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Happy New Years!!!

Desert Shores CA

January 19, 2017

Donald Trump will take the Presidential Oath of Office tomorrow. I have created two new websites:


Donald Trump


Chelsea Manning

Chelsea Manning

In his last hours Barack Obama has commuted the 35 year prison sentence for transgender leaker Chelsea Manning. Manning has served 7 years and will be released on May 17, 2017.

Richard Branson & Barack Obama

Desert Shores CA

February 9, 2017

Richard Branson and Barack Obama 2017

Richard Branson Barack Obama

Richard Branson stated, "It was a huge honor to be able to invite President Barack and Michelle Obama down to the British Virgin Islands for a complete break after Barack finished his second term as President and the family left the White House... One of the first stories Barack told me when he and Michelle arrived on Moskito Island was how, just before he became President, he had been surfing on a dangerous break in Hawaii. When he came in from an exhilarating session, the new head of his security team turned to him and said: 'This will be the last time you surf for eight years.' For the next eight years he didn't have the chance to surf, enjoy watersports or do many of the things he loved."


At issue is whether this is an appropriate manner and his family to enjoy and relax. Your author should be drilling his two factor ANOVA, Algebra 3, and making a stab at graph theory, and derivatives, and Schrodinger equations, at least the theory. In all honesty it is more realistic. On a good day I practice progressive and classic guitar three hours a day to increase to pro status. My theory is sound. I believe if I hit 5 hours a day for two years I could be real. Mood for a Day, Ancient, Bouree in E minor and my originals are listenable for the guy down the street. I am citing AOL and they read, President Obama and Richard Branson share hilarious vacation video. There is plenty of fake news. It all depends on whom you question. The Salton Sea is Chemically Despoiled for the third Presidential Election and Inauguration. Obama won twice in 2008 and 2012. Branson is a famous endurance athlete. Virgin Records broke several prog music acts. I have to pass Branson's Mojave Air and Space Port under Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. Three persons were killed there in 2007.


Cambridge Archaeologists Find 3000 Year Old Thread Bobin

March 8, 2017

Desert Shores CA

3000 Year Old thread bobin Cambridgeshere UK

3000 Year Old Thread Bobin Cambridgeshere

Lachesis The Past

Two perfectly preserved pieces of 3,000 year old thread, one in a ball and another wrapped around a bobbin have been discovered during the excavation of a Bronze Age village in Cambridgeshere on Must Farm. The one centimeter fragments are in excellent condition. Archaeologists described the find as 'amazing'. The site in question burned, possibly during a raid revealed that the inhabitants were wealthy for the Bronze Age.

Clothos - The Spinner - The Present

Clothos The Spinner The Present

The article in question dates from August 6, 2016. The current theme of a Prisoner's Dilemma based defection model derived from the Spindle of necessity in Plato's Timaeus is supported. These academic discovers appear to be well timed. I have been attempting to find a reasonable photo of the Spindle of Necessity or an analogy to such that fits my text.

Mesh of Civilizations

Mesh of Civilizations

Apropos The Future


Social Science and Artificial Intelligence

April 27, 2017

Big Pine CA

We are approaching the 30th Anniversary of the Manifest Function of MOEC on June 17, 1987.

Barack Obama is the Singularity Target.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer is the Singularity Experiment.

Hence as their is no Control, the remainder of the population are fractals.

Ray Kurzweil has predicted Artificial General Intelligence for 2029. He predicts Technological Singularity for 2045. I have stated 2046 and I believe many writers were rounding up. I will use 2045 for MOEC. I will correct any other predictions made.

I clearly state that there is no AI that can pass a real Turing Test or equal to humans, without recognizing MOEC. I believe we will entire a sanitized world of Branded AI. Hence Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Islam versus Christianity. All will proclaim to have achieved AI. This seems far short of world champion in chess or go losing to a program.

I have completed Chapter 5 of Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm Part III. I hope to have the entire text online about Christmas of this year. I have not had the time to fully analyze the Obama Biden era. I may critique an important speech by Joe Biden or perhaps a complete summary on a webpage. The concept of Organic and Mechanistic Solidarity is quite bold. I clearly see an Accelerating Intelligence of machines displacing the status quo. Humans are now clearly competing with other people and machines for their place in society.

It is very interesting and beyond suspicion regarding the fentanyl, murder, and home invasion plague that is hitting Delaware. Obama is from Chicago and Biden from Delaware. I believe a correlation exists that is provable.


I am attempting to stay active blogging in a more limited manner here:






Kasparov on Artificial Intelligence

May 17, 2017

Chester CA

Gary Kasparov on AI 2017

Gary Kasparov

Chess Legend Gary Kasparov makes important observations concerning the values and priorities of our civilization. The branding of science is clearly creating a culture of extreme productivity pressure. The internal combustion and analog electric method of production is obsolete. It is clear that the old school of Prisoner's Dilemma is thriving. Kasparov should step out and recognize the fact that the United States has been operating an in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. On an amusing note I just won my first game from white in the D96 Russian Grunfeld. I was heavily playing the very humble D02 Richter Veresov and was winning games so Mobialia (2100), my AI opponent started playing the King's Indian Defense and was winning. I used a move order trick I just learned and went for the Russian Grunfeld. I won a very chaotic game where I traded off black's fianchetto bishop. I had a tremendous advantage but could not mate. The resulting King Walk resulted in me blundering an entire rook but still winning. I went to a critical position with Stockfish 8. It could not mate either and the King Walk left the engine refusing hanging Queens, rook, and bishop before mating the King by chasing such from Kingside back to Queenside isolating the King back into the H8 corner with a mating net.

How can humans stay ahead of an ever growing machine intelligence? "I think the challenge for us is to always be creative," says former world chess champion Garry Kasparov, speaking on stage here at TechCrunch Disrupt New York.

It's twenty years since Kasparov lost to Deep Blue, IBM’s supercomputer. The 1997 AI stress test equivalent of DeepMind’s AlphaGo beating Lee Sedol last year.

"I would remind people that I won the first match," quipped Kasparov when the historic defeat was brought up.

"There are certain things that we can do that machines are not at all going to be able to replicate," he said. "It's things like love, emotions, passions… One of the rules is anything that we know how we do machines can do it. But there’s so many things that we do that we don’t know how we do, and that's where we humans can excel."

"Machines don’t have understanding, machines don't recognize strategic patterns, and machines don’t have a purpose," he added, arguing for a blend of what humans and machines do best, and finding "a way to bring together these complementary skills."

The new generation of self learning AIs being built by the likes of DeepMind also presents another challenge for humans, in that it is much harder to understand the decisions of these algorithms, said Kasparov, flagging this as "one of the biggest challenges" for applying this type of tech.

"You cannot identify why iteration five is better than iteration 10," he said. "With Deep Blue if you have a couple of years to spare… you can find out why a certain move was there. With AlphaGo the problem is you can only guess. And I think that’s one of the biggest challenges with the new generation of AI."

While he was generally upbeat about the combined possibilities of humans and machines touching on his Advanced Chess concept, for example, in which machines and humans play together as a team he also warned over some of the societal threats here.

Machines have been constantly replacing all sorts of jobs… We should not talk about jobs being lost but people suffering. Technology is "a double edged weapon", he said, pointing to regimes like Putin's in Russia appropriating tech tools to try to "undermine the very foundations of the free world and to topple dissent in their own countries."

"We should realize the dangers of Internet and free space being polluted by fake news and the misinformation run by the [rogue] states mainly of course Putin's regime that is so sophisticated," he said, adding: "Putin doesn't care who he supports outside Russia to spread chaos and to create more uncertainty and to undermine democracy as an institution and even as a concept."

He also discussed the threat that increasingly capable AI poses to (human) jobs, arguing that we should not try to predict what will happen in the future but rather look at immediate problems.

"We make predictions and most are wrong because we're trying to base it on our past experience," he argued. "I think the problem is not that AI is exceeding our level. It's another cycle. Machines have been constantly replacing all sorts of job... We should not talk about jobs being lost but people suffering."

"We have to look for new opportunities. In my opinion the biggest challenge is not that the jobs are being lost, but the challenge is that they are not being lost fast enough. Because unless you have a cycle moving fast you will not be able to create new sustainable jobs. You will have to create a new growth that will help to replace jobs that are being lost."

"AI is just another challenge. The difference is that now intelligence machines are coming after people with a college degree or with social media and Twitter accounts," he added.

Kasparov & AI (2017). techcrunch.com. Retrieved from: https://techcrunch.com/2017/05/17/we-should-not-talk-about-jobs-being-lost-but-people-suffering-says-kasparov-on-ai/

30th Anniversary of MOEC

June 16, 2017

Chester CA

Tomorrow will be the 30th Anniversary of MOEC. The collapse of Democracy and the United States is rooted in genetic man and his consequent culture. Prisoner's Dilemma will create an Informant. In consequence a Despot emerges whom wishes to replicate him or herself in the population. Hence Informants, Saboteurs and Traitors emerge. Treason in it's simplest form is an act of betrayal. In the United State it legally binds those whom should have loyalty to the nationstate and give aid and comfort to the enemy.

Barack Obama is the Singularity Target.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer is the Singularity Experiment.

There is a tremendous conflict in continuo between the alleged Proximate Cause Cambridge Law School and myself. This results in an ecology of embedded Informant Traitors many whose employable skills are 1900 based and going into obsolescence in the 21st century. Organic and Mechanistic Solidarity is a salient theme as human inventions as cognitive amplifiers versus motor skill amplifiers further stratify society.

In MOEC there is an acute polarization between homosexuality LGBTi and heterosexuality Opposite Sex. This is a boundary in a Greek Gift of the Gods Caveman attack. Hence the bottom ten percent of the population are aimed at the top ten percent.

30th Anniversary of MOEC

July 1, 2017

Chester CA

Vancura Position

The Vancura Position

We have clearly past one generation or thirty years of MOEC. I do not believe that those sworn competent authorities as Barack Obama whom have been born after 1955 has decent odds of escaping prosecution. MOEC is a Greek Gift of the Gods Caveman Attack. If one considers logic, a strong response would to promote legal justice. In a complementary manner raising the educations standards for ownership and workers is a good idea. Los Angeles has raised the minimum wage to $12.00 USD. This will result in weak workers receiving less hours and strong workers more hours and higher pay. Over 566,000 persons received a raise. In 2025 by my calculations about 45 percent of persons over 25 will hold a 4 year degree. Currently a BS lands one $53,000 and a BA $40,000.

In consequence I have written some of the most qualified professors this year. I will also start to promote texts on Amazon Kindle this month.

The Republicans are pushing for a retirement age of 70. If I am healthy at 70 LAPD is stating that Obama has a 50 percent risk of being prosecuted.

In chess the Vancura Position is a King, Rook Pawn endgame where white attempts to promote an outside passed pawn on the A file with the Rook on A 8. The Vancura Position (see diagram) is a drawing position with a rook and rook's pawn versus a rook, when the pawn is not beyond its sixth rank, and the stronger side's rook is in front of the pawn (Dvoretsky 2006) (Mullar 2014).

The position was studied by Josef Vancura (1898 1921), and published in 1924. Black's rook keeps attacking the pawn from the side from some distance away, while preventing the white king from finding asylum from checks which is the key issue in our discussion. the black king is stationed on the opposite side of his rook as the pawn to not block the checks. The black rook moves behind the pawn as soon as the pawn moves up to the seventh rank. Black's king must be near the corner on the opposite side of the board if the pawn advances to its seventh rank so the white rook cannot check the black king and then support the advance of the pawn, or sacrifice it's pawn to skewer Black's king and rook on the seventh rank thus winning the game.

In this composition white's material advantage of an advanced pawn does not facilitate victory.

Oaths. Retrieved from: http://www.history.army.mil/html/faq/oaths.html

Mueller, K. Understanding the Vancura Draw. Retrieved from: http://en.chessbase.com/post/karsten-mueller-understanding-the-vancura-draw

Girlfriend Shoots Boyfriend Making Youtube Video

Chester CA,

July 4, 2017

Origin: The Organic Cell

Origin: The Organic Cell

A Minnesota woman killed her boyfriend Monday by shooting at a book he was holding over his chest, in a YouTube video stunt gone wrong. Monalisa Perez, 19, was attempting to make a viral video with boyfriend Pedro Ruiz III, 22, to post to their YouTube account, according to a Norman County Sheriff's Department arrest report.

Original reports stated that a high caliber pistol was shot at an encyclopedia that Ruiz was holding in front of him. Origin was an encyclopedia I was asked to write near the beginning of Akbar. Such was the first book I had attempted. It was mainly written in two takes single spaced on spiral bound and composition notebooks about 1997 by hand in Ruidoso, New Mexico. I had just published such on Kindle on June 27, 2017.

It also worthy to note that 34.7 percent of persons over 25 years of age have a 4 year degree in the United States. I am predicting in 2025 about 45 percent of adults over 25 will have a 4 year degree or greater. This is a support of Organic and Mechanistic Solidarity.

If you were the only person alienated with a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth, how would you fight back?

A BA or BS at 130 credits should contain Algebra 5 or Calculus. A 2 year or AA should contain Algebra 4. High School should be Algebra 3.

The Origin of homo sapiens is escalating with genome sequencing. Fragments of Neanderthals, Cro Magnons, and humans have been found. The most recent find dates homo sapiens to 300,000 years ago in Morocco.

Maryam Mirzakhani Dies at 40

Chester CA,

July 16, 2017

The death of Maryam Mirzakhani continues a generation old trend of prominent spiritual leaders, politicians, and academics who have remained silent and passed on. In the long run we are all dead according to Keynes. In an exercise of utility this is not the greatest outcome. Mirzakhani as others whom left before will receive a 0 score. This is in line with a numbering of the people. Non parametric considerations are also highly likely. Overall I was impressed with her mathematical genius but the world is enduring an in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. If persons at this level ritualistically perform the human race is in for trouble.


Maryam Mirzakhani

Maryam Mirzakhani

Despite the breadth of applications of her work, Mirzakhani said she enjoyed pure mathematics because of the elegance and longevity of the questions she studied.

A self professed slow mathematician, Mirzakhani's colleagues describe her as ambitious, resolute and fearless in the face of problems others would not, or could not, tackle. She denied herself the easy path, choosing instead to tackle thornier issues. Her preferred method of working on a problem was to doodle on large sheets of white paper, scribbling formulas on the periphery of her drawings. Her young daughter described her mother at work as "painting."

"You have to spend some energy and effort to see the beauty of math," she told one reporter.

In another interview, she said of her process: "I don't have any particular recipe [for developing new proofs]... It is like being lost in a jungle and trying to use all the knowledge that you can gather to come up with some new tricks, and with some luck you might find a way out."

Mirzakhani was born in Tehran, Iran, and was fortunate to come of age after the Iran Iraq war when the political, social and economic environment had stabilized enough that she could focus on her studies. She dreamed of becoming a writer, but mathematics eventually swept her away.

Maryam Mirzakhani (2017). Maryam Mirzakhani Stanford Mathematician and Fields Medal Winner Dies. Stanford. Retrieved from: http://news.stanford.edu/2017/07/15/maryam-mirzakhani-stanford-mathematician-and-fields-medal-winner-dies/

Al Gore Circa 2017

Chester CA,

August 26, 2017

Al Gore 2017

Al Gore 2017

It is now reported that Al Gore has amassed personal wealth of $200 million USD.

What is Al Gore's Net Worth?

Name: Al Gore

Born: March 31, 1948

Company: Apple, Inc. (AAPL)

Position: Board of Directors

Al Gore currently has a net worth of an estimated: $176,557,340


When Al Gore ran for President in 2000, he filed a public financial disclosure report that revealed that his net worth was somewhere between $700,000 and $1.9 million.

This filing revealed that Al Gore's largest asset being listed as a home in Arlington, VA that was worth between $250,001 to $500,000.

Al Gore may be worth more than even Mitt Romney, thanks to a very fruitful last 13 years.

Al Jazeera purchased Current TV in January of 2013 for a reported $400 million. The network, which was founded by Gore and Joel Hyatt in 2002, officially launched in August of 2005 and was sold roughly 7.5 years later.

Al Gore owned a 20% stake and reportedly walked away with $70 million once outstanding debt had been paid off.

Al Gore's meteoric net worth increased over the past 13 years due to his ties to Apple and Google.

One of Al Gore's first moves upon leaving office was to take a job at Google as an advisor. Al Gore took this job a full three years before the company went public in 2004, and it is rumored that Gore received stock options that were valued at as much as $40 million.

Gore also made a fortune on Apple's Board of Directors. Gore was appointed to the role in 2006. Gore controls over 100,000 shares of Apple (combination of common shares and options that are still vesting), meaning that his stake in Apple is valued at well over $40 million.

Gore also makes between $150,000 to $200,000 per speech.


MOEC Studies Has A New Domain

Bishop CA,

October 6, 2017

I placed my order for www.moec-studies on Sunday, October 1, 2017. That evening the worst mass murder in United States History occurred.


MOEC Studies Begins

MOEC Studies

On the night of October 1, 2017, 59 people were killed and another 489 injured when a gunman opened fire on a large crowd of fans at the Route 91 Harvest music festival on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada. The perpetrator was 64 year old Stephen Paddock of Mesquite, Nevada. Between 10:05 and 10:15 p.m. PDT, hundreds of rifle rounds were from his suite on the 32nd floor of the nearby Mandalay Bay hotel. About an hour after firing ceased, Paddock was found dead in his hotel room from a self inflicted gunshot wound. His motive remains unknown.

The incident is the deadliest mass shooting committed by a lone gunman in U.S. history. The crime reignited the debate about gun laws in the U.S., with attention focused on bump firing, a technique Paddock used to allow his semiautomatic weapons to fire at a rate similar to that of a fully automatic weapon.

Working Preface: Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm Part IV

Big Pine CA,

October 9, 2017

The Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm Part IV has a working Preface:


The Bushes and The Obamas

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

November 17, 2017


The Bushes and Obamas

After thirty years of MOEC. It is clear that the historical survival of Barack Obama is central to the fate of the Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Trump. Operation Radhanatha began on about February 12, 2017 during the George W Bush presidency. Barack Obama has won the election with the Salton Sea despoiled twice. Donald Trump has won it once under these conditions.

CNN reports the following: The Mexican government has been fighting a war with drug traffickers since December 2006. At the same time, drug cartels have fought each other for control of territory.


President Enrique Peña Nieto, who assumed the presidency on December 1, 2012, has continued the fight started by President Felipe Calderon against the cartels and drug related violence. A huge victory for his administration was the 2014 arrest of Joaquin El Chapo Guzman, the boss of one of Mexico's most powerful drug trafficking operations, the Sinaloa cartel.

A 2015 Congressional Research Service report estimates at least 80,000 people have been killed due to organized crime related incidents since 2006. Under Peña Nieto, overall intentional homicide numbers have declined as much as 30%, according to the Mexican government.

Mexican drug cartels take in between $19 and $29 billion annually from US drug sales.

In September 2017 Methamphetamine was found in 7 UP in Baja California. I believe all actions above are related.

Open Letter: Arizona Officials

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

December 9, 2017

The Master Passion

Doug Ducey AZ

Doug Ducey
Janet Napolitano UC California

Janet Napolitano

John McCain R AZ 2012

John McCain
Jeff Flake R AZ Raul Grijalva D AZ

Jeff Flake

Raul Grijalva

Governor Ducey

Senator John McCain

Senator Jeff Flake

Representative Raul Grijalva

President Janet Napolitano UC California

The present in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth against the United States has transpired for over 30 years or one generation. The attack began on June 17, 1987 while I was in Dover, Delaware. Ronald Reagan has just delivered a historic speech at the Berlin Wall on June 12 with Mikhail Gorbachev present.

The strongest allegation that supports over 30 years of Censorship and Sanitization of 7.6 billion persons worldwide is that Cambridge Law School, United Kingdom is the Proximate Cause sine qua non, Authorship, and Origin. It strongly supported that the United Kingdom expands and contracts through a system of informants in every police stationhouse worldwide not just building railroads and establishing courts as we have been previously taught. On reflection Iraq has just proclaimed victory over the Islamic State. President Trump has officially recognized Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel.

Hence this system has been given a name Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC. It even has a GUI for a computer program. Such reduces to prisoner's dilemma.

Classical Tyranny









Prisoner's Dilemma

Prisoner B Stays Silent

Prisoner B Betrays

Prisoner A Stays Silent

Each serves six months

Prisoner A serves ten years

Prisoner B goes free

Prisoner A Betrays

Prisoner A goes free

Prisoner B serves ten years

Each serves two years



Particular History
and Justice





Ideal State -
Varna Asrama

Origin is the graphical user interface or GUI of MOEC. It ontologically would control all the systems that are aligned beneath such.

It is argued that LAPD contains a Gay Militia which is an alter ego to the Islamic State.

On about February 12, 2007 the Colorado River began Chemically Despoiled as did the air, water, and food in stores in my vicinity.

The strategic goal of this Master Passion is Sexual Emancipation. This is in particularity LGBTi recognition. This tacit movement is a RICO criminal enterprise that is a Greek Gift of the Gods Caveman Attack. The Sovereign Citizenship relationship and rule of law have been replaced by a homosexual quid pro quo for social advancement in the white, grey, and black markets.

The police in question are profiled in against the 1899 Catholic Catechism. Children receive this training at about 12 years of age. Abstractly the Gay Militia are Scripted on a Yellow Brick Road at about 90 IQ or less. There are 2.2 million persons in United States prisons with 50 percent testing between 8th and 12th grade. Arizona prescribes 4 Algebras with two courses at 3 for high school graduation. California prescribes two Maths with only Algebra I and no exit exam.

In this regard the dumbest man is pitted against the smartest. As he fails he begins to stalk. This is the invertebration of Homeland Security.

Hence homosexual or same sex acts facilitate steroid use beginning as early as kindergarten or first grade. The Russian Olympic team has been banned from the 2018 Winter Olympics. Racketeering of all sorts as drugs, human smuggling, and prostitution are facilitated by the reverse sting operation and crime creation. This results in the most successful drug dealers to avoid convictions for the longest time period by delivering same sex acts and setting up their customers and competitors.

Marriage breaking is extensive with homosexual misogyny targeting LGBTi females. Hence the Gay Militia was engaged in divorces before Gay Marriage was legal.

It is argued that if I had performed three homosexual anal sex acts the United States would not have been exposed to the full attack which has a code name of Lycurgus Akbar. I have contested this all the way to the Supreme Court as early as 1999 when Bill Clinton was being impeached.


In Westworld the cyborg prostitutes wish to become human. In 2017 entire families drag their children in front of the Gay Militia wishing to become prostitutes. Homosexuality slightly lessens the Chemical Assault only to establish the quid pro quo.

Barack Obama is the Singularity Target.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer is the Singularity Experiment.

MOEC has numbered the people. It is a very elaborate pseudo Experiment in eugenic breeding and ANOVA testing.

I have been briefed at a very high level. I have unentangled enough material to seat a Nuremberg Trial and support claims of a Marshall Plan against the United States. Factually any real investigation would prima facie recover treasure troves of data.

MOEC is imposed over one as a third legislator. I am about 50 years ahead of History and can easily defeat the Gay Militia. The entrapment model I am working through rates me between Franz Schubert and George Orwell and Aldous Huxley. I am easily beyond Orwell and Huxley.

My calculations have 50 percent of the population 25 or over having a BA degree at about 2025.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Ehrenberg AZ

December 9, 2017


MOEC: Mobilization of Empire and Civilization






2018 Archives

Opioids Overdoses Surge 30 Percent

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

March 6, 2018

Opioid overdoses were up 30% in the last year across the United States, a study by a federal agency has found. The US Midwest was worst hit with overdoses surging by 70%, according to the data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The Vital Signs study tracked emergency room visits due to an opioid overdose between 2016 June and September 2017.

The US opioid crisis claimed 63,600 lives in 2016, the National Center for Health Statistics has previously said. US Midwestern states Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Missouri noticed the highest jump in cases. The highest jump among the Midwestern states was 109% in Wisconsin. Research shows that people are more likely to have a second overdose when they have already had one, said CDC behavioural scientist Alana Vivolo Kantor. "Emergency department education and post overdose protocols, including providing naloxone and linking people to treatment, are critical needs," said Ms Vivolo Kantor.

Naxolone, which has increasingly been distributed among US police departments, can stop and reverse an overdose as it is occurring. Overdoses increased for men and women and all age groups. All five main US regions experienced rate increases in this order: Midwest (70%), West (40%), Northeast (21%), Southwest (20%), Southeast (14%. Individuals aged 35 to 54 saw a 36% increase in opioid overdose cases. The only significant decrease was in the state of Kentucky (15%) Cities with over 1m people saw a 54% increase, but a continued rise in cities and towns of all sizes was recorded.

President Trump called the opioid epidemic a "national shame" in October and declared it a public health emergency. He announced a plan to tackle the crisis, which takes 140 lives per day across the country.


Mass Grave Discovered in Rwanda

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

April 29, 2018

Ntrama Church Rwanada

Ntrama Church Rwanda

Four mass graves that contained thousands of victims of the Rwandan genocide for 24 years have been discovered. The first bodies were found at a depth of 80 feet and the excavation continues, according to The New Times in Rwanda.

More than 800,000 people were killed in the genocide,Tutsi minorities and moderate Hutus, possibly between 2,000 and 3,000 may be buried in the mass graves, a spokesperson with the genocide survivors' organization Ibuka told The Associated Press. The unmarked graves are located in Kigali Province, not far from the Kigali Genocide Memorial where some 250,000 victims were brought to be buried.

Recalling Rwanda's Brutal '100 Days'

Survivors of the genocide showed up at one of the graves in the hopes of identifying missing family members, reported The New Times. They leafed through an old photo album that had been found in it's depths. They studied the clothing on the bodies, believing they could remember what relatives had worn on the day they were murdered.

Cameron Hudson, director of the Simon Skjodt Center for the Prevention of Genocide at the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., told NPR people were murdered everywhere, at churches, schools and hospitals.

The discovery raises concerns as Rwandans try to move past those dark days, said Naomi Kikoler, deputy director of the Simon Skjodt Center. "For this to be found 24 years later, it has raised a lot of questions if there are other mass graves and why people haven't disclosed their location," she told NPR by phone from Rwanda. Some Rwandans have expressed shock that their neighbors might have known about the mass graves without ever saying a word. "Those who participated in the killing of our relatives don't want to tell us where they buried them. How can you reconcile with such people?" a survivor said to the AP.

Survivors were denied closure and the victims were denied a dignified burial, said Kikoler. "Even 24 years later, there is still a yearning for people to know about what happened to their loved ones." Still, she said, others keep on hoping that their loved ones will be found alive.


Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm Part IV: Preliminary Sketch Chapter 3

Lake Shastina CA

July 19, 2018

Chapter 3

Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC is a failed attempt by a Membership of University of Cambridge Law School Lawyers to social engineer a LGBTi Civilization. This attempt was based on a continuum of a British Fight Fire with Fire which results in no more than fight crime with crime.

It is evident that Cambridge orchestrates the expansion and contraction of the United Kingdom. It is also apparent that these activities are in part clandestine. Hence these Actors were able to conceive and implement their planning with or without formal approval or records.

The ontological and internal consistency model is highly important in analyzing a system's efficiency and sustainability.

MOEC in the present is a Tournament between Mechanism and Theism and LGBTi (homosexuality) and Opposite Sex (heterosexuality).

MOEC's social engineering embraces the tabula rasa. This is the concept that the mind is like a blank page on which one may write upon.

This concept in systems thinking gives rise to the replacement and interchangeability of components. Transhumanism is based on such. Other examples are genetically modified food GMO and transgenderism.

An ontological consideration is the discovery or creation of a Unified Field Theory that descends from Eternal Law or refutes such with Natural Law. This would also then reinforce Positive Law and concrete human governance.

What in modern times is known discussed as Prisoner's Dilemma and defection is the driver of MOEC. The ethical battle between relative and absolute morality in combination with consequentialism and deontology has given rise to the creation of a Gordian Knot. MOEC is a defection model. It currently is Undermining all major faith systems to achieve it's goals.

MOEC has a Deus ex machina or god from the machine. This plot device provided a solution a seemingly unsolvable problem in a story by suddenly and abruptly by inserting a seemingly unlikely occurrence, typically so much as to seem contrived.

In comedy this was used to provide a happy ending.

In Greek tragedy, a machine was sometime used to bring actors performing gods onto the stage. The machine could be either a crane (mechane) that used to lower actors from above or a riser that brought actors up through a trapdoor in the floor.

In MOEC preparation to pick a sample population to be tracked as cohorts and longitudinally under electronic sweeps has been extensive. This activity has given rise to George Orwell and Aldous Huxley's works.

MOEC Studies is ontologically stronger and more consistent. It represents in part the conflict between the Membership and their creation the Ex Deux Maquina and myself to expose such.

Their Gordian Knot is an attack on the Srimad Bhagavatam of the Vedas as well as other scriptures as the Bible.

The concept of governance and war as theater is highly supported.

Cambridge has lost in designing a universal masterpiece or a Song for All Seasons.

The LGBTi Movement is on the Wrong Side of History.

The Gordian Knot concept will be discussed as the Cinderella Man leading into the Monalisa Perez Reverse Sting.

Kofi Annan is Dead

Lake Shastina CA

August 19, 2018

Kofi Anan

Kofi Anan

Kofi Atta Annan April 8, 1938 to August 2018 18 was a Ghanaian diplomat who served as the seventh Secretary General of the United Nations, from January 1997 to December 2006. Annan and the UN were the co recipients of the 2001 Nobel Peace Prize. He was the founder and chairman of the Kofi Annan Foundation, as well as chairman of The Elders, an international organization founded by Nelson Mandela.

It is clear to see the ommissive and complicit behavior of the United Nations and other supranational levels of government. There has been an in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth in the United States for 31 years. Anan nor the United Nations have recognized concrete history. National and groupist interests sway the hand at every level of governance. Mass destruction in Africa and the Middle East escalates with usually only the United States to check such. This is increasingly difficult in an environment when this state is abusive and permits abuse to escalate at home.

In 1996, Secretary General Boutros Boutros Ghali ran unopposed for a second term. Although he won 14 of the 15 votes on the Security Council, he was vetoed by the United States. After four deadlocked meetings of the Security Council, Boutros Ghali suspended his candidacy, becoming the only Secretary General ever to be denied a second term. Annan was the leading candidate to replace him, beating Amara Essy by one vote in the first round. However, France vetoed Annan four times before finally abstaining. The UN Security Council recommended Annan on 13 December 1996. Confirmed four days later by the vote of the General Assembly, he started his first term as Secretary General on January 1, 1997.

Anan's legacy is highly suspect. It is clear his actions were illegal in his silence regarding human rights abuse in his cognition.

The United States Mourns George HW Bush

December 4, 2018

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

George W Bush at George HW Bush Funeral 2018

George W Bush

Today was a day of mourning for the 41st President George HW Bush.

His son George W Bush, the 43rd president of the United States, gave the final eulogy, he spoke about the human qualities all good fathers share.

"He was firm in his principles, and supportive as we began to seek our own ways. He encouraged and comforted, but never steered. We tested his patience. I know I did," George W. Bush said. "But he always responded with the great gift of unconditional love."

In George H.W. Bush's 1989 inaugural address, in which he stated: "Some see leadership as high drama and the sound of trumpets calling, and sometimes it is that. But I see history as a book with many pages, and each day we fill a page with acts of hopefulness and meaning. The new breeze blows, a page turns, the story unfolds.?

George HW Bush was the second Irrationalist President to lead this nationstate into a Perfect Dictatorship complemented with Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. It has been 31 years since June 17, 1987 when Ronald Reagan began the Anglo American Era of Irrationalism. Conversely, Waymo 1 has begun it's AV lift service today in Phoenix, AZ.

The pages are turning. The collapse of Democracy, United States, and Presidency are to be laid at the graves of all those sworn officials whom destroy civilization. We are in a Caveman Attack where the least intelligent attack the highest intelligent in a death spiral under a coming Artificial Intelligence.


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