART 1, CHAPTER 96, Section 1961 of the United States Code.

The concept of RICO is to deny the intent of one or an association to conceptualize and or carry out a criminal conspiracy. It is also a check to recruit membership or diversity of such. In the United States most non sundry felonies under U.S. jurisdiction at the state or federal level committed by an adult may be certified as a predicate act. Upon two such certifiable felonies, the prosecutor or petitioner may ask the Court to certify the defendant(s) or respondent(s) as a RICO enterprise. An array of acts are covered which are known as racketeer influenced behavior. They are: intimidating a witness, hostage taking, kidnapping, and murder. In combination at any level of this structure may be blackmail and extortion.

The Department of Justice Criminal Resource Manual describes (DOJ):

An "enterprise" is defined as including any individual, partnership, corporation, association, or other legal entity, and any union or group of individuals associated in fact although not a legal entity. 18 U.S.C.A. § 1961(4) (West 1984). Many courts have noted that Congress mandated a liberal construction of the RICO statute in order to effectuate its remedial purposes by holding that the term "enterprise" has an expansive statutory definition. United States v. Delano, 825 F. Supp. 534, 538-39 (W.D.N.Y. 1993), aff'd in part, rev'd in part, 55 F. 3d 720 (2d Cir. 1995), cases cited therein.

The Federalist Papers

The Federalist Papers by Alexander Hamilton center on the formation of government, the United States concern of the influence of foreign powers, the Constitution and the relationship of one's state constitution to such (Hamilton).

The Gay Marriage issue hinges on a protected individual right versus states rights.


To the People of the State of New York:

After an unequivocal experience of the inefficacy of the subsisting federal government, you are called upon to deliberate on a new Constitution for the United States of America. The subject speaks its own importance; comprehending in its consequences nothing less than the existence of the union, the safety and welfare of the parts of which it is composed, the fate of an empire in many respects the most interesting in the world. It has been frequently remarked that it seems to have been reserved to the people of this country, by their conduct and example, to decide the important question, whether societies of men are really capable or not of establishing good government from reflection and choice, or whether they are forever destined to depend for their political constitutions on accident and force.

Future Studies

Would You Know How to Create a Government?

Volition and apperception are key components in nexus with intelligence in creating a sustainable human repertoire. One of the immediate and future considerations of the implications of MOEC is education. The main recommendation is that a program based on cognitive behaviorism that uses intervention based on in internal and external threat analysis be implemented. This prescribes punishment in short run and education in the long term.

The Ministry of International Trade and Industry or MITI in Japan was created in May 1949 until 2001 and given the mission for coordinating international trade policy with other groups. The MITI directed Japanese industrial policy, funding research and directing investment. Hence if the MITI decided that the goal was to develop High Definition Television, than the entire country would pursue such. In the United State these activities are usually the domain of private corporations (MITI 2014).

The original MITI is MOEC. Economic behaviors are part of the social engineering and defection plans of the United Kingdom. However they reflect the interests of MOEC.

Earlier in the 1980s at Mesa College, San Diego, I took Astronomy 101. This was a descriptive course where the professor performed all the mathematical manipulations and the students were held accountable for the theory.

In this class a guest professor, who I believe had worked at Cal Tech, demonstrated Cosmic Inflation. This can be demonstrated by various Mass Problems. Here a certain mass was exploded at various velocities. The speed of light is 186,000 miles per second. Several configurations were given and 286,000 miles per second was agreed upon.

The professor stared at me and said, "When you write your book, say the speed of light is 286,000 miles per second." In Origin, I originally wrote the speed of light as 286,000, but changed such back to the standard 186,000 miles per second. After March 17, 2014 after Biceps2 announced they have detected a smoking gun for Inflation, I revisited Origin to include this story.

The professor looked like Stanford professor Andre Linde of Bicep2; I believe it was another astrophysicist.



Aesthetics are an important component of a government or social system. As such they will reflect the core values of the culture. Jason Pollock, the world's most famous abstract artist in 1952 produced Convergence which is oil on canvas; 93.5 inches by 155 inches, a very large piece.

The United States and Russia were engaged in a Cold War. Convergence was the embodiment of free speech and freedom of expression. Curiously some of Pollock's works were even sponsored by the Congress for Cultural Freedom (anti communist founded 1950), which was backed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) (Karmel, 1999).

His paintings are analogous to the Gordian Knot.

A culture needs a balance of spiritual, moral, and economic life. MOEC is systemic Undermining. It is easier to tear a house down than it is to build one.

Employee Testing that is objective where the employee is aware that he or she will be tested and what is accountable is highly recommended.

It is clear that an Informant based Prisoner's Dilemma system has Undermined civilization targeting the United States to radiate the destruction.

Westwood Ca sign

Westwood California

In particularity, there are two signs placed by the town of Westwood, California on the western entrances to town. The sign promotes Westwood as the Town that Paul (Bunyan) built. Westwood was founded in 1913. I am claiming that the entire creation of Westwood is based on the concept as government as perpetual association. Here we have the United Kingdom social engineering a third war against the United States.

To deconstruct the sign one would have to define and locate the origination of all the material, producers, and processes used to produce the two signs. This is called non proportional outputs and aggregates of economy. Who was the artist(s)? What type of wood did he or she choose, what type of paints are used, what type of tools, what techniques were used, and what is the aesthetic idea behind the sign and why was it commissioned?

Did the town of Westwood commission the sign or a local historical group? Is the artist native to the area? Was Paul Bunyan as the theme the commissioner's choice? Why did the artist use the color scheme? What techniques were used to carve the sign? Why were certain paints chosen and were are they from and how were they made? How long did the project take?

In essence a final summary would include any information regarding the idea and completion of the signs.

Hence the completion of the sign on a schedule reflects the completion of a business channel from first producers to final consumers.

How this occurs reflects ideas as Long Term General (Employment) Equilibrium and the Multiplier Factor in the business cycle.

These ideas are integral to state planning.

The concept of non proportional outputs aids this investigation into the business cycle.

The traditional item considered is a lamp.

A competitor will usually devise a production table for one’s product. A small overview may be given here.

A chart is composed listing the components of production leading to the assembly of a product. It shall regard the cost of a product. The cost of 10 components shall be incurred and time and labor shall be computed.

The difference in cost between one finished product and the next unit is for marginal cost. Cost is more efficient generally as production increases. This is represented as a negative slope from the y axis to the x axis.

Marginal revenue is the profit generated from each increasing unit of production. This is represented by a positive slope. The intersection of the curves is the efficient level of production. Marginal revenue shall equal marginal cost.

Total costs are calculated from the last item held in stock of the ink of the label. This analysis is integral to non proportional outputs. It is used similarly to measure economics at greater macroeconomic levels thus taking into consideration all natural resources, lands, minerals, wild animals, and sources of food (war economy and utility).

Non proportional outputs argues that components of production in a pure efficient manner from the first producer to the final consumer.

Similar thinking may be used to complete the best schema for warehousing, rotation of inventory, overproduction usually is the norm, bringing to market, distribution, store design, shelf location, and pricing to increase to sales.

(Why is this selection from Economics from Origin constantly being hacked?)

Herein if an employee could not understand the basic concept of how the product or service comes into being at their place of employment are they fit for hire in work environment that has approved a $15 USD minimum wage for Seattle?

Integral also to the Westwood Paul Bunyan sign is the Missing Person Kristi Krebs absent since August 9, 1993 from Fort Bragg, Mendocino County, California. The key here is the opposable thumb found in humans and upper primates which facilitates grasping an object as a tool. Herein the nexus of nativism, crime, and the repertoire of harassment and stalking in the working classes as construction workers, truck drivers, and cashiers forms this Reverse Sting component.

Kristi Krebs is a cohort rival directly related to me. If you were to have listened to the original MOEC ACM tapes she is heard hanging on to me and attempting to spin me to the ground. I have advocated here disappearance previously and the case is open (Krebs 2013):

Kristi Krebs

Kristi Krebs

Fort Bragg Police Department


Agency Case Number: fc93-1184

NCIC Number: M-668812811

The Doe Network: Case File 808DFCA

Kristi Krebs

Classification: Endangered Missing

Vital Statistics

Date Of Birth: December 29, 1970

Age at Time of Disappearance: 22 years old

Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 5'2; 140 lbs.

Marks, Scars: Krebs' right thumb is deformed; it is thick at the knuckle and the tip of her thumb curves inward. She has several large moles on her neck below her right cheek. Krebs' ears are pierced.

Clothing: Krebs was last seen wearing a royal blue shirt, with Round Table Pizza imprinted on the left front side and baggy blue or gray jeans. Possibly carrying two duffel bags.

Circumstances of Disappearance

Krebs left her job at Round Table Pizza on August 9, 1993 in Fort Bragg, California, but never home. Krebs' red Toyota Tercel was discovered abandoned, with the stereo missing, in a shallow creek in MacKerricher State Park. Her bra, panties, wallet and driver's license were found inside her car. There were small traces of blood on the dashboard and the front seat, along with shredded identification papers. Authorities think that before she abandoned her car, Kristi changed into a gym outfit that she always carried with her. Her work clothes were found, sopping wet and neatly folded, on the backseat.

Krebs had been receiving medical treatment at the time of her disappearance for emotional difficulties. It is possible that Krebs became disoriented the night she vanished.

Several sightings of Kristi were reported in Texas, Salt Lake City, and California. Kristi may have been hitchhiking with truckers across the country.

Foul play is possible.

A final note to the breadth of embedding Archetypes in the culture is the code names used in MOEC. In association with the Westwood Paul Bunyan sign is prominently used code name Monkey Gaga. This appears to be the work of Soho or Scotland Yard officers. Hence an argument regarding whether humans and life where created whole 8000 years ago as per the Bible or evolved from apes lead to the moniker. There is also a linkage to the rock group Queen and their song Radio Gaga. This in turn has inspired the name of Lady Gaga.

I argue all is social engineering.

Monkey Gaga is a nom de guerra for the spokesman of MOEC heard on original tapes or ACM. Funny Bunny appears to be the more hierarchical name with more focused content with the same actor(s).


The identification of Cambridge Law School as the point of Origination of Mobilization of Empire and Civilization MOEC and it's extensible tree would satisfy the Proximate Cause Test. Here in particularity there would be a confirmation of the mechanism that expands and contracts the British Empire. As such a universal model based on defection that is more accurate would also then become available by substituting other actors for the United Kingdom which gives a more concrete description of the behavior of empires.

This would then provide an accurate theoretical and concrete analysis of the Anglo American Paradigm. The two most important texts in Western Civilization are the Bible and Plato's The Republic. Plato is also the western source of the Rational School of Philosophy. Integral of which is (Plato):

Paradigm of Laws

I. The Eternal Law

II. The Natural Law

III. The Positive Law

This precludes the necessity of another model, one of constitutions which is predominately Aristotelian in it's origin.









An empirical counterpoint to these a priori models is the entrapment of the Irrationalist Presidents in a homosexual blackmail ring (Nollmeyer 2012c):

Ronald Reagan

George HW Bush

William Clinton

George W Bush

Barack Obama

The following is a signature of MOEC of which I wrote down in Chipley, Florida while I was exposed to the original Origin Cell of MOEC in the 1990s. This small motif appears to underscore the knowledge of a Platonist as part of the Membership. One should consider the Undermining of the Anglo American Paradigm and Christianity by a disciple of a faith that was nearly driven into Extinction (Nollmeyer 2013a).

In counterpoint the Yazidi's, an offshoot of Zoroastrianism, has been forced to flee in areas near Syria by ISIS fighters of the Islamic State beginning August 2, 2014. The Caliphate itself is an Alter Ego of the LGBTi Movement.




There are two main subsystems in MOEC: 1. Lycurgus 2. Syrinx

There are three main components:

Biological Warfare

Chemical Warfare

Nuclear Warfare

Social Engineering in the empirical has become the Theater of Despotism. Here the despot, by necessity has to orchestrate civilization to stave off identification and prosecution.

Hence a vertical downward and upward hierarchy of organization is developed that is a clearly cognizable framework with historical content that has been Undermined (Lazlo):

The Individual - Social System - Renaissance - Decadence





Culture and Society

Social Systems Theory - Teaching and Promotion

The algorithm worldwide of the Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm is United Kingdom - Cambridge - Scotland Yard. In the United States - LAPD - Delaware State Police - local jurisdictional police agencies and the individual. As seen individuals are basic units of social organization.

The use of Prisoner's Dilemma creates a hub and node network replacing a citizen with an Informant. MOEC is alleged to have this system in place in every nation state worldwide.

MOEC is totalitarianistic and seeks to isolate the individual and collective ex communicado from the whole. This has been apparent regarding my person in the United States since June 17, 1987 in Dover, Delaware under then President Ronald Reagan.

Hence, the classic argument of the Individual versus the State has been developed in real time impure synchronicity in a Tournament between homosexuality versus heterosexuality. Neo Freudian psychosexual psychology is the point of departure, but is not exclusive in an eclectic psychological operation to level the United States vis a vis to Stalinist USSR.

It is clear that the tree of Cambridge - Scotland Yard - LAPD - Dodo is an expression of the artificial ideology Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing in a pathology. Hence Dodo one LAPD officer has the ability to stop the manifest Akbar component which is the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth component which is imposed over me and my inheritance, which is none. This is possibly countered by Gay Marriage currently legal in 19 states, about 34 having defeated bans, and the remainder of states with in continuo legal actions. Utah and Virginia have petitioned the Supreme Court for certiorari.

A dichotomy that is concrete is sought concerning the Right Side of History. The LGBTi Movement has lost if Cambridge is the Proximate Cause and Authorship.

The novel and especially the film The Wizard of Oz demonstrates the implanting of archetypes in the culture. Here MOEC Studies is exact but uses heuristics and analogy as needed as lawyer would in defining a case in court.

In particularity suspect parties will need a RICO and Treason defense.

The United States especially Lassen and Plumas Counties, California are direct alter egos to the Sarin Attack in Syria 2013 and the emergence of ISIS and the Islamic State and the desertion of Mosul in July 2014.


No individual of 140 IQ, a genius, has stepped forward to even recognize MOEC at an level of cognition. This is true of organizations at the supranational level as the United Nations or any privately created group. The attack and use of alienation of the individual and the whole as an experiment has created an Anglo American Irrationalist Era or decadence. A restoration could lead to a renaissance.

As seen starting from an individual would have to begin forming various vertical dyadic and tryadic associations towards formal groups to legally decapitate and explain MOEC.

My recommendation is that MOEC be taught no later than the sixth grade. This would include a thorough presentation on the Reverse Sting. Hence one would learn how food, clothing, shelter, and reproduction are entrapped through informants created by social engineers who develop secret police activities which will attack one from family planning or lack of such from your parents, life stages, one's birth, childhood, especially adolescence, adulthood and old age.

Marriage is the Trojan Horse and the veneer of the gift from these social engineers. Empirically divorce is about 45 percent.

Barack Obama is the Singularity Target. Bhakta David Nollmeyer is the Singularity Experiment.

I was born on August 3, 1961 in Roswell New Mexico. Barack Obama was born August 4, in Honolulu, Hawaii. I will predict that if we both live to 2041, five years before Technological Singularity, then Barack Obama will be prosecuted and convicted of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity.

MOEC Studies will be taught and critiqued at Cambridge, Oxford, University of California, Ivy League, MIT, and Stanford.

Holon 10

One structure that is unique to MOEC, and is clearly not of my creation is the Holon System. This defection based system pits the Individual versus the State in what is hoped to be a circular where the individual retaliates in a fire versus fire manner justifying the initial attack on him or her in the first instance. This branches into two police officers and their families in opposition under a controller and against the individual. It is very clear that this is a Bayesian Variable Trap. There could be infinite permutations. In concrete there are a finite number in MOEC.

This concept simply is a mechanism where the individual creates one's own persecution through MOEC as Cambridge - Secret Police - Gay Militia - Informants.

In Holon 10 a statistician PHd professor is portrayed. Neo Superstructure was a theme and component that was supposed to be developed. Superstructure in Marxian terms states that the Base creates the Superstructure. Since this is materialist. Religion is a matter based projection of capitalist interests.

Hence, historically there has been no proletariat and in following no real socialism or communism. This professor is also prone to false set theory, which violates categorizing data sets. This would easily lead to discrimination. Here the equal protection, due process and rational basis are easily violated.

Here we can see that the socialist communistic schools were designed to gain an externality from the Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm. However since MOEC is Gay Irrationalist Gay Know Nothing all social systems that are based on emancipation, especially those that are sexually based as Sexology are damaged by the Anglo American Oprichniki which is a Gay Militia.

I did not use the Iconoclast concept as a title for a text although I accept it as true. The initial attack on June 17, 1987 on President Ronald Reagan, Vice President George HW Bush, and Attorney General Edwin Meese totally convinced me that I was a mere pawn with a silver lining chance to be the first to organize MOEC.

On October 5, 2014 the United States Supreme Court denied writ of certiorari to seven petitions from Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin. This should permit Gay Marriage in 35 states with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals striking bans in this circuit the next day. The Sixth Circuit is considering appeals and has leaned towards upholding state rights to regulate marriage but this is unclear.

The Islamic State is on the verge of overrunning Kobane, Syria dealing the Obama Coalition a serious defeat. Ebola has spread with one case and death in the United States. On October 9, 2014, five years after Obama won his Nobel Peace prize in 2009, there are 8033 Ebola cases doubling every three weeks.


MOEC was designed to to permit Cambridge actors to transform History. The nonplace ideology of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing reflects failed social engineering and especially the abnormal psychology of Gay or MSM males. This was achieved by the blackmailing of the Irrationalist Presidents:

Ronald Reagan

George HW Bush

William Clinton

George W Bush

Barack Obama

The systemic of having Cambridge create a Gay Militia with LAPD directly stalking and directing such during a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth for a manifest interval of 27 years, almost a generation is unprecedented in a world of 7.3 billion persons.

Cambridge University has developed a Taxonomy of Totalitarianism TOT. I will state that Cambridge as MOEC is the driver behind the Rise and Fall of the British Empire and Totalitarianism.

The hub and node system is alleged to be in place in every police station worldwide. The location I have travelled through since about April, 1986 will be under heavy criticism. The use of ad hominem, ad absurdium, ad ignorantum reflect the culture of failure.

If a legal intervention was taken between the 1880s to 1930s this event as the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth would have been prevented.

Western Democracy under a Christian faith has been proven to subjugated to despotism. The Social Contract Theory has been also proved as fallible.

Socialism is a direct Alter Ego to Irrational Fascist Systems and has been attacked but has received an externality due to the United Kingdom and America's failures.

The Bible

There is a distinct line of retaliation developed from the Christian Bible from Cain and Abel, Sodom and Gomorrah, and the Essentialist line of Ronald Reagan versus Ayatollah Khomeini, and the Mechanistic Barack Obama versus the Essentialist al Baghdadi.

These elements form the basis of The System which MOEC defines as defection under Prisoner's Dilemma towards the Second Coming or an End World Scenario. There is no Mutually Shared Destruction MAD in MOEC that I am aware of. However limited nuclear theater is an extant concrete threat.

The extensible tree of MOEC's defection model is akin to the Tree of Life which grows in the New Jerusalem.

In this instance the Informant driven process of MOEC records the individual, family, ingroup, and location, over a mapping system.

In prominence are sworn officials, priests, and professionals. The University of California Berkeley and University of Cambridge are focalized for their lack of intervention.

The final legal analysis is a Nuremberg styled War Crimes Tribunal. This will reflect a RICO structure. The RICO Statutes or more correctly the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act are fast becoming a major source of legal code for both criminal and civil actions. More formally RICO is TITLE 18, PART 1, CHAPTER 96, Section 1961 of the United States Code.

MOEC is a criminal enterprise that attacks itself with an array of behaviors against informants that it recruits over their arc of lifespan, as Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. The attack on President Reagan by alienating a citizen he was sworn to protect, your author, further escalated a homosexual blackmail ring within an alter ego format. If liberals and conservative actors are fighting fire with fire, after continual feedback, who is stronger. Here if the liberal MSM males are the proximate cause as alleged, the LGBTi Paradigm is on the Wrong Side of History.

An interesting test is to discuss MOEC. Most persons will not know what Mobilization of Empire and Civilization is. The hoax of an Attorney General Exception or Exemption as a justification to stalk or commit any crime is an indication of antisocial - psychopathy.

Questioning persons about fascism, LGBTi issues, the Civil War, and Prisoner's Dilemma also provides insight into ones values and morality.

Recruiting lay in wait stalkers while the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is in continuo further degrades both side with the LGBTi worse off.

I have just completed a misadventure to Cambria, California. Here we have focalized a top ten percent population versus a bottom ten percent population as Inyo County. Laying in wait in Hanford or Mojave is also federal stalking. Here Cambria is a scripted Emerald City. It is now proven that stalking my person did create a strong culture or jurisdiction. San Luis Obispo is an ideal choice to seat a War Crimes Tribunal.

In close, Ronald Reagan was attacked with a manifest function. He is clearly negligent, incompetent, and corrupt. The MSM males that attempted and their accomplices should be identified by name for legal and historical purposes. MOEC should then be taught at all levels of education.

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Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm: Epilogue

Westwood CA

October 7, 2014

With the completion of the Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm and the historical continuum there is ample theory and concrete fact to compose a Refutation. In this instance I do not believe that MOEC Studies can be ignored or refuted in whole. To do so exposes oneself to the same.

The crisis between the Islamic State and NATO and then Obama and myself is an interesting panorama.

This was the intent of the Cambridge Membership. It appears that Uriel Brofenbrenner and Ecological Systems were a target. He is dead and the police are not microsystems save for Totalitarianism. Noam Chomsky MIT Linguist and eclectic thinker is a target.

The babble and lack of logical coherence of Gay Irrationalism exposes a wide range of social thinkers to scrutiny.

An Epilogue will be written by July 1, 2014. The Supreme Court is likely to rule on Gay Marriage. Gay Marriage was the Strategic Goal of MOEC.

So then this will be a fitting point in time for recapitulation.

History Versus Sanitization

Big Pine CA

October 17, 2014

Boles Fire Weed Ca 2014

Boles Fire Weed California

MOEC has been a watershed historical event since June 17, 1987. I have been the only person to make any serious attempt to document such.

I am also the only witness to see the entire event since it is imposed over my natural person.

Here my credibility vis a vis with the Irrationalist Presidents is acute. All sworn officials, preachers, and academics follow.

The confrontation with stalkers and hate crime is paramount.

A culture that wishes to be informant based and followed by a secret police will create it's own elimination.

The Boles Fire in Weed, California is no accident. It is synchronic with the Islamic State and the Scotland Referendum which is tomorrow.

Weed has a horrific rights history in MOEC. 150 homes have burned.

The writing of history has expanded to Black, Native American, LGBTi, and whatever ethnic group you wish to add.

As a Hare Krishna I am not concerned with bodily conceptions. However I descend from a Japanese American, Scottish, and Irish lineage. My coverage of history since June 17, 1987 is stronger than any other school of thought.

MOEC is a War Crime. I am seeking criminal charges. Scotland should separate from Britain.

Singularity thinkers in the Anglo American Paradigm are being flanked. Islamic State is a puppet movement. The beheading of three journalists is also terroristic theater.

Islamic computer scientists appear quite savvy. If they confront secular liberal Singularitarians even under Prisoner's Dilemma, they will score well.

MOEC Versus Windows 10

Big Pine CA

October 17, 2014

Windows 10: 12 things you need to know

James Niccolai

Microsoft announced the arrival of the Windows 10 operating system on Tuesday, a major release that will span all hardware from PCs to phones and try to address the ills that have dogged Windows 8.

Conversely MOEC, especially the Origin GUI, and the Taxonomy reflect direct challenges to Singularity, Microsoft, other corporations, and Cambridge's TOT or Taxonomy of Totalitarianism.

The event in San Francisco was aimed mostly at enterprise customers, and Microsoft promised an OS that will be more intuitive for the millions of workers still on Windows 7 and older OSes. Here’s a rundown of some of the key points we learned Tuesday about Windows 10.

Why Windows 10?

The natural name would have been Windows 9, but Microsoft is eager to suggest a break with the past. "We’re not building an incremental product," said Terry Myerson, head of Microsoft's Operating Systems Group.

"When you see the product in it's fullness, I think you’ll agree it's an appropriate name for the breadth of the product family that's coming." Myerson said.

Windows 10 operate universally for tablets, smartphones and embedded products, too.


England is the Mind, the United States is the Bodyguard

MOEC is the acronym of the System MOBILIZATION OF EMPIRE AND CIVILIZATION. The SYSTEM is allegedly of British design; that of Cambridge Law School. The paradigm is designed as a Suprasystem. This is state that MOEC is a higher structural system that manages lower subsystems an components. This is particularly aimed at Constitutions and computer operating systems which are constructed in a similar manner.

Cultural Singularity Versus Technological Singularity



Particular History
and Justice





Ideal State -
Varna Asrama




Reorganizing and Record keeping for the Future

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

November 10, 2014

The following was considered three years past. I have only completed basic HTML 5.

I have attended Columbia College. My last 70 credits including some junior college has yielded a GPA of 3.85 for reentry with a cumulative 3.27 with 170 credits and a UC GPA of 3.42 with 151 credits.

I have taught myself chess since February 2012. I have beaten Mobialia 19 times with one draw at 2100 ELO. I have beaten Chess at about 2200+. I hope to have 50 wins by February 2015. I am resurrecting Math. I am working on sequences but have had problems with systems, scalars, and determinants.

However MOEC Studies is at the foundational level. At this point I believe that experts in law and the social science are going to have to be very careful. The next generation of MOEC theorists will likely refute a considerable amount of History. I am considering law as a graduate study. My economics are extremely poor. I would have to work. Nearly 35 states now have Gay Marriage. LGBTi History will be refuted. There is no way a structure as the Gay Militia can be validated.

The emergence of the Islamic State and Ebola are factors.

It is likely that Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush will run for president in 2016. Marijuana will be legal for recreational use in 4 states plus Washington DC.

The Democrats were severely beaten in yesterdays election.

Having to face a perpetual adversary has forced adaptations to my intended schedule and prognosis.

It appears that the Kurzweillian Singularity is off schedule. I believe that a suboptimal pre Singularity will occur at 2045 that will be credible but fall short of Star Trek.

The new hub is

Reorganizing Towards the Future

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

November 10, 2014

This is an old post that I am revisiting for feedback and to demonstrate how difficult it is to predict and deliver on a schedule.

Today I am attempting a major reorganization on the computer. I will continue a journalistic style until February. I will then attempt to write small papers as the season increases. I had written last year that I wished to study CSS/xhtml, javascript, php, and python. I intended to have close to the basics of at least the first three by April of 2012.

I have attended Columbia College and obtained credit in 6 upper division courses. I have pulled at least four 4.0 scores and believe I have a chance in the last two. I will know by the end of the week.

I am totally not amused by the 2012 Presidential Election. Fraud and treason are the main course. Kim Jong Ill II has died over the weekend as the United States has exited from Iraq.

I believe that I have contributed more to political science than most so called authorities. I was moving towards a jurist doctorate. This is the highest mountain I could climb academically.

Conversely I believe my UC GPA to be above or near 3.4. This is not going to get me into Boalt Hall but it will position me well for a MBA or Masters in Political Science.

MOEC: The Attack on the False Status Quo

San Simeon CA

November 27, 2014

Tools are amplifiers of human skills. The function of MOEC to attack those artifacts of culture that involve balanced thinking defines such as the enemy of rationality. The current complicity and corruption of the culture has reached the highest level from the president to the homeless.

The killing off of conscience appears to be an innate trait of humans which lends itself to the development of informant police systems.

The rise and fall of the United States under MOEC is a disturbing trend in psychopathy akin to the sinking of a plundered pirate ship.

Currently the perfect storm of Ebola, ISIS, and MOEC have coincided with the Gay Marriage issue with the Supreme Court declining to certify a case.

This activity is synchronic with the trajectory of Cambria California in San Luis Obispo as the Emerald City along the Yellow Brick Road. This should be taken seriously as the culture has failed. There is a catastrophic level of empirical damage that needs to be prosecuted.

It is certain that defection versus the rule of law have left the persons here as examples that LGBTi social engineering is driving the Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm.

These actions are rooted in inheritance. As such the future crime and fatality rate are extended into the future.