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The Baltimore Studio

The Baltimore Studio are no more than LAPD Officers using a voice synthesizer to disguise themselves. This construction is a form of Profiling and Entrapment. Identity is a key. The Studio members are presented as MSM. The Journal is being continued here:


2005 Archives

Open Letter to Senator Frist and Chairman Dean

April 2005

Dear Senator Frist and Chairman Dean,

I am writing to draw attention to the following two cases plus that of David Nollmeyer, my self. In the first instance Yury Bandazhevsky prima facie appears to be oppressed as the results of his criticism of the Chernobyl Disaster. The contamination of the environment should be a focal concern regardless of our ideologies as we all share the same world.

In following James Henry Graff makes a claim that he is being denied access to medications and processes that could help him. He has appeared to have been stonewalled and has taken his case to the ICCPR which the United States has not ratified. Mr. Graff speaks of environmental contamination, which could be fatal for his health. Mr. Graf would like to point out that he has made his claim concerning Denmark.

As both of you are medical practitioners this issue should be of great concern as current environmental damage in the United States is not recognized.

The last issue is that of David Nollmeyer. On April 25, 2005 19 years of oppression will have transpired with much contamination of United States living space attacked from within. The universality of life is prima facie evident in my case. The caseload is available at:


I urge you in light that you have and will have an impact on the Presidency, which has been negligent and ommissive in meeting the needs of the nation. I will press on quietly as the lifespan of this abuse appears to be reaching its peak although I do not believe letting such events drift hastens any positive resolution.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer


I am deeply concerned about the imprisonment of Yury Bandazhevsky, a respected medical specialist who was sentenced to eight years imprisonment in June 2001. Although he was convicted of receiving bribes from students seeking admission to the medical institute he led, the independent human rights organization Amnesty International concluded that he was jailed solely on account of his scientific research into the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and his criticism of the way in which state authorities responded to the crisis.

I am aware that after the Chernobyl nuclear reactor exploded in April 1986, the radioactive contamination led to serious health problems for people living in the areas affected by the fallout, displaced thousands from their homes, and devastated agricultural lands in the region. An expert in the field of radiation exposure, Professor Bandazhevsky examined the effects of the radioactive fallout on the health of the people living in southern Belarus, located only miles from the Chernobyl reactor across the Ukrainian border.

In late 2004, Professor Bandazhevsky became seriously ill and was transferred from a corrective labor facility in the Grodno region to Minsk, where he received medical treatment. However, in January 2005 authorities transferred him back to the Grodno labor facility, where he is assigned to work for a private agricultural enterprise in the village of Peskovtsy. Amnesty International considers Yury Bandazhevsky to be a prisoner of conscience.

Belarusian authorities have stated that Professor Bandazhevsky completed two thirds of his sentence on January 6, 2005, making him eligible for early release. I urge you to bring about his immediate release, and I thank you in advance for your kind assistance.

Marks of Torture

At James Henry Graf's Angelfire Home

I have called myself a torture victim, and I truly am. Most of my torture is mental, a campaign of state terrorism and high tech assault that few could comprehend without experiencing it. There are some aspects, however, that anyone can understand. When bio chemical weapons create painful, debilitating, disfiguring illness in the absence the deliberate deprivation of effective, curative medical treatment, when days, weeks, months, seasons, and years pass devoid of hope, denied the protection of law or any form of effective advocacy, the cumulative result is not pretty.

James Henry Graf

Please Make the UN Do It's Job!

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did you read the new science report that indicates HIV is also hidden in T cells even as inactive?

Re: re

Hello, Visitor:

No, I haven't seen that report. Can you give me a specific reference?

In 1997, I tested negative for HIV and HTLV. I have had no high risk sex since 1973. From 1978 until 1991, I was married. My former wife has had no problems and has had a child with her second husband. They are also healthy. When lab technicians at the clinic draw my blood (prothrombin time), they don't even use rubber gloves.

If I had AIDS, it seems to me that my condition would have deteriorated much more rapidly than it has, especially in the absence of effective treatment. Remember, my CD4 test in 1997 was about 540. By 1998, it had actually risen to 670 (in that year, I started taking Echinacea capsules).

There are, however, certain persons in the world who would like to see others consider me an AIDS patient.

James Henry Graf

Please Make the UN Do It's Job!

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Re: advice


Anybody who wishes to assist me should contact the UN, as suggested in the web page to which my signature links.

Should a large number of persons and organizations insist on an end to the coverup and demand that UN committees process individual complaints honestly, efficiently, and without discrimination, that might save my life and many others.

James Henry Graf

Please Make the UN Do It's Job!

Re: hm


My UN complaints involve two specific committees that function under the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. These committees are mandated to implement two specific treaties, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights with its Optional Protocol, which permits individual complaints against the nations that have ratified it, and the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman, or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, which includes Article 22, a provision that likewise permits individual complaints against the nations that have ratified it. Dealing with individual complaints against certain nations, including Denmark and the Netherlands, is part of the official mandate of these committees. They have nothing to do with other situations or conditions, only with those nations that have ratified the treaties and with the very few nations that have recognized their competence in accepting and processing individual complaints. It is entirely reasonable, therefore, to expect that they will process my obscenely delayed complaints against Denmark and the Netherlands.

My UN complaints are the last, the only, hope for me, the only option remaining. Since the 1980s, I have tried by every means at my disposal not only to obtain justice under law, but also to gain the support of individuals and organizations that ought to care (see "A Nation in Denial" on my web site). Nothing, nothing, and more nothing.

Now I'm too sick to move, and since Federal personnel are involved in my situation, it probably wouldn't do me any good anyway.

What I'm doing on the Internet is trying to make people aware of the situation of which my fate is a part and trying to mobilize public support for my UN complaints, which, as I said above, are my only remaining hope.

I don't fight with people on the Internet (I presume you are referring to my newsgroup posts). When trolls attack me (which is most of the time), I generally use the opportunity to provide more information that I hope objective minded persons will read. You don't know, I don't know, the trolls don't know, the US Government doesn't know, how many persons in how many countries could be reading my posts. That element of uncertainty helps me keep going.

James Henry Graf

Please Make the UN Do It's Job!

This is James Graf's web forum:


Modern Discussion

May 21, 2005

Here is a link to an Arabic language human rights debate focused on international norms which accepts links.

Title : Modern Discussion

URL :http://www.rezgar.com/

Description: Site to exchange opinion and ideas dealing with left and civil society, Links & Media

Arabic Title :الحوار المتمدن اول صحيفة يسارية - علمانية الكترونية يومية مستقلة في العالم العربي


منبر حر لنشر الآراء والحوار حول المواضيع المهمة المتعلقة باليسار, العلمانية ,الديمقراطية , حقوق الانسان ,التمدن , وحقوق المراة من اجل خلق مجتمع انساني , مدني , علماني , يكفل الحقوق السياسية والاقتصادية والاجتماعية الأساسية للإنسان

Open Letter to Governor Bush FL

June 24, 2005

Dear Governor Bush.

My name is David Nollmeyer. I am contacting you do to in continuo Human rights abuse that has a Florida linkage. In 1995 to 1996 I was a resident of Chipley Florida. I have litigated a Hare Krishna from in Alachua as well as the Federal government over systematic human rights abuses.

I have still have two open law suits against Bernard Parks and Lockyer. (See links below).

Florida may still be liable under RICO statutes for these gross violations. In short I am protesting in the strongest terms the de facto conditions of spraying the air, slamming doors by the informant drones of LAPD, and the use of perpetual electronic surveillance. These conditions were prevalent then and continue to be so in Del Norte CA. There was a strong quake here in the past few days with no damage. The areas in Florida have been damaged extensively since my residency.

I have researched the spraying and Heinrich Himmler began developing the gas chambers of the WWII death camps by hooking hoses to the exhaust pipes of trucks and leading the emissions to enclosed rooms where prisoners were lead to their death.

There is also a red herring issue to be dealt with. I am a lifelong heterosexual and the perpetrators are gay bisexual. What is unique is that there is a strain of gay fascism here.

I continue to be heterosexual.

The dominant strains of fascism are German, Italian, Japanese, and Black Nationalist. I do not want to appear reactionary; this is a very severe hate crime. The concepts of psychopathy also come into play here.

In lieu of any overt activity I am asking you to endorse a 10% Factor targeting violent felons in federal and state legislation. Money is being poured down the drain addressing small time offenders. A unified policy is more likely to lead to equal treatment for severe offenders who in one state get prosecuted and walk free in a few years in others.

There is no leadership in the United States. Your position as Governor and your relation to the President is unique and should be effectively utilized.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer



On Sandra Day O’Connor

July 8, 2005


The legacy of Sandra Day O'Connor will not be measured in her positions on swing issues as abortion. She will be greatly remembered, as will all of the Rehnquist court for what they did not do.

What I am referring to is de facto human rights abuse that has occurred over the past twenty years. I am referring to the gassing of localities buy using common cars driving around with substances as sulfur and acid in the tank, pandemic harassment by illiterate drones of the police, and blatant abuse of electronic surveillance in the media space.

I have personally been in Washington, DC numerous times as George Bush's inauguration and Bill Clinton's speech to Vietnam War veterans.

I was in Mission Bay, San Diego when Judge O’Connor gave a commencement speech at USD.

The world, USA, population and media are fatalistically dependent on corrupt and incompetent officials as Sandra Day O'Connor.


Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Hurricane Katrina

Inyo County CA

September 19, 2005

I have returned to Inyo County from Crescent City California. There is a synchronic element to Katrina and my travels. I was picked up by Burners or those heading to the Burning Man Festival in Nevada. I was in Alturas the day that the hurricane struck. I would like to bring your attention to two new blogs in the footer below. They are:



I hope to further develop this site with interesting information that appears to stand out among my more normative postings.

David Nollmeyer

Open Letter: Attorney General Gonzales

September 29, 2005

Dear Attorney General Gonzales,

I David Nollmeyer am requesting that you fulfill your oath of office and start criminal prosecutions in the scorched earth codenamed AKBAR.

I am watching wildfires ravage Los Angeles at this second in Bishop, California. One can barely breathe as it stands.

I have been persecuted for over 19 years by agents of LAPD. The past four presidents:

Ronald Reagan

George Bush Sr.

William Clinton

George Bush III

have all been cognizant of the destruction of the state and nation.

The Color of Law prescribes that you act. you have the ABSOLUTE POWER TO PRESS OR DISMISS CHARGES AND TO REQUEST GRAND JURIES.

I have sworn under oath in no less than 26 Federal actions. I do not advocate violence. I have been a member of Amnesty International and find time to write on behalf others conditions that necessitate a remedy of law.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer



2006 Archives

Irrationalist Presidents

January 11, 2006

In the continuum of United States history one of the most prominent aspects in the direction of this nation is the legacy of the president. Since June 17, 1987 manifest censorship has attempted to sanitize the real trajectory of events in-continuo. This would include the records of:

Ronald Reagan

George H. W. Bush

William Clinton

George W. Bush

On this date law enforcement agents in Los Angeles Police Department usurped their positions in effect hostaging then President Ronald Reagan whom hesitated to act lending to the creation of the alienation of a private citizen to attack the United States Constitution.

Irrationalism is a form ideology that proceeds from premises that cannot be proved. It can also be based on a folk state. This can be love of the soil or a building block for ethnic nationalism.

The United States Constitution creates a citizen first and then a president. Hence the office is duty bound to uphold the rights of all. Three executive branches are created. They are the executive, legislative, and judicial branches.

What is manifest is the isolation of a citizen de facto from one's constitutional life. This in the proper is the enfranchisement of one's primary rights, or the first nine rights as enumerated in the Bill of Rights. The tenth right simply defers certain rights back to the states. The secondary law was created to uphold the primary law which has precedence. Here irrationality develops as the above named supra, have failed in their duty as the First Citizen to uphold the rule instead choosing their own interest disguised as the will of the majority. This immediately invokes the spectre of Jean Jacques Rousseau's Social Contract. At hand is the classic case of man's individual liberty versus the reign of the civil state. The sovereign is the legal and moral collective. The General Will is the incorporation of the collective nation's will into the state as an artificial corporate person. Here the invertaebration of the General Will from the exposition.



I hold then that Sovereignty, being nothing less than the exercise of the general will, can never be alienated, and that the Sovereign, who is no less than a collective being, cannot be represented except by himself: the power indeed may be transmitted, but not the will.

We can see from this that the sovereign power, absolute, sacred and inviolable as it is, does not and cannot exceed the limits of general conventions, and that every man may dispose at will of such goods and liberty as these conventions leave him; so that the Sovereign never has a right to lay more charges on one subject than on another, because, in that case, the question becomes particular, and ceases to be within its competency.



THE question is often asked how individuals, having no right to dispose of their own lives, can transfer to the Sovereign a right which they do not possess. The difficulty of answering this question seems to me to lie in its being wrongly stated. Every man has a right to risk his own life in order to preserve it. Has it ever been said that a man who throws himself out of the window to escape from a fire is guilty of suicide? Has such a crime ever been laid to the charge of him who perishes in a storm because, when he went on board, he knew of the danger?

The social treaty has for it's end the preservation of the contracting parties. He who wills the end wills the means also, and the means must involve some risks, and even some losses. He who wishes to preserve his life at others' expense should also, when it is necessary, be ready to give it up for their sake. Furthermore, the citizen is no longer the judge of the dangers to which the law desires him to expose himself; and when the prince says to him: "It is expedient for the State that you should die," he ought to die, because it is only on that condition that he has been living in security up to the present, and because his life is no longer a mere bounty of nature, but a gift made conditionally by the State.

We must not be frivolous political philosophy and self preservation are what is laying waste with the positive law reigning as as the controlling suprasystem as gentle abstract turned into battering ram of shrapnel as incompetence and corruption. The inviolable constitution or compact turns now to be identical to the interest of leader. This is a Fuhrer Principle when wrought out of it's true nature and ends which is the preservation of Justice for the individual and collective by the power of the state. It may also be a system of leaders as is the present case a Perfect Dictatorship.

It is evident at the present in continuo that any president elected is no more than a democratically elected tyrant.


Kazakhstan Bulldozes ISKCON Devotees Dachas

May 2, 2006

By Igor Rotar, Forum 18 News Service http://www.forum18.org



The long running struggle of Kazakhstan's Hare Krishna community to retain a farm they own their only commune in the former Soviet Union has intensified, Forum 18 News Service has learnt, as Almaty regional court has ordered the farm to be confiscated without compensation. "We will contest this decision in the Kazakhstan Supreme Court of Supervision. The situation is critical. Under the law the court bailiffs can come to us at any moment and begin to take the land from us," Rati Mandzhari (Yekaterina Levitskaya), of the Society for Krishna Consciousness, told Forum 18. The commune has long been the target of state attempts to close it down, which the community thinks may be motivated by state intolerance of Hare Krishna devotees and greed for material gain. Other religious minorities in Kazakhstan such as Protestants are also experiencing state intolerance of religious freedom.

The latest reason claimed by the state for confiscating the land is an accusation of forgery, allegedly committed by the former owners not the current Hare Krishna owners when the land was bought by the community in 1999. The state alleges that the former owners changed the registered use recorded in the sale contract from peasant farm to subsidiary farm. Under Kazakh law, only the district administration head (akim) has the right to change the registered use of land. The 47.7 hectare [118 acre] farm is the only Hare Krishna commune in the former Soviet Union, and has long been the target of state attempts to close it down (see eg. F18News 14 October 2005:


However, Kazakhstan's case against the Hare Krishna devotees breaks the country's own laws. When the current legal action was initiated in May 2005, twice the time within which legal action should be taken (3 years) had already elapsed. Despite this major flaw in the state's case, the Almaty regional court ignored this objection.

"The state is trying to reduce the whole action to a mundane economic dispute. However, it is obvious that the rights of dozens of Kazakh citizens belonging to a religious minority are being crudely violated. In all the court documents the religious adherence of the respondents is emphasised, which is a crude violation of their constitutional rights," Levitskaya of the Hare Krishnas told Forum 18.

She believes the local authorities are annoyed that a Hare Krishna commune is in Kazakhstan. "Some officials in Astana [the capital] have said to me bluntly 'What do you expect, you are the only religious minority association that owns such a large piece of land," Levitskaya told Forum 18. She also thinks that material gain may be motivating Kazakh officials. "It really is a very good and large piece of land. We have put a lot of effort into improving it. It would be very advantageous to acquire such a property." Forum 18 has itself documented state intolerance of the Hare Krishna devotees and their commune's religious freedom (see F18News 14 October 2005:


Kazakh officials are reluctant to discuss the case with Forum 18. "It is too soon to say this case is closed. The Hare Krishnas can contest the decision of the regional court. I have been following this case very closely and I talk regularly with the Hare Krishnas. But until the court proceedings are concluded I cannot make any comment," Galaskar Syrybaev, the state Religious Affairs Representative for Almaty region, told Forum 18 on 18 April.

Delaware State Police Woes

McCloud CA

June 26, 2006

Delaware State Police Woes

Arrest made in trooper case; Sergeant resigns from state force

By Drew Volturo, Delaware State News

DOVER Delaware State Police Sgt. Charles R. Mullett surrendered at Troop 3 near Camden Tuesday and was arrested for allegedly removing various drugs from an evidence locker at the troop during the past three years. Sgt. Mullett, 45, a 19 year state police veteran who was assigned to Troop 3's criminal investigation unit, was charged with 10 counts of unlawfully obtaining possession of a controlled substance and seven other drug related charges.

He was arraigned at Kent County Superior Court, one day after a Kent County grand jury returned an indictment Monday. Sgt. Mullett was released on $8,500 unsecured bond pending a case review June 27 in Superior Court. Following his arrest, the sergeant resigned from the state police, effective immediately.

Mr. Mullett had been suspended with pay but without police privileges since April 23 when he allegedly requested drug paraphernalia from Bayhealth Milford Memorial Hospital while in an official capacity. According to the eight page indictment, Mr. Mullett allegedly removed cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine and Oxycodone, a pain reliever, between April 2003 and April 2006.

Delaware State Troopers' Association president Sgt. Vincent P. Fiscella said the former sergeant was injured on the job in 1997 trying to arrest a suspect and sustained a back injury that led to "unbearable pain" he worked with for another nine years.

"Dependence upon prescription medication has become a serious problem in our society," Sgt. Fiscella said Tuesday.

"It's really a shame we failed to recognize that there was a problem."

The grand jury issued an indictment of 10 counts of unlawfully obtaining possession of a controlled substance, theft and two counts each of possession of cocaine, possession of a hypodermic needle and syringe and official misconduct. "As law enforcement officers, we place our trust in the criminal justice system," Sgt. Fiscella said." We have faith that the result will be fair and just."

As part of his suspension, Mr. Mullett had been required to turn over his service weapon and police identification and lost access to the Delaware Criminal Justice Information System.

During a May 19 press conference, state police Superintendent Col. Thomas F. MacLeish said the agency's response to the alleged crime "sends a clear public message that the Delaware State Police will not allow any member to tarnish the badge of the Delaware State Trooper."

Sgt. Fiscella said he was "disappointed" by the comment.

Last week, a U.S. District Court jury in Wilmington found that Col. MacLeish and his predecessor, L. Aaron Chaffinch, violated the constitutional rights of three state troopers and awarded them nearly $2 million in damages. Col. MacLeish specifically was ordered to pay punitive damages totaling $131,032.

State police will request the Delaware Council on Police Training to commence decertification proceedings against Mr. Mullett, agency spokeswoman Sgt. Melissa Zebley said.

The request follows agency protocol for a member who is under administrative investigation for "a breach of internal discipline for which he could have been legitimately discharged had he not resigned his position prior to an adverse finding of fact being entered on the issue by the employing agency."

Religion and the Strawman

McCloud CA

August 27, 2006

I am attempting to leave McCloud for the second day. This event has entered a serious transition of personnel. If one would base this on my age of 45 on August 3, in 15 years or 2021 fifteen years would have passed.

I believe that most perhaps two thirds of the personnel in LAPD and The Baltimore Studio would be dead, retired, or sick.

Narayana Maharaj is a Gaudiya Vaishnava diksa guru. He had emerged through the Gaudiya Math. He supports the homosexual devotee system to some degree. In Gaudiya Vaishnavism there are four rules:

No Meat eating

No illicit sex

No drugs

No gambling

I have read an article on his site www.purebhakti.comthat if a devotee followed these rules there would be no problem.

I am a ritvik devotee and support that the Vedic conclusion is that heterosexuality is the only form sex life that is sanctioned by Sri Krishna.

I have lived from May to the present here in Siskiyou County. Since the day I arrived I have totally advocated exposing the fraud that amounts to torture here. LAPD, The Baltimore Studio (these actors are LAPD Officers), and the Delaware State Police are the main movers. The harassment as the slamming of doors, being an informant as laying in wait at stores, and supporting the corrupt agents or stating that I do is abusive. Jim, and George of The Baltimore Studio all weigh now at over 280 lbs. Aaron is 284, Jim 293, and George 303.

The latter two also have heavy credit card debts that they had to ring up to cover their small marijuana growing. This is probably no bigger than a month to month closet setup.

The entire Baltimore Studio engages in such and will most likely never get arrested for such save maybe Escuche who weighs 225 lbs.

They will go bankrupt due to revolving credit. A $10,000 credit card balance at 18.50% will double in 3.89 years or almost 3 years 11 months. 72 divided by the rate will yield time.

The blackmail and extortion encompassed everyone in the surveillance. I do not do drugs and do not wish to be a local drug dealer. I do no idolize these figures from this location or another as Delaware.

The journal entries that began with May 2006 may be gathered and sent to California State officials and major media writers among others.

What is Neo Fascism?

Alturas CA

September 18, 2006

Hello ALL,

Here are some interesting points to consider in arriving at what is neo fascist. This related to the use of electronic surveillance and totalitarianism which you may have had direct experience.

Bottom line, are the neo cons driving this agenda neo fascist? Dr. Lawrence Britt, a political scientist, published research on fascism in which he examined the fascist regimes of Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Suharto and several Latin American regimes. Britt found 14 defining characteristics common to each fascist State:

1. Powerful and Continuing Nationalism: Fascist regimes tend to make constant use of patriotic mottos, slogans, symbols, songs and other paraphernalia. Flags are seen everywhere as are flag symbols on clothing and in public displays.

2. Disdain for the recognition of Human Rights: Because of fear of enemies and the need for security, the people in fascist regimes are persuaded that human rights can be ignored in certain cases because of need. The people tend to look the other way or even approve of torture, summary executions, assassinations, long incarceration of prisoners.

3. Identification of Enemies Scapegoats as a Unifying Cause: The people are rallied into a unifying patriotic frenzy over the need to eliminate a perceived common threat or foe: racial, ethnic or religious minorities; liberals; communists; socialists; terrorists.

4. Supremacy of the Military: Even when there are widespread domestic problems, the military is given a disproportionate amount of government funding, and the domestic agenda is neglected. Soldiers and military are glamorized.

5. Rampant sexism: The government of fascist nations tend to be almost exclusively male dominated. Under fascist regimes, traditional gender roles are made more rigid. Divorce, abortion and homosexuality are suppressed and the state is represented as the ultimate guardian of the family institution.

6. Controlled Mass Media: Sometimes the media is directly controlled by the government, but in other cases, the media is indirectly controlled by government regulation, or sympathetic media spokespeople and executives. Censorship, especially in war time, is very common.

7. Obsession with National security: Fear is used as a motivational tool by the government over the masses.

8. Religion and Government are intertwined: Government in fascist nations tend to use the most common religion in the nation as a tool to manipulate public opinion. Religious rhetoric and terminology is common from government leaders, even when the major tenets of the religion are diametrically opposed to the government's policies or actions.

9. Corporate Power is Protected: The industrial and business aristocracy of a fascist nation are often the ones who put the government leaders into power, creating a mutually beneficial business government relationship and power elite.

10. Labor Power is suppressed: Because the organizing power of labor is the only real threat to a fascist government, labor unions are either eliminated, or are severely restricted.

11. Disdain for Intellectuals and the Arts: Fascist nations tend to promote and tolerate open hostility to higher education, and academia. It is not uncommon for professors and other academics to be censored or even arrested. Free expression in the arts and letters is openly attacked.

12. Obsession with Crime and Punishment: Under fascist regimes, the police are given almost limitless power to enforce laws. The people are often willing to overlook police abuses and even forego civil liberties in the name of patriotism. There is often a national police force with virtually unlimited power in fascist nations.

13. Rampant Cronyism and Corruption: Fascist regimes almost always are governed by groups of friends and associates who appoint each other to government positions and use governmental power and authority to protect their friends from accountability. It is not uncommon in fascist regimes for national resources and even treasures to be appropriated or even outright stolen by government leaders.

14. Fraudulent Elections: Sometimes elections in fascist nations are a complete sham. Other times elections are manipulated by smear campaigns against or even assassinations of opposition candidates, use of legislation to control voting numbers or political district boundaries, and manipulation of the media. Fascist nations also typically use their judiciaries to manipulate or control elections.

Benito Mussolini, who knew something about fascism, had a more straightforward definition: "Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power."

Abraham Lincoln stated, "I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me, and causes me to tremble for the safety of our country. Corporations have been enthroned, an era of corruption will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong it's reign by working upon the prejudices of the people, until wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the republic is destroyed."

The small, but ruthless, group of men, the “money power” described by Lincoln, has stolen democracy from the American people. An ever growing number of informed Americans, however, are fighting a brave, but desperate rear guard action to retrieve that democracy. Will we give them our total support now, or simply sit back and watch as the entire planet is taken back to the dark ages? "The only thing necessary for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing."

Jim Macgregor is a 57 year old retired doctor. For many years he was a family practitioner and visiting Medical Officer to Glenochil Prison, one of Scotland's high security prisons. Through his prison work, he developed a special interest in miscarriages of justice and is a member of the Miscarriage of Justice Organization. MOJO (Scotland). You can contact Jim at gairmoj@aol.com

This article was first published at www.surfaceonline.org

On Ed Bradley 60 Minutes

Blythe CA

November 26, 2006

The death of Ed Bradley, news journalist of 60 Minutes has brought accolades for his pioneering work. Bradley was 65 years of age and succumbed to leukemia.

According to himself he was a performer who could "play all the positions, hit for average and power."

Bradley's career encompassed nearly 26 years of 60 Minutes. The scorched earth event in the United States entitled AKBAR (there is a real name) has encompassed 19 years with a genesis on June 17, 1987. This is also the date of the breaking out of WATERGATE.

Mr. Bradley, 60 Minutes and the commercial media are nowhere to be seen in spite of their million dollar salaries.

Rush Limbaugh has just went on the air denying that he has "carried anybodies water" in the wake of the solid beating the Republicans and conservatives withstood in the recent midterm elections.

As with Peter Jennings, is Ed Bradley, is he going along to get along or just GETTING ALONG?

Mr. Bradley may of played all the positions. He did not HIT FOR POWER.

To this I say POWER REALITY.

Judge one by the hand and not by the mouth. History will teach that the largest domestic story of our times was purposely avoided by Ed Bradley. This is not taking the bull by the horns.

The demise of an elite journalist only focalizing the corruption on the media to profit and shape public opinion and advance one’s interest.

Material adapted from an article by Peter Johnson USAToday.

Kazakhstan Remedies Proposed for Krishnas

Blythe CA

December 23, 2006

Special Commission Decision and Response

DECISION: of the Commission for investigation of the land issue of the Religious Organization "Society for Krishna Consciousness"in the Karasai district of Almaty province

Having studied the current situation connected with land disputes of the Religious Organization (hereinafter RO) "Society for Krishna Consciousness" in the Karasai district of the Almaty province and having listened to members of the producers' cooperative (herein after PC) "Horticultural Association Ptitsevod," PC "Horticultural Association Priozerye," members of RO "Society for Krishna Consciousness" as well as representatives of the Karasai District Hakimat, territorial bodies of land resources management of Almaty province and Mr. B.B. Govinda Swami, the coordinator of RO "Society for Krishna Consciousness" in Central Asia, the Commission decided:

1. To recommend the Hakim of the Karasai district:

1) To solve disputable points on the usage of land plots and summer cottages on the territory of the Eltai rural district in accordance with the procedures established by the legislation of RK;

2) To take measures to exclude defects in the future work for the privatization of land plots in the Eltai rural district and the control over abidance by the requirements of land legislation and architectural and town planning legislation of RK;

3) To continue the previously suspended privatization of cottages and horticultural plots of land taking into account the requirements of land legislation and architectural and town planning legislation of RK;

2. To recommend the management of RO "Society of Krishna Consciousness":

1) To appeal to the local executive authorities of the Karasai district in accordance with the procedures established by legislation for allotment of a land plot to construct a place of worship;

2) To carry out public worship, religious rites and ceremonies according to the requirements of the Law of RK "On the Freedom of Faith and Religious Associations."

3) To present the problems of cooperation with the local authorities objectively while appealing to governmental bodies, international organizations and mass media.

3. To recommend the members of RO "Society for Krishna Consciousness" and PC "Horticultural Association Priozerye" that any disputable issues on the usage of land plots and cottages on the territory of the Eltai rural district of the Karasai district should be resolved in the order established by the legislation of RK.

4. To recommend that the Department of Justice of Almaty province and the Committee for Connections with Religious Organizations of the Almaty Provincial Hakimat should take into consideration the current situation and continuously control the observance of the law on the freedom of faith and religious associations by local bodies, religious associations, and other legal and physical entities in the Karasai district.

Chairman of the Commission (signed) A. Mukhashov


Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan,

Religious Affairs Department,

A.M. Mukhashov


Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe,

USA Embassy in RK,

United Kingdoms Embassy in RK,

Netherlands Embassy in RK

Kazakhstan International Bureau for Human Rights and Law Observance,

Almaty Helsinki Committee

Dear Mr. Mukhashov:

I am in due receipt of your invitation to the meeting of the Commission for considering the land issue of the Religious Organization Society for Krishna Consciousness in the Karasai district, Almaty province, scheduled for December 22, 2006 (invitation letter No. 6-1-2/i-903 dated December 15, 2006).

However, on December 16, 2006, I received the decision of the Commission with your signature, which has been distributed by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan. (see the attached copy).

I wish to call your attention to the fact that although I am a member of the named Commission, I have not been invited to take part in rendering this decision and never received an official decision of the Commission. As far as I understand, the independent observers who officially participated in the meetings of the Commission, namely representatives of OSCE, Kazakhstan International Bureau for Human Rights and Law Observance, Almaty Helsinki Committee, have also not received an official copy.

Neither I, nor any other members of the Society for Krishna Consciousness, nor the observers, took part in meetings of the Commission to discuss the results of its investigation, to hear reports of its members, or to draw conclusions and pronounce a decision.

As you know, no decision was announced during the previous meetings of the Commission attended by the members of the Commission and the observers and held on September 7 and 28, 2006, October 1 and 2, 2006. Nonetheless, the attached document seems to indicate that a decision was made without my participation as a member of the Commission.

I would thus ask you to clarify the following questions before the meeting of December 22, 2006:

1. What is this decision?

2. Who made it and when?

3. Why were BB Govinda Swami (a member of the Commission) and the observers not invited to discuss and pronounce the decision?

4. Who discussed the results of the Commission’s investigation and when?

5. What are the documents studied by the Commission? Who studied them and when? What was the result of this study?

6. What are the conclusions of the Commission with respect to the ambulatory meeting and the activities of the Commission in general?

7. Considering the fact that the decision appears to already be made, what is the agenda of the meeting scheduled for December 22, 2006? The fact that a decision was made in my absence and that governmental bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan distributed the decision of the Commission without having a meeting, raises questions as to the objectivity and fairness of the Commission. As a supposed member of the Commission, I am doubtful about the practical use of holding a meeting to discuss our issue, when you, the Commission’s chairman, have already prepared, signed and distributed the decision.

In light of this ambiguity, I respectfully call on you as the chairman of the Commission to clarify the situation and answer my questions, before the meeting scheduled for December 22, 2006.


BB Govinda Swami


Written By: BB Govinda Swami

Date: 22 Dec 2006

Gerald Ford Dead

Blythe CA

December 27, 2006

President Ford has died at 94. As president Gerald Ford is famous for pardoning Richard Nixon. I do not believe that this is a particularly strong legacy. His silence until death concerning scorched earth in this country confirms that his prestige is best utilized for sanitizing the mistakes of those higher up in the structure of government. I have spent several winters south of Palm Springs near the Salton Sea.

I do not see playing golf at the the Thunderbird Country Club while the rest of the country is absorbing abuse that makes Watergate pale.

I was thinking only this morning that this event has one prominent feature, IT HAS PRODUCED NO HEROES.