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Mesh of Civilizations

Origin in it's original conception was argued as an Organic Government. This places such in the same taxonomy with Nazism and Fascism. MOEC should be studied in it's original seven subsystems.Origin or MOEC should be decapitated to the Proximate Cause sine qua non (Proximate Cause). I have realized that I have been using my Reiterated Model in many places on my domain and in letters (Nollmeyer, D. 2013a). The Original Model should be attributed to the Authorship. I believe the Reiterated Model is Highly Useful for study. It appears that Cambridge intentionally understood the implications of study.

After the passage of 25 years and 17 years of documented work on Mobilization of Empire and Civilization, I am certain of it's validity under scrutiny regarding Kuhn Popper Methodologies (Maboloc, C.R. 2018).

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

October 11, 2015

David Nollmeyer, McCloud, CA, 8-3-2012

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

March 28, 2013

Desert Shores, California


A model used in Mobilization of Empire and Civilization's attack is an Alter Ego component and perspective that is based on transformations based on the Stalinist USSR and the United States (Wilson, D. 1991). The Soviet Union is the standard model used in modern totalitarianism. This is the post 1900 era. This modelling is a very solid approach and will be very difficult to refute. This perspective is based on the formation of the Oprichniki during Ivan the Terrible. In Russia this secret police department swept through the countryside dressed in black on horseback with brooms and with heads of dogs mounted on their saddles. The Boyers and other members of the leading classes sought security underneath the Oprichniki rather than oppose them (Wilde R. 2019).

This structure is argued as the beginning of the Russian Mafia and the KGB.

In continuation, it is argued that the allegation Cambridge Law School is the Proximate Cause is true (Proximate Cause). The Origin GUI is assumed to be an empirical fact of History in MOEC Studies (GUI 2019). It is also argued in the positive that Scotland Yard and Los Angeles Police Department are running the operation. LAPD has taken the gambit line that has developed Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing being entrapped from the United Kingdom. As seen five Irrationalist Presidents have emerged (Nollmeyer, D. 2012c):

Irrationalist Presidents

Ronald Reagan

George HW Bush

William Clinton

George W Bush

Barack Obama

The Social Contract Theory is the correct model in modern constitutional theory and is accepted in practice worldwide (Social Contract Theory 2021). Since my rights have been alienated by an attack by homosexual or MSM (men who have sex with men) actors I have been forced to survive while an epistemological attack on my natural person has been condoned by the American Presidents named supra. The MSM officers of LAPD are organized as a Gay Militia with various nom de guerras.

Overall Cambridge is using an eclectic dialectical line derived from the Greek Tyrannies and an ideological line derived from Plato to Marx. Hence Archetypal patterns have been inverted and artificially embedded in the Paradigm of Laws:

The Paradigm of Laws

Eternal Law

Natural Law

Positive Law

These actors have entrapped a cell of MSM officers in a cell that have operated with the code names of (Nollmeyer, D. 2013a):

Gay Militia Code Names


The Fly


Under a Tournament challenge it was posited that under Gay Relativity and Phenomenology LAPD would be able to morally justify an attack on my person (Quotoshi, S. 2018). This would necessitate a Positive Self Defense. Under positive law a justification would involve concepts as the Castle Doctrine meaning that they would need to prove a positive self defense (Castle Doctrine 2021). I am not the belligerent they are. In continuation, if they are under the color of law they have no legal right to operate an attack out of the LAPD stationhouse. Hence this develops the emergence of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing.

The analogy here to the Greek Pentathlon where a performer needs not only to be physically, spiritually and intellectually fit has become has become a colossal hoax (Pentathlon).

This attack against the human race was designed to entrap the United Kingdom, United States, California and LAPD. It also has a strategic mission of Gay or Same Sex Marriage.

In the historical panorama, it is now Christmas Eve, December 24, 2012.

In Philosophy, two divisions are moral and political. The latter is an extension of collective philosophy into a government. We are witnessing an undermining campaign against the human race. This is directed from an outline: The Collapse of the Anglo American Paradigm. At the root of this issue is the attack on the family. A divorce program is disguised as a Marriage Program. It's main construction is misogynist or the hatred of women. The essential component is the recruitment of MSM or Male Same Sex Males into police work. These officers are then entangled, blackmailed, and intimidated to radiate the attack outward. The most attractive FSF Female Same Sex Females are recruited in the belief that will marry doctors, lawyers, engineers or other successful males.

This activity is contingent on the males being at least bisexual. If this is not true the police will break the marriage and thus the family.

Two very important cases have moved to the United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS). They are United States v. Windsor, a Defense of Marriage Act DOMA, and Hollingsworth v. Perry or Proposition 8 from California (United States v. Windsor 2013) (Hollingsworth v. Perry 2013). The former is likely to be concerned with federal interference with states that have legalized Gay Marriage. The federal government does not recognize Gay Marriage and will not pay benefits. In the later, the question of whether the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment provides a right to marriage to same sex persons will be considered at least in part. The conventional wisdom is that the Court will opt to settle the issue on narrower ground s without Gay Marriage nationally.

Barack Obama is the Singularity Target which would place Obama at 79 years of age in 2040, about five years before 2045 the predicted date of Singularity.

There is a blanket sanitization and censorship run by LAPD which is worldwide. My domain is the strongest historical opposition to date out of a world of 7 billion persons.

In consideration of conflicts, punishment is the short run solution and education is the long run solution.

This is the point of departure for Garden of Enchiridion.

Over the years there is much information that does not easily fall into a formal academic paradigm or is easily sustainable in court. Herein I will include as many theoretical positions that I am aware of. I will also address aesthetics. I will present relevant commentary from both the fine arts and popular music to illustrate the scope of state planning used in MOEC.

I will also address the young persons who were born after June 17, 1987 and those who will inherit a legacy of Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. I have openly challenged the totalitarianism. Most persons are informants in the style of George Orwell's 1984 (Orwell, G. 1949).

A quantifiable manifest function is that these officers are undermining the human race, United States, and LGBTi persons.

With this in mind, the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is not recognized. It has been in continuo since June 17, 1987. The recruitment of criminal informants under the guise of a justification as self defense is a hoax. It is not an Attorney General Exemption or Hot Pursuit Exception either (Kamins, B. 2020).

Hence these components of Mobilization of Empire and Civilization are the most likely to end this attack:

Components of MOEC

Biological Warfare

Chemical Warfare

Nuclear Warfare

The Salton Sea in California is the strongest and most brazen Scorched Earth site to date. Barack Obama has won two Presidential Elections while this inland sea has been contaminated. What is at hand is the creation of a Supercrime with the President being blackmailed and intimidated into condoning the system and protecting the mechanism and his predecessors.

The classical confrontation between the Individual versus the State emerges. The Christians have a saying that the Blind lead the Blind.

President Barack Obama is the Singularity Target.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer is the Singularity Experiment.

Hence I have been subjected to arbitrary, cruel, and unusual treatment (CAT 1994). In this light Cambridge Law School has attempted to Script my life to the day in what is Social Engineering. I have been deprived but based on the briefing I was given in Dover, Delaware after June 17, 1987 into early 1988, I have attempted organize MOEC Studies into an emergent discipline.

The principals have generated a Tournament Challenge to create a summon bonum across domains as the Paradigm of Laws and systems derived from such (Summon bonum).

For example, a person born in 1980 who has earned a PhD by 2010 will be 70 years of age in 2050. This is five years after the Singularity in 2045.

Here Along the Salton Sea, the entire population of perhaps 30,000 persons have been exposed to data which could have qualified them as world experts. Instead 90 percent choose defection to a MOEC which is a Crime Against Humanity, treason and obstruction of justice against the United States. The United Kingdom, United States, and California have severely damaged reputations and will face criminal and civil liabilities (Obstruction of Justice).

This is also true of the natural persons living here.

As I contemplate the different textures and roles that are extant, a goal is to converge these elements into a more systematic discipline as MOEC Studies. A key focus is the dereliction of moral obligation and sworn duty. In this area I wish to raise the baseline much higher to reach what I consider very important areas of study and occupation that have been undermined. I will stand on the fact that many of the individuals and groups capacitated to act are incompetent and corrupt.

MOEC is state planning. It's equilibrium is reached by defection and the Scripting from cradle to grave in one's entire lifespan. Hence this is the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City. This is a defection practice, not merit based promotion. As it is also an entrapment, demotion is also Scripted.

Issues that will be considered are what are the legal obligations of the President, Governor, Attorney General, and the Policeman?

How should other sworn or licensed professionals respond as lawyers, doctors, and professors and teachers at school?

Why is the media as news organizations on internet and in print Censoring and Sanitizing MOEC?

What role should faith based organizations and preachers play?

What role should one's parents and extended family play in opposing MOEC?

What role should you play in opposing MOEC?

A feature of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is that there are arguments that have been Scripted that have an intellectual age of only 12 years of age. This would be a sixth grade student in the United States.

These two questions should be placed before all elementary school students in elementary school:

If you were challenged to defect and join the side that has authored such and is developing the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth would you? Or would you cooperate with the Constitution and the victim and try to expose and criminally prosecute the culpable actors?

In light of this proposition, very sharp, critical questions about the intent and good faith of the United States have emerged. The family is the basic political unit of the political system. The Gay Marriage question has emerged as a catalyst to the downfall of the Anglo American Paradigm.

In conclusion, if one of LAPD's MSM officers were surrounded by 20 heterosexuals could they survive on merit and develop the strongest refutation to date? Would the heterosexual officers launch and continue a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program based on treason, obstruction of justice, intimidating a witness and assorted human rights violations (Obstruction of Justice)?


The Origin or Proximate Cause states that Cambridge Law School circa the 1930s authored and or finalized the planning needed to implement MOEC and it's subsystems (Proximate Cause).

Hence it is argued as the Controlling Hierarchy over lower subsystems.

The identity element of personal theistic systems is the Summon bonum (Summon bonum). In this light such is the most ideal or efficient exemplar of that faith. An example is that in Christianity the Identity is the Triune Godhead: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. We will consider Jesus the Son of Man.

In Gaudiya Vaishnavism the Identity is Krishna (Gaudiya Vaishnavism). The ideal preacher is Caitanya who is Krishna and Radha, Krishna's Consort, in one body. Caitanya is the Ideal Preacher of Gaudiya Vaishnavism or the Vedanta (Prabhupada, S. 1975).

An opposing argument arises from Mechanism (Mechanism 2021). Mechanism posits that life arose from matter. All objects can be reduced to physics and mathematics. In the Orthodox Marxist Leninist line the identity is the proletariat, a collective. Dialectical Materialism advocates the creation of the Consciousness of scientific labor (Dialectical Materialism). The opposite would be the lumpen or criminal labor.

The Tournament Challenge

If you were able to replicate yourself, could you create a superior race of people, civilization, and government?

The main driver at hand is Undermining Threats through Prisoner's Dilemma (Prisoner's Dilemma 2019). There equivalent perspectives in External and Internal Threat Analysis in management and the theory of games as chess.

The Targeted Chemical Assault against myself arises from a class struggle between two groups of persons: Homosexuals versus Heterosexuals.

This attack alienates my person from my social participation in my faith, destroys the natural environment, and obstructs my Bill of Rights protections in the United States and recognition under the Convention Against Torture which the United States ratified in 1994 (Bill of Rights) (CAT 1994).

The Manifest Chemical Assault Scorched Earth resulted in the disclosure and briefing about MOEC starting on June 17, 1987 in Dover, Delaware. This briefing was designed by Cambridge Law School. The briefing was equal to that of a President.

Since this time on February 12, 2007, Operation Radhanatha escalated the Chemical Assault to full contaminate all surface water in the ocean, river, lakes, and streams in my vicinity. The air has been continually sprayed by placing contaminants in the gasoline of automobiles. Food and durable goods have been contaminated from the factory and shipped where I am localized.

I have seriously undertaken prosecuting this activity to it's Origin in Cambridge Law School. I have authored over twenty six federal law suits. I have directed complaints to the United Nations against the United States and United Kingdom. To date the ICCPR, which has jurisdiction over the United Kingdom has not responded.

In cognitive behaviorism, punishment is the short run solution and education is the long run solution (Cognitive Behaviorism).

Homeland Security, Collective Security and Education have failed. Everything in existence has a History.

The Censorship and Sanitization of MOEC is unprecedented.

Since LAPD Gay Militia members are MSM, they have attempted to equate themselves with the leaders of the LGBTi Movement.

The family is the beginning social and political unit. The Undermining of MOEC has fragmented the parents one from another and in the relationship to their children.

The President, Congress, and Judiciary have violated they sworn duties to safeguard and instruct the citizens.


The terms here are (Nollmeyer, D. 2018a1):

Develop a case for the district attorney.

Develop a full feature (Storyboard) movie.

Develop a university level course.

LAPD has failed this challenge. I am earnestly attempting to develop MOEC Studies.

The system of merit based promotion based on Equal Protection and Due Process has been suspended (Due Process). Quid pro quos are being dispensed through LAPD creating a Yellow Brick Road of social promotion. Targets have been arranged in nodes towards the entire world population. These Targets have lifespan generated conditioning imposed over them. This covers their great grandparents (third generation), their education, marriage, and child bearing towards completing this loop.

The Strategic Mission is Gay Marriage. The ideal is a LGBTi Culture.

The Gay Militia in LAPD that attacked then President Ronald Reagan were a cell of mainly non commissioned officers. They are far from Renaissance figures. A key insight is that Cambridge Law School are lawyers. Trinity College or the School of Philosophy and Theology also has been involved. The theologians wished to expose MOEC.

The system will attempt to defend the two lead lawyers. These actors were MSM.

The Script or one's conditioning results in differentiation Out ten points such would yield: 10:0, 9:1, 8:2, 7:3 towards 2:8, 1:9, 0:10. The former ratio would be the most efficient and the later would be least efficient.

In this consideration an 8:2 versus a 6:4 Script would yield a B versus an F grade in the University System. The winner is Scripted. If one was a natural 9:1 performer in math why would this person accept a 8:2 Script? Hence sacrifice a B for an A.

The Censorship and Sanitization has created a failing culture, as accepting a less than 6:0 Scripting.

Under non normative conditions is how am I responding?

A key issue is how to develop childhood prodigies and geniuses. A goal also could be seen to help others that are less gifted through better methods.

I am organizing MOEC Studies to withstand Kuhn Popper Methodologies, and Frye and Daubert Standards (Hutcheon 1995)(North Carolina Wesleyan).

I am performing this out of seva or service under my Vedic Faith. I also have been exercising on a 2 days on one day off cycle. I have switched to a 1 day on off cycle. I use a 45 minute interval system with a set of six sets of exercises interspersed. I then attempt between 16 to 25 sets per day of exercise. I use exercise cables with up to 200 lbs of resistance.

I have refused to give up Classical Guitar. I play a style of Classical Progressive music. I am play Mood for a Day, and The Ancient by Steve Howe and the Bouree in Em by Bach. I have played Carulli, Satie, Sanz and Logy. I have also composed my own originals. I would like to develop a one hour mixed program. I am very strong in theory. I have an AA in Fine Arts (Music).

I am also attempting to learn chess. Most FIDE Grandmasters were prodigies. A Grandmaster starts at 2500 ELO rating. The informal Super Grandmaster is 2600 ELO. It appears that a chess player in Cambridge with a 2000 rating or above, possibly near a 2300 or International Master Level had some involvement or exposure to the lawyers.

I have been playing as a re entry adult at the novice level less than 1400 since February 2012.

I have attempted to relearn Algebra. I need to take College Algebra level 3 or Statistics if I wish to finish my BA.

I know basic HTML 5 and CSS.

At issue, under a Master's Degree examination how would one's education, training, and skill measure? There are possible scores from SAT, MEPS, GRE, LSAT, and MCAT examinations that have relevancy.

Currently MOEC has created a planned decadence. There is no known restoration. The event may terminate in 2017.

The Gay Militia are nonsense makers. They are provocateurs and scapegoats. Their scheme was to frame the Delaware State Police as scapegoats by handing the case off to other parties. These actors would be operating as informants or unwilling dupes.

LAPD are supported from accountability by obstruction of justice (Obstruction of Justice). Their main method is ad ignorantum.

An example is the game of chess. One needs to learn openings, middle game, and end game theory. The Totality of Chess Understanding is superior to rote memorization. One needs to master Queen's Pawn, King's Pawn and Flank openings and their defenses to start.

LAPD is playing cheat chess between Titan Level 3 to 6 (Microsoft). I am playing cheat chess at Level 10. I am about 2 to 3 minor mistakes from cleanly beating this program. It is argued about 1600 ELO. A fifty percent win rate would yield a 1600 ELO.

I study and play chess about one hour a day. Chess prodigies train at least 4 or more in preparation.

It is accurate to state that under examination I am stronger in theory and practice on Titan than LAPD members. This was not Scripted.

This occurrence will be repeated throughout most of any discipline area out the 250 in the University System. University of Cambridge has consistently been rated in the top three schools worldwide. The hard copy of the Encyclopaedia Britannica was terminated for the online version. Cambridge has a vested interest in how LAPD and I perform vis a vis.

The damage the Gay Militia has made to the LGBTi Movement is critical. I need to develop a neutral and critical presentation from my perspective.

In short, Garden of Enchiridion will make available insights to children from kindergarten to professors at the PhD of my insights into MOEC. If apologists emerge to Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing, Gay Fascism will emerge in full.

MOEC attempts to create informants under defection. A Yellow Brick Road to be a doctor is also protecting other actors in a ratio.

If apologists emerge to Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing, Gay Fascism will emerge in full.


MOEC Studies is a particular study of the Prisoner's Dilemma defection model that creates and contracts the United Kingdom (Prisoner's Dilemma 2019). MOEC Studies is proficient at developing perspectives from it's abstract patterns of defection and cooperation that can be used to analyze histories great empires. The main strategy is Informant Creation and Undermining. This action bears a strong analogy to the idea used in the game of Chess. Marginalization is a very close secondary operation.

To date in the first instance, I have spent nearly 27 years under electronic surveillance, intense stalking, and Targeted Chemical Assaults (TCAs) and nearly 26 years under a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program that targeted then President Ronald Reagan on June 17, 1987. The attack has a Strategic Mission of Gay Marriage. It is allegedly authored by Cambridge Law School and implemented by Scotland Yard and Los Angeles Police Departments.

Totalitarianism Seeks to Isolate

The hare has lost it's spectacles. Since the inception of the manifest attack, there has been no Official Recognition by the United States, United Nations, any sovereign government, faith movement, human rights organization (NGO), or academic institution. If I am able to develop material that prosecutes the criminal actors to the Proximate Cause sine qua non, then I have performed to the best of my ability (Proximate Cause). This is an efficient operation satisfying my spiritual, moral and legal needs. This counterargument also develops my best contribution to the collective wellbeing of humanity.

In constructing MOEC within the perpetual association of the United Kingdom, Cambridge Law School, has criminally and civilly injured themselves and as well as other third parties. Their main target was President Ronald Reagan. As a result the Irrationalist Presidents have formed (Nollmeyer, D. 2012c). It appears prima facie that the time period from June 17, 1987 to February 17, 2017 has been targeted to develop the Undermining of the United States Presidency. The grouping of Irrationalist Presidents has grown to have a roster of five members and hypothetically one new member after the 2016 Presidential Elections and 2017 Presidential Inauguration.

Irrationalist Presidents

Ronald Reagan

George HW Bush

William Clinton

George W Bush

Barack Obama

Cambridge Law School has created a role and texture that will give rise to a repositioning of the international equilibrium. The legitimacy and credibility of the Anglo American Paradigm: the United Kingdom and United States is damaged. NATO also will be weakened.

The issue of Technological Singularity and Artificial Intelligence being developed to sanitize MOEC is no longer a question of fact. I do not see any person or group being able to negate this challenge. Mitigating the head of this argument is only possible.

The conflict between homosexuality and heterosexuality appears to be a driver to expose the defection patterns of the United Kingdom. It appears that Christian theologians were the lesser of two evils. The initiative to expose MOEC appears to be theirs.

A main focus of the completion of species life and the development of the collective political unit is the family. Under considerations of science only opposite heterosexual members of species may naturally reproduce.

Hollingsworth v. Perry (Proposition 8) and United States v. Windsor (Defense of Marriage Act) were recently heard in the United States Supreme Court on March 26 and 27 respectively (Hollingsworth v. Perry 2013) (United States v. Windsor 2013).

A Judgment is expected in July, 2013.

The king in question from the Bible verses below must be God if this judgment is to be absolute. In degree the acts are a summary judgment without trial or an appeal. Herein the Paradigm of Laws: 1. Eternal Law 2. Natural Law 3. Positive Law, must be considered for logical consistency.

Standard King James Version (Pure Cambridge 1900)

Matthew Chapter 22:15-22

Jesus Disputes with Pharisees about the Tribute Money

1 And Jesus answered and spake unto them again by parables, and said,

2 The kingdom of heaven is like unto a certain king, which made a marriage for his son,

3 And sent forth his servants to call them that were bidden to the wedding: and they would not come

4 Again, he sent forth other servants, saying, Tell them which are bidden, Behold, I have prepared my dinner: my oxen and my fatlings are killed, and all things are ready: come unto the marriage.

5 But they made light of it, and went their ways, one to his farm, another to his merchandise:

6 And the remnant took his servants, and entreated them spitefully, and slew them.

7 But when the king heard thereof, he was wroth: and he sent forth his armies, and destroyed those murderers, and burned up their city.

8 Then saith he to his servants, The wedding is ready, but they which were bidden were not worthy.

9 Go ye therefore into the highways, and as many as ye shall find, bid to the marriage.

10 So those servants went out into the highways, and gathered together all as many as they found, both bad and good: and the wedding was furnished with guests.

11 And when the king came in to see the guests, he saw there a man which had not on a wedding garment:

12 And he saith unto him, Friend, how camest thou in hither not having a wedding garment? And he was speechless.

13 Then said the king to the servants, Bind him hand and foot, and take him away, and cast him into outer darkness; there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

14 For many are called, but few are chosen.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

William and Katie

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

The theoretical basis for MOEC also has beginning positions in the rise Oxford Law and of the Platonic Model of government (Republic Book VIII 360 BCE):

Classical Forms of Government









In consideration of the Platonic Models, the paradigms on the left are the pure forms and the ones on the left impure. The Timocrats are the military personnel. They comprise a class above basic Democracy. The government will take on the characteristics based on whomever they in turn support.

Rex I emerges as king from many available challengers. He establishes his sovereignty over a distinct nation and territory. Rex II inherits the kingship and kingdom, reinforces such and bequeaths such to his son. Rex III inherits the kingdom from Rex II whom inherited such from his father.

In continuation, Rex III may build alliances with other nobles whom shall be Dukes and Duchesses within the House of Rex. Such are actually small kings and queens. He may also grant peerage to knights for exemplary service to the Crown. In this manner Rex III is the undisputed Sovereign over the United House of Rex.

The case for the United House of Rex's validity arises from an open texture to the closed texture under Rex III. Orders backed by a threat also develop the administration of justice. A law is an order given by the Sovereign. In prosecuting a law a sworn officer may mix the command with a threat. A fireman in attempting to put out a fire may scream to a citizen, "Get the hell out of the way." If the fireman was otherwise lawfully attempting to perform his duty, this taint can be overlooked.

It is Easter Sunday, March 31, 2013 in Desert Shores along the Chemically Despoiled Salton Sea, California.

The historical trajectory of individual and collective political philosophy has developed Rational and Irrational schools of thought. The Irrationalist Schools of thought are:

Irrationalist Movements

Nazi Neo Nazi


Gay Irrationalism Pre Gay Fascism

Major Movements

Italian Fascism

Japanese Fascism

Spanish Fascism

Islamic Fascism

Minor Movements

Black Nationalism

An ideology attempts to define how things should ideally be. A theory attempts to explain how things actually are. In modern thought conservatives and liberals have contested to be the best solution to the Irrational - Nazi - Fascist structures (Cranston, M.).

Currently the historical panorama of the collapse of the Anglo American Paradigm is predicated on Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. The Gay Militia are cells of police officers in Scotland Yard and LAPD who are essentially provocateurs. The role is similar to the classic toy the Jack in the Box. Any response to the Gay Militia is similar to cranking the handle of the box. The result is that a Clown will jump up intimidating one.

Crime of a Depraved Heart (Murder)

The Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organization Act, RICO is TITLE 18, PART 1, CHAPTER 96, Section 1961 (RICO 1970). Certification of a conspiracy as a criminal enterprise is needed for a RICO prosecution. One may not participate in, guide, assist, contribute or receive any resources of the enterprise. Theory states that one may not use, manufacture or distribute a crime. At issue are Attorney General Exemptions as ordering executions of Al Qaeda leaders. Fast and Furious was a gun running entrapment where the government lost track of weapons which were used by Mexican drug cartel figures later to kill a law enforcement officer in Arizona.

The Department of Justice Criminal Resource Manual describes (DOJ):

An "enterprise" is defined as including any individual, partnership, corporation, association, or other legal entity, and any union or group of individuals associated in fact although not a legal entity. 18 U.S.C.A. Section 1961(4) (West 1984). Many courts have noted that Congress mandated a liberal construction of the RICO statute in order to effectuate its remedial purposes by holding that the term "enterprise" has an expansive statutory definition. United States v. Delano, 825 F. Supp. 534, 538-39 (W.D.N.Y. 1993), aff'd in part, rev'd in part, 55 F. 3d 720 (2d Cir. 1995), cases cited therein. The prosecution in criminal cases must prove beyond a doubt that: (1) that an enterprise existed; (2) interstate commerce was effected; (3) the defendant was associated with or employed by the enterprise; (4) the defendant engaged in a pattern of racketeering activity; (5) the defendant conducted or participated in the conduct of the enterprise through a pattern of racketeering activity through the commission of at least two acts as set forth in the indictment. United States v. Phillips, 664 F. 2d 971, 1011 (5th Cir. Unit B Dec. 1981), cert. denied, 457 U.S. 1136, 102 S. Ct. 1265, 73 L.

The focus of my work will deal mainly with RICO and Deprivation of Rights Under the Color of Law (Hate Crimes).

Section 242. Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law

Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or to different punishments, pains, or penalties, on account of such person being an alien, or by reason of his color, or race, than are prescribed for the punishment of citizens, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

Undermining the Paradigm of Laws requires two chief components: 1. Mens Rea Criminal Intent 2. Actus Rea Criminal act (Mens rea) (Actus Reus). In following the Proximate Cause sin qua non or that actor to whom if removed would decapitate the act proving that he or she is the prime mover (Proximate Cause). It is then possible to form the 1. Principals 2. Accomplices 3. Accessories after the fact.

An element of MOEC is hatred or animus. Hence this activity is aggravating with the intent to rise to the level of Hate Crime Statutes.

Pedagogical Considerations

In cognitive behaviorism punishment is a short term solution to bad intent and behavior (Dattillio, F. 2002). Education is the long run solution. At issue is the alienation of one individual by Cambridge Law School through Scotland Yard, United Kingdom, Los Angeles Police Department, United States, California, Delaware State Police, and the LGBTi Movement. The Baltimore Studio are accomplices (LAPD is the Baltimore Studio). This commercial jingle studio allegedly operates the Synclavier sampling keyboard which can model and replicate human voices accurately.

Decapitating a criminal enterprise to the Origin is the correct due process and equal protection for the victim by the state (Due Process). The state has jurisdiction over criminal and civil matters. The citizen can only pursue civil torts and lawsuits.

There is a same sex qualification for rights. This attack consists of an escalation of crime creation through Prisoner's Dilemma which can be analyzed through FBI Universal Crime Reporting (Prisoner's Dilemma 2019) (Uniform Crime Reporting 2020). The Center for Disease Control Surveillance reports are also strong resources (CDC Surveillance Reports 2021). HIV AIDS and Hepatitis are strong factors to be considered. Tuberculosis is added internationally.

The USSR under Stalin is the standard model in the study of Modern Totalitarianism. An inductive event is abstracted to create the model so such can be applied to predict the behavior of similar structures and processes.

Criminals do no cast out criminals. The victim in the direst circumstances is one's own best chance to fight and decapitate the criminal actors and achieve justice.

MOEC was designed and Scripted under various scenarios. Most scenarios only develop under Lycurgus. This would only then yield gang stalking, electronic surveillance and Targeted Chemically Assaults TCAs. The Stalking reflects house arrest by the Gay Militia in LAPD creating false imprisonment through violating mutual aid protocols with other state and local law enforcement. Police officers and other persons are recruited as gang stalkers to false imprison one in one's own residence by slamming car doors if one attempts to leave. Workplace harassment also consists of banging objects and other tortious behavior.

The Chemical Assault is tagged to various activities throughout history. On a chosen date the attack is escalated to the cognition of the President. The Targeted Chemical Assaults evolve into Scorched Earth.

Obstruction of Justice will achieve virtually 100 percent Censorship and Sanitization (Obstruction of Justice).

Barack Obama is the Singularity Target.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer is the Singularity Experiment.

The victim is briefed at the level of the President on MOEC and whatever education level one has amassed from 250 disciplines in the University. One's best resource is to attempt to prosecute all competent actors under the principal, accomplice, accessory methodology. Duty bound sworn officers are first then actors based on life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness are next in consideration of negating one's Bill of Right protections and the Fourteenth Amendment's Equal Protection and Due Process Clauses (Due Process). One should then confront the educational system based on skill and location.

This attack leaves the victim in the instant case the expert over his own experience. He should be a simple law abiding citizen. Over time if he can prevail he will be in the top 100, then the top one percentile until the fast second approach of academics recovers from the planned decadence with a renaissance. In this manner it is possible for the victim to create and help develop the Opposition to a Crime Against Humanity.

The Tournament Challenge is to decapitate the bellicose actors and educate while the event is in continuo lessening further miscalculation, escalation, victimization, destruction of the environment and wealth.

The standard hypothetical model posits that Cambridge Law School will terminate the activity unilaterally in February 17, 2017 according to chronological Scripting. This would after the inauguration of the 45th President on January 21, 2017. Barack Obama would then have the worst criminal history and liabilities. This operation would prove that Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Obama were the product of homosexual blackmail and intimidation (Nollmeyer, D. 2012c). This activity was a double crime being tagged with Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. This will prove that the Irrationalist Presidents formed the American Vichy. It also proves the Perfect Dictator Model.

A pathology of failure is a methodology that seeks to find and prove that an event is the result of one common ancestor. If one were to argue that WWII was the work of Neo Nazism and such was the design of Hitler, one would be attempting a pathology. In this light, a huge system as the Third Reich necessitates many workers. Goebbels is considered a major architect of Neo Nazism and his work is currently censored.

In this model Cambridge Law School has created a Gay Militia. This generic label is useful due to the fact that the structure which is localized in LAPD can disguise itself with various names or nom de guerra. There are three figures that were the main operatives of the Akbar component which contains the full blown Chemical Assault Scorched Earth (Nollmeyer, D. 2013a):

Gay Militia Code Names


The Fly


The Fly was the policeman that ordered the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth to Undermine then President Ronald Reagan by alienating my natural person and citizenship from Bill of Rights and Fourteenth Amendment protections. Dodo then inherited this operation. The Fly and Dodo have been and possibly still are romantically involved MSM males (Bill of Rights).

The Fly through defection, blackmail, and intimidation chose to launch the attack on June 17, 1987 from the LAPD stationhouse. I was in Dover, Delaware. Dodo inherited the intent to continue after the Radhanatha Attack developed scorching all surface water and durable goods in my vicinity. These actors irrationalized the benefits and costs of escalating the Undermining conspiracy. Unilaterally it was stated that each actor could have terminated the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth but have not. In the concrete a Lieutenant is whom acts as The Fly is running the system. MOEC's intent then continues to use the United States Presidency and his responsibilities to attack the human race by developing a Crime Against Humanity and Treason Against the United States.

Psychopathy concerns itself with three main personality disorders: 1. Antisocial 2. Sociopath 3. Psychopath (Lasslett, H, & Neumann, C.S. 2016). A conscience is the dimension of personality that dictates what is right or wrong in the individual. A person kills off one's conscience in the continuum from Antisocial to the Psychopath. Displacement is a defense mechanism where one attacks secondary targets instead of the main mover. Instead of prosecuting the Proximate Cause to it's Origin, the Gay Militia attacks me, the victim (Proximate Cause).

The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is prima facie and should have resulted in criminal charges according to due process and equal protection (Due Process). This has not occurred. In toto this has Undermined Non Governmental Organizations NGOs questioning if they are really independent. Three come to mind:

Amnesty International: The world's largest human rights organization with over 1 million members.

Human Rights Network: The world's second largest human rights organization.

The Norwegian Nobel Organization: The Nobel Peace Prize is the generally recognized by many to be the highest honor bestowed upon the individual whom in the previous year has worked the most thoroughly to help humanity achieve world peace. Vice President Gore won a Nobel Prize in 2004 for his work on Global Warming and President Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009.

Geir Lundestad is in charge of researching and decision making on these issues. Geir Lundestad is being targeted as the focus of academic fraud and or incompetence. He claims to have researched Obama thoroughly before having the Nobel Organization reach their decision.

I have created several web sites refuting these positions.

(See below in the Websites.)

It is April, 2013 in Desert Shores, California. The Salton Sea is a Scorched Earth site. The Salton Sea is in Riverside and Imperial Counties in California. This inland lake was restored after an engineering mistake diverted water from the Colorado River east of here. The Salton Sea is below sea level and historically depended on the New River which runs north from Mexico to support it's existence.

There are three federal districts that involve this area:

Juan Vargas D 51, March 7, 1961: Imperial County (Salton Sea) - Southern San Diego

Raul Ruiz D 36, August 25, 1972: Coachella Valley Riverside, California. Ruiz is the only non white member of Congress; Ruiz grew up in Coachella, California the son of migrant farm workers, Ruiz graduated from Coachella Valley High School at 17, attended UCLA in 1990, graduating magna cum laude. He enrolled at Harvard Medical School. He was the first Hispanic to receive three graduate degrees from Harvard University (MD from Harvard Medical School, Masters in public policy from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, and Masters in public health from the Harvard School of Public Health.

Mark Takano D 41, December 10, 1961: Takano was born in Riverside, California. He is openly Gay. His family was interned to War Relocation Camps during World War II. He is Sansei, which means that he is the grandson of people born in Japan who immigrated to the US. Takano attended La Sierra High School. He was valedictorian. Takano graduated from Harvard University in 1983. He taught for 23 years, focusing on British literature.

The Gay Militia has postured themselves as equivalent performers to the leaders of the LGBTi Movement. I have clearly identified such as agent provocateurs and scapegoats. There is also the potential for these actors to be seated as hostile witnesses at future trial.

There are four groups that are concerned with LGBTi issues as human rights that I have directly contacted:

Courage Campaign Rick Jacobs

Freedom to Marry Evan Wolfson

LAMBDA Legal Kevin Cathcart

Matthew Shepard Foundation Jason Mardsen, Judy and Dennis Shepard

A great deal of emphasis in the live human experimentation that MOEC is concerns survival training. One has to defend against external threats from the environment. One has to negate one's weaknesses and develop one's skills.

In this instance it is incredulous that MSM law officers who have passed POST certification that licenses such to be police officers in California can be performing at such a poor level. Their defense mechanism posits a line that has a trajectory through San Francisco. This will be inclusive of sworn officials and the population. The geographic and cultural geographic locations are also to be considered.


The Wrong Side of History

The Undermining of the Sovereign Subject Relation has ruptured the compact between the American President and Citizen. What is unique about MOEC Studies is that it's birthing or epigenetic emergence focuses on building an actual case to prosecute a Crime Against Humanity and Treason, Obstruction of Justice, and Intimidating a Witness in the United States of America (Obstruction of Justice).

An objective baseline for study would be June 17, 1987. This would begin the definition of the Anglo American Irrationalist era. The performance of the United States President and citizen during the Akbar which if such is a subsystem of MOEC is contemporaneous with Syrinx and is to be considered and measured against the culture before this date after Akbar completes.

The use of the name Akbar overtly appears deliberate to Undermine the Western Islamist confrontation in continuo.

An interesting comparison would also arise from cross relating different groups and individuals vis a vis and myself for sustainability and fitness.

The United Kingdom could be punished under the ICCPR of the United Nations (ICCPR 1966). The United States would most likely assert it's own jurisdiction. MOEC is designed as an experiment. President Barack Obama is the Singularity Target and I am the Singularity Experiment. The Stalking began in earnest on April 16, 1986. Nearly 27 years have past. The Manifest Chemical Assault Scorched Earth began on June 17, 1987.

The model is a longitudinal crossectional sibling cohort rivalry under impure synchronicity.

I am operating under a standard that a short range chronological target of the operation is April 16, 1986 to February 17, 2017. For uniform scientific purposes I will use April 16, 1986 to July 1, 2017. The summary of the experiment is the inductive interpolation of the objective data. Since I am officially representing myself and am the only living person to see the entirety of MOEC since it is imposed over my natural person, I have begun to close the texture. A formal thesis is 60 pages.

My program is to write about 80 pages per year at single space. The intended themes and completion dates are:

Garden of Enchiridion 2014

Collapse of the Anglo American Paradigm 2015

The System 2016

I was born on August 3, 1961 in Roswell, New Mexico. Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii. The Birther scandal challenging whether Obama was born in the United States or in Africa or Indonesia is a red herring or distraction based on this model.

Individuals are tracked based on their Great Grandparents or second generation. A generation is 30 years. The question: Is there a genetic predisposition for criminality in heterosexuals or homosexuals or are they equal?

Cognitive Bias is an overriding implication when dealing with a Hate Crime of this magnitude. The Tournament Challenge was a provocation to attempt to eugenically design the human race. In continuation, a correct system and methodology must be developed. This would include 250 disciplines in the University System. The implication is to develop Artificial Intelligence to assist this socialization of the individual and collective. This is Technological Singularity. LAPD Gay Militia actors have failed the challenge they were entrapped into taking. Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is a very potent circular folly. I am operating on a Vedic Gaudiya Vaishnavism platform.

Radha is the female half of the Vedic Godhead as Radha Krishna. Krishna is The Supreme Male Personality of Godhead. Krishna is the Archetypal Superman or Apurasesa in Sanskrit, Over Human (Prabhupada, S. 1975).

Dodo, who is a natural person, and whose label is used by a cell of the shifts 24/7 have lost. They have Undermined the LGBTi Movement and President of the United States.

There are very deep implications for Cambridge, Oxford, Stanford, and University of California for a no show response to date.

Unless I blunder I should be able to present the beginning of the Opposition to Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. This is also supportive of decapitating the Authorship Cambridge Law School, United Kingdom.

The Informant is the universal figure and basis for the particular individual in Undermining the human race and civilization. This is achieved by defection via Prisoner's Dilemma (Prisoner's Dilemma 2019). Cooperation is adhering to rules and laws. Defection is aligning with interests and powers in a de facto or criminal posture. This flaw of volition will create the first criminal intent or mens rea (Mens rea). Through apperception the Proximate Cause sine qua non is able to recruit, blackmail, extort, and intimidate accomplices and accessories as the conspiracy evolves by using quid pro quos (Proximate Cause). This marginalizes the population towards a theoretical 100 percent illicit population until the civilization is inverted. 0 percent of the persons have sustained in Mutually Assured Destruction MAD. This is the outer boundary of an End World Scenario EWS.

MOEC attempts to create an informant that is operational through the Paradigm of Laws. This will create a systematic invertebration of civilization. The construction of MOEC is espionage. At this point it is arguable that the Anglo American Paradigm is not interested in world territoriality conquest but would rather exert it's influence through defection thus keeping external threats off balance through their own internal or domestic asymmetries.

The first issue is to develop facts and that contribute to the seating of a trial. The second issue is to develop the educational presentation for the future.

The individual is attacked from family planning until one's death. A unique feature of Garden of Enchiridion is that it will have a focus on the development of the child. A wealth of information will be provided that will enable a child to survive from 5 years old through one's academic and beyond.

This directly implies that the President, parents, and educational systems have failed. Aesthetics relating to the Fine and Popular Arts will be presented that reflect the social engineering and tyranny that MOEC is a continuation of. In this manner the cultural support and archetypal patterns that support Tyranny and oppose such can be discerned more distinctly.

MOEC is similar to a bot virus that penetrates an operating system that does some damage but would rather take over the system and organize it's subsystems and peripheral applications. MOEC Studies is the study and antivirus program. It stresses an immediate intervention by rule of law. Education is the long run solution. Advocating general abstract themes as the Good will die and go to Heaven or abstraction in the academic ivory tower are to be dismissed.

MOEC is a particular crime. In the United States the Department of Homeland Security, the Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano and United States Attorney General Eric Holder have the correct law enforcement powers to prosecute MOEC. However they too, are Undermined, blackmailed, intimidated, and extorted into permitting MOEC especially the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth to escalate implicating President Barack Obama and the previous Irrationalist Presidents (Janet Napolitano 2021) (Nollmeyer, D. 2012c).

Ars Longa Vita Brevis

The Informant versus the summon bonum is the abstract contestation that forms the Tournament in MOEC (Summon bonum). In the particularity of this conflict MOEC has developed this binary into a contest between homosexuality and heterosexuality. This is a driver of the Undermining via Prisoner's Dilemma (Prisoner's Dilemma 2019).

The Paradigm of Laws

Eternal Law

Natural Law

Positive Law

This model provides the beginning principles in which MOEC will attempt to defect and Undermine to establish power and control over a system and it's roster of members. The figure of Jesus provides a clear example. If Jesus Christ is the Summon Bonum, then he is the efficient operation starting with Eternal Law descending into Positive Law (Summon bonum). One may state that the Positive Law must be a theocracy for this statement to be true in the concrete world of our existence.

If Christianity is the Absolute Truth System ATS, then Jesus is a sound proof.

In this case a Christian government would have the color of law.

The identity of Christianity is the Triune Godhead of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Cambridge Law School is argued in the positive as the Proximate Cause of MOEC (Proximate Cause). Hence they are also argued as the architects of the British Empire. This presentation clearly posits that the former is in collapse and degrading the Anglo American Paradigm.

If in the instant case, Cambridge Law School desired an Empire under Christianity and the King of England, it had many resources at it's disposal. It is not clear when Cambridge assumed control and consolidated various political systems using the tactics of MOEC.

Cambridge History

Roger of Wendover describes that the University of Cambridge origins relate to a crime committed in 1209. Two Oxford scholars were convicted of the murder or manslaughter of a woman and were hanged by the town authorities with the assent of the King. In protest at the hanging, the University of Oxford went into voluntary suspension, and scholars migrated to a number of other locations, including the pre existing school at Cambridge. It is considered that these post graduate researchers from Oxford started the University of Cambridge in 1209. Cambridge's status as a university is further confirmed by a decree in 1233 from Pope Gregory IX which awarded the ius non trahi extra, a form of legal protection, to the chancellor and universities of scholars at Cambridge. Catholic authorities further recognized Cambridge in a letter by Pope Nicholas IV in 1290, and in a bull by Pope John XXII in 1318. After such it became common for researchers from other European medieval universities to visit Cambridge to study or to give lectures (Cambridge University 2013).

Cambridge also has a considerable trajectory of concrete History and Mythology through the Reformation and creation of the Church of England to the present instance. MOEC Studies follows a methodology starting from the first known existence of a phenomenon to the present and will consider some hypothetical modelling that predicts behaviors that are well formed.

The Liberal Arts method has historical roots in comparing a culture to that of Christianity. The minimum rational basis is morality. The study of Great Books can provide very sharp insights into the development of MOEC and it's strategy.

The trajectory of science and secular humanism in a combination of liberalism versus conservatism is a solid axiology for the main Strategic Mission of MOEC which is Gay Marriage.

To make a case for the superior individual, expertise in Eternal, Natural, and Positive Law would have to be demonstrable. This presents complex problems. The most notable is that a relationship to Eternal Law is essentially an act of faith. There is no sound proof for resolving conflicts in Natural Law for issues as abortion and Gay Marriage.

Positive Law only requires performance as a citizen. By pairing a crime with a legal act it is easy to Undermine performance in the other two higher platforms. The Archetype of the Hero versus the Adversary is a universal template that works well across cultures and serves as a baseline to develop culture or degrade such.

The position of Cambridge Law School as the Proximate Cause, Authorship, and Origin is argued as a constant in MOEC Studies (Proximate Cause). In particularity, the time period from 1860s onward is prominent. The 1930s onward is the era where Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC may have received it's name.

MOEC reduces to Prisoner's Dilemma and any variation is at most only a novelty (Prisoner's Dilemma 2019).

Hence using the Proximate Cause Test sine qua non to name principals, accomplices, and accessories emerges as the strongest methodology to decapitate MOEC.

The targeting of Ronald Reagan or the United States President on June 17, 1987 is most likely the product of the 1930s Membership. The use of a Los Angeles Police Department officer to alienate a natural person or citizen of America is also the work of this era. Cambridge Law School then by defection arranges the President, LAPD Officer, and Citizen to be scapegoats in the future Mobilization processes in MOEC.

Technological Singularity is predicted by paradigm shifts to occur in 2046. Hence if an Artificial Intelligence AI that is unfriendly sanitizes the History of the Irrationalist Presidents then AI does not perform at the level of human consciousness (Nollmeyer, D. 2012c). The killing off of conscience, or what is right or wrong is the cornerstone of psychopathy (Lasslett, H, & Neumann, C.S. 2016). If AI does not have a rational moral system of values it will not have a conscience. Such a system would not be able to have consciousness at the level of a human moral agent.

The volition and act of attempting to identify the individual(s) responsible for the Authorship of the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth clearly defines the superior sworn official or natural person Proximate Cause sine qua non (Proximate Cause). MOEC Studies is balanced between analytical model making and concrete prosecution of criminal actors.

This act of de facto and negligent behavior will create a dichotomy in performance.

Escher-Drawing Hands

Drawing Hands

MC. Escher

MOEC is designed such that it must be eliminated to it's Origin or it will continue Undermining the human race implicating the United Kingdom and United States.

The Wrong Side of History

The targeting of President Ronald Reagan has inaugurated the Manifest Function of MOEC. In it's emergence a Scripted decadence, Irrationalism has defeated both Liberalism and Conservatism. Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is the particular strain of thought being spearheaded by an orchestrated Gay Militia. A favorite nom de guerra is The Company, which reflects an obsession with reverse sting operations where an informant remains free by flipping or entrapping another criminal.

At issue is whether these criminal acts will gain Official Recognition. The Totality of Circumstances Test provides for admission of such evidence at trial. These acts would implicate sworn duty bound officials. This would begin a restoration. The name Statesman Restoration Fund has been created by the Authorship. I have contemplated over this issue. While I agree that Political Science has been attacked, I believe that my present writings are the strongest axiology by an individual person facilitating this ends. I believe the complete systematization of MOEC will occur after legal cases and be incorporated academically by Kuhn Popper Methodologies.

It is clear that American Irrationalism is a product and subspecies of Anglo Irrationalism, as Anglo American Irrationalism emerging from Cambridge Law School. These actors have an obsession of disguising defection (theater) as objective determinism. The only issue at hand is why these actors have architected a tyranny as principals and why subsequent parties are the accomplices and accessories.

This is an interesting perspective between nativism and socialization that needs to be solved. This could be clarified by Artificial Intelligence AI systems attempting to create Technological Singularity. In an antagonistic movement MOEC is a designed Cultural Singularity developed to Undermine such. As a conspiracy, MOEC is hub and node based. It alleged to have two main hubs. The dominant hub is in Scotland Yard, UK and the minor hub is in LAPD, United States. Both hubs are staffed by MSM males. This appears to be very strong in LAPD. It is unclear in Scotland Yard. The nodes then radiate from the hubs.

The main line containing the fullblown Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is imposed over my natural person. Minor lines are fractals designed with Targeted Chemical Assaults TCAs.

There is a manifest universal censorship of 7 billion persons in continuo since June 17, 1987. The Tournament between homosexuals versus heterosexuals is essentially a sibling cohort rivalry under a father figure.

To be neutral I will argue the Oedipal Male and Female Electra Complexes of Freud as a point of departure. It is unique to discern that my section of Psychology and Informal Fallacies have been deleted from my web page.


Lassen, Plumas, and Siskiyou Counties are lightening rod jurisdictions for an attack against the human race and the United States in Northern California. In the present instance I am writing from Westwood, CA. This is the 1st Federal District of R Doug LaMalfa (LaMalfa, D. 2021). LaMalfa is a member of a very prominent farming family. His conservative politics regularly places him into contestation with green environmentalists.

Two emergent Alter Ego processes ongoing is the use of Exclusive Homosexuality (male) and a Scripted romance with a female that never manifested in Delaware. Dodo of the Gay Militia in LAPD continues a relentless circular argument as a provocateur (Wilson, D. 1991). The attempt is develop a red herring strawman construct based on fatalism and dependency.

Since we have never been romantically involved, what does this person have to do with being the principals, accomplices, or accessories under Due Process and Equal Protection (Due Process)?

This concrete example is a very solid profile of an inferiority complex in MSM males. I have documented this abuse here in Westwood, McCloud, and Desert Shores, California. This example also is instructive in defining my presentation on homosexual blackmail, extortion, hostaging, and intimidation of a witness.

I am going to present four examples of cohort rivals to Barack Obama, Doug LaMalfa, Kamala Harris, and Gavin Newsom from Caesar Rodney High School, in Kent County, Delaware:

Darrel Gravatt: University of Delaware, Two time State Champion in wrestling Honorable Mention Academic All American, High School History Teacher of the Year, Head Coach of CRHS Boys and Girls Soccer Team, past Assistant Coach of Boys Wrestling Team, Numerous State Championship in soccer and wrestling.

John Hahn: University of Delaware BA, MA in Homeland Security, Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Marines.

David Valeski: Delaware Technical and Community College AA, Over Twenty Years in the Delaware State Police. Helicopter Pilot earning over $100,000 per year.

Thomas Metz: Virginia Tech, Medical Doctor

The recruitment of informants by the Gay Militia defines Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. Homosexual misogyny is a vulgarity. The attack on FSF females by MSM males Undermines any concept of a heroine or hero. Why are persons or symbols used that are vulnerable to a staff of police officers? I have never engaged in homosexual or Male Same Sex behaviors. I would not respond to any informal fallacies based on appeals to MSM individuals or conduct.

The female individual from Delaware whose name is being heard throughout California by the Gay Militia is indeed real. She has divorced and remarried. I have seen her once since June 17, 1987.

This is a very malicious red herring or distraction from the case at hand.

The first issue of any legal interrogation would be to Officially Recognize MOEC. Any attempt to simultaneously engage in a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program and interrogate one is bogus.

The film The Wizard of Oz will become an Archetypal model for a defection model as MOEC (Braum, L.F. 1939). The Yellow Brick Road is inverted into the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. There is an instance of preparing the culture for Social Engineering and the emergence of the Perfect Dictator. One unique facet of Westwood, California is that the Storyboard Challenge was made here and published on the web from here: (Nollmeyer, D. 2018a1).

Dodo the supervisor who has continued the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth, has lost this Tournament Challenge:

Develop a case and present such to the Los Angeles District Attorney

Develop a university level course for UCLA

Develop a Storyboard for a movie or documentary

The website itself exists as working a draft due to being hacked. I am being prevented from finishing it. Within this site I have confronted Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger over this event. Since it's publishing it has been revealed that Schwarzenegger has had a love child with his maid. As a consequence his marriage to Maria Shriver of the Kennedy clan has ended in divorce.

Maria Shriver is being identified here as a Yellow Brick Road Divorce Bride.

I do not believe that Shriver is an innocent party in MOEC. Shriver has made very outrageous statements supporting the Governor on the environment. Shriver is in her late 50s. MOEC wishes to protect her. I wish to prosecute her before her death. Shriver should live into the 2040s.

The analogy here to The Wizard of Oz reflects the use of manmade Archetypes introduced into the culture to support Social Engineering (Braum, L.F. 1939).

The film is an enduring favorite worldwide. Persons of all ages have viewed the film. Under MOEC analysis it remains an issue as to how much influence MOEC had in this film's development and proliferation worldwide. Hence there is a parallel to abstract logic and analogy in developing intelligence. As seen I have the strongest system in opposition worldwide with, over 26 federal lawsuits, several smaller criminal complaints, and at least two United Nations complaints. The latter has a direct complaint against University of Cambridge and the United Kingdom which is part of the Myth of the Contemporary Man Part II (Nollmeyer 2012).

A comparative generational and locational performance analysis based on intent and behaviors is undergoing as an experiment. Other locations and jurisdictions since June 17, 1987 will be introduced to further Equal Protection and Due Protection considerations. Due Process in this instance necessitates responding to hot in continuo crime scenes (Due Process).

The Wrong Side of History is a slogan used by Freedom to Marry, headed by Evan Wolfson. MOEC has Undermined the LGBTi Movement by attacking my natural person and United States Citizenship. Proposition 8, Hollingsworth v. Perry, and DOMA, United States v. Windsor are awaiting Judgment at the Supreme Court now early May. Delaware on May 7, 2013 became the 11th State to permit Same Sex Marriage (Hollingsworth v. Perry 2013) (United States v. Windsor 2013).

The Panorama

In the manifest historical trajectory, there is a confrontation over Iran with their nuclear power program. The allegation is that their so called peaceful use of nuclear technology is a front for developing nuclear weapons. Israel, whose main interest is national survival, will not permit Iran to develop nuclear weapons. The breadth of the International Community inclusive of the United States does not support Iran. The issue is whether Israel will act unilaterally to preempt Iran.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stated there is a Red Line where Iran where Iran would be able to insulate their nuclear program from attack and achieve the technology to develop a nuclear bomb. The middle of 2013 has been stated as when the Red Line would be passed resulting in an Israeli strike.

It is widely held that Israel will act with the cooperation of the United States.

There is a Civil War in Syria. Over 70,000 persons have been killed. Prime Minister Assad has strong support from Russia and Iran. The rebels who are smaller receive aid from wealthy Arab nations and as well as the United States and the United Kingdom. There are strong allegations that chemical weapons as Sarin have been used.

President Obama has stated that the use of chemical weapons would change his calculus.

One can discern the theater of hypocrisy. The United States and Obama have been condoning the use of chemical weapons on Americans for since at least June 17, 1987. A strike against Iran would most likely cause severe economic damage worldwide. Projections of oil reaching $150 to $200 per barrel have been made. Nationwide unemployment is currently 7.5 % entering the second week of May 2013.

In toto, the jurisdictions of Lassen, Plumas, Siskiyou, Riverside, and Inyo Counties in California contain the populations that have been exposed to the most escalated features of Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. I will most likely be composing the Garden of Enchiridion in these locations.

MOEC attempts to recruit informants, reinforce such with quid pro quos,, then punish informally at first by an unrecognized Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program. Official Recognition would then develop formal recognition completing a purge.

Pedagogy and Controlling Hierarchies

A person born after June 17, 1987 has never experienced living in the United States without Akbar in operation. I am the only person whom has the entire Chemical Assault Scorched Earth imposed over their natural person and citizenship. Electronic Surveillance and Stalking also complement the attack.

Cambridge Law School contains the controlling hierarchy. These are the persons who architect the United Kingdom. Scotland Yard is most likely organizing the processes from the United Kingdom in a Latent Function while LAPD operates the Manifest Function.

In the parenting of a child the police are not a microsystem in the development of the child. As a distinct social structure the intrusion of law enforcement at this level would yield totalitarianism.

Bela Bartok Mikrokosmos

Mikrokosmos Bela Bartok

My position is that both the parents and the child need to be aware of this attack on humanity. The family is the collective system and basis for governance. There are three widely used models to address Childhood Development and the lifespan of the person. They are Piaget, Brofenbrenner, and Erik Erikson.

The University of Cambridge is an academic institution. In essence the principals at issue are lawyers.

The main defense mechanism reflects a Storyboard entrapment designed to protect the Membership that has designed MOEC. Hence these persons are not quantum physicists or mathematicians as Alan Turing. The use of logic, abnormal psychology, philosophy, and law form a controlling hierarchy. This is apparent even if processes are fallacious.

A Technological Singularity that is not predicated on sound moral and legal principals will create a Nash Equilibrium with a suboptimal performance vis a vis to humans (Holt, C. & Roth, A. 2004).

This event is easily prosecutable if the volition was present in the Presidency and Department of Homeland Security.


England did not stop the fight after losing the Revolutionary War in 1779. Instead of manifest fighting, Undermining and espionage continued with an attack against President Reagan on June 17, 1987. It appears credible that parties that conspired on the War of 1812 also contributed in what is manifest currently as MOEC. This would reflect the end of the Victorian Age zeitgeist circa the 1880s. This is highly damaging to the Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Obama (Nollmeyer, D. 2012c).

The profile of the worse of the main conspirators is a MSM male lawyer who will drag everything and everything down if he goes down, hence If I go down, everyone goes down.

In MOEC there are no sacred cows. Everything object that is conceivable or in existence is attacked. LGBTi appears to be the highest object. However the Ex Deux Maquina is a Tournament between homosexuals and heterosexuals after the latter were alarmed at the number of heterosexuals that were being killed, most likely through British wars, adventurism, and local crime. It appears the heterosexuals were the majority but the homosexuals had power and control. In this light, they could not carry on without heterosexual assistance. It appears a form of tit for tat Tournament reprisals occurred as distributive justice.

This Tournament is the strongest explanation for any deliberate spread of HIV AIDS among LGBTi persons.

The entire Gambit Line from Cambridge, Scotland Yard, and LAPD is MSM.

This attack is occurring because I am a lifelong heterosexual who has zero same sex behaviors.

The domain contains a system of journals, letters, court dockets, and supporting and direct papers concerning MOEC. These materials are my refutation to the Social Engineering allegedly of the authorship of Cambridge Law School. These materials are based on a briefing by LAPD and my own research since June 17, 1987.

The entirety of this production has been composed under non normative circumstances. These are:

Electronic Surveillance

Gang Stalking

Chemical Assault Scorched Earth

These events are part of an Undermining Campaign against the Human Race and the United States. MOEC has caused severe damage through it's Informant based activities. As stated the prosecution of principals, accessories, and accessories decapitating this crime is the primary goal. The secondary goal is the systematization of MOEC Studies.

The populations of the last jurisdictions contain the non sworn populations that have the greatest probability of being criminally and civilly implicated and prosecuted.

In the study of cognitive behaviorism, punishment is the short term corrective measure and education is the long term goal (Dattillio, F. 2002). There is a catastrophic inertia of incompetence and corruption at the academic level. The human is the experimental subject across all domains for performance. Thrasymachus the Sophist is a universal Archetype of a scholar who is aligned with tyranny. In Plato's The Republic, the famous quote, You argue like an informant, to Socrates accurately frames the postures at the most prominent universities. University of Cambridge, UC Berkeley, and USC stand out. The latter is in reference to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's new institute for public policy, the USC Schwarzenegger Institute for State and Global Policy (USC Schwarzenegger Institute 2012).

At issue is the spiritual, moral, and legal obligation one has to think and perform correct duties. The figure of the summon bonum is addressed (Summon bonum). The American President is an Archetypal Hero whom has been attacked and debilitated.

At issue is whether any persons who have lived where I am and was attacked emerge to respond to the attack on the human race and the United States. The persons who live in these locations would face federal Hate Crime legislation as the Matthew Shepard Act if after 1998. This is a further complication for the LGBTi Movement.

The United States has long promoted that any citizen can rise to the Presidency. Barack Obama adds credibility to this historic claim in the concrete.

The use of the family as a defense mechanism based on a benefit or cost analysis is actually an attack on the family. This is misogynist and highly concentrated in MSM officers and FSF females. The Scripting of marriages and divorces is higher than normative in the population concerning my prep school years in Delaware. The LGBTi population near FSF females is near or over 60 percent. The ability to predict marriages, children, and divorces is beyond suspicion. I am openly stating here that such cannot be refuted by a transparent discovery of fact.

The child is a very important system of the family. The President is an Ideal Father or Hero Archetype. In many nationstates this a female or mother figure. Our primary parents our most influential teachers. The priest, school teacher, coach, or mentors are also important systems in the development of the child. Later individuals form dyads, tryads and groups to develop the collective.

MOEC has boundaries that reflect a desire to develop it's components within Systems Theory.

There however is no evidence that MOEC is anything more than an Undermining Campaign that fights fire with fire. Hence the old school of use a thief to catch a thief is being adhered to. The use of crime in the Administration of Justice clearly is under the color of law. Hence Equal Protection and Due Process are clearly absent (Due Process).

The Right Side of History

The LGBTi side has lost this phase of the Tournament. This is based on MSM and the mens rea and actus rea of Periander, The Fly, and Dodo. The conditions existing now in Westwood, California reflect a Pre Genocidal baseline (Mens rea) (Actus Reus). There is no doubt that there is purge of the principals, accomplices, and accessories, and bystanders as the result of MOEC.

Social Engineering in the abstract has been itself attacked.

Across all domains, Undermining has destroyed any concrete process to state intents and actions in the positive.

The use of moral relativism and phenomenology are embedded in consequentialism debilitating ethics in contrast to deontology (Quotoshi, S. 2018). In international relations there is perspective that it is better to permit actors to fight out the difference until a definitive victor emerges. At a lower level the Romans permitted tumults to accomplish the same ends. This will create victims and property damage. This position is considered incorrect by a consideration of rights, equal protection, and due process within the Social Contract Theory (Due Process).

In summation, the Gay Militia is only achieving destruction. It will be impossible for any LGBTi or other position to argue their actions as a justification (Positive Self Defense). The use of an Attorney General Exemption is more absurd. Who authorized such and were are the records? Hence, there is no way to teach the future's futures within historical and legal accuracy.

In a performance based experiment, my emergence as the only published opposition worldwide vis a vis to the United States President should have attracted wide spread recognition and the entrance of world class specialists. It has not. This presents tremendous doubt over the legitimacy of the head of state of nationstates. The United Nations and it's Universal Court System which is based on supranational treaties also is ineffective.

Man is free in nature. In exchange for a state of Liberty one enters into a contractual agreement with one's self and others to form the State. In doing so one sacrifices natural Liberty for the Freedom and Protection of the State.

The Right Side Of History

Controlling Hierarchies

MOEC is an Undermining System based on a Storyboard Prisoner's Dilemma defection model (Prisoner's Dilemma 2019). MOEC's theory, process, and structure are basically postulated in the negative. It is a reverse sting based entrapment where one defects to become an informant turning evidence on another citizen to remain free and advance oneself. In this sense it is antagonistic to any merit based system of promotion based on due process and equal protection under the civil state (Due Process).

It is 100 percent accurate that MOEC is developed as a Trojan Horse. The primary political philosophy imperative of Would you know how to develop a government?, is fronted by bearing the gift of orchestrating marriages. This foil is actually Marriage Breaking or a divorce program. As seen the Strategic Mission of MOEC is Gay Marriage. Hence retaliation and tit for tat behavior is manifest universally.

MOEC is authoritarian and totalitarian. It is in the process of conditioning the masses to accept it's quid pro quos through defection displacing the Bill of Right protections provided by legal constitutions written in the form of the Social Contract Theory. This action has achieved institutionalization. One must keep in mind that MOEC is controlled by Cambridge Lawyers. The art reflects the artificer. Hence it's defense mechanisms will reflect law and the University of Cambridge's capabilities in the main.

In the Paradigm of Laws: 1. Eternal Law, 2. Natural Law, 3. Positive Law are ordinated in the positive. In MOEC, if this were true then distributive justice throughout all of MOEC's subsystems and components would be based on morality, equality, due process (Due Process). MOEC is an invertebration of these laws. It is developed from human mortality or natural law. The actors are natural humans with imperfect intelligence and senses operating under the color of right. Undermining here works from Positive law upward to Natural and EternaI Law. Legal prosecution and formal punishment are a resource although MOEC is breaking the same laws it is prosecuting. In simplicity MOEC functions as an Undermining Campaign by embedding itself within the formal government to increase it's empire and interest. At this point in history it appears that control through defection is more desirable than territorial expansion of land.

This assertion clearly argues that MOEC and the legal constitution of the United Kingdom are not equivalent.

I would present Individual Survival and Individualism as the main interest of the Membership that has designed MOEC. This reflects liberalism. It is interesting to note that fascism subordinates the individual to the mission. This also includes the sanitization of MOEC's most damaging members and their partial or total purge. There is an existential and internal threat that MOEC could be replaced by it's Alter Ego, hence a heterosexual tyranny (Wilson, D. 1991). MOEC's long range survival plan is Machiavellian, never relinquish power.

The Membership's desire was to Social Engineer the human race. This goal is an LGBTi culture. The direct Strategic Mission was Gay Marriage. A central question emerges is whether whom, either the individual or the collective is capable of making HISTORY. A more focused insight is who has the right to act. This propriety issue of the individual versus the collective is a dynamic that may be adaptable as long as MOEC is in control. MOEC will choose to preserve itself as a system while individuals choose to secure themselves. This achieved through formal and informal resources to punishment actors.

The United Kingdom is now figuratively ruled by the House of Windsor. The Kingdom is then a system of nobles and small dukes blood related under a system of primogeniture. All the royal houses of Europe are blood related at this point in History with many persons now cousins to themselves several times. This system of royalty is family based developing a clan. The binary of generational descent forms a basis for authoritarian systems to control who may marry and procreate. Within this pattern we may also discern defection under Prisoner's Dilemma (Prisoner's Dilemma 2019). In review MOEC's movements, process, and function are Totalitarian Police System TPS and it's equilibrium is Totalitarian Police State TPS.

Two contradictory philosophies appear in the 1900s that are polarizations that helps shape the Tournament Challenge between Irrationalism versus Liberalism and Conservatism.

Two authors and works form a basic compass to investigate the content of MOEC's emergence. The two authors are Mussolini versus Reich, Fascism Doctrine and Institutions, versus The Mass Psychology of Fascism (Mussolini 1935) (Reich. W. 1946). There are diverse roles as the Scripting of defection that directly emerge from specific examples of these antagonistic productions.

In Mussolini, Cambridge wished to model his Theory of the State while inserting a LGBTi class as the Nation. This was in part extracted from the Freudian sexeconomic analysis of Marxism. Mussolini saw fascism as a faith. Cambridge uses faith as a veneer while being obsessed with hedonism:

Fascism, in short, is not only a law giver and a founder of institutions, but an educator and a promoter of spiritual life. It aims at refashioning not only the forms of life but their content man, his character, and his faith. To achieve this purpose it enforces discipline and uses authority, entering into the soul and ruling with undisputed sway. Therefore it has chosen as its emblem the Lictor's rods, the symbol of unity, strength, and justice.

"Thus understood, Fascism, is totalitarian, and the Fascist State a synthesis and a unit inclusive of all values interprets, develops, and potentates the whole life of a people." "The Fascist State, as a higher and more powerful expression of personality, is a force, but a spiritual one" (Mussolini 1935).

Since Fascism is a totalitarian system which man raises over oneself only to be guided by and justified by the State's superior immanent purpose, Cambridge saw here a justification for a power and control social system to house their social engineering. The State expresses the real right of the individual. Fascism is, "Not a race, nor a geographically defined region, but a people, historically perpetuating itself; a multitude unified by an idea and imbued with the will to live, the will to power, self consciousness, personality" (Mussolini 1935).

MOEC is the expression of Cambridge attempting to formalize their methods into a system. The inherent fact exists that this is a Perpetual Conspiratol Enterprise and this created problems in conscience, ethics, and language. The key Membership is said to derive itself from the 1930s. MOEC's original plans were simply tape recorded expository interpolations known as Aural Cartographic Maps ACM. These maps also appear as boundaries where MOEC hopes the accelerating sciences of the future will support their assumptions and logical extensions. It is apparent that deliberate errors and simply imposing one's will over individuals and the collective held sway creating a multiplier error.

MOEC Studies in the present is an Approach developing towards systematization of materials to identify MOEC, it's components, and decapitate the operation legally. It is clearly in opposition to any form of Irrationalism or Fascism.

In degree, as part of my entrapment I have been presented a solid briefing of MOEC. It's present ideological equilibrium is expressed as Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. It is driven by a defection based homosexual, blackmail, extortion, and hostaging ring which has entrapped the five Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Obama (Nollmeyer, D. 2012c). One should consider the creation of a planned decadence whose aperture is filled with the maladaptation of Censorship and Sanitization of: 1. Electronic Surveillance 2. Gang Stalking 3. Chemical Assault Scorched Earth attacking the human race through the United States.

A restoration would definitively entrap these presidents and the United States in war crimes.

A unique feature of fascism is that it embraces religion. MOEC strives to create a God of itself if need be by Undermining and extincting traditional faith systems.

The most advanced representation is Origin or MOEC as Organic Government (Okechukwu, A. & Emmanuel, I). This should be rejected as MOEC is an Artificial Virus.



Particular History
and Justice





Ideal State -
Varna Asrama

In short the attempt to create Gay Fascism was sabotaged. The reality is that this was accomplished by a Lesser of Two Evils: heterosexual theologians who were also involved in the fire versus fire criminal approach to state planning.

The two parties via Ex Deux Maquina conspired to create Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing.

This is evident in the creation of the Gay Militia in LAPD lead by (Nollmeyer, D. 2013a):

Gay Militia Code Names


The Fly


This ideology is a negative. It gives indication of a crime creation fallacy shoot your way in, shoot your way outand leave scapegoats to take the blame. The scapegoats are the actors named supra. These persons are attempting to scapegoat the Delaware State Police. Hence by biophysics the DSP only has about 800 officers to LAPD's 8000 plus. They do not have the manpower to direct MOEC's operations and police the State of Delaware.

On June 17, 1987 MOEC's manifestation converges and consolidates the Perfect Dictator Model within the United States of America. It is confirmed that in a free election persons will elect a tyrannical dictator(ship) by democratic suffrage. This activity creates the era of the Irrationalist Presidents within Anglo American Irrationalism of which MOEC is the driver and de facto Fuhrer Principle (Nollmeyer, D. 2012c).

A unique focus defining a future class structure is that these actors are following a Scripted defense which leads through San Francisco, California. The demonization of Ronald Reagan is embedded in a very simplistic vulgar socialism which appeals to the oppression in Nicaragua and LGBTi issues from the 1980s. The bust out or sting on this subline is that even Sandino is entrapped within MOEC's nodes.

This activity is very florid and open textured. These issues will be dealt with in Chapter 4 Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing.

Irrationalism emerged very strongly with Nazism and Fascism only to be defeated. Communism is considered to be the polarity of such in theory. Reich is a psychologist and leader of the Sex Economy school of Marxism (Reich. W. 1946).

The Technological Singularity presents a sequence of technological paradigm shifts towards the creation of Machine Superintelligence and Consciousness in 2045 (Muehlhauser, L. 2015).

Barack Obama is the Singularity Target.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer is the Singularity Experiment.

If computer software does not recognize and help contribute to the prosecution of the proximate cause, principals, accomplices, and accessories then MOEC has defeated Technological Singularity. In degree a Cultural Singularity would have defeated a Technological Singularity (Proximate Cause).

This does not preclude the tensions from continuing into the future.

Matthew 22:15-22 Jesus Disputes with Pharisees about the Tribute Money, clearly defines the inner axiology of a ruler who has the sovereignty to judge inclusiveness in the kingdom. Of particular concern is the rite of marriage. MOEC disguises marriage breaking as marriage making. Persons are targeted to develop the LGBTi Movement. The area of marriage is the traditional setting for the study of conjugal relations. The family is the primary collective unit of the government. If marriage and procreation are being controlled by defection this alone is a very serious attack on liberty and freedom.

This shapes the attack being paired to Same Sex Marriage. It also establishes a point of departure for the spread of HIV AIDS and other sexually transmitted disease STD. The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth easily is manifest over the 400,000 plus HIV positive persons in the United States. This Undermines the Right Side of History claim being promoted by the LGBTi Movement.

MOEC is a RICO Enterprise punishable by international and federal law. MOEC has claimed to be the predominant hierarchical controller. The formal representation of the Anglo American Paradigm is NATO which is diversifying from the two nationstates, Atlantic Group, and Allies whom now are actually absorbing former Warsaw Pact members. Underneath this supranational regime is MOEC itself which is located in Cambridge Law School.

In the small paper Sovereign Subject Relations, it is disclosed how the sovereign wishes to give one deal to each member of it's citizenry. In expanding this action within another sovereignty it has Undermined that nationstate's Constitution particularly it's due process and equal protection rights (Due Process). Hence, in reality this process has occurred domestically and externally. A perpetual criminal enterprise has emerged.

In continuation of this defection process, treason, obstruction of justice, blackmail, extortion, hostaging, and intimidation of a witness occur. In this manner the other nationstate is kept in a state of disequilibrium. The issue is whether territorial expansion or simply control is desired.

Eventually by internal or external opposition, exposure of this injustice occurs. The system then has to harden itself to this challenge. A purge is the likely outcome. At this point in History a Perfect Dictator has clearly formed in the United States.

A focus on the family from the third generation downward forms the impure synchronicity experiment. Within the nodes of the conspiracy families have been chosen to develop a LGBTi culture. The present attack is predicated on a Same Sex Qualification for positive legal protection under the Bill of Rights (Bill of Rights).

The Targeted Chemical Assaults may be neutralized in part by having at least one same sex act every six months. This is a behavioristic not a gender based identity standard for identifying LGBTi persons.

There may be at least over 100,000 persons with a fractal of the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth imposed over their natural person. The Scorched Earth despoils the health and property derived from the quid pro quos on the Yellow Brick Road. This pattern reflects the algorithm of how the Lycurgus subsystem of MOEC develops the Akbar component which is only imposed over my person.

In order to Undermine and create a government in it's interest, a movement upward to Eternal Law and downward to Positive or Human Law continues.In this sense MOEC is imposed over the individual by a third legislature. This is the same process for the Social Contract Theory and artificial citizenship which MOEC has directly targeted. The Undermining of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights safeguards are one of MOEC's signature accomplishments to date (Bill of Rights).

MOEC is not an original concept. It has strong roots in the Tyrannies of Classical Greece. The collapse of one empire creates opportunity for the next pretender to the throne to emerge. There is a dialectical line of evolution based on informal fallacies, predicate calculus (formal logic), and political philosophy. The convergent and divergent line of Plato to Marx is prominent. Cambridge appears to have mastered in theory and in practice the craft of defection. It has a very strong trajectory in theology, philosophy, law, and modern psychology to develop it's system goals. The identity of the system is the Informant Tyrant. The King of England shepherding the human race to the Second Coming of Christ is only a veneer of legitimacy. MOEC is a Tyranny. It is derived from classical models (Republic Book VIII 360 BCE).

Classical Forms of Government









The tension of this attack focalizes the classical question of the Individual versus the State.

The alienation of Bill of Right protections places my person into direct contestation with the President of the United States. One distinct novelty in MOEC is that I am Singularity Experiment SE. I have stated this facet as the Ultimate Target UT in earlier works. I am the only person who has Akbar or the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program imposed over one's natural person. I am the nexus individual for genocide and other Crimes Against Humanity. My Facebook sites will confirm that I have friends throughout Africa, the Philippines and other areas who live in locations convulsed by tyranny.

Does world peace and security depend on the supremacy of one world power or the equality of nations? International Relations may be considered based on (Lieber, R. J. 1988):

1. Essentialism

2. Mechanism

3. Rationalism

A legal topology reveals that I have resources in the United Nations against the United Kingdom. I will focus mainly on the ICCPR Second Protocol (ICCPR 1966). The Geneva Conventions could be applicable in a limited degree against both the United Kingdom and United States as MOEC is designed as an act of war (Geneva Conventions 1949). The Convention Against Torture or CAT also is a point of scrutiny as it appears this protocol was a direct target of MOEC (CAT 1994).

If the United States has original jurisdiction of a criminal or civil event, I would choose federal court as the court of first instance.

In this regard MOEC Studies seeks to identify and prosecute the principals, accomplices, and accessories to the Origin. It also develops a perspective of the rise and fall of empires that may be used to historically analyze a regime or predict one in the future. This is inclusive of subordinate levels of public and private organizations.

Homeland Security

After the September 1, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center, the creation of the Department of Homeland Security by President George W Bush restructured the Administration of Justice placing 22 agencies under the control of one individual, the Homeland Secretary (Department of Homeland Security). Currently Janet Napolitano holds this office (Janet Napolitano 2021). She is a former Attorney General for Arizona and a two time Governor. She has already fulfilled one full term of office under the appointment of Barack Obama. In light of her sworn duties, Napolitano easily is one of the most culpable persons in American History. I have lived in or travelled through Arizona while she was Attorney General and Governor. The advent of Operation Radhanatha occurred about February 12, 2007 while Napolitano was Governor of Arizona. This is in direct reference to the contamination of the Colorado River which Arizona controls. Since this date all surface water in my vicinity is contaminated.

If Napolitano completes her term office with Obama she will be in charge of Homeland Security until January of 2017.

MOEC clearly undermines the President with a sworn policeman. This officer would have been under direct control of the United States Attorney General previous to the creation of the Department of Homeland Security.

The current panorama in early June, 2013 posits the entrance of Hezbollah into the Syrian Civil War. This in the short term has shifted the equilibrium towards Assad (Syria), Iran, and Russia. It has been alleged that the usage of small amounts of the nerve agent Sarin have occurred. Proposition 8 and DOMA are likely to be ruled on by June 27, the last day of the current Supreme Court term. In the last few days a NSA contractor, a Mr. Snowden has stepped forward as the source of a leak that the United States has monitored millions of pieces of metadata as phone call numbers, where the calls were made and to whom and where to establish links to foreign terrorist. Obama has confirmed the existence of this post 9-11 program. Daniel Ellsberg the author of the Pentagon Papers has argued this as the most important leak in United States History (Daniel Ellsberg 2021). This statement is a fallacy of separation. This demonstrates how Undermining creates a static role in open texture, which is the Theory of Extinction.

The revelation of MOEC is overwhelming more important. This structure has never been classified. I hold the position there are no direct records of it's creation. What is unique is that MOEC is said to exist as ACMs or tape recordings. Since reel to reel tapes, cassette, the CD and DVD format have been created. They too are near obsolete.

The Gay Militia in LAPD is lead by: Periander, The Fly, Dodo. They are the law officers who in the United States will be the target of very intense study and litigation. The persons living along the Colorado River, Salton Sea, and Lake Almanor in California will most likely be the first sworn and non sworn persons to face serious legal and historical scrutiny outside of Washington DC and state capitols. The use of a justification, self defense and an Attorney General Exemption appear ludicrous.


Prisoner's Dilemma is the abstract process and structure that is the root of the problem in MOEC creating an informant criminal by defection (Prisoner's Dilemma 2019). Cooperation means conforming to the rule of law. The manifest obsession with sexuality and the irrational belief that sex is the controlling hierarchy that defines superiority, hence an individual leads to and exasperates feelings of inferiority. This leads to displacement or the attacking of substitute targets. The more intelligent have Scripted the failure of the less intelligent to be their scapegoats by token rewards of sexuality mixed with anti intellectual positions. This is especially true in the Gay Militia in LAPD. The office of the policeman is the role that is used as a proxy to attack all occupations. This actually will reduce to a lawyer state planner.

Cognitive Behaviorism argues that punishment is a short run reinforcer and education is a long term goal in modifying both psychical content and behavior (Dattillio, F. 2002). The punishment component should reflect decapitating the Proximate Cause, principals, accomplices, and accessories after the fact. This should emphasize sworn officers (Proximate Cause). The complicity of the media and academia are also a deep concern. The University of California also appears to be a prize for the Undermining of Cambridge. USC and Harvard are drawing considerable interest. Harvard has produced several presidents and plethora of sworn officials, and lawyers.

The Reduction Room is a Storyboard re enactment of the two principal Cambridge Lawyers code named, The Hand and The Little One. The Scripting follows on the proposition, Would you know how to start a government? An exchange between the former and latter is the continuation, Will you betray the Constitution? This meeting is then protected with polymorphous perversity or ad hominem attacks against the person that are sexually orientated. This forms a basis for Gay Nothing. In particularity is an extension of the classical brain versus brawn argument. The Tyrant - Secret Police - Informant invertebration of Polities is reflected in this novelty.

The construction of the Machinery of Torture in the State reflects the usage of the fascist model. The cooption of both public and private property has not raised concern. In the United States the use of private property must be paid for. In this instance both public and private property has been utilized to attack both natural persons and physical property. This will create a mountain of criminal and civil litigation.

The quasi intellectual spiritual attempt to reconcile the existence or non existence of a universal spiritual morality that proscribes homosexuality and sex exclusively to procreation leads to development of an attempt at Gay Fascism or possibly other non race based systems of exclusion.

Robert Merton's theory regarding fatalism and dependency are very strong models that have provided key insights into how human culture especially government and police systems transform society. The government is correct in creating sworn duty bound officers at both the rank and file level. The leadership should be held accountable par minimum. As per the academics in the University system their tenureship should not rise above the Censorship and Sanitization of a War Crime. Merton's work on criminality as conformity, ritualism, retreatist, and rebel are strongly strengthened (Robert K. Merton).

The emergent specialization of labor in computer science concerning Artificial Intelligence reflects highly abstract modelling. This is especially true in the theory of mind. In Mechanistic Theory, the mind is a closed system (Mechanism). In this light nativism or genetics is paramount. However the external Manifest Function of MOEC cannot be denied by working in the Ivory Tower. One cannot separate the species from the environment and setting from which it evolved. If Technological Singularity fails, MOEC will be the orchestrator of many errors and assumptions. However it is clear that robotics and automation will have strong transformational effects on whom is employable and sustainable.

The development of the Yellow Brick Road culture is institutionalized in our world culture where one irrationalizes that it a positive benefit to cost ratio to support a system of racketeering that entraps one as a criminal informant with both formal and informal punishments. The first is by the courts, the latter is by crime and Scripted failure as accidents as bankruptcy, homelessness, and disease.

In MOEC there is a Gambit Line of all male MSM police officers in Scotland Yard and LAPD organized in cells and nodes. This is the conspiratol structure that attacked the American Presidency and specifically Ronald Reagan. The President is implicated in violating his sworn duties as Chief Executive to uphold my and others Bill of Rights protections There shall be no cruel or unusual treatment and to protect the Homeland (Bill of Rights). Thus this is the beginning of the Presidency being Undermined by the vulgar ideology Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing.

If the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth terminates after the January 2017 Inauguration there will be six Irrationalist Presidents (Nollmeyer, D. 2012c). This, if this event were to continue would implicate Barack Obama as the President with the worst criminal history. The new president would be an accessory after the fact to the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program.

The economic model of employment equilibrium also can be used in MOEC Studies. I am not satisfied with my placement in society. I will exercise my free will to criminally prosecute MOEC to the Origin. In doing so, as I work I will displace persons. This is now convergent with an innovation in the business cycle as Technological Singularity. I will rise to my level of inefficiency and or if I no longer wish to advance my position. This is my enter and exit opportunities that I weigh against any other alternative opportunity as my Vedic faith, classical guitar, or learning chess which I have undertaken for 1.25 years to date.


A Crime Against Humanity, Treason Against the United States developed from (United Kingdom) Cambridge Law School, Scotland Yard, (United States) LAPD, Baltimore PD, Delaware State Police, Unnamed Baltimore Studio (LAPD) towards other accomplices and accessories was planned in the first degree. MOEC radiates outward in nodes to other targets in a legal jurisdiction. The attack is imposed over my natural person. The States of California, Arizona, and Nevada will most likely experience the brunt of this attack in the last term of President Barack Obama.

As a conspiracy MOEC is organized in hubs and nodes. Cambridge Law School contains the Origin and Scotland Yard is the primary hub and LAPD is the secondary hub. Nodes radiate outward through mutual aid violations towards targets.

MOEC is a homosexual, blackmail, extortion, hostaging and intimidation of a witness RICO Enterprise (RICO 1970). It is also a Continuing Conspiratol Enterprise. This action is designed as a Tournament between Homosexuality versus Heterosexuality.

Since the LGBTi Movement contains the Authorship, the LGBTi side has the distinction of being on the Wrong Side of History. This and it's opposite the Right Side of History are main slogans and concepts of the Gay Marriage push. The main actors of the Gay Militia are MSM males in Scotland Yard and LAPD.

It is clear that the strongest and safest procedure is for all criminal actors to be identified and named. The Irrationalist Presidents Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush, William Clinton, George W Bush, and Barack Obama are public persons (Nollmeyer, D. 2012c). Cambridge Lawyers, Scotland Yard, and LAPD have persons who are not identified.

I have organized MOEC Studies as an Approach towards Systematization. This follows a model of Cognitive Behaviorism, mens rea, and actus rea (Dattillio, F. 2002) (Mens rea) (Actus Reus). The status quo in employment and academia are seen to be strongly damaged by using Targeted Attacks on key persons and institutions.

External Threat Analysis is a growing industry which is highly suspect. If such companies are charging parties and cannot provide accurate recommendations concerning: 1. Electronic Surveillance 2. Gang Stalking 3. Chemical Assault, I would argue such as frauds. The CEO and Board of Directors of firms should also face severe scrutiny.

I have survived and performed under non normative condition in parallel to a world culture that has embraced the attack against my person. The cohort sibling rivalry under an unseen Ideal Father and Mother Figure and one's natural father and mother will result in comparisons of Periander, The Fly and Dodo against the Membership of Cambridge, President of the United States, sworn officers, and those persons living in the jurisdictions in my vicinity during MOEC.

If the Proximate Cause is correctly identified, then principals, accomplices, and accessories are actors in criminal activity (Proximate Cause). The use of an Attorney General Exemption, or a justification as selfdefense are ad ignorantum. The facts would state that they were entrapped in a RICO Enterprise (RICO 1970). The jurisdictions near the Salton Sea as Riverside County and Lake Almanor as Lassen, Plumas, and Siskiyou Counties in California contain the populations that are that are failing to expose LAPD. The Crime Against Humanity and Treason Against the United States is a success for MOEC.

There are no heroes or heroines. The twenty year old sworn deputy is a model figure who may take the fall for other higher sworn officials as the President, Homeland Secretary, Attorney General,and Congresspersons et. al.

Many were called, but few were chosen.

Undermining is a war of attrition. There are no victors. Qualitatively, the person who scores 30 percent to 10 percent appears to have won. An academic scale as 90 percent A, 80 percent B, 70 percent C appears absurd.

The quantification of damage appears inconceivable to the human mind begging the question of Technological Singularity.

Humanity is being groomed for a Totalitarian Police State with democratically elected officials.

Genetics prima facie appears to be at the root of the problem in combination with faulty socialization.

The creation of Empire is the work of scripting the families, individuals, infrastructure, and territoriality in a Storyboard defection format similar to writing a play. This reflects a minimax Theater of War. Hence using collective deadly force should be a last resort.

Exposing MOEC in the strongest positive format is correct. This functions as deterrence. This would slightly alter some individual's behavior. The profile of a criminal who is going down, dragging everyone down is an accurate profile of a Tyrant recreating oneself and scapegoats to trade off to save oneself. The culture of incompetence and corruption is pandemic worldwide. The informant or person choosing defection should be eliminated from public service, education, and especially being a sworn duty bound official and all police work.

No empire or nationstate in recorded history has been able to censor and sanitize an event of this magnitude. MOEC exemplifies the fact that one should not make a Mountain out of a Mole Hill. The Authorship in Cambridge within my knowledge would easily figure as the worst persons in British History. The same can be considered in LAPD, the Presidency, Congress, Supreme Court, the state offices and agencies, the local jurisdictions and the individuals, families, and businesses that are implicated in this attack.

Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing

Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is an artificially designed ideology created with the intent to Undermine human civilization. It was specifically architected to attack the human race with MOEC operating a Structure and Process through the United States. A common sense observation would also argue such would damage the authorship which is alleged to be Cambridge Law School, United Kingdom.

MOEC is intended to gradually marginalize different levels of Truth Systems, government, family, and individuals and defect these actors into the bodyguard of the Origin. In this sense Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is Anglo American Irrationalism or Pre Fascism.

We can easily perceive direct transformations upon:

Eternal Law: Faiths Systems - Church of England - Roman Catholic Church - ISKCON

Natural Law: University System - Cambridge - Oxford - UC Berkeley - Harvard

Positive Law: United Kingdom - United States - United Nations

MOEC's implementation of informant based defection is creating the most incompetent and corrupt organizations and individuals in American History. This will also be true in the United Kingdom. As the United States is being used to radiate the Undermining, this in turn has clearly has created the worst police officers with a Gay Militia operating out LAPD. The relationship of an informant and police officer define the invertebration of all occupations.

Gay Militia Code Names


The Fly


The entrapment of the Irrationalist Presidents by these officers is unprecedented. Implicated by their actions are (Nollmeyer, D. 2012c):

Irrationalist Presidents

Ronald Reagan

George HW Bush

William Clinton

George W Bush

Barack Obama

It is prima facie that Barack Obama has the strongest possibility of being criminally prosecuted during his lifetime.

A direct implication of this reaction formation is the staged defeat of the so called legitimate LGBTi rights movement. In degree, the term LGBTi paradigm is being used for the abstract agenda. In a strict scientific sense this is really a pre paradigm.

Dateline: Westwood, Lassen, County, California on June 27, 2013. Proposition 8 Hollingsworth v. Perry and DOMA have been dispensed yesterday June 26, 2013 (Hollingsworth v. Perry 2013). The proponents in Proposition 8 were found to lack Article III standing and the case returned to California. The District Court judgment by Judge Walker holding that Prop 8 is unconstitutional will not be disturbed. On June 28, Same Sex Marriage continued in this state.

United States v. Windsor DOMA was ruled to be unconstitutional based on the 5th Amendment. Both decisions were based on 5 to 4 majorities (United States v. Windsor 2013). A Membership of Cambridge Lawyers are alleged to be the Authorship of MOEC and Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. Their Strategic Mission was Same Sex Marriage. Historically, MOEC can definitively lay claim to a successful Crime Against Humanity and Treason Against the United States. The basic algorithm is designed to originate from (United Kingdom) Cambridge Law School, Scotland Yard, to the (United States) LAPD, California, Delaware, Delaware State Police, Maryland, Baltimore Police Department, and the Unnamed Baltimore Studio (LAPD). In particularity of the subject there are two hubs in the conspiracy. Scotland Yard is the controlling hub and LAPD is the subordinate hub.

There are three manifest events operating:

Components of MOEC

Chemical Assault Scorched Earth

Electronic Surveillance

Gang Stalking

The Algorithm descends into concrete legal jurisdictions as states, counties, and to natural persons.

MOEC is a Trojan Horse operation that has marriage creation as a foil.

As seen the creation of marriages and then breaking such with a Divorce Program is also conclusively strong. Marriages presently survive at a 45 percent rate. In small jurisdictions as Lassen County with 35,000 persons it is easy to link the Gay Militia to divorces. The same would be true for Delaware and Desert Shores near the Salton Sea where I will travel this winter.

MOEC essentially has provided me with a presidential quality briefing in which to confront Cambridge Law School, United Kingdom as the Authorship and Principals in this crime.

A main component of their defense mechanism is the Reduction Room where two lawyers, The Hand (leader) and The Little One (subordinate), re enacted the command imperative of MOEC:

Will You Betray the Constitution?

The Tournament challenge between homosexual lawyers and heterosexual theologians is the driver that provided me with the leak which is now organized as MOEC Studies. MOEC Studies is now an Approach attempting Systematization of this particular conspiracy. Polymorphous perversity is an ad hominem verbal battery against an individual consisting of sexually vulgar speech. Hence when an individual who is in an adversarial situation attempts to defeat, control, or humiliate another, especially a female using sexual vulgarities as f*ck, c*nt, and similar crude language emerges. Polymorphous perversity descends from sexual enjoyment outside of heterosexual intercourse.

This Reduction Room is the symbolic Black Hole of MOEC and can be linked to almost all locations worldwide. This is by design and the speech patterns of the three officers mentioned previously.

The Hand's profile is drawn from Michelangelo's Creation of Adam and Adam Smith (Michelangelo 1512). The Little One represents an Indian and is derived from the Bible and Aldous Huxley's Brave New World (Huxley, A. 1932).

Informant Equilibrium

MOEC is easily demonstrating that the natural human has a genetic and cultural imperfection to defect or betray via Prisoner's Dilemma (Prisoner's Dilemma 2019). Currently five Irrationalist Presidents Reagan Obama have been entrapped in a RICO Enterprise which is a homosexual, blackmail, extortion, hostaging, and intimidating of a witness ring paired with a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program (Nollmeyer, D. 2012c) (RICO 1970).

In the crossectional longitudinal cohort rivalry, the population in Westwood, California is failing as first responders in a clear attack against the United States. The entire populations of Lassen, Plumas, and Siskiyou, California should be considered as a Ground Zero.

MOEC is a universal operation with nodes and Targets worldwide.

This experiment focuses on third generational LGBTi families. This is of acute interest in the sense that Lassen County supported Proposition 8 by 70 to 30 percent.

If a person wishes to challenge the Totality of Circumstances, all actors must be measured against the same precept or rule under Equal Protection Due Process. These are the main legal rights from the LGBTi Movement attempts to demonstrate their case.

The continuum of Psychopathy: Antisocial - Sociopath - Psychopath should be considered in the organization of a quid pro quo informant culture (Lasslett, H, & Neumann, C.S. 2016). The Narcissistic Psychopath and pathological liar appear to be core models of members of the Gay Militia (Tracy, N. 2015).

Undermining requires a feedback loop. Hence we can observe a Structure and Process from the Origin to an individual and family. Attacking an individual now would implicate 8 surnames of the great grandparents. This has a nexus with the House of Windsor. Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge has a significantly less chance or ruling as King of England without serious contestation from parties worldwide.

Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is modelled on the Ku Klux Klan (Democrats) of the 1930s in continuo and the Know Nothings (Republicans) (Know Nothing Party). The Know Nothings were a xenophobic anti immigration movement in the late 1800s. Currently Barack Obama has placed Gay Marriage and Immigration near the top of his agenda.

We are implying an emergence of a transition of Irrationalism to Fascism. This involves ideology and a demarcation between subjective social preferences towards what one would call a hard science. A science is a set of general laws and principles in the subject of which consequent events can be deduced objectively with verification by third parties.

Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing appears during the staging of corrupt state planning and policing. An attempt to expose racketeering, quid pro quo payoffs and retaliation as human rights abuse was followed by a Tournament contest between heterosexual theologians from Trinity and MSM lawyers from Cambridge.

The development and recruitment of a Gay Militia within members of homeland security officers is an invertebration which confirms to clinical diagnosis of abnormal psychology that would become to be known as the Diagnostic Statistic Manual or DSM IV of the American Psychological Association.

Merton's theories regarding criminality and fatalism are clearly supported. Hence the Gay Militia members are being Scripted and conditioned to believe they are rebels. In reality they are provocateur scapegoats who will be purged with the informants they are recruiting.

The profiling develops from an inferiority complex in same sex males and displacement against heterosexual males primarily in the first instance. This process radiates outward to other parties and LGBTi persons and in a tit for tat fashion returns to heterosexuals). There are extreme traits of pathological lying and psychopathy evident (Lasslett, H, & Neumann, C.S. 2016). A fugue of intent and behavior flows over many years of poor work.

Homosexuality (Same Sex) versus Heterosexuality (Opposite Sex)

The bias in the operation within a 100 percent ratio is to attack opposite sex persons while sheltering or protecting same sex persons. All members of society are eventually injured as well as both the physical and cultural geography.

Gay Irrationalism appears during the 1880s with a severe challenge from the Third Reich. Here experiments concerning the development of chemical weapons that were used in WWI and other clandestine experiments appear to have been incorporated into the RICO styled defection model.

The three main ideologies of the 20th century are Conservatism, Liberalism, and Irrationalism. The 1900s has witnessed the transition from Irrationalist Fascist Nazism states to degraded or mixed forms of socialism. Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Japan are the main examples of this structural shift. Here the emergence of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is an antecedent to Gay Fascism which would occur when intellectuals emerge as apologists and defend the abusive activity.

Manifest Function Latent Function

As stated objective third party events that are historical and subjective to verification are the Manifest Function. Hence these are 1. Chemical Assault Scorched Earth 2. Electronic Surveillance 3. Gang Stalking.

Marriage Breaking is now a strong fourth. Since there was no way of predicting with certainty whether I would be married, this process may have been delegated to a lower status. Marriage Breaking is disguised as dating and sex leading to marriage. This is misogynist with an abnormal relationship between MSM officers and FSF females. I would argue the confirmation of this as virtual certainty.

The latent function is the discovery of the Origin and authorship of this event and thus trace it's flow chart and tree of activity. This will unite the Manifest and Latent Function. LAPD is claiming that they are operating from Aural Cartographic Tape Maps ACM (Storyboard Entrapments).

The planners of the United Kingdom devised a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth CASE which is contingent on escalating marginal Targeted Chemical Assaults TCAs towards the full blown attack. This targeting develops strategic escalation and is based on being a member of opposite sex protecting the Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Intersex or LGBTi community which means less marginal TCAs to exclusive homosexuals. The full blown CASE is superimposed over my natural person which has been triggered. There is only one target or person, the author, David Nollmeyer with the full blown Chemical Assault Scorched Earth imposed over his person.

The targeting of the United States, it's Constitution, Citizens, and President by using a Manifest Function of Chemical Assault Scorched Earth to constrain myself and attack my primary rights is also a catalyst in a direct attack on the human race and civilization. The other externality is that the attack is so widespread is that it also directly affects the 600,000 estimated living HIV AIDS population out of a caseload of nearly 1.3 million with 1.3 million estimated cases. LGBTi persons are about 50 percent of the total population.

It is this secondary tryad of victims that will be decisively used to confound and disprove LGBTi History. The victimization of my natural person alienates my protection under the Bill of Rights (Bill of Rights). If I am being debilitated by a process of de facto homeland security operation then those individuals with degraded Immune Systems are also being attacked.

The Origin has created a symbiotic duality of Rational and Irrationalist decision making preferences. LAPD is alleged to contain a Gay Militia. An early member code named Periander escalated the trajectory and branch of the conspiracy towards negative territoriality which is the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. Two members code named the Fly and Dodo have initiated the attack. The Fly began the Manifest Function on June 17, 1987 targeting Ronald Reagan. Dodo and a Lieutenant(s) continues to direct the event against Barack Obama.

If one were to examine my substantive legal protections, such has been inverted against myself and radiated asymmetrically towards the 313 million persons residing in the United States and 7 billion natural persons worldwide (Bill of Rights). The UDHR and ICCPR Protocols have wider acceptance internationally (ICCPR 1966).

The attack then postulates the invertebration of citizenship, positive rights, and duties into an informant system operating under defection to the Gay Militia of LAPD. The blackmail and intimidation of these persons through mutual aid violations leads to what is popularly being termed Gang Stalking.

The Formation of the Gay Militia

There is a direct analogy in this structure with the Man of Iron in the Book of Daniel. The Founding of the System is now represented by MOEC. We now know that this is no more than the mechanism that expands and contracts the British Empire localized in Cambridge Law School.

The Tournament follows an Ex Deux Maquina which is the modus operandi. Disciplines as Mechanism versus Faith, Irrationality versus Rationality, Consequentialism versus Deontology are important points of departure where the loser will becomes degraded under a circular folly.

The three main leaders in LAPD were or are (Nollmeyer, D. 2013a):

Gay Militia Code Names


The Fly


Periander is the Greek King on which the Midas Man myth is based upon. The Fly reflects the sociological classic Lord of the Flies. Dodo has roots in a land bird of Madagascar that was unafraid of Portuguese colonists who clubbed the species into extinction. There is also a direct link to a character in David Bowie's song 1984 which is from the Diamond Dogs album.

The Scripting of the conditioning of a member as Dodo extends from at least the third generation grandparents if possible. One should note that the Eros, the sum total of Freudian Oedipal and Electra Complexes form the basic boundaries of personality development. MOEC uses an eclectic methodology. Materials from other systems may be organized under these two models.

Formal Logic and Informal Logic are extremely important as Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing may be entrapped by a superior analysis from these two disciplines in nexus with positive law. One can also discern a defense mechanism and scapegoat system of Cambridge Lawyers.

Merton's theory of criminality develops: 1. Conformist 2. Ritualists 3. Innovators 4. Rebels. Merton is accurate in stating that the police are fatalist and the population dependent (Robert K. Merton).

Currently we examine a line from the Ex Deux Maquina in which Cambridge Lawyers retained control of MOEC. The algorithm of the attack descends into Dodo and his extension into Informant Stalkers being entrapped by attempting to use a Justification or selfdefense rational to explain lying in wait and slamming a car door on cue from a member of the Gay Militia in LAPD. This is a par minimum stalking and false imprisonment.

President Barack Obama is serving his second term under Operation Radhanatha which began in February, 2007.

We will examine how a member of the Gay Militia develops an identity and repertoire in an environ. An environ is a small component in an environment. The environ is a cell. There are 20 members in a cell. There are at least 250 to 500 MSM officers in the Gay Militia. There a three shifts per day 24/7 365 days per year. The setting is based on near 24 hour surveillance on these 500 officers. This would be especially true of the cell that developed the persons supra. These actors contain the more LGBTi members and Scripting. The other 230 members are less MSM and contain the officers. If these officers ran the operation there would be no fullblown Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

In the cell(s) of the Gay Militia justice has been obstructed. Dodo will assume that this attack will last over thirty years from 1987 to 2017 so he can retire from LAPD with full benefits. He is operating under a belief that defection he and other officers will be able to hand off their surveillance to other policemen and agencies. Under a formal court hearing this would result in a Brady Violation for failure to provide all discovery evidence to the defense team.

In extension of the Tournament, I am the Singularity Experiment. I am the only natural person and United States citizen with a fullblown Chemical Assault Scorched Earth imposed over him. This prima facie has resulted in a Crime Against Humanity and Treason Against the United States.

The issue is as an experimental subject how will I intellectually and physical work to achieve decapitate MOEC and expose the identity of it's creators? What type of human repertoire will I develop? A clear contrast is the repertoire developed by Dodo under LAPD.

It is increasingly obvious now that Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano has resigned to become President of the University of California, that the Trinity Theologians were successful in orchestrating the exposure of Cambridge Law School as containing MOEC (Janet Napolitano 2021).

Obama is the Singularity Target.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer is the Singularity Experiment.

I am demonstrating intent to prosecute the Proximate Cause sine qua non, principals, accomplices, and accessories to decapitate the totality of the criminal enterprise MOEC. I am pressing for the public disclosure of the names of the Cambridge Lawyers et al. who are the Authorship (Proximate Cause).

Hence a debate ensues which must transform itself from an idea into a plan which must be placed into action.

The Membership have created a gambit line of MSM males descending to Dodo. It is my position that Periander and The Fly were clearly aware in advance that a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth would be imposed over my person. Dodo may have had lesser cognition of this fact. He however was aware that after the retirement of the previous actors he would be in charge.

Why did they not oppose MOEC and or the escalation of Lycurgus into Akbar as a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth as sworn officers of LAPD? The Gay Militia in LAPD allegedly has roots into the 1930s.

Will MOEC create a summon bonum and elevate the human race or will it degrade the individual into a psychopath (Summon bonum)?

The Human Repertoire

The immediate point of departure is brain versus brawn. The setting currently has a near 100 percent Censorship and Sanitization of 7 billion persons worldwide. If I make an expository statement that under the Bill of Rights 8th Amendment, There shall be no cruel and unusual treatment, Dodo will argue from tape cue in the contrary stating that Obama has inherited MOEC from Reagan (Bill of Rights). While this is true it is false that Obama is above United States Federal Law or that the United States can be a bellicose actor attacking the human race with bathtub Chemical Weapons.

My position is rational and Dodo's Scripted response is irrational. If I argue totally from prima facie facts Dodo will lose well over 50 percent of arguments. I have easily demonstrated this issue for years using 6 to 10 arguments per day for periods of 1 to 3 hours that this is Dodo's historical repertoire.

As Dodo loses arguments the algorithm moves towards displacement or to attack and hostage persons and objects principally of which is a female. This begins a failed attempt at justification of selfdefense. This descends and replicates into the stalkers. This is specific to nearly 100 percent of the local jurisdictions where I have travelled.

A simple question emerges as a point of departure: In degree can one from an epistemological perspective organize universals and particulars into a coherent system?

Three basic informal fallacies strongly emerge within debating: 1. Ad hominem ad vericundium 2. Ad populum 3. Ad misericordium.

This attack and especially the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is based on a same sex qualification for rights. It is pinned to Gay Marriage.

MOEC has developed profiles of what type of personality and physical condition I would be in towards at least 125 years of age. Dodo will argue from these profiles resulting in red herring strawman attacks.

It had been predicted that I would have MSM or same sex history. I have been told that if I had three anal sex MSM contacts the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth would not have been imposed over me. This is ad hominem.

Ronald Reagan's presidency was attacked. He was de facto and negligent as a sworn official for not prosecuting the Authorship and decapitating the system. I voted for Reagan once in 1984. If Dodo argues that I should not expose Reagan this is ad vericundium or an appeal to an important person.

Contemporaneously with this appeal, were overtures to spiritual leaders. Keith Ham aka Kirtanananda, once of ISKCON is prominent. As an uninitiated Hare Krishna I had supported Kirtanananda who was principal in establishing New Vrindavana, West Virginia. Kirtanananda has been convicted of racketeering and spent 7 years in prison. It has been widely disclosed that he was homosexual and had sexually abused children. The latter action clearly discredited him. He is now deceased.

This is ad vericundium.

An expose on the Discovery Channel Deadly Devotion was based on his actions in New Vrndavana focusing on the murder of Steve Bryant aka Sulochana, who was exposing Kirtanananda on homosexual and child molesting allegations. Sulochana's murder occurred in May 22, 1986 in Los Angeles (Deadly Devotion 2013).

Dodo and his immediate predecessors have argued MOEC as Gay Revolution. If LGBTi persons wish to advance their positive legal rights they should proceed from legislation and the courts. This is an appeal ad populum to the audience as no specific geographic location is used. It is also is an appeal to the LGBTi population.

When I travel which is now almost entirely forced due to the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth, the Scripting posits I would travel to the most LGBTi location. I do not travel by this criterion. I have travelled in hope of better treatment and now by necessity. This reflects the Membership attempting to recreate their own preferences. This if directed to a specific town as Sante Fe, New Mexico would result in ad misericordium or to the misery of the people.

There is a very clear intent to create Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing as a dialectical line of Undermining that will negate any intellectual threat. On July 12, 2013, Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano announced her retirement from the Obama Administration (Janet Napolitano 2021). Napolitano is being recommended for President of the University of California which is the largest and highest ranked system of public education in the United States. If Napolitano assumes this post it will converge the most culpable law officer to date with one of the pre eminent research facilities in the world.

As the Singularity Experiment who has been alienated from my Bill of Rights protections I have struggled on a method to confront expertise at the world class level in institutions and individuals (Bill of Rights). With Napolitano at the helm of University of California, this would overwhelming create problems for the world's leading intellects. UC will be entrapped into the Machinery of Torture. Napolitano has a very extensive career as an Arizona Attorney General to Homeland Secretary. She has been a direct superior over LAPD since January 2009.

This issue will need to be dealt with in more detail in the future.

If Dodo is confronted on an issue and he is not able to provide an answer Gay Relativism is his first response. This will develop a LGBTi antinomianism. This would argue that solely by being a Same Sex individual one is correct. This negates any merit based distinction. Phenomenology or a position arguing from an individual's world view in the subject before any consideration of external laws or systems operating on one hold sway.

What is unique is that Gay Relativism is clearly identified to the more abstract Phenomenology (Quotoshi, S. 2018).

Dodo's Scripting is cued. He fashions himself as a Rush Limbaugh, the AM talk radio conservative who has a following of 16 million listeners. Dodo claims that by osmosis he is in fact equal by understanding concepts of MOEC. This can be heard everywhere by pirate radio as such is superimposed over my person now that we are in the Akbar stage. The continuation in this line will proceed cite or hostage the Cambridge philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein.

If business is a subject, then Dodo is only a salesman. Any trivial fact must be opposed. All knowledge is given to one. Hence Dodo is the giver.

The last fallacy is an appeal ad ignorantum.

A solid baseline for skill would be a Master's Degree. We can easily discern how Scripting a differentiated profile over one through defection and attacking such results in demonization and red herring strawman attacks. The circular folly also will implicate Dodo as a principal everywhere there is damage from MOEC and where I have personally at and have been.

The quantum of force directed by this miscalculation of decision making has also emerged to negate the discipline areas of LGBTi Studies. Any area of LGBTi History that does not deal with the emergence of a Gay Militia attacking with clandestine chemical weapons is suspect especially if taught for tuition at accredited institutions. Irrationalism will turn to Fascism when apologists emerge to defend it's crimes.

Three prominent LGBTi advocacy groups are:

Freedom to Marry: Evan Wolfson

Courage Campaign: Rick Jacobs

LAMBDA: Kevin Cathcart

Empirically these groups have claimed excellence in support of HIV AIDS persons. I find this to be spurious and falsifiable. The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth imposed over my person, I am a pure lifelong heterosexual, can extend from California eastward towards Texas, north through Nevada and into Oregon. The worldwide Censorship and Sanitization provides efficient cover to launch Target Chemical Assaults and stalking against persons in every nationstate.

The paradigm shift of the LGBTi agenda is synchronic with the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth in a symbiotic and antagonistic manner. Gay Marriage or the Right to Marry and the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell DADT in the United States military are paired with the concrete objective attack on human civilization. This at the lower boundary posits the HIV AIDS population as the largest identifiable group of victims and myself as the objective individual target the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is superimposed over.

Relative Morality versus Absolute Morality

The lack of moral and legal will and apperception reflect the consequentialist based failure of Due Process and Equal Protection (14th Amendment). The abject subjection to cruel and unusual treatment (8th Amendment) is of no concern as a purge of informants escalates through this panorama of antagonistic motion through victories of the LGBTi platform.

The emphasis on the LGBTi Movement is due to the allegation that the Authorship is embedded in the LGBTi culture as MSM males. It also reflects the issue that heterosexual males advocated deontology. This Tournament reflects the LGBTi side wishing to continue the modus operandi and the heterosexuals wishing to halt and expose such. The result is MOEC was organized and named for this stage of the Rise and Fall of the British Empire.

I believe I am organizing MOEC Studies due to only the partial victory of heterosexual Christian theologians. Do I argue these actors as innocent? No they are Lesser of Two Evils who have mitigated their culpability.

The lack of internal checks, failure in the culture and offices of LAPD, City of Los Angeles and the Department of Homeland Security have recreated a state of nature, anarchy, and chaos without primary rights or the rule of law. The destruction of tangible wealth implicates the class structure of the United States. The sworn officials on public payrolls have boxed in this attack over the general population writ large.

Since I am the only individual whose natural life and United States citizenship who has a full blown Chemical Assault Scorched Earth imposed over it, the emergence of the Gay Irrationalist Gay Know Nothing ideology, these terms are from the Authorship and are not of my invention, this abnormality in reasoning and decision making compromises the sworn officials and other professions which are checks against tyrannical abuse.

The LGBTi community is the only group in modern history who have not been successful in modern police work. Male Same Sex Male MSM individuals who have been developed based on individualism, narcissistic psychopath, and pathological lying have attacked the HIV AIDS population (Tracy, N. 2015).

The remaining population and the HIV AIDS class may be guilty as informants by taking quid pro quos, outputs and cash and non cash remuneration from this corrupt RICO styled organization.


The Right Side of History Wrong Side of History

...fascism is the basic emotional attitude of man in authoritarian society,

with it's machine civilization and it's mechanistic mystical view of life.

Wilhelm Reich

Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is a designed ideology constructed by state planners as a catalyst to attack civilization through the United States. Ronald Reagan was the target as President. The counter thesis to Democracy is Totalitarian Social Welfare or mixed socialism (nationalism). The Deification of the LGBTi Platform is an artificial attempt at universal law making that is an abstract platform of defection.

Even within a context of ideology, the search for a process and structure of laws of cognition and behavior in individuals and collective groups as government, military, paramilitary units and gang structures, MOEC has provided challenging empirically measurable events to support, strengthen or falsify the prevailing models of cognition and behavior.

In short, there is system wide failure of performance of individuals and collectives as they form as government and private organization. The pathology is a critique of failure that is a valid perspective specifically as MOEC is in continuo. Hence the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth can be halted by Dodo. He in turns continues the Conspiracy implicating more persons Under Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. (It has been acknowledged that a superior, likely a MSM Lieutenant computer scientist(s) is in control over the attack. DWN May 29, 2017 ).

The natural species homo sapiens has failed as well as individual and collective socialization.

Morgenthau Pathology



Failure to punish liable actors

Failure to implement systematic remedies

A pathology treats a condition as a disease. It also will attempt to attribute a cause to one common ancestor. One can argue that Hitler needed to co opt an entire government to implement his agenda. Very few persons that are good or evil emerge independently.

Under these considerations, a person having gathered world class expertise should come under criticism. It is painfully obvious that the University of California and Harvard are being Undermined and wrecked by Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing.

The fusion of Mussolini versus Reich and a dialectic from Plato to Marx form basic content to develop a reactionary ideology and Script winners and losers. This extends into the major faith systems: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Vedas and Buddhism (Mussolini 1935) (Reich. W. 1946).

The alienation of my Bill of Right Protections was orchestrated by a team of Cambridge Lawyers. However the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth, Electronic Surveillance, and Gang Stalking that began on June 17, 1987 were arranged to be ordered by one officer. The first was The Fly and the second Dodo. The two are alleged to be married but romantically involved as MSM Males.

The Fly was given the authority to begin or halt the attack. A Lieutenant(s) not Dodo has been stated has the authority to halt the attack. Dodo as all others was groomed in a cradle to grave Yellow Brick Road operation. As such this should be discerned under the Totality of Circumstances Test.

The event continues as a RICO Enterprise as a homosexual, blackmail, intimidation, hostaging and extortion of a witness ring (RICO 1970).

The negative externality of a defeated American Democracy and police work aid the mechanistic thinking of communism and it's offshoots of socialism. Storyboarding and Scripting Male Sex Male MSM persons into a Gay Militia attacks LGBTi advocacy groups as LAMBDA who are primarily sworn lawyers. A red herring strawman is devised creating my life as a heterosexual into a same sex member of the LGBTi community.

The Chemical Assault is a Manifest Function condoned by President Barack Obama, Governor Brown of California, and Chief Beck of LAPD. The LGBTi Studies and History group is directly Undermined. World History and Presidential History are also immediately falsifiable as sanitization, propaganda and a defence mechanism of the Cambridge Law School. Other discipline areas where these studies are subsets are also corrupted.

An advocacy of HIV AIDS persons, now an estimated 600,000 in the United States will falsify claims of LGBTi advocacy groups, lawyers, and academics.

On June 26, 2013 Proposition 8 or Hollingsworth v. Perry was dismissed due lack of Article III standing. DOMA or United States v. Windsor was dismissed as unconstitutional under the 5th Amendment. Both decisions were 5 to 4 (Hollingsworth v. Perry 2013) (United States v. Windsor 2013).

On July 12, 2013 Janet Napolitano resigned from the Department of Homeland Security to accept the post of President of the University of California (Janet Napolitano 2021).

Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing functions as a counter culture virus to universally Undermine all social systems. It is a malicious attack and defense mechanism of the Authorship of MOEC. Electronic surveillance is used to record intent and acts of persons exposed to it's conditioning. This activity will create implications in the future stability of the United Kingdom and United States.

Hence under an in continuo Chemical Assault Scorched Earth there is a very clear allegation of a line of intent from Cambridge Law School, United Kingdom, Janet Napolitano, University of California, Dodo and accomplices to my person.

Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is a very important component in proving the elements of mens rea and actus rea in the proximate cause test in criminal and analytical analysis of MOEC (Proximate Cause) (Mens rea) (Actus Reus).


"The spirit of Hitlerism won it's greatest victory over us when, after it's defeat,

we used the weapons which the threat of Nazism had induced us to develop."

Karl Popper

Origin, the Organic Virus of MOEC is Cambridge Law School's most efficient attempt to organize or systematize Mobilization of Empire and Civilization. It is a novelty of Prisoner's Dilemma (Prisoner's Dilemma 2019). At this time period in History it is the most powerful defection model operating in the post WWII era in continuo. It is claimed that Cambridge Law School Authors the mechanism that expands and contracts the United Kingdom or British Empire.

Origin is also a structure and process in spacetime that desires to expose holons to it's defection processes. The model is reflective of 1930s classical conditioning or behaviorism. This lends itself to a more external socialization process in the first instance converging with a more internal deterministic model as cognitive behaviorism where the focus is genetic endowment first than social stimulus second (Dattillio, F. 2002). The latter reflects the rise of cognition and substance of psychic thought. Abnormalities would be classified as psychosomatic affective disorders.

A holon is a subsystem of another system and which is also a system within itself with subsystems.

The human individual living in social society may be a holon. The Higgs Bosom particle may be a holon. The entire Cosmos or creation may also be the holon or focal target that is being operated on by the system Origin or MOEC.

As stated Origin is one of the names of the Organic Cell. I hold that Origin is the Artificial Cell. It has no basis in Organic Government.

MOEC is already a prima facie Cultural Singularity with a Censorship and Sanitization of 7.1 billion persons in continuo worldwide.

These themes are very important to the development of Superintelligence and the development of Technological Singularity.

The Origin Model, is designed as a cell which is morphogenetic. It is also an attack of the emergent discipline area of Cognitive Science.

Origin was designed in a table with cells and is an apparent attempt to build a GUI interface for software. This is very important because many of it's materials reflect emergent 1930s era social science and behaviorism. It also appears that materials were modified at a later date but these acts are usually attributed to the 1930s and the Membership.

Origin reflects a universal Undermining Defection Model UDM. It has the abstract appearance of containing the possibility of having positive subsystems. However it's operations are not. Origin strongly reflects a design to develop a form of Tyranny in the model of a personality cult or worship of the group.

Karl Popper's, The Open Society and It's Enemies is a source blueprint in it's construction.

The Ideal Model is useful for studying one system. This system may be non Mechanistic or Mechanistic (Mechanism). Modern social science argues that an Ideal State model should be in place first in the development of collective human repertoire. The model should then be systematically implemented.

The Triangulated Model reflects research methods. It reflects the inductive complexity of dealing with multivariable pluralism and diversity as holons.

These two models and Origin appear to have a very sharp focus on the Theory of Motility, how learning occurs, and ethology or the survival fitness of the individual. They appear to be prototypes in developing Origin.

There is a distinct feedback loop between the models. It does not seem likely that the Ideal State Model was completed first then Triangulated second and Origin third. This would argue a strict sequential research model.

It appears that the Authorship worked on versions of these models and back attributed such to the 1930s.

Origin will be a Two Part presentation. Part I will focus on the Ideal State and touch upon the Triangulated Model. Part II will focus on Origin. The focal system in question will be the Vedas and it's social system varna asrama.

Ideal State





Particular History and Justice








Ideal State - Varna Asrama


(Shift Model)


Particular History and Justice










Ideal State - Varna Asrama

Ideal State may be stated to be the collective social model in which the human race is ordinated within toward it's most optimal development. In the classical case, this model most likely is equal to Divine Government or Eternal Law. In the modern case it is the cornerstone of modern social systems theory.

We will examine an outline of the Ideal Model then proceed to Origin proper. One will notice the shift in the subsystems towards Origin.

This shift reflects an intervention of an actor in the classical presentation of varna asrama to modify such. In this manner the individual and collective will bear it's imprint.

A human will be the main holon.




Ideal States or Governments

Cultural Environment




Physical Environment

Sensation - Life



I have named such the Triangulated Model. It is most likely a variation of a Cambridge model of the same name. This model is designed to be neutral but is easily adapted towards a bias. The authors themselves may or may not be experimental subjects.

The Triangulated Model is a social science based model. It is organized to accept pluralism and diversity. This model reflects Mechanism. Research methodologies are heavily involved in it's structure and process.

The Simultaneous Approach:

Qualitative - Quantitative

Quantitative - Qualitative

It this protocol questions in line one and two are addressed concurrently.

In the Sequential Approach:

Qualitative - Quantitative

Quantitative - Qualitative

The first step is phase one and it's questions are solved then phase two, the second line would begin at then it's problems would be solved.


Origin is presented here with nine subsystems. I believe this type of modelling was used before the reduction to seven subsystems in it's quest to conform to a mechanistical mysticism tradition.



Particular History
and Justice







Ideal State -
Varna Asrama

The Controller is a Membership of Cambridge lawyers and theologians, and professors. Origin is reflected more as a system with a bias.

The main focus of MOEC Studies can be represented by Origin. The Ideal State model supra appears to be a prototype for those paradigms that involve degradation from an Ideal State. Origin however reflects modification and defection of holons and social systems to the Cambridge Membership. This is clearly an attempt to transfer loyalty from Theistic systems and Mechanistic social system's authority to their authority (Mechanism).

Control is the outer boundary. It is place at the head in the second column for symmetry.

The outer boundary of a social system are it's agents of social control; hence the military and police.

I am arguing that MOEC is qualitative to quantitative structure. Hence it is induction towards deduction in the vast majority of it's operations. It then creates a model and subsequently wishes to create a paradigm shift imposing the model over itself and the collective. One can clearly discern that both types of questions are being asked simultaneously. The Authors themselves are also experimental subjects. However they do indeed have some control over variables. They are Control.

As MOEC is an in continuo perpetual association of humans, no hard and fast objective quantifiable models can be validated with certainty concerning volition and act.

However human laws will prosecute a fortiori criminal actions based on Positive Law.

Systems Approaches are the main method of analysis.

A more detailed analysis will occur in Chapter 6 as Part II.

Prima facie, the Ideal State model is easier to present as only one system is the the holon.It is more abstract. It form the baseline to develop subsequent models and shifts in social engineering. Origin is at work now representing the interests of the United Kingdom involving a pluralism of systems in it's international relations.

Analysis of the Ideal State

Ideal State



Particular History and Justice










Ideal State - Varna Asrama

The Vaikunthas are the Heaven. The Vaikunthas are a eternal system of planets. The center of this system is Goloka Vrndavana or Krishnaloka. The village of Vrndavana, India is non different. We have material senses and can only perceive a perverted reflection of Goloka Vrndavana.

In the world of our experience Krishna's Authorized Agent must be the controller to represent the system in it's Ideal Form. The Vedas are an inherited monarchy of primogeniture.

This model is known as Historical Monarchialism. It is a cyclical system. It is a form of monotheism. Platonism is within this category with Zeus or Jupiter as the chief God. Judeo Christianity Islam is Historical Monotheism and linear.

Thus we have a very simply unified hierarchical top down presentation of a Godhead in Krishnaloka (Heaven) presiding over a created material cosmos. The Ideal State model with varna asrama, which is the world's oldest social system can be proposed to have been used by Cambridge to help design Origin.

This model will demonstrate the Origination of the localized living entity or jiva in relationship to the Eternal Godhead. There is purpose for our existence. Hence material living beings are in a state of degradation. Bhakti Yoga is a presentation for their rectification and return to eternal substance.

Center Column


Krishna as the Supreme Male Personality of Godhead. He is the only male. He is the Supreme Controller. Radharini is the Supreme Female personality of Godhead. Krishna is the Saktiman. There is only one. Radharini is his Sakti.

Krishna is equivalent in all his attributes. Therefore He is Absolute. Consciousness and Control can be said to be eternal and equal with Krishna. Consciousness or the Absolute awareness of all things is the possession of Krishna alone then Radharini.


As seen Parameters does not exist in the cosmographical sense used here. It appears that a direct link to computer programming is well intended.

Tatasha sakti is an area that is said exist in the spiritual world, the Vaikunthas and the Material world of our existence. Tata means line.

There are essentially two positions concerning the Origination of the living entity in contemporary Gaudiya Vaishnavism: Fall and No Fall.

There are two main types of persons:

Nitya Siddha: Eternally Perfect. These persons are sent here by Krishna for the purpose of some mission.

Nitya Baddha: Eternally Imperfect. These persons are subject to Maya or the modes of nature. They will transmigrate and reincarnate. In Vaikuntha there is no difference between the two.

There are 8,400,000 species of life. There are 80,000 human forms.

Hence, How did we get here?

No Fall - Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura - Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati - Sridhara Maharaj - Kesava Maharaj - Narayana Maharaj (Kesava Maharaj) (Sridhar Maharaj) (Thakura, B. 1896) (B.V. Narayana).

Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura is The Pioneer to spread Krishna Consciousness in the West. His son Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati is the diksa guru of Sridhar Maharaj, Srila Prabhupada, and Kesava Maharaj. Kesava Maharaj is the guru of Narayana Maharaj.

Srila Prabhupada, Sridhara Maharaj, and Narayana Maharaj have preached extensively outside India. Srila Prabhupada presents Fall Theory.

It should be understood that the jiva soul is neither produced of this material world, nor created in the transcendental world. They are originated from the marginal line between the transcendental and mundane spheres. (Tattva Viveka 2.4, by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura, page 55)

Among the unlimited potencies of Sri Krsna, there is one known as tatastha sakti (border potency). From that sakti comes out the jiva souls remaining at the junction of the two worlds, viz., the transcendental and the mundane ones, may contact them both. In its composition it is only the atomic cit (pure sentience)... On account of the purity in its composition, it has got the capacity for being the eternal denizen with divine bliss in the transcendental power. (Jaiva Dharma, chapter 4, page 46)

A jiva is a spark of the eternal consciousness. A jiva is first situated on the line of demarcation between the material world and the spiritual world. There those jivas who do not forget their relation with Krsna derive the power of consciousness and are drawn into the spiritual world they come in eternal touch with Krsna and enjoy beatitude arising from the worship of Krsna. And those who forget Krsna and give themselves up to maya's enjoyments, maya with her own force draws them into herself. It is from that very moment that we fall into the misery of this world. (Jaiva Dharma, chapter 7, page 95,96)

Fall - Srila Prabhupada

We were all once in Krishna's sport or Lila in Krishnaloka. We have a minute amount of volition and freedom. We chose to enjoy our senses separately from Krishna. Therefore we lost our spirit body or siddha svarupa. We then had to accept a physical body and be localized somewhere in the material cosmos to restore this siddha svarupa.

Letter to Upendra

"Regarding your question, in one sense both you and Mahapurusa are right. The fact is that after the dissolution of the Universe the living entities remain in slumber within Maha Visnu, and again when the creation takes place they are impregnated in their original position and they come out in different species of life. By gradual evolutionary process, when they come to the human form there is good chance of getting out of the repeated birth and death, and one can enter into the Spiritual Realm. But if one loses this chance he is again put into the cycle of birth and death. The conditioned souls are always within the Maha Visnu Form, whereas the liberated souls in Vaikuntha, they are engaged in the service of the Lord. Constitutionally every living entity, even if he is in the Vaikuntha Loka, has chance of falling down.

The reference to Maha Vishnu will become more important in Part II when Tryad is presented as synchronism with Platonism and Christianity is manifest.


The Vedic cosmography is a teleology containing higher dimensional space. There is a Heaven, the Vaikunthas and fourteen levels of material planetary systems. There are three modes of nature which characterize the material planets and condition the localized living entity. They are sattva goodness, raja passion, and tama ignorance. There are three levels of planetary systems. We are in the second. The lower planets are the hellish planets.

This is material spacetime in any configuration. The opposite would be the Vaikunthas.

Space and time will operate on the holon. All objects here are created and destroyed by the material laws of physics and nature. It lies outside of heaven or any conception of eternity.

There is a direct analogy to the T Maze Experiment where an entity with bilateral symmetry or backbone may navigate a simple T Maze to a reward of food or avoid a punishment as an electrical shock.

Adi Lila 5.98


The fourteen worlds are enumerated in Srémad-Bhägavatam, Second Canto, Fifth Chapter. The upper planetary systems are (1) Bhü, (2) Bhuvar, (3) Svar, (4) Mahar, (5) Janas, (6) Tapas and (7) Satya. The seven lower planetary systems are (1) Tala, (2) Atala, (3) Vitala, (4) Nitala, (5) Talätala, (6) Mahätala and (7) Sutala. The lower planets, as a whole, are called Pätäla. Among the upper planetary systems, Bhü, Bhuvar and Svar constitute Svargaloka, and the rest are called Martya. The entire universe is thus known as Triloka.

There are innumerable universes with billions of planets. We are said to exist in Martyaloka or the place where everything takes birth and dies.

Particular History and Justice - PHJ

The Vedas promote a theory of an oscillating cosmos. History is non linear and cyclic. There are four Yugas in each cycle. They are: Satya, Tretä, Dväpara, and Kali.

Bhagavad Gita As It Is 8.17


By human calculation, a thousand ages taken together is the duration of Brahmä's one day. And such also is the duration of his night.


The duration of the material universe is limited. It is manifested in cycles of kalpas. A kalpa is a day of Brahmä, and one day of Brahmä consists of a thousand cycles of four yugas or ages: Satya, Tretä, Dväpara, and Kali. The cycle of Satya is characterized by virtue, wisdom and religion, there being practically no ignorance and vice, and the yuga lasts 1,728,000 years. In the Tretä-yuga vice is introduced, and this yuga lasts 1,296,000 years. In the Dväpara-yuga there is an even greater decline in virtue and religion, vice increasing, and this yuga lasts 864,000 years. And finally in Kali-yuga (the yuga we have now been experiencing over the past 5,000 years) there is an abundance of strife, ignorance, irreligion and vice, true virtue being practically nonexistent, and this yuga lasts 432,000 years. In Kali-yuga vice increases to such a point that at the termination of the yuga the Supreme Lord Himself appears as the Kalki avatara, vanquishes the demons, saves His devotees, and commences another Satya-yuga. Then the process is set rolling again. These four yugas, rotating a thousand times, comprise one day of Brahmä, the creator god, and the same number comprise one night. Brahmä lives one hundred of such years and then dies. These hundred years by earth calculations total to 311 trillion and 40 million earth years. By these calculations the life of Brahmä seems fantastic and interminable, but from the viewpoint of eternity it is as brief as a lightning flash. In the causal ocean there are innumerable Brahmäs rising and disappearing like bubbles in the Atlantic. Brahmä and his creation are all part of the material universe, and therefore they are in constant flux.

In the material universe not even Brahmä is free from the process of birth, old age, disease and death. Brahmä, however, is directly engaged in the service of the Supreme Lord in the management of this universe therefore he at once attains liberation. Elevated sannyäsés are promoted to Brahmä's particular planet, Brahmaloka, which is the highest planet in the material universe and which survives all the heavenly planets in the upper strata of the planetary system, but in due course Brahmä and all inhabitants of Brahmaloka are subject to death, according to the law of material nature.

First Column


The ends is the measure. In the cell(s) Consciousness we will insert the authorized Vedic scriptures or shastra. If all the living entities achieve Krishna Consciousness the material worlds will dissolve being transformed into the Vaikunthas or heavenly planets.

Krishna is non different from his paraphernalia. In Christianity, the Bible on is a reflection of the Godhead. The Bhagavad Gita or other authorized scripture are equal although in a material form.

These are the principle texts of the Brahma Madhavacarya Gaudiya Vaishnava Sampradaya (disciplic succession line) to which I pertain:

Bhagavad Gita As It Is

Srimad Bhagavatam

Caitanya Caritamrta

Bhaktirasmrta Sindhu

Nectar of Instruction

The entity or holon has chosen to engage the sense on the material platform.

One has returned to the material world.

One's psychical content is developed under the three modes of nature: 1. Sattva goodness 2. Raja passion 3. Tama ignorance. A individual or holon here would reflect a tendency towards raja and tama guna; hence passion and ignorance.

Vedic psychology generally accepts the Psycho Somatic Affective Disorder DSM standard. What one thinks will create one's health and well being. In every stage of life this will localize one in the cosmos with various actions and reactions. One has a minute amount of free will but is conditioned and will have to act out one's karma until it is all gone; hence samsara or the cycle of birth, old age, disease, and death is broken.


Bhagavad Gita As It Is 14.7

The mode of passion is born of unlimited desires and longings, O son of Kunté, and because of this one is bound to material fruitive activities.


The mode of passion is characterized by the attraction between man and woman. Woman has attraction for man, and man has attraction for woman. This is called the mode of passion. And, when the mode of passion is increased, one develops the hankering for material enjoyment. He wants to enjoy sense gratification. For sense gratification, a man in the mode of passion wants some honor in society, or in the nation, and he wants to have a happy family, with nice children, wife, and house.

O son of Bharata, the mode of ignorance causes the delusion of all living entities. The result of this mode is madness, indolence and sleep, which bind the conditioned soul.

Bhagavad Gita As It Is 14.8


This mode of ignorance is just the opposite of the mode of goodness. In the mode of goodness, by development of knowledge, one can understand what is what, but the mode of ignorance is just the opposite. Everyone under the spell of the mode of ignorance becomes mad, and a madman cannot understand what is what. Instead of making advancement, one becomes degraded.


Such is an adapted repertoire formed and reinforced from a stimulus in the environment. Such may not be consciously willed. The Vedic System accepts the concept of conditioning. There is a minute amount of free will in Vedic philosophy for the marginal entity.

CC Adi Lila 7.144


Generally people are aware of four principal goals of life religiosity (dharma), economic development (artha), sense gratification (käma) and ultimately liberation (mokña) but devotional service is situated on the platform above liberation.

In other words, when one is actually liberated (mukta) he can understand the meaning of love of Godhead (kåñëa prema).

There are four regulative principles:

No meat eating

No illicit sex

No drugs or intoxication

No gambling


Samsara is the cycle of birth and death. The Cosmos will oscillate every 311 trillion 40 million years or 100 years of Brahma.

There are eight elements. Five are gross elements: earth, water, fire, air, ether. The subtle or finer elements are the mind, intelligence, ego. The mind here is the localized mind. The intelligence here is also localized in the mind. The ego is also individualistic.

The jiva is spiritually atomic and can not be destroyed although the body dies. Reincarnation means accepting another birth. Transmigration is moving from one life form to another.

One does not wish to reincarnate. Transmigration to a lower life form as an animal or tree is punishment.

There are two classes of men, daivé-prakåtim äçritäù and asuré-bhävam äçritäù.

Daiva are Godly persons. Asuric persons are Demoniac. They are of the lowest class of mankind. Duskritina are miscreants. The Nara Dhama are the worst. Nara means water and dhama mean place.

Third Column


Consciousness here means one has returned to the material world and has a tendency towards sattva guna or the mode of goodness.

Bhagavad Gita As It Is 14.6

O sinless one, the mode of goodness, being purer than the others, is illuminating, and it frees one from all sinful reactions. Those situated in that mode develop knowledge, but they become conditioned by the concept of happiness.

O son of Bharata, the mode of ignorance causes the delusion of all living entities. The result of this mode is madness, indolence and sleep, which bind the conditioned soul.


The effect of developing the mode of goodness in the material world is that one becomes wiser than those otherwise conditioned. A man in the mode of goodness is not so much affected by material miseries, and he has a sense of advancement in material knowledge. The representative type is the brähmaëa, who is supposed to be situated in the mode of goodness. This sense of happiness is due to understanding that, in the mode of goodness, one is more or less free from sinful reactions.

Philosophers and scientists who improve the quality of life work in the mode of goodness and also conditioned by happiness. This in itself will not promote one to the Vaikunthas were the siddha svarupa is in perfected Consciousness; hence substance versus matter.

The ends is the measure. In the cell(s) Consciousness we will insert the authorized Vedic scriptures or shastra. If all the living entities achieve Krishna Consciousness the material worlds will dissolve being transformed into the Vaikunthas or heavenly planets.

The principle texts of the Brahma Madhavacarya Gaudiya Vaishnava Sampradaya (disciplic succession line) are:

Bhagavad Gita As It Is

Srimad Bhagavatam

Caitanya Caritamrta

Bhaktirasmrta Sindhu

Nectar of Instruction

The Bible of the Vedas is the Bhagavad Gita. The text contains the minimum material to become Krishna Conscious or God Conscious.

I use the Original Books of AC Bhaktisiddhanta Swami Prabhupada or Srila Prabhupada for short.

The teachings of the texts are more than adequate to develop the Vedic culture which is called Krishnanusilanam, form varna asrama the social system as the basis of a government. It also develops a family to procreate a child from cradle to grave to continue Vedic Culture and species life.

As seen Krishna Consciousness is the substance needed to create the Ideal State Varna Asrama which would be the output of transformations in the bottom of the third column.


Rationality refers to the moral and analytical use of the intelligence. It is a conscience act of reason. It is argued that one should state cases in the positive first. Irrationality is the inverse of Rationality.

There are two divisions in Vedic thought analytical and Asta Kaliya.

The analytical division discusses Atma tattva or the nature of the spirit and body. This can then be followed by the study of the prakrti or material nature and it's elements.

Asta Kaliya is the study of Radha Krishna's pastimes. One must be in brahma bhuta platform. This is the Knowledge of the position that body and soul are separate. The material body is the result of the Fall into the material world and karma. Karma is the law of cause and effect.

It would take about 15 years of sadhana or practice or before one should seriously discuss Asta Kaliya pastimes.

Krishna associated with the gopis (Radha's female friends) and then went to slay the demons.

The demons are real beings and they also represent doubts in the mind on the path of self realization.

The slaying of the demons is the analytical study and Radha Krishna's pastimes are Asta Kaliya. Ultimately there is no difference what one's rasa or spiritual taste prefers.

There are Five rasas: Santa Rasa - neutral, Dashya Rasa - servitude, Sakhya Rasa - friendship, Vatsalya Rasa - parental and Madhurya Rasa - conjugal.

The highest Rasa is Madhurya Rasa. Radha Krishna premananda is situated here.

Ideal State

Varna Asrama Dharma: This refers to one's duty. Society is divided into varna then into asrama under the instruction of the Brahmins.

There are four varnas and four asramas in the Vedic system.

The four varnas are: Brahmin - Ksatriya - Vaisya - Sudra

Brahmin - priests - head

Ksatriya - soldiers, police, administration - shoulders arms

Vaisyas - farmers, business producers - waist

Sudras - laborer - legs

The four asramas are: Bhramacari - Grhastaha - Vanaprastha - Sannyasi

Brhamacari - A celibate student under the care of the brahmin.

Grhastaha - Married persons. Ideally a child must be produced within a marriage.

Vanaprastha - At the age of 55, persons should disengage from their marriages in preparation for death.

Sannyasi - A male renunciate priest. The highest level is paramahamsa or swan like devotee.


The individual is the holon. Under the No Fall Theory the jiva uses one's minute volition to move either to Radha Krishna or away. If one chooses Radha Krishna or Godhead one will be transferred to Goloka Vrndavana. If one chooses another ishta deva or form of Godhead one will move to that deity's planet. If one chooses to enjoy the senses separately one will fall to the fourteen planetary systems in material spacetime. This would entail entering Maze.

After the successful completion of bhakti yoga one may return to the Vaikunthas never to fall again.

Under the Fall Theory one was in Goloka Vrndavana in the personal association of Krishna. If this person chooses Radha Krishna, he will remain in Goloka Vrndavana or the Vaikunthas. If this person chose to enjoy one's senses separately he would also be transferred to the lower fourteen planetary systems. He or she must take up bhakti yoga to return to the Vaikunthas.

In this cyclical system is that it may take millions of births through the 8,400,000 species of life to obtain one of 80,000 human forms. The human form is the prime platform for bhakti yoga but not exclusively. Most persons one return to the Vaikunthas from the human platform. All life forms will undergo samsara or the cycle of birth and death.

All return to Godhead. There is no eternal hell. One may return to the Brahmajyoti which is effulgence surrounding Maha Vishnu, similar to the halo of angel. This is impersonal. Since Krishna is a person living in a heaven one needs a form. Jivas in the Brahmajyoti return to the material world. Narayana Maharaj and Sridhara Maharaj contemporaries of Srila Prabhupada argue that the entities are created in the Brahmajyoti then decide their initial fate in the Tatasha Sakti. Once these entities return to Vaikuntha then never fall again (B.V. Narayana).

Srila Prabhupada argues Fall Theory that Origination is from the personal form in direct association with Krishna in Vaikuntha. This is the essential difference. The No Fall Theory argues that the quality of the individual is present in Tatasha Sakti. Srila Prabhupada argues that those who are impersonal those who are directly killed by Krishna return to Brahmajyoti. They will enjoy impersonal transcendence then must return to the material worlds to perfect their Siddha Svarupa or perfected form.

The No Fall and Fall Theory accept that the Siddha Svarupa is necessary to enter the Vaikuntha Planetary System.

In Particular History and Justice, the jiva is attempting to Go Back to Godhead within 311 trillion 40 million years in the life of Brahma.

Satya Yuga 1,728,000

Treta Yuga 1,296,000

Dväpara Yuga 864,000

Kali Yuga 432,000

Our Earth will exist for 2,764,800 years. It will then experience devastation. Vedic space time is higher dimensional. Maha Vishnu is a form of Godhead. He is in Vaikuntha. The planetary systems emanate from his breathing and pores. One breadth is 311 trillion 40 million years. There are 427,000 years left in Kali Yuga. The oscillation of the cosmos will then engulf Earth. The actual devastation is a flood in the higher planetary systems. We will experience it as a fire.

Brahma and the residents of Brahma Loka will not escape the devastation. They too will be killed and return to Godhead or the next cycle of creation In Krishna's Lila or Sport.

The spreading of Krishna Consciousness posits a Sampradaya beginning with Krishna and moving through Arjuna, the protagonist in the Bhagavad Gita about 5000 years ago. The Authority to preach was given to Arjuna as the Kuru Dynasty to which he pertained and the brahmins had lost the purport or the original meaning of the Vedas.

Kali Yuga begins after Krishna leaves the planet which was after the fratricidal battle which reinstated the Pandava or the Pandu in the Kuru Dynasty.

Caitanya is the Ideal Preacher of the Vedas having appeared in the late 1400s.

Caitanya Mahäprabhu was born in Mäyäpur in the town of Nadia just after sunset on the evening of the 23rd Phälguna 1407 Çakäbda, answering to the 18th of February, 1486, of the Christian Era.

Çréla Bhaktivinoda Öhäkura Çré Caitanya Mahäprabhu: His Life and Precepts. (August 20, 1896)

The Hare Krishnas seen in the West are in the main Rupanuga Bhaktas or following in the line of Rupa Goswami who was the most advanced disciple of Caitanya. He authored Bhaktirasmrta Sindhu.

Caitanya did not stress varna asrama. He advocated sankirtana yanja or public chanting of the Hare Krishna Mantra:

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama

Rama Rama Hare Hare

This mantra is considered identical to Krishna. It is spiritually atomic and will work to elevate the individual regardless of one's condition. Pure chanting results in Premananda.

This prayer is the fountainhead of perfection for the age of Kali.

Srila Prabhupada came to West following the orders of Srila Bhaktivinoda and Srila Bhaktisiddhanta. He preached the establishment of varna asrama which is described in the Srimad Bhagavatam as well as the Asta Kaliya Pastimes. He was very strict about speaking about Radha Krishna's Lila.

So Srila Prabhupada who was the world's foremost Vedic Scholar from 1965 to his death in 1977 argued the jiva (holon) has a minute amount of free will. He chose to enjoy the senses and thus falls into the material planets. He eventually revives one's atomic Krishna Consciousness. This is achieved by reconnecting to the Sampradaya. This is by receiving diksa or initiation from an authorized guru.

Srila Prabhupada did not authorize successors. His guru Srila Bhaktisiddhanta did not authorize a successor either. Srila Prabhupada subliminally emerges. Hence since his death two schools emerge Diksa and Ritvik. The first accept living gurus that have been promoted from regular disciples. ISKCON is the main diksa line. Disciples of Srila Sridhara are Caitanya Nisringha Math. Disciples of Narayana Maharaj are the International Society for Pure Bhakti (B.V. Narayana). The Ritviks still follow Srila Prabhupada. The main group is ISKCON Bangalore.

The establishment of varna asrama has not been successful. However a system of communes still exist. They are the world's best examples of this system similar to the Israeli Kibbutz.

In close the construction of the Ideal State Model lends very credible support to argue that these paradigms have been developed for all faiths and systems. Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism are three systems which most likely have also been modelled.


Impure Synchronicity

Origin, the Artificial Virus of MOEC is representative of Cambridge Law School's structure and process model to organize or systematize Mobilization of Empire and Civilization. It is the most powerful defection model operating in the post WWII era in continuo. It is claimed that Cambridge Law School authors the mechanism that expands and contracts the United Kingdom or British Empire. As seen MOEC has entrapped and severely damaged the posterity of the five sworn officials whom it denotes as the Irrationalist Presidents (Nollmeyer, D. 2012c):

Irrationalist Presidents

Ronald Reagan

George HW Bush

William Clinton

George W Bush

Barack Obama

It has also severely damaged the future of Prince Charles or the Duke of Cambridge, his son William from having a reign on the British Crown without serious issues. The defection model has created a censorship and sanitization of 7.1 billion persons worldwide.

Today on September 16, 2013 the United Nations issued a report stating that there was strong evidence that nerve agent Sarin was used in the suburb of Ghouta near Damascus on August 21, 2013.

This action has occurred while the United States has operated a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program that is exclusively centered over my natural person.

I am writing from Westwood, California.

On October 1, 2013 UN Inspectors have arrived in Syria to dismantle Syria's Chemical Warfare Program.

Origin desires to expose holons to it's defection processes. The model is reflective of 1930s classical conditioning or behaviorism. This lends itself to a more external socialization process.

The holon is a unit that is a system in itself and also part of another system.

The main holons for this demonstration are a human being and Tryad, a Synchronic Platonic Vedic paradigm.

Origin reflects a universal Undermining Defection Model UDF. It has the abstract appearance of containing the possibility of having positive subsystems. However it's operations are not. Origin appears to designed to develop a form of Tyranny in the model of a personality cult or worship of the group.

MOEC is a Cultural Singularity opposing Technological Singularity.

The Origin Model, which is designed as General User Interface GUI for software clearly indicates a very early attempt at developing software models and handing such off to future generations.

This confirms an attack of the emergent discipline area of Cognitive Science. The Ideal Model is more reflective of how science explains the Theory of Motility and how learning occurs.

Research methodologies are also a very strong hierarchical structure. Origin is Impure Synchronicity. It is a longitudinal crossectional sibling cohort rivalry under an unseen Ideal Father and Mother figure and one's natural Father and Mother.

As seen there are at least three main methodologies occurring simultaneously. The researchers are also experimental subjects.

The development of a historical database is apparent in Particular History and Justice.

These themes are very important to the development of Superintelligence and the development of Technological Singularity.

Origin is clearly the largest Synchronicity Research ever attempted. There is no real control group. Aboriginal groups in the Philippines and Brazil are the closest clusters of persons whom would of had minimal contact with Cambridge or other researchers.

Cohort Rivalry

I was born August 3, 1961 in Roswell, New Mexico. I am the Singularity Experiment. Barack Obama was born August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii. He is the Singularity Target.

The Ideal State

The Ideal State is the point of departure in developing Origin as MOEC's defection Model.

I will use the Vedas as the system which forms the content of the Ideal State.



Particular History and Justice










Ideal State - Varna Asrama

First Column

Particular History and Justice - PHJ

This is the database for the program. All the known knowledge of the world is placed here in chronological order. This is the MOEC Calendar. Genealogies are also stored here. Marriages are created from such.


Tatasha Sakti

Parametric methods

Non Parametric methods

Second Column


This is material spacetime in any configuration. The opposite would be the Vaikunthas.

In Maze - Space and time will operate on the holon. All objects here are created and destroyed by the material laws of physics and nature. It lies outside of heaven or any conception of eternity.

There is a direct analogy to the T Maze Experiment where an entity with bilateral symmetry or backbone may navigate a simple T Maze to a reward of food or avoid a punishment as an electrical shock.


Rationality refers to the moral and analytical use of the intelligence. It is a conscience act of reason. It is argued that one should state cases in the positive first. Irrationality is the inverse of Rationality.


Informal and Formal Fallacy of logic

Disintegration to the Periodic Table of Elements.

The Reduction Room is placed here. This the re enactment of the command imperative between two Cambridge lawyers, The Hand and The Little One, Will You Betray the Constitution? This refers to all levels of the Paradigm of Laws.

Third Column


The Absolute Knowing of all things. Intelligence is the use of reason to abstract universals and particulars from the environment.


This is the acquiring of a repertoire from adaptation to a stimulus in the environment. Learning is acquired through reinforcement slowly over time. Behaviors are argued as displaceable.

One should note here that Strict Behaviorism does not concern cognition. Hence the psychical content of the mind and behaviour is only endrochronological coordination. This is a very 1930s era consideration.

Ideal State

This may be any model from any system. I am a Gaudiya Vaishnava. LAPD is able to reproduce attacks on a plurality of social systems.

Cognitive Behaviorism of a system that is concerned with both psychical content and external behavior would be more accurate to create an Ideal State (Dattillio, F. 2002).

Any positive collective demonstration of the human repertoire will develop the Ideal State.

Varna Asrama Dharma: This refers to one's duty. Society is divided into varna then into asrama under the instruction of the Brahmins.

There are four varnas and four asramas in the Vedic system.

The four varnas are: Brahmin - Kshatriya - Vaisya - Sudra

Brahmin - priests - head

Kshatriya - soldiers, police, administration - shoulders arms

Vaisyas - farmers, business producers - waist

Sudras - laborer - legs

The four asramas are: Bhrahmacari - Grhastaha - Vanaprastha - Sannyasi

Bhrahmacari - A celibate student under the care of the Brahmin.

Grhastaha - Married persons. Ideally a child must be produced within a marriage.

Vanaprastha - At the age of 55, persons should disengage from their marriages in preparation for death.

Sannyasi - A male renunciate priest. The highest level is paramahamsa or swan like devotee.

MOEC Transformations

In a social system the agents of Control are the military and police. MOEC is based on the Ecological System. Hence subsystems are embedded under a suprasystem.

A holon is system that is a subsystem of another system and a system within itself with subsystems. The human being is such a holon. All events in three dimensional space occur in Maze.

First Column

In simplicity MOEC is imposed over us through a hub and node conspiracy. In the left column an individual holon is detected by the defection model. Data sets are stored in Particular History and Justice. Marriages are arranged from genealogies in PH&J . The study of the dialectic from Plato to Marx may be placed here. In Parameters various boundaries are created. Some are gatekeepers as a degree. Others are actually barriers that are defection based as passing through the door of a church or passing over a bridge.

Center Column

The Scripting of the defection may be described as conditioning. One is back in Maze again. The individual holon is either cooperating with the rule of law or defecting to MOEC.

This action implies moral and legal differentiation. As strong performance is Rationality. Intelligence is the use of reason to abstract universals from particulars and successfully navigate through Maze. A bad performance is Irrationalism.

A bad performance would move the individual to Atomization. The fallacy of separation, fragmentation, and atomization of reason occurs. The human body will return to the elements of the periodic table.

Third Column

Consciousness is absolute knowing of all things. Texts like the Bible, Bhagavad Gita, Koran, and works of Marx Lenin may be paced here.

In focus is the Cambridge King James Red Letter Edition of the Bible.

Behaviorism is the learning of repertoire through the reinforcement of an adaptation to a stimulus in the environment. This occurs slowly over time.

The Ideal State is the a priori model that a group may wish to develop it's members to their fullest benefit. Varna asrama is the Vedic model. It is the world's oldest social system. The Catholic model is the Perfect Community. The Communist Model is Dialectal Materialism.

Social Systems Theory versus Origin MOEC

The use of Engineering and Reverse Engineering are strongly evident in the area of the Social Systems Theory and the Social Environment which help form the boundaries of MOEC. This basic format is reflected in the Origin Model which was presented to my person. The model is shown further below. A basic adaptation of an outline of Social Systems Theory will provide review to demonstrate Origin's conception and morphogenetic (Anderson and Carter 2008).

Social Systems Theory

I. Holism versus Atomism

Energy Functions

Open Closed Boundary

II. Aspects of Social Systems


Change Maintenance Behaviour

III. Culture and Society

Species and Culture

Analytical Dimensions of Culture

IV. Communities

Communities as a System

The Community in Critical Condition

V. Organizations

Theories of Organization

Open Systems Model Systems Perspectives

VI. Groups

Types of Groups

Groups as a Systems Dimensions

VII. Families

Family Analysis

The Family Social System

VIII. Person Individual


Life Stages

IX. Emergence Convergence Divergence

Renaissance Decadence

The Individual Social System

Prisoner's Dilemma

This is the matrix for Classical Prisoner's Dilemma. The context for MOEC is state planning or state creation through eugenics. In MOEC an individual is conditioned to a Scripting of one's life in a Storyboard Entrapment (Prisoner's Dilemma 2019).

Prisoner's Dilemma

Prisoner B Stays Silent

Prisoner B Betrays

Prisoner A Stays Silent

Each serves six months

Prisoner A serves ten years

Prisoner B goes free

Prisoner A Betrays

Prisoner A goes free

Prisoner B serves ten years

Each serves two years

In this format a Cambridge Lawyer functions as the authority or a father figure.

The individual being entrapped is presented quid pro quos which one may accept or reject. In this sense one cooperates or betrays. Obeying the law is cooperation and operating outside of such constitutes defection.

This clearly indicates that MOEC is an Undermining operation.

The legitimacy of Cambridge and MOEC is focalized. In the United States MOEC would form a RICO Enterprise. RICO is TITLE 18, PART 1, CHAPTER 96, Section 1961 of the United States Code (RICO 1970).

The concept of RICO is to deny the intent of one or an association to conceptualize and or carry out a criminal conspiracy. It is also a check to recruit membership or diversity of such. In the United States most non sundry felonies under U.S jurisdiction at the state or federal level committed by an adult may be certified as a predicate act. Upon two such certifiable felonies, the prosecutor or petitioner may ask the Court to certify the defendant(s) or respondent(s) as a RICO Enterprise. An array of acts are covered which are known as racketeer influenced behavior. They are: intimidating a witness, hostage taking, kidnapping, and murder. In combination at any level of this structure may be blackmail and extortion (Nollmeyer).

The Proximate Cause Test sine qua non is another important structure and process that organizes the energy and materials of MOEC whether such resources are human or material (Proximate Cause). In question are the principals, accomplices, and accessories after the fact.

MOEC is a reverse sting entrapment. It will develop a homosexual blackmail ring tagged with a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

MOEC will entrap descending from:

The Paradigm of Laws

Eternal Law

Natural Law

Positive Law

The governmental models that MOEC uses are based on the Platonic forms (Republic Book VIII 360 BCE):

Classical Forms of Government









Holons I-X

Holons I-X are one of the first clear models that became discernible in the manner of a flow chart or of diagrams that reflect information theory that could be developed as a manual. The Holons develop a lottery, or relay. The logical argument of a converse and reverse converse accident are in question.

In degree Number 4 takes a stone and threatens one. Number 3 is told he or she will be stoned unless Number 2 is operated on. Eventually Number 3 agrees. The two approach and intimidate Number 2 with the same proposition. The target is number 1.

Here we have Number 3 stating that he must operate on Numbers 2 and 1 otherwise Number 4 will stone him. Number 2 states that he must operate on Number one otherwise Numbers 3 and 4 will stone him.

Number 1 is the victim. The point at this juncture is to have him attempt to retaliate against Number 4 using the same tactics. This would only justify Number 4 organizing the entire event.

This explanation is quite simplistic. Generally speaking Numbers 4, 3, and 2 are argued as guilty in descending order.

A converse accident is needed by Numbers 3 and 2 to yield to a criminal command by Number 4. Generally, and specifically speaking in international law, once an individual is clearly identified as the victim, this person will not be charged. It is clear that Number 4 is the Proximate Cause (Proximate Cause).

It was disclosed that there were 9 or 10 Holons. The number 9 is used in relation to novenas or the number of days that Jesus' followers waited outside of Jerusalem before entering. Novenas are a popular prayer with Catholics from Latin America.

In the original copyrighted version Holon II is Holon I. This is the main model. Holon V-IX may be variants of ideas. Here the strategy is entrap the victim to attempt to retaliate replicating Holons I-IV.

Hence Holons V-IX may be used to develop other human and material resources as the use of chemicals to hostage and punish.

Holon X is Neo Superstructure. A superstructure is Mechanistic. Hence Neo Superstructure appears to be Marxist Liberation Theory which has been proposed before by Latin American Theologians (Base and Superstructure 2010).

Homini homo lupus

Holon I - Prisoner's Dilemma: Visualize a line straight down with 4,3,2,1. Number 4 - 2 are in circles with the size of the circle consistent with the numerical value. 1 is in a Hexagon.

Holon II - Prisoner's Dilemma with Hostaging Taking as a Shield - Here number 2 has moved to the right. So Number 4 may operate on three with Number 2 as a hostage. This is usually a woman.

Holon II - Prisoner's Dilemma with Two Hostages as a Shields - Here this pattern is repeated but at a level where two police officers appear as Number 3 with their wives as hostages. So there will be a number 2 on the left and right with two Number 3 who are policemen. This is used to induce them to continue the relay or circular folly.

Holon IV - Invertaebration with Number I attempting to challenge Number 4. This the invertebration of Holon 1 for simplicity.


Alienation is a theme or motif common to both individual and collective systems of thought. Such occurs at all three levels of the Paradigm of Laws. At Eternal Law this would argue a Fall from Grace.

History may be seen as cycles of renaissance and decadence. The former is when knowledge flourishes and the general skill level of not only masters but the common person becomes elevated.

A decadence or the worst, a Dark Age is when repression reigns and the incompetent are placed over the skilled and educated.

This later position is a departure for Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing.

The Social Contract Theory has been accepted as the correct model for constitutions.

The focus is on Alienation and the Right of the Individual. Totalitarianism seeks to isolate the individual or group ex communicado from the whole. The Collective is not excluded. Here the Classical Political Problem of the Individual versus the State is at issue.

The entrapment may occur at the supranational, national, state, or local jurisdiction.

MOEC will localize an exact individual or a collective profile of this natural person and begin to marginalize this person(s).

The first issue to insure success is that the obstruction of justice must occur at the court (Obstruction of Justice). Then the quid pro quos and blackmailing are escalated. This is obtained through corrupt law enforcement that have been previously recruited and formed into cells. In the morphogenetics of the cell, usually the most corrupt and least competent officers are given the job differentiation and tasks that would lead towards the greatest Undermining and their exposure and prosecution if needed. Only this cell would then be prosecuted preserving the system.

I will use my person now as the focal target or holon. The Totalitarian Police System TPSYS (LAPD in the United States) would entrap and attempt to arrange a marriage between my mother and father. TPSYS would attempt to follow a Script in a Storyboard Entrapment, in a system of state planning.

The setting of complex jurisdiction with international, national, state and local jurisdictions comes into play. This will then descend to the family and individual.

The attack's manifest aperture targeted the Presidency of Ronald Reagan. As seen I have continued to attempt diametrically oppose MOEC.

MOEC as Origin has transformed Democracy into the Perfect Dictator Model.

No real restoring historical figures or group have emerged to date.

A major focus of Atomization is the Tournament between Dodo versus Bhakta David Nollmeyer, myself in developing Class Stratification. The attack on Ronald Reagan has evolved into a decadence. The opposite would be a renaissance.

The virulent ideological Pre Fascist Ideology of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is an attack on Machine Superintelligence needed to complete Technological Singularity and individual expertise as a summon bonum in a field (Summon bonum).

At issue is how to attack an individual or holon in a niche within an environ within an environment. This is exemplified by the so called academic ivory tower.

The presentation of Origin (Organic Cell) and Tryad and their transformations is unique. This establishes as the leading opposition source for MOEC.

The development of MOEC Studies as an Approach is an output of forces interacting to oppress my person and any correct opposition I can mount against the Authorship: Cambridge Law School.

Technological Singularity will not occur without Official Recognition. The so called Superintelligence would fail an apperception test. In this connection the University of California has hired ex Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano as president as of July 19, 2013. The integrity of the University of California itself has been in question since June 17, 1987. They will not only have to oppose the Irrationalist Presidents they will have to teach against now President Napolitano's sanitized career (Nollmeyer, D. 2012c).

The endgame scenario is legal and historical recognition. This would be followed by prosecution and a type of Marshall Plan paid for by the United Kingdom and United States to parties worldwide.

MOEC is an open system with a myriad of materials that form hierarchies of structures and processes within it's defection.

One may discern a very acute process and structure of the weaving of a Gordian Knot as a Supercrime where the Homosexual Blackmail ring operates with impunity under obstruction of justice (Obstruction of Justice).

In contrast, one of the intents of MOEC is to develop all discipline areas under a common Systems Language.

Of particular concern, I am held in isolation as far from any official recognition is concerned by any government. If such is attempted the controllers will begin to intimidate and condition the subject, my self, and the exposed population.

MOEC is quasi experimental. The lack of laboratory conditions does not hinder MOEC's attempt to gather data. There exists an experimental subject, experimental group, and environ. The control group is that set of population that is not exposed to the experiment. As seen I am able to travel within United States and Mexico. The effects of the conditioning at the points of the Tryad are being focalized in my writings here. Levelling appears as a goal. The difference between the town and country should also be considered.

The mechanisms at play will attempt to isolate the individual. Isolation and the alienation of the person will force one to seek out spiritual and biological needs in a manner that is unconventional. In degree the following generalizations may be made.

The short to long term mission goals are:

1. Advancement of LGBTi (Homosexual Bisexual Transgender intersex) rights

2. Liberalism Secular Humanism Multicultural Diversity (Scientific Determinism)

3. Advancement of the Democratic Party (Social Democratic and Labor Democrats)

4. Decriminalization and legalization of drugs

5. Sanitization of law enforcement: A culture of impunity

A result is the interpretation of eternal and natural law in a self interested fashion, which is essentially empiricism, the ends being a pseudo religion. The monastic concept of oneness is very strong. This is similar to Rajneeshism, which is religion in disguise. There are forms of Buddhism that are similar in their use of devices to obtain a result. The synthesis of thought or ecumenicalism yields no more than the stated empiricism and materialism. It is a disguise for a system of the Perfect Dictator and the police.

It is very likely that these systems may be likely entrapped by a controlling LGBTi Christian socialism or mechanism.

Another component that is of extreme importance is that of Anti Social Personality Disorder. This diagnostic is taken from the Diagnostic Statistical Manual or DSM. This profile defines two types of individuals. One is the world class sociopath as a Hitler or other genocidal figure. The other is the untalented petty criminal who is a life long failure. The work of Robert Hare who is noted for his research into psychopathology is a focal point or aperture in to the profiling used to condition and create a dysfunctional person in society.

The DSM lists five criteria for diagnosis:

1. History of legal or socially disapproved activity continuing into adulthood

2. Failure to show constancy and responsibility in work, sexual relationships, parenthood, and financial obligation

3. Irritability and aggressiveness

4. Reckless and impulsive behavior

5. Disrespect for the truth

All of the above are disguised in relative morality; there is no right or wrong. The other component of the profiling is Dependent Personality Disorder. This individual is usually seeking attention and wishes for other persons to sacrifice an inordinate amount of time to aid them. The isolation in this mechanism attempts to create an Oedipal dysfunction to organize this disorder.

Of note is the previous and following materials save for the Vedic information are easily available through a Junior College level philosophy program. Childhood Development programs that stress Brofenbrenner's Ecological System are also very good sources. Christianity is widespread in the United States through churches as well as the educational system.

Tryad in part was disclosed to my person. Here this model reflects the Undermining of the Family. The Reduction Room reflects a consideration of the evolution of the family from: 1. Tribes, clan, monarchy kinsmanship to the King or Chief. 2. Atomic Family, mother, father and siblings live together and the rise of secular nationstates and democracy 3. Atomized Family, the child lives only with one natural parent. This is synchronic with the rise of supranational regimes of government as the United Nations.

MOEC has a Strategic Mission of Gay Marriage. LGBTi families are have a high degree of atomization.

Tryad below is a holon being transformed by MOEC.


Our society has emerged as Patriarchy or male dominated. As seen surnames in the majority are patrimonial. Tryad will demonstrate how different roles have been substituted and used in conditioning to create identity.




Tryad reflects a parenting model. The dyadic model would only be the mother and immediate offspring. As seen cohorts are included. In addition to genetics the parent or mother either verbally or behavioristically imparts or teaches the information of the a to the child. The siblings also impart knowledge. There is bidirectionality or a feedback loop in the process between the three parties.

All learning from humans may be considered parenting. One's natural parents are the primary parents. All secondary individuals as siblings and teachers are the secondary parent. There are at least three classical models of which the authors may have used to configure Tryad. This appears to be Platonic in origin regarding the manifest social structure. There are also Christian and Vedic ideas that are used to complement the modelling.

The use of Plato's, The Republic as a philosopher's touchstone is Archetypal in itself. The Vedic word for touchstone is cintanami. This is the condition is the Vaikunthas where everything is made of touchstone and rewards all desires.

The concept of cintanami or the philosopher's touchstone may be examined as a holon to demonstrate the development of Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

It is clear that Marriage Breaking is a major component in MOEC. It has a veneer as a Trojan Horse, thus offering a Yellow Brick Road to marriage and career success. This pattern appears to be deeply rooted in human culture. The Divorce Program will be named The Trojan Horse. The act of permitting me to assign labels to entrap the victim into replicating his punishment. This does not decapitate the system but extends such.



Will - Spirit

Sensation - Appetite


Reason - Male

Will - Child

Sensation - Female

No. 1 Latent Function


Reason - Female

Will - Child

Sensation - Male

No. 2 Manifest Function


Reason - Female

Will - Child

Sensation - Sibling

The abstract or a priori form is the Ideal and is the Platonic Model used to develop The Republic. The Real Model is the trajectory of human history upwards to the 1960s.

Tryad No. 2 is the Manifest Function regarding a polarity shift in a system. There is a observable switch towards the reasoning of females. There is also an emphasis on youthful volition.

Sensation - Sibling reflects the underdevelopment of males in conceptions of equality with females and others in the social setting. Hence perceive the world Through the Eyes of a Child.

The conditioning derived from this artificial archetype usually has pattern maintenance of the psychological development of an individual of no more than twenty years of age. This is derived from Krishna who never ages past youth. In the long run I will argue that the MOEC will return to a parochial model as the Real. I state this because the females must generate a positive response and decapitate MOEC. This would clearly expose and prosecute the Authorship whom to my knowledge are all males.

Another challenge to the females is I do not see a successful system emerging with a misogynist MSM Gay Militia marriage breaking as The Trojan Horse.

This template was developed in consideration of a planned decadence of a fullblown Chemical Assault under the Akbar.

Eliminating MOEC would take a very serious cultural innovation. I do not believe that Technological Singularity will be this innovation.

Below are collective derivations of Tryadic parenting. These forms are the standard model in Platonism.




Temperance and Obedience

The class stratification in The Republic of Plato is only a blueprint aimed at an Absolute Truth, not an Absolute Truth in itself. It is a design for the safeguarding of the rulers from turning into Tyrants. Platonic political theory stresses a collective who raises a tyrant who eventually enslaves them.

The Guardians are the wisest and smallest class. There is nothing that states that Guardians had to be male but the model and history are patriarchal. The Guardians are the rulers. The auxiliaries are the next largest group. They comprise the executives and the army of The Republic. The populace is the remaining members of the state or correctly speaking the nation.

The virtues are as follows: wisdom, courage, temperance, and justice. Justice is the support and unity of all of the virtues, of the state, and the soul. The ratio between the macro unit and the individual must be proportional.

To use any conception of the virtues as the Godhead would be anthropomorphic. It is clear that the four virtues exist on the platform of natural law. They are indeed only a moral compass to ordinate one to a spiritual existence.

A synchronic tactic that is common targets the Vedas and Platonism.






Holy Ghost





The previously listed components are contained within a triangle and imposed over geographic territories on a map. The first is Ideal followed by an invertaebration. The three angles that form the triangle are:

Reason - New Raman Reti, Florida

Spirit - Lassen, Fort Bragg, California

Sensation - Kent County, Delaware

The concrete:

Reason - Kent County, Delaware

Spirit - Fort Bragg, California

Sensation - New Raman Reti, Florida

One should realize that New Raman Reti is one of the oldest running communes in the United States. It is an ISKCON Vedic farm, charter school, and learning institute. A Prisoner's Dilemma model is incorporated by pitting two of the angles against one another thereby benefiting the third angle (Prisoner's Dilemma 2019). In this manner a divide and conquer tactic is used to level crime. The foil to achieve this act delegates to the abuse of Native Americans.

There are at least four Native American Tribes that are distinct nations living on a reservation system within the United States that are highly affected by MOEC entrapments:

Torrez Martinez Tribe: Salton Sea, California

Colorado River Tribes: Parker, Arizona, Blythe, California

Pauite Tribe: Inyo County, California

Susanville Rancheria: Lassen County, California

In review, Tryad is no more than a wrecking model. In the abstract the victim is protected by a system of laws and rights. The highest platform of cognition would be eternal law, followed by natural law, then the positive law. In an oppressive environment the only location an individual is may find eternal law is inside one’s self. The reason of one’s mind is available also through the natural law. The external environment may be nihilistic. The positive law may disintegrate to citizenship at the 4th class level.

This in the concrete poses the question of whether one wishes to live or die; thus an act of volition. In MOEC's perspective, which is not exclusive, this involves the alienation of oneself from the environment. This is a loss of identity or depersonification. This gradual attritionist dehumanization process permit's the controllers, victim, and third parties to adapt to new lower equilibriums. Hence this posits a Nash suboptimal equilibrium.

There is a convergence and feedback loop between the formation of the individual and culture. The holistic standpoint posits that the culture or macro unit transforms the individual. This is a descending argument. The atomic standpoint posits that the individual creates the culture in an upward movement.

This tension has a unique standpoint in relationship to the creation of a summon bonum or a system and henceforward a whole race of such individuals (Summon bonum).

Plato's Master Passion states that the culture creates a madman who is subsequently replaced by a madder tyrant. This continues until the maddest of all the despot enslaves all in the image of his sexual preferences.

This basic model is the formation of the Desperado Gambit Line whose dreams of social engineering the human race was despoiled due to the fight fire with fire orientation being exposed.

The Ex Deux Maquina develops with MSM LGBTi having the final say in a tit for tat tournament to Script the winner. This anti dialectic descends through MSM policemen forming the Bodyguard of the Master Passion.

There is a very intense competition between my person and the three leaders of LAPD's Gay Militia: Periander, The Fly and finally Dodo.

The Cornerstone that the constructor rejected returns to be the headstone.


The Wrong Side of History

MOEC reflects it's Authorship. This allegedly are MSM males who were challenged by heterosexual males. The main controllers are Cambridge lawyers. The materials that are taught at Cambridge are the primary database (see Particular History & Justice). The Encyclopaedia Britannica is a very important source.

The Undermining of faith, moral philosophy and ethics, and law is also targeted.

The attack is paired with Gay Marriage. (New Jersey became the 14 state to honor Gay Marriage on October 21, 2013. Hawaii and Illinois are the 15 and 16th states).

The entrapment substitutes authority from the de jure authority to the de facto Cambridge Membership.

The algorithm of Cambridge to LAPD is very acute. The cell with Periander, The Fly, and Dodo are cohort rivals under Cambridge as an unseen secondary father figure with the president and my person. (The tryad of Dodo - Barack Obama - David Nollmeyer is highly acute).

These officers following of their defection models is the sharpest driver in the development of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing.

The Tournament will develop these actors especially Dodo in a pathology degrading society.


The Organic Cell

MOEC is a defection model. It is a novelty of Prisoner's Dilemma which will give a distinct bias to the controller (Prisoner's Dilemma 2019). This model can be noted by labels as MOEC, Origin, Organic Cell, and Joe Virus.

Origin is designed as stem cell and neuron.

The label Organic Cell would refer to the possibility of natural government existing in nature. Here the Authors have considered a position that their model reflects in part a descent from a higher law.

It is clearly evident that Origin was designed in a table with cells. It is a model for General User Interface GUI. If in the cell with Particular History and Justice one would insert all the known events in History, one would form the MOEC Calendar. On a modern computer one could paste, drag or drop or insert a holon into the PHJ Cell.

The program within the cell would then operate on the holon. This would then begin a series of transformations on the holon until it's equilibrium is reached.

Origin is a tool that is Cambridge's attempt at a cultural based unified field. The closest mathematical model would be a Schroedinger Equation with a Hamiltonian Operator. The Hamiltonian is the observer in this equation.

A mission goal is unum or a unification of culture. The tension between Mechanism versus Idealism is a point of departure for all consequent thought. Scientific determinism and secular humanism versus free will and fideism are integral to obtaining a sound closed proof.

Origin was postulated in it's Original form as Organic Government with seven subsystems with Control as the suprasystem. It is highly likely Origin was reduced from other models to seven subsystems.



Particular History
and Justice





Ideal State -
Varna Asrama

The Origin Reiterated Model states quite strongly the case of Mechanism versus Idealism. This is therefore modelling of this classical argument. The Original Model which was called Organic. It contained Control as the suprasystem and as holon over Maze without Consciousness descending into Atomization. The Third Column contained Consciousness - Behaviorism - Ideal State, in my particular case Varna Asrama.

I rejected any notion that MOEC could be an Organic Government. I also argue that Mechanism versus Theism is more accurate.

This was my investigation into the epistemology and morphogenetic construction of the System. What is important to MOEC is that I am not keeping the Original. In this instance I would become entrapped in the Mocking Bird Defense.This is a result of my putting feedback into the model. Hence this version is more rational therefore weaker similar to some strains of the Bird Flu which are now emergent. This is due to my inclusion of Consciousness and Rationality in the Second and Third Columns.

The decapitation of the Proximate Cause is the true test of defeating MOEC (Proximate Cause). This is not adjusting MOEC as a Virus of Prisoner's Dilemma (Prisoner's Dilemma 2019).

Origin Reiterated Model


Particular History and Justice










Ideal State - Varna Asrama

Hence, we clearly see that this structure is a product of human effort imposed over our empirical spacetime.

In the Hierarchy of Motility, Consciousness - Rationality - Behaviorism are correct. In biology such would descend as Consciousness - Intelligence (Rationality) - Instinct - Tropism - Nastic Movements.

What one has at hand is an attack on humans and nation-states with an Ideal State, in my particular case the Vedas as a foil. An input of the system is a Holon. One can follow a Holon as the subcomponents of the system transform the Holon.

An example can be the passing of a letter into a mail box and having it processed to the receiver.

From this position of an exploded view we can deduce that the model was conceived in a table with rows or columns. As we exist in 3 dimensional space, our physical bodies and all material objects are always in Maze. Generally a Holon, such may be a person, when entrapped by TPSYS would enter Particular History and Justice then receive elements of the entrapment from Parameters. One would then return to be in Maze. After interacting with the police he would develop Consciousness this maybe + or -. This is usually marginalization. One is most likely only in Rationality. One will develop a repertoire to survive which is Behaviorism. If unsuccessful one is dead in Atomization and has been Atomized. If pure one can develop an Ideal State as Varna Asrama.

One can also examine the development vertically in a column. Maze - Rationality - Atomization and Consciousness - Rationality - Ideal State - Varna Asrama. The latter appears to be stronger in preparation of a positive outcome.

The following empirical data may be placed in Particular History & Justice PHJ.

Particular History & Justice

Conception Birth

I was born on August 3, 1961 in Roswell New Mexico. Barack Obama was born August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Thus we are cohort rivals under an unseen Father and Mother figures, the Oedipal Complex and Electra Complex.

TPSYS will attempt to predict my exact birth date. At conception, possibly a fractal of avenging slavery and the Honda motor plant would be imposed or attached to the embryo. The events are derived from PHJ. My mother most likely would have had to pass through a boundary as Parameters according to the Scripting. I am the Singularity Experiment. President Barack Obama is the Singularity Target.

I was born in Roswell, NM, then my family moved to Camden, Delaware. My father was then transferred to Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico. I attended Kindergarten in E Street Elementary School up to age five. This activities occur in Maze. The other subsystems are in operation. My earliest autobiographical memories are about age three in Camden.

Chapter 1 of Lycurgus deals with events in Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico.

I lived on Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico from about 1964 to 1967. There was a strong influence from the tropical environment of Puerto Rico and the influence of my father being an enlisted man in the United States Armed Forces.

I attended E Street School for Kindergarten and first grade. I made my first friends here outside of my family.

I can remember my mother practicing Nicheren Daishonen Buddhism while in Puerto Rico. I most likely saw the Hare Krishnas for the first time here. I was atheistic at this time up until my 16th birthday in 1977.

The events in Ramey AFB are quite intense with a visit from President Lyndon Johnson who I saw drive up to the base golf club clubhouse.

One clearly sees the Manifest Function of LAPD operating as TPSYS with mutual aid violations.

This is an intrusion of a secondary system operating as a microsystem. In Ecological Systems a microsystem is that level of organization as the family and school teacher that forms the socialization of the child. The police or Homeland Security are at least in the next level within the public administration of the state.

My father was retiring in Puerto Rico and we moved to Oxford, Maryland. My father retired at Dover AFB, Delaware. Here my family reunites with my paternal grandparents. I also met my maternal great grandmother.

I attended Oxford Elementary School for second grade, Such is a three room school. One teacher teaches 1-2 grades, 3-4 grades, and 5-6 grades. So my oldest sisters were in 4th and 5th grade.

Oedipal Complex - Electra Complex - Freud argues such occurs at 8 years of age. Erickson discusses such until 14 years of age. The individual assumes an identity based on one's natural parents an Ideal Father or Mother Figure.

This period would cover from Oxford Elementary School, W.B. Simpson Elementary School, Camden, W.R. Brown, Kent County, Caesar Rodney Junior and Senior High School Camden all in Delaware.

November 1980 - Ronald Reagan was President from January 20, 1981 - January 20, 1989. George HW Bush was Vice President. Reagan's two Attorney Generals during MOEC were Edwin A. Meese III 1985 1988 and Richard Thornburgh 1988 1989. Maze - Dover, Delaware - San Diego, California.

June 17, 1987 - MOEC is revealed. LAPD develops pirate radio overtaking public airwaves. Then President Reagan does not respond initiating the Irrationalist Presidents (Nollmeyer, D. 2012c).

Maze - Dover, Delaware.

MOEC manifest functions begins from LAPD in California and develops through mutual aid violations with the Baltimore Police Department, Maryland, and the Delaware State Police in Delaware.

November 1988 - George HW Bush wins the 1988 election. Dan Quayle is Vice President. His Attorney Generals are Dick Thornburgh 1989 1991 William P. Barr 1991 1993.

Maze - Dover, Delaware

November 1992 - William Clinton wins the Presidential Election. He is the 42nd President of the United States. Al Gore is Vice President. Clinton served two terms from: January 20, 1993 to January 20, 2001. His Attorney General was Janet Reno 1993 2001.

Unabomber - Theodore Kaczynski - An assistant professor at the University of California, Berkeley beginning in 1967 at age 25, resigned two years later.

His thesis was Boundary Functions. It has been stated that less than 10 mathematicians in the United States were competent to comprehend his paper.

1995 - Microsoft introduces Windows the world's first GUI based operating system for personal computers. MOEC is a manifest function. William Clinton is the president. He does not recognize MOEC, the attack on the human race and the United States.

I am trying to take refuge in New Mexico and California.

November 5, 1995 - In the U.S District Court for New Mexico the following cases begin to proceed to the Supreme Court.

U.S. District for New Mexico

1. Cv. 95-0135, Nollmeyer v. U.S. Gov., Delaware State Police, et. al.

Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals

2. Cv. 97-2306, Nollmeyer v. U.S. Gov., Delaware State Police, et. al.

United States Supreme Court

3. Cv. 98-7015, Nollmeyer v. U.S. Gov., Delaware State Police, et. al.

Maze - various locations

September 9, 1999 - In the U.S. District Court Northern District of Florida (Gainesville)

Cv. 99-215 Nollmeyer v. New Raman Reti - Assigned to: Judge Maurice M. Paul

1999 - Clinton Impeached for misleading statements in relationship with 22 year old White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

Maze - Greenville, California

November 2000 - George W Bush is elected 43rd President of the United States. He serves two terms January 20, 2001 January 20, 2009. Dick Cheney is his Vice President. His attorney Generals are John Ashcroft 2001 2005 Alberto Gonzales 2005 2007 Michael Mukasey 2007 2009. Bush redesigned the Department of Justice into Homeland Security after 9-11. Bush had two Secretaries of Homeland Security Tom Ridge 2003 2005 Michael Chertoff 2005 2009.

Maze - Santa Barbara County, California.

September 11, 2001 - Al Qaeda launches terror attacks destroying the World Trade Center, damaging the Pentagon, and crashing a jetliner in a field near Somerset, Pennsylvania.

President Bush announces a War on Terror, the Afghanistan War begins in 2001.

Maze - Dover, Delaware.

2003 - Iraq War.

Maze - Various locations.

February 12, 2007 - Operation Radhanatha begins escalating Chemical Assault Scorched Earth to contaminate the Colorado River from Earp, California - Parker, Arizona south through Blythe towards Mexico. All water in faucets is contaminated. Food is contaminated at production plants and shipped nationwide.

Maze - Earp, California.

November 2008 - Barack Obama defeats John McCain to become the 44th President of the United States. Joe Biden is his Vice President. Obama has two Homeland Secretaries.

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano 2009 2013 - Rand Beers 2013 present (Janet Napolitano 2021).

Maze - Desert Shores, California.

Obama assumed office January 20, 2009. He was re elected in November 2012. Barack Obama is elected twice while the entire Salton Sea is totally contaminated.

November 2012 - Barack Obama defeats Mitt Romney to win the Presidential Election.

Maze - Desert Shores, California.

July 19, 2013 - The University of California nominates Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano to be President.

Maze - Westwood, California.

August 19, 2013 - Sarin gas is used in Chemical Attacks in Ghouta, Syria. There are claims of 1400 victims.

Maze - Westwood, California.


As seen the above are a sequence of various chronological events. The transformations vis a vis between defection to MOEC or cooperation with the United States Constitution in a Script of an individual or group in a defection model is a focus of MOEC Studies.

At various levels events are scripted to Undermine the effects of cooperation with the Constitution.

These events are usually activated by an event or holon passing through a boundary. This is no more than a syndrome of what may disjointed entrapments or quid pro quos.

A fallacy that has been made historically is a painting that comes to life. Per se, if I walked through the door to a temple within a given time period a series of events may become entrapped. John Doe may be asked to take a biology course, Jane Doe may have her car capped in an insurance scam. Bill Doe may be asked to date Sally. George Doe may give a donation to the church. Imposing these events over a natural person gives the impression that this person is special, part of a magic show.


The localization of my natural person has been in the United States, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. I technically have stepped on Canadian soil but did not move through customs at the border in Bremerton, Washington.

I have listed the my locations for the events being used in PHJ.


The Master Passion

The zeitgeist from June 17, 1987 in continuo is the manifest function of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. There is a very serious attack on consequentialism vis a vis deontology. Hence the alienation of one person's positive Bill of Rights protections directly attempts to negate consequentialism (Bill of Rights). My subjective survival and the prosecution of MOEC is counterbalanced with the quantum of force of converting the State into the Machinery of Torture and the nation or people into informant traitors for hire for quid pro quos.

The writings of Plato form the basis for Western Rationality.


The manifest function here for material objects is the return to the basic elements of the Periodic Table of Elements. Life forms die.

The individual human specie(s) may be a victim of genocide, murder, suicide or accident.

MOEC is an Undermining - Marginalization Operation. Ideas here may be attacked by informal and formal fallacies.

The Reduction Room - The Command Imperative - Will you betray the Constitution?


Consciousness in MOEC refers to the Absolute awareness of all things. This is impossible for a localized marginal living entity. Hence the Hierarchy of Consciousness - Intelligence - Instinct is important at the level of conscience awareness. Instinct - Tropic - Nastic movements occur below an entities awareness.

In the second column there appears to be a manifest attempt to control the ability of a person or group to develop into a superior group or person. A world of Philosopher Kings in relation to The Republic is a point of departure.

Hence the content of Authorized Spiritual literatures may be seen to reflect pure a priori Consciousness.

The spiritual classics may be contained here:

Bible - Cambridge King James Red Letter Version


Bhagavad Gita

Mechanistic based works may be placed here. This has to be tempered in the realization that these works are inductive and emergent. They do not claim to be representative of a pure consciousness.

Communism has never been attained. This system aims for an ideal as social consciousness as a correct proletariat world view based on this platform.


Behaviorism is the adaptation and development of a repertoire against a stimulus in an environ. Strict behaviorism only considers the mind at the level of endrochronological chemical reactions. The content of thought is secondary to the modification of correct behavior.

Ideal State

The final stage of social organization may be placed here. In mechanism we can place communism versus the idealistic forms. Karl Marx would argue that these organizations are based on property ownership and relations. Religion is a Superstructure that is a projection and manmade to give man private property, wage labor and love sex marriage (Base and Superstructure 2010).

The following are basic Ideal State models that could included in this subsystem.

United Nations - Ideal State - Global Village

Vedas - Varna Asrama

Catholicism - Perfect Community

On November 6, 2013 I opened my pdf file, of Karl Popper's, The Open Society and It's Enemies which I have had several times on a computer, but never read. The text is known for it's attack on Plato, The Republic and Marxism.

Popper's treatise develops as Volume I: The Spell of Plato - The Myth of Origin and Destiny. Here the dialectic from Plato to Marx unfolds. Illinois and Hawaii passed Gay Marriage in the past few days as the 15th and 16th states to do so.


Would you know how to create a government?

Karl Popper cites his concern over the rise of totalitarianism and the failure of social philosophy to critically analyze this problem.

MOEC Studies clearly was developed in part from the Popper's book, The Open Society and It's Enemies.

The Study of Singularity and it's proponents and goals are also being placed the question to their intentions and emergence.

MOEC Studies argues Cambridge Law School as the Proximate Cause sine qua non whom has handed off the operation to LAPD (Proximate Cause).

Empirically, the hiring of ex Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano as president of the University of California converges the trajectory of MOEC (Janet Napolitano 2021).

There is strong implication concerning acting Under the Color of Law. The case is being framed by the moral and legal duties of sworn officers to the sole survivor of a nationstate.

Origin, the Organic Cell of MOEC, is the most highly developed defection model in operating in place; perhaps of all history. Such organizes the Rise and Fall of the British Empire. It is responsible for the Undermining of the Anglo American Paradigm. These actor's losses immediately appear to benefit the Russians, Chinese, Muslims, Latinos, and Africans.

Origin reflects a concern on systems transformations.

My isolation under a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program is an experiment to develop the survival of the individual and species under totalitarianism.

MOEC is a highly developed tool for Systems Transformations being able to handle concrete objects as the Higgs Boson particle to theories of Multidimensional Space. This includes both Mechanistic and Theistic ideas.

Overall the bias in the system is negative. It is distinctively Irrationalist and Pre Fascist at best. This reflects at least a partial refutation of political economy. I would argue the Social Welfare State as a model.

Two Simultaneous Eternities Cannot Exist

By placing my person as the holon being transformed, MOEC has Undermined History as an avenging angel claiming to justify it's attack on the human race through the attack on then President Ronald Reagan and the United States.

MOEC will attempt to impose defection to it's interests.

MOEC is a concrete and dramatic watershed event towards to a conclusion on the historical stage where a King leads his nationstate towards a Second Coming of Godhead.

This trajectory clearly posits the challenge between Mechanism and Theism.

Consequentialism and Deontology are at the forefront of the immediate gambit line of Gay LGBTi versus heterosexuality Opposite Sex.

The duel between MSM Cambridge lawyers and Trinity College theologians creates the Ex Deux Maquina which is no more than a desperado line of MSM Gay Militia members which descends into hub and nodes localizing an individual in a jurisdiction.

There is a very distinct line of expertise in Greek Philosophy and rationalism. It appears at least one or more actors was a devotee of Zeus or Jupiter. This person may have been MSM. It appears that Gay Triumphalism based on minor Gay Greek demigods was a result of compromise in the Ex Deux Maquina formation of the model.

In particularity, the United States is developed as the Alter Ego of Stalinist USSR (Wilson, D. 1991). In toto this is Modern Totalitarianism or post 1900s and the emergent electronic police state challenging Technological Singularity with a Cultural Singularity, read MOEC.

The tension between the Gay Militia actors and Periander, The Fly and specifically Dodo at the present have Undermined the American Presidency. The creation of the Irrationalist Presidents and the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth places the question to all actors in the top 100 exemplars in their field of discipline (Nollmeyer, D. 2012c).

MOEC seeks outliers as the top and bottom ten percent in all domains for first consideration.

There is a feedback loop between History and Law. The form of government used reflects many variables from Eternal Law, physical environment, and cultural antecedents. The Eugenic State Planning is designed to promote individuals in a homosexual blackmail and intimidation ring that will support MOEC.

The Undermining of the Family is strongly evident. The pairing of the MSM Gambit line to attacking President Ronald Reagan has catastrophic implications to the present hour.

This attack on Reagan develops a polarity shift. There has been a historical tendency to attack Reagan by the Left. The development of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing and the Gay Militia in LAPD develops a pathology of failure while these social movements are emergent towards Gay Fascism if apologists emerge.

A Lieutenant(s), has the defection pattern to stop the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. This has been attributed to sergeant Dodo. This would then free my person from the Akbar stage. The United States would begin to return to the Lycurgus subsystem where Targeted Chemical Assaults TCAs replace the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth.

This defines a pathology.

As the Singularity Experiment, I am the only person in History to have the entirety of MOEC and Origin placed over my natural person and citizenship with other persons existing as fractals. I have been told that my heir would inherit this status or it would move to the most primary male collateral.

In this manner one can see how the Four Cardinal Virtues: Wisdom, Moderation, Courage, and Justice are attacked in the State, Family and Individual by manipulation by the use of Origin the GUI.

If Tryad is processed as a holon in Origin a synchronic pattern is prevalent. There are transformations towards the female in a polarity shift. This however is achieved by a build up of the Perfect Dictator Model. As the world develops Democracy the United States becomes a Perfect Dictator that is unrecognized.

President Barack Obama is the Singularity Target. Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing is the antithesis to Superintelligence or Machine Intelligence.

The Chemical Assault Scorched Earth is an Atomization catalyst. This is clearly evident in the development of Transhumanism where humans and machines merge.

Hence, it's logical structure also has an aesthetic in developing an Artificial Person to represent such. This is appears to be a direct attack on Cognitive Science.

In conclusion, Origin is the leak at the level of a Presidential Brief. It is an antecedent in the environment. I have chosen to create written records over my study of MOEC. MOEC Studies has consequently emerges as an Approach.

There is a very strong convergence with the hiring of ex Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano, and the trajectory of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing (Janet Napolitano 2021).

These acts are Scripted. These activities will aid the prosecution or the decapitation of the Authorship Cambridge Law School. This would also officially recognize that the United Kingdom and the United States are both criminally and civilly liable for damages in the United States and internationally.

Open Letter to Janet Napolitano: President of the University of California

Bhagavad Gita As It Is

Chapter 7.7

O conqueror of wealth [Arjuna], there is no Truth superior to Me.

Everything rests upon Me, as pearls are strung on a thread.

Dear President Napolitano:

Since June 17, 1987 a de facto Chemical Assault Scorched Earth was implemented by a Gay Militia in Los Angeles Police Department over my natural person and United States citizenship.This occurred while I was in Dover, Delaware, the State that Started a Nation. This process involves mutual aid violations with the Delaware State Police.

This attack was allegedly Authored by Cambridge Law School, United Kingdom. The target was then President Ronald Reagan. The paradigm is named Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC. This synonym is derived from the Talmud Book of Moed and the military concept of Mobilization.

The attack has a Strategic Mission of Gay Marriage.

The key to this operation's success is the ad magistratum obstruction of justice (Obstruction of Justice).

This had to have occurred in the United Kingdom, United States, and eventually at the United Nations and other nationstates to develop MOEC internationally.

The expansion of the British Empire is based on Undermining and Marginalization.

Hence, for simple purposes it is an expanding and contracting Prisoner's Dilemma reverse sting operation (Prisoner's Dilemma 2019).

Historically, MOEC can definitively lay claim to a successful Crime Against Humanity and Treason Against the United States. The basic algorithm is designed to originate from (United Kingdom) Cambridge Law School, Scotland Yard, to the (United States) LAPD, California, Delaware, Delaware State Police, Maryland, Baltimore Police Department, and the Unnamed Baltimore Studio. In particularity of the subject, there are two hubs in the conspiracy. Scotland Yard is the controlling hub and LAPD is the subordinate hub.

LAPD has undertaken a gambit line that alienates a heterosexual male from his Bill of Rights and ICCPR protections before the court (Bill of Rights) (ICCPR 1966). This is a same sex qualification for rights.

I am alleging that Cambridge actors in this Membership are responsible for a baseline of killing 1,000,000 persons worldwide. MOEC as it is appears to be well formed by the 1930s. The actions of WWI, WWII, and in Africa have to be reconsidered after what is occurring in continuo in the United States and internationally.

This has lead to the formation of the Gay Militia which in America is embedded in cells in LAPD. It has been stated that a cell of 20 officers lead by those named below are amongst 250 to 500 officers out of 8500 members of LAPD.

MOEC is the Anglo American Oprichniki. As in Russia the majority of Americans are willing participating in it's entrapment.

The three natural persons who were are officers of LAPD are persons of interest as:

(Scotland Yard has a code name of Soho)


The Fly


There are three manifest events operating:

Chemical Assault Scorched Earth

Electronic Surveillance<

Gang Stalking

This attack on my person has subsequently entrapped five presidents who have created an era of Anglo American Irrationalism. The Irrationalist Presidents are (Nollmeyer, D. 2012c):

Ronald Reagan

George HW Bush

William Clinton

George W Bush

Barack Obama

The algorithm descends into concrete legal jurisdictions as states, counties, and to natural persons.

Cambridge has socially engineered an ideology which they have named Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing.

It is interesting to note here that a Cambridge or British philosopher had very extensive knowledge over Greek Tyrannies, logic, and informal fallacies.

One or more persons were devotees of Zeus. An interesting subcurrent is Gay Triumphalism with minor Greek demigods being worshiped. This is a tit for tat reprisal against Judeo Christianity which defeated Platonism around 300 AD.

The continuation of this line of argumentation is the earlier Vedic concept of cintanami or touchstone. The Vaikunthas are the Vedic Heaven where everything is made of touchstone and rewards all of one's desires.

The philosopher's touchstone here in their in hands evolves into a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth directed by a Master Passion.

MOEC is a Trojan Horse operation that has marriage creation as a foil. This is a Yellow Brick Road quid pro quo Divorce Program. The family is the first collective unit and forms the basic unit in the structure of government.

I am claiming that this dimension will explain the nation's 45 percent divorce rate.

The writings of Plato form the basis of the Rationality School of thought. This is the mathematical moral world of Philosopher Kings. The political science dialectic of Plato to Marx provides a rich framework as the Western System comes into contact with other cultures over time.

The Vedas are a unique example as I pertain to such.

Plato's The Republic and Popper's The Open Society and It's Enemies are source texts in opposition. The other main works are Mussolini's The Doctrine of Fascism versus The Mass Psychology of Fascism by William Reich. The latter is a Marxist Sexology (Freudian) text that is very instructive in comprehending the histrionic sexuality of those code named as police officers in LAPD's Gay Militia.

MOEC is very rich in gambit and trap lines. The Ex Deux Maquina is the driver of the model and shapes the scripting of the holons which may be natural persons or other abstract or tangible systems.

Geir Lundestad of the Nobel Organization and your person are becoming the face of academic incompetence and corruption. Lundestad is a fraud for stating that Al Gore and Barack Obama were honestly researched for their Nobel Prizes.

The analogy in chess is found in subsystems of chess openings. A very interesting example is the Queen's Pawn System of white 1. d4 as the London Opening with a Greek Gift of the Gods. The concept of labelling is further demonstrated in the King's Pawn System 1.e4 Closed Sicilian System as the white system Grand Prix Attack versus the black system Accelerated Dragon. (The Chinese have landed a rover Chang' e on the Moon in a pronounced development in technology.)

The Grand Prix Attack is a subline that was popularized by British chess players in the 1960s.

An opening may be considered Accelerated when one of it's pawns advances two squares instead of one from it's starting position.

The development of MOEC Studies into an Approach from a leak that Cambridge had prepared and claimed was at the Presidential level reflects such.

Technological Singularity has been attacked by a Cultural Singularity. This is MOEC.

The rational mathematical moral world is being clearly undermined before it even truly begins.

The song Syrinx played by Pan on his panpipe signifies this feature.

In my external threat analysis, the creation of Machine Superintelligence is an existential threat. The censorship and sanitization of MOEC internationally is now over 7.3 billion persons and over 200 nationstates.

Two data sets are extremely integral to MOEC Analysis. They are the FBI Uniform Crime Reports and the Center for Disease Control CDC Surveillance Reports on HIV AIDS. Hepatitis C is an increasing concern (CDC Surveillance Reports (2021).

Ars Longa Vita Brevis

MOEC is reflective of the expertise of the 1930s. Works appears to be have been performed at a later date and backdated to the Membership. MOEC has many analogous names that are specific to the structure, process, and perspective desired. Origin is the main synonym. The Joe Virus is another. There is an Alter Ego Reverse Sting dimension that reflects Jabberwocky or nonsense speech as a red herring strawman argument (Wilson, D. 1991).

MOEC as a reverse sting operation is crime creation. One of it's main defense mechanisms is the justification. Following the lead of the President, now Barack Obama is integral. Stalkers in particular are being cued to state that their acts are self defense and part of an Attorney General Exception.

The Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organization Act, RICO is TITLE 18, PART 1, CHAPTER 96, Section 1961 also appears to be directly targeted and a main resource to decapitate MOEC.

Origin is the Artificial Cell of MOEC. It is intended to be a GUI General User Interface for a computer program.

MOEC is a Cultural Singularity that is the reverse engineering of Technological Singularity. Technological Singularity is being designed to sanitize MOEC.



Particular History
and Justice





Ideal State -
Varna Asrama

In a social system the agents of Control are the military and police. MOEC is based on the Ecological System. A suprasystem organizes embedded subsystems.

In MOEC all subsystems can function as the suprasystem with the other cells as it's subsystems.

A holon is system that is a subsystem of another system and a system within itself with subsystems. The human being is such a holon. All events in three dimensional space occur in Maze.

Ars Longa Vita Brevis

First Column

In simplicity MOEC is imposed over us through a hub and node conspiracy. In the left column an individual holon is detected by the defection model. Data sets are stored in Particular History and Justice. Marriages are arranged from genealogies in PH& J The study of the dialectic from Plato to Marx may be placed here. In Parameters various boundaries are created. Parametric and non parametric methodologies are placed here. Components that function as gatekeepers are prominent. Others are actually barriers that are defection based as passing through the door of a church or passing over a bridge.

Center Column

The scripting of the defection may be described as conditioning. One has returned to Maze. The individual holon is either cooperating with the rule of law or defecting to MOEC.

This action implies moral and legal differentiation. A strong performance is Rationality. Intelligence is the use of reason to abstract universals from particulars and successfully navigate through Maze. A bad performance is Irrationalism.

A bad performance would move the individual to Atomization. The fallacy of separation, fragmentation, and atomization of reason occurs. The human body will return to the elements of the periodic table.

Third Column

Consciousness is absolute knowing of all things. Texts like the Bible, Bhagavad Gita, Koran and works of Marx - Lenin may be paced here.

In focus is the Cambridge King James Red Letter Edition of the Bible.

Behaviorism is the learning of repertoire through the reinforcement of an adaptation to a stimulus in the environment. This occurs slowly over time.

The Ideal State is the a priori model that a group may wish to develop it's members to their fullest benefit. Varna asrama is the Vedic model. It is the world's oldest social system. The Catholic model is the Perfect Community. The Communist Model is Dialectal Materialism.

Impure Synchronicity

Research Methodologies

The Proximate Cause Test sine qua non is the correct procedure to identify the principals, accomplices, and accessories to the fact.

The theory of Cognitive Behaviorism has emerged historically as study to modify behavior (Dattillio, F. 2002). Punishment is a short term solution and education is long solution. This is analogous to your career as the Homeland Security Secretary and now as the President of the University of California.

MOEC is a sibling cohort rivalry under an unseen Father (Oedipal) and unseen Mother (Electra) and one's natural father and mother in a longitudinal crossectional study.

Parametric and non parametric methods are being used simultaneously. There is extensive manifest use of electronic surveillance. Many persons in the population are totally aware that they are under electronic surveillance. Hence the synchronicity is impure.

This is live experimentation. The experimental control would be that part of the world's population that is unexposed and analphabetic in it's concepts.

The FBI Uniform Crime Reports and the Center for Disease Control Surveillance reports are key data sets that are a focus of correlation. This is important in the mapping and entrapment of the population.

MOEC supports the Bushmeat Practice in the spread of HIV AIDS worldwide. MOEC Studies would support any sound defection based model.

The Homeland Security Officer investigates a criminal complaint at the hot scene of the event. He or she must intervene if there is prima facie evidence of criminal conduct and bring the scene under control through due process and equal protection.

This will protect the victim, third party bystanders, the alleged perpetrator, and the officer.

Statement of Facts

In March 2009, you stated to Spiegel Online that there is always a constant threat of terror: "I referred to 'man caused' disasters. That is perhaps only a nuance, but it demonstrates that we want to move away from the politics of fear toward a policy of being prepared for all risks that can occur."

On December 6, 2013 Nelson Mandela died at 96 years of age. We recognize Mandela for his commitment to dismantle the Irrationalist Apartheid. His 27 year imprisonment, about a generation, is a model for my alienation.

December 7, 2013 is both Delaware Day 1787 and Pearl Harbor Day 1941. In the past week a shipment of Cobalt 60 was stolen in Mexico. If these materials were assembled into a Dirty Bomb with a catalyst and placed headwind of the LAPD Stationhouse you are easily temporarily decapitating a police force of 8000 officers that helps patrol over 10 million citizens.

On July 19, 2013 you were hired as the President of University of California. On August 19, 2013 Sarin Gas was used to attack and kill over 1400 persons in Ghouta, Syria. While Ghouta occurred I was in Westwood, California.

The Salton Sea has been Chemically Despoiled for at least the fourth time.

Obama, Biden and your person would have taken your of office to protect the United States citizen; and homeland while this country was being attacked by a Gay Militia.

We continue in analogy in the King's Pawn opening, the white English Attack versus the black Sicilian Nadjorf with the emergent black Queen versus Poison Pawn variations.

When President Reagan did not Officially Recognize the Direct Attack on the United States, it's Constitution, the Presidency and Hamiltonian Federalism by having MOEC placed over my person,a symbiotic relationship with the Bill of Rights began which is in continuo resulting in the degradation of the Anglo American Paradigm (Bill of Rights).

This also began the manifest Anglo American Irrationalist Era. This is a scripted decadence. A renaissance is predicated on the Official Recognition and decapitation of the proximate cause sine qua non.

Without such, the United State has clearly developed and furthered the System of a Perfect Dictator. Any claim to date that democracy, free trade, and elections are furthering civilization are confounded. It is highly possible that democracy is the last stage of government before a Universal Totalitarianism. This appears as a democratic social welfare state with extensive electronic surveillance and summary justice in the streets with a corrupt secret police and informants on the attack.

The Origin Model will place cohort rivals in the Tournament. Here Undermining occurs driving the Irrationalist Era. Dodo and the Gay Militia are in a very intense rivalry with the President, now Barack Obama, and my person. In essence I am forced to do the job that Obama has sworned to do.

Socrates is Mortal

Here we have the framework of tyranny:


Secret Police


Under federal law one is either a citizen or a criminal, legal or illegal. The contest here pits a MSM LGBTi police officer, Dodo with a defection model to halt the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. He is so heavily entangled, especially the fear of being fragged or hit with HIV AIDS that the renunciation of the conspiracy does not occur.

No president, attorney general, homeland secretary, police officer, or sworn official at any level has stepped forward.

In this contestation the Trojan Horse is a system of scripted divorces and marriages. I have now organized this according to function. Function defines what something is. In labelling something may become what it is labelled but this at first may only be an imposed perception. It may be the result of cognitive bias.

So the Trojan Horse is a Divorce Program with a veneer of a Yellow Brick Road Marriage. This is heavily skewed to Gay Misogyny. The defection of lesbian and bisexual females to LAPD will yield about a 60 percent and over divorce rate.

This contest is based on having the worst police officer distributing the deals or quid pro quos on along a path of defection; hence the Yellow Brick Road. This is a negation to merit based promotion. Simultaneously, the double crime of having a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth paired to the targets will neutralize any criminal remuneration.

The nodes of this conspiracy to date leave these persons in these jurisdictions as the most vulnerable:

Salton Sea - Colorado River Valley

Mt. Shasta - McCloud, Siskiyou County and Westwood, Lassen County and Chester, Plumas County

Inyo County

The Wrong Side of History

Bhagavad Gita At It Is

Chapter 11.32 - 33

The Blessed Lord said: Time I am, destroyer of the worlds, and I have come to engage all people. With the exception of you [the Päëòavas], all the soldiers here on both sides will be slain.

Therefore get up and prepare to fight. After conquering your enemies you will enjoy a flourishing kingdom. They are already put to death by My arrangement, and you, O Savyasäcin, can be but an instrument in the fight.

I have included the Bhagavad Gita verses as this attack is based in part on the position of Arjuna, the khsatriya or soldier whom argues for not engaging into the fratricidal Battle of Kurukstetra which would decimate his relatives and kinsmen.

The Wrong Side of History is a phrase used extensively in the Human Rights Movement by the LGBTi platform. The Anglo American Oprichniki, Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing, and the Gay Militia operating out of LAPD are a fortiori prima facie manifest events.

Whomever has authored MOEC is the proximate cause sine qua non. The other principals, accomplices and accessories are on the Wrong Side of History.

There is a distinct dichotomy to develop a taxonomy of informants in a database to continue the RICO behaviors of blackmail, extortion, hostaging and intimidating a witness (RICO 1970).

MOEC is the controlling factor over the merits of the LGBTi Movement. Equal Protection and Due Process under the Bill of Rights means Life, Liberty and then Property not the opposite (14th Amendment).

The United States has not recognized a manifest Chemical Assault Scorched Earth Program that is allegedly of the authorship of Cambridge Law School, United Kingdom. This structure and process is imposed over one natural person, David Nollmeyer.

The consequent de facto and ommissive behavior since June 17, 1987 has forced the world into a decadence.

MOEC Studies is at the Approach Level. Systematization would follow after Kuhn Popper Methodologies and legal challenges are made and confounding issues resolved.

MOEC Studies is compatible will all rational systems in the Paradigm of Laws:

1. Eternal Law

2. Natural Law

3. Positive Law

MOEC Studies is an active approach. Theory is developed and practical demonstration are both equally important. The decapitation of the proximate cause sine qua non, principals, accomplices, and accessories after the fact are the Strategic Mission Goal.

The following statements should be understood with certainty. MOEC Studies seeks to legal recognize the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth and decapitate the proximate cause sine qua non. It is a solid refutation of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing.

Technological Singularity has been attacked by a Cultural Singularity. This is MOEC.

This is the greatest censorship and sanitization ever successful attempted by mankind.

Chemical Weapons Convention

Article I. General Obligations

1. Each State Party to this Convention undertakes never under any circumstances:

(a) To develop, produce, otherwise acquire, stockpile or retain chemical weapons, or transfer, directly or indirectly, chemical weapons to anyone;

(b) To use chemical weapons;

(c) To engage in any military preparations to use chemical weapons;

(d) To assist, encourage or induce, in any way, anyone to engage in any activity prohibited to a State Party under this Convention.

2. Each State Party undertakes to destroy chemical weapons it owns or possesses, or that are located in any place under its jurisdiction or control, in accordance with the provisions of this Convention.

3. Each State Party undertakes to destroy all chemical weapons it abandoned on the territory of another State Party, in accordance with the provisions of this Convention.

4. Each State Party undertakes to destroy any chemical weapons production facilities it owns or possesses, or that are located in any place under its jurisdiction or control, in accordance with the provisions of this Convention.

5. Each State Party undertakes not to use riot control agents as a method of warfare.

The treaty went into force for the United Kingdom and United States on April 29, 1997.

The Psychopath Kills off His Conscience...

The President of the United States is the Father of the Nation and Commander in Chief. He is derelict in his sworn duties to protect the Nation and the Homeland.

Every person that is the patriarch or matriarch of their family is being entrapped as an informant traitor to destroy their families on the Yellow Brick Road Undermining Civilization through the United States.

The question is being placed to you over your career since June 17, 1987 through your term as Arizona Attorney General in 1999 2006, Arizona Governor 2003 2009, and Secretary of Homeland Security from 2009 2013. Other sworn officials as the President, Congress, and the Judiciary are also suspect. The same is true as state officials.

The American Police has been a corrupt watchman.

The censorship and sanitization of MOEC has damaged academia. As the University of California is a world class research institution their integrity is being co opted into the Machinery of Torture. Being an expert at the chalkboard is being directed challenged by the Anglo American Oprichniki.

Absolute neutrality does not exist for humans. By intent we are either gathering or scattering. At the level of human law there are however parameters for treason, felonies, and misdemeanors.

I work on the platform that an individual attempting to decapitate MOEC is fighting a 9 against 1 battle.

This is purge of informant traitors who are groomed along the Yellow Brick Road.

There is very acute evidence that Technological Singularity will be used for summary justice in the streets as the stalking against my person.

The future is most likely a Nuremberg styled trial in United States Federal Court and a Marshall Plan paid out by the United Kingdom and United States internationally.

If intellectually challenged homeless persons in Blythe, California were sworn in to testify against George W Bush or Barack Obama since Operation Radhanatha began openly contaminating surface water as the Colorado River, February 12, 2007, which is a major source of drinking water for Mexico and the United States, these two actors would be convicted. There are entire multiple acre wheat fields that are Chemically Despoiled. The soil and the bales of harvested wheat burn your hands to the touch.

Title 18 Section 242. Deprivation of rights under color of law

Federal law clearly proscribes this behavior... if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

A priori expertise in math, computer science, physics or any discipline will not negate mens rea or actus rea (Mens rea) (Actus Reus).

This in conclusion has very direct implications for you as the ex Homeland Secretary and President of University of California.

You, as Arjuna should regain your composure and take up the correct fight and decapitate the proximate cause of MOEC.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Desert Shores California

December 30, 2013

Points of Law

Bill of Rights, Amendment 8 "...nor (shall) cruel or unusual punishment be inflicted."(1789)

Section 242. Deprivation of rights under color of law (1994)

Chemical Weapons Convention (1997)

Espionage Act of 1917 (Pub.L. 65–24 [, 40 Stat. 217, enacted June 15, 1917) originally found in Title 50 of the U.S. Code (War) but is now found under Title 18 U.S.C. §792 et seq.

Interstate communications is 18 USCS § 875. Interstate communications. (1994)

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights ICCPR. (1976)

Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, also known as the Matthew Shepard Act, passed on October 22, 2009. Signed into law by President Barack Obama on October 28, 2009, as a rider to the National Defense Authorization Act for 2010 (H.R. 2647). (2009)

Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organization Act, RICO is TITLE 18, PART 1, CHAPTER 96, Section 1961. (RICO 1970)

Stalking is 18 USCS § 2261A. Stalking. (2013)

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