The Baltimore Studio

The Baltimore Studio are no more than LAPD Officers using a voice synthesizer to disguise themselves. This construction is a form of Profiling and Entrapment. Identity is a key. The Studio members are presented as MSM. The Journal is being continued here:

Lotus Flower

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Questions and Answers

Why is there a website and paper being developed called Red Herring Strawman?

There has been a continual Scorched Earth -Chemical Assault imposed over my person, David Nollmeyer since June 17, 1987. This began in Dover, Delaware. The allegation is that LAPD, California is implementing this event. The other main allegation is that Cambridge Law School, United Kingdom is the Authorship and Origin. I am very focused on criminal and civil prosecution. This will create individual and collective justice. Academic papers will provide for an accurate history and teaching the posterity.

Totalitarianism will seek to isolate the individual and collective from the whole. LAPD is LGBTi orientated. I am strict heterosexual. I am also opposed to same-sex marriage. LAPD is attempting to falsify history. This means completely isolating me without rights before the court.

The Red Herring is a logical fallacy where a distraction is created to divert focus from the main argument or case. Here it is CRIMINAL AND CIVIL PROSECUTION. THIS IS FOLLOWED BY ACADEMIC PAPERS WHICH WILL TEACH THE POSTERITY WHAT HAS TRANSPIRED.

The Red Herring is essentially Polymorphous Perversity driven. LAPD contains a cell of LGBTi militants who are a Joe Virus. This is a core driver of Gay Irrationalism Gay Know Nothing. An immature defense mechanism is created where an intellectual or physical challenge to them is met with discussions of homoeroticism which is essentially very vulgar. This includes common pornographic, barroom, and stripjoint level descriptions of same sex culture. There is a White Gay Male Inferiority Complex driving this differential association (speech group asocialization) behavior.

The Strawman is developing a false argument or dragon and defeating such. I am not the Gay Victim for the LGBTi community. I am making my historical and legal stand based on Gaudiya Vaishnavism (Hare Krishna Movement).

I am seeking recognition by courts in the United States and worldwide.

What are Holons?

Holons are a system related term. An example an object as a meteor can be called a holon a be observed as it passes through different levels of a system. One can observe how the holon becomes transformed or transforms the system or components operating on it. Hence the holon moves through the cosmos, university, solar system and final crashes on to the surface of a planet.

What are Holons in MOEC?

Holons in MOEC are primarily prisoner's dilemma mutations embedded in a RICO (Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organization) model. MOEC is acronym of the actual name created by the authorship, Mobilization of Empire and Civilization. Humans can be a holon.

If the Authorship is LGBTi, why would they promote corrupt immoral, low intelligent criminals into sworn officials in the United States?

It appears that the initiation into being part of the system means a trial by fire where one helps develop criminal activity which is espionage against other states and possible treason against your own country. Here Cambridge at an earlier date developed entrapments of professors and handed such off to Scotland Yard. Scotland Yard then entraps the professors in a circular folly. Blackmail is revealing a secret and extortion is criminally demanding an act or prohibiting an act. Impunity from prosecution exists from the court and the police. Hence any new initiates would know they could face prosecution or even murder at a later date as retribution. It appears that through defection the United Kingdom is an intelligence hegemon. The mythical James Bond is analogous romanticized figure. Q the Cambridge professor who designs all of Bond's gadgets a more accurate portrayal of the likely original membership. We are dealing with state planning, the rise and fall of the British Empire.

Overall the mechanism wishes to expose itself and then harden itself after receiving feedback. I will legally confront both the United States, United Kingdom, and Cambridge Law School in regards to MOEC.

What exists is live human experimentation. Overall it is negative socialization. An a priori deductive axiology where all one's lifespan is predicted from a Punets Square and socialization has failed miserably as science.

I have emerged strictly heterosexual and am being attacked and stalked by LGBTi Homeland Security Officers and informants that are heavily but not exclusively LGBTi.

Why was MOEC developed?

It appears that the mechanism exists at least from the medieval time period. Cambridge has roots in the 1400s. It appears from this era they have always had some influence in shaping what is now the United Kingdom. MOEC is no more than a label given to a particular facet of this structure and process of state and nation building.

Crime is part of their mechanism and it appears to be inherited as peerage is to nobility.

The authorship appears to have been entrapped itself. If they would have exposed corruption themselves they and their families would have been in jeopardy. Instead this authorship develops along same sex gender identity and behaviors.

They mechanism was aimed at the United States where there is now a fullblown Chemical Assault Scorched Earth in continuo.

What are the Irrationalist Presidents?

Irrationalism is the philosophy that supports Nazism and Fascism in modern ideology (1900 -). If intellectuals come to support this Hate Driven System it would than be Gay Fascism. This paradigm was targeted at Ronald Reagan on June 17, 1987. The manifest totalitarianism began on this date in Dover, Delaware.

Subsequently George H.W. Bush, William Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump have been the President of the United States without recognition of an accurate concrete history. In panorama there is brinkmanship with Islam from Reagan v. Khomeini through Obama v. Ahmadinejad which is Irrational.

What are Transformations?

Here we are dealing with the consequences and outputs that occurs when one system exchanges materials (energy) or operates on another system totally replacing or rearranging it's structure and content. The original system may be changed or unchanged by this process.

What does role does identity play?

The salient macropolarization is Homosexual LGBTI versus Heterosexual Opposite Sex. My identity and behavior is heterosexual at the natural law level. I do not accept what I would call spurious interpolations at the eternal law platform especially in the lila of Krishna in my Vedic faith. Lower level police officers are implementing conditioning, censorship, and propaganda that I would be transformed by persons in the LGBTi paradigm especially in San Diego, California. This appears disproportionately important to this operation, a Chemical Assault Scorched Earth on the United States and then President Reagan.

So I am gradually confronting mostly sworn officials and academics at this point. Since most of the activity is emanating from LAPD California, this state and the president are quite prominent. I am attempting to get LGBTi advocates to recognize what is happening as in Amnesty International and GLAAD. They are unresponsive.