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The Baltimore Studio

The Baltimore Studio are no more than LAPD Officers using a voice synthesizer to disguise themselves. This construction is a form of Profiling and Entrapment.

2016 Archives

The New Year

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

January, 2016

Happy New Years! The Islamic State appears to be in contraction as Iraqi forces retook Ramadi over vacation.Daesh has been an interesting Alter Ego to the Anglo American Paradigm. Many posit the development of Artificial General Intelligence near 2030. If this is true Obama will be exposed and prosecuted. MOEC has created much suspicion over History's most prominent thinkers. If one is intellectualizing but not acting expect to be swept aside. There is catastrophic damage to life, limb, and property. My contribution to the social science is that I have opposed Totalitarianism.

Happy New Years!!! Getting Started

President Barack Obama: 2016 State of the Union

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

January 19, 2016

I have posted a new website with a critique of Barack Obama's final State of the Union. His claimed that the United States can not be attacked to date is untrue. His legal standing is in jeopardy within and without the United States:


On the Viability of Conspiratorial Beliefs

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

February 5, 2016

David Robert Grimes, a psychologist at Oxford has published a paper challenging Conspiracy Theories that are supported by scientific rigor. Grimes examines allegations that the "moonlandings were faked, climate change is a hoax, vaccination is dangerous and that a cure for cancer is being suppressed by vested interests." His work is framed by Sunstein et al [1] as "an effort to explain some event or practice by reference to the machinations of powerful people, who attempt to conceal their role (at least until their aims are accomplished)."

Grimes holds that the larger number of actors in a conspiracy the more likely the scheme is to be exposed over time. The more individuals the faster the exposure. Hence using constant conspirators, Gompertzian decay, and exponential decay, and alpha level for error of .0001, Grimes' model postulates:

Table 3. Maximum time to imminent failure (L > 0.95).

Conspiracy Failure Time

Moon landing Hoax (Sustained / Constant) 3.68 years

Moon landing Hoax (Single event / Gompertzian) 3.68 years

Climate change fraud (Scientists only) 26.77 years

Climate change fraud including scientific bodies 3.70 years

Vaccination Conspiracy CDC/WHO only 34.78 years

Vaccination Conspiracy including drug companies 3.15 years

Suppressed Cancer cure 3.17 years

Grimes argues that 411,000 persons were employed at Nasa and 714,000 persons were considered in his model.

In brief, MOEC has sanitized an in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth for 28.5 years since June 17, 1987.I argue that there is about a 95% defection rate. I would take this as an observation similar to a sample in inference to a world population of 7.5 billion. The Colorado River is contaminated as I write. The historical and legal implications here are profound. Barack Obama has declared an emergency over Flint, Michigan's drinking water. The situation here is more severe. At a certain level of complicity hence the totality of near 100 percent participation of a population appears to perpetuate such. Racketeering models as drug dealing where reinforcements inclusive of punishments as death also reinforce conspiracy.

PLOS ONE | DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0147905 January 26, 2016 1 / 17


Citation: Grimes DR (2016) On the Viability of Conspiratorial Beliefs. PLoS ONE 11(1): e0147905.


Ontological Convergence with the Development of Superintelligence

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

March 27, 2016


Machine Intelligence Research Institute


One should consider MOEC Studies as a counterfactual to any claim of Artificial Intelligence that does not recognize MOEC as a War Crime. It is Artificial Intelligence versus Nativism. My course of study was directed to finish my life with demonstrable math proficiency. During this Scorched Earth I restudied Algebra 1,2,3, Pre Calculus and now a Behavioral Science textbook. I had also planned to restudy Predicate Calculus which I already knew the basics of formal proofs. One should never let their math skills decay.

I am clearly being Targeted as the Singularity Experiment. I have the entire Treatment imposed over my person. There is no Control population. You are a Fractal of Kroni. Algebra 3 is the international standard for high school graduation. This is grade 12 or 18 years of age. One should expect this baseline to be used in hiring firing by the day.

I displeased that I am still fighting alone. Just as an embryonic Supercomputer uses regressive programming to teach itself, I have to teach myself new skills under Totalitarianism. LAPD is being lead in this by computer scientists and line officers. I graduated in 2000 with three AA degrees. At that time Algebra 2 was the standard which I took Predicate Calculus. Now Algebra 3 is required. The computer skills of LAPD are 2000 era. Hence Cobalt and Fortran. The math skills are Algebra 1 down from Calculus or Algebra 5. The return of Know Nothingness is exemplified by the scripting of Donald Trump and the 2016 Election farce.

Rape of the Mind

Lake Shastina CA

June 6, 2011

Rape of the Mind by AM Merloo, now out of print is on the recommended reading list. Within one will find important data on totalitarianism and mind control. Totalitaria is a mythical model of a police state.

In short today is Chinese or Lunar New Year. I am 49.5 years old today and Obama will be also tomorrow. Obama and historian will have to face the concrete reality of violence, and intimidation within the Irrationalist Presidents now currently being extended by Barack Obama. There is now a Jasmine Revolution in Egypt to oust Hosni Mubarak.

Rape of the Mind (excerpts)


The psychological roots of totalitarianism are usually irrational, destructive, and primitive, though disguised behind some ideology, and for this reason there is something fantastic, unbelievable,even nightmarish about the system itself.

In Totalitaria, the citizen no longer knows the real core of his mind. He no longer feels himself an "I", an ego, a person. He is only the object of official barrage and mental coercion. Having no personality of his own, he has no individual conscience, no personal morality, no capacity to think clearly and honestly. He learns by rote, he learns thousands of indoctrinated facts and inhales dogma and slogans with every breath he draws. He becomes an obedient pedant, and pedantry makes people into something resembling pots filled with information instead of individuals with free, growing personalities.

Hitler taught his people to march and to do battle, and at the end they did not know wherefore they marched and battled. People become herds, indoctrinated and obsessed herds, intoxicated first with enthusiasm and happy expectations, then with terror and panic. The individual personality cannot grow in Totalitaria. The huge mass of citizens is tamed into personal and political somnambulism.

In Totalitaria, each citizen is continually watched. The mythical state moulds the individual's conscience. He has hardly any of his own. His neighbours watch him, his postman, his children, and they all represent the punishing state, just as he himself must represent the state and watch others. Not betraying them is a crime.

The need to find conspiracies, to discover persecutors and criminals is another schizophrenic manifestation. It is psychologically related to an infantile need for a feeling of omnipotence. Megalomaniac feelings grow better in an atmosphere of mysterious secrecy. Secrecy and conspiracy increase the delusion of power. That is why so many people like to pry into other people's lives and to play the spy.

This feeling of conspiracy also lies behind the pathological struggle with imaginary persecutors, a struggle we find both in mentally ill individuals and in our mythical Totalitaria. "It is there!" "It is chasing us!" All the inner fears of losing the nirvanic womb illusion become rampant.

The SS soldiers called this the magic action of the Blutkitt, the tie of bloody crime binding them together and preparing them for Valhalla. With this magic unification, they could die with courage and equanimity. Anarchic despair and need for greatness alternated in them as they do in the psychotic patient. In the same way, the citizens of Totalitaria search for a heroic place in history even though the price be doom and annihilation.

Many soldiers tired by the rigidities of normal life look back at violent moments of their war experiences, despite the hunger and terror, as the monumental culminating experiences of their lives. There, in the Bruderbund of fighters, they felt happy for the first and only times in their lives.

The Strategy of Terror

The weapon of terror has been used by tyrants from time immemorial to make a meek instrument of man. In Totalitaria, the use of this weapon is refined to a science which can wipe out all opposition and dissent. The leaders of Totalitaria rule by intimidation; they prefer loyalty through fear to loyalty through faith. Fear and terror freeze the mind and will; they may create a general psychic paralysis. In the panic caused by totalitarian terror, men feel separated from one another, as by an impassable vacuum, and each man becomes a lonely, frightened soul. Even panicky hovering together could be suspected of being conspiracy against the state. Separated from any real emotional contact with his fellow men by his own inner isolation, the citizen of Totalitaria becomes increasingly unable to fight against it's dehumanizing influences.

Totalitaria is constantly on the alert for social sinners, the critics of the system, and accusation of dissent is equivalent to conviction in the public eye. Insinuation, calumny, and denunciation are staples of the totalitarian strategy. The entire nation is dedicated to the proposition that every man is a potential enemy of the regime. No one is excluded from the terror. Any man may be subjected to it no matter how high his rank.

The secret police create awe and panic inside the country, while the army serves to create awe and panic outside. Just the thought of an outbreak of terror of even a possible future terror makes men unwilling to express their opinions and expose themselves. Both the citizens of Totalitaria and those of her neighbors are affected by this general fear. A clear example of how this fear paralysis operates in reality may be seen in the fact that as far back as 1948 western Europeans, who felt the shadow of anticipated totalitarian occupation, thought it safer to criticize and attack their American friends than to find fault with a totalitarian enemy who might sweep in suddenly and without warning.

The Purging Rituals

Cleaning out the higher echelons of government is an old historic habit. The struggle between fathers and sons, between the older and the younger generation, became ritualized far back in prehistoric times. Frazer's classic, The Golden Bough, has told us a great deal about this. The ancient priest of the heathens acquired his high post by killing his predecessor. Later in history, the newly proclaimed king offered criminals instead as sacrifices to the gods on the day of his anointment.

In Totalitaria, the killing and purging ritual is part of the mechanism of government, and it serves not only a symbolic but also a very real function for the dictator. He must eliminate all those he has bypassed and double crossed in his ruthless climb to power, lest their resentments and frustrated rage break out, endangering his position or even his life.

Hitler knew very well what he was doing when he turned the German concentration camps over to the unleashed lusts of his storm troopers. "Let them kill and murder," was the device. "Once they have gone so far with me, they must go on to the end." The strategy of criminalization is not only directed toward crushing the victims of the totalitarian regime, but also toward giving the elite hangmen, the governing gang, that poisonous feeling of power that drags them farther and farther away from every human feeling; their victims become people without human identity, merely speaking masks and ego less robots. The strategy of criminalization is the systematic organization of the lower passions in man, in particular in those the dictator must trust as his direct helpers.

Under the pressure of totalitarian thinking, nearly every citizen identifies with the ruling gang, and many must prove their loyalty by murder and killing, or at least expressing their approval of murder and killing. The boredom of Totalitaria's automatic patterns of living leads the deluded citizens to welcome the adventure of war and crime and self destruction. Each new act of torture and crime makes new bonds of fidelity and unscrupulous obedience, especially within the leading gang. In the end, driven by crime and guilt, the ruling members have to stick it out together because the downfall of the system would bring about the downfall of the entire gang, both leaders and followers. The same thing holds true in the criminal world. Once a man has taken the first step and rejected the laws of society and joined the criminal gang, he is at war with the outside world and it's moral evaluations. From that point on, the gang can blackmail him and subdue him.

In Totalitaria, the vicious circle of criminalization of the citizenry, in which the means become ends in themselves, grows into a cynical conspiracy covered with the cynical flag of decent idealism.The country's leaders use such simple words as "the universal campaign of peace," and the citizens rejoice and take pride in these words. Only a few among them know what deceptive deeds lie behind the flowery phrases.

These perversions are also incorporated into a great nationalistic myth the Third Reich, the New Empire, the People's Republic and the citizen's desire to do something heroic becomes identified with doing something violent and criminal. Blood becomes a magic fluid, and shedding someone else's blood becomes a virtuous and life giving deed.

Unlimited killing, as it is practiced in totalitarian systems, is related to deep, unconscious fears. The weak and emotionally sick in any society kill out of fear, in order to borrow, in a magic way, their dead victims' strength and happiness as well as, of course, their material possessions. The killing of millions in the Nazi gas ovens was part of this ancient mythology of murder. Perhaps the members of the master race thought that slaughtering the Jews would ensure that the Germans would endure pain for as many centuries as had their victims! It is part of an old primitive myth that through killing one fortifies and prolongs one's own life. Let us not forget that forces of reason and understanding in man are rather weak. It is difficult to control the fire of explosive drives, once they are lighted.

Totalitarianism must kill, slaughter, make war. Totalitaria preaches hatred, and the totalitarian mouthpiece is a lonely, deluded, tough superman, calling for hatred and injustice and arousing intensified fanaticism unhampered by any moral feeling or remorse. His battle cry reinforces the dictator's hold on his subjects, because each citizen, in and through his guilty deeds, learns to hate his victim, whose very suffering arouses even more the criminal's deeply buried sense of guilt.

Open Letter UC Berkeley

Weed CA

June 21, 2016

Dear UC Berkeley,

Janet Napolitano, UC President

Melissa Murray, Boalt Hall

Carla Hesse, Social Science

S. Shankar Sastry, Computer Science

Psychology Department, Staff

Janet Napolitano UC California
Janet Napolitano

Melissa Murray - Dean Boalt Hall UC Berkeley Carla Hesse - Dean Social Sciences UC Berkeley S.Sastry - Dean Computer Science UC Berkeley
Melissa Murray
Carla Hesse
Social Science
S. Sastry
Computer Science

It has been nearly 30 years or one generation since an in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth began under then President Ronald Reagan on June 17, 1987 when I was in Dover, Delaware. Hence the Irrationalist Presidents comprise the roster of:

Ronald Reagan

George HW Bush

William Clinton

George W Bush

Barack Obama

I am clearly alleging that Cambridge Law School, United Kingdom is the Proximate Cause sine qua non of this attack. It is named Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or the acronym MOEC. It is the mechanism that expands and contracts the British Empire. MOEC is a Prisoner's Dilemma based defection model.

I have decided to write you now as events relating to the Black Swan nature are incurring with increasing frequency. In the beginning of 2016 I was wintering in Blythe, California. I wished to post up an Appendix basic framework to my text Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm PT. III or the Black Swan. I did so and then at the beginning of May decided to take a month off to relocate to Lake Shastina, California near Mt. Shasta where I am writing now.

On June 12, 2016, the worst mass murder in United States History occurred. I began to restart work on the Appendix. I simply marked up the selection on the Black Swan Theory supra. I did not know that earlier at 2:00 AM Orlando, Florida EST, a Omar Marteen of Ft. Pierce, Florida entered the Pulse nightclub. This is a LGBTi establishment. Gay Pride week begins Monday, the 20th and runs until the national parade on Sunday the 26th. The shooter called 911 during the attack claiming allegiance to Islamic State. Forty nine persons have been reported killed and 45 are injured.

The Black Box

Below we posit the Graphical User Interface GUI of MOEC. Origin is the Organic Cell.



Particular History
and Justice





Ideal State -
Varna Asrama

MOEC expands and contracts the British Empire by a hub and node system of informants in every police stationhouse worldwide. I am alleging that Los Angeles Police Department LAPD, California is the main hub conducting MOEC. This agency contains a Gay Militia which is an Alter Ego to the Islamic State and al Bhagdadhi it's Caliph.

Within the legal framework of MOEC's Undermining the entire operation is designed to Alienate one individual against the whole. In essence my Bill of Right protections are abrogated. The Joe Virus scenario posits a targeting of Gemeinschaft or rural areas with Nativism versus more urban Gesselschaft communities that are based on rational models as the Social Contract Theory.

Hence MOEC Strategic Mission is Gay Marriage. This has occurred in the United States. I am alienated due to a macropolarization based on Homosexuality versus Heterosexuality. A sexual qualification for rights or legal person has been imposed over the world's culture.

MOEC is a continuing criminal conspiracy and a RICO Criminal Enterprise.

The RICO Statutes or more correctly the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act are fast becoming a major source of legal code for both criminal and civil actions. More formally RICO is TITLE 18, PART 1, CHAPTER 96, Section 1961 of the United States Code.

In simplicity one may not use, manufacture, possess, distribute any crime or guide, participate, or receive any remuneration from the enterprise.

Consider chemicals in the LAPD stationhouse and President Barack Obama in the White House. LAPD can not maintain a building, move, or order officers or persons to contaminate property by placing chemicals in their auto engines or other means. President Obama can not legally reside or maintain a dwelling while the nearly the entire State of California is sprayed. It is my understanding that electronic surveillance and environmental destruction is universal.


The Proximate Cause Test sine qua non is the efficient test. MOEC should be decapitated to it's Origin and the principals, accomplices, and accessories to the fact prosecuted. Victims should be compensated.

I argue that the Authorship are War Criminals on the Run. They are mass murderers as well as serial killers. MOEC is a homosexual blackmail, intimidation and hostaging ring. MOEC Studies is a counterfactual to the Censorship and Sanitization worldwide. Every domain and prominent academic in the University system is under attack. All sworn officials as Barack Obama, Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, Attorney General Kamala Harris and UC President and Ex Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano are suspect.

I or my estate will contest criminally and civilly any actor whom is in the criminal enterprise. The concept of Artificial Intelligence is also a focus as it appears quite conclusively that Technological Singularity is moving forward as instrument of Censorship and Sanitization.

Thank you for you consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Lake Shastina, CA

June 19, 2016

Open Letter Gov. Brown et al.

Lake Shastina CA

August 23, 2016

Agnes Calamard Special Rapporteur

Agnes Calamard Special Rapporteur

Governor Jerry Brown,

Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom,

Att. General Kamala Harris,

Special Rapporteur Agnes Calamard,

I am writing you today to complain of the extrajudicial Chemical Assault Scorched Earth imposed over my person since June 17, 1987. I have alleged that Cambridge Law School is the Proximate Cause sin qua non. It is very clear that I am have been attacked based on a homosexual qualification for Bill of Rights recognition before the state. Since I am a heterosexual I have no rights. I believe that this design named Mobilization of Empire of Civilization or MOEC has only alienated one natural person myself. However this mechanism which is alleged to be a defection model of hub and nodes through every police stationhouse worldwide also has secondary and tertiary targets whom are subjected to Targeted Chemical Assaults TSA. They are the Fractals of Kroni. Kroni is a Vedic Antichrist whom is fragmented but will reorganize himself for a final battle with Mayon (Krishna).

The operation is stated to be operational from LAPD. It is argued that a Gay Militia as a hub orders MOEC worldwide. This places the State of California in criminal jeopardy worldwide.

I am stating that police credential standards and POST training are too low. If police officers were tested for Algebra 3 proficiency this would end the operation as the core members are not capable of more than a glorified Algebra I. There are 36 states that mandate Algebra 3 proficiency for high school graduation. The State of Arizona mandates 4 Algebras and two courses at Algebra 3.

Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm

Test for Echo

Francis MacDonald Cornford is proffered as the expert of the system and it's scapegoat. It appears that Trinity Theologians opposed the Law School and won a duel in which control of the System was at stake. The Law School reneged and these actors persist to date as the lesser of two evils. An Archetypical pattern is the story of Pan, Syrinx, and Echo. Pan is a prototypical figure in the development of an Adversary as is Thrasymachus. This is an elaborate proposition to develop. One narrative posits Syrinx flight from Pan's erotic overtures while returning from the hunt. Syrinx fled without hearing Pan's overtures. Pan pursued her from Mount Lycaeum until she pleaded to her sister nymphs who immediately turned her into a reed before Pan could hold her. The wind blew through the reeds, producing a captivating melody. Pan still unable to discern which reed Syrinx was cut seven or nine lengths constructing the Panpipe the instrument bearing the name of his beloved Syrinx.

Echo was a nymph who was a great singer and dancer whom would never fall for the love of any man. This angered Pan, whom is portrayed as being as being lecherous. Pan instructed his followers to kill her. Echo was torn to pieces and her body spread over the earth. Gaia, the Goddess of the Earth, recovered the pieces of Echo, whose voice remains repeating the last words of others.

This narrative has been extended through nodes to the profiling of actual natural persons. Hence this and many other narratives from Great Books and lesser are imposed over persons in a Reverse Sting Operation.

Chris Farrell Friday of Delaware is a target of homosexual misogyny her profile is derived from Echo. Bombarding my person 24/7 with this entrapment is an abuse of technology. I know her personally and was very close to her husband Louis Friday. We both lived in the same neighborhood, Rodney Village when Vice President Joe Biden first ran for the Senate.

This attack has a Master Passion feature that creates uses Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing imposed over theories of Sexual Emancipation. This is a fusion of alter egos as Gay Philosophy (phenomenology, relativity and consequentialism) and Nativism and Populism. I prefer Ethnic Nationalism as a Source of War.

The State of California is a legal jurisdiction with original jurisdiction over this claim. I am in Lake Shastina, Siskiyou County just north of Mt. Shasta.

It is prima facie that an in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is occurring in this region. There have been instances in California when actual amphetamines have been sprayed on products. Usually sedatives, acids used to make drugs, and porta toilet (in reference to Commodious) are sprayed by using regular automobiles.

LGBTi History has just been mandated by Governor Brown. My prospective is a counterfactual to LGBTi History.


Decidability: A formal logic is decidable if it can be proven that A follows from T by a mechanistic algorithm of finite terms.A theory must have a model. A theory L is a well ordered system of at least one formula which must be true for the case to be true otherwise it is inconsistent.

We pursue a formulae in some system of sequences of formulae, within which we can define a property Is_a_proof(p) capable of being verified by an algorithm, such that we can be certain that the final component t of any sequence p satisfying Is_a_proof(p) is universally valid. Then we can use intuition freely to find aesthetically pleasing sequences p, the proofs, leading to interesting end goals t, the theorems (Schwartz).

From the theorems it is then possible to extract a witness. Art is long, life is short. In this instance the witness that proves that 0=1 must be a number not a natural person whom testifies only what is true.

Hence there have about 1.2 million person infected with HIV AIDS in the USA.In California, an estimated 119,878 people are living with HIV and AIDS. Of these, an estimated 73,291 were living with AIDS at the end of December 2013.

These persons are being Chemically Assaulted. No one has stepped forward. Eventually this event has to be accounted for. It will Undermine LGBTi claims.

It is clear that Kamala Harris and Gavin Newsom as public and natural persons have a stake here.


I am claiming that MOEC is a de facto extrajudicial War Crime. It has elements have hatred, and malicious that equates to cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment under California law. The State of California is likely to brought as principal in criminal and civil actions worldwide.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Lake Shastina CA

August 23, 2016

Open Alexa Koenig, Gabor Betegh, David Grimes

Lake Shastina CA

September 4, 2016

Dear Alexa Koenig: UC Berkeley

Gabor Betah: Cambridge University

David Grimes: Oxford University

Alexa Koenig, UC California Gabor Betegh, Cambridge David Grimes, Oxford

Alexa Koenig

Gabor Betegh

David Grimes

Impure Synchronicity

All Swans Are White

I am writing you today to express my concerns about the de facto and ommissive recognition, moral, and legal obligation to recognize an in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth imposed over solely one natural person, my self, Bhakta David Nollmeyer. This action has transpired since June 17, 1987, or nearly one generation. The allegation or conjecture is that this operation that is named Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC is the mechanism that expands and contracts the British Empire. It is furthered argued as fact, that the Membership is composed mainly of Cambridge Law School Lawyers and Trinity Fellows. This accusation is not new and has it's own mythology which is partially true. The main support is the British at this time are an intelligence hegemon and have social engineered a prisoner's dilemma based defection model through every police stationhouse worldwide. The Sykes Picot Agreement, creation of Israel, and the creation of Bangladesh support this claim.

The interesting concern is that Francis MacDonald Cornford is figured as the Machiavelli and scapegoat of MOEC. I do not believe that he is the leader. The worst actor is figured to be the alleged lawyer whom authored the in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

Below we posit the Graphical User Interface GUI of MOEC. Origin is the Organic Cell. It appears to be a variant of a Turing Machine. The implication is that there is an attempt control the machinations of a Turing Machine via prisoner's dilemma by a Supercomputer.

The last cell on the lower right in the third column may be any social system model. Varna asrama is used as I am a Vedic practitioner.

A counterfactual is a witness or the opposite of a stated claim in logic.

Dmytro Taranovsky in his 2006 paper, Constructive Mathematical Truth argues:

Equivalently, witnesses can be described in computational terms. Witnesses are given as a blackbox or an oracle and need not be constructive. When given a witness, you may give it input and will receive appropriate output; you will get no other information. Multiple instances of a witness can be run, and any instance can be copied. When requested a witness (as input to a witness), you simply accept input and provide appropriate output; you may give false output, but that may cause the instance of the witness to enter an infinite loop or give arbitrary output. A witness may take arbitrarily long to give an answer and may call appropriate witnesses (for example, a witness to A→B may call a witness to A) an unlimited number of times. A witness for a statement containing '→' can also be viewed as a functional of a higher type (Taranovsky 2006).

The above described witness is a natural number and not a natural person.



Particular History
and Justice





Ideal State -
Varna Asrama

I am arguing that the proximate cause sine qua non are War Criminals on the Run. This system has created five Irrationalist Presidents:

Ronald Reagan

George HW Bush

William Clinton

George W Bush

Barack Obama

It is evident that our civilization has been Scripted into a theater of war of pathos and tragedy. There is an in continuo component of electronic sweeps consisting of simultaneous longitudinal and crossectional sibling and cohort rivalries which are easily converted into parametric and non parametric information through Behavioral Statistics.

The end goal is to achieve Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal where criminal and civil actors are identified and victims compensated.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Lake Shastina CA

September 3, 2016

The American 2016 Presidential Election

Desert Shores CA

November 8, 2016

It appears likely that Hillary Clinton will defeat Donald Trump in today's election. This is third Presidential Election while the Salton Sea was despoiled. I attribute such to Cambridge Law School. Hence this engineering debacle is in itself an incrimination to those attempting to develop Artificial Intelligence. This atrocity is paired with IBM Watson and narrow band AI. An intellectually challenged person can discern that this is a criminal act. This is low point for Barack Obama.

Hillary Clinton appeared yesterday with Barack Obama, Jon Bon Jovi, and Bruce Springsteen in Philadelphia in what was likely her largest crowd of the campaign.

In this instance I will point out that what boundary that MOEC Studies was developed under was the George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, Anne Frank trajectory. Notice that Anne Frank is non fiction. This is attributable to Cambridge. I believe MOEC Studies to be superior to Orwell. I am questioning the Origination of Anne Frank. I am certain she was in play with the Allies and Nazis akin to the film The Pianist but was lost. I am also claiming that this form is nearly redundant now any competent person should be able to analyze these works with MOEC Studies being the ontological end.

The Authorship predicted that their briefing should have yielded an output between Franz Schubert and George Orwell.I am not certain of my compositional technique in cutting a Gordian Knot but I am certain the transformational effect is greater than either two. Supporting Barack Obama or any of the Irrationalist Presidents is not going to help Bon Jovi or Springsteen. At the higher level I have pointed out the treatment Shostakovitch and Stockhausen have received. I reiterate my attempt to develop a baseline framework for a 6th Grade Exit Exam.

Facebook on Artificial Intelligence

Desert Shores CA

December 3, 2016

Happy Holidays!!! I recently read an article on Facebook's recommendations for studying AI. They stress math:

Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Calculus 3, Linear Algebra, Probability, and Statistics. I am surprised that they did not mention Mathematical Logic or Predicate Calculus. Most students do not do such. They also mentioned that working with a PhD, solving a problem, and publishing the results open source are beneficial. I found this interesting and instructive.

There is much talk about Disruption. In this sense this engineering term is being used in reference to the business cycle where accelerating and exponential technologies displace firms and workers. I view this also in a cognitive amplifiers versus motor skill amplifiers within Organic and Mechanistic Solidarity. We are really still living in the 20th Century, hence the 1900s. I believe after 2025 or driverless vehiclesAVs we will realize concretely what is hitting us. In totality a driverless car is a motor skill amplifier. However one has to also factor the cognitive amplification that guides the vehicle or tool. In this sense the displacement of labor will occur. Elon Musk announced that he will send German Engineers to the USA to update Tesla factories. Annehauser Busche announced that the had delivered a semi truck load of beer 120 miles in Colorado without a driver. It was argued that all those actors in the 120 route could lose their jobs to automation.

It is also instructive to note that computer engineers are more successful when they are presented with a known goal to solve. This is problematic with AI and Singularity. No one is certain as to the target they attempting to hit. I am stating that MOEC is a Cultural Singularity that is the reversed engineering of TechnologicalSingularity. One strategy is that if you are not able to attain a goal, keep your competitors from achieving such. In this case it is virtually impossible for Artificial Intelligence or AGI to be obtained without recognizing the history of MOEC since June 17, 1987 or Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. By material implication there are Five Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Obama with Donald Trump President elect. Is Cambridge the proximate cause? The seating of a War Crimes Tribunal is a concrete goal that is spiritually, scientifically, moral, and legally sound.In this case natural persons in all domains are playing a game of Citizen versus criminal in Prisoner's Dilemma.

2017 Archives

Trump Establishment Speech

January 1, 2017

Desert Shores CA

Organic and Mechanistic Solidarity

February 21, 2017

Desert Shores CA

Individual and Collective class stratification can be explained by the transformational effects of many of Mankind's Artifacts particularly technology. Rousseau has provided metallurgy as on such innovation. The Bronze Age is an acute example. In our consideration a strategy of competition states if one is not able to execute one's plan the alternative is to prevent the opponent from executing theirs. This is true in the particularity of the Greek Gift of the Gods Caveman Attack. I have focused on the game of chess where I am an enthusiastic amateur. Of interest here are the D4 London System and Slave system. The innuendo implied here is not exclusive. The placement of a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth over my person pits my survival against the Incompetence and Corruption of the United States President. Recently CSPAN has proclaimed Barack Obama as the 12th greatest United States President. I would totally any of the Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Trump which now stands as the last six actors.

Trump is likely to issue another Executive Order this week concerning immigration. I have argued that family unification, Algebra 3, and the natural right to move and live under the government and sovereign of your choice. This reflects the asylum and refoulement issue which is highly complex.

Under an interquartile consideration the Tournament confrontation pits the 1975 culture versus the 2025 culture. This can be symbolized by the 350 internal combustion engine and analog electronics versus computers and electronics. This is very simple. The transformational effects of the internal combustion powerplant are well displayed in the United States. This country has a very expensive Interstate freeway system. It's construction created ghost towns on the famous state highway Route 66.

If a nationstate is able to raise their adult population to Algebra 3 by 18 years of age or 12th grade then this country would defeat the United States.

Cambridge Archealogists Find 3000 Year Old Thread Bobin

March 8, 2017

Desert Shores CA

3000 Year Old thread bobin Cambridgeshere UK

3000 Year Old Thread Bobin Cambridgeshere

Lachesis The Past

Two perfectly preserved pieces of 3,000 year old thread, one in a ball and another wrapped around a bobbin have been discovered during the excavation of a Bronze Age village in Cambridgeshire on Must Farm. The one centimeter fragments are in excellent condition. Archaeologists described the find as 'amazing'. The site in question burned, possibly during a raid revealed that the inhabitants were wealthy for the Bronze Age.

Clothos - The Spiner - The Present

Clothos The Spinner The Present

The article in question dates from August 6, 2016. The current theme of a Prisoner's Dilemma based defection model derived from the Spindle of Necessity in Plato's Timaeus is supported. These academic discovers appear to be well timed. I have been attempting to find a reasonable photo of the Spindle of Necessity or an analogy to such that fits my text.

Mesh of Civilizations

Mesh of Civilizations

Apropos The Future


Approaching the 30 Year Anniversary of MOEC

May 12, 2017

Chester CA

On June 17, 2017 the 30th Anniversary of MOEC will occur. I am claiming that MOEC is the fourth conflict the United States has engaged with Britain as a combatant. Modern warfare is by defection and proxy. Concurrently the so called Syrian is dictated by the United States and Russia. The Mosul front is stalled under siege after about 6 months and Kurdish rebels are about 25 miles from Raqqa.

MOEC has engineered the most successful Censorship and Sanitization of History. This results in a Cultural Singularity versus Technological Singularity. Kurzweil has predicted AI by 2029 and Singularity by 2045. MOEC Studies is designed as a cognitive amplifier to decapitate the Proximate Cause sin qua non principals, accomplices, and accessories to the fact. To date Artificial Intelligence is not. The theme of Organic and Mechanistic Solidarity does not bode well for the current branding for profit entrepreneurs that are proliferating.

When I earn my first $1 million USD I am going to hire three PhD engineers and start my own institute. I am predicting I will learn a Algebra 5 level Behaviorial Statistic course after 2020. I will sign up for SPSS this month to do my ANOVA. I am doing my manipulations by hand and it is quite tedious and prone to human error.

The conflict between my person and the Authorship is driving various dimensions of History. The United States was losing ground in the STEM areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. This resulted in an Algebra 3 standard for Common Core. I support Algebra 3 for high school, Algebra 4 for AA, and Calculus or Algebra 5 for a BA BS. I have stated that if a nationstate were to develop their population to Algebra 3 by grade 12 or 18 years of age they would intellectually defeat the United States.

The writing is on the wall. The nativistic and populism that has swept the United States and Europe is part of a Greek Gift of the Gods Caveman attack engineered by MOEC.

Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm PT. III

April 15, 2017

Big Pine CA

Happy Easter! In developing material for Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm PT. III, interesting material emerged on the web that accurately converged with the text.

Collatz Conjecture

Apollonian Spheres

Apollonian Spheres

Bourke, P.

The photos supra are of topmost the extensible trees of the Collatz Conjecture and Appollonian Spheres which are derived from such. The known mathematical model at present is not capable of solving the Collatz Conjecture.


England is the Mind, the United States is the Bodyguard

MOEC is the acronym of the System MOBILIZATION OF EMPIRE AND CIVILIZATION. The SYSTEM is allegedly of British design; that of Cambridge Law School. The paradigm is designed as a Suprasystem. This is state that MOEC is a higher structural system that manages lower subsystems an components. This is particularly aimed at Constitutions and computer operating systems which are constructed in a similar manner.




There are two main subsystems in MOEC: 1. Lycurgus 2. Syrinx

There are three main components:

Biological Warfare

Chemical Warfare

Nuclear Warfare

Lycurgus is identifiable by an electronic surveillance state. Under these conditions one constant individual is entrapped with a fullblown Chemical Assault Scorched Earth imposed over his natural person and citizenship. In Lycurgus Undermining occurs where only a marginal attack is occurring. Other human and physical targets have a fractal of the constant or Ultimate Target. Akbar is a stage that has occurred when the Ultimate Target is undergoing the full blown Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. The United States has initiated Akbar since June 17, 1987 in Dover, Delaware. This was carried out by a Gay Militia operating out of Los Angeles Police Department.

Syrinx is identifiable by nuclear events It has an upper boundary of Limited Nuclear Destruction. The tsunami at Fukushima, Japan would be classified as in Syrinx.

Lycurgus is more likely to occur. It is designed to mutate into Akbar. Other severe human rights events may be considered as Akbar.

The model has tagged a kernel derived from tagging the building blocks of matter with a low non military grade chemical tag or even it's idea, the Higg's Boson Particle is an example to the building blocks of matter towards all systems in the cosmos.

I wrote the framework of this discussion down with Origin the GUI of MOEC in Chipley Florida around 1996 1997. Hence MOEC's mapping system has been described as sphere models. It appears that in analogy when Lycurgus morphs into Akbar there is a collision of sphere models. It appears overwhelming that Lycurgus was one of the spheres.

In brief the Collatz Conjecture states that every positive integer has a Stopping Time or a sequence. The conjecture can be summarized as follows. Take any positive integer n. If n is even, divide it by 2 to get n / 2. If n is odd, multiply it by 3 and add 1 to obtain 3n + 1. Repeat the process (which has been called Half Or Triple Plus One, or HOTPO[7]) indefinitely. The conjecture is that no matter what number you start with, you will always eventually reach 1.

I totally would argue the Stopping Time is a reference to decapitating MOEC to it's Origin in Cambridge.

In passing what are any other possible spheres that could collide?

Collatz conjecture. (April 13, 2017). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved April 15, 2017, from: https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Collatz_conjecture&oldid=775240285

Open Letters; MOEC Singularity Blog

Chester CA

June 7, 2017

Comparitive Mortality

We are now one week from the 30th Anniversary of MOEC. I am shifting more rigorously to a two letter per month Open Letter Campaign. All the letters will be posted on:


Currently 34.4 percent of respondents in a recent survey stated at 25 years of age that they had attained a 4 year degree. Last year in 2016 BS degrees were worth $53,000. BA degrees earned $40,000. At 22 years age these persons were $30,000 in debt at least between 3 to 6 percent. The continuous interest and mortgage trap exemplifies the Know Nothing Caveman Attack this destroying families and prosperity. In the end what happens. I am predicting that the Nativism and Populism of LAPD and the Gay Militia will have 15 percent of the population unemployable by 2015. This would posit a 40% 4 year graduation rate. I am reasonable certain that 1000 petaflop will have been built. It is very certain that AV vehicles will not have steering wheels. Many persons will still have a 1975 worldview that is being perpetuated to fulfill Organic and Mechanistic Solidarity in the negative which is class stratification. This will result in Technological Welfare. Are you willing preparing for Universal Basic Income or being forced on it?

Prisoner's Dilemma: The Informant Based System

Chester CA

June 8, 2017

It is very clear that defection has lead civilization into a state sponsored Totalitarian Police State. As this is localized mainly in the United States over my person, it is not totally clear if this country is the Authorship. Hence any serious legal or academic work is going to point to Cambridge and Oxford. Regardless of what any outside influence may proffer, I am reasserting this claim.

Of note, Theresa May of the Conservatives has lost an election to Jeff Corbyn of Labour further obscuring Brexit. Donald Trump is a focus of an investigation concerning Russian Influence and is struggling to find the gears in his war with Big Media.

Conversely in the United States 34.4 percent persons have obtained a 4 year degree by 25 years of age. This if continued would arrive to about 40 percent by 2025. The 21st Century workforce will reflect this trend against the remnants of the 1900s.

It is very clear that the conflict between myself and the Proximate Cause is a tremendous driver in History. Verner Vinge's prediction of AI in 2022 will not happen. If a 1000 petaflop computer is built that would be reasonable. I am skeptical if Kurzweil's prediction of AI in 2029 is real. The concern is snake oil commercial branding. What is the scientific standard of AI? There is no such thing yet engineers are predicting such by 2035. The United States' guidance in by 2040.

Open Letter to West Point

Chester CA,

June 17, 2017

The Theater of War

The Greek Gift of the God's Caveman Attack

Dear West Point,

Superintendent L. Caslen, Jr.,

Command Sergeant Major Timothy A. Guden,

Chaplain (COL) Matthew Pawlikowski

LSG Caslen West Point

Superintendent L. Caslen

CSM Major Timothy A. Guden

On June 17, 1987 the United States entered the Manifest Function of Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC. This activity reflects the allegation that Cambridge Law School operates the processes that expand and contract the British Empire.

I was in Dover, Delaware the date or 30 years one generation when this event began under then President Ronald Reagan.

As seen MOEC has entrapped and severely damaged the posterity of the sworn officials whom it denotes as the Irrationalist Presidents:

Ronald Reagan

George HW Bush

William Clinton

George W Bush

Barack Obama

Donald Trump

To understand events our solid Methodology permits us to analyze any object as a holon being processed within a System to obtain a solid analysis of any object at any level. It is important to understand that the Authorship desires to design an ecology as if one was building a computer operating system and subsequently develop it's Theater of War within such. In stating Theater of War I am referring literally to a theater of space and time where one wishes to move, operate, create, and eliminate objects to accomplish one's tasks and goals. In a more conventional analysis this refers to a war where the government will change hands according to the outcome.

Another further consideration is that the entirety of this battle plan is imposed over one person. All others in the population are fractals.

Barack Obama is the Singularity Target.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer is the Singularity Experiment.

The Paradigm of Laws:

Eternal Law

Natural Law

Positive Law

Classical Forms of Government









Prisoner's Dilemma

Prisoner B Stays Silent

Prisoner B Betrays

Prisoner A Stays Silent

Each serves six months

Prisoner A serves ten years

Prisoner B goes free

Prisoner A Betrays

Prisoner A goes free

Prisoner B serves ten years

Each serves two years



Particular History
and Justice





Ideal State -
Varna Asrama

There are two main subsystems in MOEC: 1. Lycurgus 2. Syrinx

Lycurgus is characterized while I am under Electronic Surveillance and a Targeted Chemical Assault. Akbar the condition where I am subjected to a fullblown Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. The world has existed under Akbar since June 17, 1987.

There are three main components:

Electronic Surveillance Stalking

Biological Warfare Chemical Warfare

Nuclear Warfare

MOEC Studies argues that the Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm is based on a Despotism where an Informant rises to the Despot and replicates himself in the individual and culture. Everything empirically exist in space and time. In Prisoner's Dilemma defection is betrayal and cooperation is rational and the rule of law. As stated under Sovereign Citizen Relations the Despot wishes to give a gift to every person. In this manner a Reverse Sting will develop the government that is prosecutable in the United States from 1971 under the Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organization or a Criminal Enterprise. Formally RICO is TITLE 18, PART 1, CHAPTER 96, Section 1961 of the United States Code.

The implications of racketeering as piracy and slavery are historical since the beginning of governance. There are international RICO statutes.

It is clear that MOEC, or the United Kingdom, has developed a hub and node system of informants through every police stationhouse worldwide. This hub and node system is the object of competition between all governments. It appears that this System is extended intentionally from the Book of Daniel and Revelation in reference to a final empire that fragments into many parts and destroys all other nations. This may be seen as ten toes in Daniel or ten horns in Revelation. In this instance I argue that every major leader in Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Vedanta, and Buddhism has been chosen through MOEC. I am clearly the only target of Operation Akbar that has the in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth imposed over their natural person. The remainder of the 7.5 billion inhabitants of our earth a re Fractals of Kroni. Kroni is an Antichrist figure in Ayyavazh branch of Vedanta.

Platonism or the worship of Zeus comprises part of what is considered a cornerstone of Western Civilization along with Christianity. The Republic and the Bible are the two touchstone texts.

Hence the driver of MOEC and the Anglo American Irrationalist Era are heavily Scripted in a Theater of War. This is reflective of the Greek Drama which is a polarity of humor and pathos. In the instance it appears that Francis Macdonald Cornford is being presented as the Machiavelli who exacts revenge on the other traditions for allegations of extincting Platonism. It is argued that Christianity defeated the Neo Platonists circa 3 AD. In this instance Cornford is figured as avenging this defeat nearly single handedly versus Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Vedanta, and Buddhism.

The Image of X is a composition of functions that replicates the Membership's Imprimatur on both Civilization and in many instances cradle to grave eugenic breeding. This image is developed under Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. In the deliberation for equality, Straight Irrationalism Straight Know Nothing should be considered.

The extensible tree of MOEC will postulate the Membership of MOEC, hence Cambridge Lawyers and Trinity Theologians as The Wizard of Oz. It is claimed here that the film was intentionally planted as Gemeinschaft culture. This is an analogy which is more folkish than the development of Gesselschaft culture or the development of all domains as a science. This is very serious for Christianity as the Bible forbids the worship of wizards, witches, and soothsayers. Moses and Aron lead the Jews out of slavery in Egypt where battles between the Moses' and the Pharaoh's wizards are part of Exodus.

If one were to consider an eschatology or ontology descending from Spirituality, Morality, and Intelligence radiating to the individual or a culture then Cornford is presented as the thinker whom understood the political tactics and strategy of Undermining one system and replacing such.

An example is that if I were to choose to start or be part of Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Vedic, or Buddhist church, temple, or synagogue, would such be authentic if I am following the Scripting of MOEC or any other actor that has orchestrated War Crimes or other serious deviance of magnitude?

Islamic State Fighter Dabiq 9

Islamic State Fighter on Ribat

In continuation, I am located in Weed, Siskiyou, California just north of Mt. Shasta. The Battle of Gaugamela is imposed over the area reflecting the Revelation of Krishna to Arjuna and the Angel Presenting a City to Gabriel.

In MOEC, a very ancient tactic of placing the most incompetent and corrupt policeman as a microsystem against the most talented person (summon bonnum).

In MOEC there is a Scripted macropolarization conflict between homosexuality and heterosexuality. This descends from the Ex Deux Maquina and into my person. I am the only individual with the totality of MOEC imposed over one. The remaining population then form the Fractals of Kroni.

The Battle of Gaugamela is the decisive battle of Alexander the Great's invasion of the Persian Achaemenid Empire. Alexander’s army of the Hellenic League defeated the Persian army of Darius III at Gaugamela, near present day Mosul in Iraq. Alexander the Great is considered by many to the world's greatest general. In interest a mosaic of him was discovered in a Jewish temple. All of the other frescos were based on Jewish scripture save for Alexander.

This battle classically assumes almost mythical proportions with estimates of Darius having 300,000 soldiers to Alexander's 50,000. Modern estimates diminish to about a third.

Battle of Gaugamela

The Battle of Gaugamela

The Western United States

The Battle of Gaugamela is imposed over Weed, California. Alexander would be facing north of Mt. Shasta and Darius facing south toward the mountain.

The initial formation had the left flank refused, hence a majority position would be on Alexander's right flank. Usually the refused flank is in echelon or staggered. Here Alexander's left center is in a retreating left diagonal or echelon.

In an Oblique Order the concentration of forces deploys first. After penetrating the echelon would proceed in sequence to meet the initial line as it curls inward and rolls the enemy as the echelon advances and reinforces.

Alexander was mounted on horseback on his right flank. His tactic was the Hammer and the Anvil. As such he was seeking to create a gap, here in the enemy line in the center in which he could penetrate and rear forcing the enemy into the advancing Macedonian regulars. This was achieved by having hoplites with slings that ran on foot in front of the cavalry seeking to harass Darius' left flank.

However the Persian and Indian cavalry broke in the center and proceeded to the camp to loot. Parmenion, Alexander's general on the left flank was under attack. Here Alexander choose to aid Parmenion rather than pursue Darius whom quit the field and fled after Alexander had broke on his left center.

Some modern theorists have argued that Alexander executed a type of Oblique Order: Left flank twice refused. Here it appears that Parmenion's refused flank was meant to attempt to fix Darius's troops. Hence by the center left echelon it appears that Alexander wished to lure Darius to deploy into the center to counterattack and roll the enemy into the advancing and reinforcing echelon. It is evident from the initial formation a holon or miniature of the Oblique Order was arranged on Alexander's right flank and imposed over this location. The evidence strongly reflects a feedback loop of a circular argument where one person, here your author is running the gauntlet of the world's population. In corrupt police work this is known as a relay.

Here some coordination and training of Alexander's troops is indicated for the soldiers to quit the right side and extend a line of 180 degrees to aid Parmenion. Once refused would equal 90 degrees.

Vancura Position

The Vancura Position

In chess the Vancura Position is a King, Rook Pawn endgame where white attempts to promote an outside passed pawn on the A file with the Rook on A 8. The Vancura Position (see diagram) is a drawing position with a rook and rook's pawn versus a rook, when the pawn is not beyond its sixth rank, and the stronger side's rook is in front of the pawn (Dvoretsky 2006) (Mullar 2014).

The position was studied by Josef Vancura (1898 1921), and published in 1924. Black's rook keeps attacking the pawn from the side from some distance away, while preventing the white king from finding asylum from checks which is the key issue in our discussion. the black king is stationed on the opposite side of his rook as the pawn to not block the checks. The black rook moves behind the pawn as soon as the pawn moves up to the seventh rank. Black's king must be near the corner on the opposite side of the board if the pawn advances to its seventh rank so the white rook cannot check the black king and then support the advance of the pawn, or sacrifice it's pawn to skewer Black's king and rook on the seventh rank thus winning the game.

In this composition white's material advantage of an advanced pawn does not facilitate victory.


18 U.S. Code § 2381 - Treason

Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 807; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, §330016(2)(J), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2148.)

Current through Pub. L. 114-38. (See Public Laws for the current Congress.)

The Presidential Oath of Office:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution requires that before presidents can assume their duties they must take the oath of office. The completion of this thirty five word oath ends one president's term and begins the next.

History is being driven by an American Vichy constructed by the Enemy. I am arguing that MOEC is the fourth war fought against Britain.

If I am white in chess, I can not promote my pawn. I held under 24 hours electronic surveillance by a Gay Militia. This Militia is the Alter Ego of the Islamic State. One of my best chances would be to skewer the King (President) along the 7 rank winning his rook as he takes my passed pawn.

Conversely if I am black, I am able to prevent the white king from receiving asylum from checks insuring a draw.

The natural man is a sinner. He or she is an Informant in a Tyranny of the Majority. I am in Plumas County, California. This is the 1st Federal District of R Doug LaMalfa. One may notice that California requires only two maths, one arithmetic and algebra 1 for graduation. Oregon and Nevada require geometry which is algebra 3 level. Arizona is robust and requires 4 algebras two at the 3 level.

The wordings of the current oath of enlistment and oath for commissioned officers are as follows:

"I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God." (Title 10, US Code; Act of 5 May 1960 replacing the wording first adopted in 1789, with amendment effective 5 October 1962).

"I, _____ (SSAN), having been appointed an officer in the Army of the United States, as indicated above in the grade of _____ do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter; So help me God." (DA Form 71, 1 August 1959, for officers.)

The alienation of my Bill of Rights protections is based on a same sex qualification. This is three anal sex acts to prevent the Manifest Chemical Assault.

It is strongly based in fact that LAPD contains a Gay Militia. This part of a Greek Gift of the God's Caveman Attack. Hence this is the bottom ten percentile versus the top ten percent. I see the graduates of West Point are Second Lieutenants. Criminal speech can develop mens rea or criminal intent. The primary examples of the current version of Hanoi Rose states," In the end what happen?" A Nuremberg War Crimes trial in US Federal Court or at the International Crime Court if that is the correct jurisdiction. A Marshall Plan would follow.

West Point is very rigorous academically. Ethnic Nationalism as a Source of War is a salient them. To listen to LAPD recruitment LGBTi persons for same sex acts to promote themselves is abusive and vulgar which I will oppose at every level of society, the President to the homeless. This is also paired to the absurd notion that if one drinks at the local bar and owns a Mossberg shotgun that are entitled to a job. The verdict is that an Islamic State fighter who is on a martyrdom mission and state,"Tell them that it is Islamic State in Yemen." speaks for itself.

18 U.S. Code § 2382 - Misprision of treason

Current through Pub. L. 114-38. (See Public Laws for the current Congress.)

US Code

Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States and having knowledge of the commission of any treason against them, conceals and does not, as soon as may be, disclose and make known the same to the President or to some judge of the United States, or to the governor or to some judge or justice of a particular State, is guilty of misprision of treason and shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than seven years, or both.

(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 807; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, §?330016(1)(H), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2147.)

I am writing you because I have a legacy of court records and letters to every level of government official concerning the Misprisions of Treason. Homeland Security is derelict of duty and AWOL.

The United States exists in a runaway of hypocrisy and Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Chester CA

June 17, 2017



Girlfriend Shoots Boyfriend Making Youtube Video

Chester CA,

July 4, 2017

Origin: The Organic Cell

Origin: The Organic Cell

A Minnesota woman killed her boyfriend Monday by shooting at a book he was holding over his chest, in a YouTube video stunt gone wrong. Monalisa Perez,19, was attempting to make a viral video with boyfriend Pedro Ruiz III, 22, to post to their YouTube account, according to a Norman County Sheriff's Department arrest report.

Original reports stated that a high caliber pistol was shot at an encyclopedia that Ruiz was holding in front of him. Origin was an encyclopedia I was asked to write near the beginning of Akbar. Such was the first book I had attempted. It was mainly written in two takes single spaced on spiral bound and composition notebooks about 1997 by hand in Ruidoso, New Mexico. I had just published such on Kindle on June 27, 2017.

It also worthy to note that 34.7 percent of persons over 25 years of age have a 4 year degree in the United States. I am predicting in 2025 about 45 percent of adults over 25 will have a 4 year degree or greater. This is a support of Organic and Mechanistic Solidarity.

If you were the only person alienated with a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth, how would you fight back?

A BA or BS at 130 credits should contain Algebra 5 or Calculus. A 2 year or AA should contain Algebra 4. High School should be Algebra 3.

The Origin of homo sapiens is escalating with genome sequencing. Fragments of Neanderthals, Cro Magnon, and humans have been found. The most recent find dates homo sapiens to 300,000 years ago in Morocco.


Predictability of the Proximate Cause

Chester CA,

August 12, 2017

As History passes us by the intentional miscalculation and escalation of MOEC points strongly at Cambridge and likely Oxford. It is totally unlikely that LAPD is the Authorship. California is under attack. Trump has just decided that Opioid Use is a National Emergency. There are over 160 overdoses per day in the United States.

There has been nil effort to correct the deficiencies in any domain. This is unfortunate as it is clear that the population is being numbered. Recently the Trump Administration released their immigration plan. High School and all foreign degrees are reciprocal until PhD. A Nobel Peace Prize is worth 25 points. A high school diploma is worth 1 point.

It is very clear why the Alt Right is afraid of immigration. This system in place works labor above a draught animal with little free time for those that wish to learn STEM - science, technology, engineering and math to have a chance. The billionaires will line their pockets while the populists and nativists recruit them. Alternatively the progressives and Democrats will offer amnesty programs to replenish their ranks. In contrast I have a new Youtube Channel where I have placed my salvaged music and Soundcloud. Hopefully I will make lectures if I can purchase or use acceptable equipment.



MOEC Studies Has A New Domain

Bishop CA,

October 6, 2017

I placed my order for www.moec-studies on Sunday, October 1, 2017. That evening the worst mass murder in United States History occurred.


MOEC Studies Begins

MOEC Studies

On the night of October 1, 2017, 59 people were killed and another 489 injured when a gunman opened fire on a large crowd of fans at the Route 91 Harvest music festival on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada. The perpetrator was 64 year old Stephen Paddock of Mesquite, Nevada. Between 10:05 and 10:15 p.m. PDT, hundreds of rifle rounds were from his suite on the 32nd floor of the nearby Mandalay Bay hotel. About an hour after firing ceased, Paddock was found dead in his hotel room from a self inflicted gunshot wound. His motive remains unknown.

The incident is the deadliest mass shooting committed by a lone gunman in U.S. history. The crime reignited the debate about gun laws in the U.S., with attention focused on bump firing, a technique Paddock used to allow his semiautomatic weapons to fire at a rate similar to that of a fully automatic weapon.

Working Preface: Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm PT. IV

Big Pine CA,

October 9, 2017

The Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm PT. IV has a working Preface:


The Holy Grail

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

October 25, 2017

Holy Grail

The Holy Grail

MOEC Studies has foundations in the origins of civilization that are Archetypical. In this consideration The Holy Grail or the unproven conjecture that Jesus has left heirs through Mary Magdalene support MOEC Studies' claims of eugenics.

The Arthurian Legend is presented as support for MOEC's mass conditioning of culture and identity. A focus should be directed at a White Knight versus a Black Night in confrontation where a House and Empire are at risk.

King Arthur is a legendary British leader who, according to medieval histories and romances, orchestrated the defense of Britain against Saxon invaders in the 5th and 6th centuries AD. Arthur's persona are mainly composed of folklore and literary invention. His historical existence is debated and disputed. The historical background of Arthur is gleaned from sources as the Annales Cambriae, the Historia Brittonum, and the writings of Gildas.

The popularity of Geoffrey of Monmouth's fanciful and imaginative 12th-century Historia Regum Britanniae (History of the Kings of Britain)is responsible for the emergence of Arthur as a hero. Chrétien de Troye a 12th century French writer added Lancelot and the Holy Grail to the Legend, beginning the genre of Arthurian Romance that became a significant strand of medieval literature. In the French variations, the narrative focus often shifts from King Arthur himself to others as various Knights of the Round Table. Arthurian literature thrived through the Middle Ages. It experienced a major resurgence in the 19th century and in the 21st century, the Legend is often the interpretation in literature, theatre, film, television, and comics.

George W Bush

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

October 27, 2017

A critique of President Bush's Speech On October 19, 2017 is now online:

George W Bush


Preface: Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm Online

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

October 29, 2017

There is a working draft of the Preface: Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm online. This selection appears to be quite strong going into the new year. It is focused on the Holy Grail.


Technological Obsolescence

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

November 15, 2017

Through autobiographic memory I have recalled statements reflecting that actors near or the Membership themselves whom had access to the materials of MOEC Studies about 1930 had an asymmetry of information that would have rendered published texts in the liberal arts and maths and sciences obsolete. It has been a generation or thirty years since MOEC's Manifest Function. Kurzweil is still predicting AI by 2029. He also has reiterated his support for the Turing Test. I do not see how a Turing Test would pass standards for a published experiment.

The Censorship and Sanitization of History has resulted in Cultural Singularity. Without Official recognition it will be hard for a formal professor to publish without ridicule. The only alternative is to self publish. I stand by my claim that MOEC Studies is 50 years ahead of culture. I am in a state similar to Karl Popper and Sigmund Freud where after 30 years a major reconsideration of their published texts occurred.

I stand that Artificial Intelligence can not occur with my Official Recognition of being held under Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. The Colorado River is contaminated once again.

Barack Obama is the Singularity Target.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer is the Singularity Experiment.

Guerra Bellicose and Jus Belle

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

December 15, 2017

Arjuna Laments

Lamentation of Arjuna

Guerra Bellicose or illegal warfare and Jus Belle or legal warfare have roots in the Vedic Mahabharata, offers one of the first written discussions of a just war. In it, one of five ruling brothers, the Pandavas asks if the suffering caused by war can ever be justified, and then a dialog ensues between the siblings, establishing criteria as proportionality (chariots cannot attack cavalry, only other chariots; no attacking people in distress), just means (no poisoned or barbed arrows), just cause (no attacking out of rage), and fair treatment of captives and the wounded. The war in the Mahabharata is preceded by context that develops the just cause for the war including last minute efforts to reconcile differences to avoid war. At the beginning of the war, there is the discussion of just conduct appropriate to the context of war.

The United States has engaged in a Manifest Chemical Assault Scorched Earth since June 17, 1987 under then President Ronald Reagan. It is strongly supported that Targeted Chemical Assaults TCAs are facilitated through a hub and node system of informants in every police stationhouse worldwide. Hence a patrol car or civilian vehicle may drive through a jurisdiction contaminating the citizens and environment. It is also strongly evident in the United States that this activity is related to the Sexual Emancipation Movement. This reflects a Same Sex quid pro quo. An example is if there is a spraying of 100 percent defection to the LGBTi Paradigm and behaviors may lessen the attack by 50 percent. In either event there is an attack and a spraying of 50 percent.

Kim Jong Il of North Korea and Donald Trump of the United States have been engaged in intense Brinkmanship. North Korea is maintaining a steady continuum of nuclear and rocket testing. It is concrete that United States has been using Chemical Assault Scorched Earth with intense Orwellian Stalking. Currently there is a massive wave of sexual harassment allegations moving through a very questionable so called free press.

I believe that History and both the Universal System (United Nations) and United States Federal Court will recognize the Manifest Attack began on about June 17, 1987.

I have stated that MOEC Studies argues Cambridge Law School as the Proximate Cause. In this instance legal acumen would be apparent in setting up the United States as the belligerent in a War Crimes Trial and in History. This would also be acute for the LGBTi Paradigm. The alienation of one person's legal rights from the collective is a microcosmic factor in building a trajectory of abuse from infractions, misdemeanors, felonies, capital and war crimes. Is History or War the final court.

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