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Open Letter to House Speaker Boehner

Desert Shores CA

January 5, 2011

John Boehner House Speaker

House Speaker John Boehner

Dear House Speaker Boehner,

Since you are now inaugurated as House Speaker of the 112th Congress, it is imperative that defects since the 100th Congress are remedied. The in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is doing considerable damage to public health and the tangible assets of the United States, it's citizens, and interests. Continuing this folly into the future damages the human race and the continuity of this country as a nationstate.

The Salton Sea in California, the 45th District D Filner and the 51st District R Bono Mack are the most severely damaged. As this attack is directed on the lines of homosexuality (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender intersex LGBTi) versus heterosexuality (Straight or Opposite Sex) the alienation of my primary constitutional rights becomes imperative as the new Congress swear oaths to uphold my and others rights.

There are perhaps 1.3 million HIV AIDS positive cases with some 600,000 living cases. 230,000 persons are infected with Hepatitis annually. The national debt is now 14 Trillion dollars USD and growing.

My Vedic faith is also attacked but the Gay Militia, LAPD members own choice of label, is also very prominent. Make no mistake about this, I REPRESENT THE STRAIGHT OR HETEROSEXUAL PLATFORM.

I have no zealous mission as Gay Or Same Sex Marriage. As Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is rescinded, our Homeland Security Officers continue to Chemically Attack and Stalk persons as my self.

Here in California two LGBTi stalwarts, Kamala Harris Attorney General and Gavin Newsom Lt. Governor will hold office. I am 49 years of age and slightly older than both. I see no reason to lay my life down in any artificial manner. The parties in the last California election spent astronomical monies in self promotion while any sane person would have restored Law and Order.

The leadership decision making personified by LAPD Gay Militia, ex Governor Schwarzenegger, ex House Speaker Pelosi is incomprehensible. The antagonistic movement of an escalated Chemical Assault Scorched Earth against the HIV AIDS population and tangible assets exposed to the Scorched Earth resemble the plunder of a pirate ship. This is plutocracy at it's lowest.

The culture of impunity and corruption is one of the Informant Traitor Despoiler.

The HIV AIDS consideration is real. These persons have considerable merit if and when they desire to make their claims.

I am making mine. These persons need to confront the criminals on the attack and those sworn officials who have looked the other way while the United States is destroyed.

History and the courts will judge if you act with any prudence.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores CA


Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing

Desert Shores CA

January 12, 2011

Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is the formation of a defeated and corrupt attempt by same sex members of Cambridge Law School to expose racketeering, quid pro quo payoffs and retaliation as human rights abuse authored by themselves and others worldwide (Lenin 1901).

It develops from an inferiority complex in same sex males and displacement against heterosexual males primarily in the first instance. All members of society are eventually attacked as well as both the physical and cultural geography.

Gay Irrationalism appears during the 1880s with a severe challenge from the Third Reich. Here the development of chemical weapons that were used in WWI and other clandestine experiments appears to have been incorporated into the RICO styled defection model.

The three main ideologies of the 20th century are conservatism, liberalism, and irrationalism. The 1900s has witnessed the transition from irrationalist fascist Nazism states to degraded or mixed forms of socialism. Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Japan are the main examples of this structural shift.

Here the planners of the United Kingdom devised a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth contingent on marginal targeted chemical assaults TCA towards Chemical Assault Scorched Earth CASE. This targeting to strategic escalation is based on being a member of same sex practices of the Lesbian Bisexual Transgender intersex or LGBTi community less marginal TCA to exclusive heterosexuals full blown CASE. This is only one target or person, the author David Nollmeyer.

The targeting of the United States, it's constitution, citizens, and president as catalyst by using a manifest function of Chemical Assault Scorched Earth, now in January of 2011, the Salton Sea,California is despoiled to constrain myself and attack my primary rights. The other externality is that the attack is so widespread is that it also directly affects the 600,000 estimated living HIV AIDS population out of a caseload of nearly 1.1 million with per se 1.3 estimated cases.

The Origin has created a symbiotic duality of rational and irrationalist decision making preferences. LAPD members contain a Gay Militia. An early member code named Periander escalated the trajectory and branch of the conspiracy towards negative territoriality which is the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. Two members code named the Fly and Dodo have initiated the attack. Dodo continues to direct the event.

Cambridge as authorship appeared to be willing to expose knowledge of state sponsored human rights abuse inclusive of genocide. This is a very strong allegation but it strengthens the manifest function, an attack against civilization, HIV AIDS members and myself.

If one were to examine the Bill of Right such has been inverted against myself and radiated asymmetrical towards the 310 million persons residing in the United States and 6.8 billion natural persons worldwide. The UDHR and ICCPR Protocols have wider acceptance internationally and this is rational under the law of nations with concrete enforcement not philosophical or theological polemics.

The attack then postulates the invertebration of citizenship, positive rights, and duties into an informant working under defection to the Gay Militia of LAPD.

Here a multilateralist experiment emerges as the citizen confronts his head of state. LAPD must quickly insulate a movement perception of and structure of culpability away from same sex LGBTi persons. President Ronald Reagan was the first target on June 17, 1987. This has now evolved to five presidents:

Ronald Reagan

George HW Bush

William Clinton

George W Bush

Barack Obama

The quantum of force directed by this miscalculation of decision making has also emerged with force to negate the discipline areas of LGBTi Studies. Any area of LGBTi history that does not deal with the emergence of a Gay Militia attacking with clandestine chemical weapons is suspect especially if taught for profit at accredited institutions. Irrationalism will turn to Fascism when apologists emerge to defend it's crimes.

Three prominent LGBTi advocacy groups are:

Freedom to Marry: Evan Wolfson

Courage Campaign: Rick Jacobs

LAMBDA: Kevin Cathcart

Empirically these groups have claimed excellence in support of HIV AIDS persons. I find this to be spurious and falsifiable. The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth imposed over my person, I am a pure lifelong heterosexual can extend from California eastward towards Texas, north through Nevada and into Oregon. The worldwide censorship and sanitization is efficient enough to launch Target Chemical Assaults and stalking against persons in every nationstate.

The paradigm shift of the LGBTi agenda is synchronic with the Chemical Assault and in a symbiotic and antagonistic manner. Gay Marriage or the Right to Marry and the repeal of Don’t Ask Don't Tell DADT in the United States military are paired with the exponential objective attack on human civilization. This at the lower boundary posits the HIV AIDS population as the largest identifiable group and myself as the objective individual the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is based over.

The lack of moral and legal will, apperception reflect the consequentialist based failure of due process and equal protection (14th Amendment). The abject subjection to cruel and unusual treatment (8th Amendment) is no concern as a purge of informants escalates through this panorama of antagonistic motion through so called victories of the LGBTi platform.

The lack of internal checks, failure in the culture and offices of LAPD, City of Los Angeles and the Department of Homeland Security have recreated a state of nature, anarchy, and chaos without primary rights or the rule of law. The destruction of tangible wealth implicates the class structure of the United States. The sworn officials on public payrolls have boxed this attack over the general population writ large.

Since I am the only individual whose natural life and United States citizenship who has a full blown Chemical Assault Scorched Earth imposed over it, the emergence of the Gay Irrationalist Gay Know Nothing ideology, these terms are from the authorship and are not of my invention, this abnormality in reasoning and decision making compromises the sworn officials and other professions which are checks against tyrannical abuse.

The LGBTi community is the only group in modern history who have not been successful in modern police work. Male Same Sex Male MSM individuals based on narcissistic individualism and pathological lying have attacked the HIV AIDS population.

Here the remaining population and the HIV AIDS may guilty as informants by taking outputs and cash and non cash remuneration from this corrupt RICO styled organization.


Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is a designed ideology constructed by planner as a catalyst to attack civilization through the United States. Ronald Reagan was the target as president. The counter thesis to democracy is social welfare or mixed socialism (less nationalism). The deification of the LGBTi platform is an artificial attempt at universal law making that is an abstract platform of defection.

The negative externality of a defeated American Democracy and police work aid the mechanistic thinking of communism and it's offshoots of socialism. Storyboarding and scripting Male Sex Male MSM persons into a Gay Militia attacks LGBTi advocacy groups as LAMBDA who are primarily sworn lawyers.

A redherring strawman is devised creating my life as a heterosexual into a member of the LGBTi community.

Here as the Chemical Assault is a manifest function condoned by President Barack Obama, Governor Brown, Chief Beck of LAPD, a falsification of the paradigm shift claimed by members of the LGBTi Studies and History group is order. World History and other discipline areas where these studies are subsets are also corrupted.

Here an advocacy of HIV AIDS persons now an estimated 600,000 in the United States will falsify claims of LGBTi advocacy groups, lawyers, and academics.

I argue MOEC as an Exponential not Linear event as proven historically. DWN September 5, 2016.

Works Consulted

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Failure of the Local LGBTi Community

Salton City CA

January 12, 2011

Yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day. There is a major fish kill ongoing. Needless to say it appears that the creation of the modern Salton Sea was made intentionally as a contingency for the ongoing Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. The recruiting of informants in LAPD and all locations including Salton City both gay and straight does not appear to be an accident either.

Since I am going to use both Kuhn and Popper’s methodologies to falsify or replace areas of abstract LGBTi Studies and empirical history the contamination of the Salton Sea is paramount to LGBTi History. Stalking as taught by most parties posits LGBTi persons as victims. This is not true here. I am pure heterosexual over my entire lifetime.

I still only advocate opposite sex behavior and still support Proposition 8.

I am online on Twitter as BhaktaDavid. I have friended Sita Pati of Planet Iskcon. I believe he is now a Narayana Maharaja disciple; Narayana Maharaja having passed away on December 29, 2010. Sita Pati is married, lives in Australia, and advocates LGBTi rights as a Gaudiya Vaishnava. By using a simple internet social linking, I have never written him, LAPD is attempting to state that I have transformed or merged into LGBTi.

The poisoning of the Salton Sea will affect Sita Pati but not any of the major LGBTi advocates in the Palm Springs area in the 45th District of R Mary Bono Mack. Salton City is in the 51st District of D Bob Filner according to LAPD. This demonstrates openly that this group is a Joe Virus.

The stalking here in Salton City while the Salton Sea has been contaminated to end my life is a SIGNATURE EVENT IN LGBTi HISTORY. The locals here are antisocial.

I am acting on the proposition that the Chemical Contamination of a such a large body of water against one person's rights is unprecedented.

California Attorney General Kamala Harris, Lt Governor Gavin Newsom when he takes office, President Barack Obama, and Mary Bono Mack are all younger than I am. Kevin Cathcart, Evan Wolfson, and Rick Jacobs all lead LGBTi advocacy groups. The local stalking will damage all these persons here in the United States what to speak of Australia.

The actors are antisocial and do not care straight or gay.

The LGBTi community here is in the open stalking. Persons anywhere must press criminal or civil charges, make a enduring public statement or combine their ideas with someone who is in this event for the long run to be taken seriously.

These actors are engaged in criminal activity and racketeering here for the most part.

I am making this date and activity part of the record.

It is clear that LAPD will not act with skill or competency and their informants here are not safe without them pulling the strings for their criminal stalking behaviors.

Vice President Cheney has states that he is deliberating a heart transplant. He is a major player in this trajectory.

He has a lesbian daughter and supports same sex marriages.

LAMBDA, Cathcart, and the Myth of HIV AIDS

Desert Shores CA

February 4, 2011

Kevin Cathcart LAMBDA

Kevin Cathcart

Dear Kevin Cathcart,

In Totalitaria, facts are replaced by fantasy and distortion. People are taught systematically and intentionally to lie (Winokur). History is reconstructed, new myths are built...

Rape of the Mind

AM Merloo MD

As the LGBTi platform emerges past June17, 1987, the 200th Anniversary of the United States Constitution, the entire world has fallen into a haze of mythology relative to the objectivity of LGBTi History and the president.

Fact: There is an ongoing Chemical Assault Scorched Earth in the United States and other locations worldwide that is imposed over my natural person and citizenship. The Salton Sea in California is despoiled artificially.

Fact: I am being attacked because I am opposite sex (heterosexual) not LGBTi or same sex in behavior and identity.

Fact: The attackers in this country are a Gay Militia (their label) operating out of LAPD.

Fact: There are an estimated 600,000 people living with HIV AIDS if actual counts and estimates are combined.

Fact: LAMBDA is one of the leading LGBTi advocacy and HIV AIDS groups with a leadership of sworn lawyers.

Fact: President Barack Obama is criminally negligent and hypocritical as Jasmine Revolutions unfold in Egypt and elsewhere. LGBTi activist David Kato was killed just after Obama’s State of the Union Speech on January 26, 2011.

After pointing out these details, one can conclude that the Chemical Assault is real and the censorship and sanitization radiates from LAPD implicating sworn officials. This includes the leadership of the LGBTi platform of which you are prominent.

In this regards, with what remains of my physical acuity, I am beginning to advocate the HIV AIDS population hopefully to awake some opposition from this somnambulist herd of quid pro quo payoffs which only lowers one moral and legal status. What is needed is a shock to rebuild the conscience of the culture.

With a cost of $30,000 per person for the HART cocktail at 600,000 individuals a net $18,000,000,000 per year is needed to fully treat these persons at current medical protocols.

No one has to have a PhD in math to realize that things are not Getting Bette... as Barack Obama's magic show wishes us to believe. Although Proposition 8 has been overturned and is being appealed, LGBTi persons are being trained for military service, human life and life itself is dependent on inputs from the external physical and cultural environment.

As a human rights lawyer you should be APPALLED by my treatment. I will have not had clean water to drink since February 12, 2007 almost four years ago.

600,000 persons living HIV AIDS is more than a moral problem it is an economic and homeland security issue. The Democrats have been beaten soundly and the unemployment rate projected for the 2012 election by the CBO is 8.2%. This translates to an Obama Democrat defeat.

Political interests aside, I am spiritual devotee of the Hare Krishna Movement. I do this out of seva, this means service to Radha Krishna. There is HIV AIDS support group by this name Seva, perhaps you are familiar with them. (GLADD and Seva also need to be addressed.

Barack Obama is 49.5 years old today. Yesterday I was 49.5 years old.

The allegation is that Cambridge Law School has orchestrated the defection and legal work for this event. These 600,000 HIV AIDS positive persons represent an unquantifiable amount of injury.

I ask that you recognize this Chemical Assault and confront Obama to fulfill his legal obligations to all the parties concerned.

Thank you for your consideration.

Radhe Radhe!!!

David Nollmeyer

Along the Salton Sea CA


Open Letter to Ray Kurzweil

Desert Shores CA

February 12, 2011

Dear Mr. Kurzweil,

I have decided to write you today on February 12, 2011. My name is David Nollmeyer.

Today is the 4th Anniversary of what is code named Radhanatha. In 2007 all of the surface water as the Colorado River near Blythe, California became chemically contaminated. Water is also contaminated that runs from taps in all buildings and outlets near me. This was is also true for products manufactured all over the world and sent to my vicinity.

This event is alleged to be designed by Cambridge Law School. Cambridge University was the top rated university in 2010.

This attack on my natural person began in a manifest sense on June 17, 1987. This is the 200th Anniversary of the United States Constitution. This document is the suprasystem of our country and contains the Bill of Rights of which I have been alienated from.

I have not had clean water to drink in four years but I have still managed to survive an intense Chemical Assault Scorched Earth program almost 24 years without official recognition.

This is operation is code named Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC. It is just a nom de guerra of the professorship, but real.

This attack is a live human experiment in support of sabotage to The Singularity you predict will occur in 2045. Since I am 49.5 years of age, one day older than President Barack, and MOEC has run for 24 years, by 2017 it may terminate into electronic stalking.

There is an objective linear attack on human civilization with a red herring attached which is based on romance. This latter subsystem is polymorphous perversity based.

There are two subsystems of MOEC divided into three components:



Conventional Warfare Strategic Warfare - Nuclear - Biological - Chemical
Targeted Chemical Assaults Full Blown Chemical Assaults - Targeted Chemical Assaults
Electronic Surveillance Electronic Surveillance
Gang Stalking Gang Stalking

As seen we are in the Akbar Stage. This data is real and designed to dismiss court cases. I have over 26 federal lawsuits.

MOEC has a strategic mission of Gay Marriage and retribution of LGBTi history. Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is running a Gay Militia designed from Cambridge.

They are a Joe Virus. Hence this is similar to a bot army attacking a server. Inferior level provocateurs engage superior persons and then hand off the conflict to superior persons of their paradigm after injury to the opposing superior persons.

An example, I have decided to pursue Computer Science in this format: 1. HTML 2. JavaScript 3. PHP 4. C# (or equivalent) 5. Python.

If I begin to describe basic scripting, I have taken a college course in FrontPage, LAPD will attack me when they begin to fail at being conversant. This entails attacking with sexual language concerning sexual activity of college aged females and same sex behavior of mails. Attempting to rationalize this by substitution or addition is absurd.

The analogy to humans and computers, hence The Singularity should not be understated.

I am pure heterosexual. I have never been engaged in same sex activity. I am a ritvik Hare Krishna whose rasa or spiritual emotion is Madhurya, a conjugal rasa. My Vedic Identity (Krishna) has developed a certain defense mechanism which I would consider non mechanistic with some electrochemical structural adaptations to torture.

Here I would confirm that culture creates it's own elimination. Your analysis on computer hardware is excellent and appears transparent. I do not envision that humans are able to program the crystal or emotional inductive elements which complement our linear or quantitative reasoning.

I understand that Singularity in a perfect sense must develop in the universal abstract for optimization. If you do not recognize the model use against me and my response, faith and resiliency, which has a concrete history, I reject defection to this mobilization, (MOEC appears to be a delayed response to Nazism with Gay Irrationalism, a tit for tat reprisal that is static), then I do not believe that min max thinking is being built into the support culture that directly develops high end computer systems.

I am near the Salton Sea which was created by a so called engineering mistake. I argue that this was not a mistake but part of storyboarding state engineering. The Salton Sea is a Scorched Earth. This would entail mass defection to develop. Currently there is nearly a 100% censorship worldwide except for and the Gang Stalking community.

My small HTML based test site on Singularity has been hacked.

The correct has had the file changed and misspelled by the Gay Militia.

I will write non technical critical material arguing that the hardware will easily be made in support of The Singularity. With a total censorship and sanitization of my systematic torture, the culture is not capable of using advanced technology without attacking or marginalizing another part of the human race.

Consider that there are now an estimated 600,000 living HIV AIDS positive persons out of an estimated 1.3 million person caseload since 1981. As open systems to the environment these persons form the next group of persons to be heavily damaged by a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

I am beginning to complement my conditions by HIV AIDS advocacy and confronting the LGBTi advocacy groups that are defected and sanitizing concrete reality to these HIV AIDS victims survival.

By Kuhn Popper Methodologies confounding or falsifying work on Singularity in the concrete will not be difficult.

I am asking you and the academic community to confront President Obama on his de facto and ommissive behavior.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

February 12, 2011

Along The Salton Sea CA

Open Letter to GLAAD

Desert Shores CA

February 20,2011

Roxanne Jones GLAAD

Roxanne Jones

Gaming the System

Dear Roxanne Jones, Scott Miller, GLAAD,

My name is David Nollmeyer. I am responding to you in regards to part I of your Strategic Mission: Awareness:

The goal of the awareness sector is to have GLAAD better communicate who we are and what we do as an organization using new media vehicles and enhanced communication tools. Our ability to communicate our mission will result in greater recognition as the media resource for the LGBT movement and as an influential cultural change agent.

It is a manifest empirical event that there is an in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth program running in the United States and worldwide. This event has not been recognized by GLAAD, an organization that proclaims itself to be defenders against defamation against LGBTi persons.

I have been straight or opposite sex my entire life. I have been attacked by a cell(s) of a Gay Militia operating out of Los Angeles Police Department. My external environment and my United States Constitutional Rights have been alienated by what is an Irrationalist pre Fascists operation. I am easily the most stalked person in world history. The quantum of force being directed at me is unparalleled. I have not had water to drink for over four years. The police and others have poisoned the air in my vicinity since June 17, 1987. This is the 200th Anniversary of the United States Constitution.

The Strategic Mission of this linear Chemical Assault is Gay Marriage. It is incredulous to believe that LGBTi interests are achievable by attacking the human race by alienating my natural person and citizenship. Here the externality and latent function despoils the natural persons, their posterity and wealth.

History has proven that the majority of humans straight or LGBTi will defect as informants and support the attack on my person which will kill them by existing within the negative externality of which a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth program will incur.

Directors Jones & Miller, there are over 600,000 estimated HIV AIDS persons living in the United States with the HART cocktail costing $30,000 per annum. This is $18,000,000,000. Things are not Getting Better as Barack Obama proclaims to the LGBTi community.

We and explicitly my humble person are trapped in live human experimentation that reflects state planning and Technological Singularity. The population is being groomed and shaped to accept a more intrusive totalitarian system Recently Watson an IBM supercomputer easily defeated two humans. This computer would have lost easily if presidential and LGBTi history were inclusive. This is not the history that GLAAD, LAMBDA, Courage Campaign, and Marriage Equality proclaim.

GLAAD use the word Defamation in their name. I am as stated but am being consistently baited as LGBTi.

I am ritvik Hare Krishna in the Gaudiya Vaishnava Sampradaya. I do not use illegal drugs, eat meat, have illicit sex, or gamble.

The police agents of the Gay Militia have no conscience. The linear observable Chemical Assault is paired with a Red Herring. Currently today February 20, 2011 the entire Salton Sea is a Scorched Earth.

The main boundary of the romantic red herring which is attached as a distraction to the linear Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is a circular folly. It is a loop of a few statements. It is analogous to a very simple but destructive computer virus. It’s content is based on an inferiority complex in MSM males. Here these traits are well known and very strong examples from several psychological and social theories have been discussed without any reconciliation. The police informants of the Gay Militia in continuo will escalate the Joe Virus attack fallaciously believing it to develop a positive LGBTi culture.

The implication here is that the culture of law enforcement is not conducive to development of Technological Singularity. Futurist Ray Kurzweil, expert predicts that technology will equal humans in 2045. Afterwards systems and computers will surpass humans.

Here the ex deus maquina is unfolding very rapidly against an optimization of software mirroring humans. The contrarian despoiler mentality of natural persons and the environment is quite profound with no recognition from President Barack Obama, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, or scientists who work on The Singularity itself.

Gay male same sex male interests drive the destructive informant based activities of a double bind RICO styled extortion circular folly and blackmail ring. Lesbianism, which in reality is only female bisexuality is used to recruit and develop LGBTi interests. If a heterosexual male does not prefer lesbianism he is portrayed as a Gay Male. This is a bait and switch tactic. Equal choices of opposite sex females are not provided. Hence operatives will argue from MSM interests across the LGBTi platform to insulate gay males. I believe this is due to lesbianism and female bisexuality as perceived as more favorable, less damaging, and perhaps even desirable in contrast to the behavior and identity groups which pertain to MSM males.

There is a definitive ranking and role call style of placement that that is used to predict and rate who is more Gay or Straight. This also results in an outing within the circular folly. Hence such will begin from a supervisor then radiate outwards over a field over persons who are being recruited, entrapped, and stalked. The results indicate that being engaged in Male Same Sex is less acceptable. This outing is also a catalyst for violence.

At the scheduled end of the operation the activity returns to the supervisor.

A corollary to this structure and process is that racism is used to falsely divide the argument. If I state that gays are not my preference than this is presented as Asian and gay refers only to female bisexuals and lesbians. This is further support for an inferiority complex as a basis for displacement within male same sex male MSM individuals who authored these acts and LAPD. Narcissistic Personality Disorder also is part of the development of informants with psychopathic characteristics.

It is alleged that Cambridge Law School are the authors. I am an open sourced activists. I am actively challenging sworn officials, professionals, LGBTi advocacy groups, and academics.

I am beginning to promote the HIV AIDS positive population. My food, clothing, and air are HEAVILY CONTAMINATED. These persons are being marginalized.

President Barack Obama is Gaming the System. He, his family, and interests both Democrat and Republic have benefited at the expense of the citizens and human race they proclaim to defend.

Directors Jones & Miller, I will act to defend my natural person and reputation from spurious acts of torture and defamation. The defection model in place is not designed to protect LAPD indefinitely.

If my personal life is not your interest, the 600,000 HIV AIDS positive persons' lives appears to be integral to GLAAD's survival and directly to theirs.

Please consider reality and confront Obama on Gaming the System.

David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores CA


Open Letter Gavin Newsom

Gavin Newsom Lt. Gov. CA

Gavin Newsom

Desert Shores CA

March 7, 2011

Dear Lt. Governor Newsom,

Since accepting your legal oath of office you have been de facto and negligent in recognizing the cruel, inhumane, and degrading circumstances that persist in the State of California and are radiating outward from Los Angeles Police Department towards the remaining states and world.

My name is Bhakta David Nollmeyer. I have been residing in Desert Shores, California and the Salton Sea is deliberately contaminated to alienated me from my state and federal constitutional rights.

This is a gender and faith based hate crime. I am alienated because I am an opposite sex (heterosexual male). LAPD has cell(s) of a Gay Militia. There is a sexual behavior based qualification through defection to have your rights guaranteed. I am 49.5 years of age and have zero same events or partners my entire life.

I am also a ritvik Hare Krishna.

All surface water, products in stores, and air has been contaminated. I can not even approach a building or the police will spray chemicals through the ventilation.

The strategic mission of this attack which began on June 17, 1987 in Delaware is Gay Marriage, a potential right of which you have been a considerable leader. A negative spillover is that the alienation of my right attacks the whole.

I am using the estimate that there are 600,000 living HIV AIDS positive persons living in the United States. This is based on a estimated caseload of 1.3 million persons.

As Lt. Governor, if you do not uphold my rights you are also attacking this population

There is a clear manifest function. There is a linearly observably Chemical Assault ongoing against the human race. From a crystal intelligence perspective it is being protected in part by a red herring (distraction) that is polymorphous perversity based. This states that the Gay Militia will attack you ad hominem with sexual based innuendo reflecting a Male Same Sex Male MSM lifestyle. The Gay Militia is attempting to condition the population to a Stockholm Syndrome Cognitive Dissonance schema. This states that under a survival situation victims reconcile or defend their egos by becoming sympathetic to their captors. This reflects a cult culture.

I am maintaining my legal right to practice Krishna Consciousness of which I am also being attacked. I need to have vegetarian food, be able to chant, and read shastras (scriptures). I have not drank water in over 4 years. I just ate a half gallon of ice cream this morning. The milk is polluted.

I am the most stalked person in the history of the United States.

This attack has a code name Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC. It is been leaked as the work of Cambridge Law School. Part of it's emergence is fitness training for Singularity. Technological Singularity is predicted to occur in 2045. This is based on mostly hardware and software creating Super Intelligence. At this stage machines will lead humans transforming culture. This is technological determinism.

The Gay Militia is a Joe Virus. This is the equivalent of taking any army of pcs and attacking a server. This is a very shameful live experiment on human beings with my person being the prime experimental subject.

I have not broken although I have to be highly adaptable. I am using as Asus 1000he netbook (2GB Ram) dual boot XP Home and Ubuntu 10.4, 30 Watt Top Solar Panels, Droid as modem, and Tempest 12 volt 9 amp battery to write to you.

The Tempest is beginning to spark as it is a sealed lead acid battery and is probably corroding internally and I have to wait for it to stabilize. It is superior product for it's primitive design.

Governor Brown, Attorney General Harris and yourself are extremely insensitive and antisocial for permitting the human race, environment, California, and the United States to be damaged at this level. The criminal and civil liabilities to your persons and the State of California is incalculable.

As an opposite sex or heterosexual male I have no legal rights to stop this attack, you do. I would have to had married a bisexual female and or have children in order for to prevent a full blown Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. Targeted Chemical Assaults TCA would have continued and will likely after this operation at this magnitude terminates.

According to law you must act.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Desert Shore CA


Open Letter Senator Boxer

Desert Shores CA

March 20, 2011

Barbara Boxer D CA

Barbara Boxer

Dear Sen. Boxer,

"We can not stand by idly while a tyrant tells his people there will be no mercy."

Barack Obama

It is prima facie that the Salton Sea is a Scorched Earth. It is prima facie that the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is imposed over my natural person and United States Citizenship which you have sworn to uphold and have not.

When one citizen loses their right the collective loses. This is no more apparent then the HIV AIDS positive persons not only in California but in the United States. A credible estimate postulates there are 600,000 HIV AIDS positives persons living out a 1.3 million estimated caseload.

What has just been realized is that this attack and censorship which began on June 17, 1987, the 200th Anniversary of the United States Constitution is a Cultural Singularity. It has been symbiotically paired with Technological Singularity.

Technological Singularity is the hypothetical future date when machines achieve the intelligence of humans. This date is 2045. There after the systems and machines will then transform human civilization with what is being called super intelligence.

Hence Cultural Singularity is a negative convergence under prisoner's dilemma where the creation of an informant population is successful. The entire world of 6.9 billion have been censored and history sanitized.

The authorship is allegedly Cambridge Law School of the United Kingdom. There is a manifest linear Chemical Assault Scorched Earth protected by a red herring (distraction) that is romance based. It's content is polymorphous perversity and reflects in the main the culture of Male Same Sex Male MSM persons. It is essentially a sexually based ad hominem attack reflecting these behaviors and preferences.

I am opposite sex or heterosexual.

Cambridge Law School is allegedly MSM oriented and has successfully used the United States, California, Los Angeles Police Department, and the LGBTI community as a catalyst to attack the human race. (Scotland Yard is alleged to be involved also.)

TED University is a collaboration of NASA, Google, and Ted Kurzweil among others. This university is involved in emergent interdisciplinary studies to further Technological Singularity. They charge upwards of $25,000 for a ten week seminar. The California State College system now costs over $10,000 per year. A degree is about 130 credits. This means that the average student will pay $40,000 to $50,000 to graduate at the present costs.

Recently IBM's supercomputer Watson easily defeated two champion Jeopardy players on this show.

This Chemical Assault Scorched Earth event is Irrationalist and Pre Fascist. You have recently purchased a $1 million dollar home in La Quinta adjacent to the Salton Sea. It appears that the recreation of this body of water in the 1930s was no accident. It was deliberately created to showcase the defection that the British have achieved.

Five presidents: Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush, William Clinton, George W Bush, and Barack Obama have been successfully blackmailed and extorted to permit an attack on their own citizens and natural persons residing in the United States.

The Tilapia, a very hardy fish of the Salton Sea are going to be the genetic evidence of the severity of the attack.

As seen from March 19, 2011 over 110 Tomahawk cruise missiles were delivered by our military against the forces of Ghadafi in Libya. Here we can see the emergence of Technological Singularity. Rebel forces launched their own fighter only to have it shot down by their own forces!

Technological Singularity is promoting a renaissance of machines and human culture. The Cultural Singularity of which you are boxing in on California and the world is an informant culture being purged in it's own folly.

The strategic mission of this attack was Gay Marriage. LGBTi history and studies are ruined as well history and presidential studies. There are perhaps 250-500 LGBTi officers in LAPD that usurped. Their family names are ruined because of the incompetence of three: Periander, The Fly, and Dodo. All the officers use these nom de guerras. There are three individuals who have defined this attack.

As a woman leader you should be appalled and so should any LGBTi sworn officials that have emerged since June 17, 1987. Their and the remaining heterosexuals et al. have records that contradict concrete history.

Under certain topic areas I could easily defeat Watson the super computer because the variables of real history have never been declared in it's programs. There is no moral volition or political will in the United States.

As a Senator from California you are legally duty bound to expose crime in your cognition.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores CA

March 20, 2011

MOEC As A Singularity

Desert Shores CA

March 22, April 10, 2011

MOEC As A Singularity: Cultural Singularity Versus Technological Singularity


Gaura Purnam or the Appearance Day of Lord of Caitanya occurred this year on March 19, 2011. This is calculated by sidereal astronomy. It was also a perigee moon or Super Moon. This is the nearest full moon that occurs only about every twenty years. It was also on this date that I realized that MOEC was designed as a Cultural Singularity. I am stating such in the neutral sense. In the concrete it is negative. It was in part designed to be an antagonistic movement to Technological Singularity.

To date no author of Technological Singularity or any other thinker has recognized the abuse of a the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth program that has been imposed over my natural person. The negative externality is that it does indeed attack the physical environment and all the life that lives upon such.

The correct methodology is to discuss both Cultural Singularity and Technological Singularity. A Cultural Singularity has occurred. It is empirical and not a future hypothetical date. It's manifest aperture was June 17, 1987 in Dover, Delaware.

A perspective of this attack is based on the positive rights of the Social Contract Theory. The artificial person is important in legal incorporations and as well as collective psychology that will effect robot making in Technological Singularity.

Chronologically history will be able to retrace the errors being built into the Colleges of Math and Science and Arts and Letters. The censorship and sanitization furthers this orchestrated decadence. Technological Singularity envisions a renaissance of computing machines and the teaching of Superintelligence.

I am publicly making the challenge and statement that condensing the failed goals of the 20th Century Machine age and reinventing this projection as Technological Singularity will not result in Superintelligence outside of machines unless an accurate treatment of historical human rights abuse is inclusive of Artificial Intelligence AI or any applied intelligence system.

The culture creates the conditions of it's own elimination.


Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores California

March 22, 2011

Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or simply MOEC has emerged as a Singularity, it develops from a defection model designed in an Organic Cell which is a virus that mimics and develops a cultural syndrome that will make Technological Singularity suboptimal. It is predicated on prisoner's dilemma of which MOEC will reduce to (Nollmeyer 2011).

Hence MOEC is a parallel structure to the emergent interdisciplinary study of Technological Singularity.

One of the strongest perspectives of MOEC is that it is a linear attack against the human race using Cambridge Law School, United Kingdom, United States, California, Los Angeles Police Department, and LGBTi persons as a catalyst to attack the human civilization.

A deeper magnification reveals that planners of Cambridge Law School (most likely male bisexuals), have usurped the state planning of the United Kingdom and developed such as a Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organization. This is a negative manifest function and latent function for the groups supra. It appears that the LGBTi identity is the strongest position this group of individuals would defend.

To date MOEC from it's manifest attack on June 17, 1987 in Dover, Delaware through mutual aid violations with the Delaware State Police have successfully blackmailed and extorted five United States Presidents. This scripted attack has affixed the name Irrationalist Presidents to this group to date:

Ronald Reagan

George HW Bush

William Clinton

George W Bush

Barack Obama

This has resulted in a Perfect Dictatorship or a system where the people freely elect a tyrant who actually wins the popular vote.

The world's largest censorship and sanitization has occurred unabated. I believe that my system and the gang stalking world support group are the only known individuals to acknowledge targeted chemical assaults TCA and gang stalking.

Terrorism and non conventional warfare may develop in these three strategic formats:




Here in the manifest function non military grade chemical assault is being carried out through the police, now legally described as homeland security officers in the United States. At this time the Salton Sea, California has been a Scorched Earth for the second time since October 2010. The first occasion would of have been two years past or October 2008#. The area of Earp, California and Parker, Arizona were the first areas to be hit with contamination of surface water. This was on the Colorado River north of Blythe, California and runs south into Mexico.

Technological Singularity is the hypothetical future date, 2045 when machines will equal humans in intelligence. Afterwards systems and computers will have super intelligence and teach such to humans. Superintelligence and the law of acceleration are two concepts driving the Singularity movement. Futurist Ray Kurzweil is a leader in predicting Singularity from using empirical graphs providing an exponential explosion in technological hardware used to make computing machines (Kurzweil 2001).

MOEC is live experimentation testing fitness using an epistemological attack. I have no rights because I have been a lifelong heterosexual opposite sex identity zero same sex partners or events.

I am also trained as a social scientist. There is no empirical documentation available that provides evidence that the human culture will be able to support super intelligence even if these machines and systems are created. I will base this on Universal Crime Reporting and Center for Disease Control documentation. I will use UNESCO documentation for international proof.In support of this, I have 149.5 transferable credits with senior standing and a 3.18 GPA and a 3.30+ GPA transferable to the University of California. I am working on an Asus 1000he netbook2GB Ram 160 GB drive, Microsoft Home XP and Ubuntu 10.4 dual boot operating systems, Motorola Droid phone PDA modem, Top Solar 30 watt solar panels, and a 12 volt 7 amp battery.

I will attempt to learn HTML CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and Python to prepare myself for Singularity. I also have Microsoft Math installed. I usually use FrontPage 2003 which is a WYSIWYG editor for web pages. I use Notepad ++ and Composer to learn HTML and CSS.

My HTML CSS experiments are being hacked beyond belief.

One unique perspective is to view the defection model from within the University System. Two prominent colleges within this structure are the College of Math and Sciences and College of Arts and Letters. It is alleged that the authorship are lead by Cambridge lawyers who organize the entrapment with the aid either knowingly or tacitly of Cambridge and Oxford Universities in the main. Other schools and prominent thinkers also are considered and entrapped. The Encylcopaedia Britannica reflects the type of data base this authorship has available for use in it's state planning.

Overall since these authorship are lawyers, thinking as a barrister is a very strong perspective. An interdisciplinary approach with two other fields is quite strong. Hence theology with a math or science would yield good results. Abnormal psychology is also powerful and salient. There are over 250 majors in a university with about 125 taught in a cycle. All of these discipline areas are entrapped to defect towards the lawyer authorship.

There is a strong indication of individualism and narcissism evident within the Origin. A Freudian to Neo Freudian orientation towards cognitive behaviorism yields the strongest result in personality analysis.

Cultural Singularity versus Technological Singularity

Information Technology has driven economics with many innovations. The view of proponents of Singularity, especially Kurzweil, argue exponential growth within technology. This has been presented as the Law of Accelerating Change. Hence many components of production have empirical delivery schedules of doubling periods of two years or less. This is Moore's Law.

Conversely, since I have been alienated from my legal United States Constitutional and International Rights, a censorship and sanitization of 6.9 billion persons has ensued. The outer boundary would be Control of the defection model and or the informants in the code enforcement and population.

The analogy of a composite function f o g (x) means f (g(x) ), can be used to model the case if:

f = culture

g = technology

Hence if culture exists first and then creates technology and then if technology (machines) become superior and then transform humans (culture) the members of g would then operate on the set of f (Social Determinism 2010).

This is a very simple argument but the Singularity Hypothesis must follow something quite similar to be true.

What is occurring is that modeling by those scientists and thinkers of the Singularity movement have not recognized the culture from which Technology and Singularity are emerging from. In the natural sciences the abstract of a species contains a profile of that species and the environment of which it is capable of surviving in. The Technological Singularity Movement has yet to recognize the Cultural Singularity which is occurring. The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth of which MOEC exists as a watershed event in human history.

The fallacy of separation is evident in their work and becomes more polarized daily.

It appears prima facie that Cambridge Law School is using defection to isolate myself against technically superior individuals to gauge what type of response if any I will make.

I have already made at least 26 United States Federal Lawsuits and as states have my own domain where I am posting journals on a regular basis.

There is no response from any known world class authority. They are a static role in an open texture towards the future. This is the theory of extinction. Much work being churned out is entropic. The culture of Singularity is against slowing down production. It is accepted that being obsolete is a facet of the dialectical movement towards Singularity.

The unity of culture and technology is desired for homeostasis or equilibrium. Hence the machinery of the state can not turn into the machinery of torture. Unequal measures for equal persons is also not a stable system of associative or distributive justice.

The creation of a Joe Virus or cell(s) of policeman are being paired against the President of the United States and myself develops social and legal instability. Intermediate persons as per se Ray Kurzweil, priests, gurus, LGBTi leader et al. are becoming more exposed to the censorship and sanitization of atomization. Hence the cell(s) of militants can only approach a limit of pure invertebration at best. This is a basis for the Irrationalist and Know Nothing posture that has been constructed and asocialized through the culture.

It is this Irrationalism which is antagonistic to super intelligence.

The basis for deterministic or socialized criminality is a focus. How are AI systems or AI machines going to be created with super intelligence and counter these persons?




The entrapment of MOEC is still dynamic but it's main drivers as persons and myself are much older. I will be 50 this year August 3, 1961.

One to One Correspondence

As seen there is nothing close to a parity in the set f culture with set g technology. Technology has delivered positive quantum innovations since 1900. Einstein has proven his theory of relativity E=mc2. Man has went physically to the Moon and to Mars. I have already described my computer set up. Two World Wars have been fought. The United States has been attacked in an unrecognized Chemical Assault Scorched Earth program. Here the best perspective is to call this by it's name, MOEC or Mobilization of Empire and Civilization. It is credible and reasonable to consider that this operation expresses the collapse of the British Empire into a neo colonial nationstate. From what I gather Cambridge University will have a vested interest in my interpretation of what is occurring vis a vis with the allegation that their school s the Origin and their professors are the authors.

In a systems format areas any space that is a location or non place as history and pedagogy are territorialities. Currently the United Kingdom and the United States are fatalistic and the world is dependent regarding MOEC and my persecution. The United Kingdom, United States and world are physical locations where I am a member. I have a historical and legal presence in both sets.

f = World

g = United Kingdom - United States

Here Cambridge has made set g a catalyst in attacking set f. This is the use of non military grade chemical weapons. There is also the aperture of censorship, sanitization and the alienation of positive rights as citizenship before one’s government.

If we observe casually, I am stating that the physical environment will terminate life and it's repertoire of behaviors. The axiom Culture will create the conditions of it's own elimination; appears to operate outside the physical environment but can be adjusted when one realizes the rational basis for the desertification of earth. Here science enters the equation as technology. Hence the expansion from a mechanistic standpoint is scientific determinism (reduction to physics and math), cultural determinism, and then technological determinism. Culture can be seen to create technology. When machines become more a less and thing in themselves being able to create and transform culture and possible physical space then super intelligence through Singularity will be established. (Cultural determinism does not include the physical environment. This is a folly. I move between the desert where the temperature will reach 126 F in the summer. I am currently summering in the High Sierras where it can snow all 12 months per year. The last snow in 2010 was on May 22.)

Rule of Law

Within the Cultural Singularity, the blackmail and extortion of the American President is an object of considerable prominence as is the disintegration of the United States Constitution. Liberty is what one has in the state of nature, and freedom is what one exchanges it for as rights to live in civil society. The Gay Militia is operating under defection in a Fruit of the Poison Tree fallacy where they believe they can entrap, divide persons and groups under prisoner's dilemma, and then hand the case off to other agencies or have confrontations settled in tumults on the streets.

It is under this alienation that this undertaking of presenting a groundwork for identifying the principals and co principals under the United States Constitution and International Law under the United Nations if this applicable is being developed.

HIV AIDS Positive

The HIV AIDS population are the next largest group of victims that are vulnerable to Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. The LGBTi platform has a considerable stake regarding their legal credibility due to their de facto and ommissive behaviors regarding the concrete history of MOEC's emergence.

The Center for Disease Control CDC estimates that more than one million people are living with HIV in the United States as of July, 2010. One in five (21%) of those people living with HIV is unaware of their status. Infections number over 1.1 million persons through 2007.

Despite increases in the total number of people living with HIV in the US. The annual number of new HIV infections has remained relatively stable. An estimated 56,300 Americans are tested positive for HIV each year. Over 18,000 people with AIDS die each year in the United States. Gay, bisexual men who have sex with men (MSM) are strongly affected and represent the majority of deaths. By the end of 2007, more than 576,000 people with AIDS in the United States have died (CDC 2010).

• MSM are more than half (53%) of new HIV infections in the US each year, they are half (48%) of people living with HIV. They are 4% 12.4 million of 310 million persons.

• MSM is the only risk group in which new HIV infections are increasing since the 1990s.

• Heterosexual contact accounts for 31% of annual new HIV infections and 28% of people living with HIV.

• Women account for 27% of annual new HIV infections and 25% of those living with HIV.

• IDU injection drug users represent 12% of annual new HIV infections.

• One in 16 black men will be diagnosed with HIV, as will one in 30 black women.

• Hispanics Latinos represent 15% of the population but account for an estimated 17% of new infections and 17% of people living with HIV.

The Technological Singularity movement proclaims that nano technology will drive Singularity. Hence new pharmaceuticals and possibly new organs will be available for those that live to see it's fruits. They however do not seem to be able to perceive the concrete word at all. Here the culture of HIV AIDS positive persons is a formidable challenge that needs immediate attention and due deliberation. Instead of action forethought that have become pawns and parity postures in the theory of games.

The 8th Amendment states that there should be no cruel and unusual treatment. The 4th Amendment provides that one may remain secure in their person and possessions. The LGBTi lawyers have turned a blind eye to my citizenship and alienation. As a result the constituency which permits them to have tax exempt status and build their curricula vitae is abused by proxy.

If official recognition occurs the claims by this constituency alone will bankrupt many counties and states. The insurer of last resort is the United States government. There is no doubt that the work of many in the sciences will have their reputations damaged due to condoning this abuse. Hence sworn competent officials are static in an open texture. The 14th Amendment guarantees Due Process. What is there to speak of the Hippocratic Oath of the medical profession to do no harm? The hypocrisy and concrete reality of the exposure of the individual to one's physical and cultural environment are compelling, urgent, and unrecognized.

Perspectives And Transformations

Cambridge Law School lawyers are argued to be the highest hierarchy controlling lower subsystems and components. They have authored the Cultural Singularity known as MOEC. They have created several structural levels of cognition to shelter themselves as informants and scapegoats if need be. Hence Scotland Yard is argued as a subsystem. Next will be LAPD. The Delaware State Police and Baltimore Police Department MD are lower components. Afterwards the Baltimore Studio who are allegedly a for profit private jingle studio exists to manipulate evidence through sampling technology.

I am the victim whose natural person and legal citizenship has been subjected to cruel and unusual treatment due to a sexual identity and behavior qualification. The defection model secures same sexLGBTi persons over opposite sex heterosexuals.

The Master Passion of Plato is an archetype and template. The object is to create an informant under and informant.

It appears a fortiori that the individual(s) professor that ordered a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth may have acted due to determinism. As a psychopath his genetics would be argued to be the antecedent condition for his mass criminality. This person then in acts of conditioning and Chemical Assault wished to attack the genetics of his adversaries and the human race.

It is apparent that this person was Male Same Sex Male or MSM.

As seen to date totalitarianism attempts to isolate the individual from the collective. There is red herring strawman version of my life being formed by LAPD and the Gay Militia and the accurate authorized position of which you are reading now.

I have been 100 percent opposite sex and heterosexual my whole life.

As a member of the Hare Krishna Movement, I am an independent ritvik, there is also a very compelling statement unfolding on cult creation from the state side.

This crime is then directed towards the president, vice president, homeland security secretary, attorney general, cabinet, and the judiciary and legislative branches. It is also replicated at the state level.

I am also refuting the American Bar Association, State Bars, American Medical Association, American Psychology Association, and American Sociology Association. I have also informally challenged the University of California and Cambridge University.

In continuation, Non Governmental Groups as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and LGBTi Approach groups as Courage Campaign are also being challenged legally and historically.

I have just become aware of Singularity in the formal sense about February 2011. The Singularity Movement is also being entrapped and will be confronted. This is a very fluid situation and it's membership will change rapidly. Here a private public environment exists as those who are entering for commercial, professional, or governmental reasons become part of Singularity.

Eventually there is no doubt that billions of individuals will be interacting with accelerating technology.

There is an epistemological attack on my being:

Mind: The mind is a sixth sense in the Vedas whose system of scriptures I practice. The Bhagavad Gita is the Bible.

Sight: Eyes

Hearing: Ears

Olfaction: Nose

Taste: Tongue

Tactile: Nerves that are response to touch hardness

As I attempt to move or free myself the Chemical Assault escalates into a Scorched Earth.

I am the most STALKED person in human history from my viewpoint as one individual who is confronting his state, here the United States. President Barack Obama is guilty as are his four predecessors.

President Barack Obama has done a disservice to the human race and the United States. His winning of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize was incredibly stunning as an example of defection, censorship, and sanitization. The Technological Singularity movement has very strong ties to defense contracting. This is especially true of TED University headed by Ray Kurzweil. NASA is part of this training and education program.

The culture of impunity is quite thorough. Soon there will be integration of Singularity in all major areas. One of the main concerns that threaten Singularity and civilization is criminality and abnormal behavior. The antagonistic trajectory of a preemptive Cultural Singularity versus Technological Singularity appears to based on what is known as Pole Singularity. A basic Pole Singularity is expressed as f(z) (1/zn) (Rowland 2011).

Duplicity lacks the respect of persons. Currently for Fall of 2011 a student at California State College must pay $10,500 plus for one year's tuition at the undergraduate level At 130 credits to graduate this student will need to take 31.25 credits per year to graduate in four years. Technological Singularity will innovate and create new opportunities. It will also displace workers from sectors and individual businesses that are static. AOL and Barnes Noble are good examples. Dial up modems at 56 kbs are barely functional. The use of Kindles and tablets as ebook readers has damaged the survival of the physical bookstore.

The contrast of Consequentialism where the sacrifice of one to save the many versus a Deontology where all humans have the same loci standing is focused. Over all I support the Deontological perspective where my due process rights should of been upheld. This was alienated along sexual identity and behavior. The result is there are ten persons and nine chairs.

I do not consider the history that is being taught anywhere worldwide to be valid. The technological training in the sciences and math is not a substitute. The thinkers and writers of any discipline area and sworn officials should deliberate their decisions and actions.

I will present my observations and conclusions which will be Vedic and Social Science based and conformed to positive law in the main. This will be an axiological support for criminal and civil prosecution of the principles, accomplices, and accessories after the fact.

History is the last court. I have a huge interest in defending my faith, my relationship to the human race, family, friends, and person from this and continued attacks.

I have to stand forward as the particularity of a crime demands that I name my attackers. I can not speak in abstracts and hypothetical future conclusionary statements. Examples as I am against torture., technology will train humans in 2045., and God has raised the government for a purpose., such statements are useless and permit criminals to flourish.


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President Barack Obama In re: Nollmeyer

Desert Shores CA

April 3, 2011

Barack Obama 2011 SOU

President Barack Obama

The Constitution of the United States creates a citizen and then a president as the first citizen. This is so the guarantee of primary rights is maintained. As seen homeland security officers are citizens first then code officers. When secondary law officials place their interest prior to the rights of citizens then TOTALITARIANISM occurs.

As the Commander in Chief I believe it is reasonable to argue that your duty to uphold my rights is on SOUND LEGAL STANDING.

Hence I would state that you are in violation of the sovereign citizen relationship between the president and the people. This invertebration is a key facet to implementing a Pole Singularity.

Since June 17, 1987 in Dover, Delaware, the home state of Vice President Biden a manifest Pole Singularity began. This attack is a basis to make Technological Singularity suboptimal.

As seen a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is in continuo within your cognition.

The Attack is a linear event against the human race. It is protected by a romantic based red herring or distraction that is subjective (crystal intelligence) that is polymorphous perversity which are sexually orientated ad hominem attacks based on MSM sexual preferences.

This event was orchestrated by lawyers allegedly from Cambridge Law School. It is being implemented from Los Angeles Police Department, California.

This agency contains a Gay Militia. Notice the syntax that they choose to use. These officers may be described as Male Same Sex Male or MSM. They represent the Lesbian Gay Transgender Intersex platform or LGBTi.

I am a lifelong heterosexual or opposite sex. This authorship has imposed a sexual behavior or gender identity qualification for legal recognition.

I AM NOT EXTORTABLE OR BLACKMAILABLE. Since I have been 100 percent heterosexual all my life, I was born one day before you on August 3, 1961 in Roswell, New Mexico, the alienation of my rights degrades the natural life and citizenship of persons in my vicinity.

I am the most stalked individual in the history of the world. A censorship and sanitization of 6.9 billion persons is a legacy of what the authorship describes as the Irrationalist Presidents of which you are the fifth. The defection of persons to the criminal and de facto agenda debilitates the population into perpetrators and informants in a purge.

There are an estimated 1 million persons living with HIV AIDS according to the CDC. Fifty percent (50%) are estimated to be MSM or Gay males. Here an insight to how the invertebration of rights and systems creates a Pole Singularity unfolds.

I am writing from the Salton Sea in California. This inland body of brine is totally contaminated by humans to alienate me from my rights. It appears that this body of water was not created by accident in the 1930s. It was deliberately created as contingency to demonstrate the level of defection as informants treason that was in place to stage an attack on the United States on the 200th Birthday of the United States Constitution.

The air outside in the external environment is contaminated by vehicles burning acidic and caustic chemicals in their car engines. Chemicals are placed in the ventilation in building when I am near these locations.

Under the concept of total aggregate production and substitution on a production line, all the products in my vicinity have some degree of external or internal contamination. Hence canned products are contaminated from their manufacturing plants. Many of these items are imports. The air in buildings is contaminated through the ventilation.

Technological Singularity is the hypothetical date, 2045 when computers equal then afterward pass the ability of humans. Super intelligence is the desired goal of this innovation.

As seen a Stockholm Syndrome and Cognitive Dissonance framework exists in a survival setting. The defection model uses quid pro quo reinforcement to develop loyalty to the most abusive code officers. These deals culminate from school grades, love affairs, careers, to marriages. It appears that the most powerful families and corporations will be deeply exposed.

I have emerged as one of a kind survival athlete. As you and I emerged through our prepatory school careers we took the same standardized tests.

Predictions have been made by what appears to be very high level psychologists that I would have broken. This is not true.

I am a ritvik Hare Krishna. I perceive the homosexuality that drives these MSM as direct insult to my Vedic beliefs especially what are known as the Asta Kaliya Pastimes. These are the meeting and separations of Radha Krishna which are the cornerstone of Gaudiya Vaishnavism and Bhakti Yoga.

These are very classical in derivation from a mechanistic worldview and have a very large place in ethnography. This is important in modeling individual and collective personality in Technological Singularity.

The creation of the Pole Singularity uses live human experimentation. I am vastly exceeding the boundaries of mental and physical fitness that were predicted.

I am clearly writing as heterosexual male. The LGBTi officers are clearly the only group of persons to fail at policing. Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Muslims, et al. have been normative or exceeding skill levels in the administration of justice.

It is abusive for MSM officers who are ashamed of who they are to use my life and fabricate me as LGBTi individual which I have never been.

The population is perhaps 90% antisocial, a human tragedy and disgrace. The mapping of the human genome has lowered the cost to about a $1000. It is expected to drop to $500 in one year.

Victimization has created the strongest response. The escalated criminality of those stalking and those sworn officials have to be considered as having determined criminality. Hence abnormality was inherited.

Here again the MSM officers are representing the LGBTi community and I represent the heterosexuals in LIVE HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION in Singularity.

Cultural Singularity has occurred. The Technological Singularity has yet to occur if it can at all.

I would argue you President Barack Obama as guilty in a crime against humanity prosecutable under United States Federal Law.

I am entitled to due process by the 14th Amendment. Under Federal Law you must recognize my rights.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores CA

April 3, 2011

The Recapitulation of the Past Six Months

Desert Shores CA

April 23, 2011

The past six months have produced solid records for future research and legal work. There has been also success intellectually. The attack of MOEC was designed as a Cultural Singularity in antagonistic motion, to debilitate Technological Singularity.

Singularity will lead to the Official Recognition of MOEC. The Salton Sea was designed intentionally for this attack. It is an extremely poor example of George W Bush and Barack Obama's leadership skill.

For Obama, my life and the contamination of the environment of California is inescapable.

There are an estimated 1 million HIV AIDS positive persons in the United States according to the CDC. MSM males are about 500,000 of that total. This would be about 1 in 24 same sex males.

These are salient features of the trajectory and panorama.

Cathedral City has been a subject of ad misericordium. A profile called Interloper, a homeless male is used to profile a transgender man. This is a bait and switch Gay Bait tactic used against my person.

I remain very strongly opposite sex in all respects, hence heterosexual.

This appeal to Cathedral City has failed. It is only one more sore point for officials as Mary Bono, Bob Filner, Kamala Harris, and Gavin Newsom. These officials will be greatly impacted here. Barbara Boxer owns a home in la Quinta. Dianne Feinstein is older but will also face scrutiny.

The next time I am here in 2012 there will be a new presidential election. It appears Obama will lose. I have no favorites but Mitt Romney appears strong.

Sanitization of LGBTi Issues

Blythe CA

October 9, 2011

David Nollmeyer, Dunsmuir Amtrak October, 2011

The sanitization of history is driving what is a very brutal economic setting. Upon review, I was here last about a year and a half ago. It appeared then that many businesses here would go under. It is very severe now. Several stores are now gone.

Overall I just completed to courses at Columbia College yesterday. I am extremely tired. Never the less, I have a better chance of bring a lawyer than being a spokesperson for LGBTi concerns. I am clearly at 50 years old entering a transitional period where all the surviving members of my family may die off.

I have lived heterosexual my entire life. I see no great reason to spend significant time or resources on what is plainly evident.

This is in direct contrast to the Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing that is still escalating the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. The issue of quid pro quo and stalking are quite severe.

I do not see any credibility in the human rights posture of Barack Obama, Rick Perry or Mitt Romney.

This region is extremely important in the legal and historical trajectory of the United States.

One Year to the Election...

Blythe CA

November 10, 2011

In light of continued fraud, historically it is in the record that I have been acting as a heterosexual male the breadth of my life in particular any formal or informal communications with public officials. This is with 100 percent certainty in Arizona and California.

This journal has been written in conformity with my being a heterosexual male to the exclusion of being in the set of LGBTi individuals.

There has been serious treason by the past five presidents. Barack Obama is operating with claims of that persons are Gaming the System. As the most powerful person on earth he appears amongst the most fraudulent.

The stalking is lead by MSM or male same sex males but not to the exclusion of heterosexuals. The LGBTi platform is damaged. The area has members of this group and they will bear the brunt of the injury.

Worldwide the population is now 7 billion persons. I believe I am the only individual to make a consistent systematic confrontation against Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

Who are the cowards? The persons who work for quid pro quos as stalkers are not going to be legally or historically praised. The Colorado River is a lightening rod as it is contaminated.

Open Letter to Feinstein

Blythe CA

October 23, 2011

Dear Senator Feinstein,

We are approaching to within a year of the next presidential election. The president nor any of the Republican candidates have the volition to acknowledge the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth that remains in continuo.

The tactics reflect the redundancy of what is also a blackmail and extortion. Hence it is driven by LGBTi interests which are MSM Male Same Sex using females as a front.

Under homosexual misogyny real females with names as Diane are being replaced with profiles of homosexual males.

Considering that Colorado River is Chemically Despoiled and the blackmail and extortion transforms one into an accomplice informant, I believe it is my moral legal duty to inform the public of what is occurring and where.

The killing of Gadhafi surely has lifted a burden from the world but the degradation of the United States is compelling.

The role of the CEO is also a fallacy these executives are far from creating value. The actual value of tangible property is far less than the book value listed. In nexus all this economic activity is occurring with debased fiat money.

The future has been mortgaged.

Thank you for you consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Blythe CA

October 23, 2011

Open Letter to Rep. Bono Mack

Blythe CA

October 14, 2011

The Totality of Circumstances

Dear Rep. Bono Mack,

Here along the Colorado River in Blythe, the continued Chemical Assault Scorched Earth has once again contaminated the river, air, and tangible goods in stores. This region has the highest unemployment in the nation at over 20 percent.

(The attack has been codenamed Radhanatha, who is a real ISKCON (Hare Krishna) guru. Radhanatha has had his photo taken with Barack Obama at fundraiser in Miami FL this June 13, 2011).

It is conclusive that this attack has been orchestrated by LGBTi interests. In particularly that of MSM or Male Same Sex Male persons. These persons, the allegation being that the proximate cause or origin is Cambridge Law School in the United Kingdom.

This element is operating from an Inferiority Complex within homosexual, bisexual, and transgendered males. In particularity are officers of Gay Bisexual officers within LAPD who are running the attack through mutual aid violations.

To argue from the positive to the negative one should work from the males to females.

This is a blackmail and extortion network.

I have always been a heterosexual male, I am 50 years old, one day older than Barack Obama born August 3, 1961. An important feature is to create a fictitious history of personal as a LGBTi victim which is false.

LAPD officers make conclusionary statements hence they give the answer without support in allegations. If they argue in reference to myself a male, "You do not support gays", this refers only females and that you are homosexual.

In plain language gay may refer to either same sex females or males. Attacking the newly formed acronym LGBTi or Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgendered has occurred through the de facto activities of the officers who are also leading the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

There have been 1.3 million persons infected with HIV AIDS and there are 3 million persons infected with Hepatitis C.

I do not see how sanitizing a brutal attack on the human race and the United States is going to promote the LGBTi Movement. Since it is mandated at the state level that LGBTi History be taught in California the entire subject area is a FRAUD.

The entire Chemical Assault Scorched Earth has been paired with Proposition 8, Don't Ask Don't Tell and various other interests for LGBTi persons.

A person has the right to an adversarial process concerning the Totality of Circumstances in the United States. Since your district contains or is near the Salton Sea and Colorado River these are two horrific structures in the history of Chemical Warfare.

There is widespread stalking with quid pro quos nationwide and here in this district.

I would like to know why you have not stepped forward and confronted this criminal activity that you are aware of.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Blythe CA

October 14, 2011

Reorganizing Towards the Future

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

November 10, 2011

Today I am attempting a major reorganization on the computer. I will continue a journalistic style until February. I will then attempt to write small papers as the season increases. I had written last year that I wished to study CSS xhtml, javascript, php, and python. I intended to have close to the basics of at least the first three by April of 2012.

I have attended Columbia College and obtained credit in 6 upper division courses. I have pulled at least four 4.0 scores and believe I have a chance in the last two. I will know by the end of the week.

I am totally not amused by the 2012 Presidential Election. Fraud and treason are the main course. Kim Jong Ill II has died over the weekend as the United States has exited from Iraq.

I believe that I have contributed more to political science than most so called authorities. I was moving towards a jurist doctorate. This is the highest mountain I could climb academically.

Conversely I believe my UC GPA to be above or near 3.4. This is not going to get me into Boalt Hall but it will position me well for a MBA or Masters in Political Science.

2012 Archives

Defamation of Character & David Bruce Hughes

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

January 2, 2012

Happy New Years! An issue that is very important to all mainstream Gaudiya Vaishnavas is the fall down of David Bruce Hughes who runs Esoteric Teachings. It appears that this person has proclaimed his loyalties to the Bauls and Sahijaya.

Here LAPD is very strongly attempting to use Storyboard Profiling and state that I am supporting homosexuality and this includes transgenderism (LGBTi) as Vedic.

This is not true. Hridayananda Das Goswami (Howard Resnick Jr.) and now David Bruce Hughes are also now principal persons that blackmailed and extorted MSM or Male Same Sex police officers will attack under a blackmail and extortion ring.

There is still a very intense Chemical Assault Scorched Earth ongoing in the Colorado River Valley.Tomorrow is the Iowa Caucus and it clear that Barack Obama and the Republicans have been blackmailed and may face future legal actions. I support a boycott of the 2012 Presidential Election.

David Bruce Hughes Exposed

This blog is dedicated to exposing the activities of David Bruce Hughes a.k.a Gaurahari Dāsānudās Bābājī. For years, he has been posing as a guru in the Gauḍīya Vaiṣṇava lineage of Kṛṣṇa Consciousness and has affected the lives of many sincere souls in an extremely adverse way. We hope this blog helps prevent any naive and unsuspecting souls from getting caught up in the web of this man's lies and deceit.

Patita Pavana das Adhikary condemns David Bruce Hughes

From: Patita Pavana das Adhikary

Date: October 28, 2011 11:35:04 AM GMT+02:00

To: inci mutlu

Cc: David Bruce Hughes

Subject: Re: letter

My dear Dasanudas Prabhu,

I was initiated by Shrila Prabhupada in 1968 and associated with His Divine Grace in over a dozen places for weeks on end all over the world. I knew most of his initiated disciples since I was quite well travelled. Presently I am the most senior disciple in Europe. The GBC's and Gurus of ISKCON are all my junior Godbrothers. With that, let me say that I have never seen such deviousness as you have expressed. You have twisted the philosophy, the basis of which is four regulative principles including no illicit sex, in a most foul and perverse way. You are worse that Kirtanananda who at least knew that his perversions were wrong. You use the sacred shastras to try to rationalize demonic activities. You set out to attract an intelligent following, but this is working against you because they are intelligent and see the falsity in your presentation.

Now you must reinstate yourself into sadhana, give up your demonic nonsense and perverse activities which are all in the mode of ignorance and have nothing to do with tantric yoga.

You could have done wonderful things with your intelligence but by your own will you have chosen to disgrace the entire sampradaya. If you do not get right with the genuine philosophy once again, you will enter into the darkest regions of ignorance, and hatamishra, and you will stay there suffering for a very very long time along with those poor fools who choose to follow you there.

You cannot offend Shrila Prabhupada like this and convince anyone of your foolish deviations are part and parcel of Krishna consciousness. No, you have gone off track and have become a crazy man now. Only chanting and the regulative principles will save a madcap like you.

I thank Inci for inviting me to write this to you and encourage all of your ex disciples, i.e., those who you cheated, to read it. This does not mean that I have enjoyed writing it. You are a talented person whose rare intelligence I have supported in the past as long as it was Krishna centered. So now you have chosen to go astray, so you must be utterly thrown out and rejected by any devotee who is sincere about Krishna consciousness.

Yours in Prabhupada,

Patita Pavana das Adhikary

Reply from David Bruce Hughes:

From: David Bruce Hughes (Gaurahari Dāsānudās Bābājī)

To: Patita Pavana das Adhikary

Cc: inci mutlu

Sent: Friday, October 28, 2011 1:03 PM

Subject: Re: letter

Dear Patita pāvana Prabhu,

Hare Kṛṣṇa! All glories to Śrīla Prabhupāda!

I have always been a complete rascal. Nothing I have ever done was any good. You are completely right to reject me. I hereby renounce all claim to being an initiated disciple of Śrīla Prabhupāda and the privilege of representing myself as an exponent of Gaudiya Vaiṣṇavism. I also renounce my claim to all those who considered themselves disciples. Nor do I have any claim to the assets of Esoteric Teaching Seminars Inc. or the Rupa Foundation Trust, Ltd. whose directors are free to disburse those assets in any way they desire in accordance with their charters and bylaws.

My reading of the Gaudiya philosophy is more in line with the Bauls and Sahajiyas. I admit, I have always thought like that. I always felt that the offering of oneself to the Lord has to be complete, including all the active senses. It never felt right to hold back one part of myself when He was directly demanding me to offer everything. I am just the way He made me, nothing else.

I am deeply sorry for any inconvenience to anyone. If anyone thinks I deliberately misled them, I am sorry but I never made a secret of my background, orientation and practices. As Maha marga recently pointed out, at least the senior members knew more or less everything from the beginning. Uddhava, Nava yauvana and others have to be truthful and admit their role. Nava yauvana especially is under the influence of Andrej and is blowing smoke, trying to cover up what he knew all the way back in Mexico.

It's just that decent people don't inquire unnecessarily into things that are none of their business. And even if they happen upon an indiscretion, they especially don't make the information public but handle things discreetly behind the scenes. The bad publicity harms everyone, including the devotees who stir it up. The more noise the devotees make about this case, the worse that damage to the movement of Lord Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu will be. So it's up to you, you can have as big a scandal as you want. Then what will you do?



Open Letter to Senator Feinstein

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

January 12, 2012

Dear Senator Feinstein,

The Totality of Circumstances

The correct legal test when a citizen confronts one's state is the Totality of Circumstances. Here since I have been the focal target of a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth program in the United States that is still not recognized I have to call into recognition the abuse of Barack Obama, Janet Napolitano, and Eric Holder. As seen prima facie the president, homeland secretary, and attorney general are de facto and negligent as the abuse in Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ along the Colorado River escalates as the United States undergoes severe tensions with Iran and Cartel activity in Mexico. The Colorado River was openly contaminated in 2007. Forty seven thousand persons have been killed since this date.

The activity continues to be run from LAPD by a Male Gay Militia. As seen I have no primary right protection under the Bill of Rights.

My religious protections as a Gaudiya Vaishnava (Hare Krishna Movement) are being alienated by a double bind circular folly run by MSM male same sex male police officers.

I have openly supported Proposition 8 in California. I have been straightforward and polite with both Senator Boxer and you on this issue.

Here these officers are proposing that if I do not wish to a have Gay Marriage with Lesbians, (really bisexuals) than I am either transgendered, bisexual, or a gay male. I have reversed the order as most people do not understand what transgendered is. Here in it's simplest form it describes one whose gender identity is the opposite of one's biological body.

Since I am a happy heterosexual male and am very confident in it's simplicity I am happy with my opposite sex orientation.

In continuation the absurd speech patterns that are presented by these officers is abusive. Remember that there is an in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth, it is stated that I support Hridayananda Das Goswami (Howard Resnick Jr.). This is ISKCON diksa guru supports Gay Monogamy which is prohibited by ISKCON. The other issue is that I support David Bruce Hughes or Gaurahari Dasanudas Babaji an independent guru. David Bruce Hughes has been exposed again for having formed a bondage sex club with his disciples. He claims such is benefiting their spiritual life.

In Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, or the Vedic tradition this is total nonsense.

These Gay Militia officers believe that I will be too ashamed to expose this ruse and it's redundant circular folly.

The American citizens and the world deserve to know why the United States is operating a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth while confronting Iran on a nuclear program.



Anything this operation gives to one is despoiled in a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

Obama recently held a lavish party in California while the Colorado River Valley was under attack.

Mitt Romney and the Republican do not seem interested in protecting America either.

As the senior senator from this state nearing the end of your career you should act and save more persons from health and prosperity injuries.

David Nollmeyer

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

January 12, 2012


Myth of the Contemporary Man Part III

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

February 5, 2012

Myth of the Contemporary Man Part III


Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Currently I am moving out of the early winter of 2012. I have miraculously finished 6 courses at Columbia College online since May 30, 2011 to December 17, 2011. From this activity I have earned a UC GPA of 3.42 and regular GPA of 3.27. This in consideration of general equilibrium means I have not accepted the status quo imposed over me and have chosen to enter an upward trajectory displacing persons until I am satisfied.

In the Totality of Circumstances, which is the correct legal test when the individual confronts one's government, the origin or proximate cause must be considered and their mens rea (criminal intent) and actus rea (criminal act). Here there is no doubt that my legal person guaranteed by the Bill of Rights has been usurped by a test experiment between homosexuality (LGBTi lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and intersex) versus heterosexuality (opposite sex). Since I have been a lifelong heterosexual I have no rights when in confrontation with members of a Gay Militia from Los Angeles Police Department LAPD.

Since February 12, of 2007 the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth has escalated to despoil all surface water, all running tap water, and even contaminate food in cans and have such shipped into my vicinity. At this threshold what is called operation Radhanatha began in Earp CA Parker AZ. Since that time I have learned that this is a diametrical attack on Technological Singularity or that date when computational machine equal and then overtake humans. This will result in machine superintelligence or machines that are superior to humans. Transhumanism or those persons whose bodies are a combination of biological and artificial parts will be normative. Vice President Dick Cheney must choose between his heart, a transplant, or an artificial heart by July 1, 2012. I am a good candidate to rebuild by chelation or aryurvedic therapy as well as other possible transhuman experiments.

MOEC is a Social Singularity. Hence there is a Singularity and it is not technological. The censorship of 7 billion persons worldwide is a Singularity. The post modern world is being modeled on networking versus an industrial model. Here the dependency of the Technological Singularity community by the proximate cause Cambridge Law School is apparent. I am operating that this allegation is a fact.

Mitt Romney has won the Nevada Primary and is the Republican front runner to meet Barack Obama in November for the 2012 Presidential Election. This sanitization is a form of Irrationalism or pre fascism. This emergent neo fascism or New Fascism as I am calling such is Anglo American geographically and radiates outward from Cambridge University now through Scotland Yard and Los Angles Police Department.

This trajectory predispose treason, blackmail, and extortion. This has lead to severe Gang Stalking of which I am the principal target. Exposing this activity has had a deterrent effect. Hence all criminal actors should demonstrate renunciation of the conspiracy and some intent to better or restore the constitutional equilibrium.

The United States presidents have demonstrated they can be blackmailed and that they are blatant consequentialist looking the other way and condoning a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth on the citizens and state that have legally sworn to protect. The study of psychopathy as antisocial, sociopath, and psychopath are integral to comprehending the killing off of conscience to recruit, sustain, and sanitize an activity of this scope, a Supercrime.

(I will continue to develop a preface to MOCM III and post such online on and other blogs and sites on the domain.)

Myth of the Contemporary Man Part III

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

February 28, 2012

Here is a rough 3 pages of Chapter 1. The attempt to develop a sustainable base of facts and observations is crucial for an accurate historical accounting and as well as bringing culpable actors to justice.

Chapter 1

Origin and Proximate Cause

Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC is a complex system. It has an Origin or proximate cause that is alleged to be a clique of Cambridge University Law School Lawyers from the United Kingdom UK. Here this structure is alleged to derive into the Medieval beginnings of the school itself. MOEC is the suprasystem and organizes all the lower subsystems and components. Herein a nested ecology is used across several jurisdictions that are both international and domestic to create complex jurisdictional defects.

Cambridge Law School UK: principal

Scotland Yard UK: accomplice

Los Angeles Police Department USA: accomplice

Baltimore Police Department USA: accomplice

Delaware State Police USA: accomplice

The Baltimore Studio USA (Unnamed jingle studio, Proven to be LAPD): accomplice

Prisoner's dilemma and mutual aid violations create a system of nodes that radiate from Cambridge Law School outward across the world resembling a spider plant.

The format is based on a sexual orientation and behavior format. The bias is homosexuality Lesbian Gay Transgender intersex versus heterosexuality or opposite sex. The issue of Same Sex Marriage. Alienation of the citizen from his positive rights in a jurisdiction are focalized. In this consideration one must be a LGBTi individual to have full legal person before the court. A heterosexual would be a second class person. Rights have been attacked based on a libertarian preference. This would be to attack drug dealing, gambling, and prostitution by marginalizing one's resources both with the formal criminal justice and informally on the streets.

In overview MOEC is a Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organization and is also a Perpetual Conspiratol Act. The construction of the processed and structures of MOEC reflect law in various formats. Hence Totalitarian Police State is TPS and Totalitarian Police System is TPSYS.

MOEC is eugenic social engineering. It's design concerns the development of universals and particulars to ordinate the individual and collective is the state. However in the concrete MOEC appears to be a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth program at the present (1987 2012) with no indication of a return to the rule of law. MOEC will invert the Paradigm of Laws:

Eternal Law

Natural Law

Positive Law

Here MOEC is relative morality and consequentialism versus absolute morality and deontology. Phenomenology is also advocated. This also will develop Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing and it's construction which will receive it's own chapter.

There is both abstract theoretical and concrete functions that support the manifest Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. The summon bonnum of a system or that exemplar person is inverted under the color of the law that governs that system. Hence as a person becomes more implicated, blackmailed, and extorted, this persons ceases to do the legal and proscribed duties of one's occupation. He then recruits, entangles, and entraps others into the conspiracy to avoid being scapegoated by either formal or informal punishment.

As seen there is structure that reflects the Master Passion or Classic Tyrant of Plato:


Secret Police Bodyguard


Usually a corrupted member of the police will dispense quid pro quos designed by the proximate cause here Cambridge Law School. This corrupted officer is paired then with per se a priest, president, judge, CEO, professor or other leader. Here the more corrupt person will degrade the standing of the superior person.

This is a concept that is integral to Singularity. This format is called a Joe Virus. This is entirely analogous to forming a bot army of smaller local computers and aiming such at a server for various purposes. Also now in Spring of 2012 the issue is how many workers are exposed to having their jobs eliminated by automation? The rational benefit to cost ratio is to eliminate the informant criminal from their job. As this process descends to even the unemployed workers and homeless persons a different class structure emerges.

As seen the Social Singularity has a near total sanitization and censorship from this mechanism. The Irrationalist Presidents are not only the wrong side of history, but now President Barack Obama should easily live to 2040. Technological Singularity should easily help develop protocols to keep him alive.

In a broader perspective those leaders of the LGBTi platform that are sworn duty bound officials are exposed first then the heterosexual officials.

In the concrete this is why the Gay Militia uses redundant circular arguments, false set theories as adding same sex members to attempt to Gay Bait persons.

In particularity along the Colorado River area in California and Arizona now Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in jeopardy due to her duties as chief diplomat as contaminated water enters Mexico.

Here again the miscalculation, escalation, failure to discipline corrupt persons, and failure to develop a systematic remedy for deficiencies implicate Obama and his predecessors.

There has been an attempt to converge and close the system with the implementation of the Radhanatha attack. This has focalized these areas as the most likely active crimes scenes to prosecute:

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ Colorado River Valley

Desert Shores CA Salton Sea Palm Springs Coachella Valley

Westwood CA Lassen and Plumas Counties

McCloud Mt. Shasta CA Siskiyou County

To return to the Eternal Law, Pope John Paul II is awaiting canonization and was totally aware of these acts. Severe pedophilia and child abuse has caused nearly 1000 claims with an approximate $1 billion USD payout. The same event of a network of child molestation occurred in the Jehovah's Witness in Canada and ISKCON of the Hare Krishna Movement in the United States and India. Conversely the latter has resulted with 500 claims and only a $14 million payout with releases.

The allegation from the latent perspectives states that an individual emerging from 1950 onwards had a a measurable chance of being a member of one of these movements. The Catholics themselves have nearly 1 billion members worldwide. Herein the constraining effect of blackmail and extortion are relevant with no manifest nexus to MOEC.

I am making that allegation. In this consideration it will not free Obama or the Irrationalist Presidents. If anything the insurers and organizations have much to recoup if the United States government, United Kingdom, and LAPD are proven to have entrapped theses acts.

MOCM PT. III, (I will simply use MOCM) is in part a response to a challenge by members of one of the other cells in the Gay Militia containing officers. Their Room will survive while the cell which lost will dissolve. It was run by:


The Fly


In particularity I am an independent ritvik Hare Krishna. I am not aligned with diksa guru platform of ISKCON, Gaudiya Math or International Pure Bhakti Society. Comprehending the concept of order and binding of a disciple in a faith based practice is a source of division that is readily exploited in MOEC.

Gay Marriage is not permitted in the Hare Krishna Movement. There is a highly visible presence of LGBTi persons in the movement of which I am friends with through Facebook. I am in California and continue to support Proposition 8 or opposite sex marriage.

The false attempt to misrepresent my commitment to the heterosexual standard in the Vedas yields a very pronounced defeat for the attempt to script my life within the Storyboard.

A very powerful exclusive disjunction emerges over sexual identity and behavior which posits it almost impossible for Dodo, the leader or the cell maintaining the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth to mitigate events due to LGBTi considerations.

Simply by initiating the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth, The Fly and Dodo would have lost their duel with the other cells and have to dissolve.

The latent function or the revealing that most of their acts were designed by Cambridge Law School and delivered by defection outside the United States Constitution is important legally due to the implications of behaviors relating to blackmail and extortion.

These acts are scheduled to continue at least until 2017. There is some mention of 2015. I using a five year plan to develop MOCM as compass and finish papers from this text.

Open Letter To Gov. Jan Brewer

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

March 3, 2012

Janet Brewer AZ & Barack Obama

Janet Brewer & Barack Obama

Dear Governor Brewer,

The conditions of Chemical Assault Scorched Earth ongoing in the United States since June 17, 1987 have taken an extreme toll on Arizona. Life, limb, and property are at stake. Arizona's geographic location make it extraordinarily vulnerable to homeland security risks. The presidents from Reagan to Obama have condoned and denied the existence of the corpus delicti.

As seen the Colorado River is running despoiled into Mexico from Ehrenberg AZ.

Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats take issue with this crime seriously. During the week of the Arizona Republican Primary Debate two Marine helicopters collided in the California desert which were based from Yuma.

The conditions of stalking and harassment combined with quid pro quos should disturb you into recognizing what is occurring and breaking free from this culture of corruption and incompetence.

President Obama is only 50 years of age. I do not believe that he can historically and legally out run the abuses of which he calls Gaming The System.

Arizona citizens are not making a heroic stand in the least.

Treason, being an informant, and criminal for hire add up to a purge of natural persons and property.

This event is LIVE HUMAN EUGENIC EXPERIMENTATION. Hence it is Technological Singularity versus humans. There is a Cultural Singularity on going with 7 billion persons being censored.

I have no intention to backing down to you, Obama, or the next president.

It appears that the proximate cause or Origin of the crime wishes to see how far I can endure.

I do not believe that the University of Arizona nor the sworn officials from this state can withstand a challenge to their legal credibility.

As you and Obama hesitate to act the damage and liabilities escalate.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ


Open Letter CA AG Kamala Harris

Blythe CA - Ehrenberg AZ

March 23, 2012

Kamala Harris Santa Barbara CA

Kamala Harris

Dear Attorney General Kamala Harris,

You have been California's chief prosecutor for over one year. You are cognizant of the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth program in continuo in this state. This activity is imposed over my natural person by a Gay Militia. This is not to be disputed.

I am a lifelong heterosexual male who has never engaged in Male Same Sex Male MSM activity.

As such this Gay Militia which is allegedly run out of LAPD makes these activities accountable to you.

As seen I am the Most Stalked Person in United States History.

I am in Blythe California. The Colorado River is chemically despoiled as is the air. Tangible products as food and clothing in stores for sale are contaminated. Water running out of faucets is also ruined.

This Gay Militia is recruiting persons from the LGBTi community with quid pro quos but not exclusive to heterosexuals. If one were to touch a bale of hay from a field or walk into such a field it too is ruined.

When official recognition does occur, it quite likely during Barack Obama, Gavin Newsom, Mary Bono Mack R 45 (this is her congressional district) or before 2040. I was born one day before Obama on August 3, 1961.

As seen title can not pass on a crime. It is also unlikely that these Gang Stalking individuals will have standing to press charges against a citizen. If the Native Americans step forward to seek compensation for their fields these stalkers, you and the officials cited supra are liable as both natural persons and public officials.

This activity is open live human experimentation.

I have not drank water since 2007 unless it was from snow or from a vial to mix my medication.

I do not believe that these criminals will gain standing as the South and Confederacy did in the 1800s.

This anti intellectual movement of Gay Irrationalism Gay Nothing is earning it's predesigned label as it follows a script prepared for crimes against humanity.

How is a super computer as IBM's Watson going to teach this atrocious act that shocks the conscience?

Treason, obstruction, and intimidating a witness are likely charges.

Since you have a deep relationship with the LGBTi community how do you explain a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth that is designed to implicate the Cambridge University (proximate cause) United Kingdom, United States, Los Angeles Police Department and LGBTi persons?

Since LGBTi history is being mandated in California it too is a fraud.

Since I a ritvik Hare Krishna this escalates the event as Hate Crime.

I am advocating those HIV AIDS positive persons which are about 1.3 million in the USA. Someone who believes they are terminal should start taking on these criminals and expose them.

This is something the Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Obama do not have the will or courage to undertake.

Your credibility is at stake as the provocations by these stalkers only incriminates the State of California and the United States federal government.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Blythe CA

March 23, 2012

Gay Militia and Damage to LGBTi History

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

March 29, 2012

The Gang Stalking lead by LAPD and the homosexual LGBTi community has escalated to the level where it is clear this element wishes for a legal and historical to occur here. O have already acknowledged that the United States Federal Government, State of California, Riverside County, R 45th Bono Mack, City of Blythe and Ehrenberg AZ are all locations of a hate crime and treason.

As a heterosexual male I am openly willing to confront what I am calling treason, obstruction of justice, and intimidation of a witness.

The repertoire of Male Same Males as anal coitus, felatio, and masturbation or focalized in polymorphous perversity in recruiting homosexuals and other persons in what is the Joe Virus or bottom ten percent of the population.

I am presenting my refutation to the provocations which occurred today again as I went for my mail and food. What is unique here is that LGBTi History is damaged and the Latino population here along homosexual lines will be perform poorly and racism is apparent.

I will subject my work to Kuhn Popper methodologies. LGBTi cannot even be used in exclusion to homosexuality or heterosexuality due to the hate tactics of the Gay Militia.

My testimony since June 17, 1987 will implicate LGBTi persons as the drivers of Hate Stalking in the United States. LGBTi persons who claim heterosexuals are alone guilty of their victimization may have to reevaluated their claims as even five presidents Reagan to Obama have been easily blackmailed and extorted and permitted stalking to occur.

Open Letter to AZ Attorney General Horne

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

March 30, 2012

Tom Horne AZ 3.30.2012

Tom Horne

Dear Attorney General Horne,

My name is David Nollmeyer. I am writing you to complain about the in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth attack that is in continuo in Ehrenberg since about the middle of October 2011. The Colorado River is chemically despoiled as is all the food available for purchase at Flying J truckstop Texaco and EZ Mart.

The Gang Stalking or laying in wait and intimidating persons by slamming of card doors is run allegedly by a Gay Militia from LAPD.

The events I am discussing are occurring prima facie in Arizona so you as Attorney General are liable for their prosecution.

As seen I have been a lifelong heterosexual male who does not and has never supported Sam Sex Marriage.

This would then establish this act also a Hate Crime by MSM persons and LGBTi person but to the exclusion of heterosexual persons.

The loss of health to these chemical agents is severe. If contamination in the Colorado River is from the Arizona side is occurring the State is liable. It is totally clear that vehicles are gassing the air driving in Arizona.

Your agency website states that you are concerned with protecting the citizens of Arizona. This is a very irrational pre fascist movement that appears concerned with recruiting many persons in the lower ten percent of the population and aiming such at the highest.

The Colorado River first became despoiled in 2007. Since this time over 50,000 persons have also been killed in drug wars in Mexico.

Personally I have miscalculated the debilitating effects of the attack and my age 50.5 years of age. I am in physically better shape that the average person. My BMI is never over 25.

The State of Arizona and your natural person are liable if you do not take efforts to terminate this Hate Crime.

Thank you for your consideration

David Nollmeyer

Ehrenberg AZ

March 30, 2012

Open Letter to Mary Bono R 45th

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

April 5, 2012

Mary Bono Mack

Mary Bono Mack

Dear Congresswoman Bono,

The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth that is in continuo and unrecognized in the United States and the 45th Congressional District of California has exposed several salient features over it's trajectory. The human race and biological life are being systematically and marginally attacked by extorting and blackmailing federal, state, and local sworn officials.

This usurpation is alleged to be authored by Cambridge Law School who is has orchestrated cell(s) of MSM or Male Same Sex Males in a Gay Militia in LAPD. Since I have been an exclusive heterosexual male all my life, I too was born in 1961, this rogue element has alienated my Bill of Right protections based on an LGBTi criteria of which I would have none.

LAPD officers in the Gay Militia are heavily blackmailed and delivering extortion due to homosexual and other racketeering conduct. Sheriff Babeau in Arizona was recently outed as Gay in his Congressional run just east of the 45th District.

These officers in LAPD are more ashamed of their same sex orientation and because will resort to violence as stalking my person. As seen I am easily the most stalked person in United States history. There is a major self defense case ongoing in Florida. I am confronting about 90 percent of the population of the town of Blythe.

I have the legal right under the First Amendment to think freely and move about. The Eight Amendment protects me from cruel and unusual treatment. The 14th Amendment guarantees me due process and equal protection.

As stated LAPD is operating outside of procedure and are criminal movers sine qua non as the proximate cause in the United States and the 45th District. Hence they can not order or give any quid pro quo as payment to attack or harass one.

These acts amount to treason of which the informant is to be punished by Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. Also prima facie there are 7 billion persons on earth and they for all practical purposes could be seen as informant traitors. If nothing else if there are 200 nationstates and their leadership is de facto and censoring and sanitizing an atrocity their countries could be subject to future clandestine and overt attacks.

To state an issue on moral grounds a country as Iran has great reason to be concerned if Anglo American concerns if the United States is willing to attack one heterosexual person with a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth to support LGBTi interests. This is poor as the so called LGBTi Right to Marry groups have made noticeable gains through civil means.

The authorship has designed Gay Irrationalist Gay Know Nothing based on scapegoating the bottom ten percent of the LGBTi population. Notice I have stated I have to confront 90 percent population.

To focalize you, Barack Obama, Gavin Newsom, Kamala Harris, and Abel Maldonado have the strongest possibility of being legally prosecuted for Crimes Against Humanity.

The Colorado River is Chemically Contaminated and the Salton Sea has been also. I spend the winter alternately location.

It appears that the entrapment coincides with what is known as Technological Singularity and superintelligence. If computers as IBM's Watson are to be programmed with Artificial Intelligence then such will have to recognize the Crimes Against Humanity in continuo from the Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Obama.

Homeless persons, local residents and the Country of Mexico depend on the Colorado River for water and food. If they testify ever in history you and Barack Obama will be convicted.

Since I am a ritvik Hare Krishna with a reasonably strong practice, I do not drink alcohol, do no illegal drugs, do not gamble and support heterosexuality or opposite sex marriage, I am reasonable fit. I maintain a BMI of less than 25 and never weigh more than 155 lbs. I should be a vegetarian but all the food is attacked and at time, similar to a Christian I have to eat whatever food is in front of me.

Of interest is that the attack on surface water is named Radhanatha. Radhanatha swami is a real person an ISKCON diksa guru. Hridayananda dasa goswami is also an ISKCON diksa guru who supports Gay Monogamy. ISKCON does not support Gay Monogamy or Same Sex Marriage.

As stated I am a ritvik practitioner and am not hostile. I have will fax or email these persons as necessary because of the defamation and legal and historical implications that are likely to occur.

You should expose this atrocious act as there are nearly 1 million person exposed directly here, all 38 million in California, with a total of 313 million victims in the United States alone.

Thank you for consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

Open Letter to Sen. Kyl R AZ

Blythe CA - Ehrenberg AZ

April 13, 2012

Jon Kyl AZ 2012

Jon Kyl

Dear Senator Kyl,

As the Unrecognized Chemical Assault Scorched Earth continues to despoil both the Colorado River, air, and tangible property along the Ehrenberg AZ Blythe CA crossing the main concern is the cost to human health and the rule of law.

What is focal is that this attack is being driven by Gay or Male Homosexual officers of LAPD. They are heavily entangled in a blackmail and extortion ring. They are on a fool's errand to recruit more members to their so called Gay Militia. What is unique is their attempt to OUT ME.

This has continually failed over my entire 50 years of life.

It appears prima facie that your OUTING and Sheriff Babeau's recent exposure may be related.

Semantics aside you have not fulfilled your sworn duties to protect citizen's and property in Arizona.

What is dangerous is the stalking that is connected to outing Gays. I do not support OUTING persons nor do I condone the blackmail, extortion, and blackmail that are externalities.

This attack is a live human experiment to test if Artificial Intelligence and supercomputers as IBM's Watson will sanitize crimes against humanity. To date the censorship encompasses 7 billion persons worldwide.

The major joke here along the Colorado River is that even if the homeless persons here testify both Watson will lose and George W. Bush and Barack Obama will go to prison or worse.

To date LGBTi History is also wrecked as the Gay Militia is the driver and recruit stalkers in their gender orientation first then heterosexuals second.

The provocations here by the so called Gay Militia reflect as scripted Gay Irrationalist Gay Know Nothing ideology that these police officers are so blackmailed and extorted into that they are maliciously escalating behaviors to incriminate Obama or perhaps Romney if he should win the presidency.

The LGBTi community here are also fools errand for fighting for me and the rule of law as cowards. They have no legal standing to claim self defense when they are attacking citizens as TRAITORS.

You should fulfill your office as Senator and INTERVENE.

Thank you for consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Ehrenberg AZ Blythe CA

April 13, 2012

Open Letter to Sen. John McCain R AZ

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

April 15, 2012

John McCain R AZ 2012

John McCain

Dear Senator McCain,

As the end of both your arc of lifespan and career approach, it is conspicuous that as a decorated War Hero who usually argues strongly on National Security you have not exposed or lead a counter to the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth program that is in continuo from June 17, 1987.

In the main this is a Crime Against Humanity writ large and Treason against the United States. Arizona has been the jurisdiction form much of this activity.

The Colorado River is currently despoiled at Ehrenberg AZ Blythe CA.

As seen this activity radiates from LAPD from cell(s) of a Gay Militia that are Gay IrrationalistGay Know Nothing. They are racist and nativistic persons who are deeply entangled in a blackmail and extortion ring.

They are a Joe Virus. Hence similar to a bot virus that attacks a server on computer they are recruiting here along racial and LGBTi lines first to form a network of traitors and informants that would shock the conscience. Recruiting treason is cheaply done even if the parties know in advance that the only reason to recruit and offer them remuneration is to attack their health and scorch the earth further down the line. Hence a confirmation of the Know Nothing label in nexus with nativism.

Hence as a moral duty I believe it is my obligation to confront these actors as they have alienated my Bill of Right protections due to the fact that I am a heterosexual male.

This is to state that the Courts are obstructed due to the fact that my identity is heterosexual and I have never engaged in same sex.

Prima facie it appears credible that these actors have OUTED Senator Jon Kyl R AZ and Sheriff Babeau who is running for Congress as a Republican in Arizona.

A salient feature is their use of polymorphous perversity. Hence if an intellectual debate ensues these officers attack with ad hominem with sexual innuendos which is vulgar speech about male to male sexual activity as fellatio, anal sex, male to male masturbation.

This blackmail, extortion, and quid pro quo pattern quickly escalates into stalking where few are arrested by criminal behavior is escalated and institutionalized.

This is in support of a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth clearly supports accusations Crimes of a Depraved Mind.

Gay Males have clearly defined themselves as they only group to fail as policemen.

I am one day older than Barack Obama being born August 3, 1961 in Roswell NM.

It appears the development of Artificial Intelligence and supercomputers as IBM's Watson is designed to censor and sanitize Crimes Against Humanity.

As seen Obama is the Singularity Target. It is an a fortiori proposition that the defection model that is obstructing justice for him and sworn officials will breakdown near 2040 five years before Technological Singularity is to occur in 2046.

I have miscalculated the intensity of the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. Therefore I am will be more assertive in confronting those actors that had legal obligation to protect American citizens and natural persons in the United States.

If the future posterity wishes to discern what has occurred to their health and inheritance they should be told the truth, the culture created the conditions for it's own elimination by being informants and traitors who sold off their rights and became entangled in a blackmail and extortion which retaliated with Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

The great British Gay Mathematician Alan Turing Centennial is occurring next month. There are strong allegations that the proximate cause is Cambridge law School.

There are two components of this event that are prominent the authorship has named the event Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC and they are creators of Gay Irrationalist Gay Know Nothing.

This attack is live human experimentation and threshold training. As a survivor of the Hanoi Hilton you are no stranger to human deprivation and endurance.

I have not drank water unless it was from snow in over five years. I am composing these memos on the cheapest computer equipment available and solar panels which are not cheap.

History is the Final Court. If I do survive I will pursue Barack Obama and any command level authorities and accomplices as Simon Wisenthal pursued the Nazis.

You should act legally before your career is over.

Thank you for consideration.

David Nollmeyer

Ehrenberg AZ Blythe CA

April 15, 2012

Complaint to the Convention Against Torture CAT

McCloud CA

September 1, 2012

This complaint is Chapter 6 of MOCM PT. III which has a readable rough draft online. This clearly provides a legal complaint against Barack Obama. It clearly identifies the United Kingdom.

In re: Nollmeyer


1. David Nollmeyer brings a complaint against the United Kingdom in nexus with an in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth in the United States. Principal to this attack is the despoliation of surface water as the Colorado River along the Arizona - California border and the Salton Sea in California. In continuation, intense stalking through electronic surveillance is observable. The use of instructing stalkers over radio stations to targets is similar to what occurred in Rwanda is also manifest.

2. Articles 4, 5, and 6 of the Convention Against Torture form the basis for the action.

3. The issue involves the alleged authorship and proximate cause of actors in the United Kingdom specifically Cambridge Law School.

4. These activities are manifest in the United States by Los Angeles Police Department whom contain a Gay Militia. These actors are abusing mutual aid violations with other states to facilitate the coordination of attacks on targets.

5. This attack is code named Operation Radhanatha in a poison in the well fallacy format. Radhanatha swami is a natural person who is an ISKCON diksa guru whom many believe is involved in a murder of Sulochana in 1986 in Los Angeles.

6. The allegation is that Cambridge Law School is tacitly and overtly guiding the rise and fall of the British Empire. In doing so these actors have systematically authored Crimes Against Humanity which in time many persons wished to expose. This intent lead to a confrontation between homosexual and heterosexual members which alienated my human rights under the ICCPR and the CAT. To facilitate this action an attack against the United States and then President Ronald Reagan began on June 17, 1987.

7. Operation Radhanatha contaminated the Colorado River from Earp CA - Parker AZ through Blythe, California towards Mexico on February 12, 2007. This would implicate then President George W. Bush. This has occurred two more times in this location. The dates are approximately from October 2009 - May 2010 and October 2011 - May 2012.

8. Under these conditions all surface water is despoiled.

9. The other major event is the contamination of the Salton Sea. This occurred first in October 2008 just prior to the first election of President Barack Obama. This event persisted until I left the area around May 2009. The Salton Sea was then also contaminated from October 2009 to about May 2010.

10. The Salton Sea is an inland lake which must evaporate and does not empty into any ocean. The entire area above is amongst the hottest - temperatures easily reach 115 degrees. It is also the poorest in the United States with unemployment between 20 to 25 percent.

11. I have been under 24 hour electronic surveillance. I am easily the most stalked person in the History of the United States, and am enduring a systematic attack that is open live human experimentation based on the epistemology of knowledge and the processing and ordering of sense datum by the mind.

12. A unique facet of this hate crime is that the perpetrators appear to be homosexual males who wish to gay bait victims as Male Same Sex Males - MSM. I have been heterosexual my whole life.

Statement of Facts

1. The in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth that is imposed over my natural person is a hate crime based on a homosexual or same sex qualification. I am a lifelong heterosexual male.

2. The foundational theory is Social Engineering or more properly Social Wrecking. The pairing of a crime against a constitutional right undermines the standing positive law. Since the United States has ratified the CAT as well as the United Kingdom the resultant complex jurisdictional problems should have a remedy.

3. The strategic mission of the attack is Gay Marriage. Currently Proposition 8 is awaiting writ of certiorari in the United States Supreme Court. I am a ritvik Hare Krishna and Same Sex Marriage violates both my Vedic and personal beliefs.

4. It is clear that this attack is based on my lifelong heterosexuality and Japanese American ancestry. THE ATTACK WOULD NOT HAVE OCCURRED AS A FULL BLOWN CHEMICAL ASSAULT SCORCHED EARTH IF I WAS ENGAGED IN SAME SEX ACTIVITIES.

5. The allegation is that the same sex qualification for legal rights is three anal sex intercourses. I am not sure what the exact time frame or frequency is. However one same sex behavior every six months would qualify one as LGBTi regardless of identity.

6. In this nexus this activity is a Homosexual Blackmail and Extortion Ring. Any type of criminal or illicit activity that is recorded electronically may result in blackmail - the revealing of private history and extortion and the performance or non-performance of activities.

7. The latter is the source of extremely depraved stalking that is guided over the radio, television, and internet similar to genocides in Africa.

8. The Convention Against Torture also appears to be a direct target of what is MOEC - Mobilization of Empire and Civilization. The acronym is derived from the Book of MOED and the fact that Cambridge and Oxford are involved in the expansion of the United Kingdom.

9. As per the Colorado River, since February 12, 2007 over 55,000 persons have been killed in drug cartel warfare. This is an example of the pairing of one event to another.

10. Hence the Chemical Assault is less for LGBTi persons and a fractal of what is imposed over my natural person.

11. The strategy is to create a Crime Against Humanity originating in the United Kingdom by Cambridge Law School, through Scotland Yard, Los Angeles Police Department, the United States, California, Los Angeles and the LGBTi Movement. This would also result in treason in the United Kingdom and the United States for any culpable citizens.

12. Hence all sworn officials that are duty bound and legally required are targeted.

13. The attack works corruption of blood and is genealogically based.

14. Stalking is facilitated by creating a hierarchy of officials and law officers that hand off or entrap crime through mutual aid violations.

15. There is a continual pattern of what has emerged as Gang Stalking where impunity is created through the blackmail and extortion ring where stalkers are recruited to harass persons and hear their quid pro quos or deals. This structure reflects that these informants are working to promote their livelihoods outside of legal norms, attacking the rule of law. Two simultaneous eternities cannot exist. The social contract between the head of state and his citizens is broken.

16. If this activity is authored in the United Kingdom and handed off through Scotland Yard to Los Angeles Police Department; it is espionage and treason.

17. The main stalking behavior is lying in wait in a car at a public place as a gas station, post office or store. Hence when the target passes by the stalkers emerge and slam their car doors at the person. This is at least false imprisonment.

18. The main structure here reflects a polarity switch reflecting dehumanization. The Gay Militia and it's recruits are the main drivers. Hence the current mythology being spread through LGBTi History and Studies claim that LGBTi persons are victims. At June 17, 1987 this polarity would have completely have been reversed with the manifest attack on Ronald Reagan. This was done on pirated public radio and television and I was stalked very seriously in Dover, Delaware at this time. I continue to write under duress here in McCloud, California. (There are major wildfires burning within 50 miles of here. There is a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth and very high smoke. Many of these fires may be attacked with contaminated water).

19. Along the Colorado River at the Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ Interstate 10 crossing there is a Flying J Truck Stop. This is a location of some of the most severe Gang Stalking and intimidation. Operation Radhanatha contaminated the Colorado River from Earp CA Parker AZ through Blythe, California towards Mexico on February 12, 2007. This would implicate then President George W. Bush. This has occurred two more times in this location. The dates are approximately from October 2009 - May 2010 and October 2011 - May 2012.

20. The dirt road that runs south adjacent to the Flying J at tines is sprayed with water to keep the dust levels low. This water at times has been contaminated so that you are chemically attacked while walking on the road.

21. Here the Stalkers would harass my person in the lot knowing that there was a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

22. There is a cotton field just south of the truck stop. The field is totally despoiled from contaminated water. The bales of cotton would burn you hand to the touch. This field is being constructed as physical evidence and the workers as witnesses.

23. The same issue is true of plastic containers as oil jugs and bottles. Items that have been sitting in the desert are still contaminated after 5 plus years. This is an area that receives 115 degree heat regularly.

24. The cotton and vegetable fields in Blythe and Ehrenberg are contaminated.

25. Many houses draw water from the Colorado River.

26. The food in all the fast food restaurants in Blythe and the truckstop are contaminated if I am in proximity. This would include McDonalds, Del Taco, and Jack in the Box.

27. The United States Post Office in Blythe is among one of the worst locations for stalking. Persons continually lay in wait to harass persons as they receive their mail.

28. In regards to the Salton Sea, both Barack Obama and Senator McCain were totally cognizant of the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth and continued to campaign in 2008 while this atrocity was evident. Then President George W. Bush made no effort to remedy the disaster and financial disaster ensued due to the movement of counter-cyclical interest rates and lending of mortgages to unqualified borrowers.

29. This action has caused a multiplier which has the EU in recession. Such actions reflect the undermining of the lowest 40 percent of the United States or those earning $20,000 per anum or less.

30. The area in Desert Shores where I winter is more open spatially. The stalking and lying in wait to harass persons is pandemic. It is a signature event in LGBTi History.

31. The Palm Springs - Coachella Valley is home to a very prominent LGBTi community. This leverages the actions of the Gay Militia.

32. Of interest is that when the Bird Flu moved from Mexico into California and the United States. This area was one of the first to be infected. I was told at the grocery store with my grocer in Desert Shores that we were infected. This was by electronic surveillance. When I left I remained in Inyo County because I had the flu. This flu is very mild compared to the spring flu that can attack the area.

33. Without making a conclusionary statement, I intend to move to Desert Shores along the Salton Sea by October 15, 2012. There are several large lakes in Mammoth County as well as the Owens Canal in Inyo County that will be despoiled.

Statement of Progress and Intent

1. This entire event demonstrates corruption and collusion at the highest level of the NATO alignment. It appears that de facto elements within the collapse of the British Empire have created a homosexual blackmail and extortion ring. There is a pairing of this Chemical Assault Scorched Earth with Gay Marriage in the United States.

2. Perry v. Brown or Proposition 8 is awaiting writ of certiorari in the Supreme Court. A resolution of this case may affect the outcome. What is of great concern is prosecution of guilty actors and reparations to victims. A type of Marshall Plan has been discussed. This would indebt the United Kingdom and the United States a to a considerable amount.

3. Consider recent statements by President Barack Obama concerning Syrian chemical weapons: "We cannot have a situation in which chemical or biological weapons are falling into the hands of the wrong people," Mr. Obama said in response to questions at an impromptu news conference at the White House. "We have been very clear to the Assad regime but also to other players on the ground that a red line for us is, we start seeing a whole bunch of weapons moving around or being utilized." "That would change my calculus," he added.

4. Since potable surface water is very scarce in the Middle East, Obama's statements borderline psychopathy. There are ongoing wildfires here throughout the Lassen, Siskiyou, Tehama, and Humboldt County areas that would be directly attacked by contaminate air, water, and products in stores.

5. When I walk into a building the police have to be ahead of me to contaminate the water in taps. The air in ventilation is also contaminated.

6. This is unprecedented in the history of the world.

7. Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Vice President Biden are leading fictitious, de facto and ommissive lives as sworn competent officials.

8. I am similar to Simon Wisesnthsal and will work to the end of my life to see that Barack Obama and any other officials are held accountable for these War Crimes.

9. This is a live experiment on human regarding Technological Singularity. I am the leading opposition figure against MOEC with a boundary being 1 out 7 billion. I have maintained the strongest World Wide Web presentation of any supranational regime, nationstate, institution, or individual. The Gay Militia in LAPD who took the gambit to attack the United States, the Constitution, Ronald Reagan and myself have degraded.

10. These actors are severely implicated in a homosexual blackmail ring which is driving the RICO styled criminal enterprise.

11. Please refer this complaint to any Rapporteur, OAS (concerning Mexico) or other protocol that may have a strong jurisdictional interest in this case.

David Nollmeyer

McCloud CA

August 30, 2012

The Wrong Side of History

Desert Shores CA

October 18, 2012

The Wrong Side of History is the new mantra of censorship and sanitization. This phrase is being cued and used very strongly by progressives on the Gay Marriage issue. The Salton Sea is once again Chemically Despoiled for the third time. Barack Obama won his first term of office in 2008 while this planned catastrophe occurred. Electronic Surveillance and Gang Stalking are also highly connected to the LGBTi side with heavy participation by heterosexuals also.

Here Rick Jacobs of Courage Campaign has been in the Palm Springs area during these events. The Wrong Side of History is used frequently on comments on their sites.

Undermining the culture is also heavily at hand and has been throughout. Marginalization has been used universally to describe acts similarly intended.

Here actors as California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and AG Kamala Harris also are targets for prosecution with Obama. Republican VP candidate Paul Ryan is 42 and is also a figure of high interest.

From an ethnographic perspective my emergence as a LGBTi figure has been predicted as determined. This is a miserable failure as at age 51 I have been heterosexual my whole life.

I am claiming openly that is the strongest source of opposition worldwide.

As seen Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has started a new institute at USC. The USC Schwarzenegger Institute for State and Global Policy will be housed in the USC Price School of Public Policy. The Governor has also published a biography Total Recall, which the title alone is insulting to one of reasonable intelligence.

The killing off of conscience to develop an antisocial psychopath is focal issue. The Governor to date has the worst human rights and environmental record for a California figure.

No one from the Coachella Valley to date has any notable performance including Rep. Mary Bono Mack.

Boycott the 2012 Presidential Election

Salton City CA

November 1, 2012

I am endorsing a Boycott of the 2012 Presidential Election. The American Presidency since Ronald Reagan on June 17, 1987 has been aware of a Manifest Chemical Assault Scorched Earth program.

Barack Obama has run for the presidency twice with the Salton Sea Chemically Attacked. The first time being in 2008. Mitt Romney, Paul Ran, and Joe Biden are no strangers to incompetence and corruption. The Republicans and Democrats are collusive in what appears to be a universal attack on the human race itself.

It appears that professors from Cambridge Law School many years past designed the defection model and have implemented such from Scotland Yard and Los Angeles Police Department. The attack is focused on Gay Marriage and LGBTi issues. A central component of this structure and process is Marriage Breaking. This is disguised as Marriage Making but in particular the females that following the dating that is arranged through the police suffer a very high divorce rate.

If I reflect over my high school years the divorce rate in certain circles is near 60 percent. Some cliques of friends are 100 percent. What is unique is that I lived in the same working class neighborhood as Joe Biden when he first ran for the Senate in 1972. He has probably shook has with every person that I knew from this era that has divorced.

Equally confusing now is whether LGBTi persons have a right to marry under the Equal Protection and Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment.

As far as Obama is concerning the United States is on the verge of war with Iran over nuclear development. Syria, it's ally has been accused of using Chemical Weapons. At least 25 persons have been killed by Hurricane Sandy on the east coast. There are over 350 case of fungal meningitis with about 25 deaths and increasing.

In a manifest attack, there have are over 1.2 million HIV AIDS cases with perhaps 300,000 infected without realizing such. 3 million persons are infected with Hepatitis C.

Obama and Romney are clearly obstacles in creating a just society.

The Wrong Side of History

In conclusion, with the Salton Sea Chemically Despoiled for the second presidential election and Hurricane Sandy having devastated the East Coast, the Gay Militia has once again increased their call for stalkers at the intersection of Highway 86 and the entrance to Salton City. This would include the Arco truck stop, Dollar General Store. Market Post office and a Charter School across the street. I am not afraid of these Cowards. The are being invoked to the LGBTi side.

A positive defense and justification are needed these actors are accomplices to a Hate Crime.

The attack on the Salton Sea is unprecedented in World History.

The Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Obama are on the Wrong Side of History. This has deep implications for sworn officials, theologians, academics, and artists. The concrete damage to life, limb, and property is great. The future recognition and exposure of principals, accomplices, and accessories will occur.

This will definitely effect the economic and class structure of the United States and the United Kingdom.

Boycott the 2012 Presidential Election

Desert Shores CA

November 25, 2012

The Sanitization of History

Here along the Salton Sea we are witnessing a turning point in the History of the human race, United States, and definitively California.

This area is a hotbed for stalking. The response here is criminal. Property is being despoiled by creating informants and wrecking their natural lives and wealth.

The Yellow Brick Road was a trap. There is no patriotism in the United States. The Mexicans say nothing on this either.

It is clear that a Gay Militia operating out of LAPD and not the Delaware State Police is conducting these activities. This action is based on Gay Marriage. Proposition 8 is awaiting possible certiorari this Friday November 30, 2012. The American Federation of Equal Rights or AFER won the case. I supported Proposition 8 and still do. So I am clearly in the main the heterosexual side.

I clearly am making a legal and historical defense of myself here.

This includes criminal prosecution and the teaching in schools as UCLA.

For the record the name of a female cohort from Delaware is being used here. I have no connection with this person. She was bisexual and a friend from high school. She has divorced and remarried. I know her husband also.

The point being is that if LAPD is stating that she would be a successful example as a bisexual person who married by following a Yellow Brick Road or deal this would be false.

Also all my female friends from Facebook are being presented as males continually in act of hatred.

In short this tournament is a hoax. It clear now that of June 30, 2012 1 percent of all males are HIV AIDS positive in California.

This community has to question their accusations against the heterosexual community.

In my official presentation if you can read this and have gotten divorced or are HIV AIDS positive you are very close to the actors that have operated on you.

So far to my knowledge and I do look, no one from the Palm Springs Coachella Valley has made any reasonable effort to terminate criminal actions regarding MOEC.

I have a new site countering Arnold Schwarzenegger's new institute at USC:

Website Update

Desert Shores CA

December 3, 2012


Mobilization of Empire and Civilization

Political Figures

Barack Obama

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Hillary Clinton

Geir Lundestad


Universities, Police Agencies, & Locations

Supporting MOEC Sites


Social Science

Other Sites

Chemical Assault: Challenge to Leadership

Gaudiya Vaishnava



Happy Holidays

Desert Shores CA

December 3, 2012

The impact the Salton Sea area will have is profound. Obama will sink or swim based on the attack on the human race which is symbolized bt the despoliation of the Salton Sea. If anyone is entertaining the notion that this is an Attorney General Exception and Obama et al. are free from criminal complicity.

This is espionage and a purge of informants. Those sworn duty bound officers at both the federal and state level have very little room to maneuver.

The anti intellectual treatment of those Hispanic persons by the Gay Militia is insulting but then again there is 90 percent failure rate universally.

As the Supreme Court considers Gay Marriage cases, and World's AIDS Day transpired there was an internet meltdown of LGBTi persons who believe in dragging their Facebook friends down by vulgarity.

There is a cohort rivalry being orchestrated. As seen I was born in 1961, the same year as Mary Bono Mack and Barack Obama. There are individuals that are targets and placed in nodes worldwide. The postings that have been occurred in the last week have wrecked a few individuals.

For the Gay Militia to claim this is a tournament is nonsense for these persons.

The cutthroat stalking here is criminal and should result in prison sentences. If you can not figure what is right or wrong that is why you can end up in prison, divorced, and out of work with your families name ruined.

Future Strategies

Desert Shores CA

December 15, 2012

The worst mass murder in United States History occurred in Connecticut on Friday the 14th, 2012. At least 27 were killed, 20 children and seven adults at an elementary school in Sandy Hook.

Similarly to Norway, the gunmen chose vulnerable children resulting in a high casualty count. The Norwegian Nobel Prize awarded it's highest honor to Obama only to have this attack occur. Obama accepted the prize while a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth was in continuo. Obama poses himself and wife Michelle as concerned and caring parents while the entire country and parts of the world are in open confrontation with a Gay Militia.

The concrete record of Lundestad and Obama is very poor on family issues.

The Salton Sea is destroyed and the hatred and stalking is poor the LGBTi Movement and others who live by quid pro quos.

The use of undermining the family which is the basic political unit in Western Political Science will in itself expose both Obama and the Nobel Prize's Mythology.

Happy Holidays Summary

Desert Shores CA

December 28, 2012

Mayan Calendar

Mayan Calendar

The end of the world did not arrive on December 21, 2012. Many have speculated that the Mayan Calendar is a prophesy of an end world scenario.

MOEC Studies is developing now with a strong growth curb. The children born here during 2000 are now 12 years of age. They have been exposed to a tremendous amount of information. This material will define the future. It is clear that the Salton Sea is the strongest evidence to prosecute Barack Obama and the alleged authorship Cambridge Law School.

What is the Wrong Side of History? This slogan is currently being popularized by the Gay Marriage Movement. MOEC is undermining all platforms within it's resources grasp.

Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is now irrefutable as a driver of Chemical Assault Scorched Earth, Gang Stalking, and Electronic Surveillance.

The family is prime unit of the political system. The president and the parents are under scrutiny to their skills in child development.

As technology accelerates the divide between computers and humans also increases. This area has the nation's lowest educationally level, about a high school diploma for adults.

The crime rate is increasing in Riverside County.

Stalking is a major problem here. Prisoner's dilemma is being used by the Gay Militia (LAPD) to recruit informants. Hence they are on the Wrong Side of History.

Anyone born after 1955 should consider how well she or he would perform under oath.

I am challenging some of the so called brightest persons and sworn officials. The material I am writing is also the strongest in the world to date.

The question is this, Why are adults and the children not equaling my performance? I will also stake a claim to being the greatest survival athlete or endurance figure to date.

These issues are becoming more salient over time. I begin to discuss this area on a new site: