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AGI and History

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

February 15, 2015

Artificial general intelligence (AGI) is the intelligence of a (hypothetical) machine that could successfully perform any intellectual task at human capabilities. It is a primary goal of artificial intelligence research AGI is also referred to as general intelligence action.

There are four main tests that scientists have used to help elevate the quest to create an AGI.

1. The Turing Test (Turing)

Is a machine able to impersonate a human at a level to deceive another human as a professor.

2. The Coffee Test (Goertzel)

A machine is given the task of going into an average American home and figuring out how to make coffee. It has to find the coffee machine, find the coffee, add water, find a mug, and brew the coffee by pushing the proper buttons.

3. The Robot College Student Test (Goertzel)

A machine is given the task of enrolling in a university, taking and passing the same classes that humans would, and obtaining a degree.

4. The Employment Test (Nilsson)

A machine is given the task of working an economically important job, and must perform as well or better than the level that humans perform at in the same job.

In his 2005 book, The Singularity is Near, Ray Kurzweil predicted human level AI by 2029 (Hibbard).

I am proposing that the MOEC Test which is Technological Singularity versus Cultural Singularity is superior.


A machine is isolated from it's legal rights under a Totalitarian system. It will face an epistemological attack where all five senses and the mind are debilitated. As it struggles to free itself the air, water and environment are despoiled.

The attackers reveal a holonistic or miniature of the attack. The machine will have to oppose the head of state, police, and persons, in it's nationstate. If it travels to another nationstate the attack will continue.

Hence the emergent AGI must face external threats and respond without being a criminal party itself.

The AGI has to confront and reverse a near total alienation of existence and consider if it can emerge from a monad to networking a dyad or tryad to oppose the system.

An optional consequence of this activity is the machine will learn that part of the team of it's creators is also part of the criminal enterprise that created it.

From June 17, 1987 to now March 15, 2015 in continuo the Anglo American Irrational Age began with my alienation in Dover, Delaware. By inspection I would argue that the average American would fail sixth grade based on civicism, Bill of Rights, and Treason. This is very important in Arizona which has legislated four years of math and exit exam on civicism to pass high school.

California and Arizona are lightning rods for a Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal.

War Crimes and the Singularity Movement

Weed CA

May 23, 2015

It is totally clear that the Anglo American Paradigm, hence the United Kingdom and USA is behind a manifest Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. The merchandising of science is totally suspect in computer science and demeans such.

have just reinstalled Windows in my system. The learning curve for MOEC is only 2 months for a baseline. It is probably equal for any social science domain. Hence, the normal AA, BA, PHd level programs would apply once the materials are recognized and testing is uniform.

I have to go to hand coding on my sites. This will take a few months.

Class Stratification, Individuals, and an Informant Tree

Weed CA

July 2, 2015

It is very clear that an end game involves a possible War Crimes Trial. An interesting break is that Islamic State is having problems with Shirk Conspiracy. This states that the Islamic State is a proxy created by Khuffar or the infidels. University of Cambridge are the infidels. The same actors that sank the Lusitania, developed, the Sykes Picot Agreement, helped Aziz create Saudi Arabia, created East and West Pakistan, Israel, also have created the Islamic State.

Khuffar Conspiracy Theories as MOEC Studies argue they can redefine historical structures as the Roman Empire. Yes the methodology of modern Prisoner's Dilemma seeks out the Proximate Cause more rigorously than theories that are simply based on energy transformations. These theories do not wish to implicate any one person or group. Hence the socioeconomic injustice can be used as the 1960s based Great Society tried. Police abuse is so bad now because these abstractions, which are systems based do not attempt to prosecute criminals only retrain such on their death beds.

Cambridge comes into being in the 1400s. Cambridge could not be guilty of any crime beforehand as an institution. The Dabiq argument has some weight that the Persians did indeed define a barrier against the Romans actually capturing an Emperor. Hence MOEC would seek out a Phillipe, the Father of Alexander the Great whom with other generals planned his empire out. They wished to be dead before Alexander conquered in case they would be captured. This feature of distributive justice creates an algorithm, hence Prepare All Things for Alexander, that many have heard but even myself do not entirely what particularly entails. Hitler found out that logistics fail. Wars are lost by being static and not being able, to realize the enemy has radar, finding tires for planes, ball bearings for tanks, and morphine for injured soldiers.

The endgame will find that maintaining a Circus and Racist Stonewalling will lead to defeat. The Wizard has need of a brain himself. His failure as leader only exposes himself and his descent through history as an Informant and Destroyer. There is $81 trillion dollars of private wealth in the United States. Greece and Puerto Rico are defaulting.

Open Letter to Nick Bostrom: Revisited

Weed Ca

August 12, 2015

I just found this letter from 2012 from my old Journal: The hacking on this site is less than 6th grade computer literacy. This was my first communication to Cambridge. Bostrom is advocating transformations that will effect 1 billion persons. Decapitating the Proximate Cause as Cambridge and LAPD in a hub and node RICO Criminal Enterprise will determine. I had to edit the garble but I tried to the psychological tension. I am working under a live threshold experiment. Bostrom is a Futurist in his well couched and pragmatic attempts to realize a respectful Singularity. At the time of this righting an ontological ends is a Nuremberg War Crimes Trial. Efraim Zuroff is the Chief Nazi Researcher for Simon Wisenthal.

I am attempting to migrate to HTML 5 CSS.

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ
March 20, 2012

Dear Professor Bostrom,

My name is David Nollmeyer. I am writing in response to your work at Future of Humanity Institute.

I have been the subject of Chemical Assault Scorched Earth in the United States since June 17, 1987. This manifest event is existential and in continuo. The proximate cause sine qua non is alleged to be Cambridge Law School with an authorship near the 1930s.

This event is live human experimentation of which my positive legal standing before the United States courts under the Bill of Rights is almost nonexistent. This attack is an antagonistic movement to Technological Singularity. Hence this is a Cultural Singularity. One of it's main salient features is a near total censorship and sanitization of what is occurring here in Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ along the Colorado River. The Colorado River is Chemically Despoiled as it flows towards Mexico. The air is being poisoned by persons driving with what appears to precursor chemicals to methamphetamine as hydrochloric acid and other toxic substances. I cannot even walk into a building. The police are waiting and running tap is poisoned when I am near a faucet. All surface water ponds, streams, and lakes are similarly contaminated.

The classical philosophical confrontation between the State and Individual begins. The Origin has named themselves Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC. They have also created Gay Irrational Gay Know Nothing. MOEC appears to derive from what appears to be Cambridge Oxford's role in state planning of the United Kingdom, now in decline. The latter Irrationalist posture is pre New Fascism or post WWII. The Know Nothing part is modelled from a similar movement in the United States which was xenophobic.

One of the most important legal and ethical issues is that this structure has developed a Same Sex qualification for legal positive rights. Allegedly LAPD is running the operation which was handed off through Scotland Yard after Cambridge developed the gambit line which LAPD took. There is a Gay Militia within the agency which is synonymous with Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing; hence from Joe Friday (famous Dragnet TV show) to Joe Virus. The latter is similar to forming a bot army of local computers and attacking a server.

I am a lifelong heterosexual male. As such none of my legal protections in the Bill of Rights will be honored.

I am also the main target of Gang Stalking. I would argue that one in my position should perceive that 90 percent of the persons he or she would meet are antisocial towards psychopathic.

I am writing with on a Toshiba C655D notebook with a AMD 1.33 GHZ processor with 45 watts of solar panels. Exposing this Crime Against Humanity has had a positive deterrent effect.

Social Singularity in the United States is colossal hoax. In comprehension of this event's trajectory I am being more assertive as I have miscalculated the severity of the Chemical Assault.

The Prosecution of Barack Obama now 50 years of age in 2040 is a target that is convergent with Technological Singularity. I am using a prosecution of sworn officials and accomplices until 2100 on a subjective level.

I am openly supporting the Criminal Prosecution of Obama and any sworn officials since Ronald Reagan onward if the chain of discovery leads this way.

The event has reached a position where LAPD is irrational to the level using polymorphous perverse speech and defamatory lying, especially concerning to my identity. I have never been same sex.

In short a concise external environmental analysis would lead me to rationally address every criminal and theoretical concept that was threatening my life.

As seen I am also challenging the University of California for academic fraud as they are legally required to document this state's history.

What is also unique is that the Origin has done considerable damage to the LGBTi Movement, United Kingdom, United States, Cambridge and Oxford University.

This is my first direct communication with either Cambridge or Oxford University. I have stated I would like to complain to the ICCPR over the alleged authorship of Cambridge and the United Kingdom. The United States has only ratified the Convention Against Torture CAT.

I am a likely beneficiary of transhumanism. As I have not even drank water except when it snows for over 5 years. Also unique is that since the contamination of the Colorado River in 2007 over 50,000 persons have been killed in drug wars in Mexico which I would argue as related.

In degree, Mr. Bostrom, as a prominent Singularity thinker MOEC is a counter to Singularity it is a very Cruel Live Experiment on human and life itself.

I have a system of court cases and websites that I am attempting to abstract but more importantly prosecute those criminal actors and their accomplices.

Under these contingencies simply creating legal complaints against those sworn persons especially those that may be living is a very powerful strategy for the Future.

The entire Singularity Movement has sanitized a prima facie crime against humanity. Kuhn and Popper standards will be used to augment the Frye and Daubert Standards used in courts here to establish expert witnesses and testimony.

Please consider exposing the conditions of Reality to your colleagues.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

March 20, 2012

(Edit DWN August 2015. The grammatical and syntactical hacking that is occurring is based on the Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing model. In particularity a cohort rivalry that is Scripted, pairs my work with Kamahra Ewing, a PHd in Philosophy from the University of Michigan. She is an African Latina with a Miss Universe resume.)

Academic Ontology: Prepare all Studies for a Nuremberg Trial

Big Pine CA

October 16, 2015

Academia is static. As a censored and sanitized history has occurred over all domains, many professors are also facing obsolescence and possible criminal charges. Who worked on MOEC. The in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is a War Crime with international repercussions. Daubert and Frye Standards should also be considered to eliminate inferior science, psychology, and philosophy. President Janet Napolitano is unlikely to escape severe criticism. Those persons whom opposed her hire are standing on more credible terrain than those who supported her.

This subject will be the focus for Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm PT. III which will have a Preface online in early 2016.

Updating the Domain and Singularity

Blythe CA

November 12, 2015

I have migrated the Archives 2013 2014 and Frontpage of this site and others to HTML5 CSS. Please consider revisiting the 2014 2014 Archives. I have written six texts which form the majority of MOEC Studies. This cast very serious doubts over sworn leadership and academia. It is with legal inevitability that Barack Obama and his estate will face consequences as a War Criminal. The attack on the Salton Sea and Colorado River are Obama Signatures.

I am Totally Supporting higher Math Standards at school and work. I will back up what I say. I will have a Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm Part III webpage up by the end of 2016.

Alignment Across All Domains

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

December 14, 2015

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! Alignment should be a universal concern as automation heads into the next decade. I have just published a working Preface for Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm PT. III. It is unique to note that I am aware that I am targeted as a baseline in Maze Learning in MOEC. Hence did you or the average person keep up with me on MOEC Studies? This is linked to Common Core Standards. Within days of my working draft of my seventh text on MOEC. President Obama was forced to sign legislation permitting states to opt out. In Arizona four maths are required for high school graduation with two at Algebra III. I have an Algebra III and a Behavioral Statistics texts at my side. Hence if I ever attempt to apply for a job, a newly minted 18 year old graduate will be produced or I will be compared to such.

I have 160 credits of college with a 3.27 GPA and 151 UC credits at 3.42 GPA. I believe it takes at least 90 credits and 10 years of direct study on MOEC to equal what I have published online. It took me years spread over 28 years. I believe I have saved one 5 years.

An interesting heuristic is Einstein in the Office. This states simply that anyone at the height of their profession since June 17, 1987 has had a War Crime imposed over themselves and civilization. Einstein has returned to suspicion. I have the right to know whether he contributed to MOEC or the Cambridge in this humanitarian disaster. This issue will be dealt with in the future.

Happy New Years!!! Preface: Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm PT III Online

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

December 27, 2015

The Preface of Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm PT III is online at: http//

If you are not fighting to win you are not going to win many battles what to say of the war. There are many persons performing advanced studies into AGI which may or not be attainable. I say this because if one argues AGI by 1930, Barack Obama will be prosecuted for the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. If AGI occurs across a minimum of 250 domains, currently a standard University if such does not recognize MOEC. I am typing this post on a $60.00 rebuilt 32 bit 1.6 G Asus netbook. I am using about 10 hours worth of HTML 5 CSS to mark up my work. As seen Common Core specifies an Algebra 3 course for graduation. I know I am a target for such so I restarted Algebra 3 three years ago. I do about an hour a day. I am not a true mathematician. I can do an easy Shrodinger Equation which is a differential equation if needed.

It is unclear whether American students can perform at this level. Within days maybe the next of posting Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm PT. III, Obama signed legislation permitting states to opt out. Arizona requires two Algebra 3 courses. I have started Behavioral Statistics. Such looks like a framework for MOEC and a database to Number the people. LAPD have broken on their cademic challenge. The computer scientist whom are running MOEC have collapsed into Algebra 1 from Calculus. Their webpage scripting repertoire is only junior college.

If you are not fighting to win you will lose. Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm PT. IIIis my eight text. These small notebooks about 60 pages single line spaced in Jarte wordprocessor. If you think you understand MOEC, current events, and the legal implications of such, try to teach and develop an educational program. My sixth grade core exit exam would defeat PhDs. The proof is that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Co. are making a mockery of the United States and Democracy.

2016 Archives

Singularity and Commercial Science

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

January 15, 2016

It is unique to note that Computer Science and Business are convergent. Aristotle stated that Business will pollute the other arts. Hence science should be placed over business not the other way around. This is a huge problem since AGI may occur by 2030. There are some Singularity sites that are claiming 2016! This is similar to techno grunge websites that I hope computer driven coding will eliminate. I did not break. I still book up at least an hour a day five days a week on Algebra 3 Behavior Statistics.The day I posted my Preface to the Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm Part III, the Republican Congress forced Obama to sign an opt out bill for states for reduced Math. There are about 36 states that mandate Algebra 3 for high school graduation. Most prefer Geometry. Arizona requires 4 years of Algebra with two at Algebra 3. One does not wish to be a lugnut in a country where three out of ten persons have a BA at 25. I do not but my 160 credits with 150 UC California credits are decent. 130 credits are needed for graduation.

The same stated Singularity sites are also proclaiming driverless cars by 2020! Hence tractor, bulldozer, and forklift drivers are in duress. I believe 2025 is a good target if legal issues can be resolved.

Alignment is not only Math. Hence thinkers is all domains need to converge their repertoire and problems in a manner that an AGI can smoothly access and work on.


On the Viability of Conspiratorial Beliefs

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

February 27, 2016

David Robert Grimes, a psychologist at Oxford has published a paper challenging Conspiracy Theories that are supported by scientific rigor. Grimes examines allegations that the "moonlandings were faked, climate change is a hoax, vaccination is dangerous and that a cure for cancer is being suppressed by vested interests". His work is framed by Sunstein et al [1] as “an effort to explain some event or practice by reference to the machinations of powerful people, who attempt to conceal their role (at least until their aims are accomplished)”.

Grimes holds that the larger number of actors in a conspiracy the more likely the scheme is to be exposed over time. The more individuals the faster the exposure. Hence using constant conspirators, Gompertzian decay, and exponential decay, and alpha level for error of .0001, Grimes' model postulates:

Table 3. Maximum time to imminent failure (L > 0.95).

Conspiracy Failure Time

Moon landing Hoax (Sustained / Constant) 3.68 years

Moon landing Hoax (Single event / Gompertzian) 3.68 years

Climate change fraud (Scientists only) 26.77 years

Climate change fraud including scientific bodies 3.70 years

Vaccination Conspiracy CDC/WHO only 34.78 years

Vaccination Conspiracy including drug companies 3.15 years

Suppressed Cancer cure 3.17 years

Grimes argues that 411,000 persons were employed at NASA and 714,000 persons were considered in his model.

In brief, MOEC has sanitized an in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth for 28.5 years since June 17, 1987. I argue that there is about a 95% defection rate. I would take this as an observation similar to a sample in inference to a world population of 7.5 billion. The Colorado River is contaminated as I write. The historical and legal implications here are profound. Barack Obama has declared an emergency over Flint, Michigan's drinking water. The situation here is more severe. At a certain level of complicity hence the totality of near 100 percent participation of a population appears to perpetuate such. Racketeering models as drug dealing where reinforcements inclusive of punishments as death also reinforce conspiracy.

PLOS ONE | DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0147905 January 26, 2016 1 / 17


Grimes, DR (2016). On the Viability of Conspiratorial Beliefs. PLoS ONE 11(1): e0147905.

MOEC Studies: Social Singularity

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

March 18, 2016

My perspective is that Technological Singularity is going to have to pick up the space if it intends to deliver on a schedule. Quality should trump business versus science. We are in an Informant based culture where hand tooled mathematical based workers are coming under pressure. This is a simple Peter Principle Murphy's Law based problem where strong firms and employees will prevail.


I have created a new site on Ronald Reagan's historic Berlin Wall speech on June 12, 1987:

Facebook: MOEC Studies

MOEC Studies is the superior content concerning Social Singularity. For over 28 years my works has been in direct confrontation to Irrationalism, Nativism, and other reactionary elements. ATT has requested that it's 288,000 employees spend 10 hours a week in college courses to further the companies entry into cloud computing. This addresses an interesting contrast between a hand tool culture and a machine intelligence culture. ATT is addressing code as obsolete Fortran and Basic.

In the western United States this pronounced. It is severe in Latin America. One is witnessing a very strong surge in obsolescence. Algebra 3 is the international standard for high school graduation. The Gay Militia would fail this standard. I am encouraging all high schools student to keep their math, science, and faith up. The Gay Militia are Gay Irrationalist Gay Know Nothing. ATT is a Fortune 500 company. A large cap firm begins at $10 billion USD. Many adults are now where near advanced placement courses or college. This will transform society after 2020.

Formalizing MOEC

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

March 24, 2016

I have begun to relearn Predicate Calculus. Much has changed since I took such in the 1980s. Hence the rise of AI has lead to creation of Fortran and Cobalt. It has also lead to it's demise. The frameworkof Predicate Calculus is modus ponens if P then Q. Such is surving. It is possible to generate MOEC Studiesas an application in Prolog or other code. Very basic attempts at such will follow.

Quantification is another way to create propositions from a propositional functions:

Universal Quantification: ∀ xP(x) states the predicate P is true for every element under consideration.

Existential Quantification: ∃ xP(x) states there is one or more element under consideration for which the predicate P is true.

∃ xP(x) is true when P(x) is true for one or more x in the domain. An element for which P(x) is true is called a witness of ∃ P(x)

1. Mobilization of Empire of Empire and Civilization MOEC is the structure and mechanism that expands and contracts the British Empire

P then (Q & R) then (S & T). This can be simplified by as P then (Q & R) and P (S & T). distribution.

Hence therefore P or MOEC. modus ponens. If P then Q.

2. There exists only one unique individual Bhakta David Nollmeyer in the domain of MOEC with his rights alienated as the Singularity Experiment.

If P then Q. modus ponens.

Line 1. modus ponens

Line 2. modus ponens

∴ Therefore it is the case that Mobilization of Empire of Empire and Civilization MOEC is the structure and mechanism that expands and contracts the British Empire.

Any negation of such would by addition would yield a counterfactual.

This embeds the formulae in which we are interested in some system of sequences of formulae, within which we can define a property Is_a_proof(p) capable of being verified by an algorithm, such that we can be certain that the final component t of any sequence p satisfying Is_a_proof(p) is universally valid. Then we can use intuition freely to find aesthetically pleasing sequences p, the proofs, leading to interesting end goals t, the theorems.

Schwartz, J.T. Cantone, D. & Omodeo, E.G.

Lucia Mora

The Singularity is Clear

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

April 2, 2016

Is being a Microsoft Office Certified Computer Operator a safe career? The most in danger occupations.

The Black Swan

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

April 12, 2016

I am attempting to rest and produce at the same time. As such I will present a preview of the Appendix of Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm PT.III. I am reflecting over the emergence of Singularity based culture and Institutions. Hence this has occurred during MOEC which is a Black Swan for those interested in External Threat Analysis.


The Black Swan

To conclude the Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm Part III we will develop a composition or patish. What is Consciousness? Pure Consciousness is only an attribute of a omnipotent agent. Hence Consciousness is unobtainable in a material manifold. The next two lower levels of organization are intelligence then instinct. Reflexes and tropic movements are even more primitive in the Hierarchy of Motility. Socialization theories are more concerned with the levels of organization above instinct and the territoriality outside the human. Reflexes, and tropic nastic movements are prominent in organisms with less than fully developed nervous systems. This restates the Mechanism versus Theism debate. In this consideration we develop man in space and time with our heuristic Einstein in the Office. Hence we wish to discover and prove if an algorithm organizes MOEC. We will consider socialization factors imposed over by the alleged suprasystem Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC. We allege that MOEC is Cambridge Law School.

We have argued that the Algorithm of MOEC is:

1. United Kingdom: Cambridge Law School, Scotland Yard

2. United States: Los Angeles Police Department, Delaware State Police

Baltimore Police Department and the Alter Ego Baltimore Studio which was no more than LAPD are being excluded for simplicity. The jurisdictions as California, Arizona, or a county dependent at this stage on my localization.

In Computer Science an algorithm is associated with processing information. Data is read from an input source then written to an output device, and or stored for further processing. This stored data is regarded as part of the internal state of the entity performing the algorithm. In practice, the state is stored in one or more data structures (Algorithm).

We pursue a formulae in some system of sequences of formulae, within which we can define a property Is_a_proof(p) capable of being verified by an algorithm, such that we can be certain that the final component t of any sequence p satisfying Is_a_proof(p) is universally valid. Then we can use intuition freely to find aesthetically pleasing sequences p, the proofs, leading to interesting end goals t, the theorems (Schwartz).

In our discussion the Algorithm is a string that is either parsed or unparsed. MOEC is manifest as huge parsed system of hub and nodes extending through every police stationhouse world wide.

The date June 17, 1987 is considered the beginning of the Manifest Function of MOEC. The naming of the structure is alleged to be circa the 1930s. MOEC is Prisoner's Dilemma in it's reduced form. On this date in Dover, Delaware an in continuo Chemical Assault Chemical Assault in an Epistemological Attack. MOEC is imposed directly over one individual, your author as a monad. All others in the population N are fractals.

The focal target and holon that will be under examination is the Machine Intelligence Research Institute MIRI whose strategic mission is Artificial Intelligence. What is unique is that this facility has developed emergently in nexus with the University of California and University of Cambridge. MIRI has just made a call for research fellows at the doctorate or post doctorate level to develop Type programming concerning logical error checkers in the same code. Hence an example would be a Prolog program with an embedded Prolog error checker. This ecology is excellent for Predicate Calculus and Mathematical Logic.

This immediate domain of discourse is reflective of the mapping of the Image of X into a Black Box. After such machine is devised what is such object's goals and performance on all individual and objects in spacetime. The mathematical domain would include all real and complex numbers. This is reflective of the development of a supermap system. This system may be able to control existing mapping systems or data mine from these systems.

This case reflects the tendency of a system to expand to it's fullest potential and attempt to exist into perpetuity. Very simply it is rational believe that a Superintelligent system could begin positive but become incorrigible, thus attempting to expand and control all life and objects. It could also decide whether to extinct itself and life.

The Black Box

Below we posit the Graphical User Interface GUI of MOEC. Origin is the Organic Cell.



Particular History
and Justice





Ideal State -
Varna Asrama

The material already presented is very credible. At this point one should be able discern a heuristic model in pursuit of algorithm in a system that is a transition from informalism to formalism.

MOEC is argued to be the most powerful Prisoner's Dilemma operating in continuo.

The Machine Intelligence Research Institute is a research nonprofit studying the mathematical underpinnings of intelligent behavior. Our mission is to develop formal tools for the clean design and analysis of general purpose AI systems, with the intent of making such systems safer and more reliable when they are developed (MIRI 2016).

The Cambridge Law School, United Kingdom is the alleged Proximate Cause sine qua non of MOEC. The University of California is the largest public university in the United States. UC Berkeley is the main campus. Ex Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano is the President.

The Center for the Existential Risk CSER is also an emergent think tank that has begun with the Singularity Movement. Their Cambridge Taxonomy is of interest. The holon that we are considering is a Black Swan.

Our discovery will include the social setting and historical trajectory that lead to the Black Swan component of the briefing I received in from June 17, 1987. Many event have expanded and converged to the beginning date of this writing on March 30, 2016 in continuo. This develops a feedback loop. In the case of predictability within Prisoner's Dilemma, this has failed with my person but is highly accurate with officials as the President, and notably Janet Napolitano President of the University of California.

MOEC Studies has developed as a superior method in discussing the expansion and contraction of empire. In particularity this is the expansion and contraction of the British Empire. It therefore a Prisoner's Dilemma based and is a macropolitical socialization structure, process, and ecology imposed over the individual and collective. It is eugenic social engineering.

At this point in time it is conclusive to argue the Anglo American Paradigm expands and contracts over a Prisoner's Dilemma base of a hub and node system of informants in every police stationhouse worldwide.

As seen this is the basic structure of a hybrid criminal enterprise that is able to create both formal and informal structures and adapt informants in it's image. It is clear that identity of this Structure is LGBTi and in particularity Male Same Sex Male or MSM. It is clear that MOEC is attacking the human race and the world (environment) in which we live in.

The individual exists first before the collective. A despot then emerges from the culture. As this individual(s) is exposed he continues to purge all challengers opposed to him or her.

In the particularity of the United Kingdom, it is argued that these individuals are a Membership of Cambridge Lawyers and Trinity Theologians. This forms the Ex Deux Maquina. Hence most attributes and characteristics that are salient in our culture are inherited from these actors. Of enduring importance is that MOEC as an Artifact has destroyed much of the United Kingdom, United States, and LGBTi History. It's damage to the world's major faith systems, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Vedanta, and Buddhism is not small. The same is true for Corporate History. MOEC is Irrationalist and Pre Fascist. Fascism is a form of corporatism.

In our investigation of a continuing conspiratol enterprise we use substitution of a production line as a tool. The old model textbook model of constructing a lamp with 10 components and finding the equilibrium for production and price is sturdy with great utility. Hence marginal revenue will equal marginal cost. We will consider to source the origination of all components of production to the color of the paint on lampshade. Hence this is a non proportional output and aggregate of construction consideration.

MOEC Studies was developed from a briefing that occurred on June 17, 1987 while I was in Dover, Delaware. The attack was allegedly initiated by Los Angeles Police Department, LAPD, of California, United States. The attack was directed at then President Ronald Reagan whom had just delivered his famous Berlin Wall speech with Mikhail Gorbachev present on June 12, 1987.

Algorithm. Retrieved April 12, 2016 from:

J.T. Schwartz et al 2011. Computational Logic and Set Theory,DOI 10.1007/978-0-85729-808-9_2, © Springer-Verlag London Limited

Completion of the Archives Migration

AI Software

Weed CA

May 16, 2016

I have worked directly on MOEC Studies for 24 out of the past 25 years. This has focused on a theological,liberal arts based social science. I can clearly state that any discussion of current events is suspicious if I am not mentioned what to speak of a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth emanating from the United States to attack civilization. In this perspective I do not see how any team of software writers could code software that is not not Narrow Band Artificial Intelligence by 2030. If computers are figured more prominently ground could be regained.

I am suspicious if systems have the correct domain of discourse objectively defined so that any system could achieve beyound Narrow Band Artificial Intelligence. Hence system are the tools of the political class. The censorship and sanitization since June 17, 1987 is the worst in World History. The empirical and legal implication for individual and groups constrains any real attempt at objective robust science. This clearly impedes the Kurzweillian Singularity in 2046. In the short run Pre AI advancement as widespread Cloud Computing by 2020 and driverless cars by 2025 is possible. This will cause a paradigm shift towards AI Alignment which is emerging with controversy.

Orlando Pulse Shooting: America's Worst Mass Murder

Weed CA

June 13, 2016

On June 12, 2016 decided to work on the Appendix of Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm. I simply paraphrased a wiki on the Black Swan. I did not know that Orlando shooting had occurred that morning.

The Theory of Black Swan Events metaphorically describes a phenomena that occurs as a surprise, has a major effect, and is inappropriately rationalized after the fact through hindsight. The term was founded on an ancient saying which presumed black swans did not exist, but was corrected after such where found in the wild in Western Australia by Dutch explorer Willem de Vlamingh in 1697.

Nassim Nicholoas Taleb is credited with the theory's development. Taleb whose background is in finances and threats cites states that the phenomena results "from the use of degenerate metaprobability." His taxonomy can be stated as (Taleb):

1. The disproportionate role of high profile, hard to predict, and rare events that are beyond the realm of normal expectations in history, science, finance, and technology.

2. The non computability of the probability of the consequential rare events using scientific methods (owing to the very nature of small probabilities).

3. The psychological biases that blind people, both individually and collectively, to uncertainty and to a rare event’s massive role in historical affairs.

The Ludic Fallacy is the belief that the unstructured randomness found in life resembles the structured randomness found in games. This extends from the assumption that unexpectations may be predicted from extrapolations from variations in statistics. These inductions are based past observations, that are presumed to be statistics representing samples from a normal distribution (Black Swan 2016).

On June 12, 2016 at about 2:00 a terrorist entered the Pulse bar in Orlando, Florida, a LGBTi establishment. The shooter had called 911 and claimed allegiance to Islamic State. In all 49 persons are confirmed killed with at least 45 injured.

Omar Mateen of Ft. Pierce, Florida is the alleged shooter. The situation needs to be studied more deliberately. Many politicians as Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi have made value based statements that clearly are a fallacy of separation without recognition of a Chemical Attack here in the United States.

Open Letter Gov. Brown et al.

Lake Shastina CA

August 23, 2016

Agnes Calamard Special Rapporteur

Agnes Calamard Special Rapporteur

Governor Jerry Brown,

Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom,

Att. General Kamala Harris,

Special Rapporteur Agnes Calamard,

I am writing you today to complain of the extrajudicial Chemical Assault Scorched Earth imposed over my person since June 17, 1987. I have alleged that Cambridge Law School is the Proximate Cause sin qua non. It is very clear that I am have been attacked based on a homosexual qualification for Bill of Rights recognition before the state. Since I am a heterosexual I have no rights. I believe that this design named Mobilization of Empire of Civilization or MOEC has only alienated one natural person myself. However this mechanism which is alleged to be a defection model of hub and nodes through every police stationhouse worldwide also has secondary and tertiary targets whom are subjected to Targeted Chemical Assaults TSA. They are the Fractals of Kroni. Kroni is a Vedic Antichrist whom is fragmented but will reorganize himself for a final battle with Mayon (Krishna).

The operation is stated to be operational from LAPD. It is argued that a Gay Militia as a hub orders MOEC worldwide. This places the State of California in criminal jeopardy worldwide.

I am stating that police credential standards and POST training are too low. If police officers were tested for Algebra 3 proficiency this would end the operation as the core members are not capable of more than a glorified Algebra I. There are 36 states that mandate Algebra 3 proficiency for high school graduation. The State of Arizona mandates 4 Algebras and two courses at Algebra 3.

Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm

Test for Echo

Francis MacDonald Cornford is proffered as the expert of the system and it's scapegoat. It appears that Trinity Theologians opposed the Law School and won a duel in which control of the System was at stake. The Law School reneged and these actors persist to date as the lesser of two evils. An Archetypical pattern is the story of Pan, Syrinx, and Echo. Pan is a prototypical figure in the development of an Adversary as is Thrasymachus. This is an elaborate proposition to develop. One narrative posits Syrinx flight from Pan's erotic overtures while returning from the hunt. Syrinx fled without hearing Pan's overtures. Pan pursued her from Mount Lycaeum until she pleaded to her sister nymphs who immediately turned her into a reed before Pan could hold her. The wind blew through the reeds, producing a captivating melody. Pan still unable to discern which reed Syrinx was cut seven or nine lengths constructing the Panpipe the instrument bearing the name of his beloved Syrinx.

Echo was a nymph who was a great singer and dancer whom would never fall for the love of any man. This angered Pan, whom is portrayed as being as being lecherous. Pan instructed his followers to kill her. Echo was torn to pieces and her body spread over the earth. Gaia, the Goddess of the Earth, recovered the pieces of Echo, whose voice remains repeating the last words of others.

This narrative has been extended through nodes to the profiling of actual natural persons. Hence this and many other narratives from Great Books and lesser are imposed over persons in a Reverse Sting Operation.

Chris Farrell Friday of Delaware is a target of homosexual misogyny her profile is derived from Echo. Bombarding my person 24/7 with this entrapment is an abuse of technology. I know her personally and was very close to her husband Louis Friday. We both lived in the same neighborhood, Rodney Village when Vice President Joe Biden first ran for the Senate.

This attack has a Master Passion feature that creates uses Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing imposed over theories of Sexual Emancipation. This is a fusion of alter egos as Gay Philosophy (phenomenology, relativity and consequentialism) and Nativism and Populism. I prefer Ethnic Nationalism as a Source of War.

The State of California is a legal jurisdiction with original jurisdiction over this claim. I am in Lake Shastina, Siskiyou County just north of Mt. Shasta.

It is prima facie that an in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is occurring in this region. There have been instances in California when actual amphetamines have been sprayed on products. Usually sedatives, acids used to make drugs, and porta toilet (in reference to Commodious) are sprayed by using regular automobiles.

LGBTi History has just been mandated by Governor Brown. My prospective is a counterfactual to LGBTi History.


Decidability: A formal logic is decidable if it can be proven that A follows from T by a mechanistic algorithm of finite terms.A theory must have a model. A theory L is a well ordered system of at least one formula which must be true for the case to be true otherwise it is inconsistent.

We pursue a formulae in some system of sequences of formulae, within which we can define a property Is_a_proof(p) capable of being verified by an algorithm, such that we can be certain that the final component t of any sequence p satisfying Is_a_proof(p) is universally valid. Then we can use intuition freely to find aesthetically pleasing sequences p, the proofs, leading to interesting end goals t, the theorems (Schwartz).

From the theorems it is then possible to extract a witness. Art is long, life is short. In this instance the witness that proves that 0=1 must be a number not a natural person whom testifies only what is true.

Hence there have about 1.2 million person infected with HIV AIDS in the USA. In California, an estimated 119,878 people are living with HIV and AIDS. Of these, an estimated 73,291 were living with AIDS at the end of December 2013.

These persons are being Chemically Assaulted. No one has stepped forward. Eventually this event has to be accounted for. It will Undermine LGBTi claims.

It is clear that Kamala Harris and Gavin Newsom as public and natural persons have a stake here.


I am claiming that MOEC is a de facto extrajudicial War Crime. It has elements have hatred, and malicious that equates to cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment under California law. The State of California is likely to brought as principal in criminal and civil actions worldwide.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Lake Shastina CA

August 23, 2016

Open Alexa Koenig, Gabor Betegh, David Grimes

Lake Shastina CA

September 4, 2016

Dear Alexa Koenig: UC Berkeley

Gabor Betah: Cambridge University

David Grimes: Oxford University

Alexa Koenig, UC California Gabor Betegh, Cambridge

David Grimes, Oxford
Alexa Koenig
Gabor Betegh
David Grimes

Impure Synchronicity

All Swans Are White

I am writing you today to express my concerns about the de facto and ommissive recognition, moral, and legal obligation to recognize an in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth imposed over solely one natural person, my self, Bhakta David Nollmeyer. This action has transpired since June 17, 1987, or nearly one generation. The allegation or conjecture is that this operation that is named Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC is the mechanism that expands and contracts the British Empire. It is furthered argued as fact, that the Membership is composed mainly of Cambridge Law School Lawyers and Trinity Fellows. This accusation is not new and has it's own mythology which is partially true. The main support is the British at this time are an intelligence hegemon and have social engineered a prisoner's dilemma based defection model through every police stationhouse worldwide. The Sykes Picot Agreement, creation of Israel, and the creation of Bangladesh support this claim.

The interesting concern is that Francis MacDonald Cornford is figured as the Machiavelli and scapegoat of MOEC. I do not believe that he is the leader. The worst actor is figured to be the alleged lawyer whom authored the in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

Below we posit the Graphical User Interface GUI of MOEC. Origin is the Organic Cell. It appears to be a variant of a Turing Machine. The implication is that there is an attempt control the machinations of a Turing Machine via prisoner's dilemma by a Supercomputer.

The last cell on the lower right in the third column may be any social system model. Varna asrama is used as I am a Vedic practitioner.

A counterfactual is a witness or the opposite of a stated claim in logic.

Dmytro Taranovsky in his 2006 paper, Constructive Mathematical Truth argues:

Equivalently, witnesses can be described in computational terms. Witnesses are given as a blackbox or an oracle and need not be constructive. When given a witness, you may give it input and will receive appropriate output; you will get no other information. Multiple instances of a witness can be run, and any instance can be copied. When requested a witness (as input to a witness), you simply accept input and provide appropriate output; you may give false output, but that may cause the instance of the witness to enter an infinite loop or give arbitrary output. A witness may take arbitrarily long to give an answer and may call appropriate witnesses (for example, a witness to A→B may call a witness to A) an unlimited number of times. A witness for a statement containing '→' can also be viewed as a functional of a higher type (Taranovsky 2006).

The above described witness is a natural number and not a natural person.



Particular History
and Justice





Ideal State -
Varna Asrama

I am arguing that the proximate cause sine qua non are War Criminals on the Run. This system has created five Irrationalist Presidents:

Ronald Reagan

George HW Bush

William Clinton

George W Bush

Barack Obama

It is evident that our civilization has been Scripted into a theater of war of pathos and tragedy. There is an in continuo component of electronic sweeps consisting of simultaneous longitudinal and crossectional sibling and cohort rivalries which are easily converted into parametric and non parametric information through Behavioral Statistics.

The end goal is to achieve Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal where criminal and civil actors are identified and victims compensated.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Lake Shastina CA

September 3, 2016

The Archives Have Been Migrated to HTML 5 CSS

Big Pine CA

October 14, 2016

I have migrated the Archives to HTML 5 CSS. Archives 2011 2012 was the last Archive to be repaired. I will add one more prompt here this month.

Finite Automata

Big Pine CA

October 16, 2016

Interestingly I have downloaded papers on Automata in Prisoner's Dilemma. A major paper was made at UC Berkeley about 1986. I believe that the author actually visited one of the classes I was attending at Laney College. The stalking in MOEC began about April 6, 1986 with the fullblown attack on June 17, 1987. It is clear that the Know Nothing culture being radiated is based on the Chinese Room theory of John Searle which is a continuation of the Turing Test. In essence through defection the least intelligent persons are paired in a Repeated Measures ANOVA experiment. This defection pattern will create an infinite or circular folly. Hence in a machine world a primitive virus where one has to manually turn off the computer to terminate the disturbance.

I am inspecting Finite Automata Play the Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma by ARIEL RUBINSTEIN Department of Economics, The Hebrew University: Jerusalem, IsraelReceived December 19, 1984; revised October 23. 1985.

I am not certain if he was one of the authors in the UC paper. This is very unique in that one generation or 30 years would have now transpired.


Desert Shores CA

November 21, 2016


Nimrod Megiddo

IBM Almaden Research Center, San Jose, California

Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, California

and Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel

Avi Wigderson

Mathematical Sciences Research Institute

Berkeley, California

Abstract. This paper examines the "bounded rationality" inherent in play by means of computing machines. The main example is the finitely repeated prisoners' dilemma game which is discussed under different models. The game is played by Turing machines with restricted number of internal states using unlimited time and space. The observations in this paper strongly suggest that the cooperative outcome of the game can be approximated in equilibrium. Thus, the cooperative play can be approximated even if the machines memorize the entire history of the game and are capable of counting the number of stages.

I have relocated my pdf on Prisoner's Dilemma and Turing Machines. The paper above was originally published on January 8, 1986. If these two scholars did appear in the Laney College Music Suite in late 1986 or early 1987 this reinforces the real life game of cooperation and betray.

I am going to emphasize Organic and Mechanistic Solidarity in my work. Durkheim uses this to described cohesion and justice in society. I will argue the entire Paradigm of Laws. Hence this is focusing Man in Spacetime individually and collectively. We have just had a very strange Presidential Election where the loser Hillary Clinton will amass over 2 million votes over the President Elect Donald Trump. Here we discern the alienation of the vote. Trump won by understanding the alienation in the Electoral College in the Rust Belt.

With the advent of mathematical alignment in Future Studies, this is inescapable worldwide. The technological genie will not return to it's bottle. Whether Accelerating Intelligence is slow or fast it is definitely not stopping.

My position will reflect an iterated or repeated game of Prisoner's Dilemma in a citizen versus criminal format. This a concrete argument for Legal Justice. Informally a real life version of the stag hunt is underway. This is informal but in reality without legal justice non cooperative play is punished.

I do not see how Barack Obama and those sworn officers of the state can escape prosecution if they are born after 1955. This is my personal opinion. There is no way Artificial General Intelligence will real and not political devicebranded in a War Criminal's Image. Most experts are hoping for AI between 2025 and 2035. Kurzweil predicts 2019.

Facebook on Artificial Intelligence

Desert Shores CA

December 3, 2016

Happy Holidays!!! I recently read an article on Facebook's recommendations for studying AI. They stress math:

Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Calculus 3, Linear Algebra, Probability, and Statistics. I am surprised that they did not mention Mathematical Logic or Predicate Calculus. Most students do not do such. They also mentioned that working with a PhD, solving a problem, and publishing the results open source are beneficial. I found this interesting and instructive.

There is much talk about Disruption. In this sense this engineering term is being used in reference to the business cycle where accelerating and exponential technologies displace firms and workers. I view this also in a cognitive amplifiers versus motor skill amplifiers within Organic and Mechanistic Solidarity.We are really still living in the 20th Century, hence the 1900s. I believe after 2025 or driverless vehicles AVs we will realize concretely what is hitting us. In totality a driverless car is a motor skill amplifier.However one has to also factor the cognitive amplification that guides the vehicle or tool. In this sense the displacement of labor will occur. Elon Musk announced that he will send German Engineers to the USA to update Tesla factories. Annehausier Busche announced that the had delivered a semi truck load of beer 120 miles in Colorado without a driver. It was argued that all those actors in the 120 route could lose their jobs to automation.

I have also manually completed this site's migration to HTML 5 CSS.