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The Baltimore Studio are no more than LAPD Officers using a voice synthesizer to disguise themselves.This construction is a form of Profiling and Entrapment. Identity is a key. The Studio members are presented as MSM. The Journal is being continued here:

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2016 Archives

LGBTi History

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

January 1 to 11, 2016

The issue of LGBTi History and whether History in general during the last thirty years is legitimate is a serious concern. MOEC Studies is a serious domain. One can not osmosis it's study. I do not see how any sworn official or licensed lawyers are going to survive scrutiny. It is apparent that poor IQ and values has created a War Crime and antisocial psychopathic informants. It is unique to note that Mark Takano and Rick Jacobs attract the most hacking on this site.

The Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm Part III will have a Chapter 1 probably before March 1, 2016.


The 2014 2015 Archives have been updated and edited.

Storyboard Half Life

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

February 19, 2016

I have migrated the frontpage of Storyboard Half Life. This site challenges ArnoldSchwarzenegger and Maria Shriver:

My Open Letter to William Eskridge may also be of interest:

I have also updated Geir Lundestad:

It has an Obama Mirror:

Lundestad is the Norwegian historian whom claims to have researched Obama's 2009 Nobel Prize.

Reagan Gorbachev: Berlin Wall June 12, 1987

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

March 12, 2016

I have made a site with a basic critique of Ronald Reagan's Tear down that wall speech. However I believe my critique to be historically significant. Within days on June 17, 1987 a Gay Militia allegedly designed by Cambridge Law School usurped my rights. At this instance both Reagan and Gorbachev may be called into question for paving the road to totalitarianism. This is also critically for any sworn LGBTi person. I am considering that Evan Wolfson is a target. I have stated this before and this concrete cognitive and behavioral analysis strengthens such. The silence on HIV AIDS is far greater and tragic than LGBTi activists wish to state.

Also in focus will be secret police and death squads. Of particular note is Nicaragua and the Somacista. UC Berkeley and the San Francisco Bay Area had and still continues a feud with Reagan. MOEC will reiterate the status quo. We are rapidly approaching the end of the production hand tool era. Algebra 3 is the standard worldwide for high school graduation. I believe may jobs will go obsolete by 2025. Many workers also will have obsolete skill sets.

Nancy Reagan died on March 6, 2016. This was the day that my mock up of the transcript was being posted. I went online to upload my page. Her death was at the top of the headlines.

I advocate a boycott of the 2016 Presidential Elections. Persons should only vote on referendums were their vote is not alienated. I clearly see Donald Trump as a nativistic economic nationalist whom is a scripted sound of the falling of the dead wood as large trees and breaking branches. He will further damage the economy of his followers.


Weed CA

May, 21 2016

MOEC Studies argues that MSM authorities were behind an Authorship of Actors in the University of Cambridge, most prominently the Law School whom scripted the in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.s It is furthered argued that this Greek Gift of the Gods covers the exposure, identification, and prosecution of the principals, accomplices, and accessories. The target culture is Natavism versus Universality. Hence we have an escalated catastrophe concerning diversity. Hence this is a pronounced Alter Ego to the issues which are central to the LGBTi Movement and it's History especially leadership. MOEC is an Undermining Operation built on defection. These persons are cued to kill of their conscience as to what is right or wrong. This is uniquely paired to Gay Revolution and sexual emancipation.

Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is real. The emergence of Trump posits another Alter Ego build up of Nativism and Know Nothingness to the Democratic Socialism of Bernie Saunders and the progressive liberalism of Hillary Clinton. Clinton is in place as the establishment survivor as the Right ritualistically attempts to make a stand and protect it's interests. This is quite complicated. However it is clear that the least competent will be the scapegoats as technology and inflation eliminate the economic base of the vulnerable.

The indication from firms as ATT is that their employees need to upgrade their skills. The Know Nothings reject this with protectionist banter without any cognition of the external treats at hand.

I am attempting a 50% migration and skill set building. The wrining will slow down will the appearance of my workers will become simple but standardized.

Orlando Pulse Shooting: America's Worst Mass Murder

Weed CA

June 16, 2016

June 17, 2016 will be the 29th Anniversary of MOEC. Hence many victims of the Orlando Shooting were 29 or just barely. Almost none were 50. I will state that historically Barack Obama will be impossible to teach as not Irrational. The incompetence and corruption of the Irrational Presidents Reagan Obama has been a catalyst to the Artificial Ideology Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. The Alter Ego confrontation between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is highly staged.

On June 12, 2016 decided to work on the Appendix of Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm. I simply paraphrased a wiki on the Black Swan. I did not know that Orlando shooting had occurred that morning.

The Theory of Black Swan Events metaphorically describes a phenomena that occurs as a surprise, has a major effect, and is inappropriately rationalized after the fact through hindsight. The term was founded on an ancient saying which presumed black swans did not exist, but was corrected after such where found in the wild in Western Australia by Dutch explorer Willem de Vlamingh in 1697.

Nassim Nicholoas Taleb is credited with the theory's development. Taleb whose background is in finances and threats cites states that the phenomena results "from the use of degenerate metaprobability". His taxonomy can be stated as (Taleb):

1. The disproportionate role of high profile, hard to predict, and rare events that are beyond the realm of normal expectations in history, science, finance, and technology.

2. The non computability of the probability of the consequential rare events using scientific methods (owing to the very nature of small probabilities).

3. The psychological biases that blind people, both individually and collectively, to uncertainty and to a rare event’s massive role in historical affairs.

The Ludic Fallacy is the belief that the unstructured randomness found in life resembles the structured randomness found in games. This extends from the assumption that unexpectations may be predicted from extrapolations from variations in statistics. These inductions are based past observations, that are presumed to be statistics representing samples from a normal distribution (Black Swan 2016).

On June 12, 2016 at about 2:00 a terrorist entered the Pulse bar in Orlando, Florida, a LGBTi establishment. The shooter had called 911 and claimed allegiance to Islamic State. In all 49 persons are confirmed killed with at least 45 injured.

Omar Mateen of Ft. Pierce, Florida is the alleged shooter. The situation needs to be studied more deliberately. Many politicians as Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi have made value based statementsthat clearly are a fallacy of separation without recognition of a Chemical Attack here in the United States.

Red Herring Strawman: Migrated to HTML 5 CSS

Lake Shastina CA

July 6, 2016

I have migrated the site to HTML 5. The past few weeks have been fluid. I will update later in the month

Open Letter Gov. Brown et al.

Lake Shastina CA

August 23, 2016

Agnes Calamard Special Rapporteur

Agnes Calamard Special Rapporteur

Governor Jerry Brown,

Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom,

Att. General Kamala Harris,

Special Rapporteur Agnes Calamard,

I am writing you today to complain of the extrajudicial Chemical Assault Scorched Earth imposed over my person since June 17, 1987. I have alleged that Cambridge Law School is the Proximate Cause sin qua non. It is very clear that I am have been attacked based on a homosexual qualification for Bill of Rights recognition before the state. Since I am a heterosexual I have no rights. I believe that this design named Mobilization of Empire of Civilization or MOEC has only alienated one natural person myself. However this mechanism which is alleged to be a defection model of hub and nodes through every police stationhouse worldwide also has secondary and tertiary targets whom are subjected to Targeted Chemical Assaults TSA. They are the Fractals of Kroni. Kroni is a Vedic Antichrist whom is fragmented but will reorganize himself for a final battle with Mayon (Krishna).

The operation is stated to be operational from LAPD. It is argued that a Gay Militia as a hub orders MOEC worldwide. This places the State of California in criminal jeopardy worldwide.

I am stating that police credential standards and POST training are too low. If police officers were tested for Algebra 3 proficiency this would end the operation as the core members are not capable of more than a glorified Algebra I. There are 36 states that mandate Algebra 3 proficiency for high school graduation. The State of Arizona mandates 4 Algebras and two courses at Algebra 3.

Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm

Test for Echo

Francis MacDonald Cornford is proffered as the expert of the system and it's scapegoat. It appears that Trinity Theologians opposed the Law School and won a duel in which control of the System was at stake. The Law School reneged and these actors persist to date as the lesser of two evils. An Archetypical pattern is the story of Pan, Syrinx, and Echo. Pan is a prototypical figure in the development of an Adversary as is Thrasymachus. This is an elaborate proposition to develop. One narrative posits Syrinx flight from Pan's erotic overtures while returning from the hunt. Syrinx fled without hearing Pan's overtures. Pan pursued her from Mount Lycaeum until she pleaded to her sister nymphs who immediately turned her into a reed before Pan could hold her. The wind blew through the reeds, producing a captivating melody. Pan still unable to discern which reed Syrinx was cut seven or nine lengths constructing the Panpipe the instrument bearing the name of his beloved Syrinx.

Echo was a nymph who was a great singer and dancer whom would never fall for the love of any man. This angered Pan, whom is portrayed as being as being lecherous. Pan instructed his followers to kill her. Echo was torn to pieces and her body spread over the earth. Gaia, the Goddess of the Earth, recovered the pieces of Echo, whose voice remains repeating the last words of others.

This narrative has been extended through nodes to the profiling of actual natural persons. Hence this and many other narratives from Great Books and lesser are imposed over persons in a Reverse Sting Operation.

Chris Farrell Friday of Delaware is a target of homosexual misogyny her profile is derived from Echo. Bombarding my person 24/7 with this entrapment is an abuse of technology. I know her personally and was very close to her husband Louis Friday. We both lived in the same neighborhood, Rodney Village when Vice President Joe Biden first ran for the Senate.

This attack has a Master Passion feature that creates uses Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing imposed over theories of Sexual Emancipation. This is a fusion of alter egos as Gay Philosophy (phenomenology, relativity and consequentialism) and Nativism and Populism. I prefer Ethnic Nationalism as a Source of War.

The State of California is a legal jurisdiction with original jurisdiction over this claim. I am in Lake Shastina, Siskiyou County just north of Mt. Shasta.

It is prima facie that an in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is occurring in this region. There have been instances in California when actual amphetamines have been sprayed on products. Usually sedatives, acids used to make drugs, and porta toilet (in reference to Commodious) are sprayed by using regular automobiles.

LGBTi History has just been mandated by Governor Brown. My prospective is a counterfactual to LGBTi History.


Decidability: A formal logic is decidable if it can be proven that A follows from T by a mechanistic algorithm of finite terms.A theory must have a model. A theory L is a well ordered system of at least one formula which must be true for the case to be true otherwise it is inconsistent.

We pursue a formulae in some system of sequences of formulae, within which we can define a property Is_a_proof(p) capable of being verified by an algorithm, such that we can be certain that the final component t of any sequence p satisfying Is_a_proof(p) is universally valid. Then we can use intuition freely to find aesthetically pleasing sequences p, the proofs, leading to interesting end goals t, the theorems (Schwartz).

From the theorems it is then possible to extract a witness. Art is long, life is short. In this instance the witness that proves that 0=1 must be a number not a natural person whom testifies only what is true.

Hence there have about 1.2 million person infected with HIV AIDS in the USA.In California, an estimated 119,878 people are living with HIV and AIDS. Of these, an estimated 73,291 were living with AIDS at the end of December 2013.

These persons are being Chemically Assaulted. No one has stepped forward. Eventually this event has to be accounted for. It will Undermine LGBTi claims.

It is clear that Kamala Harris and Gavin Newsom as public and natural persons have a stake here.


I am claiming that MOEC is a de facto extrajudicial War Crime. It has elements have hatred, and malicious that equates to cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment under California law. The State of California is likely to brought as principal in criminal and civil actions worldwide.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Lake Shastina CA

August 23, 2016

The Obama Legacy

Big Pine CA

September 19, 2016

Barack Obama is within 6 months of ending his two term presidency. He to date is the most culpable of the five Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Obama of War Crimes. Obama has sanitized the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth initiated by Reagan. Obama won both elections while the entire Salton Sea was Chemically Despoiled twice.Not an easy feat. However the next victor may approximate this act of ignominy.

Reagan entangled the United States by permitting a Gay Militia to escalate the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. This manifest function is threatening the human race. The operation pits the alienation of one person myself against the whole. Barack Obama prima facie has a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program. This act is intentional and deliberate.The Bushmeat Practice of spreading HIV AIDS with state directed targets is shadowing him. Regardless if you accept the validity of this allegation. The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth still attacks those HIV AIDS positive persons. There are about 600,000 HIV AIDS positive persons living in the United States.

All lives matter. The legal argument of life, limb, and property will work against Obama. There is about $84 trillion dollars USD of property in this country. It is hard to calculate it's real. It is pennies on the dollar.Do not lay your treasures across the earth. Obama is weak on Islamic Radicalization.

To date it appears that Hillary Clinton will inherit the mantle of Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. I emailed my birth certificate to the twitter account of the Real Donald Trump. He later dismissed the birther issue claiming Clinton started such. William Bratton also retired the same day.

Organic and Mechanistic Solidarity

Big Pine CA

October 25, 2016

Organic and Mechanistic Solidarity is a new theme that I will be developing in the future especially in the Fall of the Anglo American series and beyond. In particularity I will argue descending from the Paradigm of Laws into various individual and collective social settings. In this instance the Theory of Extinction as a static role in open texture becomes relevant. More study is needed into Durkheim's approach. However it is obvious that MOEC is a static role. The population and technology are obsolete and we are heading into a recession.

Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence is a new report from the Executive Office of the PresidentNational Science and Technology Council Committee on Technology in October, 2016. Below is an excerpt:

Machine Learning

Machine learning is one of the most important technical approaches to AI and the basis of many recent advances and commercial applications of AI. Modern machine learning is a statistical process that starts with a body of data and tries to derive a rule or procedure that explains the data or can predict future data. This approach learning from data contrasts with the older expert system approach to AI, in which programmers sit down with human domain experts to learn the rules and criteria used to make decisions, and translate those rules into software code. An expert system aims to emulate the principles used by human experts, whereas machine learning relies on statistical methods to find a decision procedure that works well in practice.

The following is taken from The Division of Labor in Society by Emilie Durkheim. Compare such to the varna asrama system of four varnas: 1. Brahmins 2. Ksatriya 3. Vaisyas 4. Sudras. This model is more of appears reflective of Durkheim's perspectivism. It should taken into context with his work on Suicide of the individual and collective. Notice the conceptualization of adhikari or qualification. Durkheim typifies modern society based on the cohesion of between occupations and classes. Organic solidarity occurs in a setting when for example the farmers produce the milk which factory workers would need to complete their jobs.

Organic and Mechanistic Solidarity


Mechanical solidarity

Organic solidarity

Morphological (structural) basis

Based on resemblances (predominant in less advanced societies)

Segmental type (first clan-based, later territorial)

Little interdependence (social bonds relatively weak)

Relatively low volume of population

Relatively low material and moral density

Based on division of labor (predominately in more advanced societies)

Organized type (fusion of markets and growth of cities)

Much interdependency (social bonds relatively strong)

Relatively high volume of population

Relatively high material and moral density

Types of norms (typified by law)

Rules with repressive sanctions

Prevalence of penal law

Rules with restitutive sanctions

Prevalence of cooperative law (civil, commercial, procedural, administrative and constitutional law)

Formal features of conscience collective

High volume

High intensity
High determinateness
Collective authority absolute

Low volume

Low intensity

Low determinateness

More room for individual initiative and reflection

Content of conscience collective

Highly religious

Transcendental (superior to human interests and beyond discussion)

Attaching supreme value to society and interests of society as a whole

Concrete and specific

Increasingly secular

Human orientated (concerned with human interests and open to discussion)

Attaching supreme value to individual dignity, equality of opportunity, work ethic and social justice

Abstract and general

Mechanical and organic solidarity. (June 25, 2016). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved October 18, 2016, from:

The Future

Desert Shores CA

November 25, 2016

A working draft of Chapter 4 of the Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm Part III here:

The election of Donald Trump and the defeat of Hillary Clinton has placed the Obama Legacy into jeopardy. The Neo Liberalism of Obama is off the rails. Trump is difficult to predict. I will ascertain that I will focus more intently on a Positive Law Citizen versus Criminal orientation. I have not been able to verify how many LGBTi candidates will be sworn office holders in 2017. What is clear is that the number is increasing. Transgender rights are scheduled for a Supreme Court case. On this issue Trump favors one using the bathroom of their choice. Trump considers the Marriage Equality issue settled as a matter of law. The opposite is true of abortion.

I consider Senator Elect Kamala Harris and Lt. Gavin Newsom, both of California to be actors of increasing interest regarding their legal status. I still consider Barack Obama as the Singularity Target. This could change if either is elected as President or Vice President of the United States.