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Happy New Year!

Desert Shores CA

January 8, 2009

Happy New Year! Things are off to a slow start. Equipment breakdowns and logistics should have been prevented by more careful preparation.

In degree my perspective on President elect Barack Obama is that he is not as intelligent as he projects through his speeches. He is committing catastrophic errors in moral judgment. The latent dysfunction of scorched earth will be telling on his person, administration, and family. I am doing my best here to hold my ground. I am attempting to avoid a trip to Florida if I can not winter here.

I will be adding letters to the California contingencies at the federal and state levels. For those of you new to my sites please avail yourself to the domain sites. These pages will be copyrighted into a book. The site will crown the presentation with

Currently for the rest of the month I will be doing very small posts and maintenance.

Open Letter to President George W. Bush

Desert Shores CA

January 14, 2009

Dear President Bush,

As the end of your 8 year term as president nears I believe it is necessary for both historians and Homeland Security to confront was has transpired during your capacity as president.

From the day of your inauguration in January of 2000, the United States was in it's 13th year of a chemical assault scorched earth attack. This event appears to be authored by the United Kingdom. It is a Gay Militancy. The chemical assault is imposed over one's person from genealogy, a crime of blood. It is also superimposed over certain crimes as drugs and steroid use to name a few. LAPD is running the attack.

What occurs is that the full blown scorched earth is code named AKBAR will be fallaciously attributed by LAPD that the attack originates from me. In degree it is a product of their volition. I do not pay or order Homeland Security Officers to spray any chemicals on food, clothing, or the air.

I am the only person who exists in this condition however the natural species and environment also are attacked.

The country is in an informant antisocial mode. Persons defect to LAPD instead of cooperating with the Constitution. Hence it is easy to get the population to attack myself and others in mob rule. No federal or public employee will step forward. In degree they also get chemically assaulted.



Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer


Desert Shores, California

(This letter was heavily hacked. It demonstrates that I was writing under extreme duress. I have attempted to preserve the original to my best intent. DWN Big Pine, CA September 23, 2016.)

Open Letter to Senator Joe Biden

Desert Shores CA

January 15, 2009

Dear Senator Biden,

I am writing to you for the final time during your last days as senator from Delaware. You were chosen by Barack Obama to be vice president due to his perception of your skill in international relations and dedication to public service.

Since June 17, 1987 in Dover, Delaware, the United States has undergone a chemical assault scorched earth. This has been imposed over my natural person and citizenship which you have sworn several times to uphold.

LAPD is running this operation which is alleged to have a United Kingdom authorship. This event codenamed Akbar, I have testified in this regard in federal court several time pre 9-11, runs through the Baltimore and Delaware State Police Departments.

I am the main opposition, the only public one to my knowledge to a GAY MILITANCY. This has spawned one of the worst blackmail and extortion rings in human history. No one at any level worldwide has stepped forward other than myself with open transparent public records.

I am in Desert Shores, California. The Salton Sea is chemically despoiled.

In review I was in Delaware during 9-11 and the Anthrax scare. I was also present during the return of the USS Cole crewmen through Dover AFB. This was a disgrace under chemical assault.

You, Barack Obama, and his administration are knowingly subjecting United States citizens to HARM.

I have a credible legal confrontation with Gov. Janet Napolitano. I have complaints against here and Arizona from her days as attorney general.

I am being severely derived and marginalized from STATE SPONSORED activities and corruption.

This level of incompetence will damage the United States and human race for centuries to come.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Open Letter to Governor Napolitano

Desert Shores CA

January 16, 2009

Bhakta David Nollmeyer, Flagstaff AZ 2007

Bhakta David Nollmeyer Flagstaff AZ 2007

Dear Governor Napolitano,

In consideration of your career as attorney general and governor of Arizona in context to your nomination as homeland security, it is necessary to point out that there is huge Chemical Assault ongoing in the United States.

The Salton Sea is chemically contaminated. All my clothing and almost anything I can touch or eat is likewise contaminated at the hands of homeland security officers of which you will most likely order.

In panorama, Barack Obama has demonstrated no leadership in this area nor has Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton. Indeed these selections inclusive of your self posit a classic confrontation abstract rights, constitutional rights and a conflict between the individual and state.

I have a reasonable body of sworn legal history that contradicts the resume of all persons named supra.

It is my position that the restoration of legal person before the government per the Bill of Rights negating this chemical assault, electronic surveillance, and harassment will be the measure of presidents for centuries to come.

I am enclosing a photo file of myself outside Flagstaff May of 2007. I was considering a direct confrontation with you realizing it would most only be a hand wave or tacit recognition that I was even standing there so I opted not for this event.

I am using this photo as my current official photograph.

Open Letter to Senator Hillary Clinton

Desert Shores CA

January 17, 2009

Dear Senator Clinton,

I am writing you for the last time during your term as senator. During this time you have not stepped forward to confront the Chemical Assault that has endured from June 17, 1987 through your husband's term as president into the Barack Obama era.

Barack Obama in nominating you, Joe Biden of Delaware, and Janet Napolitano of Arizona creates one of the most polarizing cabinets in attempting to restore the constitutional equilibrium of the nation.

The people themselves have responded poorly to A CHEMICAL ATTACK.

President Bush fallaciously claims to have prevented a terrorist attack on this country in the last seven years.

I am at the Salton Sea, California and it is chemically contaminated.

As secretary of state you will have to prove to other nations that you and the United States can not be blackmailed or extorted when it comes to nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons.

Barack Obama will most likely meet with Medeyev and other CIS officials regarding nuclear deterrence soon.

What type of assurance can you or Obama provide?

My health will not last. All my clothes and even my food are contaminated. The bag of tortillas I ate this morning were caustic but I ate about half anyway. This type of stupidity is what this entire 22 year event represents.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores


The Bush Farewell Speech

Desert Shores CA

January 17, 2009

Over the past seven years, a new Department of Homeland Security has been created. The military, the intelligence community, and the FBI have been transformed. Our nation is equipped with new tools to monitor the terrorists' movements, freeze their finances, and break up their plots. And with strong allies at our side, we have taken the fight to the terrorists and those who support them. Afghanistan has gone from a nation where the Taliban harbored al Qaeda and stoned women in the streets to a young democracy that is fighting terror and encouraging girls to go to school. Iraq has gone from a brutal dictatorship and a sworn enemy of America to an Arab democracy at the heart of the Middle East and a friend of the United States.

There is legitimate debate about many of these decisions. But there can be little debate about the results. America has gone more than seven years without another terrorist attack on our soil. This is a tribute to those who toil day and night to keep us safe, law enforcement officers, intelligence analysts, homeland security and diplomatic personnel, and the men and women of the United States Armed Forces.

Our nation is blessed to have citizens who volunteer to defend us in this time of danger. I have cherished meeting these selfless patriots and their families. America owes you a debt of gratitude. And to all our men and women in uniform listening tonight: There has been no higher honor than serving as your Commander in Chief.

George W. Bush

The President is living in a repressive state. Criminals repress and victims deny. I am writing from the Salton Sea California. This is Don Quixote personified.

The Virgin, the Roman Catholic Pope, the knights and their genealogies...

The Barack Obama Inauguration Speech

Desert Shores CA

January 21, 2009

I have not made an analysis of Barack Obama's first moments as president. He is trusting luck to deliver him. This is an old adage. We will return to Obama at a later date.

Mary Bono R Palm Springs

Desert Shores CA

February 4, 2009

Mary Bono Mack

Mary Bono R Palm Springs is emerging as a sacred cow for lack of better terms to shield this event. The location of Cathedral City which has a large LGBT population also is being appealed to ad misericordium.

Mary Bono is 47 years of age. This is the same as Barack Obama and myself. I do not believe preferential treatment is needed or that any other contingency should emerge that would warrant deferring to her based on who she is than on merit.

I am undergoing a very serious escalation here as well as everyone else. Statistically Bono and Obama should live well into their late 70s. I do not believe the odds are in support of me in the least.

I will become more assertive in publicly opposing all competent figures in the very near future.

Mary Bono will not receive special treatment here.

Open Letter To Gov. Schwarzenegger

Desert Shores CA

February 15, 2009

Dear Governor,

Since you have assumed office as Governor of California you have stressed only fiscal management of this state.

There is an escalated CHEMICAL ASSAULT ongoing here in California and as well as nationwide.

Your legal responsibilities are foremost protecting the PRIMARY RIGHTS of the citizens. Small chemical assaults have been placed over genealogies of various individuals, ideas, and external objects as food clothing and shelter. The most severe TARGET natural person is my self. As other persons attempt to assist me they to run the risk of being incorporated into this RICO styled corruption.

The event is being carried out by cell(s) of GAY MILITANTS within LAPD. MUTUAL AID violations therefore originate within this state.

Regardless you should have and still should act overtly by using EMERGENCY POWERS OF THE GOVERNOR.

The SALTON SEA IS Completely contaminated as is most of the food, clothing and shelter.

As for reproduction I have staunchly opposed GAY MARRIAGE. In California this would be support of PROPOSITION 8.

This is a hate crime. I am also a conservative ritvik Hare Krishna.

Hridayananda Maharaj, an ISKCON diksa guru recently blessed a Gay Union but retracted in apology almost immediately.

Your are a DE FACTO AND NEGLIGENT official.

The case of ad hominem emerges as you father was a member of rank in the Nazi SS. You should take this consideration seriously.

I am a direct advocate in the style of Simon Wisenthal and will pursue legally and historically within the law.

Thank you for your consideration.

Hare Krishna.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Open Letter to House Speaker Pelosi

Desert Shores CA

February 17, 2009

Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi

Dear House Speaker Pelosi,

It is a clear unambiguous fact that Barack Obama is acting as President of the United States signing one of the largest pieces of legislation ever today. Obama and the leadership of both parties are clearly negligent in NOT RECOGNIZING A CHEMICAL SCORCHED EARTH ATTACK ON THE UNITED STATES. They form a Perfect Dictatorship of democratically elected tyranny.



MY REQUEST IS THAT SHE WRITE HER BOOK REPORT ON ME. I AM ONE DAY OLDER THAN HER FATHER. Barack has assembled a staff of Hillary Clinton, Joseph Biden, and Janet Napolitano. All these persons are from backgrounds and jurisdictions that are the most severely affected. The addition of yourself and Harry Reid complement this polarization.

The picture attached is from Flagstaff, Arizona. I decided not to attempt to confront then Governor Napolitano face to face. I do have complaints against her from her days as Governor.



This is totally absurd as I have contacted over 75 lawmakers at various levels over the past 13 years advocating heterosexual marriage. I have contacted you also here on Proposition 8 in California which I continue to support.

You are the first woman Speaker of the House. You should be deeply concerned with misogyny or the hatred of woman. I have enumerated to you and the California contingency over the damage to the emerging corps of female public officials.

I have over 26 federal lawsuits attempting to open criminal prosecutions to halt this attack on this country. It is obvious also that I act to save what is left of my own life.


In History and as well in our legal lives we will forever be linked in these two areas:

1. Chemical Scorched Earth attack against the United States.

2. The attempt to gay bait me.

My ritvik orientation positions me in a continuum where Gaudiya Vaishnavism is in a position similar to the Lutherans and Episcopalians. There is controversy and faction over LGBT monogamy and civil unions. Recently Hridayananda Maharaj (Howard Resnick) a diksa guru of ISKCON blessed a gay union. He issued an apology almost immediately.

I only present this information knowing that the federal court will only entertain a minimum of religious content, hence this is a HATE CRIME. ALL MY RELIGIOUS PRACTICES ARE LEGAL. I DO NOT USE DRUGS, ALCOHOL, MARIJUANA, GAMBLE, ENGAGE IN ILLICIT SEX (THIS INCLUDES LGBT BEHAVIOR).


The Salton Sea area will be a lightning rod for refuting the Red Herring and as well as the chemical assault. I will promote these facts throughout Congress and to other agencies and competent authorities.


Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores, California


Open Letter to Senator Boxer

Desert Shores CA

February 22, 2009

Barabra Boxer

Barbara Boxer

Dear Sen. Boxer,

I am writing you to confront Attorney General Holder, and you over RACISM and my ongoing alienation of civil rights.

AG Holder has made comments that America lacks the courage to discuss or confront racism. I have made over 26 federal lawsuits based on the Civil Rights Act attempting to remedy a systematic CHEMICAL SCORCHED EARTH ATTACK against the United States. Eric Holder has done nothing as an assistant attorney general under Bill Clinton or now under Barack Obama.

You have a home in Rancho Mirage. According to the Sunday issue of The Desert Sun you met with their editorial staff to discuss revitalizing the Salton Sea.

Gay Irrationalism Gay Fascism has destroyed your career and my life.

The Salton Sea is chemically despoiled by a Gay Militancy run out of LAPD. The Delaware State Police are onboard as onlookers, not HEROES as AG Holder suggests.

The GAY MARRIAGE issue has this bogus militancy embedded within such. I am arguing strongly from the spiritual conservative side here and have done so rationally emailing over 75 officials on this chemical scorched earth and gay marriage. I have supported Proposition 8 in California.

The chemical assault is debilitating. I follow my religious faith as a Hare Krishna. This is a HATE CRIME to Eric Holder's strawman photo presentation.

Mary Bono, Barack Obama, and myself are all 47 years of age. They have a logical chance of being criminally prosecuted. The estates of all Congressional officials from the 100th Congress onward are under civil scrutiny and tort law. The counties of Riverside, San Bernardino, Imperial, Inyo, Mono, Lassen, Plumas, and Shasta are facing the brunt of this onslaught with Los Angeles, and Kern next.

This is issue of GAY IRRATIONALISM GAY FASCISM is not a joke. As persons become deeply implicated they become know nothings, 2+2=3. Extortion, blackmail, and violence occurs and no one hears, sees, or speaks anything.

In response to AG Holder's remarks I will become simpler yet bolder and speak on concrete facts against the show bottle politics of the milieu.

Thank you for consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores, CA


Open Letter to Ducheny and Perez

Desert Shores CA

March 6, 2009

Dear Rep. Ducheny and Sen. Perez,

My name is David Nollmeyer. I am your constituent along the Salton Sea. I am complaining as to why you or any sworn official has yet to recognize and preserve the constitutional rights and lives of the persons in you district.

The Salton Sea is chemically destroyed as are properties here.

I have been isolated for 22 years under these conditions.

There is a Gay Militancy run out LAPD that is responsible.

I am lifelong heterosexual whose spiritual identity and behavior Hare Krishna are against LGBTi interests. I am active in supporting Proposition 8 here in California.


I am only 47 years of age. This is the same as Barack Obama and Mary Bono.


I have a modest record of 26 Federal Court suits identifying the principals as well as complaints to sworn officials throughout the country.

I believe the economic collapse is designed as a catalyst to shake down dead wood and bring prosecution.

The study of Evolutionary Biology will also contribute to developing evidence against the corrupt.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores CA


Gay Irrationalism and Keywords

Desert Shores CA

March 8, 2009

The philosophical concept of Gay Irrationalism Gay Fascism is becoming dominant in combination with Evolutionary Biology. Here we will deal with the first concept.

Various speech patterns and keywords are used to attempt to develop defection to this ongoing conspiracy. This is clearly a red herring strawman in my instance. I am developing my personality and identity more closely with my ritvik Hare Krishna faith.

These keywords are heard near my presence and are used to attempt o develop a LGBT victim. I am clearly am and only advocating heterosexuality.

Gay Placement: There is a eugenically based chronological assessment of how one's sexual orientation and behavior will rank among the population. Simply who is the most gay to the most heterosexual.

Gay Major: Here this is a complete statement of equivocation that builds Gay Irrationalism. In the university there are fields of study that form majors. A command level rank in a military system is a major. In particularity when I was in college at Laney in Oakland in the early 1980s I was totally heterosexual. I was not in any taxonomy that would place me in this group logically. There is a large group of students in the Bay Area that would easily fit into this category. I am currently supporting Proposition 8 which has banned Gay Marriage.

Gay Mayor: The elected official of a city is the mayor. The City of Berkeley, California usually will field a LGBT candidate. Several of the most recent mayors are gay. It was predicted that if I lived in Berkeley, and I did that I would consider or support this. Obviously I am not LGBT orientated. I do not believe that being LGBT would exclude a candidate but I am increasingly becoming more spiritual and conservative.

Gay Marriage: Here this term has a clear evolutionary pattern. In the 1970s this would mean any same sex act. This would equate such behavior to a marriage. True Gay Marriage is one that has legal standing by the state in society. This is also used as a red herring attack on heterosexuals as myself.

Gay Miracle: This pertains to turning Gay. It also has a chronological use. On November 4, 2009 Californians, Arizonans, and Floridians voted to be ban Gay Marriage. I supported initiatives in all three states. I was in Desert Shores, California on this day when Barack Obama and Joe Biden won the presidential elections. I have been a heterosexual all my life.

Open Letter To Boehner

Desert Shores CA

March 8, 2009

Dear Senate Minority Leader Boehner,

The last five presidents of the United States have failed to prioritize the homeland security needs of this country and thus protect the Constitution, citizen’s lives, and wellbeing. The country has been under a Chemical Scorched Earth since June 17th 1987, the 200th birthday of the Constitution.

The creation of Homeland Security under George W. Bush itself is a farce. The Salton Sea here in California is chemically destroyed. Lake Almanor and the Owens River have also suffered catastrophic attacks.

This event or terrorist attack is being driven out of LAPD. Such contains a cell(s) of LGBTi militants. I am staunch heterosexual and defender of traditional marriage. I am supporting Proposition 8 here in California.

THERE IS NO LEADERSHIP IN CONGRESS! No individual that I know of, sworn official or homeland security officer has stepped forward to defend the natural lives of persons in this country and place the rule of law back in order.

The Republican Party must focus on reality not just tax cuts. Is AIG capable of paying on the trillions of dollars in damage?

The historical and legal record provides for documentation in the negligence to defend the United States since 1987. Hopefully the will to govern will be found before the damage to health and property necessitates such.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores CA


Chemical Assault and Isolation

Desert Shores CA

April 3, 2009

Totalitarianism will seek to isolate the collective and individual from the whole. This is the advice of Zbignew Brezinski. I have arrived here along the Salton Sea under tremendous pressure. A series of localized chemical assaults have escalated into a full blown Scorched Earth. The Salton Sea is completely contaminated. There is a large LGBTi gay community in Cathedral City in the Coachella Valley north of here. At this time the Dinah is (April 2009) which is the largest lesbian gathering in the world. Melissa Etheridge who is 47 and a sibling cohort to me generationally performed. The White Party which is a gay gathering is in a few weeks. About 15,000 guests each will arrive.

I am taking shelter under a ritvik platform of Gaudiya Vaishnavism. I accept His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada as my diksa guru. Srila Prabhupada departed from this world in November 1977. Most Gaudiya Vaishnavas hold that there must be a living diksa guru form which one must surrender to a serve. This is the difference between the ritvik and diksa lines.

I am an independent ritvik who is not aligned with any formal institution. I am confronting this Chemical Assault Scorched Earth as seva or service to Srila Prabhupada based on the teachings in the Original Bhagavad Gita As It Is.

In Vedic Studies there are four regulative principles:

No meet eating

No illicit sex (this includes same sex LGBTi behavior)

No intoxication, drug use, ganja

No gambling

I also chant the Hare Krishna Mantra for 16 rounds per day.

I am also supporting Proposition 8 which bans Gay Marriage. Iowa has announced that Gay Marriage will be legal in 21 days. Vermont and New Hampshire are moving legislation through towards their governors who have threatened vetoes.

LAPD is attempting to portray me as LGBTi. I do not support MSM or male same sex or FSF female same sex.

I am openly confronting gurus as Hridayananda Maharaj of ISKCON who is attempting to introduce such into ISKCON and the Gaudiya mainstream.

As a beginner or kanistha adhikari I am also confronting the world leadership on chemical assault.

I have been isolated and must fight for my survival in a solitary manner as well as my spiritual development.

Mary Bono R Palm Springs

Desert Shores CA

April 18, 2009

Mary Bono Mack

Mary Bono Mack

Dear Rep. Bono,

I am preparing to leave the area for the season. The conditions of Chemical Assault Scorched Earth in your district and along the Salton Sea are deplorable. I am struggling under severe deprivation, air, food, water, and clothing are all contaminated. The conditions of the population are only better in the sense that my natural person and constitutional rights are what are the focal target in a system of emergent LGBTi fascism to degrade civil rights.

This Chemical Assault Scorched Earth within a Homeland Security context will be the measure for empirical performance for persons within the last 22 years since June 17, 1987 the day this morass manifested.

I do not believe because of your age of 47 years that you will escape prosecution. Alberto Fujimori was recently sentenced to 25 years in prison for crimes against humanity in Peru. This was a first for a democratically elected head of state.

I do nor believe Barack Obama will escape punishment either.

It is within this context that I am beginning to expand slowly on internet to break the culture of impunity and corruption that has stonewalled justice.

LAPD is running the event and there is a credible allegation that such was designed by the British at University of Cambridge in the 1930s. Regardless the persons who will survive this event will bare it's scars.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores


I Support Carrie Prejean

Desert Shores CA

April 24, 2009

In spite of tremendous environmental damage and a vicious attempt to sanitize the truth, I SUPPORT MISS CALIFORNIA, CARRIE PREJEAN ON HER STANCE ON GAY MARRIAGE.

The Return to Blythe and the Colorado River

Blythe CA

October 28, 2009

Blythe CA 2009

Blythe CA 2009

It has been almost three years since I have been in Blythe. In 2007 the Radhanatha event started. Radhanatha Swami's autobiography has been released almost to the day of my return here.

Since John McCain and John Kyl are Arizona senators this should add legal and historical interest. Jane Napolitano is also has been the Governor and is now Homeland Security Secretary.

Since Barack Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize this also provides for contrast. This area has very negative antecedents for both Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

Three years ago I stated from almost the exact location from where I am writing that the persons were on my side would win and those on LAPD's side would lose.

This is true. In three years time people became doctors and lawyers. I should have written a a 300 page book. I did easily write well over that amount in journals and direct complaints. I have about 2500 friends on Facebook sites.

I feel more defined. I am openly challenging the University of California on the sanitization of history and academic fraud.

The site is:

To listen and download original music go to:

The Return to Blythe and the Colorado River

Blythe CA

November 7, 2009

The following outline was discerned in Big Pine, California during the end of April of 2009. This model of Gay Triumphalism is the Strategic Outline for this event. Gay Marriage as seen is part of this process. What is illegal and of poor academic quality is that this event is paired with a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. This is imposed over my natural person. This is why I have entitled such the Refutation of Gay Triumphalism. LAPD will attempt to implement such within a circular folly which at the current date is unprosecutable. They may surround one with B, C, D, E and return to the beginning in one hour and day long loops.

On November 3, 2009 Gay Marriage was overturned in Maine as Question 1. In Washington Referendum 71 was defeated securing Everything But Marriage recognition for same sex couples.

I clearly am only supporting traditional opposite sex monogamy based on my Vedic principles and the rule of law. I will accept the results of any legal process concerning marriage.

Holon 10: Refutation of Gay Triumphalism

I. Cambridge Law School - Oxford Oxbridge

A. It is likely that MOEC was designed by Cambridge Law School.

1. Trinity College or a philosophy department had more expertise in classical tyranny. This was derived from Greek an Roman city states and empire.

2. Cambridge was not the innovator of Gay Rights. The school in this instance adopts this posture in the 1930s.

B. Gay Triumphalism has antecedents in Platonism or the Greek and RomanDeities. This can be treated as Historical Monarchialism. Hence a faith not a myth.

1. A parallel treatment is Mechanism.

2. Reduce all analysis to matter and secular humanism.

Holon 10: Refutation of Gay Triumphalism

I. Cambridge Law School - Oxford Oxbridge

A. It is likely that MOEC was designed by Cambridge Law School.

1. Trinity College or a philosophy department had more expertise in classical tyranny. This was derived from Greek an Roman city states and empire.

2. Cambridge was not the innovator of Gay Rights. The school in this instance adopts this posture in the 1930s.

B. Gay Triumphalism has antecedents in Platonism or the Greek and Roman Deities. This can be treated as Historical Monarchialism. Hence a faith not a myth.

1. A parallel treatment is Mechanism.

2. Reduce all analysis to matter and secular humanism.

II. Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing - Pre Gay Fascism

A. State Planning and eugenics by de facto or criminal processes and structures.

1. This runs parallel to real Gay Rights Movement degrading it.

2. Chemical Assault Scorched Earth tagged to Gay Triumphalism.

B. Gay Triumphalism

1. Gay Culture

a. Celebratory of LGBTi lifestyle.

b. No significant difference from heterosexual lifestyle. More hedonistic, liberal, secular, artistic.

2. Gay Marriage

a. Legal same sex marriage

b. This may mean marrying into a LGBTi family by a heterosexual.

C. Gay Placement

1. Overwhelming concern with who is more gay. More same sex behavior.

2. Inferiority complex in males of white European descent. A desire to place Asians, Latinos ahead.

D. Gay Majors

1. This is particularly centered around UC Berkeley with a planned Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

2. Being a LGBTi college student.

3. This includes the teaching of the history of MOEC and the Scorched Earth Chemical Assault.

E. Gay Miracle

1. Eventually coming out gay late in one's life.

2. Extending the attempt to expand Gay Triumphalism.

III. Holon 10

A. This completes a system of 10 Holons that develop the Prisoner's Dilemma defection model.

1. The intent was to develop a LGBTi victim to cover the event.

2. This has failed. The model and the component of Gay Triumphalism is being refuted.

B. Legal and Civil Means to Prosecute Principals and Co Principals.

1. RICO Structure


Open Letter To Gov. Jan Brewer R AZ

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

November 14, 2009

 Governor Jan Brewer AZ

Jan Brewer

Dear Governor Brewer,

When you took over the office of Governor from Janet Napolitano in January of 2008, the United States had been and still is engaged in a significant Chemical Assault Scorched Earth centered over my citizenship and natural person. This event has persisted since June 17, 1987. The alienation of my rights in Arizona, I currently am moving across the Colorado River between Blythe, CA and Ehrenberg, AZ leaves no one with due process. Arizona is an integral part of the nation's Homeland Security based on it's structural location.

I am not a partisan of political parties. The law is broke due to the human resources that are employed in sworn capacities to uphold our rights and protect us.

The Colorado River is despoiled. This is the regions drinking and agricultural water. Gang Structures proliferate on both sides of the border. Your negligence in stepping forward to DEFEND MY RIGHTS IS INEXCUSABLE.

The stakes are quite high. I am choosing to legally fight this event out regardless one, race, creed, religion, gender, nationality, or political orientation to achieve historical and legal justice.

I am only 48 years old and should easily live to 77. You were being born in 1944 should easily live towards 2020. A twenty year old Homeland Security Officer in Arizona should live at least 55 more years to 2065. The current immature operation of passing the logic bomb to the future only emboldens those adversaries to the United States and equal protection under the law.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Ehrenberg AZ


The Circular Folly

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

December 6, 2009

In close of the decade I can clearly demonstrate that I have been the public leader on confronting Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. The decade began here with the George W. Bush Administration. George leaves public office with a massive blunder by allowing surface water to be despoiled. The Colorado River here is the concrete example.

To discuss LGBTi issues it is prudent to posit the male same sex position first. The so called Gay militancy will use lesbianism as a front because they are ashamed of being homosexual. This word is a taboo to them. If you address them as Gay, this will refer only to lesbianism, then bisexuality. This demonstrates malice and irrationalism.

Hridayananda Maharaj (Howard Resnick PhD) currently a University of Florida is being posited as a leader that I support. He has attempted openly to support Gay Monogamy in the Vedic Hare Krishna Movement. ISKCON of which he pertains refuted such although this organization is less than transparent.

Currently Hridayananda is being fiercely contested on his sannyasi vows.

I have been a strong support of heterosexual marriage. I have considered heterosexual polygamy but have abandoned this position.

The Stone Unturned...

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! The following is a critique of Barack Obama's acceptance speech of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. This is the last prompt for the year. This critique is perhaps 1/3 as hard to do as compared to an ethnographic topology of this event. This is because there are already adequate axiological methodologies available of international relations available, no doubt that this the same material that Obama uses to promote his doctrine. So that is good, the same techniques can be used against Obama although he has a decisive advantage in asymmetry of information.

The new site is:

2010 Archive

The Stone Unturned...

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

January 5, 2010

Happy New Years!!! This from personal perspective appears that it will be the FINAL DECADE OF CHEMICAL ASSAULT OF MAGNITUDE. I do believe that those persons who are secondary targets will have their person, families, and businesses attacked regardless of how successful or defeated I become.

Make no mistake, THIS AREA HAS TREMENDOUS LEGAL AND HISTORICAL IMPLICATIONS. If I survive and have access to the courts this area will have many persons subpoenaed by myself, Homeland Security or the Attorney General. This means criminal litigation then civil litigation.

There is no leadership without accountability. The country and world are rudderless as far as Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is concerned.

One other approach is on internet. This concerns gang stalking, mob stalking, and stalking. This approach has some focus but it will not give an entire view of the structure and process of MOEC. I have the unique position of being the baseline.

I am calling this the Vamanadeva Baseline VB. This involves the ninth step of bhakti yoga, absolute surrender. This is an archetype and if you wish you should research this story and it's signification. (DWN January 25, 2012. I wish for VB to reflect the position of opposition as a service to God. To date there is a Singularity of censorship in place).

I am not interested in particular labeling. I use common protocols as End World Scenarios would become EWS. This type of abstraction to me is more favorable than putting my name as Nollmeyer Baseline NB. There is NO DOUBT that the so called experts and legal sworn authorities are censoring and sanitizing history which is illegal, obstructing justice through the creation of false documents.

I can not work as hard per the hours of sunlight and weather until mid February.

FBI Complaint as Gay Marriage Suit Begins

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

January 12, 2010

Special Agent In Charge

Nathan T. Gray

Assistant Special Agents In Charge

Stephen A. Cocco

A/ASAC Mark J. Cwynar

Steven R. Hooper

Better enough is well left alone... The Gay Militants are demonstrating their know nothing antisocial character believing that they are a law upon themselves to stalk and harass persons. These parties will damage and undermine LGBTi leaders. Ellen DeGeneres is being abused by the Joe Virus style of law enforcement. Adam Lambert has demonstrated his lack o social awareness on Teen Idol maybe Ellen is capable of returning credibility to the most popular family program and LGBTi persons and entertainment.

Dear FBI,


Ehrenberg AZ

I, David Nollmeyer am filing a criminal complaint against President Barack Obama, Vice President Joseph Biden, and Homeland Secretary for RICO Violations in the Federal District Of Arizona.

Since November 1, 2009 I have resided in Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ. The Colorado River which has headwaters under Arizona jurisdiction has been Chemically Contaminated. This is allegedly by a cell of LGBTi (SAME SEX) militants operating out of Los Angeles Police Department.

The Colorado River was originally despoiled on or about February 12, 2007. This was codenamed Radhanatha. This is a poison in the well tactic. There is a Radhanatha Swami who is a natural person. He has allegations that were cleared by the USAG that he was involved in a murder of a Krishna dissident in Los Angeles named Sulochana.

This is an in continuo act. Stalking is also facilitated on cue from this agency in Ehrenberg and the Flying J Truck Stop on I 10. I am a strict heterosexual. I am orthodox ritvik Hare Krishna who only supports opposite sex marriage.

Stalking is openly conducted under a conditions of Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. Persons are recruited to harass persons at the truckstop by slamming doors and other objects.

A federal trial concerning Gay Marriage began in San Francisco yesterday. I am remaining firm in my support for Proposition 8 in California. I am being deprived of my civil rights because of my Hare Krishna (Vedic) race (Japanese American) and political (socially conservative view).

If they are crossing state lines this is interstate stalking.

I am alleging that three officials supra are guilty of at least three predicate acts in continuo as the Colorado River is despoiled to debilitate me to death by attacking my citizenship. The three principals are guilty of Section 242 (below), 8th Amendment (right to remain free from cruel and unusual treatment, 14th Amendment (Due Process clause), each party would of also subsequently violated their oath office if guilty for a fourth offense.


Section 242. Deprivation of rights under color of law

U.S. Code as of: 01/19/04

Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or to different punishments, pains, or penalties, on account of such person being an alien, or by reason of his color, or race, than are prescribed for the punishment of citizens, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer


Ehrenberg AZ

Nobel Prize Critique of Geir Lundestad

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

January 22, 2010

Geir Lundestad is the permanent Secretary of the Nobel Organization. He is often the spokesperson for the organizations decisions. He did not have a vote on the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. I was in Big Pine, CA when the prize announcement was made in October and here when Barack Obama accepted the prize in December.

The Nobel Critique may be seen here: Nobel Critique

My critique of Obama's speech was also written here and will be posted on this site soon.

See supra.

There is much contestation here over merit.

It has to be stated openly that persons here and worldwide are doing little or nothing. I will fiercely defend my activities. As seen I have an FBI Complaint also made in this month to begin the decade and two critiques that simply define what other so called leaders are condoning. I cannot order anyone to perform duties and this is what is lacking from sworn officials.

The Informant Culture: Gang Stalking, Mob Stalking, Stalking

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

February 8, 2010

I have rediscovered the Stalking Support network online. The United States, the entire world is an Informant Nation erecting an Informant State. This involves Convergent Totalitarianism per Animal Farm. Real Socialism is and has been dead. There will most likely be a Police State with some nationalized industries and a heavily taxed private sector.

Socialism involves nationalization with only small holdings of private property, maybe five acres. This is also the religion of the state so education in the values and goals of the proletariat are needed. Social Welfare is simply a safety net with a monetary (poverty) qualification to be eligible. No knowledge of socialism is needed.


The Stalking System is based on nodes. Such radiate from the Origin which is alleged to be Cambridge Law School. Most of the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth that I blog about was most likely designed in the 1930s as Fascism was becoming popular in Europe. Fascism retains private property, protected industry, and family interests while creating a network for the volk or people. It is obvious that such will persecute certain groups.

The victims of Gang Stalking culture are individuals who radiate in nodes like spokes in a wheel all over the world. People are harassed by agents of the state as the government, police, courts, and the sports, entertainment, and journalistic communities as the Perfect Dictator looks on with tacit approval.

These victim groups also claim that chemicals may be placed in one's food, clothing, home, or workplace. This is to get one fired from work and driven to suicide.


THE FOLKS WHO MADE AVATAR JUST ACCEPTED GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS IN PALM SPRINGS. This is the next largest area due east of here. The movie in 3D is about a world defended by an indigenous race on Pandora whose planet's atmosphere is POISONOUS TO HUMANS. The humans are attempting to mine unobtanium.

Not the most creative script. It must be the effects.

I got attacked when I was 27 years of age. I was just organizing my music. I went acoustic and did not tape anything. I had went to college. I have an AA in Fine Arts (Music). I full notate all my finished music. I have copyrighted maybe 60 pieces. I am a serious composer. Groups have offered to buy my scores but I have refused. Some of the music is heard on my player.

Good Luck to the victims of the Gang Stalkers and Mob Stalkers.

The Price of Competence

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

February 15, 2010

I am currently testing new software. I am hopefully going to pick up the pace. I will be sending out memos on I have had some success in confronting corruption. This has a long way to go. The frustration and oppression is slowly starting to set in. It is an informant culture that has to be reconciled.

Open Letter To Sen. Kyl

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

February 16, 2010

Jon Kyl

Jon Kyl

Dear Sen. Kyl,

It is time for all sworn officials to take Homeland Security seriously. The Colorado River at the Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ crossing is severely Chemically Contaminated. This event has been in continuo since November, 2009. This type of attack also began on the Colorado River about three years ago near Earp CA Parker AZ when George W. Bush was president.

Water in taps in homes, businesses, and restaurants are poisoned by what are now called our Homeland Security Officers.

Currently President Obama is clamoring for sanctions against Achminejead and Iran. Iran is very similar to Arizona in that it has limited water resources that could imperil it's survival from a CHEMICAL ASSAULT.

You, Senator McCain, Homeland Secretary Napolitano are no strangers to this event.

This circular folly marginalizes the weak. The corruption of ad vericundium or appeal to stature has no place here. This country has WASTED SIGNIFICANT FINANCIAL and environmental resources in attempting to marginalize my existence.

At this point in time I will become very simple and transparent. I may have lost the immediate manifest battle. However I have the greater LEGAL AND HISTORICAL DOCUMENTATION.

There is an online support community of persons attacked by what is known as Gang Stalking Mob Stalking or Stalking. I AM THE MOST STALKED PERSON IN UNITED STATES HISTORY. A great deal of their material directly overlaps this attack on our Homeland Security.

As a sworn official in what is perhaps the second most affected jurisdiction your legal duties will come under scrutiny. I have some information that February 2017 may end the manifest SCORCHED EARTH.


Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ


Exposing the Big Bluff

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

March 2, 2010

The Colorado River Valley here will be an area that I will develop and to present criminal and civil prosecution. This will also provide for my own defense. It appears due to Chemical Assault Scorched Earth, that I am severely boxed in between here and the Salton Sea. Perhaps an upwards of 40 percent of the future activities could occur in these two locations.

LAPD is attempting to develop the Red herring Strawman methodologies here with informants. Imposing a Gay Militancy over my natural person is bogus. Recruiting both locals and tourists here to Gang or Mob Stalk is a very serious problem. Unemployment is near 25%, the worst in the country. It is not improving here. When I have to catch the bus, I pass the Ehrenberg town sign, America's Ghost Town.

I AM THE MAIN ANTI GAY MILITANCY WRITER. The Campaign for Courage is part of the same sex marriage coalition that is considering a ballot initiative this year. I will write GLADD, a pro LGBTi group expressing my concerns over Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. This is not a small problem. Many LGBTi persons are sworn professionals with credentials and licenses. They are exposed by this Joe Virus.

Marc Faber, an investment consultant who predicted the 1987 Crash recently was invited to lecture in Japan. His advice is that America is going to fight a Dirty War. You will wake up and your cellphone will not work, the internet will not work, and your water supply is chemically contaminated. One should get out of stocks and buy gold and farmland.

I just went to the Blythe Post Office. I mailed my Moto Q that was recently destroyed. One can read here on this page my description of the Colorado River. The usual crowd of informants lay in wait, and no I AM NOT AFRAID OF THE GAYS. The lesbians can only stalk with the police. I do not drink alcohol or use drugs. This behavior with this Joe Virus culture is where the female should be concerned. Domestic Abuse is a core concept of stalking. The culture we are discussing here is dysfunctional.

LGBTi groups as GLADD are being blindsighted by this Gang Stalking Mob Stalking mentality. The mythology of victimization is levelling where same sex practitioners are the perpetrators. The are also the workplace stalkers as well.


I deal with Homeland Security quite often. I am not at all excluding heterosexuals. We are placing all against the same measuring stick. I am confronting this abuse with clarity and certainty. The abuse here is manifest. People are going to have to perform under oath not laying in wait in parking lots, street corners, and check out stands of the local businesses. This is where credibility is going to be earned and lost.

Open Letter to Mary Bono R Palm Springs

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

March 3, 2010

Mary Bono with Students 2010

Mary Bono With Students

Dear Representative Bono,

Over twenty years of censorship have created an inflationary bubble. Here there is a negative externality or spillover cost due to the true value of tangible immovable properties. Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is a direct attack on such assets. He appears to be aware at least indirectly of some of postings on internet.

I have claimed to you that this event is being directed by LGBTi militants from LAPD. I have written you from the Salton Sea and now the Colorado River Valley. Both areas of surface water were Chemically Attacked.

Investment Adviser Marc Faber has predicted a Dirty War scenario for the United States. My cellphone has blown up, I have already complained to the FBI that the Colorado River is despoiled. I have also criticized Barack Obama winning the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

In degree your district has a 40 percent chance of being the jurisdiction that will be used to define and prosecute this Crime Against Humanity.

I am also aware that individuals in the Stalking Support Community are indirectly discussing my plight and applying this to their particular cases. These terms are being used: Gang Stalking, Mob Stalking, and Stalking.

I was also born in 1961. Barack Obama, your person, Beau Biden (AG of Delaware, and myself are emerging as focal litigants as the trajectory of lifespan eliminates sworn authorities.

The so called fiscal conservatives are blind to the worth of their assets. The incompetence of permitting this event to continue will destroy the Coachella and Colorado River Valleys.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

(The following are the updated domain sites. DWN September 26, 2016.)

Open Letter to Rep. Grijalva D Tucson

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

March 13, 2010

Grijalva AZ

Rep. Grijalva

Dear Rep Grijalva,

My name is David Nollmeyer. I am writing you to complain of conditions along the Colorado River in Ehrenberg. The River is chemically contaminated as it flows south towards Yuma and Mexico. The air is chemically contaminated as persons are driving with chemicals in their gas tanks. I cannot even enter a store as the Flying J Truckstop without the air being poisoned. Products on the shelf are also ruined.

The water in the tap is also chemically contaminated. What is becoming popularly known as Gang Stalking, Mob Stalking, and Stalking occurs regularly. Laying in wait to false imprison one byslamming car and truck door's is ritual violence here.

This event is being run by LAPD with cells of LGBTi (Same Sex Militants). I see that you have supported many issues favorable to LGBTi persons. You are now also one of their legal and historical victims. Almost everyday, on cue I am being provoked by innuendo that I am Afraid of the Gays.

I have opposed the preachers within my own Krishna faith on this issue. I am known on internet sites as Facebook. I have over 26 Federal lawsuits. The escalation of contaminating surface water began along the Colorado River.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Palm Springs Coachella Community...

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

March 22, 2010

As time moves forward, convergence is occurring due to the benefit to cost ratio. Persons are not responding out moral free will, but rather to personal and collective damage to their interests. I am recognizing some of the work on Gang Mob Stalking. This is an inner component that should be considered within a RICO framework. Criminal charges and the Tort of False Imprisonment may be a direct result of any form of stalking. One's constitutional right to move about is impeded.

This type of behavior is focalized here.

The Coachella Valley with Palm Springs is a center of both Athletic, Fine and Popular Art events. This will be a panoramic backdrop for the history and prosecution of this Systematic Human Rights Event. It is not favorable.

Many important individuals live here. Many important groups sponsor events here. There are movie festivals, world class tennis and gold tournaments, a major piano contest, two major pop music shows with attendance of 100,000, and other local fine art crafts shows.

I will be more specific over time. The dust storms have dictated a soft start to my work. Overall I am increasingly confident that my coverage as the only large presentation against sworn public officials is a very powerful Queen's Gambit that the authorship did predict I would be able to perform or that it would be a severe polarization over their interest which is LGBTi.

My honesty to present my work in an OPEN FORMAT FREE OF CHARGE (IT WILL STAY THAT WAY) guarantees that I have more credibility over the antisocial elements that are destroying the environment and culture.(DWN September 28, 2016)

Complaint: Arizona AG Goddard

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

March 28, 2010

Terry Goddard AZ

Terry Goddard


David Nollmeyer files complaint with Terry Goddard Attorney General of Arizona and natural person for criminal violation of my state rights.

Statement of Facts

I have arrived to the Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ crossing on the Colorado River since about November 1, 2009 in continuo. The Colorado River is Chemically Despoiled. The air in the vicinity is likewise contaminated. Persons lay in wait here at the Fling J Truckstop to intimidate and harass.

I argue that this Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is being executed with ommissive and de facto consent of Attorney General Goddard.

The quantum of force used against me violates my freedom practice my Gaudiya Vaishnava (Hare Krishna) faith. I am orthodox believer and have opposed same sex marriage in California Proposition 8 and in Arizona Question 2.

The lack of response to a public emergency violates my rights to due process and freedom to remain free from cruel and unusual treatment.

The state of Arizona in prescribes in Section 2. All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights.

I am stating that there are three predicate acts identified in violation of my primary positive rights by an executive code enforcement official sworn to uphold my rights and the People of Arizona.

I am requesting an immediate criminal investigation.

David Nollmeyer

March 28, 2010

Ehrenberg AZ

Points of Law

Article 9 Free Exercise of Religion

41-1493 Definitions

41-1493.01 Free exercise of religion protected

41-1493.02 Applicability

41-1493. Definitions

In this article, unless the context otherwise requires:

1. "Demonstrates" means meets the burdens of going forward with the evidence and of persuasion.

2. "Exercise of religion" means the ability to act or refusal to act in a manner substantially motivated by a religious belief, whether or not the exercise is compulsory or central to a larger system of religious belief.

3. "Government" includes this state and any agency or political subdivision of this state.

4. "Political subdivision" includes any county, city, including a charter city, town, school district, municipal corporation or special district, any board, commission or agency of a county, city, including a charter city, town, school district, municipal corporation or special district or any other local public agency.

41-1493.01. Free exercise of religion protected

A. Free exercise of religion is a fundamental right that applies in this state even if laws, rules or other government actions are facially neutral.

B. Except as provided in subsection C, government shall not substantially burden a person's exercise of religion even if the burden results from a rule of general applicability.

C. Government may substantially burden a person's exercise of religion only if it demonstrates that application of the burden to the person is both:

1. In furtherance of a compelling governmental interest.

2. The least restrictive means of furthering that compelling governmental interest.

D. A person whose religious exercise is burdened in violation of this section may assert that violation as a claim or defense in a judicial proceeding and obtain appropriate relief against a government. A party who prevails in any action to enforce this article against a government shall recover attorney fees and costs.

E. In this section, the term substantially burden is intended solely to ensure that this article is not triggered by trivial, technical or de minimis infractions.

41-1493.02. Applicability

A. This article applies to all state and local laws and ordinances and the implementation of those laws and ordinances, whether statutory or otherwise, and whether adopted before or after the effective date of this article.

B. State laws that are adopted after the effective date of this article are subject to this article unless the law explicitly excludes application by reference to this article.

C. This article shall not be construed to authorize any government to burden any religious belief.

2. Political power; purpose of government

Section 2. All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights.

4. Due process of law

Section 4. No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law.

15. Excessive bail; cruel and unusual punishment

Section 15. Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishment inflicted.

Open Letter to GLAAD

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

April 3, 2010

David Nollmeyer Ehrenberg AZ 2010

David Nollmeyer 48.5 Years


This is a very quick memo composed to GLAAD a LGBTi advocacy group. The trajectory of torture is disintegrating. It is in my interest to perform in an open, clean, and hard manner within the law.

This means creating authentic records in the face of unprecedented censorship and sanitization.

David Nollmeyer


I am writing you today to express my concerns over the unrecognized Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. By observation your organization is concerned with the defamation and real world treatment of LGBTi persons. This is why my life history, legal records, and communications should be of the greatest concern to you.

I am strict heterosexual and a member of the ritvik Hare Krishna Movement. This states that I am not following a living diksa teacher (guru) as per se a living a pope. The ritvik platform tends to be more conservative but not exclusively.

This Chemical Assault Scorched Earth has been imposed my natural person. At a lower, but legal level, my United States Citizenship is also attacked.

I have accused LGBTi officers in Los Angeles Police Department of implementing what is now a FULL BLOWN SCORCHED EARTH.

I am focusing my personal and civil response on to sworn competent officials in the main. GLADD has lawyers that are members of the bar and their licensing requires that they report crimes.

I am in Ehrenberg AZ Blythe CA area along the Colorado River. The river is chemically despoiled. It is the source of drinking water for large areas of Southern California, Arizona, and Mexico.

Here the isolation of my person is also paired with propaganda that I am supporting same sex behaviors this false and irrational. Here is an example of what is driving this act of torture in LGBTi history.

The core concept is driven by same sex males of white European descent. They are using lesbian and bisexual females as a front. This will also hostage such persons and possibly implicate such if they willing take part of the conspiracy.

If I state that I am opposed to Gay practices. The methodology will state that it Gay only means lesbianism. They will then attempt to Gay Bait one as Male Same Sex Male MSM practitioner. They will state that this is due to ethnic nationalism. They will attempt to recruit a minority lawyer, possibly a Latino or African American to advocate me.

This is a notorious Strawman tactic; not a logical use of distribution.

What has occurred is a what computer hackers call a Joe Virus. The directionality of the attack is against heterosexuals. It is blowing back against groups as GLADD and the Campaign for Courage.

There are many levels of analysis. Currently the Gay Marriage and the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell will be damaged against your interests.

The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth severely damages those who are HIV positive.

I will close now with this reference by that was made by Marc Faber. This event concerning my cell phone did happen. My Moto Q was destroyed because I wrote a refutation of Geir Lundestad and the Nobel Organizations choice of Barack Obama for the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

(See below).

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

March 13, 2010

Investment Adviser Marc Faber has predicted a Dirty War scenario for the United States. My cellphone has blown up, I have already complained to the FBI that the Colorado River is despoiled. I have also criticized Barack Obama winning the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

Leo Lewis, Asia Business Correspondent

The world’s most powerful investors have been advised to buy farmland, stock up on gold and prepare for a dirty war by Marc Faber, the notoriously bearish market pundit, who predicted the 1987 stock market crash.

The bleak warning of social and financial meltdown was delivered today in Tokyo at a gathering of 700 pension and sovereign wealth fund managers.

Dr Faber, who advised his audience to pull out of American stocks one week before the 1987 crash and was among a handful who predicted the more recent financial crisis, vies with the Nouriel Roubini, the economist, as a rival claimant for the nickname Dr. Doom.

Speaking today, Dr Faber said that investors, who control billions of dollars of assets, should start considering the effects of more disruptive events than mere market volatility.

"The next war will be a dirty war," he told fund managers: "What are you going to do when your mobile phone gets shut down or the internet stops working or the city water supplies get poisoned?"

His investment advice, which was the first keynote speech of CLSA's annual investment forum in Tokyo, included a suggestion that fund managers buy houses in the countryside because it was more likely that violence, biological attack and other acts of a "dirty war" would happen in cities.

He also said that they should consider holding part of their wealth in the form of precious metals "because they can be carried."

One London based hedge fund manager described Mr Faber’s address as "excellent, chilling stuff: good at putting you off lunch, but not something I can tell clients asking me about quarterly returns at the end of March."

Dr Faber did offer a few more traditional investment tips, although their theme fitted his general mode of pessimism.

In Asia, particularly, he said, stock pickers should play on future food and water shortages by buying into companies with exposure to agriculture and water treatment technologies.

Open Letter to Governor Schwarzenegger

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

April 6, 2010

Arnold Schwarzenegger Mexico Quake 2010 David Nollmeyer Ehrenberg AZ 2010
Governor Schwarzenegger
Easter 2010
David Nollmeyer

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger,

As your term of Governor transpires at the end of 2010, it is prudent that you deliberate the consequences of your stewardship of California. You have essentially promised to end the business as usual posture of Sacramento Politics but in reality this has only lead to a mismanagement of the state and a catastrophic loss to the people.

A Chemical Assault Scorched Earth was imposed over my natural person and citizenship since June 17, 1987. The former directly attacks my life and other persons in the contaminated environment. Citizenship gives me the LEGAL RIGHT to confront the state. You are the sovereign chief executive of the State of California.

The Colorado River is chemically despoiled at the Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ crossing. This water flows south into Mexico who also has rights to this water.

On Easter Sunday, April 4, 2010, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck San Luis, Mexico. I was in Ehrenberg on this day. This does not excuse you as the prime suspect in the Chemical Attack is LAPD.

The Strategic Mission goal is same sex marriage. I am Proposition 8 supporter. I am a ritvik Hare Krishna. LAPD has code named this Chemical Assault of the water supply Radhanatha. This is a poison in the well tactic to draw attention to the murder of Sulochana Prabhu in Los Angeles in 1986.

This will also affect President Barack Obama.

The other culture that will historically debilitate you and your estate is Gang Mob Stalkers. Your entire political career will defined by the Religious Gender Biased Stalking (I am Heterosexual) of my person. I am easily the most stalked person in the history of the United States and California to the prejudice of those persons who are the stalkers and those sworn officials who condone these acts of TORTURE.

The Homeland Security officers of the state are cowards in the line of fire as you are for not upholding the citizenship of the people. This is my person in particular and all other third parties in the collective.

The history of the corporation is also in jeopardy as these stalkers perform misdeeds as informants while at work.


You have not fulfilled your sworn duties as Governor of California.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

April 6, 2010

Open Letter to Senator Boxer

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

April 8, 2010

Barbara Boxer
Senator Boxer
Chief Charlie Beck
LAPD Chief Charlie Beck

Dear Sen. Boxer,

I have lived along the Colorado River at the Blythe CA Ehrenberg crossing since November, 2009 in continuo. This time period has transpired with President Barack Obama winning the Noble Peace Prize (I was in Big Pine CA).

When one's citizenship is alienated the collective loses.

The Colorado River is chemically despoiled. This water serves drinking and agricultural interests of California, Arizona, and Mexico.

On Easter April 4 a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck in San Luis, Mexico.

This country is putting severe pressure on it's allies to help censor an attack on the human race and civilization.

I would like to also call your attention to what some are labeling Gang Mob Stalking. Phoebe Prince, a young high school student recently committed suicide after systematic harassment in Massachusetts.


In degree a LGBTi militancy, mostly bisexual males has attacked my natural person and citizenship thus catastrophically damaging the natural persons and properties protected by federal law in the United States.

Your career as senator overlaps this Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. Groups as GLAAD and Amnesty International (I am an AI member) should have their tax exempt status revoked for patronizing the exact behaviors they claim exemption for.

This Gan Mob Stalking culture should be reexamined and the federal government should take this is a national security interest. This is a salient feature of the attack on this Irrationalist Counter Culture. Notice I am not stating a subculture as the LGBTi platform is now. The Gay Militancy is a Counter Culture having values the opposite of civilization and rationality. They are worse than the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was as the Democratic militia of the 1930s.

This culture is being sanitized. Even Speaker Pelosi was stalked by phone. The police do not think an instant before making an arrest for her.

I struggle by writing memos and posting on the internet. I have been Stalked since June 17, 1987 in Dover, DE.

Delaware has the fastest growing Part I Crime in the USA rising from 17 to 7. This abuse has knocked Delaware AG Biden out of the Senate race for his father's seat. This crime is driven by this Stalking culture.

In conclusion the State of California is a condition of catastrophic Scorched Earth and the culture is an informant based Gang Stalking mob. You need to go pro active and go after these individuals and groups.

Chief Beck of LAPD should also be singled out. You own a home in the Coachella Valley and I am a fixture in the region for half a year.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Blythe CA

April 8, 2010

Open Letter to Senator Feinstein

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

April 11, 2010

Dianne Feinstein

Diane Feinstein

Dear Senator Feinstein,

It is clear that from the your legal behaviors as a sworn competent official, senior senator from California, that you are not making any legal remedy to my dilemma here in Blythe, California.

You have one of the longest political careers on record. Your final year of Mayor of San Francisco in 1988, and your senate career 1993 in continuo places you oath office to uphold the Constitution of the United States in legal jeopardy.

Make no mistake that the Strategic Mission of this manifest Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is Gay Marriage or Same Sex Marriage. You probably have the greatest deal of experience in LGBTi issues and are respected by these persons.

My life and you legal legacy has been attacked by Gay Militants run out of LAPD. Chief Beck is also being put on notice here but he is conservative and makes no headlines.

The officer(s) who struck then President Reagan on June 17, 1987 when I was in Dover, Delaware was (are) codenamed The Fly as in Lord of the Flies.

They are calling the current group Dodo as in Dodo bird.

The Lord of the Flies should be reviewed in lieu of what persons call Gang Mob Stalking. Stranded youths form tribes on a desert island where the more noble youths are stalked and hunted down by the abnormal set.

I am the most stalked person to Barack Obama, Janet Napolitano, and your legal standing.

Barack Obama has recently made what will be gaff by pointing out the evils of slavery in omission from the recognition of Confederate History in Virginia. As seen Barack Obama should review Jim Crow History and the 14th Amendment (Due Process).

I am one day older than he is born August 3, 1961 in Roswell, New Mexico.

There was an Easter Day earthquake in San Luis, Mexico at 7.2 magnitude. The Colorado River was and has been despoiled through this earthquake and flows towards San Luis. This is Mary Bono's Palm Spring R 45 District.

This was codenamed Radhanatha from 2007. This is a poison in the well tactic to attempt to implicate Radhanatha swami in the murder of a dissident Hare Krishna devotee in Los Angeles, Sulochana. Radhanatha swami has nothing to do with this Chemical Assault business.

I am an independent ritvik Prabhupadanuga, and my rights to practice my Vedic faith are violated to where the whole state, country, and a great cross section of the world’s population are credibly threatened.

I have also and still support Proposition 8 in California.

You as a female person have set many firsts. I am not a prolific writer, but I believe due to your span of service you have received the most complaints than Senator Joe Biden of Delaware.

You should consider beyond your personal self and perform the legal duties to uphold my rights. I am strict heterosexual and far from being hostaged by LGBTi or opposite sex interests.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Blythe CA


Open Letter to House Speaker

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

April 14, 2010

Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi

Dear House Speaker Pelosi,

Currently the Obama Administration, yourself included have made history by passing Universal Healthcare. This legislation has to be placed in context.

If one person becomes alienated from their Constitutional Right the collective will also lose.

Recently Phoebe Prince a young high school was stalked and committed suicide.

I am the most Stalked Person in United States History. Consider the fact that in order for me to relocate from Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ along the Colorado River, which is Chemically Contaminated. Several major bodies of water and products in stores and factories must also be despoiled.

This includes the Owens River and canal, June Lake, Lake Mono, Lake Tahoe, and Lake Almanor.

The United States is living through an Irrationalist Pre Fascist time period. The resources of the state are being used to attack the citizens and natural persons.

Here I will clearly state that I am a heterosexual and I consider myself the leader in opposition to a LGBTi Militancy being directed out LAPD now headed by Chief Beck.

This Gay Militia is mostly male and is the equivalent or worse than the Ku Klux Klan was to the Democratic Party in the 1930s.

I am openly confronting the University of California as Corrupt and Incompetent for not defending the state and their research areas. President Barack Obama was awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize while I was in Big Pine and accepted such while I was here along the Colorado River.

There was a Easter Day 7.2 magnitude earthquake in San Luis, Mexico due south of here along the Colorado River. I have stated to the FBI that I believe that drug gangs can exploit this chemical assault and possible retaliate against American and other interests. This is very challenging environment to navigate.

So this informant driven mechanism has also attacked your legacy. I have made dutiful contributions and will continue to be assertive in assuring that I survive as long as possible. I have requested that GLAAD and other LGBTi support groups become involved but they are only Strawmen to date.

HIV positive, allergy and environmentally challenged persons have to begin to assert themselves against a tyranny and despotism that is stalking and hunting them down. This is not just an externality, I believe it to be a deliberate Eugenic act of cleansing. The strange issue is the creation of antisocial psychopathic persons to carry out crimes against humanity.

I believe you should reassess your legacy, the setting, and the natural persons that are likely to contest your legal acts due to injury.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ


Recapitulating the Last Six Months...

Big Pine CA

April 28, 2010

It has been one week since I left Blythe. The weather has been poor either cold or near hurricane force winds. There may be a Dust Bowl in formation. There is no doubt that I am off schedule. I am focusing on officials. There were lifespan predictions that I would be transformed to the LGBTi position before 2010. This has failed. Big Pine CA is my official base of operations. It is the most consistent location that I frequent every year.

There is a transition under way to the Salton Sea. The weather and circumstances will determine such.

I am clearly the innovating person in creating an emergent disciplinary study. I have at times called this Towards a Future Study of MOEC.

MOEC or Mobilization of Empire and Civilization is beyond anyone's discretion. If you missed such you have missed the pinnacle and the Origin. This is Cambridge Law School.

If anyone has legitimate observations let him or her step forward and document such. There is much contestation on my part over the sworn legal record of our sworn officials.

Inyo County has the largest written record although this is shifting to the North Eastern High Sierras and the Colorado River Salton Sea area.

The most serious charges possible are capital treason and RICO violations. LGBTi support groups as GLAAD and Lambda have been asked to participate but have never responded.

Storyboard Half Life

Westwood CA

July 15, 2010

Storyboard Half LifeA new site discussing the errors of present Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and wife Maria Shriver. Arnold is 63 and Maria is 54. It is possible that she may survive to be prosecuted.

It is likely that I will winter in the area this year. This subject will be more relevant as the governor's term expires.

The Ghost in the Machine and Holons 1-10

Desert Shores CA

October 25, 2010

The Ghost in the Machine describes a debate acted out between the Philosophy and Theology and Law Departments of Cambridge University. Holons 1-10 are a flow chart or schematic of a third party hostaging model that is a reduction of MOEC. It is no more than what a relay is in Law Enforcement.

The Ghost in the Machine is debate encompassing Absolute versus Relative Morality. The intent was to design a culture.

The argument begins of whether there is God and one's individual and collective relationship to such. Epistemology was most likely a model. Hence food, clothing, shelter, and reproduction would follow.

The use of a chemical tag develops from a chemical assault to a scorched earth campaign. IT IS DESIGNED TO EXTINCT GENEALOGIES OF THOSE WHO DO NOT WISH TO DEFECT AND ACCEPT STATE PLANNING THAT IS BASED ON AN EUGENIC LGBTi DESIGN. The tags are inherited from father to son, mother to daughter, and parent to sibling.

Another important facet of this debate is the argument of having women and homosexuals in the military. This is an old classical political philosophy argument. The discussion will involve extortion and blackmail. In this regards alcohol, drug use, as well as prostitution are brought up.

Hence should a top level security clearance be given to a LGBTi member? What is the consideration for past drug users? Should a person with extramarital affairs be given clearance?

It appears that the Philosophy department (Absolute Morality) defeated the Law School (Relative Morality). The power is the Law School under Prisoner's Dilemma.

What will emerge is an analogy to the Cult of Apollo versus the Cult of Dionysus. Apollo is the antecedent for conservative western philosophy. Dionysus is the antecedent for liberal philosophy.

In reality it appears that Dionysus is free for a thousand years until Apollo captures him and binds him. In the meantime the world is lead into a Bacchanal: In Pursuit of Dionysus.

This basic model, the Ghost in the Machine, distributes work in a downward manner to protect the authorship. This is an act then of distributive and associative justice.

The imperative at the present is to discern why and whom ordered the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

If per se there were five members of the Philosophy Department and five members of the Law School who and how did these individual(s) order The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth in fractals? How did these fractals of the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth get imposed over natural persons and territories? Why did a natural person and citizen have the Scorched Earth imposed over racketeering tactics.

If one member of one team initiated the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth, why did the other nine go along with this activity? It appears that the original creation and brainstorming of theses tactics were in place as blackmail, extortion, intimidation and murder.

In continuation how did Scotland Yard and LAPD become involved as lower level scapegoats who would appear to be the Origin when they are the agents of the authorship?





The four items are needed to fulfill species life which is procreation. Why are Homeland Security officers in the United States hence LAPD, handling and ordering an attack which is now Chemical Assault Scorched Earth? There are two officers that had a defection pattern permitting them to attack thenPresident Reagan. The officer that pre staged the attack was Periander (The Greek Midas Man). Periander subsequently entrapped The Fly (Lord of the Flies). The Fly launched the attack on then President Ronald Reagan on June 17, 1987. Dodo (named after the extinct bird) has continued the attack escalating events to cover surface water, running tap water, and products made in factories.

Chemical Assault Warfare

Biological Warfare

Nuclear Warfare

As the debate evolved and the tagging of objects exists in a conspiracy to launch a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth, how did LAPD become entangled and why did they participate instead of exposing this corruption? The other event that exists is invasive electronic surveillance and Gang or Mob Stalking.

If one begins as a citizen why would this person submit to being recruited into a Perpetual Conspiratol Enterprise that is Treason. Empirically it is easier to recruit informants than to maintain citizens. Sex, jobs, drug dealing, and other forms of payment are openly accepted instead of maintaining the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

What now exists is Gender based Hate crime of LGBTi (same sex) versus Straight (opposite sex).

Simple abstraction does not provide justice. LAPD does contain the cells of Gay Militants that accepted a criminal order instead of their duty stations. Consequently I do not have any substantive rights. Gang or Mob Stalking pits 90% of the population versus 10% of the population.

The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is very efficient in destroying the value of tangible property. The consequent damage to health is also likely severe but undetermined.

What is sure is that informant criminals and the remaining citizens will fight things out under a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth improvising whatever skills necessary from a damaged environment. Hence if I go to the store you have to buy with real money at least some or not all of the goods that I am forced to purchase.

Here the Ghost in the Machine supports a degradation of persons to informants and their conflicts under autarky and marginalization while sworn officials as the president and governor look on tacitly as blackmailed and extorted informants themselves.

The Condition of the Salton Sea

Desert Shores CA

November 5, 2010

Mary Bono

Dear Rep. Mary Bono,

Human beings are a natural species existing in an environment. As a consequence to objective science our culture has once again promoted you to represent the 45th District under the United States Constitution. Our nation's Bill of Rights gives our citizens the legal protection natural persons need and orders our sworn officials as your person by duty to uphold our rights.

What the historical trajectory provides for here is that humans will fight very strongly through various levels of conflict. For examination's purposes it can deduced that the human species will continue to fight in highly contaminated environments even when distant conventional wisdom erroneously postulates that these parties may surrender.

The history of the United States and the 45th District supports events as Grozny and the Iraqi Wars where Scorched Earth Seek and Destroy tactics have heavily damaged infrastructure as private property, hospitals, schools, roads, and communications. These structures are readily remodeled or rebuilt. As seen these conflicts portray an intensity that appears irrational to foreign perspective.

It can be deduced from the 45th District that the human spirit will drive parties to continue fighting through:

Nuclear Holocaust

Biological Warfare

Chemical Assault Scorched Earth

I have endured since June 17, 1987 the 200th Anniversary of the Constitution through a severe escalation that left the Colorado River and Salton Sea chemically despoiled when I am near such as in the present instance.

This artistic tyranny is centered over my person in the main. The surrounding environment and citizens are fractals of this attack. It appears that LGBTi males Male Same Sex Male MSM professors from Cambridge Law School Oxbridge Complex authored such.

What is unique is that Trinity College, the Philosophy and Theology Department contained Neo Platonist philosophers who were experts in the Tyranny of Greek City States. In reduction this is a 1984 styled variation of Dionysus I and II et al. Persons who study predicate calculus through texts as Copi's Logic are familiar with informal fallacy and jurisprudence and will have some indirect knowledge of tactics as poison in the well and straw man argumentation.

This type of presentation is repetitive but is needed when the opponent is openly malicious and frivolous and redundancy is a choice tactic of lesser intelligent provocateurs to surround a more talented opponent.

This summer and recent election highlights the emergence of the Right to Marry and the LGBTi platform. The performance of LGBTi individuals in public service especially Homeland Security is focal.

The attack on rights also includes my right to marry, I am a strict heterosexual.

This also flanks and make obsolete a more narrow human rights presentation by groups as Courage Campaign who advocate for Same Sex Marriage under the Right to Marry banner.

To escalate the indignity imposed upon myself I have earned the status as the most stalked person in the world. Having the Salton Sea chemically contaminated is intimidating. Having INFORMANTS harass not only me but other persons for deals further degrades arguments as Gays in the military. There is no doubt to the FAILURE OF MSM officers IN LAPD. The Stalking Culture is heavily same sex beyond the 10 to 15 percent of the population that may exist in our society.

In the areas that I frequent there are three Japanese Internment Camps. Alturas and Lone Pine, California and near Parker, Arizona north of Blythe.

The volition or lack of Free Will to step forward and perform duties of one's office is paramount. The population is clamoring for tyranny selling criminal skills as stalking for deals. As stated the spirit of life runs deep here in my spirit as a Hare Krishna. I have no intention of backing down against the nihilist relative morality that the cells of Gay Militia (this is their choice of identity for the record) uses to irrationalize their performance. Overall humans are choosing to be informants. No president, congressperson, governor, or attorney general at any level has stepped forward to intervene.

No LGBTi person has stepped forward strongly either. Those persons who have been stalked who communicate in online forums have mentioned the tactics used but their identities are cryptic at times against these informant based attackers.

This country and the 45th District was better of without the de facto corrupt activities of LAPD. Barack Obama, your person, and myself are cohorts in longitudinal cross sectional experimentation.

Order first, then power to bind subsequent persons and objects to the order. Ad bacuulum, the arbitrary rule of force is now more than a Master Passion gone awry in a mob of appetites.

An inspection of the sexual orientation MSM of these Gay Militia officers will provide that their antecedent preferences were predictive of their failure as code officers. It will be ascertained that my heterosexuality is predictive of me attempting to stay close to truth and my abstract rights to fight against a Tyranny of the Majority which includes you and Barack Obama.

I clearly see the despoliation of the Colorado River and Salton Sea as being a fatal error that was deliberately designed as part of this attack. Having the country of Mexico being involved in the Colorado River and New River renders extraordinary complexity as far as legal obligations are concerned and Huge Damages.

The contamination of the wine and date fields is significant. I gleaned a handful of what I would consider PREMIUM DATES from a field outside Indio. THEY WOULD BURN YOUR MOUTH.

The miscalculation and escalation from the LGBTi authorship and a censorship that is nearly 6.8 billion persons and counting boxes this attack in on the human race as a Crime Against Humanity.

As stated Mexico is definitively being effected. I have traveled to Mexico and Puerto Rico. It is 100 percent that secondary and tertiary persons are having TAGETED CHEMICAL ASSAULTS aimed at their person and property.

Based on our ages in a linear format I would argue that individuals as sworn officials born in 1960 or later have a very strong chance of being criminally prosecuted for this attack here in the United States under federal law and UN treaties if foreign nationals and overseas venues are needed.

Representative Mary Bono, the 45th District is a showcase albeit, in the negative for the failure of the citizenry to respond to their duties and as well as sworn officers to recognize a chemical spill or non normative event. You are the recipient of two high profile marriages one to the Bono family and other to the Mack family.

The negative latency to the environment itself will debilitate in some degree the natural species of humans. Species life is fulfilled through procreation. This is legally sanctioned in most cultures through marriage.

The sexually immaturity and irrationalization of the Gay Militia in LAPD has resulted in tremendous damage to humanity while you have represented this district.

You have to find the legal courage to confront this bellicose attackers and face the consequences.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Along the Salton Sea


Open Letter to Rep. Filner

Desert Shores CA

November 14, 2010

Dear Rep. Filner,

It is beyond time that sworn federal and state officials of this country address the systematic human rights abuses that currently have despoiled the Salton Sea. I will simply state that this Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is imposed over me. The 51st district is where the future will be played out if the status quo prevails.

It is a historical and legal fact that I have been alienated from my rights because I am a heterosexual. This hate crime is perpetuated by Homeland Security officers who are same sex hence bisexuals within the LGBTi paradigm believing they are enhancing the citizenship and prestige of LGBTi persons.

The past elections in California have promoted Gavin Newsom and Kamala Harris both in their 40s and younger than my person, I am 49 and these officials were elected into offices that will prepare them to be amongst the most likely persons to endure a Real Criminal Prosecution. Rep. Bono of the 45th District shares this distinction as does President Barack Obama.

If any natural or corporate persons wish to remedy any injuries to their collective, family or personal health or recover losses to tangible property or wealth they should be prepared to file criminal and civil complaints against sworn authorities as the president, governor, attorney generals, homeland security officers, and their informant agents.

It is clear that this live experiment on humans, a type of threshold training has left me almost incapacitated economically. I do possess use of my intellectual and physical capacities and my free will.

The victims are most likely to mount pressure to end the injustice that will shortchange the future posterities well being and prosperity.

The culture has lost it's moral conscience, it's sense of what is right and wrong. It has sold off it's will to the highest bidder. The concrete damage here along the Salton Sea and Coachella Valley is a very sad testimony to the corruption of power politics where the individual confronts a tyrannical government and majority.

I survive because I wish to see Radha Krishna victorious legally and historically. The Gay Militia, their choice of label, erroneously wishes to believe their self centered survival has increased their or LGBTi person’s stature. A disturbing insight into their personality is that every time I mention a female per se Jane, LAPD attempts to argue that this is a homosexual male. This happens to all the natural females I happen to discuss. This is hatred as misogyny to females and also a means of false imprisonment and slander against myself.

It also gives an indication of the collective consciousness of our society.

The damage here is CONCRETE and REAL. Just in the past days several persons have died in a massive motorcycle accident just southeast of here in Ocotillo. These types of incidents receive attention while the priorities are swept aside due to corruption and collusion.

The future must realize that they must identify the criminals directly and seek justice and compensation from these actors.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores

November 14, 2010

Closing the Panorama

Desert Shores CA

November 19, 2010

The end of the Schwarzenegger era and the 2010 general elections provides for a timeframe that provides significant indications in the collective and individual will of the people.

The culture has produced a political catastrophe in a misguided attempt to promote LGBTi Rights. This is indisputable. This is revolving at the present under the banner of the Right to Marry. The destructive emergence of insecure egos who were able to manifest their diffuse taste through the mechanism of the state to attack the people or nation has debilitated the United States. The resilience of the America is quite strong but the effect of the damage to internal cohesion is incalculable and is only being kept in check by obstruction of justice and intimidation.

I find very few compelling arguments that are in support of our sworn officials as the president, governors, and sworn officers. The usurpation of a Gay Militia has made their apprenticeship through history is a perspective that has not been undertaken with any diligence. This study in abnormality is of the utmost importance. My victimization is almost predicated on my heterosexuality and Japanese ancestry. These facts are not deniable.

The exponential function of a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is the objective subject. The subjective object is the use polymorphous perversity to design sexual activity that the Gay Militia are using to promote as justify this attack. At the present instance the entire Salton Sea is despoiled. In short the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is the hook and the quid pro quo for sex is the bait. This yields the marginalization of society towards slavery through irrational sexual preferences. The support of this study is Diagnostic and Statistics Manual or DSM IV.

The recapitulation of an ongoing purge of informants is clarifying itself as the actors become more defined by their acts of corruption and omission. Here California is the base of operations in America for the unfolding of the further degradation of legal rights. The hedonistically supported lifestyles that are available from an advanced economic state gives fertile ground for plunder and enjoyment simultaneously.

This is important as society becomes degraded. Persons are conditioned to accept a continually lower equilibrium of standards and become more dependent on arbitrary treatment of lesser qualified persons.

In counterpoint Evan Wolfson of Marriage Equality and Rick Jacobs or Courage Campaign two of the main LGBTi leaders in California are being damaged historical as my Right to Marry will be a future legal and historical issue.

In summation how did persons emerge from Los Angeles County and be recruited into LAPD?

What is also done maliciously and in poor taste here Along the Salton Sea is the use of the Interloper Profile. In every instance that I reference a natural person that is female, LAPD substitutes a homeless or Hare Krishna gay male. I certainly have zero sexual preferences in male individuals. This demonstrates acute malice towards me and the female. The Salton Sea is a Scorched Earth scenario. There is intense electronic surveillance and Gang Stalking. The media and the two LGBTi groups cited supra are engaged in confronting bullying which is claiming many LGBTi youths.

In the historic panorama these front groups are only a veneer of legitimacy in the actual discussion of the counter culture that the Gay Militia is and the victimization of straight and LGBTi persons.

(It is clear that MOEC is an exponential not linear function in History. DWN September 29, 2016.)

Heterosexual or Gay Culture

Desert Shores CA

November 22, 2010

Heterosexual or Gay Culture

The Salton Sea Coachella Valley area is emerging as perhaps the focal area where this Chemical Assault Scorched Earth will end. I will state that under the current conditions there is a 70 percent chance I will retire and spend at least half the year in the area until I die.

LAPD has postulated that I have been transformed by Gay Culture. They are using a biased narrow view that is ad hominem and stereotypical of LGBTi persons. This also shows the damage to LGBTi history.

I am a Vedic Practitioner or Hare Krishna. There are four regulative principles:

No Meat Eating

No Illicit Sex No Same Sex

No Drug, Alcohol, Marijuana Use

No Gambling

This would be meat at a restaurants. Open relationships and bisexuality are the norm. Using drugs and dealing drugs. Going to casinos is also part of this lifestyle.

It should be totally clear that I write all material on the domain by myself as a heterosexual. Any other content placed without my consent is spurious and a hack.

LAPD demonstrates there lack of intellectual ability by looping circular arguments that I have been transformed by Gay Culture. This is false.

Since Evan Wolfson of Marriage Equality and Rick Jacobs of Courage Campaign are promoting Gay Marriage and the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell, they should address the abuse by LAPD and the Gay Militia.

Here Dodo should be compared to both. The Joe Virus campaign will debilitate these two LGBTi leaders. The Dumb Man should not be placed over the Smart Man and the Criminal should not be placed over the Citizen. How have HIV positive persons been affected by the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth? Why has not anyone in the LGBTi Right to Marry movement recognized my right to marry especially when all these systematic acts of torture were authored and carried out by LGBTi persons?

Open Letter to Barbara Boxer

Desert Shores CA

November 23, 2010

Barbara Boxer

Barbara Boxer

Dear Senator Boxer,

Currently I am residing Along the Salton Sea in Desert Shores. You have stated that you have purchased a home in the La Quinta area. In late October when I traveled here, I had to walk the last ten miles into Desert Shores because the local transit will not run into Imperial County.

Since February 12, 2007, the in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth that has been imposed over my person has been escalated to surface water and tap water also including irrigation. The date farms immediately surrounding La Quinta are despoiled. Usually I glean a a handful of dates as I pass by. The ones on the trees are fresh and table and restaurant quality, some of the best in the world. If you eat these dates they would BURN YOUR MOUTH. There is a modest fish kill in the Salton Sea. No Tilapia should be purchased from this region.

In the panorama Proposition 8 and Don't Ask Don't Tell have been overturned. The former may be construed as The Right to Marry. Have you or any the LGBTi Right to Marry groups, Marriage Equality (Evan Wolfson) or Courage Campaign (Rick Jacobs) ever deliberated how I am supposed to get married when the United States government is condoning the wholesale stalking of my person through LAPD? This unit has members that are calling themselves a Gay Militia.

They have challenged me to three items along the Yellow Brick Road (Defection Model). I do not follow the script. But here I will take up the challenge made against this Gay Militia in particularity a shift supervisor named Dodo.

Don't Ask Don't Tell

Prepare a criminal case and turn such over to the DA.

Prepare a University level history class. (University of California).

Storyboard a movie concerning Arnold Schwarzenegger through July 2010 to January 2011.

Correctly doing such would place an individual in the top 10 percentile worldwide in opposition to this systematic act of tyranny. What has occurred is that this would yield a male in meeting the most desirable bisexual females. (I am 49 years old, train 7 days a week (BMI of 23), have a GPA of 3.33 transferable to the University of California with 149.5 credits so I could do this anyway.)

As seen I have been alienated from my rights because I am a heterosexual. I would have had to marry a bisexual and have children to retain legal person before the court.

The manifest function remains that the Salton Sea is despoiled and so are the date farms around La Quinta where you purchased a $1 million dollar USD home. Unemployment along the Salton Sea and Imperial County is 20% and above.

In chagrin I am in a very serious sibling rivalry with Mary Bono Mack R 45th District and Barack Obama. I am one day older than Obama and few months older than Bono Mack. I am surprisingly fit. I am running about 50 miles a week with no water to drink and very little food.

Since I am also a ritvik Hare Krishna there are also very serious infractions against my Freedom to Practice Religion. This too is a LGBTi versus Heterosexual based crime. I am standing strong and confident as history begins the debate of same sex persons openly serving in the military. I am not totally against such.

It should be acknowledged that Same Sex Males have failed as police officers in LAPD. Chief Charlie Beck is the current leader in this failed organization.

In degree my the restoration of my rights would free the human race and the United States from this morass. Gavin Newsom Lt. Governor elect and Kamala Harris Attorney General elect (?) are both younger than I. They too are being escalated towards future legal reconciliation. The culture is informant based. This is a manifest purge for those that travail the deals along the Yellow Brick Road. All you love will turn to gold.

Here your legacy is paired to my past, present, and future. I have no place to go. I would say if I could survive that there is a 70% chance of my retiring and spending at least 6 months per year Along the Salton Sea.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores


Open Letter to Abel Maldonado

Desert Shores CA

November 28, 2010

Abel Maldonado

Abel Maldonado

Dear Lt. Governor Maldonado,

I am writing you for the first time as Lieutenant Governor. I have lived in San Luis Obispo County when you were my state representative. You have assumed this post in April 2010. At this time the Colorado River was being cleared of Chemical Assault Scorched Earth and Inyo and Lassen Counties were undergoing this process.

Make no doubt about this. I AM BEING ATTACKED BECAUSE I A HETEROSEXUAL MALE. This is being facilitated by a Gay Militia promoting Gay Culture. These two labels are the choice of these LAPD police officers. They are using their subjective perspectives as synonymous with a more universal LGBTi culture to create ad hominem.

I am also a ritvik Hare Krishna. This is usually a more conservative individual who considers Srila Prabhupada to still be the current guru although he has been deceased since November of 1977. The Gay Militia will usually side with diksa alignment or the current living gurus or teachers. They also aid ritvik devotees in attacking the diksa side with ad hominem due to child molestation and pedophilia perpetrated by the former diksa gurus and other teachers of the Krishna children.

There are four regulative principles in the Vedic Faith:

1. No meat eating

2. No illicit sex, same sex is prohibited

3. No drug use, marijuana, or alcohol

4. No gambling

Currently I am in Desert Shores Along the Salton Sea. It is totally Chemically Despoiled. When I walk past some of the auto accidents here I can not fathom as to what these persons could be thinking as they drive by this destroyed inland sea. What is also disturbing is the use of profiling called Interloper. This consists of the use of female names of natural persons that I know to portray advances to homosexual or same sex men. If I mention Diane. This is being maliciously construed as an overture to a male. This represents a form misogyny and inferiority. I have a BMI of less 23 which is normal over 30 being obese. It appears these officers have BMI's of over 35. They remain obese to gain impunity from prosecution.

Also I am being paired with so called legitimate members of the Right to Marriage movement:

Evan Wolfson: Marriage Equality

Rick Jacobs: Courage Campaign

Ken Cathcart: LAMBDA

How did these officers, these no sworn leaders, yourself and I am emerge through history and arrive to a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth against the human race. This is EXACTLY WHAT THIS IS. A distraction also Is the glorification of their subjective Gay lifestyle. This consists of going to nightclubs, drinking, and eating meat. I do not engage in any of these activities by choice. I still remain active in the sanga or congregation of my faith by through internet.

This is a very serious attack. You are 43 years of age. Kamala Harris and Gavin Newsom have won offices and are also younger than 50. I am 49 years old, one day older than Barack Obama born August 3, 1961.

I believe that entire world deserves a rational legal judgment over a very serious human right infraction prosecutable by state and federal laws.

The Right to Marry and abolishment of Don't Ask Don't Tell are prominent in the historical panorama. I seek legal justice and compensation not only for myself but for others.

You are the youngest sworn official of high office I am aware of that has extensive historical presence as a sworn official.

I will be vigilant in attempting to pressure leadership for justice until I die.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores CA


Open Letter to Governor Schwarzenegger

Desert Shores CA

December 2, 2010

Terminator 1984

The Terminator 1984

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger et al.,

It is now December 2010, you are at the end of your two terms as Governor of California. You defeated then Governor Davis will full cognition of the alienation of rights here in California in 2003. On about February 12, 2007 when I was in Earp, California this alienation escalated to attack the surface water, food products, clothing, and other tangible assets with a more heightened Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

The defection model is highly scripted with a challenge to Dodo, the code name for the alleged leader of the Gay Militia to present a capstone of your career from August 2010 to January of 2011 when Governor elect Brown should be already inaugurated.

Present a criminal case to the LA District Attorney

Present a University of California History Class (this is supposed to strengthen the identity of Gay Majors (students)

Sketch a movie called Storyboard Half life

I have created a website on these three points. Normally I do no follow the defection model or Yellow Brick Road. Oz never gave nothing to the tin man that he didn’t already have.

I will state that the alienation of my rights is due to my being a lifelong heterosexual and a Hare Krishna follower. Since I do not or have not practiced same sex, I do not have any legal rights before the court. I would have to marry a bisexual female and or have children. This is totally arbitrary and not all females have defection to this criminal pattern.

LAPD has collapsed from Joe Friday to Joe Virus.

Since August Proposition 8 and Don't Ask Don't Tell have been repealed. I have also noted in several documents that my Right to Marry have been violated as a heterosexual. There is a symbiotic pairing of the para military Homeland Security officers of LAPD to the discussion of Proposition 8 and DADT.

In counterpoint:

Evan Wolfson of Freedom to Marriage

Rick Jacobs of Courage Campaign

Kevin Cathcart of LAMBDA

Are three of the main LGBTi leaders in that are being damaged historically as my Right to Marry will be a future legal and historical issue.

There are three figures in the history of the Gay Militia of LAPD that are most responsible for this attack on the human race.


The Fly


The question emerges is how were these persons and other officers recruited into cells of a Gay Militia? It appears the cell lead by at least The Fly and Dodo were born into same sex families in Los Angeles County. As they drive the constitutional equilibrium lower, The Salton Sea is chemically despoiled here in Desert Shores, sworn officials as the governor and attorney general become more liable.

Consider a 80 year old grandfather who died with a $500,000 date farm estate in 2010 with a 50 year old son who in turn has a 20 year old son. The $500,000 date farm is seriously over valued in these conditions. None of these parties has done anything to conserve or protect their rights and are fatalistically dependent on a totalitarian police system. If one argues that I have lost $30,000 per year over 20 years this is $600,000.

What is unique is the scripting of environs in a social setting to facilitate Gay Marriage.

In the Vedic Paradigm there are four regulative principles:

No meat eating

No illicit sex (no same sex)

No drug, alcohol, or marijuana

No gambling

I am being harassed do to the narcissistic preference of Same Sex officers. Hence I do not go to nightclubs, drink alcohol, or go out dancing. I have only been to a nightclub 4 times since 1980 in California, I have never consumed alcohol at a club.

This pattern is within an ontology discussed as Gay Culture and the Gay Style. This is subjective and appears to be a bait and switch to set up ad hominem.

As seen this Gay Culture or Gay Style could never be presented as Gaudiya Vaishnavism within the Hare Krishna Movement.

This Capstone is a diagnostic for performance to meet attractive bisexual females. It is a placement examination. It is blatant Racketeering and is tagged with a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

I already have the strongest opposition presence in world of 6.8 billion persons that is nearly fully censored. I also keep my Body Mass Index low, about 23 for survival purposes.

This event is live human experimentation designed along the Greek decathlon. You are a 7 time Mr. Olympia. You would fail the intellectual part of the examination due to White Lies to further political and personal interests. Jay Cutler Mr. Olympia 2010 and I are born on the same day. He was born on August 3, 1973. I was born August 3, 1961. Obama was born August 4, 1961. Cutler and I are both 5”9. He walks around at 310 lbs and competes at 275 lbs.

There are credible allegations that Barack Obama may face legal prosecution. This places Kamala Harris Attorney General and Gavin Newsom Lt. Governor in peril also.

You should recognize my rights before you leave office.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores CA


Evan Wolfson as Target

Desert Shores CA

December 4, 2010

Happy Holidays! Evan Wolfson the leader of Freedom to Marriage and myself are a good example of how the Gay Militia of LAPD operates. I have openly opposed Same Sex Marriage and still support Proposition 8 here in California. LAPD continues to attempt to pair bisexual females with me, which is not my first preference in the abstract. Men are never are never a sexual preference.

In continuation, I will usually state the compatibility may be a problem but at a social level as school or work there would be no difference as far as I am concerned. LAPD will then attempt to Gay Bait one. This is double bind. Also if I mention a name as Maria, Barbara, Mary, or Dianne, LAPD will states homosexual MALES THAT I AM PROPOSITIONING.

This from abnormal psychology perspectives demonstrates a very disturbed mind. The above names are of course from California public figures. The real female names I use are of real natural woman. This represents depersonalization and misogyny.

LAPD is attempting to embed their militia violence in the LGBTi culture. I am clearly heterosexual. They are arranging a confrontation with Evan Wolfson who presents himself as a knowledgeable leader. LAPD and the Gay Militia and his public life are antagonistic and both can sustain in the positive.

Another feature is the attack on Gaudiya Vaishnavism. LAPD is presenting their night club lifestyle, hence drinking alcohol and eating meat as a correct setting for Asta Kaliya pastimes. Hence this would be Krishna and his comes. Directly speaking this would be the ragatimika pastimes of Radha Krishna. This would be blatant sahijayism.

Here we have convergence of textures in the zeitgeist that I will address more specifically over time. This adds definition. There is a large LGBTi community in the Coachella Valley. This would be in Palm Springs and specifically Cathedral City. Overall I would say that the LGBTi community has done an excellent job of creating a positive image and keeping things friendly.

LAPD and the Gay Militia are using Chemical Assault Scorched Earth and Gang Stalking quite intensely. The Salton Sea is a Scorched Earth. Evan Wolfson has not spoken at all about this. I will probably write more focused as events unfold.

Open Letter to Evan Wolfson

Desert Shores CA

December 4, 2010

Evan Wolfson

Evan Wolfson

Dear Evan,

My name is David Nollmeyer. Currently I am residing at Desert Shores, California Along the Salton Sea. There has been a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. The Sea is despoiled. LAPD contains a Gay Militia, their choice of words of words. The attack has occurred since June 17, 1987 the 200th Anniversary of the United States Constitution.

This has resulted in me being the most stalked in United States history. As you know many LGBTi youths have committed suicide this year due to stalking and bullying.

I am a heterosexual male. I am 49 years old, one day senior than Barack Obama being born August 3, 1961. I am an orthodox follower of Gaudiya Vaishnavism. As such I have supported Proposition 8. I have had zero same sex contacts over my entire life. As a result in combination with my Japanese background I have been alienated from my rights. I have had zero water to drink since February 2007.

The LGBTi community has not recognized my lack of legal standing. As a sworn attorney I find this questionable as you are in cognition of an ongoing felony.

In degree the Gay Militia and Freedom to Marry are in antagonistic motion. They are a violent de facto structure that is escalating the conflict.

The victims are the only close to responding. The HIV Positive and Hypo Allergenic community are most likely the next in line to respond. Your credibility on HIV AIDS awareness is questionable as everything in my vicinity is Chemically Contaminated.

I am requesting that you provide some remedy to the ritualistic dependency that the LGBTi community is following under a totalitarianism and fatalistic Gay Militia.

Charity begins at home...

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores


Open Letter to Dianne Feinstein

Desert Shores CA

December 10, 2010

Dianne Feinstein

Dianne Feinstein

Dear Senator Feinstein,

The term of Governor Schwarzenegger is coming to an end. This represents a capstone to one of the ugliest time periods in California History. This governor has violated nearly all my federal rights and in consequence a negative externality has Chemically Despoiled a large area of California and the United States.

It is known that de facto Male Same Sex Male MSM officers of LAPD are directing the attack via mutual aid violations within and without this state.

These are some of the exact code words that they use:

Gay Culture: This is the ontological ends of this entrapment. Gay Marriage is integral. This may mean for a heterosexual to marry a LGBTi individual.

Gay Style: This represents a hedonistic lifestyle that varies only sexual behavior. However it is almost DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSITE OF VEDIC HARE KRISHNA BELIEFS.

Same sex practices

Meat eating

Drug, alcohol, marijuana use

Gambling, attending nightclubs

Since I am opposite sex or heterosexual and a ritvik Hare Krishna I am not attracted to this lifestyle. Currently I live in Desert Shores adjacent to the Coachella Valley which is home to a very large and powerful LGBTi community in Cathedral City and Palm Springs. There is a very intense sanitization campaign to present me as a same sex individual which is false.

A very disturbing psychopathic trait is the introduction and the use of a profile called INTERLOPER. This is an invasive individual who intrudes past boundaries. There are computer games that are based on this concept also. An example is if I use the name Diane, Nancy, Barbara, Kamala, or Maria, or Janet, LAPD will claim that this is Gay Code for homosexual men. There are natural females that I do refer to and they are not homosexual males.

These three LGBTi Right to Marry executives are also being paired with this Gay Militia. It is impossible for their historical integrity to survive by existing in the bubble that exists. I am challenging all of their claims based on my Right To Marry as heterosexual which is impossible when being stalked by the Machinery of Torture that the United States government and subsystems have become. The Scorched Earth is debilitating to those that are HIV AIDS Positive. The LGBTi community is heavily involved in STALKING ME AS ARE HETEROSEXUALS. There were 30, 000 AIDS cases when you were Mayor of San Francisco and I was living in Berkeley in 1985 1986.

Evan Wolfson of Freedom to Marriage: Main Target

Rick Jacobs of Courage Campaign

Kevin Cathcart of LAMBDA

My sexual preferences are exclusively females only. The predacious nature of the Gay Militia is very severe. The pairing of the INTERLOPER profile should disturb you as it is misogynous by dehumanizing natural females in homosexual males while an attack of this severity is occurring. The Salton Sea is a Scorched Earth. I am not sure how far across the United States this attack exists. I have not had any clean water to drink since February 12, 2007 when the Colorado River and tap water was struck.

I am clearly making a stand based on the teachings in Bhagavad Gita As It Is. This is the Hare Krishna Bible as translated by Srila Prabhupada. I apply this as consistent with my federal and state rights. This is easy to construe as gender based HATE AND FAITH BASED CRIME. Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and Janet Napolitano should realize that I am quite Spartan in my beliefs and lifestyle. I will literally run out the bases to survive this. The defection pattern and scripted roles that sworn officials are following may include legal prosecution of Barack Obama. If one may recall the Iran Contra hearings were being televised when this event became manifest which featured Joe Biden interrogating Ollie North.

This is conjecture but a thirty year window hence posits Obama at 79 years old.

You should recapitulate your career and recognize the systematic crimes that are being carried out here in and from California.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores


The Construction of Language In Gay Code

Desert Shores CA

December 10, 2010

The use of language in crime can be studied as differential association or speech patterns shared by members of a group that increases the likelihood of one becoming a criminal. Here there is growing proof the Cambridge Law School has constructed speech patterns based of formal and informal fallacies of logic. These equivocal structures are converted into language that is similar to the game show Jeopardy. This is embedded in a Gay or LGBTi militia. This group forms a Joe Virus. The bottom ten percentile population attempts to drag down a member of the top ten percentile in society. This is similar to using a bot army of small computers to attack a server.

The following outline and it's contents becomes the framework for the speech loops of the Joe Virus which is composed of three shifts of 7+ same sex male officers in Los Angeles Police Department or LAPD.

Language permit's the communication between the rank and file of a defense or homeland security system.

Relative morality chooses it’s own life which leads to nihilism.


Totalitarianism will seek to isolate.

Manipulate - Be contrary to or invert the argument of an opponent.

Create false sets to embed data. Surround a heterosexual male with 9 same sex males. Guilt or innocence by association

State that the heterosexual male is same sex.

This called Group.

On certain key words slur or equivocate. Heterosexual becomes header sexual.

Head is subgroup slang for drug users.

Straight becomes stray.

Invent a profile that marginalizes the individual from his actual natural person and skill level.

The Code Language in itself is a Red Herring or a distraction to a linear function. Hence cultural content is further diffused away from an objectively quantified event.

By logical extension these pattern are part of a RICO styled entrapment whose language is polymorphous perversity. By using a quid pro quo system of reinforcement individuals are recruited and entrapped. Here the language component of the various scripts which are highly redundant are repeated over a 24 hour period or longer, whatever duration the entrapment was scheduled for.

The cells of officers are provocateurs and potential scapegoats as they are entrapped from higher level cells or structures within the conspiracy.

This activity is sexual based and acts as a Red Herring or distraction from prosecution by appealing to sexual rewards. It is also a Strawman because Gay Baiting occurs.

It is heavily dependent on polymorphous perversity or attacking an opponent with sexually based language. This appears to be a strong indicator of an inferiority complex.

There is a manifest intent to claim the victim is enamored with gratification arising from listening to abusive misogynist language. There is also an intent to embed this type of code language in various truth systems that are faith and morally based.


Eventually the officers' redundancy becomes very great. Impunity to protect this level of performance gradually weakens.

The appeal is overtly to LGBTi members. There are quid pro quos where sexual liaisons are arranged for persons. This is discussed as Gay Marriage. It is generally bisexual marriage. The females that are recruited in the inner circle are usually attractive bisexual females. The choice are presented as lesbian even if they are possibly only differentiated by geographic location.

This activity is results in an open marriage. It appears to be highly predictive of divorce. This type of Yellow Brick Road according to LAPD is resulting in a 67% divorce rate for these bisexual females. I am 49 years old and my observations concur that the divorce is highly correlative to bisexuality in the females. This is due to the quid pro quos and the misogyny in the officers.

The particular attack against myself has lasted some 24 years. By maintaining a very natural heterosexual based identity there is a contrast between my performance to prosecute very serious human rights abuse and the attack of a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth supported by Gay Code language. This contrast may not of been as pronounced if I were same sex oriented within the framework of the LGBTi movement.

The polarization due to my heterosexuality and the Gay Militia orientation within the LGBTi is symbiotic with the Right to Marry and repeal of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

Gang or Mob Stalking based on the Theory of Deindividuation is the current zeitgeist as the end of Governor Schwarzenegger's second term of the Governor of California approaches.

The damage to the LGBTI paradigm, an emerging identity and social group is not small. Two groups come to mind and their labels. Three of the largest are Courage Campaign, Right To Marry, and LAMBDA. If criminologists and psychologist are certain of the conditioning and socialization effects of language of decision making and behavior than these aberrant speech patterns are laying in latency to disrupt the culture that has nurtured and protected these officers.

The Deification of the LGBTi Platform

Desert Shores CA

December 10, 2010

This paper has been lightly edited and has it's own page:

Deification LGBTi

There is also a more evolved sketch available here: