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2009 Archives

Open Letter to University of California President Mark Yudof

Westwood CA

September 11, 2009

Dear President Yudof,

My name is David Nollmeyer. I am writing you today to critique the role of the University of California over the time period of June 17, 1987 in continuo. This period of history has witnessed the unfolding of a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth that has been imposed over my natural person and citizenship. Prima facie California is enduring the brunt of the environmental, cultural, and legal damage. Since February 12, 2007 the surface water in my vicinity has been chemically destroyed. This began with the Colorado River north of Blythe, California. Currently Lake Almanor and Clear Creek in Plumas County is destroyed.

Manifest Function: A LGBTi militancy is being conducted out of Los Angeles Police Department. They are attempting to avenge Gay History. They are a Joe Virus. They are irrationalist or pre fascist.Their lack of skill and dedication to being a homeland security officer will and has damaged the United States and the history of five presidents: Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, William Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama. I am lifetime cradle to grave heterosexual. I do not support opposite sex marriage and have a legal and credible record over the time period in question to support this statement as fact.

Latent Function: The event appears to be authored by Cambridge Law School, United Kingdom. In doing so they have attacked the United States and the University of California.

The University of California has the legal responsibility of recording the history of this state. The History, Philosophy, Social Sciences (Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, Anthropology, and Economics) and Law appear to have the greatest damage.

LGBTi studies if they are undertaken at all here would be a sanitized and corrupt sham. This important as these persons are desiring to have LGBTi taught as African American or Native American History.

The aperture of Gay Irrationalism through LAPD is a SEVERE ANOMALY. Every minority group that has attempted to be code officers has done so with valor and with normative skill with the majority culture in the United States.

If one were to examine the degradation of my external environment and my STATELESS CONDITION, I have over 26 federal lawsuits it is evident that the worldwide censorship not only needs the defection of the United States president and Homeland Security Department, but the corruption of the media and academics as well.

It is clearly evident that a diseconomy of legal duty and academic commitment at the University of California is damaging the school and is a THREAT TO WORLD PEACE.

I am openly requesting that you resign immediately for de facto and negligent conduct in your role as president of the University of California.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Westwood CA


Preliminary Ethnography of MOEC

Westwood CA

September 21, 2009

Preliminary Description of Manifest and Latent Functions

The continuum of events from June 17, 1987 in continuo through 2009. The discovery will focus in degree on proving a basic dichotomy of manifest and latent functions.

Manifest Function: De facto and negligent activities are being ordered from Los Angeles Police Department, California through mutual aid violations with various law enforcement agencies to attack the United States, it's constitution, and presidency. This is facilitated by attacking my citizenship, international human rights, natural person, as a member of the natural species of homo sapiens. (David Nollmeyer).

LAPD is LGBTi orientated and I am a strict heterosexual. This in combination with my Japanese ancestry accounts for systematic torture. In degree, an epistemological attack on the natural five senses, mind, and environment have given way to a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth, 24/7 electronic surveillance, and systematic harassment by surrounding informant agents in my vicinity which constitute being an accomplice accessory to a hate crime. Treason is also a possibility.

This systematic activity is prosecutable under Title 18 of the United States Federal Code as a crime and the Convention Against Torture, CAT.

Latent Function: This systematic activity is alleged to have be designed as an act of war by Cambridge Law School. This event was alleged to have been designed to avenge LGBTi history.

Basic Research Framework and Goals

The entire entrapment can be reduced to prisoner's dilemma. It is also predicated in part on an interdisciplinary ethnographic model which will also be become a subject here. I have been deliberately entrapped ad hominem, hence alienated from my legal primary rights which would be under the Bill of Rights in the United States. The original model appears to be an extension of the activities that plan the expansion and contraction of the British Empire.

I am operating on this premise but focusing this forced participation observation experimentation on positive law to prosecute within the United States first.

Further Research Framework

A historical concept of laws: Eternal, Natural, and Positive Law is very prominent and was employed extensively with contrast to phenomenological perspectives.

The event reduces to prisoner's dilemma.

It has a formal name from the Origin and authorship as Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or the acronym MOEC.

This work appears to be state planning and eugenic in nature. LGBTi persons do not reproduce naturally. They need to recruit, adopt, or use artificial means to reproduce or replenish their ranks.

The systems and the ecology of systems model appears to be a template and will be used with interdisciplinary content.

The Social Contract Theory and the sovereign citizen relationship will be examined.

The original target was President Ronald Reagan. This is part of a targeted as well a systematic attack on the United States. At this time five presidents have acted criminally: 1. Ronald Reagan 2. George H.W. Bush 3. William Clinton 4. George W. Bush 5. Barack Obama.

Cognitive Behaviorism and operant conditioning have been used to test nativism and socialization of the individual.

The baseline for prosecution and academic research is almost non existent.

In degree a very intense attempt has been made to develop me as a LGBTi person. This has failed and secondary, tertiary, and beyond scenarios are in effect to cover up what was a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth against the United States an the human race.

Preliminary Ethnography of MOEC Continued...

Westwood CA

September 23, 2009

I have decided to post the working draft of the ethnography online here. This will aid in refuting the red herring strawman that I am supporting or condoning LGBTi in what is systematic torture. This preempts a future ethnographic study that would be based on indirect hearsay knowledge over various territories. This appears to be a scripted attempt for a graduate school, possibly the University of California.

I have also emailed a complaint to the FBI against Homeland Security Janet Napolitano from Westwood CA. I have FBI complaints against Barack Obama, Pete Wilson, William Bratton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jerry Brown, and Lassen County Grand Jury records here.

Janet Napolitano

Janet Napolitano

Dear FBI

I, David Nollmeyer am an under the color of law complaint against Janet Napolitano, CA Attorney US Homeland Security Secretary. I have been in Westwood, CA sine May 3, 2009. The water in Clear Creek Plumas County that feeds into Lake Almanor is TOTALLY CHEMICALLY DESPOILED. THIS IS CLEARLY IN THE SACRAMENTO DISTRICT OF THE FBI. SPECIAL AGENT DREW PARENTI SHOULD TAKE SPECIAL CONSIDERATION AS THIS HOMELAND SECURITY EVENT IS BEGINNING AND WILL HAVE A DEFINING EFFECT ON NATURAL, POLITICAL, AND SOCIAL LIFE FOR THE UNSEEN FUTURE.


A red herring or intentional distraction has been fabricated by LAPD CA. The main cells who run this operation are LGBTi or male gay bisexuals. They will attempt to bait heterosexuals with female lesbians bisexuals and if this concept is rejected they will attempt to GAY BAIT YOU.

While the entire region is undergoing these chemical attacks, 24/7 banter on promoting some form of GAY TRIUMPHALISM IS ONGOING through electronic surveillance which violates mutual aid with Lassen and Plumas counties.

I have clearly supported opposite sex or traditional marriage here in California and support the Yes on Proposition 1 in Maine that would eliminate opposite sex marriage in that state.

The conditions here are severe and life threatening. Why is this agency not prosecuting and intervening?

Thank you for you consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Westwood Ca


The Work of UC Berkeley

Westwood CA

October 2, 2009

The anthropology department of UC Berkeley has announced a discovery of a partial pre hominid female which is alleged to have lived 4.4 million years ago. Australopithecus afarensis is now the oldest known human ancestor. The female skeletal remains are called Ardi and she stood upright and did not have forward canine teeth as chimpanzees do.

It is argued that pair bonding with mates without the threatening forward teeth is a step towards human culture but this can be disputed.

The find is from Ethiopia. Anthropologist Tim D. White of Berkeley led the discovery team.

Barack Obama Wins Nobel Prize: FBI Complaint

Big Pine CA

October 9, 2009

Dear FBI,

My name is David Nollmeyer. I wish to file a complaint against President Barack Obama for violating my Constitutional Rights. This complaint is based from 10-5-2009 in continuo. The Owens River Channel is CHEMICALLY DESPOILED FROM BISHOP PAST BIG PINE, CALIFORNIA. Air is also despoiled by persons driving automobiles with chemicals in their gas tanks. This damage has at least a fifty mile perimeter. This attack is focused over a natural person myself David William Nollmeyer it will therefore also attack all citizens and natural persons in the perimeter.

I state that Barack Obama is violating my civil rights under the 14th Amendment (Due Process), 4th Amendment( Abuse of electronic surveillance), 8th Amendment (No cruel and unusual treatment, and 42 28 USC (Civil Rights Acts of 1964).

I also state that Barack Obama is Under the Color of Law:

Section 242. Deprivation of rights under color of law

Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights,privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or to different punishments, pains, or penalties, on account of such person being an alien, or by reason of his color, or race, than are prescribed for the punishment of citizens, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

This complaint states at least three predicate acts. President Obama meets the criteria of a criminal enterprise under Title 18 1961 of the United States Federal Code or the Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO).


David Nollmeyer

Big Pine, California


Barack Obama's Official Family Photos Released

Big Pine CA

October 24, 2009

The Obamas

Barack - Sasha - Michelle - Maila

September 2009 Official Portrait

David Nollmeyer Westwood CA

David Nollmeyer

Westwood CA June 17, 2009

It is was some audacity that Barack Obama's Administration has released his families Official Photographs without addressing the suffering that his presidency in inflicting on families and myself. These portraits are other cultural instruments of sanitization. They are used to facilitate Barack Obama's impunity from prosecution and this system from the same legal justice. Currently Iran is going to soon make a statement on the use of it's enriched uranium, NATO has approved increased troop levels in Afghanistan and AG Eric Holder has announced significant strikes against the Mexican Drug Cartel La Familia.

This amphetamine dealership's signature is the use decapitation of it's adversaries which includes the authorities. It is also a Christian based cult to a certain extent.

The Latent Function: The Topology and Origin of MOEC

Blythe CA

November 5, 2009

Chapter 1 of the Preliminary Ethnography has been changed to The Latent Function: The Topology and Origin of MOEC. Here the abstract structure and setting of a subject (focal target) will be presented than the actual particular or subject to be studied, hence University System then University of California could be presented. This will allow for different boundaries to be examined and content within such to ascertain their efficiency.

Currently there is severe deficiencies. The Nobel Prize Organization has awarded it's 2009 award to Barack Obama while I have been persecuted under his administration. This is systematic breakdown with also question about human resources within this NGO.

This is also my first prompt on this site from Blythe. I have a presence here from 2000. One decade has almost transpired here. The Colorado River is despoiled. This will affect Homeland Security, Mexico, and the State of Arizona.

The Latent Function: The Topology and Origin of MOEC...

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

November 12, 2009

The basic framework of the Topology is beginning to take shape. At this point in time the red herring aspect is an ad absurdium. An ad populum appeal to the common person is hearsay. I am directing this activity at sworn officials as Senator McCain and the FBI. The distraction of gay baiting is highly antisocial and immature. II do not see how any university would be able to verify LAPD's work without breaking federal law.

The Addition of Position Papers

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

November 14, 2009

I have added Position Papers to this site. The Position Papers are the outline for the total presentation of MOEC. This is no more than prisoner's dilemma with a RICO structure embedded within.

This event is highly conspiratol. I exist as a stateless person writing under a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. The studies of History and Homeland Security, The Presidency, and LGBTi studies are so corrupt that I am not at all intimidated with attempting to write a ethnography of my position in APA formatting.

It appears that University of Cambridge professors authored this attack. Their style evokes Nietzsche a Napoleonic timarchy with artist tyrants. Here the ethnography will filter many artistic details for manifest observable positions that will not be subject to being a product of personal bias by third parties wishing to falsify this work.

This was intended so my work here is intended to be a mini max presentation that would survive in the court of law. Different levels of observation nay be presented subsequently.

I desire criminal and civil prosecution.

The Position Papers do work. I am literally staking my life on their veracity.

The Organizational Structure of Homeland Security

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

November 14, 2009

Below are the structural organization charts of the original Homeland Security in 2003 and in 2008. As seen an increased power and control over code enforcement has been integrated under the Homeland Security Secretary. As I would argue such, there is no real systemic problem in structure. Human resources and volition are the main defects. The 2008 Strategic Plan includes the following:

VI. Goals and Objectives

Protect Our Nation from Dangerous People

Objective 2.3

Prevent and Detect Chemical and Explosive Attacks.

We will reduce the risk of and guard against chemical and explosive attacks in the United States. We will reduce the risks to our citizens and infrastructure from hazardous chemical and explosive attacks and incidents.

Department of Homeland Security Organization Chart (Proposed), January 24, 2003

Department of Homeland Security Organization Chart 2003

Department of Homeland Security Organization Chart (Proposed), August 3, 2007

Public Law 110-53 Approved 3-20-2008

Department of Homeland Security Organization Chart (Proposed), August 3, 2007

Barack Obama Accepts 2009 Nobel Peace Prize

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

December 12, 2009

On the 10th of December Barack Obama accepted the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize casting doubt on the Nobel Organization. The ethics and substance of the United States President is under serious degradation.

Obama contrasted the Peace Prize with his role as commander in chief fighting just war. Some of his statements were incredulous without a concrete linkage to his actual performance.

I make this statement mindful of what Martin Luther King Jr. said in this same ceremony years ago: "Violence never brings permanent peace. It solves no social problem: it merely creates new and more complicated ones." As someone who stands here as a direct consequence of Dr. King's life work, I am living testimony to the moral force of non violence. I know there's nothing weak, nothing passive, nothing naïve in the creed and lives of Gandhi and King.

There is no doubt that the defection to censorship and Chemical Assault Scorched Earth are not amongst the criteria that Nobel Organization researched.

Against the background of Balkanization:

And this becomes particularly important when the purpose of military action extends beyond self defense or the defense of one nation against an aggressor. More and more, we all confront difficult questions about how to prevent the slaughter of civilians by their own government, or to stop a civil war whose violence and suffering can engulf an entire region.

It is clear that Obama has no solution to the problems in the United States but can help evolve institutions that will create future peace.

One of Obama's greatest acts of folly is his approach to nuclear deterrence:

First, in dealing with those nations that break rules and laws, I believe that we must develop alternatives to violence that are tough enough to actually change behavior, for if we want a lasting peace, then the words of the international community must mean something. Those regimes that break the rules must be held accountable. Sanctions must exact a real price. Intransigence must be met with increased pressure, and such pressure exists only when the world stands together as one.

Iran has agreed in principle to a swap of nuclear materials this week. Whether this power game plays out in Obama's favor, the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth will not. His methodology should be rejected.

The Stone Unturned: A Critique of Barack Obama

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

December 18, 2009

The past decade has been a blur. I have just realized that I did not have a capstone for this time period. Barack Obama's acceptance speech for the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize has provided me with such. Below is a working draft without a summary that will change and will be completed by the New Year! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

President Barack Obama has won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. The texture will remain open as to whether the interests of the Nobel Organization bear out in making this choice in the history of the human race. The honor was rationalized on the belief that creating an environment for dialog concerning nuclear disarmament vis a vis with Mahmoud Achminejead of Iran justified the prize in spite of a lack of tangible accomplishments that usual accompany laureates.

The Nobel Committee has stated that it researched many qualified candidates from the past year and the winner was Obama.

I was camping in a field south of Big Pine, California on October 9 when news of the prize broke. I have been living under constant attack since April of 1986, with totalitarian electronic surveillance and Chemical Assault Scorched Earth since June 17, 1987, the year of the 200th Anniversary of the United States Constitution.

My alienation has engendered the most successful censorship and sanitization of history to date. My argument is that the manifest concrete condoning of my systematic torture will transform the thinking and methodologies of leadership and warfare.

I will end my preface on the panorama of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize with closing statements of the president:

Somewhere today, in the here and now, in the world as it is, a soldier sees he's outgunned, but stands firm to keep the peace. Somewhere today, in this world, a young protester awaits the brutality of her government, but has the courage to march on. Somewhere today, a mother facing punishing poverty still takes the time to teach her child, scrapes together what few coins she has to send that child to school, because she believes that a cruel world still has a place for that child's dreams.

The Stone Unturned: A Critique of Obama's Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech

After acknowledging his audience Obama spoke the following words:

I receive this honor with deep gratitude and great humility. It is an award that speaks to our highest aspirations -- that for all the cruelty and hardship of our world, we are not mere prisoners of fate. Our actions matter, and can bend history in the direction of justice.

A centerpiece of Obama’s speech is that he was awarded the prize while he is acting as commander in chief of a nation in war. He argued that this war was an act of collective security not just one nation defending itself in a unilateralist posture.

But perhaps the most profound issue surrounding my receipt of this prize is the fact that I am the Commander in Chief of the military of a nation in the midst of two wars. One of these wars is winding down. The other is a conflict that America did not seek; one in which we are joined by 42 other countries, including Norway, in an effort to defend ourselves and all nations from further attacks.

Obama then proceeded to discuss the basic concept of jus belle or just warfare. This also acknowledged the emergence of international law and human rights. Obama also began to foreshadow another key concept of his doctrine: the building of institutions to create peace. After recapitulating the past centuries failures of two world wars and the League Of Nations, the president also pointed out that war is not the conventional use of armies and alignments but now of terror. Here we have a convergence which begins to demonstrate the apperception and lack of volition of both the Nobel Organization and Barack Obama.

And yet, a decade into a new century, this old architecture is buckling under the weight of new threats. The world may no longer shudder at the prospect of war between two nuclear superpowers, but proliferation may increase the risk of catastrophe. Terrorism has long been a tactic, but modern technology allows a few small men with outsized rage to murder innocents on a horrific scale.

Presidents usually are evaluated on their skill on identifying and solving the nation's problems. This has lead to the first presidents being seen favorably as Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln being seen in a positive light. This is due to state creation and human rights. Due process is a right. Persons who often plead in forma pauperus use the 14th Amendment, the due process clause, to civilly petition the government as a last resort if criminal actions are not recognized by the state itself on it's citizens' behalf. This amendment reflects the rise of Jim Crow Laws in the Deep South after the Civil War. Obama points out that he does not have solutions to war. Obama quotes Martin Luther King Jr. to reason that, "Violence never brings permanent peace. It solves no social problem: it merely creates new and more complicated ones."

Following this statement a crest of tension or arsis is presented:

But as a head of state sworn to protect and defend my nation, I cannot be guided by their examples alone. I face the world as it is, and cannot stand idle in the face of threats to the American people. For make no mistake: Evil does exist in the world. A non violent movement could not have halted Hitler's armies. Negotiations cannot convince al Qaeda's leaders to lay down their arms. To say that force may sometimes be necessary is not a call to cynicism -- it is a recognition of history; the imperfections of man and the limits of reason.

Here I will state that Obama confirms his role as a sophist, he also introduces his apologetics, of a consequentialist nature, invoking a strongman posture derived from Plato’s Thrasymachus in his The Republic. Here I am not changing the subject. Obama speaks of al Qaeda. I am speaking of censored violence and EVIL here against myself in the United States and other living life.

Obama is correct in that self defense after exhausting resources against a recalcitrant enemy is justified. He is grossly in error in his axiology and duties as Head of State and Commander in Chief of the United States.

Obama then begins to build another arc of tension with his historical acknowledgment over structures and processes and the concrete zeitgeist that the United States exists in at the present time.

I raise this point, I begin with this point because in many countries there is a deep ambivalence about military action today, no matter what the cause. And at times, this is joined by a reflexive suspicion of America, the world's sole military superpower.

The president seeks to then build consensus over the role the United States is performing by stressing that the sacrifices American servicepersons have made is in the collective interest. His statement that the future’s children and grandchildren will be better if others offspring are secure is hypocritical. I am under severe CHEMICAL ASSAULT SCORCHED EARTH.

I HAVE NEVER MARRIED AND HAVE NEVER HAD CHILDREN. This statement is simply an abstract straw man. There is severe fallacy of separation from this idealistic statement and the real world condition under which natural persons and citizens exist in the United States.

But the world must remember that it was not simply international institutions, not just treaties and declarations, that brought stability to a post World War II world. Whatever mistakes we have made, the plain fact is this: The United States of America has helped underwrite global security for more than six decades with the blood of our citizens and the strength of our arms. The service and sacrifice of our men and women in uniform has promoted peace and prosperity from Germany to Korea, and enabled democracy to take hold in places like the Balkans. We have borne this burden not because we seek to impose our will. We have done so out of enlightened selfinterest, because we seek a better future for our children and grandchildren, and we believe that their lives will be better if others' children and grandchildren can live in freedom and prosperity.

In the context of being a Commander in Chief Obama acknowledges what apparently seems counterintuitive that war is necessary and also a folly. Here there is a materialist self evident truth that human systems are differentiated and that the benefit to cost ratios determine correct leadership choices. Obama invokes a trajectory from Kennedy to make a concrete statement in the direction and goals in which he intends to lead the United States and the world.

So part of our challenge is reconciling these two seemingly irreconcilable truths, that war is sometimes necessary, and war at some level is an expression of human folly. Concretely, we must direct our effort to the task that President Kennedy called for long ago. "Let us focus," he said, "on a more practical, more attainable peace, based not on a sudden revolution in human nature but on a gradual evolution in human institutions." A gradual evolution of human institutions.

Before Obama clarifies this activity, he recapitulates his role as a sovereign head of state. This is centered on the unilateral right to use deadly force. This is an issue that deeply divides the United States and the majority of the world. He reasserts his position as Thrasymachus the sophist in Plato's The Republic. Hence, that Justice is in the interest of the stronger, to help our friends and harm our enemies. Plato's Socrates' answer is that Justice is in the interest of the weaker. Here this means rights. Justice means that the good or the strong take up the argument for the weak and defenseless to see the good or truth. This is the Greek philosophic basis for the human rights of the UDHR and the Bill of Rights of the United States.

Here my criticism is based on concrete objective empirical history. This is not stating a correct abstract principle. Obama and the analysis must not be totalitarian and isolate reality from perception. (I am writing along the Colorado River near Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ, and the river is despoiled.)

To begin with, I believe that all nations, strong and weak alike, must adhere to standards that govern the use of force. I, like any head of state, reserve the right to act unilaterally if necessary to defend my nation. Nevertheless, I am convinced that adhering to standards, international standards, strengthens those who do, and isolates and weakens those who don't.

Furthermore, America, in fact, no nation, can insist that others follow the rules of the road if we refuse to follow them ourselves. For when we don't, our actions appear arbitrary and undercut the legitimacy of future interventions, no matter how justified.

The unattractive truth emerges. Barack Obama states in the affirmative that the use of deadly force is justified against a sovereign nationstate is culpable against attacks against it's own citizens and natural persons living in it's territory.

And this becomes particularly important when the purpose of military action extends beyond selfdefense or the defense of one nation against an aggressor. More and more, we all confront difficult questions about how to prevent the slaughter of civilians by their own government, or to stop a civil war whose violence and suffering can engulf an entire region.

I believe that force can be justified on humanitarian grounds, as it was in the Balkans, or in other places that have been scarred by war. Inaction tears at our conscience and can lead to more costly intervention later. That's why all responsible nations must embrace the role that militaries with a clear mandate can play to keep the peace.

Duplicity is the lack of respect of persons. Here the world is condoning the attack in the United States as most of the free world is dependent on the United States to maintain the peace and economic prosperity. This type of mass defection is irrational. It is however the main choice of action where the immediate short payoff is for everyone to defect to receive a payoff in prisoner's dilemma. Obama divides the argument. Unity is strength and fragmentation is weakness. The best efficient optimization is to uphold the Bill of Rights and stop the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth here. Then, international security of which the United States has lesser control and whose legal jurisdiction is more questionable will be STRONGER!

America's commitment to global security will never waver. But in a world in which threats are more diffuse, and missions more complex, America cannot act alone. America alone cannot secure the peace. This is true in Afghanistan. This is true in failed states like Somalia, where terrorism and piracy is joined by famine and human suffering. And sadly, it will continue to be true in unstable regions for years to come.

Obama is preparing to close his presentation. In doing so he is clearly positioning himself as a hypocrite who states one thing and does the other. Obama exhorts a legal moral posture for other nationstates and natural persons while he looks the other way as a Prefect Dictator while secret police actions carry out abuse against his own citizens.

Let me make one final point about the use of force. Even as we make difficult decisions about going to war, we must also think clearly about how we fight it. he Nobel Committee recognized this truth in awarding its first prize for peace to Henry Dunant -- the founder of the Red Cross, and a driving force behind the Geneva Conventions.

Where force is necessary, we have a moral and strategic interest in binding ourselves to certain rules of conduct. And even as we confront a vicious adversary that abides by no rules, I believe the United States of America must remain a standard bearer in the conduct of war. That is what makes us different from those whom we fight. That is a source of our strength. That is why I prohibited torture. That is why I ordered the prison at Guantanamo Bay closed. And that is why I have reaffirmed America's commitment to abide by the Geneva Conventions. We lose ourselves when we compromise the very ideals that we fight to defend. (Applause.) And we honor, we honor those ideals by upholding them not when it's easy, but when it is hard.

Obama signals that the arrival of his thesis is to begin. This is a three step plan to achieve future peace. This will reconcile the tensions he evokes. He ends his acceptance with some embellishments in the style of a codetta. Here there is tough talk about nuclear weapons and human rights that he claims will be backed up in deeds. He states that he can cooperate with Russian President Medvedev in constraining Iran and it’s nuclear program which has pitted Mahmoud Achminejead of Iran and Obama in brinkmanship similar to Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis during the early 1960s.

First, in dealing with those nations that break rules and laws, I believe that we must develop alternatives to violence that are tough enough to actually change behavior, for if we want a lasting peace, then the words of the international community must mean something. Those regimes that break the rules must be held accountable. Sanctions must exact a real price. Intransigence must be met with increased pressure, and such pressure exists only when the world stands together as one.

It is interesting to note that Obama states that he favors a approach to disarmament in his détente. It is not clear how much diplomacy will occur between the United States and Iran and Korea. To do such would escalate the prestige vis a vis with the United States. This is not desirable to the nuclear and economic status quo. Here is another recurring concrete act of hypocrisy. How can Obama keep these two actors clean and not game the system when HE IS GAMING THE SYSTEM ON CHEMICAL ASSAULT SCORCHED EARTH.

Barack is handling his oratory with kid gloves. As street smarts and unattractive realities persist,If you play the game, YOU BECOME THE GAME…

But it is also incumbent upon all of us to insist that nations like Iran and North Korea do not game the system. Those who claim to respect international law cannot avert their eyes when those laws are flouted. Those who care for their own security cannot ignore the danger of an arms race in the Middle East or East Asia. Those who seek peace cannot stand idly by as nations arm themselves for nuclear war.

The same principle applies to those who violate international laws by brutalizing their own people. When there is genocide in Darfur, systematic rape in Congo, repression in Burma, there must be consequences. Yes, there will be engagement; yes, there will be diplomacy -- but there must be consequences when those things fail. And the closer we stand together, the less likely we will be faced with the choice between armed intervention and complicity in oppression.

Obama’s second point is a manifest and latent function operating in unity.

This brings me to a second point, the nature of the peace that we seek. For peace is not merely the absence of visible conflict. Only a just peace based on the inherent rights and dignity of every individual can truly be lasting.

Obama on defining point two also refers to differentiation and externalities. He is tacitly acknowledging to his audience that his leadership will have elements of pragmatism and sin to become good tradeoffs. I am not begging the question or creating a red herring and defeating such. One has to acknowledge the CONCRETE. Barack Obama is going to enter nuclear disarmament without establishing his legitimacy on internal problems as my persecution which is also an act of warfare. If the United Kingdom is the Origin and authorship than we are at War with a external democracy something he early states the United States has never done.

…There's no simple formula here. But we must try as best we can to balance isolation and engagement, pressure and incentives, so that human rights and dignity are advanced over time.

Obama's point three affirms socioeconomic justice as well as the right to legal person before one's government. He directly mentions the need for clean medicine, shelter, and clean water is something I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT HAVE. THE COLORADO RIVER IS CLEARLY CONTAMINATED AND HEADED INTO MEXICO!

It is undoubtedly true that development rarely takes root without security; it is also true that security does not exist where human beings do not have access to enough food, or clean water, or the medicine and shelter they need to survive. It does not exist where children can't aspire to a decent education or a job that supports a family. The absence of hope can rot a society from within. Barack Obama recapitulates the thesis.

Agreements among nations. Strong institutions. Support for human rights. Investments in development. All these are vital ingredients in bringing about the evolution that President Kennedy spoke about. And yet, I do not believe that we will have the will, the determination, the staying power, to complete this work without something more, and that's the continued expansion of our moral imagination; an insistence that there's something irreducible that we all share.

Barack then asserts with his oratory skills that substance is the principle that is behind all of assumptions and activities of which he will lead into the future. He is also a man of faith and morality which is essential for the success of the human race.

For if we lose that faith, if we dismiss it as silly or naïve; if we divorce it from the decisions that we make on issues of war and peace -- then we lose what's best about humanity. We lose our sense of possibility. We lose our moral compass.

...Let us reach for the world that ought to be, that spark of the divine that still stirs within each of our souls. (Applause.)

Barack Obama closes his speech by pointing out the faceless average persons who will not get recognized for their sacrifices in the context of war and peace. His role is that of a sovereign head of state and Commander in Chief.

Let us live by their example. We can acknowledge that oppression will always be with us, and still strive for justice. We can admit the intractability of deprivation, and still strive for dignity. Clear eyed, we can understand that there will be war, and still strive for peace. We can do that -- for that is the story of human progress; that's the hope of all the world; and at this moment of challenge, that must be our work here on Earth.

Thank you very much. (Applause.)

The Colossal Hoax

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

December 30, 2009

I have been listening to videos of a Vedic scholar. This teacher has referred to the abuses in the Hare Krishna Movement as approaching a Colossal Hoax. Yes it is a Colossal Hoax in practice. This is due to such being controlled from above by a lower order hence a de facto police state.

The United States, United Kingdom, and Cambridge University have had very little difficulty erecting an insulting and shameful disgrace upon humanity. In close Murphy's Law has reached a point of entropy. The Peter Principle is now in part determining the duration of this event. This allows someone as myself to openly challenge an entire prestigious university system. They are de facto and playing the fast second approach. This will damage many parties and is a silver lining considering my life may be lost.

I will attempt to complete the entire Ethnography by January 1, 2013.

It is staggering to fathom the lack of substance the world leadership has. The culture is diffuse and there is no mass movement underway to socialize a higher level of performance.

Man is mortal..., but nevertheless quitting is a greater folly than defecting to clandestine corruption to begin with.

There is quite a bit of deliberation and inner reconciliation needed to close the decade and begin the next.

Best Wishes

David Nollmeyer