SEC. 3. (a) The people have the right to instruct their representatives, petition government for redress of grievances, and assemble freely to consult for the common good.

(b) (1) The people have the right of access to information concerning the conduct of the people's business, and, therefore, the meetings of public bodies and the writings of public officials and agencies shall be open to public scrutiny.

(2) A statute, court rule, or other authority, including those in effect on the effective date of this subdivision, shall be broadly construed if it furthers the people's right of access, and narrowly construed if it limits the right of access. A statute, court rule, or other authority adopted after the effective date of this subdivision that limits the right of access shall be adopted with findings demonstrating the interest protected by the limitation and the need for protecting that interest.

(3) Nothing in this subdivision supersedes or modifies the right of privacy guaranteed by Section 1 or affects the construction of any statute, court rule, or other authority to the extent that it protects that right to privacy, including any statutory procedures governing discovery or disclosure of information concerning the official performance or professional qualifications of a peace officer.

(4) Nothing in this subdivision supersedes or modifies any provision of this Constitution, including the guarantees that a person may not be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, or denied equal protection of the laws, as provided in Section 7.

(5) This subdivision does not repeal or nullify, expressly or by implication, any constitutional or statutory exception to the right of access to public records or meetings of public bodies that is in effect on the effective date of this subdivision, including, but not limited to, any statute protecting the confidentiality of law enforcement and prosecution records.

(6) Nothing in this subdivision repeals, nullifies, supersedes, or modifies protections for the confidentiality of proceedings and records of the Legislature, the Members of the Legislature, and its employees, committees, and caucuses provided by Section 7 of Article IV, state law, or legislative rules adopted in furtherance of those provisions; nor does it affect the scope of permitted discovery in judicial or administrative proceedings regarding deliberations of the Legislature, the Members of the Legislature, and its employees, committees, and caucuses.

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2019 Archives

Sophistry and Duplicity

Blythe CA Ehrenberg AZ

January 7, 2019

Happy New Year! Gavin Newsom is now the Governor of California. The Federal Government is in a partial shutdown. Sears may be liquidated. There is some initiative to impeach Trump. If the Democrats wish to prosecute Trump they should wait until after the next President is seated in 2021. A Senate Trial seems doomed. Even if such were successful it appears that Mike Pence would pardon Trump. The grandstanding in the media is extremely poor. Trump made very suspicious comments throughout his campaign. Whether he has obstructed justice regarding the Mueller Probe is beyond my perspectivism.

Groupism prevails as neither the Republicans, Democrats, liberals, or conservatives recognize the Chemical Assault Scorched Earth with a manifest 31 years of attack. This is the Achilles Heel of the sworn official many persons as Alexandria Ocasio Sanchez D NY 29 years of age were not alive when MOEC started and are Black Swan babies. She advocates the New Green Deal but is blind to Chemical Assault Scorched Earth. There are few Muslims and one Hare Krishna at federal level also supposedly serving the United States. I am sure the amount of LGBTi and females are also at their highest levels.

Governor Brown, a UC alumnus leaves office as the worst governor in United States History. The concrete destruction in California and the liability this state will face both domestically and internationally will be significant.

I hope to have a working draft of Fall of the Anglo American Paradigm PT. IV online by April, 2019.